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Datar Derelict

OOC Date: September 7, 2019
Location: Datar System
Participants: Jehni'va Cihn, Zul Gradnk, Sajin, Maireni, and Hex as GM

The short story: If the salvage opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is...

The long story:

The Datar system is a quiet, unassuming region of space among the myriad of suns, stars, and civilizations in the region of space referred to as the galaxy's Inner Rim. Unlike Wild Space or the Outer Rim, the Inner Rim isn't known for true lawlessness and unmitigated chaos, but these are troubled times. Lacking a proper Galactic authority following the fall of the Republic, pirates and trouble can strike anywhere.

There isn't much out in the Datar system - just the planet itself, a forested world once home to a Rebel base and a fierce, bloody Imperial victory during the civil war. Also, lovely, weirdly breakable Ghostlings live there. The hyperspace coordinates provided by Hex Ashkuri for this little call-to-arms are a long distance away from the planet itself, and Datar glows like a pale, friendly dot far off in the distance, its features too remote to be observed from here.

"We're not so far from civilization... more than one civilization... that this shouldn't already have been picked clean a long time ago," Hex's voice comms to the other ships in the area when they've all arrived. He's in just such a ship for picking-clean, a big slow, ugly Gallofree GS-100 Salvage ship. Before them floats the derelict wreck of an old freighter, a relic from the civil war before this one. Or maybe the one before that.

"Something's weird about it for sure, ka? But my scans show it's still intact, ish, and there's no nebulas, asteroids, or other chodry'crit out here that pirates might use for cover to jump out and pounce the bait."

He goes on, "Pretty sure you all have better scanning equipment than I do, so hit me with some readings on if anything's out there in space I didn't see, tell me do you see any life signs on that thing, and if you think we got any atmo or other life support live on board. If it all looks good, we're going in. Maireni Lash, stop TOUCHING that, you EVIL CHILD."

Aboard the Hotbox, Jehn taps a button on the side of the high-tech goggles that act as her viewport of the outside world. Or worlds. Space is weird. "Co'po, scan the ship and ping me if you see anything weird - no, I know it's all weird. I - no, it's not rude to call things weird, it's not sentient.... You're right, I'm sorry. I misspoke, I will be nicer to machinery. Tell me if anything about this /whole situation/ strikes you as out of the ordinary, please." She pauses, waiting for the droid's response. She presses the button to broadcast. <<"Nah, I'm not seeing much over here, Hex! Also, hello!>>" She releases the transmission in time to turn her head and cough violently, the cockpit filled with a bit to much purple smoke. "Co'po, run the vents too, p-lease." <<"I need to overhaul the sc-scanner on this thing, so don't take my word for it.">>

Zul leans over her instruments and sends a com over to Hex's ship, being in her trusty, old freighter, useless for any combat whatsoever "Uhm, my coms show there are between 30 and 3000 pirates on the ship?" she offers "And all systems are live..." she mutters "Uhm... I think my computer may be broken?" she offers, before starting to fiddle with the settings, pouting "Where did I put that instruction manual again..." she mutters, before breaking off, likely shambling off to look for it...

Sajin isn't one for computers... or being at all intelligent with anything. He's a door buster, kicker, knocker... what ever you wanted to call it. Though today, in his old flight suit with just his pistol and a few other things, he was playing Janitor once again. Buckets followed him around as he was sweeping the corridors of the Treasure Trap, happening upon the bridge just as things were getting interesting. He'd usually wear powerarmor, dressed up like a well-oiled killing machine but this was a salvage operation in space. He better be prepared to get sucked into the void. "Huh... no-body about trying to grab it? Well, looks like you got lucky boss." Buckets whistles a similiar sentiment. He steps in further, leaning the broom against the hull, hands going to his hips as dreamy hazel eyes study the viewports and screens.

Though Maireni Lash -- present on this very important mission in all of her glory -- isn't useful for much, she's a thief. She's been a thief for about as long as she could walk, and used that advantage to steal treats from her little brother. Which is to say, she's got some experience at it. She knows how to pick the bones of many things, and apparently ships are among them. "Heeeeeey," is how she gets attention, not only to those on the ship, but whoever else might be listening over the comms. "Look at that! You know what that is? It's that t-bonna stuff, it sells real good, which I know on accounta some legal stuff I once...knew about." There is a side-eye to those unfortunate souls in smelling distance of her. "We oughta go get it and get riiiiiiich." A little dance accompanies the drawn out word. "But ain't no air on the ship I think so we gotta fix that yah?" There is something to steal, this is the only way to explain Maireni Lash being useful.

Hex's pause over the comms seems to indicate he's thinking, or maybe drinking, or maybe drinking while thinking, which is honestly how he conducts most of his affairs. "Tibanna gas /is/ really valuable," he confirms. "Just really crotting weird that it hasn't been picked already. Maybe no one had the right gear to go aboard with no life support? Seems weird, salvagers always do, but... well, we're going to get a closer look. Come and dock with Treasure Trap, get some EVA suits, and head aboard that thing. Bring weapons, ok ka. Probably also bring Sajin. Sajin, you can go, right? Course you can. Arni'soyacho!"

Hex has the good hookup with the Twi'lek EVA suits, Zul. It fits lekku perfectly. However, no one else has lekku, so Sajin, Jehn, and Maireni have suits that will protect them from the terrors of ships with no atmo, but also have floppy bits dangling about where lekku should go. There is also no space for Maireni's tail.

Treasure Trap docks easily with the derelict ship, owing to the grabby arms the GS-100 has for just such a purpose, and there's a CLANG-hisssss noise as the airlocks connect. "I have to stay here and keep this thing attached, but I'm sure you guys got this. Easy, ok ka," Hex promises, like always, over the comms. "Pick up a bunch of Tibanna Gas canisters and get rich! What could possibly go wrong?"

The airlock to the derelict creaks open and deposits them in what looks like about the middle of the ship -- gravity is working, for now, but lights and air are not. They will depend on their flashlights to see. Dead ships are very eerie even when nothing is wrong, and this one is no exception.

The Hotbox docks gently with the Treasure Trap - her pilot isn't half bad, after all - and Jehn hops aboard. She is mostly encased in the insectile flight suit, the helmet of which is clipped at her belt, tubes and hoses bouncing at her hip. The ensemble gives the impression that Jehni'va Cihn is all together more badass and intimidating than she really is, an illusion which falls away the moment she opens her mouth.

"Hello!" Jehn beams. Thankfully, she is spared the need for Hex's floppy Twi'lek suits because she brought her own. She engages her internal life support systems before boarding the derelect, and flicks a light on attached to her helmet with a frown. "Rich sounds nice. If we can get to a control panel, I might be able to get some life support restored if there's any residual power - this helmet smells like borrat ass." She tells the others, scanning the dark walls of the lifeless ship. Her Blastech Persuader hangs limp in one hand, but let's all hope that she doesn't have to use it. "Ah - like one of these!" She announces, sing-song, snapping open one of the panels. "Alright, new priority - if we get to th'engine room, I might be able to do something about the power situation... It's weird though." The human woman frowns imperceptibly behind that helmet. "There shouldn't be /dust/ - ships in space don't get /dusty/ that's... Am I high? That's dust, right?" She wipes a gloved finger across a dusty section of panel and holds the finger up, uncomfortably close, to the face of whomever is closest to her. "Right?"

Zul Gradnk has a hand on one of her blasters as she follows Jehn onto the lifeless ship, focussed on... just about everywhere, looking around with fear, as if expecting some scary Twi'Lek eating predator to pop out of anywhere. Sadly, the paranoia causes her to overlook a low-hanging beam, bumping into it and losing her balance "Ow! Was this here before?" she asks, placing her hand on the helmet "At least we might get rich. If there is Tibanna gas." she mutters, glaring at the beam as she gets up "So, right. I might be high. And don't worry about the dust. They might have landed on Tat or something."

Sajin had noticed the smell and he gad try to get rid of it by spraying something out of a can for the whole hyperspace trip to Datar... however, it lingered. When he saw Maireni on the bridge, his pretty face scrunched. "That explains that..." He says under his breath. He was familiar with the Ryn and her brother.

When they make their way to the docking area and Jehni steps aboard he's quick to give her a bright smile back, "Heya Jehni." His voice still rough and low though. He's got his own flight suit as well.

As they wal through the halls off the ship though, his helmet activated so his air can be pumped in, Buckets whistles as he rolls along behind him. "Yeah pretty creepy." He pauses at Jehni's discovery, "Well Buckets can jack in if you want, but yeah... this place is filthy and that's pretty odd."

Maireni eyes the suit and makes whole lot of disgruntled sounds as she does, along with some language-y sounding beeps and whistles through those weird nose holes of hers that are probably insults no one else here can understand. "Why you get them with the head-wiggler space, but ain't no thought for the back end?" she complains as her tail has to carefully wrap around her so that it fits into the suits. She manages to get the suit on, but is presently walking around like she's juuuuuust a little unbalanced. Which she is in at least a couple of ways now. They board the derelict and she snaps on a light, shining a beam as she makes a less insulting, low-pitched tooooootle through her nose. "Ain't no doubt, this ship is real cursed. Gotta be what happened here." She follows this statement by making some strange gestures, then looks at Jehn. "It's dusty cuz of the curse. I'm tellin' ya."

Flashlights sweep the darkness, and it becomes clear that the beam that Zul hit her head on isn't the only thing out of place here. The ship /is/ weirdly dusty, and structural components are out of place, fallen, as though cut or collapsed. This is likely most obvious to Zul and Jehn, since they spend a lot of time on freighters. It also IS weirdly dusty, and swirls of dust kicked up by their boots obscure the vision in the beams of the headlamps and flashlights. Much dustier than it should be.

As they look around, it becomes clear that there are holes in the ship. Holes, or tunnels.... they shouldn't be there, and perhaps this accounts for the dust and the destruction?

The ship is organized into a series of cargo pods attached to the main body of the ship, and as they approach the first... there are canisters of something! Maybe valuable Tibanna Gas! Hmmmm! They are not huge, but carrying them seems like it might be a slight encumbrance, which would probably get more awkward as more are carried. But a few can be carried, for sure, and they are right there for the taking!

A scraping, grating noise sounds in a different part of the ship. Maybe more beams collapsing?

Sajin is offered a fist-bump of greeting on approach, before Jehn turns to helpfully offer: "watch out for th'pipe!" long after Zul has already bonked right into it. But it's towards Maireni that her helmet now turns. "You think it's cursed? Can that happen? I only ever heard stories, but..." It's like she's been afraid to believe that that sort of hogwash could be true until she heard someone /else/ say it out loud. "I once saw a ship floatin' out in the outer rim? But I scanned it, nothin' there. Looked up an' it was /gone/." She whispers, thoroughly spooking herself out. She swallows, the sound audible through the vocoder, and turns her lights nervously to the hallway ahead. "Careful of the curse-dust." She mutters, anxiously trying to wipe the thin film of it off her finger and onto her armored bottoms.

And then there's a sound down the hallway, and Jehni'va nearly jumps clean out of her armored flight suit. "Maybe more beams comin' out of place?" She asks, even in the vocoder sounding squeaky and unsure. "Wouldn't be ghosts, would it?" Right? She eyes the cartridges, and clears her throat. "It might be best if we pick those up on th'way out." She has flashes of something resembling intelligence, sometimes. Sometimes.

Zul Gradnk hrmphs, paying attention to all the bonkable beams now "I hope it isn't cursed." she mutters, looking around "Either way, evil they are." she mutters, pouting at Maireni "And hey! Lekku space is important!" she argues, crossing them "So, we have a cursed ship.... wouldn't by that definition the canisters also be cursed?" she asks, going towards the canister and turning it around "So, is this cursed or not?" she asks, picking it up to inspect it "I so hope this won't suddenly explode.."

Sajin has moved to more closely inspect the holes in the hull. "Well... that's just not at all distrubing." It was. He even slides a finger around the perferation trying to determin what exactly had done this because he was sure it wasn't a blaster bolt. Backing away, he looks towards the cannisters. "Best to either wait until we're finished searching the ship or I can load them up while you all go on ahead..." Others are already picking up the canisters though so he hefts a shrug.

"Yah," Maireni assures Jehni'va on the matter of curses. "They're real, REAL real, an' can be real bad if you don't know what you're doin. Real lucky for you that I know what I'm doin' when it comes to curses. An expert." The more she speaks, the more grave she sounds, trying to lend to the spooky atmosphere. Hey, canisters! The Ryn forgets about curse talk long enough to amble over and pick one up and hold it beneath one arm if she's able to manage that. "They might explode. It's a real danger when ya play with curses an' such, but sometimes you gotta take risks. Lucky for us all I got a genuine tales-man." Talisman. "What might repel some of it."

"Still no signs of life on that boat," Hex comms as the crew pick up canisters -- or leave them behind -- and continue on. "Jehni'va, your pet robot is at work looking at this and can't find any, either. You guys can do what you want, but I dunno that it's worth the time to put life support up if we're just salvaging, ka? It might be real broken and nobody'd planning to bring this thing home. You got the EVA suits, you don't need air and light." There's some beeping, and he adds, "What, they don't."

Traveling through the ship, it's more of the same -- another cargo pod with more canisters, and an opening to a dark crew quarters. Investigating it would require entering.

"Tales-man? Do you... Um..." Jehn is hot on Maireni's tail, figuratively and literally speaking. "Have another one I might be able t'buy off ya?" The latter is whispered as they continue down that hallway, Jehn growing twitchier by the moment. When they find another little clump of canniesters, and an opening, she (for her) bravely makes her way into the quarters, peeking her head around the doorframe only enough to illuminate it - and immediately tumbles backwards in a reflexive jerk away from what she sees. It takes her a minute to compose herself and return to the room. "Um... Guys?" She calls over her shoulder. "We got bodies." She winces and crouches near one of the four, a Togruta. "I can't tell what did it." The bodies - two humans, a rodian, and the unfortunate togruta that Jehn kneels beside - look dessicated, and are covered with that cursed dust. "I have a bad feeling about this."

Zul Gradnk gulps, looking seeing the corpses as she follows Jehn in, becoming a very light green "D-do we want to know what it was? I mean, shouldn't we maybe just grab the cartridges quickly and run?" she offers, soiunding even more worried now. Corpses. Something dried them out"I don't want to become a mummy for any reason whatsoever and I want to leave alive." she mutters, inching back towards the door slowly, hand on her blaster

"Yeah a lost cause... but." Sajin starts as he points towards another few cartridges. "Seems we at least could get something out of it." He moves into the crew area with Jehni, looking for more of those Tibanna cartridges, he's likely lost count already but... that's okay. It's Sajin. "Ded bodies... oh..." He looks upon them, "Oh... thats nasty. I wonder if this has something to do with the holes in the hull." His tongue is tied. "Hull in the holes... blah. You know what I mean."

"Oh yah, yah," Maireni is quick to nod to Jehn, which looks kind of odd in the EVA suit she's wearing since it's for a Twi'lek. The vacant lekku space just sort of flops around with the motion. "I got some I can sell ya. Can't pass it over right now on account of this suit bein' in the way, but I can set you up real good with curse protection when we're done here." She pauses. "Just in case we bring it back with us, ya feel? An' we might--" The sales pitch cuts short when she spies more canisters that's the direction she goes in, scooping up another. "Gonna get riiiiiiiccchhh," she quietly sings to herself, then looks back in the direction the definitely now less wealthy than her Jehn went, not following. "Yah, sounds real bad in there. Real bad. Got just the thing in mind for ya when we're done." HEFT. "Yah, we came all this way," she agrees with Sajin. "Gotta leave with somethin' to make it worth this trip."

Canisters, everywhere! They could have made this crew so much money. But they never will. There is however a THIRD cargo pod carrying the tempting items, stacked tidily and covered in dust. In every room, every corridor... those strange, tunnel-like holes. Perhaps the source of the dust. "Ai'jouku, don't be heroes!" Hex says a little fretfully over the coms. "We're here to make salvage money, not solve the mystery of what happened to this crew. We're not private investigators or cops... we're not even decent people. I don't know why no one else has picked this over, but just pick up and get gone. Maybe we just got lucky. Sometimes we're lucky right? Good fortune!"

Zul really hits the nail on the head. "Not dyin' sounds nice." Jehn agrees, straightening up to leave the bodies behind. "They said they could hook me up with some curse an' ghost protection for after this, in case th'spirits try to follow us out." She informs Sajin and Zul as they all file out, pointing at Maireni. "You guys might want to look into that, too." She swallows again, growing sweatier in the confines of her flight suit. "But... I mean, I haven't seen somethin' like /that/ before. Jerky people, I mean - I guess it could be from th'life support kronkin' out, but..." She frowns at Sajin's hypothesis. "I mean, I've seen ships go down without life support, I can't say I've seen /this/." She does, in the next corridor, stoop to collect a cannister at Hex's behex. Behest. She gently lowers it into the duffel bag lashed to her back - but pauses. "Uh... Anyone else hear that?" She quietly flicks the safety off on her blaster.

Zul Gradnk bends over to pick a canister up, putting it in her bag, freezing as she hears the tapping "S-something. Maybe it jerkified them?" she asks, gulping "Maybe the tippy tappy thing killed them? Or it..." she looks around, biting her lip "Uhm, should we run?" she asks, her eyes growing wider

Sajin shrugs to Hex, "Point..." Before he moves over to a stash of cartridges and hefts one up over his shoulder, the other carried simply in his other hand. Stronk Sajin. He pauses as he turns towards the others, ears perking and brows raising. "I ah... I don't know if we should run but we should probably think about leading. Yeah."

"Ai'jouku, get back here, something is wrong." That's exactly what everyone on a dead, derelict ship floating in the void of space full of dead people, weird holes, and skittery scratchy tippy-taps wants to hear from Hex, right. "Something just kriffed up the airlock hatch, me and the droids are trying to fix it, ok ka -- fast as we can, but get back to it, okay, because I don't know why this just happened and I don't like it. Something is wrong with that ship and I got a bad feeling it could infect or infest /this/ ship. We need to get gone."

No sooner does he say that then there follows a sudden SHRIEK! and out of the darkness comes a blind, sightless, wriggling thing with too many legs, unfolding its sightless head like a zipper down the middle to reveal circles upon circles of nasty, grasping teeth. Perfect for munching through ships in the void of space. More follow, popping out of their holes to attack these strange, squishy, carbon-based beings invading their territory!

<<"Hex, I've never been a hero in my life.">> Jehn calls back through the comms. <<"And be nice to my co-pilot. They can be very sensitive.">> It may become apparent that the droid's name was meant to be a play on words, Co'pi - but Jehn's fat fingers left a typo when she programmed it. It's been hard without Nyla. But her piss-poor droid puns are not the thing to focus on in the moment - that would be the tippy-tapping. The tippy-tippies, tappy-taps, the - "Kriff on a glurdin /stick/!" Jehn yelps, scrambling backwards as something BITES her. <<"LITTLE BUSY!">> She hollers back at Hex as she stuffs another canister into her duffle bag. "That /hurt/!" She chides this sudden influx of creatures and turns, to the one that has just bitten her, and lasps into sickening baby talk.

"I know you don't want people meat, you sweet, metallic bean. But you can't eat our ships, too." She mimics the tapping sounds the tippy taps make, tapping her armored gloves against the chest of her flight suit. She's not a threat, she's just another parasite looking to consume the salvage on this ship. "They don't mean it - just grab th'shiz and /go/!" She pushes aside one of the creatures, emanting that... Inexplicable power that comes to her at the most inopurtune of times. She's just another gangly, ugly space worm. "I'm just gonna take these. You don't want these, they're gross." She promises one of the creatures. "But... Go fetch?" She picks a metal piece of scrap off the ground and throws it down the hallway. "That's a good wormy worm - yes it is! Yes it is!" She is going to stuff as many cartridges into her bag as she can. Calmly. Pleasantly. She is humming a little, these are just some new worm friends. "Yes, this is nasty metal. No no metal! Whose a good widdle worm? It's you! It's you!"

"Ah... okay, yup... time to go." Sajin says as the tippy tappy space worm things reveal them selves. He hefts the cartridge in his off hand onto the shoulder with the other one, as if stacking them, before grabbing a third. He looks back towards Jehni before he starts out, blinking is confusion. He shakes his head and starts towards the hatch that Hex is trying to work on. "Better get that thing opened soon boss or we'll be joining the locals."

If Maireni were to weigh her priorities on a scale, self-preservation only tips slightly more in favor of making money, which means she is busily loading up more canisters when the creatures spew out of their burrowed holes. Which she only now notices. "AAAAAH!" The Ryn staggers back, lacking balance from the restriction of her tail which is coupled with the surprise attack, and ends with her on her backside. There's a protest-squeal-whistle as one of the wormy beasts goes for her leg, and gets a good solid pinch on her calf. "AAAH GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!" She shakes her leg hard and scrambles back, dragging her bag of canisters with her. Can't leave the canisters behind. She's back on her feet quick, trying to stomp down on any of the creepy-crawley-bites beasts that get near her. "Shoot 'em! Shoot 'em!"

Jehn works her magic against the creatures and they seem to gain an understanding -- for her, at least. As the team panics their way to the airlock hatch bay, the aggressive, ship-burrowing worms seem to attack from all angles! They don't really seem hungry for human (or Ryn, or Twi'lek) flesh, exactly, they just seem to be acting against what's an obvious threat to their territory and their home. It's hard to say what killed the crew, whether it was the territorial actions of these creatures, or just the way they burrowed through the ship, destroying it until engines and life support failed. Bad news either way. Bad bad news. "We're still working on the hatch," Hex comms, "We're almost there - hang on - what is happening in there? What's going on?! Don't let anything weird on my ship, I just bought this!"

Angry, angry worms lash out at Zul and Maireni, and they're having a bad time as they get bit up over and over! Sajin, who is strong from carrying this whole mission, is able to avoid their bites.

Jehn is calm now. "They're jus' doin' what comes natural to them, th'poor dears." She sighs, dragging her duffle bag along behind her with a grunt; it's gas - why is it heavy? Whatever. The human woman skirts past another one of the metalvores with a polite: "'scuse me, luff. Just gonna get this riiiiight here. Yep, s'all!" All around her, chaos and battle erupts. Meanwhile, Jehn has holstered her blaster entirely. It leaves two hands for canister grabbing. <<"It's not that bad.">> She replies, calmly, to Hex. In the background, screaming, shots, and chaos can clearly be heard. <<"They're not that bad. Take your time, we got this.">>

Zul Gradnk screams, running towards the door "We will try not to! Just... let us out." she requests, scared, trying to hold on to her cannisters "Poor dears? They still try to kill us! Please! LEt me go!" she requests, gulping. She hopes not to lose her cannisters. But more, she wants to survive

Sajin yelps like a small child as one of those spaceworms leaps forth, pinchers pinching at him. "NO!" He protests and moves quickly out of the way before turning and kicking at it. He can't draw his blaster, his hands are full with loot. "It isn't looking great in here, Boss... yeah not good. Tell Oriana I loved her... and that thing she does. She'll know."

Maireni squeals in pain as more of those monster worms bite at her legs, unsuccessfully stomping her feet but never managing to hit any of them. She's a stealer, not a fighter, ok. "Tell my brothers--" she hefts up her most recent canister acquisition and tries to swing it at one of the metal-eating worms. "That they still can't have my stuff even if I die!" And she just MIGHT die, because she not only misses the attempted attack on the spaceworms, but the canister in her hands gets wedged into one of the burrowed holes in the wall. Which she objects to heartily. "LET GO!" Yank, yank. It's stuck there forever, she's never getting that canister back. Her hopes are dashed, her dreams but a distant memory. "WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!" She might have lost that one canister, but she's still lugging her heavy bag as she turns to try and get away.

CHAOS. PANDEMONIUM. For everyone except for Jehn, that is. Ignored by the worms, she's having a marvelous safe, tame easter-egg collection of Tibanna Gas canisters. Maireni doesn't so much avoid the worms' attacks as she flails wildly in exactly the right erratic pattern to not get chomped, but whatever, it works. Zul is less lucky, and gets bit again! Ow, ow! Sajin likewise picks up a friend, but by sufficient kicking action and maybe stepping on it with his opposite foot, he'll get free.

AT LAST, after what seems like forever, the hatch bursts open and Hex appears, in an EVA suit of his own, pistol out! "Get in the ship! Get in the SHIP," he yells, looking at the chaos here in the sweep of his own headlamps. "What the -- what are these things that--?" Shoot first, ask questions later, this is the (formerly) Defiance way, and he does just that. It's enough to make some worms poke their heads back into their hidey holes, allowing everyone to escape! "No wonder no one wanted to touch this wreck, these things can demolish a whole shipyard. We gotta get GONE!"

<<"It's been so long since we had an easy, bloodless mission.">> Jehn obliviously chats through the comms. <<"Co'po, if you can hear me, please make a note to stop by that Toydarian's stall when we get back. This calls for a celebration!">> She's in a great mood as she ducks under another worm. She branches off to check the other nooks and crannies, desperately searching for one last canister. There's one stuck in the wall - was that always there? Weird. "Oh, hi Hex!" She gives a little wave and a soft, tuneless hum as she calmly, slowly, and happily boards the ship. "Hi, darlin'!" She greets the R3 astromech, patting its top. "What a day. I think I've earned a nap."

Zul Gradnk runs towards the ship, her eyes wide, hyperventilating "It was terrifying!" she says, gulping "I mean, I supposed it might be, but it was worse than I beleft." she mutters, her eyes returning to their normal size in the ship "I am never, ever returning here." she promises, shaking her head

Sajin stanky legs after yelping in pain as one of the worms attaches its self to his leg. He doesn't try to kill it, but is able to flick it off just as Hex comes barreling through the door. "Force, Boss! Took ya long enough!" He's already bolting for the hatch. He's quick about it and is able to heft his 3 canisters with him. He puts them down in the cargo area of the Treasure Trove? Yeah that ship.

SOME PEOPLE might be having a great time, but this is just a nightmare for Maireni. This was supposed to be easy! The green guy said so! LIES! It was all lies. "That's mine!" she protests seeing Jehni'va pry loose her lost canister, but she doesn't do anything to back up her words, there are too many worms and she's gotta protect what money she has left. Which means not sticking around to fight, she's booking it back to the ship. Or that's the plan, she whips around to enact her escape plan, not accounting for the empty lekku portion of her EVA suit, which swings around to smack her in the face and startles a scream out of her. "AAAAA!" is all she manages to say, jumping back and jostling herself hard enough that another canister falls out of her bag and roooollllls away. Rolls away from her, away from the ship. About two seconds are spent deciding whether or not to go get it, but no, she's running AWAY. She might not have a lot of them, but what few brain cells she has are all firing in the direction of self-preservation right now, making the Ryn stagger back to the ship with a slightly lighter bag.

"It was stuck! The hatch got stuck!" Hex insists to Sajin, stepping out of the way as Maireni, Zul, and Sajin dash in, and Jehn... ambles in easy. Hex blinks at her a couple times, then fires off a few more shots to keep the Invasive Metal-Eating Spaceworms in their tunnels! The hatch closes and with a hisssss-CLUNK and loud, creaking, groaning clanging of machinery, the Treasure Trap disconnects from the derelict. "Droids, start up getting us out of here!" Hex yells as he peels out of his EVA suit like a fat green baby bird hatching from a yellow, environmental-proof egg. Don't worry, he's clothed underneath. "Make sure none of those things got us, and ai'jouku, when I get you back to your ships, somebody fire on that wreck... no money in the galaxy is worth spreading a nightmare like that around the spacelanes." They weren't attached long enough though, surely they're clear of the threat. It'll be the last time they see those burrowing creatures.