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Finding out where Alana has been

OOC Date: May 23 2016
Location: Yume's Home
Participants: Suoh Yume Sirus Yume Lexi Alana Zee

Alana Zee hammers on the door. She's covered in blood (which probably doesn't endear her to the other residents), her eyes are wide, pupils dilated, and her chest heaves for breath.

Suoh was not expecting company and having a slam on his door he is cautious. He glances to those present and holds up a finger to his lips and pulls out his defender. He goes to the door and opens it a crack. "Oh, Alana!" He gasps and swings the door open, no caution for his suit he ushers her in. "Sit.. girl. Lexi get her something to drink. What the heck happened to you?"

Lexi goes wide-eyed as she sees Alana and a mixture of emotions runs through her but she manages to come out with "Alana... water or hard liquor." Though she is already grabbing a bottle of bourdon and walks over with it and a glass should she even want that and offers both to her. Once takes she will wrap her arms around Alana and says "I've missed you. I was soo worried..."

SIrus steps otu of his bedroom a tthe sound of it all and then he runs towards them with a huge frown."Are you okay and what the hell happened?" He then picks up a bottle of water slowly and walking towards Alana with a smile."Good to see you."Welcome back Alana and where is Siya?" He then sits down on a chair watching her and then he sips the bottle noticing his love has already done this thing.

Alana Zee is breathless, and what comes out is staccato sentence-fragments. The firewater is snatched and Alana takes a slug, then sets it down, almost drops it. "It's Siya. She's kidnapped. Took us both. Cultist gangers. Drugged us." Yes, she's sweating, her pupils are definitely dilated, and she's trembling - and knowing Alana, it's not with fear. She squeezes into Lexi's arms and lets out a gasping sob. "Had to leave her. Gotta go. Rescue her. Under a dance hall."\

Suoh listens and watches, he notes the dilation of her eyes. "Rest here. Which dance hall?" Suoh questions, trying to be direct and simple with the questions not to mix her up more. "Lexi, get her cleaned up. Get her to rest. Think we should call the doctor? Or let the drus run out of her system." He eyes Alana's eyes checking with intensity.

Lexi continues to hold Alana, she knows it isn't fear, not with the spree they have gone on together and she gently pets Alana's hair as she asks "Do you want a bath or a shower love?" Not wanting to overload Alana with questions, not even sure what all they did to her dear friend and she doesn't care that she is getting blood all over her outfit, she can either get it out later or just get a new one after all.

"Let's call Meave...."Sirus exhales slowly into with a shake of his head."Get here over here to look at her...."He then rubs the back of his neck that old stress spot starting up again with a frown."So then whats your plan now brother? We have to get Siya out."'

"No doctor!" Alana croaks frantically. "The dance hall...it's..." And she gives breathless, terse, but accurate instructions to where the damn dancehall is. She closes her eyes, but that makes her head swim so she opens them again, focussing on Lexi's ear. "They're fucking with her mind. With the drugs." She's slightly less breathless now. Trembling fingers reach for the alcohol. "It's not my blood, Lexi." She shivers, trembling at some memory, and then mutters, "They made her do things."

Suoh crosses his arms over his chest. "Get her cleaned up and let her stay here until she runs the stuff out of her system. As long as it's out of her system we won't need a doctor but I'm worried about her kicking whatever they gave her." He thumbs his nose. "I'm sure I can find it here on Nar, not many dance halls, what with the hutts in and out of business."

Lexi looks panicked as Alana speaks into her ear and explains "It... it isn't just drugs... its worse... they are doing a conditioning.... I... I think they might be.... training her in a bad way...." Her hand handing the bottle to Alana as she continues to stroke her hair lovingly and kisses her upon the cheek and says "We will get her out and kill ever last one of those fuckers... and after I collect all that blood... you and I can bath in it together... how does that sound my dear?"

"Oh then we will have to go save her quickly." Sirus laughs softly watching the two girls."Are you cheating on me with alana and at least she is hot." His bad joke is out of the bag and he laughs at for a moment as he plans what to do next."Well then we have to get her quickly then...>Any idea where it is?"

Alana Zee snaps at Suoh and Sirus, "I told you where it was! Opposite that noodle bar and right beside the little bakery. You can't miss it!" Her free hand clenches and unclenches, but she's recovering a little of her breath and composure, even if her gaze is still wild and glassy. "Kill them all. Yes. Kill them all," she croaks.

Suoh points at his brother. "This is not the time." Suoh goes to suit up, he doesn't care who is watching taking off his suit and such to put his armor on. "Get her to the bath and then straight to my room. I won't be around tonight anyhow." He rushes. "Sirus you comin' or what?"

Lexi carefully guides Alana upward and says "Come on love, let's get you cleaned up. I'll stay here with Alana and make sure she is alright." She grabs the bottle with her free hand and sweetly says "Come on hun, how we rinse you off and give you a nice bubble bath to help calm those nerves.

Alana Zee shivers, clinging to Lexi, and follows her towards the bathroom. She sheds her bloodstained clothing, and aside from some lacerations and abrasions around her wrists and ankles, she seems physically unhurt. Psychologically, however, that's an entire different ballgame. She twitches, pulse racing, at any outburst of emotion. But she does allow Lexi to lower herself into the bath, where she lays down, her hair floating around her head, just her eyes and nose and mouth above the water.

"Yeah Brother I'll be there need to get the gang togther." Sirus sighs softly and then he exhales into the air almost as if he was smoking but he is not."Take care of her and I got to go with the brother." He slides out his device starting to send out mails and calls all the things one needs to do to have a great little cult killing party.