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Indecent Exposure

OOC Date: October 6th, 2016
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Defiance org, Fuze, Tess Ul'Datha, Nyla Forr, Jehni'va Cihn

After a while, a First Order patrol comes down the street and turns the corner into the killzone. It's a quiet section of the street, and the patrol, two men and two women, pause to regroup. One of the men adjusts his armor and steps into a corner to urinate against a wall, while one of the women pulls off her helmet. Ash-blonde hair, early thirties. "I wish I could do that, 4849," she says grumpily, "I need to pee." She runs her hand through her sweaty hair and looks around.

It could be said and probably has been said and definitely will be said that Nar Shaddaa is a snipers delight pretty much anywhere you go in the giant city world. The great ravines offer all the line of sight options one could ever hope for and that is precisely why Tess has taken up in one of the many towering buildings lining the street with Adelle resting like a perched raptor hawk on the window seal. She's been here for days... jars of waste and protein supplement bars rest all around her to be carried away once the work is done, but it all becomes worth it as the patrol rounds the corner. "You say... I only hear what I want to..." Singing to herself as she trails the rifle ahead of the lead trooper with a malicious expression in her dark eyes.

There are some people who are doomed to stumble their way from one crisis to the next. Some folks are just unlucky like that, and some just call it upon themselves. Jehni'va likes to give herself the benefit of the doubt, and assumes that it's a little bit of both. She may not be homeless anymore, but she still has a certain knack for loitering in alleyways - at least she's stopped napping in the park, for the most part. The tall pilot turns a corner opposite the patrol and finds herself face to face with them )and one schlong), and nearly trips over her own feet trying to stop, turn, and get going the other way. She isn't even slightly aware that she's just stumbled into a killzone as well as a conversation about urination; instead, she tries to chalk her sketchy cut-and-run up to modesty. "Oh, sorry. Guess it's hard with the armor, huh? The trick is just getting a good handhold and lean far back enough not to piss into your shoes. Goodbye." And she starts speed walking back the way she came.

The Troopers glance at each other. Then the second pair move after Jehni'va, picking up their pace to overtake the woman. "You, wait there," barks the man, and the woman moves to grasp Jehni'va's shoulder, push her against the wall. "Easy, 1501," cautions the man warningly. "Where are you going in such a hurry?" he adds to the fleeing Jehni'va, his voice harsh. They're beside a dark alleyway, a low dumpster full of oily water looming ominously there, and the female Stormtrooper is trying to herd Jehni'va towards it. Back around the corner, Peeing Trooper and Helmetless Trooper glance at each other as the other two disappear around the corner.

What do we have here? A distraction! Snipers love distraction. Especially distractions that stop their targets in one place for longer than a half second. Tess grins a little through her scope and keeps it centered on the authoritive trooper remaining back away from the clumsy Jehni'va, "You say, I talk so all the time..." She continues singing to herself, slowly closing her finger around the grip and trigger assembly on the powerful weapon. "I thought what I felt was special..."

The tracking chip in Jehn is proving useful! Nyla Forr stares down at her datapad, stomping down the street as she stares at it. Beep beep beep. Oh, okay. She is actually just playing a little game on it, not tracking the microchip she totally did not plant in her friend. Friend, is that what they are? That was one hell of a fight... Nyla's brow creases as her mind gets caught up in too much meta, almost walking right on by the storm troopers on the same side of the street.

"Woah, woah!" Jehn holds her hands up as she is pushed up against the wall, stumbling with the redirection. Buy a girl a drink first, jeez. "I just didn't want to see anyone's dick, man." Her eyes are wide with the panic that wraps its cold tendrils around her stomach as she is pushed towards a nasty dumpster in a dark alley. She doesn't like being shoved into murder alleys by anyone, /especially/ First Order lackeys. Not good. She isn't aware that salvation - maybe - lurks unseen above, ready to blow some sweet freedom across these grimy walls. "I didn't /do/ anything; let me go!" She's struggling now - and who should happen by? "Oh, for the love of..."

The female trooper pushing Jehni'va around shoves her hard in the flat of the back. "Who are you? What's your name? What are you doing here?" she barks, a husky voice without discernible accent. Her companion, taller, folds his arms across his chest; he was willing to caution his colleague, but he's letting this play itself out.

Back half a block away, PeeTrooper finishes his mission and clumsily fastens his armor back up. "You should give me a hand," he calls out suggestively to the woman, who replies with a terse counter suggestion. She pulls out a bottle of water from her pack and sips from it. "Think the other two are OK?" she calls. He shrugs, walking back over, "Yeah. Let them rough up the civvie," his voice smirks. "We've been pussyfooting around too long already."

"And I thought that I don't belong!" Tess leans a little against the bracing bar at the bottom of the window, centering on the back of PeeTrooper's head. "And now that you are leaving, now I know that I done something wrong..." You should come give me a hand he said. So funny he lost his head laughing. "piiiink miiiist..."

Nyla Forr recognizes that voice! She stops, tearing her gaze away from Space Pong long enough to see a peeking trooper. Okay. Oh! And more... and "Jehn?" Nyla asks with a sudden rush of panic. Her blaster is out before she can even think... or react to the face that PeeTrooper /doesn't have a head/. The girl gasps and stares at the sudden gore, perhaps looking a /tad/ bit guilty because, you know. She's wielding a blaster at the mouth of the alley. "Shiiiiit," she whispers.

"Woah, calm down guys." Jehn grits her teeth, stumbling forward with the shove and bracing a hand clumsily against the wall to halt her fall. "I fucking /live/ here, let me -" She doesn't finish that thought, a woe PeeTrooper just became intimately familiar with. Blaster fire! She spins around, shoves be damned, to see Nyla holding a blaster and hear the heavy, armored 'thud' of a headless trooper hit the ground. "What are you-?!" Okay, she gets that they had a spat but GIRL, there are healthier ways to handle your emotions! She can't believe Nyla just /shot that guy/! Did she at least let him put his peep away? From behind the two troopers, Jehn waves, wild and panicked, at Nyla. "FUCKING RUN."

Jehni'va isn't the only one to spring erroneously to a conclusion. Helmetless Trooper spins as the blaster shot echoes around the claustrophobic confines of the killzone. Her eyes widen as she spots Nyla, and she's clawing her blaster rifle off the chest rig, spinning it up to fire at her at nearly point-blank range. Down the road, the other two Troopers hear the shot as well, and Jehni'va's reaction to it. They glance at each other, and then without words being exchanged, maybe they're psychic or maybe they're well-trained or maybe they're just /that/ /good/, the man sets off back towards Nyla, and the woman shoves Jehni'va towards the dumpster of water, trying to push her in.

Nyla Forr is a bit stunned. I mean, a dude's head just turned into brain goo in front of her! She blinks and looks at her blaster to the trooper further down that is scrambling for her own blaster. "Shit!" Nyla says again, shooting a bit haphazardly at the trooper and missing. Next to the armored woman a trashcan explodes. Wonderful! The girl dances a bit in place and then starts to run /towards/ and around the trooper. Can she make it in time??

"I didn't miss you..." Tess changes some of the words, rolling her shoulder a little as the first shot liquifies president peetroopers dome. "You say... I only hear what I want to... I don't listen hard, to the distance that you're running to anyone anywhere..." Three shots ring out from the window in rapid succession. The first two hit concrete, mentally kicking herself until the third wings one of the approaching troopers in with the brunt force impact of a freighter hitting it's landing gears after an burn in. "Ugh... shitty shots... three hundred pushups for you..."

Run, run, run, what are you doing RUN! Jehn struggles to clear the blank fog of shocked confusion as the troopers spring into efficient action. They're going to kill Nyla and it will /still be her fault/. "No!" The human leaps forward, trying to push past the woman and get to her friend, but is overpowered and instead goes hurtling backwards into the disgusting, stagnant cesspool. Welcome to Nar. With a sickening splash, the pilot takes a dive and emerges, sputtering in disgust and clawing at the sides of the container in an attempt to haul herself out. And then things get even weirder as a sudden torrent of gunfire rains down. She's lost sight of Nyla, but something about it seems... Off. "/Don't hurt her!/" She half gags, half shouts at the trooper who pushed her in. It's a desperate plea from someone in no position to make demands - she has to get out of the dumpster (a metaphor for her life, jeez). Underneath the cover of the standing water, she pulls her knife free of her belt. Because that'll do her loads of good.

The Trooper who shoved Jehni'va looks at her, looks back up the road where her companion has just collapsed, shot through the chest; looks back at her victim. Choices, choices. Not wanting to leave someone behind her, she draws her blaster and brings it up, aiming at point-blank range at Jehni'va's head. Back with Nyla, HelmetlessTrooper stares at the oncoming woman, trying to get a bead on her; her blaster fires, a ball of plasma searing across and exploding against the wall of the concrete canyon they are in. "Stand still while I kill you, dammit," snarls the Trooper.

Tess cranes a little to see around the side of the wall and down the street but can't get an angle on the troopers, which understandably angers her because she wants all the kills! "Damnit! How dare you get out of view where I can't end you... The cheek of you." Adelle is quickly placed over her back, replaced with EL-6 blaster rifle as she darts down the stairs towards street level.

Nope, not likely to take that order, ma'am! Nyla Forr gets a nasty sting as the blaster fire whizzes past her just close enough to burn through her jacket and leave a nice little, burning divot. Tears of pain spring immediately into her eyes but she manages to keep her blaster up and nails the trooper in the neck where it meets the jawline. Not the one near her, mind, but the one with a gun to Jehn's head. Her eyes swing heavy to the closer trooper and Nyla raises her hands shakily, too close and too in pain to do much else. "Nice day, isn't it?" the bloody girl says with a wincing grin.

Jehni'va Cihn's breath catches in her throat as the blaster is leveled at her, her grip tightening around the knife beneath the water. She is helpless here, unable to do more than wince at the sound of the shots outside the alleyway, unable to see if any of them have hit the droid mechanic; a second passes as an eternity for the pilot. It's now or never. With a shout, she launches herself from the water - and the trooper crumples before her. Instead of a doomed and desperate attack, she is faced with her injured roommate and another advancing trooper. Jehn tumbles free of her nasty containment and to the ground. Of course it was /her/ that saved her ass: Nyla, who was right about everything. Guilt presses against her chest, heavy as lead. "Sorry..." Is all she can think to mutter to the bloody girl as she raises her hands, knife falling with a clang to the alley floor. But where did all those shots come from?

BrutalTrooper, hit with Nyla's blaster to the neck, collapses into the low dumpster, her head and torso in the oily, stagnant water, and after twitching for a few moments, becomes still and dead. But her companion, Helmetless Trooper, smiles cruelly as she advances. "Drop the blaster, girlie," she sneers to Nyla, "Drop your pretty knife," to Jehn. "Oh, I'll enjoy interrogating you..." she sneers. The deaths of her companions seem to phase her not; she steps over one of the dead Troopers and barely gives BrutalTrooper's legs a glance as she advances on them. With her free hand, she lifts her comm to her lips, "This is TL-5106, requesting assistance." She smirks.

Tess breaks out the front doors of the building having taken the stairs a dozen at a time and strifes across the street with her blaster up, "Hey, jackasses!" She's really not trying to hit anyone, rather just saturate the area with enough blaster fire to duck their heads down and turn them away from the pair of women who, she hopes, are super awesome and ready to knife a Stormtrooper in the kidney area. "You look stupid in your sperm colored armor."

Nyla Forr still has her blaster in hand, eyeing the trooper harshly. "Like, sexy interrogation?" Nyla wonders, the edges of her voice ringed with the pant of pain from the dripping, half cauterized blaster wound on her arm. "Because taking that suit off you piece by piece would be pretty--" Anymore talk about the tantalizing way Nyla could shed storm trooper armor is cut off by the sudden showering of shots. Nyla drops, scrambling backwards and around the side of a not-water dumpster. She clutches her blaster to her chest and breathes heavily.

Hands raised, but clenched in fists, Jehn's gaze doesn't leave the trooper. So their choices are death or... Interrogation and death? Torture death? No thank you. She'll take the easy way out, and maybe she can get a good enough block to allow Nyla to escape? She owes her that much. Steeling herself for the charge, she is saved the trouble by fuckin' Rambo over there! Suddenly, things make a lot more sense. The shots, the confusion... It clicks into place. Without thinking much more through, Jehn snaps at the opening and drops down to snatch her knife from the ground before charging the helmetless trooper, now distracted by Tess. She /would/ go for the kidney, but that armor has to be good for /something/, so the tall woman goes for the exposed neck instead and prays she doesn't get anyone else shot in the process.

Tess dives behind a wall as the bullets splatter against durasteel behind her and scampers so that her back against the thick protective barrier, "You look like a Gungans love nest." She shouts around the corner without poking her head out, she's brazen, but not stupid... "Keep shooting the wall you fuckin' morons, maybe you'll win by attrition and property damage!" Thankfully, Jehni'va has taken the initiative and knifed one of the bucketheads!

Nyla Forr is pinned herself against the wall, almost doubled over. She waits, pauses, waits another moment and then grabs the corner of the dumpster and pulls herself around it slowly, blaster ready. "Jehn?" Nyla calls out with a sinking uncertainty. She is brazen AND stupid. The trooper stands in front of her, a look of shock on her face as the rifle tumbles from her grip. Nyla's eyes slide over to Jehn. "Dude. Nice." And then she turns around to consider their surroundings. "Someone else here?"

Jehni'va Cihn has never killed anybody before - the woman is a vegetarian for a reason - so there is an understandable moment of stunned, shocked silence as her hand protrudes from the throat of the former Stormtrooper, blood gushing over her fist. "I -" She maintains a traumatizing amount of eye contact as the dying woman tumbles off her knife and collapses with a strangled, wet gurgle. Jehn doesn't hear Nyla's question, and is only vaguely aware of the firefight Tess is handling out on the street with trooper backup. She entertains the thought of rushing out to help, but knows very well that she would be more of a liability. Plus if she has to stab anyone else she's going to vomit. Once this is over, she's still going to vomit. She crosses her fingers and hopes for the best for their unexpected ally. In a hazy state of shock, the tall, smelly, dripping woman turns back towards her friend, eyes narrowing in concern. Her voice sounds far away. "You got shot." Her fault.

By comparison to Jehni'va, Tess is a serial killer... by comparison to most serial killers, Tess is a serial killer... So when she stands up after all the shouting has ended, it's with that easy grace and practicedness of a soldier or killer or something. She swings around the edge of the building with her weapon up and trots towards the down stormtroopers with her weapon trained on the pair of civilians... only for a second though and then she lets it dangle down at her side, "You should get going.." Pointedly to the pair as she pats at the armored sides of the troopers, looking for something... power packs mostly, which she tosses into the shoulder bag she's wearing along with a couple grenades and anything that could be considered useful for a woman on the run. "There'll be more coming soon."

"Oh, oh. Yeah, it's okay." Nyla slowly looks over at the blaster shot and considers it. "S'fine," she mumbles and is looking over Jehn with searching eyes. Any wounds? No? Just sewage water. Her nose wrinkles and then the voice causes her to turn. "You," Nyla says without recognition. Her hand, the good arm side, lifts to point at the PeeTrooper. "That your work?" she asks with a knowing tone. "Nice work. Saved our asses." Her eyes slip to Nyla and she places her blaster back into her belt. "Yeah. Good idea. We should... go. Are you okay?" Nyla ventures to the stranger.

It's not okay - those puppy dog eyes are crestfallen. At least the serial killer is on their side... Shit, the serial killer /is/ on their side, right? "Yeah, yeah - um. Right." Jehn agrees with the approaching woman, nodding numbly and tearing her attention away from her own shortcomings. For just a split second, Tess's gun is trained on them and her gut tightens - but the blast doesn't come. Again. Wow, guns suck. "More, right - um." What do you say in this situation? "Thanks." She juts a hand out - bloody and still clutching a knife. Nope, wrong hand. Switch - there we go. "Jehni'va. That's Nyla - you got a name? We owe you one."

"Tess." Tess says without looking up to the pair. Whether she means it as insulting or just has a good sense of people, after the initial walk up gun pointy situation, the sniper isn't even LOOKING at the other two women. She's wraffling through stormtrooper shit looking for the epic loot drops over here. Killing rare elite spawn bucketheads for this pissed in an alley quest series is bullshit. Once she's found everything worth having, Tess stands up and grabs her rifle from where it hangs at her side. "Alright, if you want to get out of here quick, there's a side street down that way..." Chopping with all fingers straight down the street and cutting off towards the right with a turn of her wrist, "Then loop back. They've got patrols along Shob'tul Street, so unless you've got clear papers, I wouldn't go that way." Seriously, she's armed for a one woman war. Awkwardly standing there with enough weapons to put a small hurt on any band of brigands, "Okay bye." In an antisocial, possibly sociopathic, most likely borderline personality disorder sort of way.

Nyla Forr watches the other woman rummaging through the dead troopers. "Huh." Her head swings over to Jehn and she motions. "You wanna get out of here?" Nyla asks with a half frown. "Geeze, you look like shit." She takes a step to the side and rolls her good shoulder. "Well, uh. Thanks, Tess." She edges away, ears already trained on the ruckus beginning out on the street.

She's still standing there with her hand struck into the empty air like a fucking nerd. When it becomes painfully apparent that Tess is leaving her hanging, it falls to her side. "Oh - okay. Bye!" Jehn finally remembers to stuff the knife into her belt and tries to wipe the gore from her hand. It doesn't work; everything is nasty right now. She has become the slime and the slime has become her. The short woman earns her concern, again. "Do you... Can - are you okay to walk? Let me - I can just - careful." And on and on it goes.