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Hell of A Good Time

OOC Date: January 10, 2019
Location: Gamorr Sector
Participants: Defiance: Zhu Yan, Grom, Siha Archer, Ryo Odessa, and Sajin

A Moon in the Gamorr Sector, mostly devoid of civilization except for the naturally growing flaura and fauna there, is the stage of our play. It hosts a large Clone-Wars Era compound, occupied after the war by the Imperials and then... fell into the hands of various Pirate groups. It was now under the control of Cassandra and her rough and tumble gang. King Sajin, Three Members of the Royal Special Corps, and what ever person from Defiance was dumb enough to answer Sajin's call to action have found an entrance via an old and rotted out sewer duct. It's wide enough to move around and apparently there are sever entrances to get into the main part of the compound. The goal: find and take out the shield generator preventing ships in orbit from blasting apart the entire base and making it a real show of Force.

"Okay..." Sajin whispers loudly as the boots of his power armor splash into the shallow flowing water of the sewer that was large enough for them to travel down on foot. It was more of an aqueduct. "We just got to find the shield generator." He says to the group following him. There are three of his 'Royal Special Corps' with him, armed to the teeth. The group pass some grates that look into the compound it's self now and against, allowing them to peek stealthily inside. Which one do they breach to go inside and start the drek show?

What have the Drikians ever done for us?! Well, they built this lovely aqueduct, and implemented healthcare, and made the roads, and brought peace... but all that was besides the point. Kitted out in power armor that was a bit heavier than the Sajman's was Zhu Yan, making him look like the Hapan's shorter, wider clone. With a bigger gun. Because Yan wasn't going to leave the Portable Toddler Cannon behind. "It should be big, and blue, and all glowing and sithspit," was the buzzing voice from his own helmet. Because that's what shield generators looked like, right? Right.

"You guys always take me to the nicest places," Ryo says, trudging through the muck and sewage, knowing full-well he's going to have to get a new pair of boots after this. His cape, thank goodness, was left behind on the ship. "How's your head?" Ryo asks of the heavily armored Yan in front of him. Grom swings his Modified A280 - 382 out into the ready position, flipping the safety off, the weapon coming online with a dull whine.

Did someone say 'heavily armored'? "YES, 'Big and Blue' always lead to the BEST OF THINGS," the large and azure hued Houk declares proudly. He is speaking to his weapons, at the moment. "I will only BEGIN with gun," he assures the axe. "Once gun has spent it's fire, DO NOT FEAR, Grom shall not forget about you, axe." Tromp, tromp, tromp.

Siha Archer is decked out as she always is, with the addition of a nice new button up shirt worn atop her armor. It's fancy, flashy, and left unbottoned, the woman limping along with the others, gun bouncing on one hip, sword another. Siha, unsurprisingly, it quite used to mucking about in sewers. Where do you think everyone's gifts came from. She, unlike Grom, is having a silent chat with her weapons, content on mucking about for the time being behind Saj and his peeps. Sajin finally pauses at one of the gates as the sound of voices can be heard. One and Man, the other a woman. They're talking, and laughing. "Shouldn't we change the name there." Says Felicia Mai as Riko Suave pushes her up against the wall and kisses her. Hoochy Koochy. "Yeah, I mean, Cassandra's Ten, just sounds kind of odd..." Felicia chuckles, "At least Sajin didn't come after us, or didn't find out it was us. I kind of feel bad." She looks down.

"Hey," Riko picks her chin up with a single finger. "He's too dumb to have found out anything. Besides, even if they did come after us, there's nothing those chumps could do."

Sajin looks back to the group, "That's two... isolated. I think the Shield Generator is down this hall... come on." And like a bad day Sajin busts through the grate and rolls to his feet. "Miss me." And fires off a Round at Riko smashing him square in the chest and sending him reeling back and away from Felicia. She's a bit to startled to react as his second bolt hits the wall, shattering the concrete there and causing her to duck.

Right behind the man of the hour was Zhu Yan, the Man of the Millennium. "SNEAK ATTACK!" he bellowed, as the assault weapon in his hands kicked like a mule, sending a burst of WHUMPHWHUMPHWHUMPHWHUMPH into the stomach region of the love rat's mistress of the day. Yan might have felt bad about shooting a woman but if he did he didn't show it. He moved into the room and ducked behind the nearest bit of wall, thumping footsteps doing a wonderful job of telling everyone where he was. "I got a full mag," lies, he'd fired a burst, "and a bone to pick with every single person in this room!" Even Ryo. Maybe he was still a bit concussed.

Ryo climbs up next, his shiny-plated revolver coming to bare. He spots the poor man's Ryo Odessa and slings a shot into whatever's left of the man. There's only room for one over-sexed sleazebag in this moon base, ya douchebag. Ryo slides into to cover afterward, peeking out to see what's coming.

Nothing those chumps could do?? "Grom is a MIGHTY chump!" the hulking alien warrior roars, unloading a blast of his ridiculous four and a half foot blaster cannon down the corridor with a palpable shockwave accompanying the shot, and vaporizzing a significant portion of the remaining adversary's torso. It's a very Grommish weapon, he doesn't aim it very carfully, but if it passes close by anything, that's generally good enough. Once the bolt is fired, he adds, "Also, GROM IS HERE. In case.. that was not yet clear. Now you know." A nod.

It might be slightly disturbing if anyone were to think on the fact that Sajin is perfectly okay with killing people he used to be friends with in such a bloody and violent manner. As he watches two of his former 'friends' die in a bloody mess between the actions of him and his current 'friends', there is no way to see any kind of emotion on his face as it's covered by his helm. As Felicia is blasted by Yan's Automatic fire, the poor woman looks up just in time to get her pretty lovely face blown apart.

Taking just a moment to savor the initial victory before the sirens start blaring and red lights start to flash. He looks up, damn... there's sensors in here. "Drek... Major, take your team ahead... let's go..." It wouldn't be long before they ran into fire again at this rate... and more of the enemy.

"Hey yo would it work if we shot the sensors?" Yan suggested, his tone suggesting he thought he was very clever by having this idea. "That way they don't know we're coming, see. And then we can sneak attack them again." It took a moment before he thought this whole plan through again and let out a quiet "oh," once he figured out it wouldn't work. "Eh. Hey do we have grenades? Can we just blow them up?"

Standing up and stretching, Ryo looks around at the rest of the group. "I guess that's it. We can pack up and...you know, get out of here. /I/ for one am satisfied." The Festian kicks out a hip and rests a hand on it, waiting for...whatever's about to steamroll over them.

"Are there more? Grom thought Little King had many more enemies than this.." the King of Fale rumbles with a small frown. A frown which shifts into a broaaad toothy smile as soon as the alarms start to blare. "Red lights! Red lights mean more foes! All Grom-freinds: please help Grom decide which of the coming foemen is MOST WORTHY." He bounces excitedly in place. Also, "Grom has no grenades." A moment passes, "Though Grom does have thermal detonator."

Sajin rushes in behind the Major and the Two Captains with his as they run into a group of four of the hard nosed Pirates. The Pirate's having the upper hand send a volly of blaster fire smashing into the front guard. MAJ Dangles goes down like a sack of potatoes as a literal hole is blasted into his chest. CAP Anders gets a solid round through the right pectoral Area. While CAP Dahn manages to avoid all fire. Sajin though, takes a heavy hit to his mid section sending him flying back against the wall. It doesn't look great. His protectors see this and then take it out on the one weird looking female who shot him. A jaded X-lover? Perhaps. She was kind of cute. She's dead in a matter of moments as another shot is landed on one of the Twin Houks. Mrog. His Brother Gorg screams in rage. The poor major collapses and chokes on his own air and blood. Sajin moans, his blaster shots going heavily wide with the shock of being injured. It was hell. At least for him.

"I have a plan!" erupted Zhu Yan in a manner most excitable. This should, of course, fill every sapient creature within one hundred yards with a dreadful sense of foreboding. "Grom, you chuck in the detonator, and it explodes, right," right, "and then, whoever's left standing is your worthy foe. There. Job done." It wasn't bad a plan, all things considered, but it definitely needed refining.

As is tradition, though, no plan survived contact with the enemy. "OH SITHSPIT!" exclaimed Yan, caught completely off-guard by the sudden entrance of more Groms! Oh wait they weren't Grom! Grom was on their side! Ha HA! Take that, causality! He pulled the trigger at the non-Grom bearing down on them, screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," and carving a chunk out of the wall behind him.

"I like that plan!" Ryo shouts, ducking back behind his cover as bolts begin flying again. "This...oh, Sajin's dead," Ryo muses, looking at the Hapan. Sucking his teeth, he pokes out of cover and fires another bolt at the injured Houk, shooting him right in his UGLY MUG. Sorry, Grom.

Other Houk? "GROM IS PLEASED," the Defiance friendly reptilian murder beast declares, as bluster fire erupts around him. "HEAR ME, WORTHY FOE: you are honored to face the Mighty GROM, King of Fale, Champion of Nar Shaddaa, Conqueror of the Sky Road-" in the course of listing his titles, Grom fires his weapon to add emphasis- DRAMATIC emphasis. It doesn't hit anything, but it adds GRAVITAS.

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! In comes Siha, flying through - the woman having stopped first to take a tinkle in the local pot, zipper done up as she limpingly saunters out, not having realized they were FIGHTING. "Oh. Shavit." Comes the note of surprise from within her helmet, Siha blinking as she gives her still wet hands a shake before she rushes towards the SECOND HOUK, "AND SIHA, BARELY MAMMAL." Called out as she bonks her fists against the backside of the second Houk Grog, "THIS IS NOT WORKING. Cripes, he's made of durasteel." BUNS OF STEEL. Her punches do nada, so the woman draws Tal, her trusty sword, stepping back to ready her NEXT attack, "My ..my forearms hurt, geeze .." But she's ready for the next time!

Grog looks towards Grom, "INDEED! You Shall be-" And then Siha is Attacking him which the big lug somehow gracefully dodges. "This is an ISULT. How dare you interrupt our GLORY!" He shouts and takes a big old swing with his big old arms at Siha. At least Grom was spared an attack thus far due to Siha's flailing baby arms, sending her flying. This didn't look good at all for the Shield team. Ko-K, seeing two of their side get taken down, fires back at Yan. Sajin from his position on the floor, bleeding out all over it. Lazily lifts his bow-caster and fires towards Grog after he watches Siha get hit. It's an embarrassment. "Shield Generator!" He says while gurgling blood.

"Shield gener-" THUNK. That was the sound of a blaster bolt burning through the torso plate of Yan's power armor. "HEY!" he yelled out, in something resembling shock, as his scoundrel instinct kicked in. He should have really taken the time to think about it but when it came to thinking he was kinda distracted by the fact that his chest was on fire worse than the one time he went to have lunch with Hex. The toddler cannon remained in his left hand (throwing off his balance horrifically) as he quickdrew the Bryar and sent two shots straight into the ceiling. Those light fixtures better watch out!

"Siha!" Ryo shouts, watching the Mando Lady get rekt like her ancestors have time and time again. "Shame," he asides, before shrugging and popping out of cover again to send a bolt downrange at the other Houk. It flies wide, though; only hurting the duracrete behind him.

Grom nods to Siha, "Yes, AND see her the Barely Mam-" she gets swatted aside hard, "HEY. How DARE you strike another and imply that GROM is not your strongest foe! YOUR GLORY WILK BE SLIGHTLY REDUCED AS A RESULT." Houk party foul, man. "Grom with throw NO CHEERING STONES at you. NOW WE FIGHT." Drawing his ax out of the belt, Grom starts a heavy footed, ground shaking charge at the other Houk, only slightly impaired by the small quarters and many mammals in the way. "SOON WE FIGHT."

You know the sound a squeaky toy makes when you squeeze it? That's Siha who spluts against the nearest surface and sinks down onto her feet in a delightful crouch like a broken doll. She is, in a word, internally broken and only held together because of her Mandalorian armor. Sputtering she'll spit up some blood within her helmet, the smell hitting her nostrils and FUELING HER RAGE. You know, as it defuels her body, "Naw .." She croaks out, hoarsely so as she raises her free hand up to wave a hand, "Still here ...don't ..don't steal my shavit." Wheezing Siha will get up, and thanks to how sewers work she doesn't have far to limp her broken arse to the houk, very very slowly. She raises her sword and delicately jabs it out as blood rapidly escapes through a flooded boot. Poke. Poke. Like trying to spear a giant with a toothpick, "...he's ..he's weakened ...g-git im .." Hoarsely whispered before she sputters out a ragged cough.

Captain Yordan Anders is the true champion this day as with a battle cry he launches himself at Ho-K with his specialized Drikish blade and stabs them through the throat. Blood squirts, EVERWHERE. It's a damn blood bath. The MAJ is right there with his Captain to finish the blow with a blaster bolt to the chest. The years of experience on his face as he clutches his would which he sprayed some salve over to keep his body... somewhat together. "Let the Houk stay here and fight! The rest of you get to the Generator!" He turns back the other way. "We shall make sure no more come this way." Defiance in his eyes.

Grog roars and Grom swings his Ax, dodging artfully before pulling his own Ryyk blade, one he took of a dead wookie who found him wanting one day and swings the massive blade towards his Houk brother!

"But it's getting exciting," grunted out Zhu Yan, somewhere between anger and pain. At least he hadn't lost his temper yet. Last time he did that he brained Kasia with the butt of his blaster and hasn't been paid since. "Ah frack it. SAJBRO WHERE'S THE oh he's dead GUYS WHERE'S THE GENERATOR?!" he exclaimed in frustration, rage, etc. "I'm going this way!" he complained, activating the jets on his armor and firing off down into the distance.

It was followed by the sound of a blaster shot, some sparking, and a shout of "Guys I think I broke the shield generator!" Good work Yan, you're not completely useless.

"I call dibs on Siha's stuff, okay!" Ryo says, yeeting himself out of cover to slide into some that's less pock-marked with blaster fire. While he's running, he'll fire off a wild shot towards the remaining Houk. The bad one. Probably?

Grom is struck in his right shoulder, hard enough for a bit of blood to start welling up under Grom's heavy armor. "HA. Grom LAUGHS at your strength a second time: HA. No wonder your blow could not even slay a little MAMMAL-" he pauses in the Ryk/Axe brawl with both weapons crossed to look back toward Siha and add, "Not that Grom wishes to give insult to the Barely Mammal in saying so, PLEASE DO NOT BE OFFENDED." He informs the others before pushing loose of the melee bind and swinging his axe at the WORTHY FOE. Grom tries certainly mighty, as the brute force of his swing hammers through the rival Houk's guard and lands an ugly and bloody- but not mortal- wound. Before he can boast of the shot, an impact and sizzle raise from his backplate. A slow look around with furious yellow eyes. "Who DARES shoot King Grom in the royal ass??"

Siha Archer prod prods again, twice, each ineffective at doing much more than dislodging a few scale mites, each one lower on the houk. Once in the calf, next in the heel, until Siha is leaning heavily into her sword after driving it into the ground, free hand lifting to vaguely wave off Grom, ".... Not offended." Wheezingly eased out, Siha's eyes closing as she rocks forwards a little, getting into a good stance to either die standing or you know, catch her breath. "Not it." Whispered behind a frothy cough to Groms last demanded question.

The shield generator rests in a dead end room at the end of the hall which is right next to the recreation room, which is currently empty. These four must have been in there and the previous two must have been leaving. If more were to come it'd be from the other direction now. Yan is correct in his assumption though. There is a shutter and that lowering in pitch BOWWWWWWWWW sound that comes with the lowering of shields in the Star Wars universe. Thank Obi-Wan. You'll always be our only Hope.

The Grom battle is going Grom-tastic as blows are exchanged between both Houks. "Ahhh. YASSSS!" Grog exclaims as he levels in for another attack. Ignoring Siha and Ryo as if their attempts to help his fellow Houk were but mosquito bites or gnats.

Sajin yells at Grom from his grave against the wall, "GROM, FOCUS... FOCUS!" Cough cough cough, gag, wheeze.

It's surprising that only two more of the pirates come down the hall to face off against the Drikish military elite and their King. The King being the only one who can actually hit anything in that Volly as one of his bolts slams into Hermin Rhe, a short human with a dad bod. The other is a taller Human with a dad stach and glasses.

A giant yellow bolt of plasma erupted from down the sewer canal, catching Hermin Rhe right between the teeth. The quality of the dental work was so shocking that his heart literally stopped. A second one flew past and impacted the wall behind him. The assailant? Zhu Yan, with his toddler cannon held on by its strap, clutching his chest with one hand and aiming his Bryar with his right. "Frack you and the Twi'lek you rode in on, buddy!"

"It was that guy!" Ryo shouts, pointing at Grog. "He's using tricks! Destroy him!" Now that that's sorted, Ryo will accompany Yan, firing blindly down the hallway at that howdily doodily-ass son of a gun standing at the end of it.

Distractions. They'll get you every time. Grom is peering suspiciously between Yan and Grog when- while peering at Yan, he takes another wallop from the Houk-foe, raising a shout of legitimate pain, followed by a booming laugh. "AH, that is BETTER. NOW Grom can smell his own blood and the battle can TRULY BEGIN." His axe would have cleaved Grog in half, had it connected, instead carving deep gouge into the duracrete wall, being wrenched free with another laugh and a scatter of space stone splashing into the waters underfoot.

Snkkkt. Snnnntt. Hhhrrrtttt. Siha will buzz back into reality, having momentarily drifted off into what she might call a mini sleep, what others might call a dangerous lack of blood robbing her brain of much needed oxygen. Plus Groms BOOMING laugh helped rouse her out of her state with a start. Her sword is lifted up and quite accidentally she will stumble forwards, bereft of her solid connection to the ground, and skewer Grog in through his lower back and out through his belly, much to her horror, "GROM. GROM." Raspily called out, "I DIDN'T MEAN IT." But it's only when Grog you know, falls out of the way to reveal GROM there still laughing that Siha gives her sword a second swipe at the imposter, completely missing and swinging herself out onto the ground in a collapsed heap atop Grogs fallen corpse, "Mine." She croaks out, claiming the Houks body, and using it as a place of rest.

Hermin goes down quickly after Yan returns from his mission of taking down the Generator. He's just another body on the floor adding to the gore and grime of this horrible suicide mission and blood bath. They will tell tales for centuries! Gorg is having such a fine time, "See my hits do hurt! And I am most certainly FASTER than you slow fiend!" He ducks to the side just in time to meet Siha's Beskad Blade through his gut. All motion on his face stops and he collapses to the ground. THUD. Sajin blasts a wide gaping hole, Goatse style, through Yed. His glasses falling off and his screams loud. He's a twitching bloody mess. Still alive but with only the tiniest threat of life left to hag on to. Not much of a threat anymore.

"The way looks clear... lets get going so we can call in the rest of the Squadron for the air strike." Major Dangles says to the group as the Drikish men gather their King upa and help him back towards the grate. "Quick before more of them come." The tally was high for Defiance today and even though most of them were injured, some more than others, they'd live to fight another day. Though one must wonder where the other pirates are and Cassandra herself. There was no roar of a ships engines. Jehni was waiting to exfil them at a moments notice.

After finishing Yed off with a blast to the head and rummaging through his pockets, Ryo returns to the group, sliding his blaster into his holster and moving to help Siha with the whole exfil thing; sliding her arm over his shoulder, as the usual people carrier (Grom) isn't doing so hot himself right now. "Anybody like actually dead?"

"Grom may be slow, but the Mighty Grom is MIGHTY. I say it again IN CASE THAT WAS NOT ALREADY CLEAR." Then Grog is impaled and topples over with Siha's sword in his guts. Pause. Blink blink. "HA. BAH HAHAHAHA!" he roars in merriment. Bloody, sanguine splattered merriment. "The Worthy Foe is yours, Barely Mammal. WELL STRUCK." The living Houk will scoop up the mangled Siha, hooking the fallen Grog's curved sword on his axe and carries it along as well. Grom cheerfully bids Ryo, "Grom is still hale, Neck Flag Battle-Buddy!" He then informs the Mandalorian, "Such a blow was NEARLY REPTILIAN."

Siha Archer doesn't mind that she's being trotted about like a purse, woman dangling limply though her grip on her sword remains TIGHT. Like a DEATH GRIP. Only it is SHE who brings the death, while death clings to her like a groupie, "So ...close." Said as she drips out of her armor, rivulets seemingly cropping out from everywhere, but she LIVES! "I'mma ..be ..reptile ..soon. That's like ..10% closer ..than ...wheezecoughhack ..than yesterd-hrrr...day."

"So are we all good?" Yan asked, rhetorically, seeing as Siha was bleeding the hell out, Grom had more scars to show off to prospective queens, Sajin was dead on the ground, and Ryo was... Ryo. "Yeah we all good." Plus he had his own chest crater. It was a miracle he still had his dad bod.

"Oh hell..." Sajin moans as he limps along back into the sewers. "Wait... we're bleeding and going into a sewer... damn it..." He hefts a bit old UHG as he crawls through the grate they came into. "Oh!" He shouts as some of the watcher splashes up into his wounds. "Oh god, it Krifing STINGS!" Cough, wheeze, spit out blood. Continue limping towards the light of the exit. Eventually, they make it out and to the Hotbox where Jehni is waiting to take them off to get fixed up. As they take off, out the viewport, a squadron of Yellow and Black Headhunters launch a volley of Concussion Missiles reducing the compound into nothing more than smoldering slag that'll likely burn of a millennia.