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Fiery Concerns: Part One

OOC Date: September 14, 2021
Location: Coruscant
Participants: Aubrei, Tamsin Cas, Valeska Jaivon, Hahtavi Kora, B'haav Adasta, Church

The fires of Coruscant are still burning and there has been the talk of collapses and other things happening. It is something that the people of Coruscant have had to deal with for a god awful amount of time.

And it doesn't look like it is letting up any time soon.

There have been numerous operations to help relieve some of the stress and burdens that the citizens have been feeling. Mostly by those that are on the planet themselves. But other parts of the galaxy have started to reach out and provide aid. Coruscanti's have allowed those individuals to help as well amongst the growing hostilities and other issues that plague the planet.

A large relief station has been erected today after a building that was on fire deep below collapsed and there was a call for help. The people who had been constantly helping were tired and needed some rest so that they could continue. That is where those who have come today come into the picture.

Good samaritans!

The ramp of the Timely Ro-roo is open and the air recyclers on at full considering the quality that has been rushing in since the ramp had opened. Thankfully the helmet that covers Aubrei's face allows for personal filtering of the air itself in and in the place of her large stun net is an expanded amount of first aid supplies. She is checking them for how secured they are before she steps the rest of the way down the ramp and closes it.

Her voice lifts up, broken and restructured by the vocoder. <"If anyone is in need of fresh air my ship is offered for rest and recovery, otherwise if you have any injuries I can see to minor ones."> She is no doctor but field dressing is a forte.

She steps forward towards the relief station, closing the small disnace between as she looks to see who may be in need of help.

Tamsin Cas had arrived not so very long ago, having set her shuttle down as close to the aid station as the working starports of the planet would allow. From there, it had been the business of not a small amount of coordination to transport the supplies she had brought from where she had been directed, to where the operation was in full swing. Most of her supplies had been medical in nature. While food, clothing, and other sundries were also necessary, she had used her access to medical distributors to best advantage. "Set the last of the crates to the right of the triage station," Tamsin spoke to the repair droid who had been pressed into service. "I am going to see where I can be the most effective." She straightened her bag, as well as clipping her medical credentials to one of the pockets of her vest. A hand rose to hail one of the workers, who was harried enough to look slightly askance, as if wondering if Tamsin was yet another patient in need of treatment, "Dr. Tamsin Cas, where do you need me?"

The Cin Vhetin lands on Coruscant and from the ramp walks out a crimson-painted Mandalorian. With her helmet on -- it helps filter the smoke and dust -- no one can see the look of distaste she has for being here. Oh, it isn't anything against the samaritan work. No, that's why she's here. But being born and raised on a Rebel capship with Rebel parents and an extended family of Rebel adopted aunts and uncles, the stench of the First Order makes her stomach lurch. Even if the stench is in her head.

Valeska makes her way to the Death Toll as it lands, waiting at the ramp semi-patiently for its pilot to make an appearance. As she does so, she looks over those gathered ponderingly. She can't even banadage a limb properly, but she's got to arms and two legs. Surely she'll find some usefulness here.

Having settled his Bounty Hunter's ship carefully, Hahtvi comes down the ramp to meet up with Valeska. He gestures to the aid station and begins to walk in that direction with his fellow clanswoman. Like Aubrei, this Mandalorian is kitted out in his heavy black battle armor with his helmet sealed against any smoke or toxins rising up from the fires below. He has brought his medpac.

As he comes nearer, Hahtavi catches sight of "Doctor Cas, no surprise to see her here." He doesn't interupt the Doc who looks busy already.

The Hunting Pharple is no stranger to Coruscant, though often for bringing small packages to specifically interested buyers. Today, it is loaded with further relief supplies and J43 and AN7 are doing their duties as loader droids to get medicine to the medical tents, cots and tent structures to those in need of shelter, and miscellaneous comfort goods (i.e. chocolates for children, or any who will take them) are being overseen by a man in a deeply black suit from a Hapan tailor. That man's palps - the thing that names him Balosar - are hidden beneath the black porkpie hat with the silver band on it; yet even covered, he is using them to help him seek out individuals in times of stress or frustration. Carrying a a box of chocolate bars and hard candies, he moves from one to the next, seeking any in need of counsel or sugar - particularly the occasional loose and darting child.

"If anyone needs a small pick-me up or needs anyone to talk to, please come to the Pharple! It's the Rigger with the open ramp!"

He notices Tamsin Cas and a couple Mandalorians in the mix - some with familiar armor. He raises a hand to wave in greeting, after handing the box of candies to the Firefighting droid following him on an as-needed emergency basis. "Does anyone need help," calls the once-psychologist, twice-trader Balosar.

There are a lot of faces that turn to the different voices in the chorus of newcomers that arrive to offer assistance to those that need it. There are also those that squint and scowl in distrust. Because these things happen when the people of Coruscant have been through so much.

There are so many that have been brought up from the depths that look like they need assistance. Probably transport to more advanced facilities for what has happened burn wise. Or steadier hands that can be provided at the moment given the stress put on the medical professionals.

There is no immediate answer to her call and her head swivels to the known doctor in the group. <"Doctor allow me to help you triage, what say you? We can begin to move through the injured more effectively then and allow you to treat those who need immediate help? I can then with any other who has some skill in field dressing attend the lesser of the wounds?"> Her attention shifts, the visor centering on B'haav who receives a nod and then to the two Kora.

Walking alongside Hahtavi, Valeska gives a slight nod to Aubrei. <<"Good to see you, too, vod. With you and the good doctor Cas, this whole mess will be cleaned up in no time.">> Though it's a bit more of a nod than what a slight nod would be. With the helmet on, all gestures have to be accentuated. Embellished. Otherwise you're just nodding to yourself and the bucket doesn't move at all.

A nudge of her elbow onto Hahtavi. <<"Looks like most have already been pulled out. Maybe we can go help with the debris? Or carting supplied to the tents? Should we find whoever might be in charge or should we take the tried and true Mando Initiative?">> Which is to say dive in head first without question.

The arrival of more relief drew Tamsin's attention momentarily away, and she lifted a hand in greeting to the three mandalorians and the psychologist that she knew, should their eyes turn in her direction. But, there was little time for pleasantries, and Tamsin soon ducked beneath the tent that had been erected over the triage area, which appeared to be filled, for the moment, with patients suffering from smoke inhalation wounds and burns. Tamsin was a familiar face at the aid stations on the planet, and so, perhaps she did not receive so many of the distrustful looks, which was to the good, "I am happy to take over the burns unit," which seemed to be the most pressing, "The droid has supplemental oxygen and bacta to treat the worst before we transport them. The shuttle is prepped, for any we need to move offworld." Never a pleasant prospect, but there were only so many beds that could be filled, even on a world so large as Coruscant.

As Aubrei came to join her, Tamsin returned the smile in that light way which was as expressive as the Firrerreo ever got. "Thank you. If you could manage the children, that would be appreciated. I would like to begin by determining who can recover here, with supplemental oxygen, and who will need surgical treatment. Allow the parents access, if you believe it will aid in the process, but we need to move as swiftly as possible." tamsin, pulling a storage unit of bacta grafts from her bag, indicated her own direction with a tip of her head, "I will see hat I can do to stabilize their burn patients for transport."

It turns out that they do need persons moved onto ships, supplies carried from ships to the tents, and various triage. While Hahtavi could help with some wounds, he ends up being directed to carry things. He scowls, which probably doesn't help a lot with the level of trust.

All right then. Scowling, he heads back to some of the ships to help load a repulsor lift and some speeders.

B'haav is making his way over to the medical relief tent where the greatest concentration of familiar people are. At present, there is no rush for those in need of counseling, so the best use of his time is to make use of his hands for those who need them. He arrives just in time to hear Tamsin offering a plan of action to Aubrei, and he glances back to the box of chocolates and sweet treats. He nods, and the Inferno Firefighting Droid circles around to Aubrei's other side. "Those may help with keeping the children happy. The parents too, perhaps. I have some crates of water, and more like that box back on the pharple, to help keep anyone calm." The Balosar reaches into his leather satches and retrieves his meager emergency first aid medkit.

"I'm not even in your neighborhood, Doctor Cas, but I can probably help with minor things - low grade or no-grade." He glances around to Aubrei. "It is good to see you, Aubrei." He looks about, offering a nod to Hahtavi who - by his expression - is... Probably not up for the reassuring smile that B'haav fixes onto his face. Patient care!

"One can only hope," Aubrei says in reply to Valeska, glancing back to Tamsin quicklly as she starts to direct her. "Of course, I can see to them. I think I might even have something that might enjoy." Everything seems a little chaotic really but there is a thread of order and organization that some have tried to establish and she follows that.

She starts to group the children up and get them to a centralized location so that they can be watched over. "Okay little ones you see this." She reaches down to pull the small container from her side as she hits the transperisteel container's dimming cover as it clears to show the glowing bobbing presence of large fireflies. "This is Jinn and her cohort Lew. They are my companions and I need you to come watch over them for me but you need to follow me."

She smiles down at the wee ones and holds up the container in one gloved hand as she urges them forward, using the glowing companions like a beacon. Far less red and angry looking than the rest of the light offered from the fires. She blinks as the droid is suddenly at her side and blinks and looks at what it carries. "OH! Look and treats. ALl of you must allow me to look you over and you will receive a treat as well as I tell you the story of Lew and Jinn and how they became my friends." She smiles and glances back at B'haav, giving him a firm nod as she starts to usher the children into a cleared area with an examination cot available.

"So where to begin..." her voice trails off as she starts to tell her tail and allow the first of her patients to hold the container with the fireflies.

"In situations like this, hands can be more useful than medical knowledge. Patient care does not end when the injuries are treated." Tamsin did not believe in idle hands in situations such as this, and the balosar was welcome. "If Aubrei can manage the children, you might look to seeing that those who are hungry are fed, and help with directing those who needs transport to the shuttles." Or freighters, you know what she means. "This is stressful time for everyone. And psychological problems are more difficult to treat," as the psychologist would well know. But Tamsin was soon pulled away, as the call came that there was another group of refugees who were being lead up from the air bus to the aid station, including a few who had severe burns that need treating, "Excuse me," Tamsin was soon off to suit up. She would have to make due for now. Stabilization before transport.

Valeska finds her usefulness in a few crates of water bottles and food that need to be carted from the various ships to the tents set up closer to the perimeter of the starport. While the chain is moving steadily enough, Valeska takes her hauls double-time, engaging her jetpack to fly from a ship, to a tent, back to a ship, to another tent. Like some kind of pollinating red beetle.

It doesn't take long for some of the wee folk to notice that Valeska's flights back are empty-handed and by the third pass, one catches her half-cape with a tug. <<"Hmm?">> Turning towards the tyke, the child immediately draws back from the T-shaped visor staring at him. Quickly, Valeska removes the helmet and straps it to her belt. "Hey there," she says with the biggest, friendliest, don't-be-scared smile she can muster. "You want a ride?"

The nodding is enthusiastic and in no time, Valeska's routine turns into supplies going one way, children going back. Except the children keep running back to the drop-off points in the hopes of another short flight.

A bit slow to come out of the Bounty Hunter's ship, the ramp lowers on Death Toll and a slim, smaller Mandalorian arrives. Dressed in drab green Skyripper armor that looks brand new, a small hand reaches up to remove her helmet when she sees her father has removed his. Iriin's golden blonde hair falls out, her braids coming loose with escaping wisps. "Doctor Tamsin here, buir?!" He runs to catch up with Hahtavi and Valeska, "I bet she's here." Her Basic is getting better all of the time though her words are still accented with the vowels and hard consonates of Manda'yaim.

The Mandalorian in the black armor slows his step. Hahtavi looks back and waits for his daughter to catch up, "Come, you can help us load up the skiffs. Aye, Doctor Cas is here. She's in the tents." B'haav gets a nod but Hahtavi's walking away from the tents. Soon as he comes to one of the ships unloading supplies, he begins to lend a hand. Crates and boxes filled with food, water, blankets, medical supplies, whatever.

Valeska is flitting back and forth but Hahtavi figures that's what the repulsor sleds and speeders are for. Soon as one is loaded up, off it goes to the tents - ready to be unloaded and distributed.

B'haav nods, orders taken and well. With the candy dispensed, he calls the firefighting droid over again. "Please get two more boxes like that from the back of the ship. Bring them to her, and then do anything she asks of you." The droid nods and heads for the ship, with the Balosar doing his best to keep up behind. Retrieving a loading jack, B'haav places crates of water and a few boxes of emergency rations on top. With the lucky help of his ASP droid, he is able to wheel the overloaded cart to the bottom of the ramp without getting run over. B'haav hauls for the temporary shelters as they're already expanding.

"I have clean water here, and emergency rations. There are more on my ship, so there will be plenty for all. I will be setting up just outside the tents, so please ask if you need anything!" Slowing the handtruck to a stop, B'haav begins to separate the two types of cargo into a pile for water, and one for cold-but-filling meals.

With the added aid of more candy, chocolate and the dancing fireflies, Aubrei gets through quite a few of the children, explaining the story of Felucia and the dangers of its wild world. But how Jinn and Lew were beacons in the dark. She tells them about the bioluminescent cave, Trip and the rescue of her person so that Lew and Jinn, as well as herself can be here now in this very moment. Little eyes go wide and more than once her story is broken by questions though she quiets as she tends to the injuries of one child that are a bit more extensive. She motions to B'haav. "Tell the Doctor this child has a broken arm and I am not the one to set it." Said child gets more than a few treats and a ruffle of their hair before they are moved on to be tended to.

After the story is finished she teaches them a song in Zelosian of blossoms and blooms. The young woman smiles, looking a bit more exhausted by the end of her rounds and ready to continue to supply distraction for the little ones all while the fires burn and more continue to filter in.

Eventually treats will run out and all they can do is hope to keep spirits up until a permanent solution can be found for the displaced.

Tamsin, who was already prepped and ready for patients, waved a hand, directing the incoming burn patients to the temporary surgical area which had been set up, disappearing, momentarily, behind the sheeting that had been erected to provide some amount of cleaniliness, before she poked her head out again, hearing down the lane that a child was being sent in her direction, "Get them inside, expose the burns and begin debriding. I will return shortly."

She moved away to accept the smallest of her patients, the frantic mother being held back by one of the medics serving as a nurse as Tamsin found a free bed and the equipment necessary to set the broken bone. "Now, I'm going to give you something, and this will make it all better." She offered a pen, in a bright blue colour, "You'll be able to decorate it, and have all of your friends sign your cast." All kids loved that, right? But the bone would soon be set and the cast quick drying. She did comment to one of the medics, "Once we have room, I'd like to see them tanked, to allow the bone to heal more quickly." But the cast would do for now.

It isn't much of a surprise that as time passes, Valeska is carting more children than supplies. But hey. Relief can mean a great many things and if her efforts can get a few shellshocked children to laugh and forget about ruined homes, smoke-filled skies, and having to see the doctor then she's definitely done what she came here to do.

But the hour is getting late and the flights slow to a stop much to the groaning protest of about a dozen children. And one rather infactuated mother who cannot stop asking questions about Mandalorians. Most of them start off with 'Is it true that...'

Retrieving her helmet from a curious six-year-old who had put it on his head and giggled, Valeska pops it back on and gives a bit of a thumbs up. <<"Stay out of trouble and maybe I can come back, yeah?">>

Iriin skips on back to the tents with the repulsor laden with supplies. She's only ten standard years old herself though she looks younger than that with inadequate nurishment in her early years. The children here might look at her ascance for her Mandalorian armor and her weapons - pistol and vibrodagger. Her blonde braids coming loose bounce against her armored shoulders and she comes to stand beside Aubrei. "Bre, isn't it? May I help?"

The last of a ship's supplies are unloaded, Hahtavi assisting. He helps to fill another sled full of crates and when it heads for the tents, he crabs a last crate of medical supplies to carry back to the tents himself. His pale grey eyes in his scarred face catches sight of Valeska with the children. It makes him smile a little.

B'haav nods, steel-grey eyes casting about for the doctor as he left J43 - the J9 worker with a massive list of spoken languages and etiquette protocols - to watch over the goods, with explicit instructions to restock as needed and to find trustworthy people to deputize if necessary. "I'll seek her out directly." The Balosar takes up a waiting stance outside the surgical area for sign of the doctor. He follows as she keeps busy, taking a moment to attract the attention of the rightfully-concerned mother. "My name is B'haav Adasta, and I have worked with Doctor Cas more times than I could tell you in less than a week. Trust me when I say that she is exactly who you want attending to your child right now. All will be well." As Tamsin worked on the bone, the parent seemed to calm a little. When a stranger tells you that you have nothing to worry about in that tone? Well, you worry a little less, anyway. B'haav steps around and catches the Doctor's attention when she's between patients.

"Doctor, Aubrei has a little one with a pretty rough broken arm. She thinks it is best in your hands, and I would believe such an assessment."

The relief that is given from those that have tendered aid tonight might be small to some, but it is a blessing to others. The healing is accepted gratefully from Doctor Cas and others that are attending with her. The Mandalorians that help with running supplies and help to move those that are otherwise stuck are given praises for their genorosity and their aiding a planet that some might have already signed away.

The morale is improved immensely and it is the first real sense of...hope? Yes, that's the word, Hope. There is hope, however small it may be in the faces and the words of the people of Coruscant for the time being.