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Ryo tries to turn Hex in for his bounty, and it goes about as well as you would expect.

OOC Date: January 16, 2019
Location: Takodana
Participants: Maz Kanata, Hex, Kasia Ashkuri, Siha Archer, Sajin, Ryo Odessa, Defiance

TLDR: Ryo tries to cash in. Kasia got angry. Siha had a great time. Maz probably regrets everything. Hex got in a box. TWICE.

It's a certain kind of rainy on Takodana around the Castle. A big storm has rolled in, but it's nothing modern starships can't handle. Large tarps have been setup to provide some cover from where people park their ships to the open courtyard, but not beyond. Either someone forgot to finish their job or it was only ever meant to keep an area hopefully unmuddy.

Inside, the few auxiliary fireplaces and the main hearth are fired up to keep everything toasty in an orangey glow that seems to be inspiring loads of people to order spiked variations of hot chocolate or whatever warm drink has them nostalgic for their home planets. Maz currently has a drawn the attention of more than a few tables around the main hearth by regaling them with a tale from her travels long ago which seems to be as interactive as a conversation.

"Ha. If you really want to know what happened to him? I'll tell you the next time I see you," Maz says, matter of fact with a slight glint behind her eyes while she sips on some spiced nysillim tea.

"Maz Kanata!" shouts a voice from the doorway. It belongs to none other than Ryo Odessa, man about town and general vagabond. Behind him? There's a crate, set atop a hovercart.

"I've got something you've been looking for. Or rather...someone," the Festian offers, resting a hand atop the container and patting it a couple of times.

It's in rather poor condition, as it seems someone (SIHA) has stabbed it with a vibro-blade, and there's still a little trail of water being left behind everywhere it goes.

"That is a Maz? She looks like a dried out neka nut." So says the Mandalorian woman (SIHA) who strides behind the crate in full armor, voice coming out from behind her t-visored helmet, a katana sword bouncing on her right hip, a blaster on her left. Her left leg is a pipe which has been fashioned as a temporary leg for the missing one, leg of her flightsuit beneath armor folded up, a welded metal plate serving as the foot, Siha swinging the duct-taped leg out in front of her, step with the right, then up she goes slightly as she puts her weight down on the left leg-pipe, and so forth. And those are the only words from Siha who keeps a steady eye on the crate.

This crate is also not silent. In fact, someone inside of it is ponding on the inside of said crate. "Ryo. RYO," an annoyed, masculine voice can be heard through the vibro-blade holes. "ENOUGH. I am gonna kick your ass so hard you'll be flossing with my shoelaces, you understand me? Let me OUT. LET ME OUT. Where are we even? What are we doing? SIHA? SAJIN!"

It's basically right behind Ryo and Siha that Kasia enters the place, lips curved down into a severe frown that's worse than the usual frown of dismay or displeasure. "Ryo Odessa," her voice is sharp, loud enough to carry and disrupt quieter conversations taking place here. She stalks forward until she's standing right beside the crate, one gloved hand moving to rest atop it. "If you don't open this kriffing box right now, I am going to spend my entire life finding cruel and creative ways to make your existence as miserable as possible."

Sajin looks appauled. Thougj he also looks damm good in Hex's duster. "Kasia... I had nothing to do with this. He said we were goimg on a toad trip then Hex made me take his things." The poor simple janitor.is confused. "Ryo..." He bats his eyes, "Please let the Boss out." He looks towards Maz and frowns like a grump y four year old.

Maz slides off the hearth which is the signal to everyone around her that she's abruptly ended the Q&A for storytime. Everyone turns back to their tables to drink, gamble, discuss whatever, and Maz moseys through to get to the source of the voice. When she sees the leaking crate?

"I know it's not written down, but everyone knows if you bring in a pet and it does it's business inside, it loses inside privileges." Maz gives Ryo a discerning hard squint behind the magnification of her lenses. Beat. Then she breaks into a small grin and /asks/ a droid to help out. Odd little neka nut this one.

At the various interplay between her new visitors, Maz waits quietly. "If you wish to collect the bounty, you must take him down to the dungeons and release him into the cell. I will not be liable for incompetent transitions." Now she's keeping a rather straight face. "I will let you sort it out amongst yourselves." While she eats...well, she pulls out a piece of strange spikey fruit from her pouch and starts munching.

"Kasia!" shouts Ryo, a mixture of start and confusion. He clears his throat and moves to stand on the other side of the box from the angry woman with the Nintendo Power Glove.

"Listen, it'll all be just fine, alright?" the Festian man says, holding up two hands in protest.

He gulps slowly and looks over to Sajin and Siha before he groans, "Alright."

The be-caped Festian eyes Kasia as he reaches to the closest side of the box and taps in a command. The sound of a latch releasing echoes through the room and Ryo slides the top off of it.

"First of all, how did you even know we were out here?" Ryo asks of Kasia, hands moving to his hips.

"And this is why I came along." Siha says, her helmet hiding her facial expressions but good bet she's either wearing a shavit eating grin or rolling her eyes expressively, the woman not jumping in fear when Kasia comes in, but you know she FEELS it down in her toes. Maybe. She only has one foot now and her body is still confused over that, "Where were you over an hour ago Kasia, I spent like, thirty minutes stalling everyone in heartfelt banter with Hex before we even took off." Said from within that vox'd helmet, Siha's hands still on her weapon hilts/handles, casual, "And then stabbing holes in his box because I had no idea if Ryo had air cycling through the thing. Seriously, woman ..Now we're all the way out here and I have to ride back with Ryo whining about how this didn't work out in his favor."

As an almost afterthought Siha will turn to Maz, right hand lifting up to wave her hand generally in the air, "What the hell did Hex do anyhow to have a tiny little bean like you want him anyhowd, I mean ..humor me ..." Her pipe leg is shifted around with that right hand reaching down across her right thigh to adjust the pipe from digging in, tape pried back slightly, too many layers though to do much, "Because obviously we're /not/ escorting him into the cell, I just ..am dying with curiosity."

Thud. Thud. The thing in the box is throwing itself at the door of the crate, which of course means that Hex is coming at the door full tilt JUST when Ryo opens it. He comes hurtling out, a large, tall green Twi'lek with no duster, no weapons, no belt so he's sagging his pants. Tattoos. Cybernetics. Got fat since he quit the army. This is Heksash'kuri, this can be no one else, and physics betray him as he flies out, trips, falls, rolls, and then just sort of stays where he is, stunned. He's sopping wet, for some reason, like somebody's dad that goes through the water park in his tee and cargo shorts. "What.... WHAT...." Disoriented, he looks around, then sits up. "Oh." Takodana. "Ohhhh." His lekku twitch, sending droplets everywhere, then he grins up at the hostess. "Hi, Maz."

Where normally Kasia's anger might dim when confronted with the handsome employee of the month, today that's not the case. Her gaze swings around to Sajin and the angry flush darkens further, a pointed look going to the duster that he's wearing. "So, what? You've robbed him too? Taken his things and shoved him into a box?" It's without waiting for an answer that she rounds on Ryo. "Regardless of what you might think of me, Ryo, I am not a complete moron. After last night, it wasn't that difficult to piece together what was going on here." Siha gets a look, but maybe it's what she said, or possibly Kasia knows deep down that it's pointless trying to intimidate her. Except maybe for that one baby toe that remains, maybe Siha feels a tingle of fear there? Maybe not. A slow step is taken closer to Ryo, close enough to try and invade his personal space unless he retreats, but she makes no effort to actually touch him yet. Her head tilts to look past Ryo, focus shifting to Maz. "I have no intention of causing more of a problem here than I need to, but I'm afraid that my husband isn't going to be going into any cells. What he will do is apologize for what he did to offend you, we will pay for whatever it was that he took and then some, and we will leave. If you prefer that we don't return ever again, fine, but he's leaving here with me today." It's only then that she looks down at Hex. "You let Ryo catch you? Really?"

Upon seeing the shock glove, Maz looks to Emmie who is already waiting for her signal from across this immediate section of the grotto like room. She shakes her head, but Emmie continues to monitor the situation. The ancient droid makes her way over to the edge of the group, beside Kanata, who promptly draws out a blaster...a pistol that she wields more like a rifle, that is, with both hands.

"There are a lot of people in here who would like to punch, kick, or shoot holes through each other, but that would be...unwise." Chewbacca would likely get a get out of jail free card. "It's clear that the bounty hasn't been fulfilled and I won't be manhandling Hex into the cell. That said, he can always collect the bounty himself" She flicks those big eyes up to Siha and says, "Oh dear. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. As soon as someone collects the bounty, I'm sure you'll find out. Though, a hint. It is for insolent behavior and has to do with alcohol."

"You know there's nothing I hate more than a thief," Ryo explains to Hex, backing away slowly from Kasia with his hands raised, still. He comes to a stop next to Hex and looks down at him, upon hearing Maz's suggestion of Hex collecting the bounty himself, Ryo's eyes widen and he jerks his head towards the dungeons.

"And it's not fulfilled, yet, Kanata," Ryo explains, reaching down to try and help Hex to his feet, "Pull your pants up, c'mon. You look dumb."

Sajin looks to Kasia, ashamed. Entirely. "I didn't... He gave me these when he got into the box." Despite his protest. Its defeated. "I was just cleaning. Hex, tell th-" And of course as Ryo calls him a theif something ticks in his head. His pretty face is stricken with pire un adultrated rage. With such power amd such grace only a trained martial artist could weild, The ANGRY HAPAN smashes his fist into Ryos face with such gorce it echos through the castle. "You krifin piece of Drek. Pencil liped prick! I. no theif." Then he looks around, "NOONE questioms MY loyalty!"

Siha Archer's lip curls as she eyes Sajin, watching the punch and the man lose control, "Well, there goes my respect for you Sajin .." Tongue will traipse between her teeth, Siha moving to ..walk to Ryo, limping with that fake leg, definitely unintimidated by Kasia, and more focused on extending a hand out to Ryo where ever he may have just landed, "Ryo. C'mere buddy." Fingertips wiggle towards the man, the other hand digging into the thigh pocket of her right leg to pull out a hankie that ..unfortunately it not entirely clean, "Don't worry, the blood is mine, and I'm tested like every other day after all of the blood shed I'm involved in ..." Said with an unseen grin though it might traipse through the vox of her helmet slightly. Around her neck the finger-laden necklace seems to wave at Ryo, Siha tossing over her shoulder to Maz, "That sounds like a /tuesday/, Maz my woman."

Siha Archer still has a healthy dose of RESPECT for Kasia, mind you. Don't think otherwise!

"Tcha, Kasia!" Hex tugs his pants up as he gets up off the floor. "He told me it was a sensory deprivation chamber, ok ka. It sounded good. Don't yell at Siha and Sajin, they're good kids, they did fine, they didn't have anything to do with this." She gets a pained look as she says he Will Be Apologizing, then an amused, thoughtful look travels between Maz and Ryo. Hex places his hand over his heart. "Maz Kanata, I did you wrong and I'm deeply sorry. My heart is filled with contrition, and my head, as is widely known, is filled with nothing. I come to you unarmed, unafraid, and I'd like to turn myself in for the bounty, assisted by my friends and compatriots, and my wife." He points at Kasia. "That's my wife." The one calling him out for being a moron. Back to Maz. "Which way is the cell, and do you have a cigarette I could bum?"

Then they're punching each other, and he shrugs, "Nobody has manners. They'll settle down in a minute."

Kasia rocks back a little as Sajin takes a swing at Ryo, gloved hands lifting as she shoots a 'I didn't do it' look at Maz. Mind you the gloves she wears are weapons too, but she hasn't used them yet. "Don't tell me who I get to yell at," she shoots back to Hex, frowning at him. "I get to yell at whoever I want." Though she is notably not scolding any of them except for Hex right now. "Hex, is this the same box he tried to get you into last night when he said we were going on an exotic vacation?" Her spouse gets a /look/, but then he's apologizing, so she doesn't try and interrupt that, because they might never get back to it if she does. It's not until he talks about a cell that she steps forward, putting a hand out to try and stall him, but stops short of actually touching him. "What happens to him once he's IN the cell? Is he coming back out again?" She's still angry, but the red in her face is fading a little.

"On Wednesdays, Emmie throws out the trash," Maz says esoterically with a soft smile for Siha.

"It's filthy," Emmie replies in her ancient vocabulator voice...in Basic.

Maz just shakes her head at the punches and smiles as Hex begins his vague apology. "Well they better shape up. Emmie gets tired of it real quick, and she's not my droid," she offers to Hex before her little orange fingers disappear into her pouch and she produces a hand-rolled cigarette.

As Kasia steps forward, Maz simply looks up at her, her weapon still trained on the woman, though it's of note that to anyone who has the vision to see, the safety is on. "First. Please take off those gloves. Don't make me ask you again."

"Second, your husband has already apologized, though I think he doesn't know what for. He will be coming back out again, whole and intact in body and mind. You have my word. Please follow me. All this?" She waggles her fingers in the air. "It's bad for business." Indeed, they group has garnered a lot of attention, and some of those people on the edges look like they're itching for a fight, even if it's not their's.

With that, Maz feels safe enough to turn her back on the group and start weaving her way through the main room back to a corridor. When they get there (if anyone decides to follow Maz to her /dungeon/) they take a broad set of steps down to an older part of the Castle. One that hasn't needed as much restoration and certainly not /all/ of it is totally new. Old stones abutt newer ones or refashioned ones here, and she leads them to a row of cells that still have their original wrought iron bars in place.

She comes to stand by a cell that has a placard on the sliding door. It says, 'HEX'. Inside, a familiar liquor cabinet has been placed, a cot, a small refresher, and some kind of slop bucket.

"Sajin, n-" SMACK. Ryo goes reeling back, losing his footing and tumbling to smack into the bar. "OW, YOU DENSE BASTARD! I was calling Hex a thief!" Still crumpled against the bar, Ryo rubs his jaw and spits some blood out onto the floor. "Pencil lipped!?" he calls out in blatant offense.

Reaching up for the hanky, Ryo looks the thing over with a heavy dose of incredulity before he eventually does hold it to his lip. "He just hit me so hard for no reason," Ryo whines, standing with the help of the peg-legged Mando.

Eyes widen as Hex speaks and he looks around at the room, mouth agape. "Guys, I'm a real bounty hunter! I did it!"

"Look at that, eh?" Ryo says, waggling his eyebrows at Siha before he begins following after Maz, down to the spooky dungeons.

Siha Archer starts laughing suddenly, a sort of explosive chest laugh as Kasia asks Hex if it's the same box, "/// No /// way, you realize if that's true, Kas, HEX totally deserves to be here. Hahaha. Exotic vacation box." Her head tilts back as she laughs a little harder, hands moving around Ryo as she follows him after Maz to help dust him off, floating down his back, down an arm, snickers rocking through her, "Girl, if you're that worried I'll go into the cell with him, we can be roomies." A pause at the top of the stairs and a grunt, Siha reaching down with her left hand to yank her peg leg up to the side, hopping down each step then, "I ate pavement the other day trying out going /down/ stairs with this thing ..." Said to any who might care, the woman continuing with a tossed call to Maz.

"You guys got tea Maz? If you want good tea you need to contact the Archers at the Tea-Siun House in Corellia, nice little b&b, they got this wicked Zeltros blend, Sy'dartha, that woo, melts the muscles. Highly recommend their shipments if you haven't already." Pimping out her parents, a gentle pat given to Ryo with her right hand from behind, "Yes, you're a real boy now Ryo, so proud of you." Can you hear the eyeroll. So unaffected by his charisma. Once at the bottom of the stairs she'll grunt, "I don't mind sleeping on the floor, Hex ..." Helpfully stated as she drops her leg down with a CLANK, a moment of repositioning done so she can hobble over to the cell to look in, "Looks cozy. And fancy, lookit that cabinet."

Sajin states at everyone for a moment, "I'm sorry I let you all down." He turns, hefting a sigh. He wants to say something in his defence but the others are already walking off. Today he was the nad guy. He failed Hex. He failed Kasia. He failed Siha a good and likely now former friend. His frustration at his failures caused him to loose his temper. He doesn't follow the down. Instead he heads back to the ship and waits.

"There could be an exotic vacation box!" Hex protests to both Siha and Kasia, like that could be a thing anyone's heard of. It isn't. There is no such thing as a vacation box, unless you are Hex. He accepts the hand-rolled cigarette and tromps his way down the stairs, assuring Kasia, "It's gonna be just fine, nonna! Just fine. Don't worry." When Hex says not to worry, you worry, but he seems cheerful as he heads into the cell. It does look cozy. Once in there, his special room complete with name tag, he turns around and raises his brows at Ryo. Cigarette between his lips, he makes a crotch-chop gesture at the gambler when he thinks Maz isn't looking. Suck itttt.

Kasia's eyes rest on Maz for a few moments, narrowing slightly, but she deactivates the gloves. She leaves them on her hands, but they're not an active threat at the moment. "No, wait," she's following behind the others too. "/When/ is he coming back out?" she asks, eyeing the cell, the name tag, the cabinet. "Look, he did something rude and stupid, I'm aware of that because he does those things to me all the time, but you can't keep him, or-- what is all this? What do you intend on having him do?" She's doing her best to remain in the doorway so nothing can be closed and locked, at least not without squishing her. "I'm going to worry, Hex, no matter how many times you tell me not to worry, I'm going to worry. I'm going to worry more because you told me not to worry. I hope you're happy with yoruself." She doesn't really sound angry anymore, but there's definitely a level of concern and annoyance that isn't at all a secret from anyone with eyes, and ears.

Whether Maz registers Sajin's departure is unclear at this juncture. "Hmm. Yes, we have tea. Mostly because I'm an addict," Maz admits with a casualness that belies her very poker face demeanor she's been sporting. "I will have to go, or maybe you can show me sometime. Make a tea party of it. I need a good excuse to stretch my legs."

"I know people who would pay good credits for an exotic vacation box." It's said with so much sincerity that it's difficult to tell whether Maz is simply knocking on Hex or...serious.

Maz folds her hands in front of her as she listens to Kasia, giving the woman her undivided attention, even as further shenanigans happen. "I saw that. You really aught to do better at hiding things," she says in her singsong voice as if it were some kind of sage advice, right before producing a lighter for him.

Then her attention is back to Kasia. "Your husband came into the Castle, went down into my cellars, snooped around, and decided to take alcohol from this cabinet without so much as leaving a note. In order to collect the bounty, since he is now collecting it along with all of you, he must stay in my charge for a week. It will not be locked. He will be provided everything he needs, but if he so much as drinks one drop from that cabinet? It will be extended to two weeks...and so on. At any point, he is free to go, but if he does, he will not be welcome in the Castle. If he stays, there are few things I could use his help with. Chores around the Castle and the grounds especially." This is literally old lady needs help from the neighborhood teenager to open her jars and rake up her leaves work...right? "He will receive meals with my staff and I. Those are the terms."

"And basically just as scary as you, Siha," Ryo says with a grin. Nudging her in the ribs a bit, he says, "We /have/ both killed a Houk, you know. Equals," he says with a smirk, before he takes a look around the cell, himself.

"Would you worry less or more if /I/ told you not to worry?" Ryo asks, looking over at Kasia, his hands moving to his hips.

A bird is, of course, flipped in Hex's direction in response.

"Me, too. I shelled out twenty credits for that Store-O-Matic 3000, and now it's got holes all in it," Ryo explains to Maz. "And hey, that's a helluva deal. Can I get in on that?" Ryo asks, wiggling his way past the crowd and into the room with Hex.

"Let us both go to try and buy the tea Maz, I haven't had a face to face with my parents in a while and they'll be less inclined to be upset with me in front of a guest." Siha suggests to Maz, grin going unseen as she continues to look around the cell, "You know what, I think Ryo AND Hex need to stay here." Declared as she steps out of the cell, wielding her leg with her left hand around so that she can move and stand nearby, "How could you not leave a /note/, Hex ..." Shaking her head, Siha is all seriousness in that helmet, but beneath it she's got a shavit eating grin, "And to fall for an exotic vacation box. And Ryo ..." Her hand goes up to her finger-laden leather corded necklace, "Shame on you for not dressing appropriately for the occasion." She lifts up a fat Chagrian finger on the necklace to lightly shake it at Ryo, "Bad Ryo."

Hex lights up and he's listening, sort of listening. He's even offering a puff puff pass to Ryo, in what seems to be a good will gesture. Kasia is on about something that's reasonable and makes sense, blah blah... they've been married a while, they have a baby, the romance is GONE, and he can't hear anything she says because it's in 'you said you'd take out the trash 2 days ago' voice. Well, maybe he did hear some of it. "Ka, I'm pretty happy with my--" Oh wait. Ohhhhhh wait. More of this plan is sinking into his head, which is dense, and empty, at the same time. "What?" he gasps. "Wait, what? I can't drink any of this for a week? ....What about drinking something else?" (*Panics in alcoholic*)

Kasia remains firmly in that doorway, one hand planted against the frame as she listens to Maz and her terms. "No, this is-- no. We have a child, a /toddler/, we have businesses that need attention, I can't--" She's steadily working her way back up to mad, like real mad, like the time Hex burned down her kitchen mad as she stares at the Twi'lek in the cell. "That's what you're worried about? That you can't /drink/ while you're in here?" The tone glides right into that dangerous calm that it gets when she's pissed, calculating pissed, someone is going to suffer pissed. "Fine, Hex, if you would rather stay here than come home, fine. But Boon is going to be staying here with you."

Maz, however, remains perfectly calms, her head tilting slightly as she regards Kasia. "I'm not so sure you're talking to the right person," she offers at first, before Kasia switches her focus to Hex. "The terms are /mine/, but the choice is his. He may leave freely and the bounty will be called off." Who knows what would have happened if he hadn't apologized already. "I am not forcing anyone to do anything...except maybe," she taps her chin, "leave, which is my right." Maz reaches up to pivot one of her lenses, blows on it, and uses her sleeve to clean it. It's like this is business as usual. "It was his choice to steal from me. It is his choice to make amends and demonstrate that in deed, not just words. Just like the many choices that yet lay in front of him in life. I would be more than happy to help make any accommodations needed for him to demonstrate this goodwill. Provide assistance for you," she offers to Kasia. "Though I realize for some things, there are no substitutes."

Everyone gets to witness the Ashkuris fight with each other now. It's a special thing. Why can't they be more like stoic Ax and his sweet wife, Kadi? No one knows, but they really aren't. "Fine. FINE," Hex yells back at Kasia, because unlike her, his annoyed voice is loud. He still has Maz's cigarette burning between his fingers, and he also still has his lighter. "Bring Boon here, and I will look after him the entire time. The ENTIRE time. Maz Kanata is going to love the shit out of my boy, ok ka. She's going to love BOTH of us. We are GUESTS. You don't think I can go without the booze? You don't think I can do that? You're dead-ass wrong, Kasia! Go get my kid! I AM STAYING HERE FOR A WEEK WITH MY KID." Maz are you sure you want these people here.

"What are you talking about. I'm always dressed for the occassion," Ryo says, whipping his cape back. "The occassion being my arrival anywhere," Ryo says, accentuated with that Charming Smile.

Lifting a hand toward Hex, the Festian turns down the ciggie, pulling out one of his own; this one being one of those special /left-handed/ ones. Rolling the tip of it a little tighter, he slides it into his mouth and lights it. Moments later, he exhales a plume of neon pink smoke.

"Oh, there's gonna be a kid? I'm outskis," he says, shaking his head and moving toward the door. "Don't want a kid harshin' my vibe, y'know? Ryo Odessa's gotta be free."

Taking a looooong drag from the cigarra, Ryo sniffs sharply and says, "But I am going to rent a room. Keep an eye out on Hex. Just for you, Kasia. To show you guys how much Hex's recovery means to me."

"Oh damn, girl bye." Siha crows, slapping her pipe thigh with a whack of her left hand, so in love with Kasia right now it's hard to understate just how effusive that love is now. Because of that damned helmet. Can Kas feel the love? Siha tries to put it off in vibes, "Kasia, I ..you have made me so happy, I have never seen this side of you but I love it. Don't ever change-" Letting her finger necklace fall back down to her upper chest plates she'll give Ryo a glance, exhaling out, "Dude, put that smile away. It's what got you here in the first place. Also I'm taking your ship, I ..can't do no alcohol for a week and I really need to get a proper leg on because this pipe is eating away at my hip hole." Sorry bruh, "So ..cool. We're ..all set, Hex don't disappoint us because we all wanna get paid - or ..I mean at the very least I wanna see you pull yourself up your bootstraps so you can try to have a heart to heart with me again because /that/ was hilarious." Clink, clink. Siha's walkin' backwards towards the stairs, "So much fun tonight. Seriously, Kas ..highlight of my /year/."

"You're making your terms clear, he has to stay in order to maintain good will with you, which..." Both of Kasia's hands lift in a slightly wild gesture that doesn't really point to anything. "Apparently he feels the need to do. Which is fine. It's fine." It's not fine. "But my terms are clear as well, he can stay here and I'm not going to try and force him to do otherwise, but as I am not the one who drank anything, or stole anything, or neglected to leave a note, I refuse to be punished for this. Which is precisely what you're doing if you expect that I am going to try and juggle every element of our life because he's too busy here sitting in your damned cell in time out. He can be in time out with his son." Her gaze shifts to Siha, head inclining slightly as she turns to move out of the injured Mandalorian's way. She feels the love, yo. "Oh, no. Don't get all high and mighty with me, Heksash'kuri. You're the one that got us into this situation, you're the one that got into the BOX. TWICE!" Okay, that chill voice is less chill now. "So. So, yes, you're going to watch your son. For the week. Without drinking because if you do, it's going to be two weeks here with your kid, having to read that /story/ to him all the time. All. The. Time." He knows which story. HE KNOWS. These are some real low blows here. "Ryo if you pretend any of this is for me I am going to to kick you so hard you'll be spitting out your testicles. Are we clear?"

"That. Is a consequence. I do not understand how him having a choice to make amends or not is me punishing you." Maz shrugs. "It's his choice to decide if it's more important for him to take responsibility for his actions or take responsibility at home. It is my fault that the man who came in here and stole from me has a family. It is not my fault he has businesses. It is not my fault he wants to do this. You are free to have your own opinions anywhere in this galaxy, including here, but if you insist on continuing to be so disrespectful to me in my own house, I will have to ask you to leave." Then, suddenly, after taking a deep breath, Maz's entire stern tone takes a shift. "If instead, you would like to have a cup of tea with me and we can work out how to make this as painless as possible for you, I would be absolutely happy to do so. I don't want you to be put out."

"Yeah, that's fine; just don't throw any deck parties. Well...you can throw a deck party, just don't invite Horfa the Magnanimous. Dude's a dick," Ryo explains, reaching into his pocket and producing the ramp key to whip in Siha's direction. And with that, Ryo's going to bound upstairs to secure Maz's nicest room where he's going to drink lots of alcohol and do lots of drugs, sans child.

Suck it, Hex. You didn't win.

And remember; this was all for you, Kasia.

Hex stalks back in his cell to sit on his cot. It creaks, because Hex is not a small person. He draws on the cigarette and exhales smoke, while listening to Kasia while already deciding he can't hear her because she's saying things he doesn't like. "You are getting so many more gods-damned /catharsis/ and /concern/," he warns Siha as she stalks out, and then coils his lekku around his shoulders, glaring back at Kasia. "Didn't I just say I'd do that? Didn't I just say that? That I'd look after Boon? Better hurry and get him, if you want to get him here before story-time hits, Kasia." Maz is laying down the law and then a much nicer, kinder, yes-Hex-is-an-idiot law, and he seems to object. "What? NO, no she does not have time to go have tea for you and work shit out, she's got to go get the KID so she can give him to ME so that we're here for a WEEK and -- I don't know. I forgot half of this. WHATEVER YOU WANT KASIA. But you're not goin' and having a tea party right now, ok ka."

As Ryo takes off, he flings the cabinet door open, snatches a bottle, and --! Stops short of throwing it at Ryo. Takes a deep breath. Carefully tucks it back into the cabinet. Closes the door. Hex breathes. Breathes. Calm. All is calm.


Calm will happen eventually.

Siha Archer nearly falls back as she clutches at her chestplate dramatically, "Stop, Kas, I can't fall in love with you much more or it'll kill me, I haven't an upgrade on this heart to contain all this badassery of yours tonight." Actually, with that stupid leg of hers and Ryo tossing a key at her, Siha /is/ all of a sudden swooning down with an ack and a backwards trip onto the back step, "Woof - damn, knocked me on my /ass/ Kas, if you weren't married." Clink. There's the key. A throaty growl erupts within the helmet as Siha in a fairly ungaingly fashion, but without embarassment, pulls herself up with a twist around and a re-jiggering of her leg beneath her. With the key in hand she grins, hearing Hex behind her, hopping up those stairs.

"Sorry, Siha, sometimes I can't contain just how fabulous I am." The apology doesn't sound real sincere, Kasia does give Siha a real brief smile. At least there's someone here that she's not furious with. A slow breath is drawn in and her gaze goes back to Maz. "That is consequence, agreed, as is him having to care for his toddler while he's in here. That is also consequence. I am not trying to be rude to you, Ms Kanta, but I am firm on this. If you are sincere in wanting to help me, that is the best way that you can." And also it'll torture Hex. It's with a renewed calm that she turns her gaze back to her spouse. "I can have tea with whomever I want, whenever I want." She doesn't provide any details beyond that, but Hex gets a look that -- provided he's looking -- will serve as some veiled communication between them. The romance might be dead, but the silent communication of significant looks and eyebrow twitches is alive and well.

"I will make sure your child is well cared for, safe, and happy. You will have nothing to worry about. Come. I have a lovely spiced nysillim that I've been saving," mostly for herself, "to have with someone who could use it. I can get you a thermos if you need to take off." Hex and his bag of dicks is summarily ignored. "Ryo. There's a room upstairs for you. Emmie can show you the way." Then Maz leads the way back up, spry as ever. "Good luck Hex," echoes back down to him.