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Fen and Javi go shopping, and run across Rina along the way. Special Guest Appearance: Fluffy.

OOC Date: February 19, 2016
Location: Trader's Way, Starport District, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Javi Malek, Fenwick Mare, Sevrina Riggers, Rebel Yell

The best time to have a conversation is while in the middle of shopping for various things; medical supplies, groceries, sundries, and just about anything else that Fenwick manages to purchase for the private militant group in bulk and size. So he casually pilots a rental speeder along a portion of vendor-choked street in the Starport District of Nar Shaddaa. The overhead clouds are dark and foreboding, but no other real sign of inclement weather challenges the daytrip. Corellian jizz plays in the background, contrary to his 'usual' music tastes of hard and vulgar and loud and rocky.

"So, lady, when do we address your prior medical history? Or do you not want to talk about your past with me?" asks the combat medic, glancing away from the street and sidelong to his passenger. He's taken to calling Javi Malek 'Lady'. It fits. She's a human female, after all.

It's said that Javi could sell an ice cave to a Wampa so it only makes sense for her to come along on such shopping trips to negotiate the best deal for restocking the medibay after their recent mission that depleted a great deal of their stores. She's still sore, but any excuse to get out of the Hangar before she goes absolutely bonkers. "When do we address the fact that you're still calling me 'lady'." Javi comments sardonically, "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I must be bordering on Wookie strong by now."

Fenwick shrugs. "It fits," he explains in mild defense, "But I'm not going to push for any details if you aren't inclined to share, Miss Javek. It would just better help any future diagnosis. Then again, guess-work is fun too. I've seen that work with doctors, sometimes." He slows down due to cross-traffic. The man sits forward in order to peer past the woman next to him, to make certain the path is clear, and then gives the small reactor a little more power in order for the repulsorcraft to corner onto another road. He glances briefly over the shoulder. In the bed of the vehicle, crates of foodstuffs and medical supplies idly rest. There's still a stop or three to make, though.

"Now you're just being kind." Javi grins at being called a miss now, her eyes crinkling behind her goggles. "I don't know if anyone's ever called me that since I was twelve." She shifts uncomfortably in her seat, hand going to her side as if she still expects her innards to come spilling out. "Couple broken bones. Some scars. Couple times my foster parents missed their ashtray, so what. What's there to tell? But we have that whole...doctor patient privilege thing, right?"

Fenwick knits his eyebrows. It's a quick and flutter of a thing, thanks to her admittance. His lips part in beginning to say something but then he avoids the chance at interrupting her. Instead, he nods. There is such a thing as confidentiality with him. The speeder shifts as it banks to his hands' ministrations. "That's my default, by the way." He replies. "Being kind, normal- not fitting into Nar Shaddaa when someone pays just a gram and a half longer attention to me than a minor once over. That's me. So, if you want to keep any conversations with me private, then they'll be private. If you don't want that, then that's workable, too. I have to be a counselor around here, too. For everyone's benefit, I guess. Sorry your foster parents were fodder."

"But you're right, the hardships make us stronger." He adds.

"Don't worry, the worst of it isn't going to show up on some scan. And /don't/ say you're sorry. It just is what it is. Just don't want it getting around is all." Javi says darkly, her eyes shifting out to the busy street they maneuver for a moment. "I got you something. Well. Made you something." She says gruffly, like she has to put up some sort of front so she's not thought less of.

"I take it back then," because Fenwick is not going to insist on apologizing for something well out of his power to control. It is what it is. He nods in understanding and for a time finds himself driving along in relative silence. He does split his attention between their surroundings of vendors and shoppers and grime and bright lights, and listening to Javi. Something makes him smile. It may just be the thought of someone getting him something. "You really don't have to do that," Fen points out, "But you're more than likely not going to let me walk away without it, either. I'm sure you won't make this trip into the city awkward."

"Of course I didn't /have/ to, but you saved my ass out there, so it's ..you know." Least she can do. Javi reaches into the bag that's perpetually at her hip, normally filled with things she's scavenged like a vulture along the course of a day. She brings out a stuffed Rancor that she's added a crude medic's pack, little nurses cap and stethoscope to out of various impromptu bits and pieces. "His name is Fluffy." She declares, as she plops it in his lap without much ceremony.

The speeder comes to a joyous little stop, quite uneventfully plain in the grand scheme of things. They are outside a particular vendor who dabbles in the sale of knowledge; digitalized books in a variety of languages. If one plays their cards right? They come in physical form. Fenwick needs more medical journals -- on alien species -- and fictional pieces -- because he can. That's a thing. He also apparently needs to be gifted a stuffed Rancor. The man looks at the plushie. He looks across from the driver's position at Javi. He looks back at the creature in his lap. "His name is Fluffy." He mimes the words thoughtfully, holding the Rancor up by its medic's pack. He smiles, chuckling quietly too. "I wish I could brighten a sentient's day as easily as you've done with me. This is really nice. I like it," and he nods to the store, "Do you like books?"

"It's nothing." Javi protests, though there is a pinking beneath her freckles that belies a blush, quietly pleased that he's pleased. Not that she cares, huff. "Sometimes the only friend a girl has is a good book. One thing they can't take away from you is knowledge." She's moving to jump off the speeder, but it's not as eloquent of a disembark as it normally would be, but hey. She was half-dead.

Fenwick easily disagrees with a simple, "It's something." He also doesn't attempt all that much in making it a big deal between the two of them. He does happen to be taking the Rancor along with him as he disembarks from the speeder, nearly falling over himself in the process. At least the plushie is kept safe. After glancing down to it safely tucked underneath his right arm, he reaches back in to deposit the Rancor into the vehicle before locking it up. It wouldn't help for it to be stolen while they shop knowledge. As if he didn't just almost face-plant, he walks around the front and speaks up with a large slice of energy. "I definitely agree! I mean, I'm a guy, but the general idea is the same. I like to shop at this business because they keep some random things- all very interesting. I used to come here all of the time while I was living in the District. Oh. Miss Malek, thank you, for the gift. Have you been breaking into my quarters?"

Javi has spent her time resting on the front of the speeder while Fenwick tries the elusive triple lutz dismount of the vehicle, trying to hide her amusement by biting the inner pad of her cheek. As she plucks off her goggles and snaps them to the top of her head she asks eloquently for some elaboration as to the breaking into his quarters bit with a, "Huh?" She straightens was a grunt, "I don't pilfer from the Yellers if that's what you mean."

With a long moment's silence, Fen stares at Javi in studying the older woman. His gaze narrows somewhat, too, but then he breaks into a small smile and helplessly shrugs as his steps continue for the storefront of the bookstore. It's not like he remains silent, either. He pipes up just as well. "Not what I meant at all, no." There's a shake of his head. "I was just wondering what made you choose a stuffed animal of all things. As fun as it'd be, I didn't think you were the type of person to steal from friends and family- or colleagues and associates, however you call them- us."

"I don't /steal/. I re-appropriate." Javi grins as she follows after him, moving slower but making it look nonchalant. Just a casual trip to the bookstore, but the errands are starting to wear on her. "You collect them? Plushies? I guess I just thought it'd be a cute way to show my appreciation for not letting me bleed out all over the generator room floor. Just sort of..pieced it together." But there is an amount of pride to her voice for having done so.

Fen holds up a finger, "Same difference, in my opinion." The Corellian slows down when coming to the actual entrance. It's an automatic one and crisply hisses open, revealing books and shelves and the faint smell of something wooden or flowery, but pleasantly earthen in comparison to the grunge of Nar Shaddaa proper. He shoves his hands into the outer pockets of his bantha hide jacket, absentmindedly ducking his head a bit as he steps in. "They're collectibles. Why not collect them? It's not like they're littered all over my place- I think that'd be weird, considering- but, yeah." He shrugs. "This only demands I show my appreciation for being appreciated. It's going to be a never-ending cycle thanks to you. I hope you're happy with yourself, Miss Malek."

"Always am." Javi mentions at being happy with herself, ducking her face as she walks into the establishment, as if trying to fly under the radar despite never having been here before. Once they're past the counter, she relaxes somewhat and takes a deep breath of the distinctive aroma of old books mixed in with fresh presses. "This is downright quaint." Which actually doesn't sound like an insult as she stretches out a hand to skim a finger along a shelf.

Fenwick mutters incoherently under his breath in the general direction of Smug Javi. It is only fair that this Javi show up though but at least once they enter the smugness seems to abate. That leaves Fen taking a minor step back to check on the rental speeder and make certain no one is immediately heading for it. He then begins to walk deeper into the store of books, smiling briefly to the alien behind the counter in the process. It's lightly busy, far less so than outside. "Quaint's a good way of describing it, yeah." Rather than immediately head for the journalistic sections, he watches her interact with one of the shelves.

Maybe he's a tactile thing, but Javi's touch shifts from the smooth surface of the shelf to the physical books themselves, touching leather spines that sit amongst the more widely distributed pressed paper ones. The rental speeder sits outside the little bookshop as Javi and Fenwick continue on their list of errands for the day. "Did you know the old book smell is generated by the breakdown of cellulose and lignin in paper, which produces organic compounds. Benzaldehyde adds an almond-like scent, vanillin smells of vanilla and ethyl hexanol has a 'slightly floral' scent."

Even with the availability of rental speeders, Rina is the type of person to enjoy walking. Besides, it meant that she could stroll around and take a look at everything here and there, taking in the sights (because there really wasn't that much to enjoy). Either way, upon spying the bookstore, she's more than intrigued and makes her way inside and upon doing that, she spies the other two - well she recognizes Javi but not the person whom she's walking around with. So she shifts over to another section completely and begins randomly looking through some of the books on the shelves. "Oh hey look...modified short range specs..." Because those were interesting to /everyone/ right?!

Fenwick places his hands at his hips as he listens to Javi, pushing back the flanks of his jacket in the process. He nods once and then more slowly soon after that, smart enough to track what she is saying but dumb enough to comment sooner than later. "I understood about ten percent of that." He laughs, pointing a finger in Javi's general direction, "I mean, really, it makes sense- smarter than I look. But it sounds you need the latest in some of those research journals I mentioned earlier" He trails off and looks to the side, raising an eyebrow, mostly because he could have just sworn that someone was checking him out. He grows conscious of the weight belonging to the blaster underneath his jacket in its shoulder harness. The moment wanes, leaving him looking back over to Javi.

Javi smiles lopsidedly at Fenwick, reaching over to give one of his sleeves a little tug. "It means it smells good in here, because it's the organics of the books gradually breaking down." Her nose crinkles slightly, "Like I said. I've had a lot of time to read." She turns a bit self consciously (read: she puts on her Face) and plucks a random book out of a shelf to examine the title. "Oh hey." The hole she created in the shelf gives her a clear view of Rina on the opposite side. "Have you met our new armorer?" She hitches her head towards Fenwick to come closer.

Sevrina Riggers is totally engrossed in the book that she found, completely oblivious to the familiar face she saw a moment ago. It isn't until she hears a voice say something about 'new armorer' that she breaks her attention from the book and glances over to Javi. "Oh..ah..hey." That much spoken before her attention is shifted to Fenwick and she lifts a hand to give a small wave. "Don't believe I've had the pleasure..." Shifting to offer her hand to the man. "Sevrina Riggers. Rina for short. Nice to meet you?"

Fenwick's head bobs into another nod. "I riddled it out. Not a lot of books come in, well, book format like this. A lot of the works I have are on data plaques and files." It is just easier to keep them digitalized and he thinks on the novelty, nostalgia, with having the hardcopy as it were. Absentmindedly, and while still smiling, he corrects his jacket and watches the random book leave the shelf. In the next moment, he spots the person on the other side: human, female, dyed hair, and apparently another person in the organization that he needs to be made aware of beyond a name and face. He slowly shakes his head. "Must be user error that I haven't yet. I'm not much of a pleasure though. Just Fen, medic, health and welfare specialist, counselor, doctor, physician, surgeon, however you'd want to title me. I do medical things for sentients."

"Only the good ones." Javi comments, perhaps of the book in her hand as she lifts it to her nose and gives an indulgent sniff as the pair make introductions through the bookshelf that divides them. "He kept me from bleeding out, so he's my new best friend."

"Well then. You and I are going to be the best of friends. I'll make the stuff that protects those you doctor up...so you won't have to doctor such malicious wounds. If any are ever suffered." Rina says this much before giving a shrug of her shoulders, replacing the book back on the shelf. Then she glances to Javi and smirks. "Hopefully I'll have some stuff made and even modded here pretty soon. I just need space to work that isn't muddled with a handful of ships and sciencey stuff."

"I mean, technically, it wasn't exactly bleeding out. It was more the burning and forced trauma to the impact... areas... yes, bleeding out." It is much easier for Fenwick to simply agree than talk about wounds, especially when he has done more than enough to make certain anyone recently injured is well. So he weakly shrugs which is only really repeating what Sevrina does too. He busies his hands with picking up a book at random and glancing over the cover. He flatly smiles at it. "I think I'm too many best friends with people. I'm just a doctor. You all should find better friends. People not as much of a nerd," he says jokingly, holding up the book.

"This said to the woman that knows the origin of the 'old book smell'." Javi says flatly, then gives a shrug. "You can always return Fluffy if you want.." The last delivered in a sing song voice as she replaces the book she was admiring back to the shelf. The digital versions are always cheaper. With a heavy exhale, her hand goes back to her side, reminded of the wound and the length of the day. "Get your books, then take me home or lose me forever."

Sevrina Riggers blinks. "Old book smell?" To even emphasize that she's clearly clueless, she lifts her book to sniff at it a moment and then shrugs. Turning to replace it back on the shelf, there's a smirk. "Anyway. I was just looking around. I haven't really wandered anywhere and gotten to know where things are. So.."

Fenwick repeats, "Old book smell." He nods alongside the words and looks at the book again before carrying it in the general direction of the counter. He also manages to grab a handful of literary magazines, a novel, and a few medical journals in digital form to keep him busy for a while. "I'm not returning Fluffy," he flatly points out over the shoulder. He looks back again, this time at Sevrina instead of the departing Javi. A moment later and he walks into the rear of the small bookstore to purchase something for Javi. "So if you want, we're about to head back since this was our last stop. You can ride with. You just have to sit in the back with all the groceries I bought." because Fenwick only cooks with fresh ingredients when he does cook.

Fenwick turns with his purchased things tucked behind his arms, nodding to Sevrina. He isn't one to force things; instead, he smiles lightly to the woman and then makes his way for the exit as well. "I guess I'll see you around then. Take it easy, Miss Riggers."