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The Rebel Yell hangar continues to find itself more crowded as the weeks go by...and today finds Gren Delede perched on top of a light armored vehicle of some sort, trying his hand at painting a big Rebel Yell Phoenix on the side of the sleek speeder. He really isn't an artist. It appears to have seen some tough combat in the past, and carries a couple of markings indicating that it is Rebel Alliance surplus from doing the Galactic Civil War.

Lowkeyyy watches the blastboat fly in and tilts his head curiously, looking as if perhaps a bit envious. Low begins counting ships on his fingers and calls to Gren. "grarrrl rwarrl rwarrl woeieowl rwowoal rwowoal rwarrl grarrrl rallr wrall woeieowl rwowoal rwarrl rwarrl rwal rwarrl." The wookiee stands up from his perch atop his ship. "rwarrl rwowoal wrall roarrl rwarrl grarrrl?" Lowkeyyy drops LowSpeak ( 1904).

LowSpeak ( 1904) repeats after Lowkeyyy, "This hangar is going to be a fire hazard if Stavros and Sar keep buying ships. Is that an octopus you're drawing?"

Sabella Lockheart has been off checking one one of the newer ships to see what things if any might need to be fixed. She just eyes the thing which Gren is sitting upon, and doing some pant by numbers but he is rather sure of. "Where did you get that from?" It looksa mess but she won't comment on that knowing how touchy-feeling the guys get over their toys. A wave is even sent over to Lowkeyyy.

"The Hangar already is a fire hazard, Low." Gren replies, looking over his shoulder, and scowling at the wookie. "We've got to keep building our fleet...though, some of these should be stored on the Guardian or the Phoenix, I suppose..." A vague gesture toward his Carrack...which likely takes up a fair chunk of the ship storage, as it is. The Coruscanti smiles as Sabella appears, and tosses her a wave, only moments after tossing Low the finger. Octopus, indeed. "I found it on Jakku. Not sure how a functional one survived, but it did. We used these during the war. They're death traps, but...I figured we could use the firepower, sooner or later." He slides down from the speeder, and gestures toward it. "I could use some help restoring her, if you've got the time to spare."

Lowkeyyy scratches at the top of his head and makes a strange sound that could be the wookiee equivalent of a 'hmm.' "rwowoal wrall rwarrl woeieowl rwarrl rwarrl rwowoal rwarrl wrall woeieowl woeieowl rwowoal rwarrl?" Low asks with a wry grin coming over his lips. The wookiee jumps down off of his ship and moves towards Gren and Sabella. LowSpeak ( 1904) repeats after Lowkeyyy, "But where will I keep my Ghtroc Cargo Countess when I buy one?"

"Would give us more space if a few of them was kept on one or the other. Especially incase we need to do some real work on a ship or two." Sabella offers. At the offer to help Gren she smiles and nods before pulling out an envelope and waggles it a bit. "Yeah I'll help you, though you have to do something first. I keep trying to pin you down, I told you we needed to talk." Though really this group is hard to pin down. "You read this letter from my mother because I'm tired of wondering what is about an we actually talk an then I'll help with your little project here."

"Why in the world anyone would want something that slow and ugly...I can't imagine..." Gren says, looking up at Lowkeyyy on his perch, before biting his tongue. He almost said something a little too Imperial for his own taste. A shake of his head, and he's smiling at Sabella, looking apologetic. "I know, I should've tracked down a while ago...things have been...complicated. I owe you, though. Without you, I never would've rescued Last Call." There is a blink, though....he is handed a letter from her...mother? A thoughtful frown, and he nods. He accepts the envelope, and opens it up. He starts to read. He doesn't even move his lips.

"It's a cargo ship, and I can haul a whole bunch of cargo on it, and while it's taking a week to load up, I can have the Corvid ported on it and do other runs with the Corvid, making more money for myself and the Org." Lowkeyyy actually seems to have thought this out a little. "Besides, the Corvid isn't exactly fast itself, so slow is not a big deal." Low shrugs and then pauses on his steps toward the two as Sabella pulls out a letter and he decides to let the two have their letter opening ceremony.

Sabella Lockheart shrugs a bit while eyeing the letter once Gren takes it and she's quiet for a moment. "Things happen, I know everyone's been busy." A glance is sent back to Lowkeyyy, yeah she knows his still there and doesn't seem to bothered by it. "My mother never even mentioned you until we was on Tatooine thee weeks before I met Sar and joined the group after I was able to get out of Tatooine."

Gren's already pale face begins to turn almost ashen. He seems to stop breathing as he reads. Finally, he looks up from the paper, runs a hand through his already messy hair, and opens his mouth. And then he closes it without speaking. A deep breath is taken, as he's forced to focus on that for a brief moment. He almost chokes. And then there is a second opening of mouth...and closing it without speaking. He leans backward against the ULAV that he'd been working on. Once more he runs a hand through his hair....and finally he is able to look at Sabella without falling over. "T..." His voice cracks. "T...Tasha was your mother." A statement phrased like a question. "I..." Another crack. His right hand dips into the pocket of his jacket, and the flask is coming out. "We..we were an item for a few months...but I got redeployed...the war..." A rough clearing of his throat..."You're...you're my daughter." He is beyond befuddled.

"Oh shit..." Lowkeyyy tucks his translator droid away and begins sneaking back towards his ship as quietly as a 300 pound wookiee can sneak. "Im not here."

Sabella Lockheart honestly has no idea what is on that letter, ifshe did she most likely :wouldn't have been so eager to give it to Gren in all honesty. She just watches him and glances to the letter then back to Gren. "Is, she is my mother. I well I don't know where she is right now but that dosn't mean she stops being my mother." That is a whole nother mess. She blinks at the bit of Gren and her mother being an item and makes a face. "I don't think I need to know that." Though the rest makes her pause and she just eyes Gren a few moments. "No your not." Sorry, no she isn't going to believe that.

"Your mother thinks I am....and she wasn't the sort of lass who'd have reason to be uncertain." Gren says after a moment of silence. He's still processing, but he hands the letter over to Sabella. "Read it." And then sometimes strikes him, and concerns shows on his face. "It also says that she is afraid you are in trouble with some assholes from Tatooine. Why? Is that why you don't know where he is?" Yes. He is obviously concerned. And he takes a big swing from his flast. Oh...and another. He is sort of pushing past the daughter thing for the moment. There might be people to kill. That'd be a nice diversion.

Sabella Lockheart knows her mother wasn't the joking type and she takes the letter reading over it quietly as she just half listens to Gren. Well this is a bit of big news after all, a good amount to take in and she actualy reads over that letter a few times. Though she'll come around to answer the question. "My mother and father..." There is a slight pause as she says that before going on. "Was meeting up with some of the old Rebellion mechaic crew, and was getting together for some work. We had to stop on Tatooine though to refuel and such. She gave me this letter and told me if she wasn't at the ship in a few hours to come find you." She glances to Gren after a moment. "I don't know what happened, she didn't even tell me where we was going. I'd just find out when we got there." Until joining up with the Rebel's Sabe's lived a rather quiet life really.

There is another drink from his flask, before Gren politely offers it to the young woman. She might need it, herself. "We'll deal with whatever all of this means at a later date. Now, I'm going to ask around, see if I know anyone who knows shit about Tatooine. I need the name of the ship, and the names of any of the people your parents were working with. We'll find them." He sounds confident of that. And his voice is neutral, and focused. So long as he is focusing on anything but the woman in front of him. That is -way- too confusing. He totally hit on his own daughter. That can't be good for one's karma. His datapad is out in his left hand.

Sabella Lockheart will totally remember him hitting on her later too. "Your help find them?" She was a bit unsure about asking, though it crossed her mind a few times. Yet with everything going on it wasn't the top of the list to actually get someone to sit still long enough so she could get the story out. "The ship was called Night-Raven, same type as the Rusty Jawa. I'll get names for you from who was on the ship."

"Night-Raven. Understood." His flask is tucked away, and then Gren is sighing. "I have to meet Sar on Coruscant. I'm going to put our best hunter on this. Send the data to me and Stavros. I'll update him." A pause, and he looks at the woman. "I had the worst father. Overbearing, pushy...sent me away all the time. I have no idea how to be a dad. And you already have one, sounds like." A shrug, and a very small smile. "But. You are crew. And that makes you family. And, I owe you more than I can repay, as it is." She helped with Last Call. "I cared a great deal for your mother, brief as it was. We'll find out what happened, and deal with it." He starts to turn to leave, though he clearly will wait to see if she has anything to say.

Sabella Lockheart nods slightly while glancing to the letter which she folds up and will hold onto. "I will." As for the rest she just glances to him slightly, seeming a bit unsure what to say. "Yeah... I do." There is a pause as if she might have more to say. "Thank you Gren, I appricate it. You don't really owe me though." She rather liked working on Last Call. She'll let him go after that, no need to make things more awkward like and she has things to deal with too.

"I'll be in touch, soon as I can." Gren says finally, before heading for one of the Skiprays. He's headed straight to 'scant from here, apparently. A final look back at Sabella, as he climbs into the hatch of the strike craft, and then it seals behind him. Time to focus on less personal matters, if he can.