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Rebel Yell steals a Carrack-class from Wyrm the Hutt.

OOC Date: January 24, 2016
Location: Pirate Base
Participants: Stavros (as GM and himself), Gren Delede (as GM and himself), Alluria Dane, Kasia Ciph, Kelnas, Lofty, Lowkeyyy, Sar Yavok, Quinn Ca'lio, Rebel Yell

Cruising low over the treetops to evade detection, the Rebel Yell junker fleet and its Plus One skim skidded to a stop and made a quick drop into a clearing that barely contains their numbers. Their people made their way through the underbrush until the lightly-fortified hidden base of the Luyam pirates was visible. Sections of metal chain fences are interspersed with prefabricated plascrete wall. There is no gate; everyone flies in and out. There is a sensor dish above a squat one-story building at the center of the compound, and a few fighters and freighters, but up ahead is their flagship, so to speak: a Carrack-class cruiser that has droids and organics alike unloading its latest haul. A few quick snips with wirecutters, and you're in.

There are at least three approaches: by an assorted and ugly squad of fighters in two neat rows; along the exterior walls among crates; and straight up the middle, towards the building that appears to be the headquarters.

Sar Yavok inches his way towards the fence ever so slowly, before he eventually comes to a stop and kneels down. He's dressed out in Rebel Yell's classy new armor, the helmet hanging from his belt for now. He clutches his carbine against his shoulder and looks around, doing a mental roll-call as the rest of his team catches up. "There she is," Sar remarks with a grin, referring to the large Carrack in the process of loading cargo. I.e. Their target. "You folks know the drill. Stavros, you blow that gate. Everybody else, follow me. We're going straight down the middle and we're stealing that goddamn ship. Oh, and don't get hit," Sar says, looking around at his gathered soldiers.

With crimson red colored shoulder pauldrons and being over 7' in height, Lowkeyyy is not exactly the stealthiest of individuals, but he isn't here to sneak up on someone, he's here to slice people in half or blow legs off with his bowcaster. On that note, the wookiee doesn't entirely seem certain as to which weapon would do him best for the mission at hand, he knows they are going for a ship, but will most combat be at a distance? Lowkeyyy idly fingers at the Ryyk blade at his hip as he moves to crouch near the fence, at the mention of blowing something, Low moves to reach over his shoulder for his bowcaster, readying the weapon with a toothy grin.

Coming in behind Sar, Kelnas kneels down quietly and nods looking at the Carrack. Motioning to the path, the Wroonian nods. "Want me to take point? Not much use in the back with this thing." as he speaks he hefts his staff.

Kneeling next to Sar, Gren looks toward the Carrack, and smiles. She goes fast. "Still think we should've just come in firing...strafe those fighters." He bitches quietly, but with a little shrug. He draws his blaster pistol, holds it low, and looks over his shoulder at the rest of the team, before looking back at Yavok. "Alright. Sounds good, then. I'll be in the back."

Kneeling next to Sar, Gren looks toward the Carrack, and smiles. She goes fast. "Still think we should've just come in firing...strafe those fighters." He bitches quietly, but with a little shrug. He draws his blaster pistol, holds it low, and looks over his shoulder at the rest of the team, before looking back at Yavok. "Alright. Sounds good, then. I'll be in the back."

Lofty the Talz waddles after the group, bringing up the rear. He has a simple 'light sport' rifle in his paws and a pistol stuffed into his bandolier. "Carrack so ugly," he whispers through his boopsnoot.

Stavros takes a few steps forward. He's decked out in Rebel Yell armor with a pack over his shoulder containing a variety of explosives. He grabs a small round one with an adhesive, appraises the wall, and chooses a spot that looks pretty much like any other, strips the adhesive blocker, and sticks it right up against the wall. Presses a few buttons, then runs back with the others. "Cover your ears. Three... two..." He drops his goggles over his face and plugs his own ears as the explosion knocks a solid eight foot round hole in this chunk of plascrete. "Woo! All right." And he runs straight in, blaster pistol up and at the ready. He hits his back against to a cargo crate about twenty feet up, and crouches, peering up past it. He holds up four fingers to indicate hostiles - and there they are. A Gamorrean, a gran, and two humans, shooting the shit until the explosion. The Gran has a rifle, the Gamorrean has an ax, and the two humans have blaster pistols. They come running straight towards the wall - not the brightest move, in retrospect, but they're supposed to be on guard!

Quinn Ca'lio is hovering around the back of the pack. She grips her blaster in hand, head down as she makes her way after Sar towards the fence. When the explosion is ordered and Stav is running back, Quinn ducks and turns her face away, plugging her ear with a finger. "Friggin'..." she mutters as the blasst rings her ears anyways. The girl straightens up and nudges through a few people to get closer to the front. She ends up next to the wookie, her eyes sneaking up to him before resting back to Sar.

Kasia is somewhere near the rear of the group as well, which is probably for the best since she's rather new to this sort of thing. Still, she's here, and when the warning to protect ears is given, she does just that, head ducking down and fingers going into her ears. She cringes back from the explosion, hands lowering after a few moments.

Sar Yavok bolts down the hill after the chunk is blown out of the wall. He's quick to slip through the opening and bring his carbine to bear, squeezing the trigger quickly and sending three shots downrange.

The first bolt of plasma vents the Gamorrean's head, sending him falling forward in a clumb. The next two shots bury themselves into the chest of one of the humans. Sar's not worried about the other two targets, confident that his crew will mop them up as he continues moving towards the Carrack.

Gren, despite proclaiming his intention to remain in the rear...well...he's charging forward just behind Sar. His Bryar is out in front of him, and he's quick to form a sight picture on the Gran pirate. The trigger twice, and a pair of bright yellow blaster bolts burn into two of the alien's three eyes. It falls smoking to the ground. The middle-aged pilot finds cover behind the same cargo container as Stavros, and glances at the Bounty Hunter with a big grin. "Hell, I love light fights." His breathing is already hard.

Lowkeyyy didnt catch the warning to cover ears, as he had been eyeing some of the freighter ships around the flag ship they were planning on acquiring. Lowkeyyy looks down at Quinn when she moves up next to him and he barks out, perhaps a bit too loudly now that his ears are ringing. 'What did he say?' Low was a ground soldier through a few battles, so his eyes move to track Sar and Stavros, upon doing so, he notes the four held up fingers, he keeps in line not far back from Sar, who he had been ordered to follow in the first place, his bowcaster held at the ready, waiting upon a target to show itself in front of him. Low notes the direction in which Sar is firing, and then Gren, he had sighted in on the Gran, but when Gren shoots him, Low adjusts his sights to the remaining human and blasts his head off and before the human drops, a second shot catches him in the stomach. Lowkeyyy gives a wookiee roar and turns to follow the group forward if they move.

With the sound of the explosion and blaster fire, a raid siren comes blaring out of the building in the center, complete with flashing, rotating red lights on each side of the building. No less than eight humanoids come out of the center building, carbines and pistols already up and ready. Two are Rodians, the rest humans. But Rebel Yell has had time to see where that exit from the building is, and are already storming forward.

There is some confusion at the Carrack about whether they should continue unloading, load back up, or do something else entirely. The four guards by the Carrack are not running away from it to join the fray, however.

Taking cover as Stav sets the Explosives, Kelnas Looks up and grins over at Lowkeyyy. Coming to his feet, he charges in with the Wookie, tapping him on the shoulder on the way past, the Wroonian continues forward into the now cleared path made by the others.

Lofty the Talz hustles through the fence and brings his hunting rifle to bear on the guards that flow out from the enemy compound. He takes a shot but it goes wild, hitting the carrack cruiser that is landed on the tarmac.

Stavros just grins back at Gren as the older fellow shoots with enthusiasm. "I'll cover the next stretch-" And he dashes out to the next bit of cover, a discarded piece of wall that never got put up. He has to crouch for it to hide him, but then he aims over the wall at the guards streaming from the building in the center of the compound. Two clean shots, two humans down before they can fire back, and he waves the others forward, providing cover fire.

Quinn Ca'lio can't help but snort a little laugh at the wookie. She brushes his arm with a hand and motions to Sar, but it appears Low has the idea already. She falls back a tick and charges in with the rest of them, her blaster getting held up as her eyes scan the area between darting around cover. Quinn picks the gun up a bit, throwing a lucky shot towards the group clustered around the Carrack. One of the humans is blasted off their feet and falls in a heap. "That's how you fuckin' /do/ it!" she whisper cheers as she hustles forward to the column.

Alluria hangs back with the rear guard, glancing back behind them as she moves along. When the firing starts she finds a bit of cover and starts firing towards the barracks. Her gun steady and sure in her hands as she makes her shot. The shot hits her target square between the eyes and the man goes down before he can fire another shot. A breath taken and she looks down her sites on one of the others.

Sar Yavok grins as the guards start pouring out of the compound. Sar really like a fight. The grizzled soldier hefts the EE-3 up to his cheek, taking extra care to aim as he moves forward. Sar likes making himself a big target, too. Keeps his little buddies safe. He squeezes the trigger three more times, the rifle repeating thusly as they spit fire towards the pirates around the Carrack. Two of the bolts fly wide, but one of them finds its mark, scorching a Rodian pirate's arm, but not killing him.

A woman that can shoot, oh my! Low looks at Quinn like she's a goddess until the stoner wookiee seems to remember there is other action going on. He notes Sar rushing ahead and the wookiee lopes off in his direction like some big dumb ape, grinning like an idiot and more or less avoiding being shot, he blasts two of the guys away, one in the nuts, the other an arterial leg wound that he'll bleed out in minutes before dropping down beside Sar. 'Hey boss man!'

Again, Gren isn't so much one to stay behind the larger, more ground-poundery types. And he's deadly with is blaster pistol. He swings out from behind the cargo container, and follows alongside Stavros, or rather, keeps up as best he can. His first two bolts are snapped off very quickly, and of course, he guns down both of the Rodian pirates. "Suck it, trash-eating greenskin bastards!!" He really really likes murdering Rodians. The last shot is taken after he actually takes a moment to aim down the barrel of his Bryar. The yellow bolt takes one of the distant human guards in the throat. Deadeye Drunk over here. "Keep going!"

Charging towards the Barracks, Kelnas grins in his new armor. He wasn't quite as nimble as usual in the stuff, so he's a bit slow in anticipating the blaster fire that comes at him. catching a bruise to the shoulder for his troubles, the Wroonian drops his shoulder and barrels into the group in front of the Barracks. Arms and knees working, he grabs a Rodian by the back of the head and drives a knee up hard into the mid section, driving like a piston twice into the poor creature before he tosses him aside, knocking his partner off balance, Kelnas follows that in, driving brass encased knuckles into the Human's temple. movements fast, decisive and final.

The Zeltron, once Gren reaches his cover and Kelnas makes it past him to the building proper and starts taking people down with his brass knuckles, takes a shot at the one remaining human with a rifle next to Kelnas before he can shoot at the Wroonian again. He grins at the man, then peers around the corner of this center building. "Oh, shit," he says, then transmits over his comm, "Run for the Carrack! Go go! They're setting a _repeater_ up-" He takes a few shots, not aimed, just to provide cover fire, maybe. (Stavros)

Quinn Ca'lio is charging her way several paces back from the front lines. She flips her blaster rifle up to take another potshot, but a blast coming her way causes her to duck back down and make a break for it, attempting to close the gap between herself and the front of the group. She pounds some ground, making her way to the Carrack.

Alluria remains in her spot, her gaze scanning for her next shot and scopes on another human coming out of the barracks. The shots going past her barely make her flinch at moment. Though as she fires at her next target, her shot goes a touch wide, pinking the wall right next to the guy. It may not hit but it certainly startles the man and he ducks down less he get shot at again.

Sar Yavok raises his EE-3 and squeezes the trigger a few times, firing liberally at the heads of the repeater operators. Two of them fly wide, but the third one takes the head off of the guy who's about to rain hell on them. "There! Problem solved!" Afterwards, Sar breaks into a sprint. A really fast sprint. A sprint that a man his age wearing plated combat armor shouldn't be capable of. But hey, the old man is ripped as hell.

Gren, for once, doesn't get all blood-thirsty. He charges ahead, through the rain of blaster bolts, up the ramp into the Carrack. He weaves his way through corridors, and makes way onto the apparently deserted bridge. The former Imperial starts to flip switches, and start to power up the capital ship. "Dad would be so proud..." He still remembers how to do this! He hasn't forgotten everything. The power engines thrum online, and he repulsors start to kick online. "All the fuck aboard, assholes. If you brought your own ship, get to it. I'll need someone to watch my back. I can't be -totally- alone on this thing." This was entirely too easy. Its a good thing he left Last Call at home.

Hearing Gren's voice over the comms, Kelnas comes running out of the Barracks once more keying his mic as he goes. "Low. Let's fire up the bird. Bring the new girl and let's hope she knows what a turret is for."

Lowkeyyy hears the com from his partner and pauses in his rush, he moves off to join up with his partner in crime, ready to take their little freighter up into a fight, his first fight in years, but... no one needs to know that, or the fact that his last fight he was brought down.

Lofty the Talz runs through the enemy fire, firing his rifle to keep heads down as he boards the Carrack cruiser. "Lofty get on turret!" he says to Gren, diverting from the bridge to climb inside an anti-aircraft laser turret and power it up.

Quinn Ca'lio scrambles up into the Carrack. She whips around, blaster up in case there is recovered fire. She only pauses for a moment before turning around after Kelnas. "Really?" she barks back. We're not /sure/?" The girl groans as she changes course to follow Lofty towards the turrets.

Alluria runs over as things clear up a little. Hearing the request for 'the new girl' she can only assume it means her, "So like point gun and press the button thing?" She says with a note of sarcasm, "Don't worry about me.." She responds through the comm and runs over to the Carrick, keeping low as she moves from cover.

"Alright. Everyone hold the hell on. Corvid, try to keep up." Gren says cooly over the comms, as he fully slips into the main control's seat, and flicks another switch, sealing the main hatch. His finger run across the controls like he's done it a million times before, and the large starship lifts fully from the ground, and angles upward. He reaches out to slam the throttle foward, and the Carrack shoots toward the atmosphere at high speed. It is a cruiser that is as fast as an X-wing. He wasn't kidding when he said to keep up. "Why don't you folks pour some fire into their parked fighters as we pass overhead." Might as well wreck some shit. And then he glances at scanner. "Fuck. Nevermind. We've got incoming. I count atleast ten fighters. I repeat. ten fighters. Junk, mostly. Atleast two Y-wings in the mix that I cound. Could use help with those fuckers, Corvid."

In fact, the approaching formation is made up of two Y-wings, as the heavy hitters, four Headhunters as the lighter strike craft, and four Morningstar class starfighters of some variety. Real old hardware. They likely launched from another pirate base in the area, and are on a fast intercept course. Already alarms are going off on the bridge of the cruiser, indicating target locks.

Jumping aboard the Corvid, Lowkeyyy allows for Kelnas to get them up and off the ground, he gets in control of one of the COrvid's turret mounted guns and hears the incoming call from Gren. Low spots a headhunter and more or less vaporizes it immediately. "One headhunter down."

Bolting for the Corvid, Kelnas grins as he hears Alluria. "You'll do lady." Hitting the ramp, he vaults through the ship as he calls to his Co-pilot. "Take the turret Low! I remember how your last combat flight went. I'll run the other turret fixed from here." and with that, the Corvid flares to life and lurches from the ground. "

Alluria makes her way over to the Carreck , ducking slightly as she does to avoid any potential shots from people unnoticed. As she gets aboard she hunts down the turrets and takes a seat, quickly familiarizing herself with the controls as they take off. Then they are engaged and she looks over the field and chooses her most likely target of one of the y wings and shoots knocking out its shields. "Take that..." She hoots.

Sar Yavok took a little bit longer to get skyward than everybody else, but he's finally up there, his twin engines humming as he closes quickly on the Carrack and co. In all of his hastiness, one of the enemy fighters manages to get a successful strafing run on him, but it only serves to knock out his shields. He grunts a bit as the Porax shudders and he shouts, "Rexie, get to work!"

He does manage to wind up behind one of the Morningstars and fire off a burst, causing the ship's shields to flicker a bit. "I'm with you, Delede."

Stavros is plugged into the controls of one of the laser cannon turrets. It's like his Skipray: no glass, just targeting computers and cams. He centers a Y-Wing and fires, taking down its shields and breaching an engine's containment. The Y-Wing's pieces scatter. (The Carrack's turrets.)

Lofty barely fits in the turret, but he manages to turn the laser cannon around and strafes one of the attacking Y-Wings. Its shields flicker. "Got one!" he says over the comm frequencies.

The three surviving Headhunters, and the lone Y-wing each fires their warheads at the largish target, a ripple of blow and red warheads streaking toward the Carrack in the evening sky. But, Gren is too crafty for that, he nudges the large ship's thrusters into an even higher setting, and yanks the rudder hard. It slews the capital ship just enough for all of the explosive deliveries to fly either above, or under the ship. "She handles nice, but damn...I hate not being able to shoot back." The Coruscanti complains over the comms, but he keeps flying. And he never stops climbing. Soon, they'll be in space.

The MorningStar flight splits into two sections, with a pair each attempting to follow Corvid and Sar. They continu to spray red laser blasts at the freighter, and shieldless fighter. In the latter's case, its Clone War relic on Clone War relic action!.

As the morningstar flight splits and some head off toward the Corvid, Low spins the turret and locks on rather quickly with one. "Good bye" He mutters in a bark over the comm unit, blasting it from the sky. "Morningstar down, vaporized."

Having knocked out the shields with her first blast, Alluria aims again at the ywing set in her sites. It becomes a little trickly as the ship does some defensive manuevers but she finally manages to settle it in her sites again and fires. The shot hits the target and the ship explodes. "And thats how its done.." She murmurs coolly.

"Nice flying, grandpa!" Stavros says with genuine admiration, as the missiles and torpedoes go wide. "Leave the shooting to us, we got this." Only the Zeltron doesn't, as he fails to keep up with the Carrack's evasive maneuvers, his shots going wide of the Z-95. He mutters a curse over the comm. It's in Zeltron, a language pleasant on the ear, but it sounds fairly vicious.

Sar Yavok is now back in the game. He slings the Porax around deftly, evading all incoming attacks for the time being. He lines up another shot on the MorningStar, and lets loose another burst, continuing to damage its shields.

Rexie, however, sets to work, attempting to mend the Firebrand's own!

Lofty tracks the encroaching fighter craft and locks on to a Z-95 headhunter. He fires rapid bursts of orange laser fire, blowing up one of them. "Got two!" he warbles triumphantly over the communication channel.

Throttling up, Kelnas begins to whistle softly to himself. reaching over and flipping a guarded switch on his console, the Wroonian links his spare turret into his flight controls. the weapon swinging to Fore position and locking into place. comms open between him and Lowkeyy, he calls out. "Either this is going to be Super cool. or we're fucked buddy. tighten your sphincter." Yanking the throttle back to nearly an idle, kelnas continues to whistle cheerily. Watching the fighters on his tail whip past him, he slams the throttle forward once more and gently squeezes the trigger on his flight controls.

"Clean off Sar's tail, before he gets iced, Stavros. Lofty, Alluria...finish off these chucklefucks trying to lob missiles at us." Delede, for his part...well, he sounds a little bored. This is just too comfortable, and stable. Even as he manages to sideslip another barrage of concussion missiles from the pair of Headhunters still on him, its just not like a real dogfight. The pair of Morningstars still chase Firebrand, while for the moment...Kelnas just needs to focus on not crashing into another ship.

"Copy, Gren," Stavros says, swiveling the turret to face the Firebrand. "Sar, pull hard to... uh... port, on mark. Three, two, one, mark." As he brackets Sar's ship, with his targeting computer, a Morningstar comes into view. He unloads precision fire, raking across its fuselage until armor peels off and the ship detonates.

Alluria scans the sky for another ship to fire upon. "I will see what I cna do." She calls back into the comms. Alluria sets her sights on one of the morning stars and fires but the shot just misses as they dip to avoid being shot at again. "Damn." She mutters and works to get the ship in her sites again.

Load wookiee fit.....Loaded....Quite suddenly following his missed shot at one of the morningstars, the comm's fill up with growling, barking and if anyone understands Shyriiwook well enough, quite foul language. Low begins to bang on the wall surrounding the turret and more or less throws a wookiee sized hissy fit. "Miss." he finally manages out in a terse update.

Seeing his path is suddenly clear, Kelnas adjusts his course, taking aim at one of the headhunters chasing the Carrack, he touches off the trigger again and misses by a narrow margin. Actually feeling the hissy fit through the ship he calls out. "Hey hey hey! Calm your shit man! just shoot the fucker!"

"Copy," Sar responds to Stavros, manuevering away from the exploding MorningStar. "How's it coming back there, Rexie? You know if this ship blows up, you go with it, right?"

Sar doesn't manage to destroy the other MorningStar, but his little green astromech (with Phoenix painted on its head) chirps happily as the shields re-engage. "Good shit, Rexie. Good shit."

Lofty fires wildly at the incoming morningstars but barely hits. "How long to hyperspace?!" he asks over the comm, becoming anxious.

"SHUT THE DAMNED GROWLING UP. I CANNOT HEAR MYSELF BEING AWESOME." Gren shouts right back into the comm, as the wookie throws a fit for the whole gang to hear. There is a flash of light, as a spray of laser blasts slam into the Carrack's shields. It doesn't do much beyond that, but it does Delede's perfect flight. And, it pisses him right off. "The next motherfucker who misses what they're shooting at on this ship is going to be running laps with Ruto until the next time that I get laid, and we all know that is going to be. a. long. fucking. time. STOP MISSING." The throttle on the Carrack is almost halved, and he swings the entire ship around, as if to head back toward its pursuers(though they are nimble enough to adjust course). "We're not entering hyperspace until every one of these assholes is dead, SNOWFLAKE, so start killing them!"

The Morningstars continu to pursue what appears to be the sofest target, in Firebrand, spraying laser fire. The Headhunters appear to be running low on missiles, as they aren't firing them so willy-nilly at the Carrack, though they do appear to keep searching for a lock. Corvid, as the least hreatening target, is being left alone for the moment.

"Well if you could fly straight it might be helpful." Alluria returns to him with a note of sarcasm in her voice. Perhaps not completely familiar with the nuances of the wookie language...well the tonality does give a hint to the meaning. "Did you kiss you mother with that mouth?" She teases and sets her targets on the morning star again. "Well happy to put you out of your misery if I miss...I hate running laps." So she firess again at one of the morning stars and well and truely hits and the thing blows up, "Ah shame, I guess that lets me off the hook."

Stavros whistles. "Wow, did that wookiee serve in the navy?" He's cut off by the impacts, however. "Lofty, it's time to waste these guys," he declares. When he detects the Firebrand's shields come back up, he turns back to the Z-95s, unleashing a rapid-fire barrage. One Headhunter loses shields. That's something, if not the kill he wanted.

Like any good wookiee, Low lets out a little meek sounding growl as if in some sort of apology and then runs a hand over a dent on the wall around the turret before calming down and locking in on a Morningstar tailing Sar, he blasts it out of existence and calls out. "Bye birdie."

Still whistling a cheerful tune to himself, kelnas swings the nose of the ship towards the headhunters once more. Touching off the trigger once more, he watches the red lasers strafe their target and he keys his mic. "Gren. Dude. When we get home, I have a Huge bag of Primo with your name on it chief. My gift to you."

Sar Yavok is the next person to miss and he opens the comm channel, remarking to Gren, "I fucking dare you to try and make me run laps, fat ass."

Lofty fires the anti-starfighter turret at the pursuing headhunters but misses... for the first time! "Go hyperspace!" he wails over the comm.

"Yavok. I said on -this- ship. Besides, I'm not going to make you." Gren replies over the comm, as he kicks the thrusters back up to full power, and nudges the Carrack onto a new course. He smiles..."Ruto is going to make you. Just for the fat-ass comment." There is a snort, as Lofty wails away. "Snowflake. You missed. I'm glad. Your tubby ass could stand to run a few thousand laps. And, I doubt the new girl is going to offer to shorten -your- sentence." The Carracks new course seems to be in pursuit of the lone remaining Headhunter...the pilot seems wisely to have chosen to flee. But, oops. The Carrack is faster. "Like I said. We aren't leaving until this asshole is dead. KILL him. I want to smoke what Kel is giving me, damnit."

The Zeltron croons to his target, "Come a little closer. 'You know I'd never hurt you, sweetheart - for anyone but her.'" He squeezes the fire control while aimed at the Headhunter without shields. Yes, he's quoting a Zeltron soap opera at the things he wants to kill. Before his lasers even hit, though, it explodes. "Damn it, Sar! That Z-95 and I were having a moment!"

Stavros is the Zeltron, for those following along at home.

"Ooops," Sar remarks over the comms, having loosed a missile just a few moments prior. "Don't worry, Pinky, you have can the next one." He smirks and taps a few things into his navigational computer, "Alright. Good shit, people."

watching as the last ship tries to run, Kelnas leans back in his seat and puts his feet up on the console. Humming softly to himself he watches as the various turrets lgiht the bastard up like various lasers through a tin can in space. Forgetting to cut out the comms, kel calls down. "looks like we're clear Low. Bring my rolling papers up with you. yours suck. and get some coffee going, would you?"

"Well it wouldn't be fair really, taking it for someone else's sentence. Perhaps you could make the same offer?" Ria replies with amusement in her tone as she sets the sights on the headhunter, before she can fire off a shot another in the team gets the hit and relaxes her hands on the controls and leans back in her seat, "Scans all clear?"

Standing from his turret and ducking his head so as to leave the turret, Low moves to get the coffee brewing and digs around in Kelnas' bunk, finding his stash, the wookiee makes his way up into the cockpit and plopping down, waiting to hit hyperspace, he hands over the stash. "Good work guys." Low calls over the comms before clicking off and hanging his headset up on a hook near his cabin seat.

"Nice work, aye. Now, let's get the hell out of here." Gren says with some satisfaction over the comms, before there is a click. They are shut off, because damnit it. He wants some privacy. The Coruscanti pilot plots a quick course, and then reaches for the hyperdrive lever. It is given a yank, and the Carrack-class, soon to be re-christened Phoenix punches out of sublight, and goes to hyperspeed.