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In the desert outside Mos Eisley

OOC Date: June 23, 2020
Location: Mos Eisley
Participants: Clan Kora Karys as GM, Hadrix Kora, Rathe Versiano, Kirioth Kora, Terek Rosol, Narsai Ordo

[Karys] Rigger had been forthcoming as asked and the group in charge of his information extraction was met with someone who could care less. Rigger works for Black Sun and thus, does not care what happens to this non aligned upstart. He gives them the chip with the information for the next meeting on Nar and tells them to head out south of the city telling them in the low part of the dunes directly to the south southwest the ship will have landed to avoid the port authorities and any lingering opposition.

And in fact as the group heads in later in the evening to use the advantage of the dark cover of night, there is a single freighter that sits alone. Ramp open with a speeder truck outside that is making the exchange as items are being loaded into it. Again there are figures below that appear to have 'parts' of mandalorian armor but now the full beskar.

Karys stays low, her right hand bracing her as she glances down. "I am here as back up." Because one armed wonder is not about to go rushing in.

[Hadrix Kora] Climate controlled suit. A boon on this sandball. Hadrix moves in typical lifelong soldier fashion; low and fast with knees bent and his bowcaster drawn to hold in low ready posture as he moves towards the freighter being loaded.

Gripper is with, above matte black body reflecting no moon, star, or artificial light as she slips silently above them, <<"Gripper. Keeping watch.">>

<<"Copy, keep your spacing and if we take at least a prisoner to make sure we get them all it's a good op. Better if we can wreck their ship as well and set them back more than a few thousand credits.">> Hadrix pauses with the crest of a dune to block sight while reading camera feeds from Gripper.

<<"Roth and anyone intending to get personal - second wave after the rangers start shooting. Airborne assault if you can manage. Questions, suggestions, compliments?">> a bit of humor in the end, but the growl is there, growing.

[Kirioth Kora] Roth's alabaster armored self is standing not too far away from the rest of the Kora's and her helmed head moves with just a bit of a motion to let people know she's keeping watch as they are getting a plan laid out. When Hadrix speaks, the Arkanian looks his way and there is a nod to him, <<Got it.>> she tells him in the vocoded tone. She then draws her swords and keeps them down at her sides for the moment.

[Rathe Versiano] Having once again provided interrogation support, Rathe is now here to provide fire and medical support. While checking his medpac strapped to his thigh his helmeted looks to Kirioth. Next he is checking his blades, followed by his Tracker. Rathe's ensuring the right mode is engaged and testing the sights on it before alloing it to hang on the sling for a moment.

<<"Define spacing.">> A dry tone to ask withou asking the question. His visor looks down to his left leg as personal is mentioned. He leaves the Vibrosword sheathed and sticks with the Tracker, plucking it back up from his sling to start eeling his way forwards to a good position.

[Narsai Ordo] Blaster pistol in hand, Narsai's beskar-plated form moves forwards, a nod to Hadrix's words as she checks over her weapons. First one, then the other if need be!

<<On your lead then ner Vod,>> the Ordo Alor smiles behind the shroud of her T-Visor. <<You got the information after all. Only fair you get first pickings.>>

[Terek Rosol] <<If we're trying to take at least one alive, I do have a stun baton.>> Terek chimes in, helpfully. He's doing his best to keep spacing with the others.

<<Spacing. So you know if someone throws a thermal detonator at us, it doesn't wipe the entire group out. Just the one unlucky enough to be close to it.>> He offers in response to Rathe. He honestly doesn't know if Rathe actually knows the answer and that was sarcasm or not, but he's trying to be helpful.

[Karys] Karys listens to the others, adjusting her helmet so it finally seals into place and the sound of her voice comes through modulating. <<"I am headed around the front of the ship, looking to see if I can catch them off guard and flank them.">> She nods to Hadrix as she starts to slip down the dunes and across the way. She makes little sound and does not touch her jetpack so she is not seen.

The group below is keeping eye, but its apparent most think they have no reason to. The guard is a bit lax in fact but the small containers are being carried very carefully as if afraid to knock it about. Even the speeder truck they are being moved to has extra padding and packaging as they are slid in and secured.

Kenneh speaks and obviously the leader of this group, "We don't have all night. Finish it up, y'all."

[Hadrix Kora] <<"Keep the loudmouth alive.">> Hadrix rumbles as he begins to line up his shot, <<"Careful of the cargo as well.">> eyes flicking from point to point, the man slipping away and the Trooper sliding into place, <<"And spacing, Rathe. Two meter spread, and if someone throws ordinance you tell them we're not interested and you throw it right the kriff back.">> he looks briefly towards Narsai, T-visor focused, <<"Shab goes sideways... may need you.">> nodding before he looks back.

<<"Rangers, weapons free - close quarters on the heel of the volley - buy Terek space to get to the loudmouth to batter him about the face and neck with that knock-out stick of his.">> hand raised, two fingers up, and turning in a twirl issue a silent engage order.

[Kirioth Kora]

Roth gives a shake of her head at something, but, the Arkanian doesn't say anything as people explain things. She gets into position though, getting ready to follow the shooters volley the way she usually does. Which means she'd be blasting off any minute now to cut a path after the bullets started flying.

[Rathe Versiano] <<"Never heard of it before.">> Another dry Rathe Response. Something has the more typically professionally quiet Rathe in a mood tonight. <<"Could just chuck them back">> Then he drops into silence to advance slowly with the tracker nestled to his shoulder and his sights aligned. He is still getting used to the new armor's HUD.

[Narsai Ordo] <<"You've got me,">> Narsai nods back, gripping her heavy blaster pistol two-handed. <<"Sideways Shab or otherwise,">>

With that, the smaller Mandalorian in red moves forwards, weapon raised and selecting her target. There was no need for subtle, this was a show of force if ever there was one, but she takes several strides to offer her own spacing before she squeezes down on the trigger and kicks off the lightshow of death that was the blaster-fight!

[Terek Rosol] Terek is trying to get close to Kenneth, but when he fires off his rocket pack, he shoots upwards instead of forwards. Which is decidedly not what he was going for, but it still manages to help him out somehow!

He finally manages to regain control of his pack and put himself back on the ground, but now he's pretty far away from Kenneth, and is going to have to run to get to him.

[Karys] Karys slips around the back and she slips, the sand giving way beneath her foot which causes her to slide down the side of the dune and down towards the ship itself. She manages to stop herself just as a bolt slams into the sand below her. Kenneth has his eye on her just as Terek and the others become obvious - well three of the others. Two still have attacks of opportunity as they remain unseen.

Karys pulls her gun free but does not shoot, rushing for cover first which is basically the body of the ship.

Several other shots go off and Lemon who is oblivous for the moment finally starts to turn around and see what is going on. The others that are loading the speeder truck are moving, Kenneth yelling over his shoulder. "KEEP LOADING! SHOOT THEM!"

[Hadrix Kora] <<"Kriff.">> Succinct, appropriately so. He can keep to shadows but the shift of sand and the rustle of it down the slope is enough to turn heads and gain attention. <<"Thirty seconds. New record. Open fire!">> Hadrix barks as the Bowcaster comes up, the solid durasteel quarrel in place launched as the plasma injectors sheathe it in fire.

<<"Karys, keep circling, force their attention in different directions. Lightning strike, Mando'ade!">> A star is born and streaks through the sky to slam into the chest of one of the so called 'mandalorians' and blow the poor kriffer back - dead or alive.

[Kirioth Kora] Roth's not in a mood to deal with people shooting at them. So the Arkanian is quickly moving down, making sure that she stays out of the way of friendly fire. Lemon is focused on, her Beskad hitting, but, the vibrosword doesn't find purchase on anything.

[Rathe Versiano] There is a lot going on. Such as the fact he has old Seperatist Droids for companions by the amount of noise they make. He'd been luckier with some better footing likely. Ceasing his advance when there is the Great Signal Terek in the sky, Rathe actually manages not to be distracted by it, tempting as it is. Tonight he's focusing on being the quiet professional looking to kill quick and clean. At Hadrix's cursing and mention of a new record, Rathe sends a simple <<"Hmm.>> more a grunt than a sound of thinking. Hadrix bowcasts one into a near death experience. Roth is on the move again, and Rathe is surpised to note out of the corner of his visor HUD that she is not shot to hell immediately for a change. Narsai opens open on his intended target and downs them, causing his Tracker's muzzle to snap slightly to the left and place two blaster bolts into Lemon.

[Narsai Ordo] Sometimes you're a stealthy, silent and smooth...and then there's the other times. A pair of blaster bolts streaking towards Narsai makes it pretty clear she'd been seen even before the shouting starts. Fingers tighten, some curse under her breath likely mirroring thoughts of others as she ducks under the shots her wait and fires back.

Heavy impacts blast her target, one staggering him back before the next finds his head and she continues moving forward.

<<"Thirty might be being generous at this point.">>

[Karys] Karys is fighting her way forward, hearing the call for her to keep Kenneth busy she tries to get into a different location and starts to aim at the ship itself. The sudden bolt that takes her is right in the gut and the armor squeals as the energy hits. It sends her back into the dune with an audible OOMPH from her through her vocoder, modulating as she gasps out and glances up as she tries to find her breath. Its knocked the wind out of her as she rolls to her side and pushes up.

CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP! The heavily armored figure that comes down the ramp of the ship has ushered off those loading. The ones doing so quick to find cover from the incoming group of mandalorians. <"YOU FLIES! BUGGER OFF">> THe large gun is lifted and aiming down it the powerful pulse shifts is grip but the bolt tears through the dark of night with brilliance to slam into Roth. Tracy Jordan is in the house.

<<"It was thirty, I had a timer on my H--">> a new face and shots fired as the false mandalorians are whittled. <<"Karys! Roth! RATHE.">> priority indicators lighting up as Hadrix ceases SOP in his movements. Racing down the dune now in galloping bounds to evade slipping in the sand until he is level before his pace evens once again.

Cocking string drawn before the massive... gold plated... crossbow is hefted one armed and fired in a smooth motion that twists the man sharp at the torso. Cape billowing out behind the Big Mandalorian. Another comet, shrieking to explode against the metal and meat of the new adversaries thigh. <<"Rathe assess worst off, Narsai, Terek - keep it up!">> the string is drawn again. <<"Karys, Roth, talk to me.">>

[Hadrix Kora] <<"It was thirty, I had a timer on my H--">> a new face and shots fired as the false mandalorians are whittled. <<"Karys! Roth! RATHE.">> priority indicators lighting up as Hadrix ceases SOP in his movements. Racing down the dune now in galloping bounds to evade slipping in the sand until he is level before his pace evens once again.

Cocking string drawn before the massive... gold plated... crossbow is hefted one armed and fired in a smooth motion that twists the man sharp at the torso. Cape billowing out behind the Big Mandalorian. Another comet, shrieking to explode against the metal and meat of the new adversaries thigh. <<"Rathe assess worst off, Narsai, Terek - keep it up!">> the string is drawn again. <<"Karys, Roth, talk to me.">>

[Kirioth Kora] Roth's raising her sword to chop at someone and jerks back a bit when she is shot by GODS DAMN TRACY JORDAN. <<Did someone see that gnat that hit me?>> she asks over the comms in a pained voice. But, she finds the target and staggers that way over there, "Yo. You should learn to aim better. This is my head, this is my side." Roth points out to Tracy before she swings the swords at her. Roth, near dead and still being a smartass. All is fine.

[Rathe Versiano] On the move steady with a steady Vanguardian advance, Rathe is suddenly being told to put away his carbine and do the less fun job. Even without his Helmet or Comlink Vox on, anyone Rathe runs past can hear the muffled snarls from within his helmet. Rathe loves to combat more than medic. But it's still part of his job description. <<"Cresh Forn!">> There is a limit to professionalism. <<"Cresh Forn, Al'Verde! Roth!">> Rathe channels his outter Captain Winters outside of Foy Voice from another galaxy. <<"Get yourself out of combat, now! Karys first, by default!">> The arguably titled Akaan-Baar'ur certainly is on the move himself. He slides to one knee practically into Karys. This time only using the helmet Vox to keep the channel clear. <"Sit. STAY!"> Rathe already pulled the scanner and autoinjector one handed from the medpac and assesses and starts the work on getting Karys back into the fight, he slaps quickseals to her wounds and the quikpatches to her armor. <"Ok. Stop lounging on the job!"> Already Rathe is preparing to be on the move again.

[Narsai Ordo] That was a big gun! Tracy's arrival and heavy blasts are very quick to draw the attention of the Mandalorians and Narsai was no exception! Twisting on the spot she rushes forwards after seeing Roth blasted off her feet, a standard day, but still kind of worrying...-ish. Charging in, the Alor Ordo looses a shot, the first going wide before she ducks low, slides in towards the man staggered by the Bowcaster and land a heavy bolt right into the throat of the false Mando thug.

An exhaled breath, she straightens up to scan for what threats remain. They still needed at least one of them alive after all!

[Karys] Tracy, for all his big talk ends upgoing down hard after he gets is one shot wonder on Roth. The way she steps it off and tries to attack back leaves him laughing, a thing of beauty that but after several solid hits from everyone else his armor means nothing he finds all too quickly and the big guy goes down. Kenneth may be outnumbered but whatever is driving him to keep attacking has his next shot for Hadrix, missing him by a mile. He starts to back up a stepo or two to try to get to some cover.

Karys is glaring as Rathe tends her but he can nto see this due to the visor that shields her mostly from view. There are a few grunts and hisses through the vocoder but she pushes up slowy. <"Your bedside manner leaves something to be desired."> She says as she lifts her voice over comms. <"Functional.">

[Hadrix Kora] Stalking forwards with the voices confirming the survival of comrades, Hadrix continues towards the target. Shoulders hunched, head low, the big man takes aim again, only to duck when the last remaining takes his shot, throwing his own just over the false-mando's shoulder to blast a smoking score against the side of the freighter that smolders and bleeds a few drops of molten durasteel.

<<"He doesn't need his legs to be taken alive.">> There he is. All growl. A snarling liquid sound from Hadrix as he draws back the cocking string once more to prepare for his next shot as his externals click on.

<"If you give up now you'll scream far less later..."> pure malice there, the old hate and rage so close to the surface that when bubbles burst red swims before the man's vision.

[Kirioth Kora] Was Rathe telling Roth to get out of combat? <<Not until everyone is dead or that last one is in custody.>> the Arkanian states. She's alive and breathing...well...wheezing, but, she's definitely not dead. Roth's off switch was broken. <<Hadrix is right. Take his legs or stun him.>> she agrees with the other Mando as she draws *Gasp!* a blaster pistol! But her aim is way off. Probably because there is two of him and she didn't have a gun for each of them.

[Rathe Versiano] There is a sharp nod in Narsai's general direction as she pastes Tracy Jordan. <<"Outstanding!">> A rare compliment from Rathe. A glance at Karys as she quips at him. His helmet crackles. <"It is perfect, noone has ever complained before... twice."> Up and on the move already, leaving Karys behind to make a beeline for Roth. Hadrix is trying to take down the man they need... with a bowcaster. Once again anyone he runs past will hear muffled what are likely new and inventive invectives. Then there is Roth denying exiting for him to do his job. This time from the helmet are muffled Angry Medic Noises. It is a whole lot of NOPE going on over there. So Rathe raises the Tracker on the fly and tries to stun Kenneth to add to the NOPE count.

[Narsai Ordo] A lift of her blaster pistol, Narsai's thumb twitches up to the selector, flicking it to stun.

A bolt of blue comes from her weapon, slamming into the evasive Kenneth and knocking him down uncerimoniously.

Holstering her blaster pistol smoothly, she turns back to the injured teammates.

<<"Everyone alright?">>

[Terek Rosol] Terek looks like he's hurting, holding his side a bit, <<"I'll live.">> he replies, as he folds up the baton and slides back behind his back, "Glad you're here, I don't think I'd have been able to make it solo.." Rathe Versiano scans Kirioth Kora with a medpac.

[Karys] Karys finally makes her way after Rathe, her blaster pulled up and aimed down it towards Kenneth before Narsai's pistol catches him and lands him upon his ass with a few twitches before he stills. Stunned and unable to do anything he's free game but so is the ship.

Other unarmed figures are escaping into the night rather than face the group as the one armed wonder lowers her gun and moves while favoring her gut where she is so recently patched. <"I am well enough. Headed into the ship."> She goes up the ramp and the freighter still holds quite a few crates but its the cockpit she heads for in an effort to learn where the ship came from.

[Terek Rosol] <<"Found something.">> Terek says, after searching through several spots before finding the surprisingly unsecured pad. He holds it up, and then heads over to Hadrix, <<"Check this out.">>

[Hadrix Kora] <<"Take all we can use to track these scummers...">> he's twitching, adrenaline is still pumping. The action was short, he wasn't hit. He wants more but all that's left are chattel. Gripper is working, downloading system data though her primary optic tries to follow the big man when he is called over by Terek, head tilting. Scanning the information and nodding, the Big Mandalorian's expression lost within his helmet.

<<"Good work, Terek.">> one big hand coming out to pat the battle cathar's shoulder. <<"We'll add that for our hunts.">>

[Rathe Versiano] There is a stalking figured in Dreadfinder armor, that grabs ahold of Roth with a muttered <"It's me. Hold still!">. One can easily sense if her helmet had ears, he would have grabbed one instead. <"Roth, you got hit so hard your original wounds split open again. This is why I said-0 know what? I'll address the group in a moment."> Rathe has run the scanner up and down the Arkanian. <"Bacta tank for you after this, I'm one of the best. I'm just not that good."> Rathe hates having to adit this. But the medic is doing the best job he can. The new wound is dealt with by autoinjector, along with a second stabbing of antibiotics. Quick-heal sealant and then armor patches go on. He looks to the others and an angry pop hiss happens over the shared comlink. <<"...">>. Helmet shaking he tries to distract himself a moment searching the ship, but in his literal tossing comes up empty. He stalks back out of the ship and stares his visor at Hadrix. After a moment of the helmet bobbing back and forth indecisively the visor looks to everyone in turn. Hopefully he gets his pronunciation right at least he sounds less rage-y. <<"As the Akaan Baar'ur, when it comes to -your- health? I outrank everyone. Sound like Hubris? No. Prudence. Let me do my job, so you get back to doing yours. I will -never- keep you out of a fight for something minor. I can promise you that. Karys has seen it, Hadrix I know you have seen it. I don't like to waste my time, so I won't waste yours in return.">> His armor appears to do a deep inhale and exhale. <<"So to recap. Stubbed toe? Suck it up. Sucking chest wound? The galaxy is telling you to slow down a minute.">> A beat. <<"Oh. I say this knowing it can possibly be a deal breaker, but I'd rather cards be on the table.">> He turns his helmet to Roth, this time only the helmet speaker. <"Do not try to apologize. Likely someone would have had to yell at me too.">

<<"Listen to Rathe.">> Hadrix states after the medic's tirade. <<"We don't have heroes in Kora. We're not here to go out in a blaze of glory. If you're injured beyond ability to fight - he gives you your orders.>> the big mountain of purple armor rumbles as he drops down onto his hunkers. Breathing. Head bobbing now as he recites mnemonics. Phrases ingrained into him to make his body relax.