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First Order/Resistance: Warning Shots

OOC Date: November 26, 2016
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Triz Dermout, Fuze, Kath Hounds

Dinko's Inn is not the usual bar for many in the small gathering at the bar this evening but everyone felt like a change from the regular. While not a dive exactly, you won't find to many of the better off citizens of Nar Shaddaa present. A bar that has been known to get rough at times tonight most of the half filled place have kept to their manners. A small band plays mostly jaunty tunes to keep the patrons in an upbeat mood. At the bar a group appears to be breaking up. Slaps on the back of the one in the middle and a few Congratulations are given. As the varied spacers make their leave Triz is left sitting there shaking her head. She turns back to the barkeep and motions to her empty shot glass "Another, please." A bottle of Corellian whiskey is produced and the glass refilled.

That's the point at which the door opens and a pair of strangers walk in. Both human, female. One's a little older, late twenties, olive skin, dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, white teeth usually flashed in a smile. Confident. Arrogant. The other is early twenties, curly blonde har, a spray of freckles, much less outgoing than the first. They seem to be close; their body language is relaxed with the other. Yet, probably not lovers, it's not that sort of intimacy. More than friends, however.

They pick a couple of empty spaces vacated by Triz's group, and the olive-skinned woman gestures to the barkeep, "What she's having for both of us." She's pointing to Triz's glass. The blonde snickers, "Yeah, you best go by what the locals like this time, Fuze." The other grins easily, eyes sparkling with mischief, "I'm a quick learner." Her gaze slides along to Triz, appraising the other woman's profile. The other odd thing about these two are their clothes; it's like they've just walked into an outdoor outfitters and purchased everything from the same brand rack, just picking the right sizes. Outdoorsy pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, boots.

As the two arrive and park themselves next to her, Triz cuts her eyes over to the pair. She can't help but notice that the clothes they were. A friendly smile is given to them "Corellian whiskey. Though I don't know how many of the actual locals drink it," she replies. To the bar keep she looks and nods her head in the direction to the new arrivals "First one is on me," she tells him. In a good mood and feeling a bit generous, apparently. She sips from her shot glass as she cuts her eyes to the pair "So did you plan on dressing alike or was it purely by chance?" She asks "I would have said maybe twins but," a shake of her head because they obviously can't be.

The shyer blonde blushes, murmuring a thanks for the drink but looking more uncertainly at her own and her companion's garb. Her silence, though, is filled by the garrulous nature of the one addressed as 'Fuze'. "We were on a ship for a long while. Now we're here. You probably don't want to know what our shipwear was like." The blonde's blush deepens and she clears her throat. Fuze, though, charges onwards. "Hey, I'm Fuze, and this is my gunner Edie." A friendly hand is thrust forwards as an introductory peace offering. "So you're not a local here either?" she asks curiously. "And thanks for the drink. Next round's on me."

Triz can only chuckle and holds up her hand as if to show stop "No, I can imagine what some captains require you to wear these days." And laughs a bit harder as the blond blushes. Taking the offered hand Triz nods "Triz, Triz Dermout," she pronounces her last name with the T silent. "Hi, Eddie," she nods to the blond "Gunner? Really?" Releasing the hand she shakes her head "No, not a local. Originally from Corellia but got here on a long route through the outer rim." She brings up her glass as a salute when the next round is on them. "Thanks. What brings you to Nar Shaddaa?"

Fuze is ready with her answer to that, so quick in fact it seems she was expecting it - or at least had an answer in her hip pocket. "Work," she grins noncomittally, clinking glasses and downing her second shot of the evening in as many minutes. "I'm a pilot. She's my gunner. We're a team." That would certainly explain their apparent bond, that relaxed kinship that is sometimes evident in buddies and partners. "It's pretty volatile round here, huh? That thing at the spaceport..." She pauses to sip her glass, and Edie chimes in with a soft, entirely opposite to Fuze, "...was harsh. I wish we had been there to help those poor people."

The rapid response causes Triz to blink "Oh, I see," she says. "I guess that's why a lot of us are here, work." Her brows rise ever so slightly "Pilot and gunner. Huh. What kind of ship do you fly?" She nods about the team though, she's seen it enough to notice it. Giving a shrug about the situation on Nar Shaddaa "I guess. Seems that way of late. What with the Hutts and the F O and those wishing to go against them a lot of folks are caught in the middle. But that big thing at the space port the other day," Triz shakes her head "Probably some idiot that was trying to make a point. Killed a lot of innocents. A real shame."

Fuze taps her empty glass on the counter, attracting the attention of the bartender for another fillup for her and Triz; Edie is a slow drinker. "Yeah, killed a lot of innocents. People just don't understand." She twists on her stool to face Triz, gesticulating forcefully alongside her words. "People just do not understand that there's a powerful force here trying to bring peace to the region. There are some out of control elements from both the Hutts and the so-called Resistance...you saw what happened at the spaceport, right, that was Resistance. Classic Resistance tactics drawn from the Rebel playbook thirty years ago." She shakes her head, "My ship was down for maintenance when that attack hit, or I swear Edie and I would have shot those transports out of the sky before half of them had hit the dreadnoughts." She states that as a simple matter of fact rather than an opinion. The question about the ship has not been forgotten, though, and Fuze grins crookedly. "We fly TIE fighters. Edie here is a damn good gunner." Edie blushes, shaking her head a little. "And I'm the best damn pilot there's been since Vader." Edie's eyes flicker nervously around at that bragging.

Taken slightly aback as Fuze speaks so...forcefully Triz can only listen till the finish. "A powerful force is it?" Well maybe some folks don't wish to trade one tyrant for another, but what the hell do I know. I'm just a simple pilot myself." She takes the newly filled shot glass and as thoughts begin to form in her head she sets it back down on the bar top. "Yea, well I doubt that was Resistance. Not their style. To go plowing a ship into a spaceport and then blowing it and everything else up, nah. Not the Resistance." She can't help but smile, a forced smile, but a smile non the less "Best damn pilot is it? I heard tale that the resistance has gotten themselves a pretty damn good pilot too. Heard of one shooting down a TIE. Actually I think it was two, the the stories can be believed."

Edie's face reddens, her gaze flickering nervously between Triz and Fuze. Fuze's reaction, though, is the most comical. Her mouth drops open at the latter few words and her eyes flash with mercurial anger. Her knuckles whiten on the glass, but then the moment is over as quickly as it started and she throws back her head and gives a clear laugh. "It was two TIEs," she confirms, eyes sparkling with amusement. "And, yeah, that Resistance pilot was good. I freely admit that." She's still grinning. "Next time, though, I'll hand that pilot's ass to him on a plate. Those X-wings fly like pregnant banthas next to our TIEs. Sure they're good and fast in a straight line and you're screwed if they get above you, but they're rubbish head-to-head or in this shit-hole of a planet's concrete canyons. They just can't turn fast enough, their S-foils start to come apart if you pull more than nine or ten G in a vertical turn. And Edie here," she wraps her arm possessively around the younger woman, "is gonna hit that bastard next time he gets behind me and tries to sucker-punch me out of the air like Skywalker did."

"Right, two. Don't tell me, one of then was you?" Because she did notice Eddie and Fuze's reaction. "Apparently /she/ is damn good." Triz says calmly with a hint of a smirk forming. "As for X-Wings flying like," brows crease as she pretends to think "pregnant banthas it would depend on the pilot, no?" Reaching for the whiskey that Fuze bought she toast with it before downing it in one swallow and uses the back of her other hand to wipe her lips "Sucker punch? Well," she adverts her eyes to land on Eddie "I hope for your sake you are as good a gunner as your pilot here says cause when she gets behind you again that will probably be the last thing you ever see. And it's good to know that this pilot is as good as Skylwaker cause he is the best. She's in good company then, right?" The shot glass is held in her hand and she looks at it "Mighty fine Corellian Whiskey, don't you think?"

Fuze snorts. "Yeah. I'm a First Order pilot trying to bring some order to this piece of shit end of the galaxy." That probably won't win her any bonus points with the bartender and the locals, now. She tilts her head suspiciously at something Triz said. "And yes, I was downed by some Resistance X-wing the other day...you say it was a girl flying? She isn't about this tall," her hand measures a short adult human off the ground, "frizzy hair, callsign Red Two? Because if that's her, she and I need to talk." While Fuze may be hung up on Nym Landala, Edie has figured it out, and stares at Triz with wide eyes. "That was you," she interrupts softly. "You killed Aurek Two and his gunner." Fuze turns to sssh her, all confused. "Wait, what?" she hesitates, her hand curling over the whisky bottle. It's a close call as to whether she's about to smash Triz over the head with it, or pour another round of shots.

"Gee, I'd never have guessed," Triz says when Fuze admits to being a First Order pilot. With a shake of her head "Nope, doesn't ring a bell with me." She replies about the description of the X-Wing pilot. She looks at Eddie and just gives a shrug "Not saying it was, not saying it wasn't, I don't recall hearing any names though." She eyes the bottle that Fuze grips and so she rests her hand on the blaster at her side. With a slow single shake of her head no "We don't want to be starting troubles here in the bar do we? It could get real messy you know." Slipping off the stool she gets the jacket that she was sitting on with her left hand and flips it over her shoulder. The CDF patches, the wings and the Corellian flag patches plain to see. She levels her eyes calmly to meet Fuze's 'My best advice, Fuze," she says the name like it was poison "is to just pack up and leave. Not the bar but Nar Shaddaa all together." All the while her hand rests on the pistol.

Fuze's brown eyes meet Triz's squarely. "I've never been one for taking unsolicited advice," she returns, equally calmly. She's still smiling as she tilts the bottle to splash more of the firewater into her own cup. "I fight my battles in the air. You happen to see the Resistance pilot that shot me down, you tell her that FZ-4792, callsign 'Fuze', 'Aurek One', is ready and waiting for a return match any time, any place, any altitude that's off the ground. You tell her to call me over any hailing channel, and if I'm not asleep Edie and I will be there. Just us. No tricks. She wants to call in her friends because she hasn't the guts to come alone, well..." she laughs, "then it's just become a target-rich environment for me." Then the smile fades. "But let's leave politics out of it. I'm First Order. I'm here to try to bring peace. Eebua Gnuda is a slug, and he's just a tool, a means to an end. Don't mistake me for his type." Her voice softens. "Take your hand off the gun and drink with me, Triz."

When Fuze pouts the drink out of the bottle and doesn't swing at her with it Triz does relax. "Well if we are giving away such information. Triz Dermout, callsign Girlie, Spark Four, and any time you wish, Aurek One. Any time. Just you and me." When she speaks of peace and Eebua she rolls her eyes "Peace? It's not peace to force those to live under the thumb of some tyrant. It's not peace to enslave free beings. As for Eebua, you roll with the banthas you will end up smelling like one so it's not a whole lot of difference to me. But tell me, did the First Order really tell him what he was getting into before getting in bed with them?" She does take her hand off her gun but it remains at her side. As for the drink "Maybe another time, Fuze, Edddie. Not now." She begins to back out of the bar, quick glances behind her to the door but most of the patrons that were close heard some of the talk and did see Triz with her hand on her blaster so they have cleared a path. "Till we meet again I bid you a good night." She smiles one with out any warmth to it and bows slightly.

Fuze shakes her head at the politics, smiling still despite that. "You stay safe, Spark Four. Until we meet again. You and me." Edie looks like she's about to say something, perhaps to wonder why she wasn't included in that, but ends up saying nothing. Fuze brings her hand up to give a brief ghost of a salute to the Resistance pilot, holding it for a second before her hand drops to take the shot and down it. Then she, too, is standing. "Come on, Edie, we've outstayed our welcome." Credit chips are tossed on the bar, more than enough to soothe the bartender's ill-feelings (or perhaps just proof that the First Order local safety briefings didn't mention currency in any great detail). She takes Edie's hand to guide her out the back door, not following Triz out the front.