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Explorer's Guild: Ghost's on Gand

OOC Date: August 9, 2018
Location: Gand
Participants: Explorer's Guild: Corr Waldin, Yoska Lash, Sajin, and Netep Muri, with Special Guest Stars Borias Temerian and Kasia Ashkuri


This toxic world is filled with ammonia that the locals, also called Gand, breathe if they have lungs. Most Gand don't have lungs. Gands are weird. Not to worry, Corr has provided everyone without sealed armor with a (lightly used) breathing mask, leftover from the time they spacewalked on an asteroid to a ship filled with a deadly contagion. You know the kind: HanRoamer6-TESB.png

The lead explorer is leading the way through the mists to what appears to be a large glass dome, halting outside the airlock to turn and address the group. "Alright, so, inside this uh... transparisteel bio, uh. Bio ball? I don't know, it was meant to keep the ammonia out, and inside's an old mansion where a family of very rich and very mysterious humans lived. I say 'lived' because, you know, there was a leak of the ball that vented ammonia into it and killed all of 'em. Some say it was a tragic accident, some say... it was murder."

Cranking the handle, he opens the airlock, letting out a flood of yellow gas that looks exactly like the yellow gas that's making it so hard to see out here. "At any rate, the murder hypothesis has got a connected hypothesis that the spirits are all hauntin' the place, and tryin' to take vengeance on the killer as to protect the family fortune hidden somewhere inside," he explains, heading through the nonfunctional lock into the dome beyond, where the mansion lies in wait, sprawling, a derelict, crumbling ruin that appears to be a mere shadow of its past glory. "This is it," Corr remarks proudly, stopping to look up at the palatial shack, fists resting on his hips.

Goggles too. Ammonia is worse than Corr's player realized. They're enormous and also leftover, from the Utapau job.

"C to the O to the DOUBLE R Had a huddle in the shuttle and we're gonna go far DUBYA to the A to the L D IN Dunno why he kriffin' brought me cause he hates up on my kin

He's not bluffin' cause there's nothin' that Corr can't explore Kriffin' shootin motherkriffers watch 'em hittin' the floor Up in a kriffin' temple kriffin' stealin' some jewels Savin' hella pretty princesses from rascals and fools

What's goin' down now you think you got the gist? We got that foggy-ass planet with ammonia type mist Didn't listen to the plan and I don't understand But we're puttin' on some dope masks and we're SPLORIN' ON GAND."

Yoska then proceeds to put on his respirator equipment, and uses it to beatbox. This is your trip to the dome. In-walk entertainment. Yoska is happy and on board with this the whole time, until they get to the dome.... which seems to give him pause. "Wait, what?" he asks, suddenly sounding unsure. "Ai yah, nobody said nothin about spirits!"

Sajin stops not to far ftom Corr putting his hands on his hips and studying the 'mansion' almost as if he was copying Corr himself. "Yup... thats it..." Like the dumb and handsome Hapan actually new ehat he was doing. This was his first mission as a guild member having been just a contractor before so maye he had a bit of a chip on his perfectly sculpted shoulder. He had spent and hour before figuring out how to use the breath mask with his armor... unless formfitter seals and Sajins player is literally as retarded as the character he plays. Buckets, his r2 unit whines at the mention of spirits. "Come on buckets. ya never seen ghosts. they don't exist, man."

Nothing like the faint tingle (or is it just imagined?) of Ammonia in your sinuses to put some tears in your eyes and trip in your step! If nothing else, it'll wake up this sleepy pilot and definitely put the seal of her gear to the test. Muri's gloved knuckle plinks against her visor for the second time as she absently goes to rub at the residual yuck in her eye. No go. The translucent, clean fog of /her/ gases exhales softly against the inside of her helmet and hand flops down to align with its mate. "Turn up the volume on your ears," she advises the rapping Lash while taking a long, studious gander of the sorry mansion looming in their midst. Mist. Midst's mist. "Although I'm still trying to figure up what exactly the goal entails. Take some spooky images? Coax a ghost into a box and bring it back for show'n'tell? Case the joint..."

"Well, I'm glad you asked, Muri!" Corr announces, pulling his Adventure Pack off his back and swinging it around to rest it on the ground so that he can throw back the flap and start rooting around inside. "We got... WEARABLE CAMERAS for everyone! ...and they are rented so don't break 'em, alright?" He passes them around; there's a long boom on each, and it's designed to film what's ahead of the wearer, as well as the wearer's face, for added drama- I mean, in case a ghost sneaks up behind.

"We also got..." another device comes out, an electronic-looking box the size of a typewriter. Or a small bomb. "The Audiotizer 3400," he proudly informs them, hefting it from the ground and holding it out to Muri once she gets her camera on. "This baby can pick up audio in every frequency we've discovered so far just in case the ghosts can't speak in one as we can hear," he explains, letting the small woman take charge of the very chunky equipment. "The cameras got thermal and night vision too, cause... spirits ain't always visible with the naked eye."

The mansion has seen better days, and it looks as though a good wind might blow the whole thing down. Luckily, there is no wind, they're in a dome. There's just the ammonia fog and the lazy currents that cause it to move around in pockets of extra-yellow. Moving ahead, Corr straps his backpack back on and adjusts the angle of his camera. "Worst case scenario, we find treasure. Best case scenario, we're all killed by ghosts but the footage gets us famous, alright?" Then he's pulling the door open to reveal the lobby, which appears to also have been some kind of grand hall. "What do you reckon they needed a big space like this for? Not like many other humans come out to visit Gand." A pair of chandeliers hang above the marbled floor, real wood pillars rising up to support the sagging ceiling.

Yoska accepts his free camera, which is definitely a free camera and not a loaner camera, and assesses it briefly for its operational controls and likely resale value on the black market. Then Corr goes on, and his tail puffs up in alarm, like a frightened kitty. "Waldin, NO," he protests, looking around the mist unhappily before scampering over to cower behind Muri. "You can do whatever you WANT to the living and they hell of deserve it, don't get me wrong, I am all for that. ALL for that, ya feel me. But the dead? The ones that aren't sleeping nice? Nono no, no no, no, it's bad luck. It's BAD luck. Do you wanna be cursed?" He gestures frantically at the creepy, decrepit chandeliers and pillars. "Because that's how you get cursed!

Sajin blinks, fumbling with the new equipment as he atteps to attach it to the modification slots in his armor which by any tell of how long it took him to incorporate the breath mask we all might be here a while. Thankfully Buckets helps him with a berrating beep. "Hey... I'm already famous." He moves in towards the mantion stepping inside. He stops and shivers. "Did I just orgasm?"

"Oh, so--oh. Great! This is swell," Muri accepts the Audiotizer 3400 without a whole lot of thought or intent, arms half extended already to examine the camera. Now she has two expensive things she's responsible for not breaking. Maybe it's the fear of docked pay or maybe she's getting an assist from the other side, but the petite nerd manages to keep it cradled against one hip and awkwardly crab-shuffles inside for a few steps. It's slipping, so she readjust to carry it against her front and settles for a less graceful waddle about.

"Don't need a crowd to party, Waldin," she grunt-gasps around the weight of mystery gear and cranes her head back to get a better sense of the spaciousness inside. Netep runs her tongue over her suddenly very dry lips. Did she just see....nah. This mist surely plays tricks on the eyes. Like some doped up spirit dream of shamanic proportions. That doesn't put the tiny hairs along her nape to ease, though. Shuffle-waddle this way, shuffle-waddle that way...Muri pivots about like a greedy ball player, eyeing their surroundings suspiciously while looking for a place to put this clunker down.

Kasia is here as well, quieter than the rest, with that fancy face mask on, trousers, a knit shirt and jacket, and boots. Not that boots will help to kick ghosts, but they're easier to run in than most of the other shoes she wears. She's also got a bag slung across her body with a few items inside, and a weapon on her hip. Because she might need to hobble someone else here so they run slower than her, that way she can escape. "Interesting." The equipment is passed out, and she takes hers, putting it on as she's supposed to rather than trying to assess it for value. "Don't worry," she tells Yoska. "If we're killed by the ghosts, you'll become a ghost yourself and you can tell off the ghost that murdered you. So, something to look forward to."

The yellow mist inside makes it hard to see much further than a few feet in any direction, even with the camera feed that they are treated to on the backside of these rental units, but most of the view there is their own smug mug looking back at them, the footage of which will make great material for an episode of Expedition Truth on the Uncovery channel. The room is large, and because of the mist they're not even able to see to the end of it, just the shimmer of the crystal hanging above them, the outlines of the pillars, and so on.

Turning on his headlamp, Corr attempts to help the visibility situation, but all that does is make it worse, causing the fog to become opaque, and he switches it off again. "Well, according to the story, the parents were found dead in the kitchen where they're been sharin' a bottle of wine while the kids were in bed." A pause as he looks around for the likely location of the kitchen and then heads towards a doorway off the main hall, glancing back over his shoulder. "I think we all know what uh, they had planned after that, so... damn. This is a sad story." The doorway does indeed lead into the kitchen, a spacious affair with a large center island, butcher block style counters, withered vegetables and herbs hanging from the ceiling, wine racks lining the walls, squat, high-powered ovens hulking against one side of the room. "Muri, put the Audiotizer on the island, let's see if we can communicate with their ghosts."

Yoska Lash looks askance at Kasia, tail still all unhappily puffed up, gold eyes wide behind the helmet mask he's wearing. "No," the kid says in disbelief, "NO," and then clutches both hands to his chest. "Me? ME? A ghost? No! Why would you speak that fate over me? Whyyyyy? Don't you have a pool to be maintained somewhere?" There's something hopeful about that last statement, but he's not operating the camera, not focused on Kasia's pool, he's just every kind of freaked out and continuing to spaz. He fishes a string of beads out of a pocket and frowning, begins to run the loop through his fingers, scurrying over to hide behind Sajin and Buckets since Muri apparently failed to provide adequate protection. "We are gonna get cursed," he informs Sajin, "Everything is going to go wrong. Your toast will burn. Your shots will miss their target. You will have to pay taxes. Women will laugh at you! This is terrible I'm not even kidding, ya feel me, we are doing wrong. We're doin wrong and we're gonna be punished."

Sajin is having about the same trouble with his head and wrist light that Corr is having. Not even the different scanning types in his helm can make it through the thick ammonia soup. "We got a pool on Drik. It's really nice this time of cycle." He turns to look at the island and see what comes of this Audiotizer thingamajigger.

Following at the rear, Borias has been relatively quiet thus far, just taking in the measure of his companions and listening to the explanations. Also, enjoying the beatboxing, because it beats walking quietly through creepy mist, and maybe ghosts are fans. Or whatever actually might be responsible for what's going on. HIs filter mask works with a soft hiss and exhale of breath, softly as he looks around, then notes. "These ghosts don't seem to curse so much as kill, if the rumors are right."

The big man pushes back his hood, looking around, then raises his voice. "Besides...doesn't matter. If there are ghosts...or something else...then we'll see them come to us. We're here to find out what happened...and we've got no desire to stay." He pauses a bit, then says. "If you are ghosts...if you're here..and you were killed here...then tell us what you need to be set to rest with, through this...Audio..tizer, really? That's the best name you came up with?" he rumbles, peering over at Corr. "Uh, through this Audiotizer. We're listening. You've got your chance to be heard if you're here." He falls silent, then glances at the others. "....I mean, might as well be polite. Especially if they're murder ghosts." he adds. At a noticeably lower volume.

"Yoska, you're fine. We're all fine. We're not here to piss on their grave or drink their datenight wine, just...just lookin for a little conversation, yeah? I mean what if they're lonely? What if....they're swingers?" One brow cocks mirthfully upward as Netep clunks the Audiotizer 3400 down atop the mucky butcherblock island. "Might be you get lucky instead of cursed, Yoyo." Hahahahahha right.

After a little tinkering and poking about like she knows what she's doing, Netep gets the paranormal hotline to light up and start 'listening' with a noisy bunch of clicks and sputtery whines. Gently, she turns a knob to start surfing through the frequencies in search of answers to Borias' questions.

"Not yet," Kasia informs Yoska on the state of her pool, more concerned about that than his potential ghost future. She evidently isn't that much of a believer in these things. "I should get a pool though, maybe in the hangar, it would probably be easier to get it done there than to have it at my apartment." She's adjusting equipment, which digs uncomfortably into fleshy places. "This stuff is heavier than it looks. And burnt toast really isn't a problem in my house, my husband will eat it even if it is burnt, so if that happens I just give it to--" Her words break off and she jumps a little, turning to look around accusingly to anyone behind her. Whatever she finds, it doesn't appear to be what she was looking for, or expecting. Her brows jump higher and she looks around at the others. "Did anyone else hear that?" A hand lifts, fingers smoothing over her ear the way one might if wiping something unpleasant off of it. "I heard someone whisper something."

"Is there a TREASURE?" Corr demands of the ghosts, ignoring the banter most of the others are trading and focusing instead on ax-ing the important questions here, taking a cue from Borias. "And I didn't name it, this is the best one they had at Jibbins New To You Emporium in Ko Hentota," the explorer replies with a frown, running a finger over a bolted-on nameplate that promptly falls off, revealing a second label underneath that says 'Audiotizer 2800'. After a moment spent staring at this, Corr just blinks at looks around the room one more time. "Well, I don't hear nothin', maybe we should try upstairs. Normally I'd suggest we all split up and see if one of us got a special affinity with the spirits, but... that just seems a little too risky, and I never had anyone die on one of these yet... not that I'm against it, but, you know, I kinda prefer to keep the streak alive." Reassuring!

Heading back into the main hall, he gestures towards the other side. "Looks like we got stairs over here." Stairs there are, indeed, a rickety set that's grown uneven from years of decay, and tellingly, Corr doesn't head up them immediately, instead waving the others over and pointing up the stairs. "Why don't you lead the way, Yoska, you're brave and you respect the spirits."

Yoska Lash is scurrying from companion to companion as they explore the space, and abandons Sajin for Borias. There, from the safety of Behind Borias, he can glare at Netep. "You're human! Or like... I don't know... Human Lite. What do you know about ghosts?" Yoska demands of her. She goes on, and both hands rise to his helmeted head in distress. "You're MOCKING them!" he says in disbelief. "What is WRONG with you? MURI! Do you even know how to ghost?! This is the dead! They're woke! They're SPIRITS! You can only do this to like the super dead dead that are just dead-ling along, or the LIVING, what - no --" And now Kasia's heard something. "Nooooooo," the Ryn kid moans, and then fishes around in a pouch at his belt, removing a coin, and setting it on the ground, where it vanishes into the mists. He proceeds to walk around it in a circle, counter clockwise, saying with surprising sobriety,

"Spirits of the restless dead On your grave we foolish tread Take from us a thought, a gift Pull us not into the rift. ... ...... PLEEEEEASE."

Then Yoyo stabs an accusing finger at Netep. "DON'T make me do that again! Just be nice to them!" His tail droops as Corr suggests him to lead. "That's a nice way of saying I'm expendable," Yoska frowns. "...Literally what you hired me for though so. I ain't even mad." He begins to pick his way up the stairs, leaving his coin behind him.

Sajin looks to Kasia, "Kasia... are you on hard drugs again?" He stares for a moment from behind his helmet then looks to Corr. "You buy stuff in Ko Hentota... no wonder it's so cheap." The handsome Hapan looks towards the stairs and whines, "My legs are so sore, it was leg day today. Why stairs, why." At least he hasn't had the need to draw his blaster yet, though as he heads up those stairs following the Stinky Rhyming Ryn, he un buttons the strap holding the DL-44 in its holster. Stairs were spooky and so was the foggy soup they were walking through.

Borias turns his head slightly to look at Yoska. "...nice touch at the end." he rumbles, then steps closer, watching as Yoska makes his way up. "Can go next. If it can hold me, it can hold any of you." The big man idly rolls his shoulders, then says to Sajin. "No...she's right. I can hear it too. Like someone's...whispering. Right by my ear. Can't make it out though." He waits as Saijin heads up, letting everyone else climb up the stairs first, then goes last...that way he doesn't collapse it while others are climbing.

"Reckon I know more than you've faith I do," Muri mutters mostly to self under the heat of Yoska's superstitious scoldings. "Aa'kua..." she utters a two syllable promise of respect to the dead, in case they happen to be of old, old school Corellian ancestry. She wants to believe. She does. There's just a touch of scholarly skepticism perched on her shoulder telling her she's an idiot. The camera is swept once around in a circle for the sake of using it then she shoulders the strap and wrestles the Audiotizer /2800/ off the island and back into arms. Sonfbitch. There are two large men up in here and she's the one left carrying this 'delicate' piece of lead? Naturally.

She's almost made it to the stairs and pauses for rest in this new cloud of awful visibility, when something collides with the back of her helmet. She hears it more than feels it - a sad fwop of a sound that is echoed by a skitter-skid of where it lands on the floor. What...the...drek. "YO--" Oh wait, he was up first. Right? She was the last out of the kitchen. Muri's staring down at the mummified pepper that's somehow joined the party. Her eyes are just a little bit bigger when she looks up to perform a headcount of whomever she can. "Who threw that?" she demands to know, uncomfortably shifting the audiotizer around in her grip. It crackles back at her, unhelpfully. "Seriously. Don't touch their stuff, guys. Especially you, Yoyo, I seriously would think twice before eating any of that stuff, yeah? The toxicity will kill you!" She swallows. Surely someone threw it. Same person who's bein a creep with the whispers folks are allegedly hearin, yeah?

Kasia's steps slow as she watches the Ryn scamper around from person to person, then make an offering to ghosts. "It said 'muuuurrrrr', whatever it was," she goes on, frowning over at Sajin. "What do you mean again? I'd have to be on hard drugs in the first place in order for me to be on them again. Can you please consider what you say when we're in front of people who might actually believe you?" She sounds just a little put out at him, though not TOO much. She looks around at Borias as he pipes up and points at him. "See? He heard it too! I don't know if it really likes Muri, or if it's trying to say 'murder' or something else, but those to places are where my mind went after I heard it." Yoska leads the way up the stairs, and she falls somewhere in the middle of the group, carefully picking her way up the stairs. She's listening really hard now for anything else that might be said, but it starts turning into one of those situations where it's just too much to take in, all the sounds of steps, and shoes scuffing on the floor, and breathing, rustling, jangling of jewelry up ahead. And a fwop, too. She turns to look at Muri, brows furrowing. "It wasn't me," she protests, being one of the few that could have done it.

"Wait, what?" Corr asks as he reaches the top of the steps, looking around at the others with this disagreement that's formed. "I haven't heard anything, what're you talking about?" Not even the chunk of dead fruit that hit the back of Muri's helmet. "Maybe they like her /and/ they wanna murder her," he theorizes with a shrug, heading across the landing towards where the bedrooms will likely be found. "I could see it goin' both ways, she's a nice girl, but she called 'em swingers. They started out on Team Netep, and now they got around to bein' offended. You done it now, Muri," he points out seriously as he steps further back, the floor creaking ominously under his feet and picking a door at random. "Linen closet!" There's a number of doors in the hallway; "Spread out and find the kids' bedrooms."

Yoska Lash is honestly a pretty good guess for most likely to chuck spooky things at Muri, but he has an alibi in this case; he's up at the front of the stairs, walking up with his tail puffed up and Lash-ing back and forth. "We're not alone," he frets, "We never were, but now we're SUPER not alone." Exploring, he opens a door, and stares. Within, a room filled with porcelain dolls, pale faces in the toxic mist. Sightless eyes that seem to follow him wherever he moves; some that are stuck open, some that are sealed forever shut, some with mouths open as though they want to scream, scream, scream, but all they can do is a painted smile. Yoska closes the door and announces, "I found a room full of nope."

"Sorry Kasia, I was just... well I wasn't sure and you acted all weird at that Hutt party. Sorry" Leave it to Sajin to dig himself a deeper hole than he already has. The Hapan stops at a room who's door is open just a crack and pushes it open. He moves in and takes a look around. Kids room, lots of stuffed animals. He turns to leave but notices the writing on the wall in red crayon. He stares at it a moment before lifting a hand in a fist. His pointer finger sticks out and starts to bend with each sylable of movement. "HELP ME." He croaks before the finger sticks and points towards Kasia, "HELLLP MEEEEE." He sighs, "Yeah that's pretty creepy. No idea what it means though."

"Or they want to give her peppers. Maybe they'd like her to eat spicer and want to share recipes." Borias says dryly, the floor creaking under his heavy tread as he makes his way over to one of the other doors, then turns the knob, the door creaking and groaning slightly as it opens, before he looks inside, tilting his head. The room is filled with...windchimes...that promptly start to jingle and tinkle and clunk and sing as the change in air pressure causes them to stir a little bit. "...huh. Never seen chimes INSIDE the house...." He steps inside, his eyes running over the dusty chimes for any that might stand out. "Looks clear though." He steps back out into the hall, raising a brow behind his mask. "...I apparently got the non-creepy room upgrade."

"'s a lifestyle, not an insult," Netep protests her way up the stairs in self defense against the judgemental dead. Just in case. She bumps around between the other wandering bodies - careful to very much avoid the room Yoska's come from - and decides that keeping her back to a wall is the wisest option lest she accidentally revisit the stairs. "Lucky you," she comments to emerging Borias and squints through the murk in response to Sajin's voiced findings. The hoses and clips of her suit rasp quietly against the flaking, discolored paint and mark her trail forged down a hallway. "Sounds like I should dump this in your room, Sajin." Except that's when her shoulder finds a doorframe. She sidesteps into it and peers cautiously in through the crack after a painful fifteen seconds of trying to work the knob without dropping Audiotizer.

And on the other side?

A few forlorn notes tinkle out from the mobile when it lurches into a lopsided, lazy spin over the center of the exquisitely carved crib. Netep's helmet com emits a tiny squeak, followed by a long, shuddering breath. The time for smart assery and jokes is at end, for sure. Her boots numbly cross the distance like a moth drawn to the very tragic flame, kicking over a plush bantha as they go. The Audiotizer slowly, slowly goes to the ground beside the crib and Netep's rump along with. She needs a moment. "So much out there you never got to see," she whispers, ignoring the machine in favor of watching the mobile perform its broken spin in a graceful swirl of gaseous death. "I'm sorry."

"Exactly what I said," Kasia informs Corr as she moves along with the others. "Something whispered to me, I definitely heard it, and no one was close enough to have done it." Corr says spread out, so she turns to pick a random door that hasn't been picked yet, draws a deep breath, and then opens it. It's not dolls, so it could be worse, it's just... bones. A lot of bones, a pile of human skeletons in a pile in the middle of the room. She shoots a look down the hall at Sajin and his find, brows furrowing. "I... don't think this is what we were looking for. Maybe someone ought to burn this place down after we leave? This seems like a place that needs to be burnt down. Cleanse it all with fire and walk away." If this place burns down later, she's definitely going to be the top suspect.

"Listen, there's gotta be spirits up here if they're anywhere, I mean, look at all this stuff," Corr suggests to the others, waving a finger vaguely at the various rooms with their assorted creepy fillings. "This place has got an apparition or two, they gotta be able to communicate here, so let's fire up the Audiotizer 32- 2800, and see if we can get any readings." He knows nothing about computers, and Muri is taking a time out, so he tags in "Yoska, make it work. Use a hex on it with your Ryn powers, or somethin'. This is the one job I thought you'd be good for. Draw a summonin' circle or somethin'."

"My goals are not the same as your goals!" Yoska protests as Corr tries to make him actually Do Things, and he flails. Legitimate flailing. "I want to LEAVE, and leave them ALONE, and you all want treasures and proof. That's not how it works. The dead don't like that. They won't give you gifts and they won't play your games, ya feel me? It's not how it works. It's like the cards, which you /also/ don't understand." He looks down his nose at Corr, which is difficult because Corr is quite a bit taller than he is, and eventually relents. He fishes in the pouch again, finding Netep's hair tie (which is not returned to her, it goes back in the pouch), and another coin, and a white paint marker. "This is supposed to be salt and iron but I didn't know we were pissing off the SPIRIT WORLD. You know they're going to come with you, right? Haunts. Curses. That's what they do." Yoska then proceeds to sit by the Audiotizer, crouching unhappily, and starts drawing on the ground. A large circle around Muri, and he has to keep wafting mist aside to get a good look at it, but he's scribbling symbols all over the floor along with it, with the paint marker. It has the effect of looking even more creepy. OCCULT. The coin is eventually placed on top of the Audiotizer when the scribbling is done, and Yoyo whistles something that sounds mournful. Ryn language, maybe.

Sajin crouches his hands going wide. He looks around rapidly, "Did ya'll here that? Drek, Kasia I'm gettin' a contact high. Or maybe I'm just having flashbacks from that Spice I took that Usha gave me." He looks around as if something invisible is stalking him. "It sounds like a kid laughing. Let me try something." He takes a breath, "Spirits. We are here to put you to rest. What is the unfinished buisness which keeps you here, unable to let go... also... Show us da money." He clears his throat, "If you wouldn't mind that is. Gota pay the bills somehow."

Borias snorts as he folds his arms across his broad chest as the coin and such is scribbled about, then turns his head suddenly, looking down the hall. "...wait." he says after a moment, cocking his head. "...I can hear something. It's louder now." He glances to Kasia, as she was the other one who heard something before. "...sounds like a kid, laughing." He pauses, then eyes the newly occultized Audiotizer, before he clears his throat. "...little one. If you're here...show us where to go. Show us what you need." he rumbles quietly. "We came to find you. We're here. We can help you. Just...show us a little help..."

"It IS fired up," Muri mumbles about the Audiotizer and pats the gizmo's top with her palm. Her yellow eyes remain transfixed on the bobbling flight of wooden Convorees. A very dim memory of some similar contraption silhouetted by dappled sunlight haunts her brain and for a second she can almost hear the singsongs of the Omwati. Actually, it's just Yoska's mournful tootles. Maybe there /is/ a leak in her suit and she's gotten too big a whiff of Ammonia. "Mm." Her chin droops forward to regard the hazy circle she's now surrounded by. Protection? Or sacrifice. One toe edges close to the line that she's not sure she wants to escape.

"If I die here, I /will/ follow you," she promises Yoska solemnly. "And steal your things and relocate them to my ship which you've not the passcode for." Ghost ship. That's her afterlife plan. Not a plan she's super eager to enact /now/ though, so adds "I don't want your money!" a bit more loudly for the spirit world to hear. "Or your toys..or food..." Children? Children. That'd explain the thrown vegetable.

"You did spice?" Kasia asks Sajin, giving the man a slight frown, but if there's more admonishment to come it's not happening now. Maybe he'll get yelled at on the way home. "I don't think it's drugs, I heard something too, now you're hearing things. I don't know what it is, but obviously it's something, right? So," she looks at the space around her, the air, or the gas, or whatever it is. "We don't want to fight you, so let's just be calm, alright? Be calm and we'll be calm, and then maybe we can help you somehow. You just... talk as loud as you can into that thing there," she points in the direction of the audiotizer. "You tell us what you want us to do, and if it's something that we have to come back and do, I've got an entire group of crazy people who will basically do anything for pay, so we'll do it. But we can only do it if we get out of here alive today to hear what you said, right?" Right. She shoots a look at Borias, brows furrowing even more. "There is something unsettling about a ghost child laughing." Not that she can hear the actual laugh, but the laugh in her imagination is definitely really creepy.

Corr finally taps into his sixth sense, here, and agrees with the others. "That kid sounds /adorable/," okay, maybe it's not total agreement, he's getting a different vibe here. "This place kinda reminds me of where I grew up, you know?" Looking around with wistful eyes, the man wanders towards the nearest wall and gives it a tap. "Wonder if they put it in the walls somewhere. My old man had his money in the walls. Not much of it," a snort that processes from beneath the mask, "But it's a good hiding place. Try tapping along the walls, maybe the baseboards," he suggests, glancing over at the mobile that's hanging from the ceiling. Weird. "Ask the ghost kids for help, I don't know. I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I never hunted ghosts before."

"I already figured I hate whatever place spawned you. That's just making it worse," Yoyo opines when Corr says this place seems like home. "Ai YAH. You want me to get you a creepy doll? I can get you a creepy doll. Not from here though, these ones are cursed. And are we seriously not gonna talk about the pile of BONES that Blue Light MILF found? Nobody thinks we should like... definitely leave?" He whistles unhappily again, then knock-knocks on the Audiotizer. "Dr. Girlfriend, you broke it. They're not talking."

Sajin nods to Kasia, "I was in between treatments on my wound and well. We went to a pet shop. Long story short we ended up freeing all the snakes and stuff then I blacked out and somehow got back to the hanger. I think it was DArius who got me home." He shrugs and looks around, "Come on kid. I know it's fun and al but... I got a 12:30 back on Drik and this just is eating into my time."

"Hmm...I'm guessing the bones came AFTER they hid it, and whatever happened. Though now I'm wondering who decided to stack them in one particular room. And if those are original resident bones...or people who came in poking around bones." He runs his fingers along the wall, then rubs his fingers free of the crumbling dust coasting his fingertips. "If a child's involved...maybe it's in a room that has to do with them?" Borias tries, shrugging his shoulders, then wanders into the mobile room, starting to tap along the wall there as well. Well, it MIGHT work. There's so much dust and debris, nothing is really standing out to him as a possible clue as of yet.

"Your old man didn't have much faith in the banking system, did he?" Netep's out of her funk, whatever it was keeping her there on the floor, and she starts to creep about on hands and knees. "Must've been smart--NO, I didn't," she refutes Yoska's claim. "It's fine. We're all fine." *knock*knock* *tap*tap* *knock* Every couple feet along the baseboards of this nursery she gives a little rat-a-tat-test and bracing herself for a dreaded knock BACK from the other side. Fortunately, the house isn't up for games of that nature and she might get out of here with unsoiled pants, yet. "Nobody's gonna end up in that bone pile, yeah? I mean maybe we should says some nice words over'em just in case, but..." *knock*knoock* Muri stops. Her fist drums lightly around the spot just to be sure, then she reaches to her belt and tugs a multitool free.

There's the terrible sound of creaky wood splintering apart as she tries to be as surgical as possible with the extraction. Tries. And then? Muri's neck is twisted aside to the brink of snapping as she snakes her arm into the hollow space for a risky feel around. It pays off. "Ohhhhh my..." An appraising whistle sounds pitchy over her comm. "Haven't seen one of these in...I remember Kalif kept a small hoard of these. Boy collected /everything/." She scoots around to face the others so they might have a looksee while leaning against that hole. "Captain Hyperblast!" Comics. "Looks like these haven't even been read. Perfect condition. Lot of his stuff went outta print eons ago." She lays them reverently down in favor of wriggling her spine around a bit like the wall might scratch that itch between her shoulders. It can't and it doesn't, but the jagged hole she's made does give a little tug at her rebreather hose and what was originally just a questionable gasket is now a more nefarious problem. She can't hear the silent mingling of O2 and poison, but she CAN hear the little life support alarm. Oh, hell. Captain Hyperblast be damned. Netep scrambles to her feet and tries to fix the situation while wasting no time in exiting this creepy nursery.

"You can carry your own equipment out," she informs Corr breathlessly on her frantic way by. "No time!" She's not dead yet and she's got /some/ time, but her liver's gonna be in for one hell of a ride by the time she makes it out of the Ammonia mists and back into the safety of the outpost dome.

"I would also like to leave," Kasia admits as she shoots a look in Yoska's direction, ignoring the Blue Light MILF part. She can address that bit later once they're not here anymore. "I definitely don't think we're prepared to deal with whatever we're going to find here." She doesn't seem to want to go much further with the whole search thing, but she does start picking up and examining what items are near her. It takes a few tries, but after picking up what looks like a holosnap frame, something slides off the back and she crouches down to pick it up. "Huh. I recognize this guy." She holds up a little card that has a swoop racer on it. "He was really famous, I think. This might be worth something." Rather than keep it, she holds it out for Corr to take and deal with.

Taking the card, which shimmers holographically, Corr calls after Muri, "Get back to the starport, they got air there!" and then goes about his business gathering up the Audiotizer. It's not much trouble for him to get it up off the floor, and he nods at the comics she left behind. "Someone pick those up just in case, I guess, I figure the ghosts wanted us to have 'em. We'll go back to the outpost and go over the footage and audio files to see if we can pick up the apparitions on any of it," the explorer announces, dropping the device back in his pack from whence it came and heading for the stairs.

No otherworldly attacks commence as the crew ventures back down and across the lawn of dead dirt, well-scorched by ammonia, and back out the airlock to return to the starport. Who knows what mysterious signals they've captured!