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Drikish Engagement II: With Force, But Without Comprehension - The Defiance Story

OOC Date: October 11, 2018
Location: Drik
Participants: Defiance: Hex, Zhu Yan, Grom, Jehni'va Cihn, Siha Archer, and Sajin

Drik is a beautiful world filled with a number of different climates and habitats making up a diverse biome for life. The main population inhabited the mid sub tropical region where there were plenty of grass lands, forests/jungles, and mountains.

While Heartbreak Squadron(TM) was able to defeat the Action IV's sent to invade the Drikish System and send their escort fighters to the vacuum of space or fleeing, a few drop-ships did make it to land. Rampant reports of contact with the Planetary Guard in cities as these pirates with nothing to loose pillaged the country side before retreating into the cave systems bellow. The Royal Special Corps has tracked them to a single cave entrance where they have managed to set up an operations base. Defiance and their Kingly King Sajin have taken on the task of clearing out this makeshift natural bunker while Yellow Squadron moves to make sure there's no lingering pirates elsewhere in the vase wilderness.

Sajin is trying his best to be quiet as he pulls back the charging cord on his newly modified bowcaster. The thing looks mean and crafted just right for him. His armor though is not making the stealth easy as his boots crunch on the earth beneath him. He looks back to the others, shushes them, like they're the ones making the noise before continuing along towards the Cave Mouth.

There was silence, and then there was Zhu Yan. The five-foot-six weedy looking human with the presence of an eight-foot-six Wookiee wouldn't know stealth if it slapped him in the face with a jizz instrument. And the fact that he was wearing power armor so heavy it could fight an alien queen to a standstill didn't help. If Sajman's boots were making crunches, Yan's were shaking the earth. "Hey, I'm being quiet!" he said. Loudly. Yan's idea of stealth was 'no one left alive to see me'. For THAT purpose, with his armor and repeater gun bigger than most Ewoks, he was perfectly kitted out.

You know who else is not moving silently? Hex. He wasn't good at it as a soldier, and he's not good at it as a... whatever he is now. Mid-30s mercenary leading a team of consummate professionals. He has a G8 rifle out and ready, armored up in a Corellian Huntsuit that's doing nothing for his own stealth. Hex pauses as they walk to gesture like 'wut' at Sajin when he indicates they're the ones making noise. "Blame Yan, Ryma'at, you seen how noisy Yan is?" He reaches over to punch Yan in the arm. "Sajin says shut up."

Grom trudges along, his rather small and reasonably sized artillery piece carried at the ready across his chest. He was told to be stealthy, so in the midst of tromping through every branch in the jungle, he stage whispers, "...grom is heeeeeere."

Siha Archer had landed her ship, cycled it down and prepared her sword and her blaster pistol for use, striding with a heavy limp through her ship, calling to her plants, "You guys be good, no germinating with the slutty plants here, I don't want a repeat of the last time, you hear?!" Once she's holstered, sheathed and ready to rock and roll she'll stuff her helmet atop her head and activate the inner doo-dads, and head off her ship.

Eventually she ends up with the rest and she's quiet. Limping along heavily, the t-visored mando still managed to be quiet, plates on her armor all quiet, her sword even bounces soundless against her thigh, her feets all quiet, her toot-machine all quiet. She was in lizard mode, scurrying along, though ..seriously. What is the point when she's with a herd of Bantha.

The Defiance crew is being LOUD AS KRIF, except for Siha because she's just that badass. This alerts the five pirate guards at the mouth of the Cave. It seems they set up a few emplacements, sand bags and stuff, and green army tent with mesh to store a few crates and speeders. They can hear them, and by now, likely see the coming group sans Siha. The guards shout the alarm and start to open fire.

Sajin ducks and rolls behind a tree as a blaster bolt zooms over his head just barely missing him. His brings his new Bowcaster up and pulls the trigger... the guy explodes. Literally into bloody gory bits. Sajin looks to his bowcaster, then to the guy, then to his bowcaster. "KRIF YES!"

WHUMPH. The next shot, after the haze of blasterfire from the cave mouth and Sajin's particularly fatal retort, was Zhu Yan's portable Ewok-size Cannon, scoring a hit straight to the chestplate of another of the insurgents. "COP THAT!" erupted Yan in triumph, seemingly enjoying the fact that putting the weapon to single-shot mode made it so much more accurate.

Hex is splattered all over with blood as Sajin explodes the first pirate victim, red and green like Life Day! "...Heh heh heh," he chuckles, grinning a broad, sharp-toothed, and slightly deranged grin in response to FIRST BLOOD. "It's on, you dust-eyed sandmaggots!" Is he talking to the pirates or his own people? So hard to say, but he raises the rifle and fires, BAM, BAM, BAM, searing enormous holes into Yan's pirate, another pirate, and an innocent piece of cave wall. "I'm here for this, ai'jouku," he announces, because he needs therapy, "I'm so happy."

Grom brings his A280 up to his shoulder (precisely the way Humans say no one should ever do, because they are stupid Humans and not GROM) with a dull whine as the fire control systems power up. "GOOD, now Grom can see you- NOW STAY STILL AND DO NOT FLEE," he commands the pirate sentries, as blaster fire erupts around him. Peering through the scope and searching for a target.. "No, stop dying!" he howls in anger as his fellows are making mince of the defenders, "STOP DYING SO GROM CAN KILL YOU." THERE! Finally he sees a foe, and the massive recoil of the big weapon shakes leaves off of nearby trees, melts a semi-circle into the defensive sandbags, and obliterates the last target. There aren't even bloody chunks left, just... that pirate is no more. "GROM WINS."

Siha Archer is the most quiet AND the most sane today?! What. In. The. World. When the pirates attack Siha is immediately dropping down to kneel and raise her blaster up, taking a shot at Goop Goop, "Shavit--" == PEW PEW == She fires off TWO SHOTS, one of which hits the brother in the chest causing him to clutch at it in bewilderment as he smolders, but he's not dead yet, the second shot going wide. He lets out a massive laugh, raising his pistol up to aim at Siha and then just disappears the next second, faint red mist drifting through the air and gently caressing in against Siha and her armor, giving her a fine splattering which only accentuates the blood red on her dark grey armor, "Hoo hoo hooo ..." A deep throaty laugh rises up from Siha who's shoulders begin to shake, "HAHAHAHAHA. HE WAS GROMINATED." Bahahahaha, she rocks back while kneeling, pistol slapping in against her chest as she just lets it all out, needing a moment or three to recover.

Despite the Pirate Guards protecting the entrance to the cave having heard Defiance coming and innitially having the upper hand. It would appear that noone here actually needed any stealth because these kids were outmatched by the overwhelming firepower that the members of this particular acquisitions guild possessed. Yan severly wounds one before Hex's rifle finishes him off, sending him flying back against crates, knocking them over. His third Shot explodes one of the other poor idiots, sending blood and guts EVERYWHERE, leaving nothing but a smoldering carcas left much like Sajin's bowcaster did only moments before. Siha manages a shot as one of the last two dives for some cover but her second shot misses and hits said cover instead. Grom blows him to shreds through with a powerfully charged bolt from his A280. The last man standing looks with rage at Sajin, covered in the blood of his pirate brethren. He raises his weapon at the King and fires, missing widely. Sajin finishes it by blowing out his chest with a bowcaster bolt. "It's Garbage Day! AHAHAHAHHAAH"

"See? Stealth! Now no bad guys know we're here!" Fun fact: There were currently no bad guys left! Zhu Yan grinned like a lunatic under his helmet. With a quick burst from the jets built into the frame of the power armor, he launched out from the jungle and to where the fortifications had been slagged. "Whoa!" he exclaimed, looking at a really really big red smear on the ground. "This guy's taken up painting! With his BLOOD!" Bad jokes abound. He poked the smear with the barrel of his weapon, paying zero attention to anything else because honestly it's Yan he doesn't pay attention anyway. "Did you build a turbolaser into that rifle, Grom?"

Hex wipes blood off his face, managing to smear it like war paint, and then reaches up to settle his goggles down over his eyes as though to protect them from future enemies reduced to fine red mist in his immediate vicinity. "Every day is garbage day when we're here, ok ka. Sajin, onward and upward?"

"Yes, GROMINATED. Hahaha..?" the Houk bellows, echoing Siha with force, but without full comprehension. He nods firmly in that way he does when transparently trying to seem like he understands. Yan shouts back a question as the hulking alien warrior resumes stomping toward the cave, answering back, "No, GROM is the turbolaser. The rifle is just the tool that... the turbolaser uses. To.. focus. METAPHOR IS NOT GROM'S STRONG SUIT." He peers around, looking for direction from his less-Grom friends.

Oh my. Lord. Looking at Grom as she gruntingly pushes up from her knee with every bone in her body popping and crackling she'll laugh, "Grom, if I thought it was possible I'd bear your babies and raise them in your image, you are such a freakin' nugget." Said with a broad grin, though no one can see said grin as she's in her helmet, BUT SHE SOUNDS LIKE SHE'S GRINNING. Re-holstering her blaster she'll draw out her sword instead, nodding to Sajin as Hex calls for them to move onwards, or ..suggests. Same thing, "Oooh, if that was the opening scene, imagine how squishy it's gonna be inside." Oh yeah, real blood thirst in Siha's voice as she begins limping forwards.

So Nyla Forr has been watching their six. She backs into the cave after Zhu slowly, making double and triple sure no one is coming in to join the party without her knowledge. When she hears scuffling and the ringing of shots, Nyla pulls out her blaster and whirls into see... "Mother of moons," the mechanic chokes at the drippy red cave. "Really?"

"Downwards... into the Cave. There has to be more of them. This was just the checkpoint in." Sajin says to Hex and the others. He hadn't been shot yet but that was likely to change, or at least he hoped not. He started into the cave, his helmets own doodads scanning with it's tracking system. The cave was moist, MOIST, and not just because of the slaughter splatter that Nyla was choking about. It was quiet, too quiet.

Zhu Yan was on point. And not just his outfit, which was classy in a sort of 'murdering you violently' way. Thump thump thump he went into the cave, blaster up and ready, stepping directly OVER something extremely dangerous and utterly failing to notice it. It was when he saw Sajman that he noticed that he had just had a narrow escape. Not so much for Sajman himself. "NAAAUUUUUUUU!" he burst out, unwilling to allow the beautiful bastard to put his foot down (literally) and doom them all, but especially Yan, to a slow asphyxiating death. "IF YOU PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN WE ARE DEAD, SAJBRO!"

Being as he is a member of a race of people who use caves to prevent the never-setting sun of their planet from killing them, Hex likes caves. His lekku twitch happily as they descend, assuring Nyla, "Really!" like carnage overkill is actually a good thing. Nobody here is normal. If any of them enjoyed something resembling a normal childhood, life fixed that since. "We're helping the Driklish, ok ka. Look sharp though, everybody, there's explosive drums in the wall. Sajin, you want me to try to disable them, or--? Oh, what, traps? Great, that's... look where you're stepping, ai'jouku."

"Yes, Grom is a ROYAL nugget," the Houk agrees, proudly. As they enter the caves and the less-Grom come to a sudden stop, he mumbles, "Grom was just getting going!" Letting out a thunderous sigh, he looks glumly back at the Mandalorian. "Grom wishes your were not such a mammal, as well."

Siha Archer's childhood was dreadfully normal, to the point that her parents still don't know what she actually does for work, nor that she's Mandlorian, or worse of all that she works with the Defiance. It's cool, lies keep families together, "Awww, Grom, that's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me. Sorry buddy. Maybe in the next life I'll have a strong outershell and rocky biceps like you and no discernible way to tell if I'm male or female to outsides. Gotta dream, right?" THEN YAN SCREAMS and Siha freezes where she is, one hand jutting out, the other still holding her sword at the ready, eyes wide, "What. Who. Where. When. Why. How." All the important questions asked.

Nyla Forr stops moving as soon as the others lose their minds. She focuses on the ground, frowning as she starts to pick her path by following the footsteps of those in front of her. "Smells like the bad side of a bantha in here," she mutters as she keeps her eyes very much on the ground. It's slow and she stalls. "Maybe deactivate them yeah, Hex."

Sajin nods to Hex to disable the bombs but looks to Yan instead. "Thanks bud. That was a close call." He can't believe he missed it with that fancy system of his running in his helmet! Though, he was still probably having trouble even with the help of the helmet seeing in this dark cave. Stupid Hapans and their poor night vision.

There, as they move deeper into the cave, is a flicking light shimmering on the cave wall where it seems to drop off down into a large round pit. There are multiple alcoves and the like.

"The trap should have gone off by now!" Hisses a voice.

"Maybe they killed them!" Comes another one.

"I really gotta take a drek, guys... this is bad." Comes a third.

A fourth voice cuts the three off from their complaining, "Shut up you idiots. I can't believe you would place mines in a cave with NO OTHER EXIT and trap us all in!"

A separate voice sighs and dosn't say anything.

The three moan and apologize, "Sorry Mr. Dapperton."

If one peers over the edge they would see Five more enemies in a ditch. The onely way down is to jump or use the ladder that looks way more then sketchy. Nothing really for cover but a few alcoves down in the ditch and a number of crates that are there.

Sajin pauses, a shocking inhale... "Dapperton, I haven't heard that name since..."

"So'cha ka," Hex confirms to Sajin, letting his rifle hang from a shoulder strap while he sets about working on disarming the traps and explosives. It's probably confusing and upsetting to everyone to see their boss acting professionally or competently, but he's going about it like he actually knows what he's doing, working quickly to cut wires and disconnect trip-sensors. The big Twi'lek looks like he's going as fast as he can, but it does leave him in a somewhat vulnerable spot, focusing on that task instead of attacking or dodging.

Grom peers and rumbles in deep thought (not so deep) as he sizes up the situation. His thought process is clear: he looks at the rifle in one hand (yes, he holds the nearly five foot blaster cannon in one hand) and then looks to the axe in his other. Rifle? Axe? "Yes, axe has been very patient. Axe is right, Grom will drop on their heads with much roaring and doom." A nod, rifle slung, axe drawn and he whispers, "...grom is heeeeere."

..to save the daaaaaaay

...."Since what, crap in the Jawa Lords hat, SINCE WHEN?!" Siha really needs to know, she hates these cliffhangers. Her katana rattles in front of her as she points at Sajin.

Nyla Forr isn't completely sure what is happening. Her eyes haven't completely adjusted to the dim cave yet. She cradles her weapon and leaps into the ditch with the perps, landing on something uneven and rolling her ankle. Nyla crumples, yelping. "Oh that hurt. It hurt bad. Does it look bad? It /feels/ bad! Help me up... no maybe I should... ahhhg that hurts." She doesn't even fire at them with her blaster awkwardly pinned underneath her hip.

'Air support', sure. Jehn can do that... But with the entirety of their group underground, the pilot grows more and more anxious. She spent some hours pacing the Errand, some more taking smoky, blue rips from a glass pipe, and then some more after that raiding her own kitchen... But even the galaxy's most unperturbed idiot grows anxious. "Frag my face." She had finally grumbled, yanking her blaster from the coatrack near the entry ramp as she hustled into the caves after the rest of Defiance.

Finding them isn't easy, but it isn't difficult either. They tend to leave a trail of bodies and breadcrumbs wherever they go (the latter, she assumes, is Hex) and she manages to come up behind them just in time to see her grubby mechanic go tumbling down. "Frag my /face/!" She hisses, stepping dangerously close to the trap Hex is disarming, and drawing her blaster, leaps in after her. She jumps for shit, but she lands like a majestic Lothcat. "It looks bad." She affirms, spinning, blaster in hand, to fire upon the closest goonie.

She has no idea what's happening... But what's new there?

For once, for ONCE, having actually noted what the bad guys were saying, Yan had a cunning plan. Being the egotist and wanting credit, he voiced it. "Hey guys why don't we just collapse the c- okay she just jumped right in." There goes Nyla, breakin' bones and breakin' hearts. Hopefully not Jehn's heart. Jehn was a gangly, dim angel. Speaking of gangly dim angels, there goes Jehn, from outta nowhere, and straight into the ditch. "I can work with that." Yan said quietly, sorta-but-not-quite in admiration. Why stop a good thing?

THUMP THUMP THUMP. A running start. The rockets on Yan's back/thigh/arms spurted into life, sending him sailing through the air like a thrown brick at a jewelry store window. "STEAAAAAALTH!" he bellowed mid-flight, before landing in a manner best described as 'earth shaking' right in the middle of the assembled group of bad dudes.

"Good morning frackfaces!" was his LOUD greeting, erupting from him at the same volume as the deafening WHUMPHWHUMPHWHUMPHWHUMPH of the TA-16 repeater rifle, being emptied point-blank into the second-most handsome man in the room. He didn't keep the title for long. "Let's play 'Try not to get shot'!"

The group of pirates are surprised as Nyla, and then Jehni jump down into the pit. There is a real awkward pause for a moment until Yan comes rocketing down landing before them. Then, the three goons collectively scream, Mr Dapperton as well. All except quiet Jim who looks steely and cool, drawing a massive blade of some sorts. Mr. Dapperton and him are both glad in fluffy pink kerchiefs around their necks. Dapperton, while screaming pulls his blaster and fires at Yan, the biggest meanest target in that moment. The others do as well, except at Jehni and Nyla this time. Their aim is scattered a bit due to the imposing stature... lol stature, of Yan and his powerarmor.

Sajin looks to Siha, "Ah... well you see..." And then the blaster fire starts and that story will have to wait till later. He prons himself on the cliff and takes aim at one of the three underlings, blasting one to bits and likely covering Jehni, Yan, and Nyla with pirate guts. Tasty.

And Yan blew one to bits on impact.

"Hold on, ai'jouku, nobody's laying a hand on you, ok ka?" Hex promises Nyla and Jehn, snatching up the rifle again and aiming from the top of the ditch, dumping two shots into Quiet Jim, now quiet for the rest of eternity, and one shot into the terrain perilously close to Jehn. Y'all remember that time he shot Kasia?


Grom has the same rockets and jets on his armor as Yan does, yet... he doesn't use them. Instead, he makes use of the battle tested technique that is GRAVITYGROM, leaping off the ledge with axe drawn back overhead, falling like the half ton of axe wielding heavily armored Houk that he is, roaring as he falls, "GROM IS HERE." In retrospect, warning them might not have been the best idea, as one pirate avoids the axe and Houk that cleave into the cavern floor.

Siha Archer really hasn't learned her lesson after the last fall she took which broke her back and shortened one leg down with the super hard impact. Siha will jump awkwardly down, the woman NOT A CAT, and lands down heavily and another CRACK sounds, same leg, the woman jumps the same damn way every time. And ..leg is broken again, and likely her pelvis. Her sword flails around her in one stab, then a sweeping second, the woman probably hitting one of her comrades as she lets out a hissing grunt, trying to use her pain to guide her hand. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Leaning heavily forwards on her one knee connected to the broken leg she drops her head and lets out a whimper, stabbing her sword into the ground and reaching up to yank off her helmet so she can dig in her chest pocket beneath her breastplate, wild curls astray and sweaty around her face, so she can grab some high grade pain drugs she has hidden. She knew this would happen. Her face is pale, nostrils flared and her breathing coming quick and heavy as she digs, trying to keep those whimpers down to mere grunts. Just a sec ..just a sec. Soon as mommy gets her meds she'll be good to try again.

"Why would you tell me it looks bad?" Nyla Forr demands of Jehn as she attempts to sit up. "Now it feels /worse/." She brings her weapon up to fire from her seated position but a shot takes her in the crook of her shoulder before she can even make a shot. She looks down on it. Blood bubbles. Then not-her blood splatters across her face. "Really?" Nyla mumbles as her grip on her blaster loosens.

"Did I say bad? I meant great. Better, even. Really, you're looking radiant, I think all the tension in that, uh, in that foot was messing with your back. Did you get taller? You look taller. Radiant, even. Did I say that already? Really, the foot looks great." Maybe it was the herb she bought off Priaca Hooge, maybe it's simply stumbling into a scene to find her partner in danger, but Jehni'va is alive with hitherto unheard of lothcat like reflexes. As blaster-fire (and... Rocket-Yans?) erupt around her, she throws her arms over her head and rolls, never straying far from wounded Nyla. She lets out a little 'yip' of surprise as luck saves her from a bacta enema, courtesy of her boss, before she is absolutely painted in pirate brains, and a massive Houk comes dropping in. She's fairly calm about it, all things considered. "I've got you." She promises Nyla, crouching over the injured mechanic and firing a blind shot over her shoulder. HEADS UP. "I've got - KRIFF!" A sword nicks her raised arm as Siha goes flailing, and she curls tighter over the downed mechanic. "Watch it, watch it!"

It wasn't often that a blaster bolt punctured a suit of power armor. But the chest plate must have been made of Stormtrooper polymers because the shot burrowed deep, not quite hitting Yan but scorching his chest enough to get at least some bad burns under his jaunty teal flannel shirt. "OWWW!" he cried out, very shrill, as he fired back at at Dapperton, bolts of fury propelled into the surrounding walls by hatred, anger, mermaid, murder, but mainly recoil. "You ruined it!" he shrieked like a little girl. An extremely angry little girl. But a little girl nonetheless. "I WAS going for the whole 'walk slowly like a hunter-killer robot shooting the entire time' but you just HAD to shoot back!" Shot, yeah, but you ruined Zhu Yan's groove and no one ruins Zhu Yan's groove. "I'm taking your neckerchief by the way!"

And so Mr. Dapperton. Boswain and Master Chief of the pirate group who Sajin maybe thought was familiar single handedly defeated defiance in a game of attrition and stupidity. As if! While the rest of Dapperton's group bites the dust in one way or another. The steely Quiet Jim not even able to dodge the bolts from Hex up top giving ranged fire down below along with Sajin. The Hapan himself takes out the one Grom misses, the fellow's chest exploding outward.

"KOVO KAH!" Screams Dapperton as he dodges and then returns fire to Yan and attempts to take cover. "Cassandra will not forget this! She hasn't forgotten the last time!"Shock! Drama! What's this? Sajin grinds his teeth and says nothing, his cross hairs trying to find Daperton.

"Hang on, girls, hang on, hang on," Hex encourages the wounded Nyla and Siha.. and maybe Yan... as his boots dig a little into mud made from the dirt of the cave floor and the blood of the dying. Reports from the rifle are loud, too loud in the confines of the cave, but it's little more than cover fire as the wily Dapperton remains unharmed.

Grom draws back his axe to smite the pirate who escaped him, before- but then someone shoots them. "BAH," the Houk complains, looking around for another enemy and spots Dapperton- "Yessss..." Grom rumbles, drawing his axe back again- and finding the enemy shouting at someone else. "STOP IGNORING GROM," he demands irritably, finally swinging the axe when the stupid human notices and making a mess of that entire 'cut you in half' thing.

Grom missed. By a lot.

Siha Archer manages to get out the tiny packet from atop her very flat breast, shaking hand bringing it up to her lips where she'll tilt her head back to feel a few pills drop onto her tongue and between parted lips. Thankfully Hopp supplied her with these, made from the blue mold of some back alley poop, with the urine crystals of some Krayt Dragon from Tatooine that she spent three days tracking in wait for it to empty it's bladder on /specific/ rocks and then who knows what else Hopp put into this or what he concocted with CHEMISTRY, but it hits the spot. She feels it nearly immediately as her body temperature begins to rise quickly, her skin getting hot, her veins, her blood, her everything, sharp tingles rippling from the back of her throat outwards and soon enough that ripples out from her belly as blood is fed, "Hooo hooooooo you freakin' madman Hopp. ..haha ..."

With sword stabbed into the ground she struggles to a stand and uses her sword as a walking stick to limp/drag her dead leg alongside her, "DAPERTON. CASSANDRA CAN EAT MY ASS HOLE YOU SON OF A BITCH." One wild swing lurches her forwards but misses, but with a sneering hiss, "STOP IGNORING GROM." SNNKKKKTTTT. Weakly she swings, but even with a weak swing there's enough gusto behind it and admittedly drugs to send that sword finding Daperton SOMEWHERE on his body, she doesn't know where because she can't really see, "GROM. GROM. I BLEEDED HIM FOR YOU, C'MON, TAKE A BITE. DAMN. I AM ON FIRE." Internally, she's on fire. SHE'S HOT. Sweating profusely, her curls wilting atop her head to stick to her greying face as a trail of blood follows like a snail-trail from her broken leg, "Oh ..damn, it's so /moist/." Said as she levels her sword again for her next attack.

"Move," Nyla mutters to Jehn, her adrenaline picking up a little as her body screams to chill out but she leans and huffs out a ragged breath. Her blaster finally fires but she is woozy and oozy and it flies off over the bad guy. "Dammit. Jehn, make him stay still," Nyla demands in a weaving and uneven tone. "He ruined Zan... Yhu's... shirt thing."

"I don't think that neckerchief is quite his color. His shirt thing wasn't either." Jehn's comment is airy and distracted as she continues to offer bodily cover to the fading, but resilient Nyla. She continues to spout nonsense pep-talk as she rallies to fire. "Hey, hey. Eyes bright, yeah? Lookin' good, lookin' great. Man, you single? I'd like to -" She ducks reflexively as another bout of blaster fire and sword swinging erupts. "-Uh, wine an' dine you because you are so alert and uninjured. Right?" She gives a little head-shake to Hex. Not looking good, not looking great. Still wine and dine-able, but there is little to be said of Jehn's standards.

A thin line of blood snakes from the point of sword-knickage thanks to Siha and her shattered poonany, but other than that the pilot is unharmed. "We should move away from all of this, maybe." Jehn suggests, wincing as Grom's axe makes another bone-chilling 'SHUNK' sound into something other than Dapperton. "I know Tarion isn't here, but friendly fire is a thi - ugh..." She looks to Siha in disgust. "Still not a good enough excuse to use the word 'moist'." She's easily distracted, but Jehni'va still levels her blaster and squeezes off two rounds, shouting: "WHO IS CASSANDRA?!" As she does.

This Dapperton fellow, he was boss-fight material. The combined forces of the roughest (if not toughest) badasses in Defiance were doing nothing to this slippery little scoundrel. This was Zhu Yan's interpretation, anyway. And, presented with someone who despite Yan's urging was utterly failing to die, his patience was growing thin. Thinner. It was never long to begin with. There was a joke there.

"I don't care!" boiled over Zhu Yan, utterly failing to care about this Cassandra woman except for two things, A, was she hot, and B, was she single. Not that it was important. What was more important was the CLICK noise that came from near the grip of the TA-16 and the following singular WHUMPH that burned straight through Dapperton. If that didn't kill him, a stiff breeze would.

Dapperton couldn't hold out forever, despite how good he was. Siha's blade digs into him, casuing him to yelp and scream bloddy murder. Yan's shot hits and blasts a huge hole in the man sending him flying back against the wall, inmobil, twitching, eys still wide open, blood leaking from every oraphice left intact. Sajin stands then, Jumping down into the pit. His power armor boots give a loud THUD. He then starts to walk towards the dead Quiet Jim. He kneels down and feels the pink hankerchief but dosn't take it, "Quiet Jim Dalla. Chief Security Officer." Then he stands up and walks towards Daperton, "Kyle Daperton, but known most as Mr. Daperton. Boswain and crew chief." He reaches into his sack and pulls out his own pink neckerchief and tosses it on Daperton. "I didn't think you'd all come here of all places. Especially not Captain Cassandra Blake of the Savage Heart. The crew split up. We went out seperate ways long ago." He raises his bowcaster and puts two more bolts in him. Atoms probably break apart it's such a mess now.

Hex spends a moment in observation of the End of Mr. Daperton, then exhales a long, slow breath when it becomes very clear that Daperton, and the others, are not getting up to cause trouble again. "Grom, carry Siha, yeah?" he suggests, while looking over the others. "Jehn, is Nyla movin' under her own power, or not so much?" Nyla herself is not actually consulted there, perhaps he fears a risk of stoicism or swagger at work that might prevent proper evacuation of the busted. "Sajin, your call ni muchi, we good here or we got more work to do?"

Snnkkttttt. Siha is once again leaned in on her sword, leg having buckled beneath her, the woman kneeling/leaning on her sword. The drugs from Hopp had a very, very short shelf-life in terms of a burst of energy, quickly followed by an immediate crash into unconsciousness. She snores, heavily, and is out like a light, murmuring in her sleep, 'no touch the booty ..no ..you not nesruve me ..too hot ..handle ..snn..' She had, after a heroic lifting of her sword for a last attack upon the very attacked Daperton, suddenly dropped her sword arm, blade driven into the floor before she began to collapse like a Jenga tower, first her legs would give out, "Oh shoot ..Hopp you fu---" Her shoulders would waver slightly as she swayed and eyes would roll up and she'd snap forwards into the awkward position she's in now, a beautiful fiery creature drooling down freely to the floor. No one let her leave her helmet behind. GET HER HELMET.

Nyla Forr is about to fire again, long after Daperton has met his demise... but finally her brain meat connects to a far part of it that is shouting at her to cease fire. "Mmkay," Nyla sighs at the voice only she can hear. There is a moment where she attempts to get up but... nope. She slumps back and grunts. "You think I could borrow a shirt from him?" Nyla wonders aloud. "I like them." And then she is out. Cold. Don't pull your back hauling her out, Jehn.

"That is truly disgusting." Jehn grimaces at the pulp of what was once Dapperton. She stands, slowly, her muscles not yet willing to un-tense enough to make herself a larger target, but she forces them too. The fight is over. "Nyla is full of power, she could move all of us." She counters to Hex, putting on a decent show of indignant defense before bending over to whisper: "I can carry you." To the injured mechanic in question, even as she is fading out. "I'll get you a shirt, don't worry." Actually, with that roll, she won't be able to on the first try, but it's not like Nyla is a heavy woman, no matter how many weird mystery burgers Jehn offers her. "Someone is going to need to get Siha." She adds, softly, before bending down to try and lift Nyla once more. There is a sickening 'pop' and though she does heft the smaller woman into the air, the grimace of absolute pain and horror on the pilot's face is a testament to how badly she just threw out her back. "Back. Ship. /Now/." It is a pained, sideways hobble that brings Nyla and Jehni'va out of the cave.

Zhu Yan stomped over to the corpse of Dapperton, right behind Sajman, being all scary and miniscule in comparison and grunting as though every step were causing him pain. Which it was. His shirt was rubbing against his scorched chest in a manner that was most painful. As Dapperton's life terminated abruptly, Yan asked, "So what was that all about? Did you off your Captain? Were you First Mate? Did that make you Captain?" Because Yan's mind worked like a romance novel, in Klingon. "Hey is it alright if I take his neckerchief? I like the pink. I'm taking it. Thanks!" Not a single gap between any of those sentences to let Sajin talk. Figures that of all the people to demonstrate exceedingly poor taste during an emotional moment, it'd be Yan, disregarding any meaning behind the pinkerchiefs to snag the one from around the bloodstain that was Dapperton and stuff it in his pocket. There. Zhu Yan: Accessorized.

Sajin lets his Bowcaster drop against his chest, it's attached by a single point quick responce strap attached to the foldable and adjustable stock. He turns towards Hex and nods, "For today? Yes... but if I know Cassandra she won't stop until she gets what she wants and for some reason she wants Drik. We need to cut it off at the head before another invasion happens." And that means going after this particular group of pirates. He turns to Yan and blinks, "No... no. Cassandra Blake was the Captain of the Ship Savage Heart which I served on when I was young." He nods to Quiet Jim's corpse, "He taught me how to fight better with Vibro-blades," Then nods to Dapperton, "And he taught me how to dodge blaster bolts. We were crew once." Sajin has mentioned he was a pirate in the past many times, though he wouldn't fault anyone for not caring. He then moves over to Siha and kneels down, scooping his BEABEA up into his arms bridal style. "I'll get you home Sihananajiji."