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House Cleaning

OOC Date: November 28, 2019
Location: Ashkuri Compound, Mos Eisley, Tatooine
Participants: Hadrix Rol, Zee'Roh Kora, Sumi Kora, Clan Kora

The Predator came to a gentle hover above the compound, her ramp lowering down when the VTOLs cycled. It was a unique design, the Predator, intended for night raids just like this one. Binary suns had long since disappeared for the night, and the stars decorated the desert sky. This compound, settled upon the outskirts of Mos Eisley, was supposed to be cleared and vacant. Sumi had sent a scout to check the place out and saw Raiders getting cozy for the night, preparing their own night raids on those unlucky enough to live along the outskirts too.

What these raiders did not anticipate was the strike team deploying from the Predator ship onto the roof of one of the dwellings. Sumi was the first to step off the ramp, engaging her jetpack just before she might have impacted the roof and died. The sudden gust of propulsion was enough to billow her cape to one side until she landed and the jets cut off. Sumi took to kneeling behind cover then and gently brought her sniper rifle up, deploying its bipod and extending the adjustable buttstock. <<"This is Sumi. I'm on roof one. Looking for hostiles in the courtyard below.">>

Zee'Roh had incert into the area a few hours before to position herself near the compound that was suppose to be clear. Zero, her Seeker droid, was circling above Mos Eisley, acting a comms relay for the slicer down on the ground level beneath a drab brown environmental cloak with the hood up over her T-Visored helmet.

Kneeling beside a junction box with the wires running into her wrist mounted computer. The faint neon green glow reflecting off the Beskar silver-blue like an eerie childrens tale.

<<"Zee'Roh, in position. Slicing the power grid to go lights out on your mark, Sumi.">> Over closed loop encrypted short beam comms.

She glances back at the entrance to the compound waiting for the signal.

All but one from the Predator at least. One of those on point was not a mando - Hadrix's landing point wasn't correct and so his thrust was cut too soon, his own ship passing by overhead on autopilot while the big man adjusts his landing telemetry, thruster boots engaging and then.

@emit All but one from the Predator at least. One of those on point was not a mando - Hadrix's landing point wasn't correct and so his thrust was cut too soon, his own ship passing by overhead on autopilot while the big man adjusts his landing telemetry, thruster boots engaging and then.

WHAM dust exploding up and around him, AO-904 lands in the center of the courtyard. If ever there was a fine distraction for Zee to work her technical charm or others to get into position... this would be it.

Like a statue erected in honor of war itself he stands, the matte black paintjob on the armor making him a solid shadow, his helmet closed with band visor feeding his eyes data and bulked out cheek guards on the sensor array helm mask emitting hissing clouds of cooled air from the environmental controls. His pilot light engages and the right arm is raised, seeking targets.

Sumi cringed; in fact, all of Mos Eisley cringed when Hadrix landed at the center of the courtyard. Dust swirled up around his impact, and a gust of wind swept the immediate surroundings as the lone Tusken scout woke, fell from its stoop, then stood up looking at the massive armored figure. Raising its Gaffi stick, the robed creature yelled.


This stirred the rest of the den, and suddenly 1 changed to 13. Sumi groans, her voice conveyed over the open, encrypted line. <<"The whole district heard that. Huttsuckin... Hadrix, I hope you're ready for a fight. Zee.. kill the lights.">> Sumi stood then, setting her mid-ranged sniper rifle on a portion of the roof. <<"I'll cover what I can.. but no promises..">>

Sand people began to rush down the stairs from the other dwellings. Some carried slugthrowers, others gaffi sticks.

<<"So much for quiet approach.">> Zee groans, killing the lights with a quick bit of code, jerking the cords from the terminal box, which instantly recoil into the wrist computer, and turns to leap up on her rockets to clear the compound outter wall with her blaster pistol in hand.

The fire burning illuminates the target rich environment nicely.

Firing down on one of the raiders who was already sizzling as she drops out of her controlled descent. The Raider, shouting nonsense from the burn time, spins from the shoulder hit and falls like a sack to smolder on the ground.

Zee drops behind a pillar. <<"One down, confirmed, another a smoking wreck. Two more sizzling..">> Glance around the pillar, <<"Count 9 moving for cover.">>

Zero continues circling over head.

<"Don't ever call me huttsuckin..."> Hadrix's voice growls, dead of emotion as he has already begun walking towards the doors. <"And I'm always ready to fight."> He is war. For the warrior the only true conclusion is death.

The horking scout is the first target of Hadrix as he marches forward. Reaching back and slamming the plasma nozzle of his weapon through the respirator of the tusken's wrappings, jamming it into whatever the creature's mouth looks like.

The warrior does not cower to death, for that would belittle life. The warrior knows that they can not defeat danger, but for a moment they can free others from fear. Fear is for the enemy. A press of a toggle within the forearm of his suit, the hands being robotic, and liquid flame pours into the mouth of the flailing alien, silhouetting it's bones before they burn white hot and burst, spraying fire onto other Tuskens roused by the shouting. Hadrix moves on. Let those left behind find hope in their sacrifice.

<"You filth need to learn to run..."> emits over Hadrix's externals as he brackets himself, draws attention. Let those whom knew them well speak of their fierce loyalty, unwavering convictions, and when the time came; their ultimate willingness to give all. Legends live on. Only man comes to an end.

Sumi's shot misses, the bright burst of red slower-than-light discharge kicking up dirt nearby and casting sand and dirt into an eerie haze. Flames lit up the courtyard as plasma fire literally melted the scout; its screams lost in the vastness of the desert. It fell, another fell from the arrival of Zee, and one stayed behind falling to the ground, burning as it crawled.

The counter attack was sudden and flooded the court yard and area around Zee and Hadrix. Those with Gaffi sticks begin smacking the armored colossus that is Hadrix, while unseen slugs fire off. Sumi has to take a dive to avoid being hit, but Zee isn't so lucky.

A raider got lucky with a potshot at her cover, hitting the durosteel plated pauldron off a spray of crete from the pillar behind which she's taking cover, <"Kriff..."> That hurts like hell, eyeing the cracked armor plat with a frown behind her helmet, the Mandalorian turns off the otherside of the pillar and takes a snap shot at a wounded tusken, dropping him with a center mass shot at his less armored chest. He twitches twice and stops moving, while the second shot catches one just below the knee and drops him, cauterized wound isn't a kill shot, but it's damn close.

<<"Confirmed one, one down, but not out... seven taking shooting positions across the courtyard.">> As she drops back into cover, rolling her left shoulder to check the muscular damage. <<"Going to need a medic.">> Calm as a cemetary.

Staves and slugs impacting on his armor - one to the back of his head, another in an elbow joint on the suit. Calm. Composed. Lips moving in a mantra, one of the battle cadences from the creche. Focus. No time to lose control. Not yet.

Plasma nozzle retracting, Hadrix continues forward, no moving for cover, no running, no rushing. Not yet. A panel on his forearm swivels open and a carbine extends with a distinctive finned look.

Thirty years gone, not many recognize it. But some like Zee and Sumi just may. The distinct Ch-CHOOM! Ch-CHOOM-CHOOM! of the decades old stormtrooper E-11 sounding. Lances of burning plasma cutting low to account for rise as blaster bolts begin raining like a repeater, cutting the legs from two of the tuskans in his path.

<<"Lucky you told me minimum collateral...">> the missile pod on his back seeming to twitch.

Sumi's shot sounds out now, cutting across the front view of Hadrix to tag a flanking warrior intent to club the armored man. <<"One down. Moving.">> Sumi takes to the air.

Below, the war party has started to dwindle. Courage is not lacking, but the effort it's taking to harm any of the three is proving more of a challenge. The courtyard is swarmed, but the melee warriors have fallen back, relying on their clansmen to use slugthrowers.

Sumi lands in the courtyard, slinging her rifle just in time to be targeted by three of the shooters. <<"OH REKK!">> She dove to one side, tumbling as three slugs spiked up dirt where she'd been!

Zee'Roh makes a break from behind the pillar through the flickering emergency lights inside the compound flashing red, just enough illumination to allow her low-light augment to give a black/white pink tint view of the battle field to roughly a hundred yards out.

Circling the exterior of the combat zone like a phantom while the far more armored (and apparently armed) Hadrix and Sumi engage in a straight up face e face confrontation with the people of the sand.

Reaching another stone column, she slides behind cover and takes two quick snap shots from the other side, down on a knee. The first finishes off Raider trying to pull himself up from the ground, dark matter from the interior of his skull spraying out in a visceral display of moral art on the adobe tanned brick ediface.

The second is less successful, but her tactic seems to work.

Picking off targets of oppertunity like a carrion bird.

<<One confirmed. Two look like they're trying to flank to the right, they've got weapons trained on you, Sumi.">> Always calm, breathing controlled. Heart rate in the low fifties.

Stress level: Low.

A rattling ball of lead takes Hadrix in the forehead, enough to cause enough vibration and jolt to make him thunk his head on something within the dome of his helmet. Another in an abdomen joint. The growl coming through his externals feral, bestial.

Arm snapping up, Hadrix cores a blast through the chest of a raider, the body bashed into the air like a child's toy with the lift servos of the other arm. Another Tuskan charging from the side is beheaded with a casual sweep, bolts burning and vaporizing blood, skull, and tissue with the remainder slamming into the ground, turning packed sand to glass.

<<"Gripper... Scout.">>

<<"Right away.">> The black seeker droid hidden in a panel pops loose, unfolds and rockets into the air, bathing the compound in scanning beams.

Rolling up to a kneeling position, Sumi draws her handcannon and locks her gaze toward three across the courtyard from her. A tilt of her chin is indicative of the warrior aiming, and she raises her weapon and fires, missing her first shot. She walks forward, adjusting her aim and finding purchase in one raider, then a second that rose a moment to late to try to run. They're hit and stay down. Sumi thinks she has a repreive until Zee calls two on her flank. Sumi turns to face off with them, but stakes a slug to the left arm, tossing her off balance and over an outdoor table.

<"Ooof..!"> Sumi says, crashing on the other side of the table and rolling to her stomach. She didn't rise back up immediately; thinking it safe for cover.

Gripper and Zero (the droid) identify the final two targets, the ones responsible for plugging Sumi's arm.

Zee'Roh sees her Alor take a shot and the desire for swift retribution is strong...

The mandalorian slides out from behind the pillar with her pistol held up in an durasteel gauntlet grip, firing shots at him as she stalks across the battlefield past the fiery remains of a downed Raider. The first sends dirt spraying up across the Tusken, who levels his weapon on her, takes a shot, and misses, because this is a last ride scenario and dramatics are important.

The second shot takes a chunk of sand-stone pillar near the Raiders masked head, The Mando'a steps over the groaning remains of another corpse.. his cloth armor still smoking orange from two blaster bolts and a date with a flamer.

The third is fired point blank as the Raider tries to duck away from her... downward angle.. execution style.

The blaster spins around her finger in the trigger-guard as she turns away before the canoed head squishes against the packed sand, the barrel taps against the holsters hard notch and snaps forward into the magnetic seat with a 'click'.

<<"Kriffin' biologicals.">>

Mortar from the pillar behinder slides down and claks against the hard packed earth.

His and Zee's blasts leave the Tusken's felled, and Hadrix is still breathing hard. There's battle lust in him. Blood drunk, but with nothing approaching him he has no other outlet than to take a pair of steps before field kicking the body of a raider that is fading fast, sending it wheeling through the air wheezing.

He ignores when it hits the top of the wall and pinwheels over. Turns about slowly, an empty charge clip ejecting from his arm while a series of mechanical clicks sounds a fresh one being slotted into place.


<<"I just recorded the two you an the Mandalorian just killed.">> The response is less than what Hadrix would want and he growls like a hunting hound sniffing for prey.

Courtyard toys spill from a chest Sumi has broken and she rises into view after a moment, some squeaking stuffed toyed tangled with the shoulder harness and cape attached to her armor. Seeing no other hostiles, Sumi straightens to her full height and without ceremony, seats her pistol back home. <"Well, that was easy."> She says, favoring her left arm but not holding or coddling it. <"How fair the two of you?"> She brushes the stuffed tusken raider toy off her shoulder and it bounces with a squeak.

Zee'Roh is reading the tactical scans fed to her HUD by the circling Zero who begins to lower back down to replace himself on her back, clicking into the brackets on eitherside of her jetpack. <<"Courtyard is clear, but there's still the upper levels.">> She reaches down and swings her Scatter gun on the sling, retracts the loading rail with the weapon turned on its side, and releases it with a chu-chung.. of a cartridge slipping into position.

The stock slips into her shoulder, barrel angled down towards the sand while crossing over to Sumi, <"I took a shot to the shoulder. Still combat effective."> Glancing to the warped durasteel pauldron and back up at Sumi, then Hadrix.

<"They aren't the smartest crackers on the dinner plate, even by biological standards.. but I'm not willing to take chances one isn't hiding in a toilet waiting for me to take a piss, either.">

<"Minor injuries. A few bumps. I'll need service from your medic. I am otherwise combat ready still"> The big man notes and reaches to a hip to pull a longblade. <"They're not worth the blast catridges.">

Hadrix's sensor helm turns to look at Sumi and Zee as he rumbles. <"I can take point for room clearing. Draw fire for you to shoot."> jerking his head towards the adobe.

Sumi keeps her left arm to her side, a healthy trail of blood tick-tick-ticking down her arm to drip from her finger tips. The slug was definitely wedged into her arm. Sumi looks at the two of them and nods. <"Very well. Hadrix is on point, we'll cover. Lead on, sir."> Sumi's good hand retrieves her blaster from her side and holds it at a low ready. A look to Zee, in particular her shoulder, then ahead.

The trail leading up brought them to stairs, then to the private dwellings. There were six in total, each with doors that were triggered open by way of a console beside them.

Doors opening to reveal raiders, Hadrix doesn't bother to check, he only enters, blade skewring a Tusken through the chest as the massively armored figure continues his forward assault. It's effective, at least, it seems as he engages his helmet floodlight, to try and blind the remaining enemies.

The massive trooper holds the speared tusken aloft and the sound coming from his speakers as he throws his arms wide isn't human. But it's a sound of challenge just the same.

Zee tilts her head.. The weapon is held in a single hand with the tactical sling around that shoulder and reaches up to unhook the environmental cloak. It's wipped off her back and tossed down on the sand, weapon brought back up with an up nod to Hadrix.

<"Roger that. Room to room. I've got a floor plan I'll upload to your HUDs."> Said to both, rolling her shoulder.. the left a little stiff, but still operational.


At the doorway, she stacks up to the right, rewires the door controls to her wrist computer, and up nods to Hadrix.. counting down with folding fingers, then pulls her fist down. The door opens and she steps through behind him with her scatter gun up in her right shoulder, spraying shot around a group of huddled Raiders who've not even earned their stripes.

Sumi is the last to enter the large quarters after Zee and Hadrix, and she keeps her pistol close despite having a bum arm. One is skewered with utter efficiency, two hunker down ducking from the loud, ear-ringing shotgun blast, and Sumi kills two in quick succession, centering her shots to their chest. With two left, Sumi adjusted but too late. They were already attacking the group and Sumi had to step to one side to give her companions room to retaliate. She looks for a clean shot.

Hiding... Hiding. They should be running or fighting and they choose to hide. Hadrix grabs a chunky bit of furniture and pulls it aside as his arm comes down, blade slicing off the arm and then deep into the chest of one of those evacuating on themselves.

<"Come OUT!"> is bellowed by the big man, speakers shaking giving his voice a demonic warble as he continues to stomp and hunt, the light of his helmet spot like a dagger stabbing into the shadows.

Another one shoots the dust.

Zee takes another close quarters blast sends plaster, rather than brain matter, everywhere. The scatter gun drops down on the tactical sling as she steps forward, stepping into a kick aimmed for a cowering raiders face.

Suffice to say...

The Tuskless Raider that Zee found was fortunate enough to avoid being split by the shotgun, and crushed by a kick, but when Sumi stepped out from beside her vod and shot him point blank in the chest; all that was left to do was fall back in a steaming heap. His body began to convulse and stretch until the last signals from its brain died out and he relaxed. <"Clear!"> Sumi calls, turning to look at Zee and pat her arm, MINDFUL of the injured one. A nod, and Sumi steps back out. Onto the next area!

Zee slides back out of the room after the room is cleared and moves on to the next one inline. Slicing the door controls, providing power from her wrist computer; it slides open and she steps in and... misses. Can't even bring herself to descrbe how that works.

Continuing to move, room to room Hadrix stalks, jamming his blade into the chest of the next Tusken to confront him, leaving the blade in the body, though with little additonal affect as it tumbles down to the ground. The big man draws his dagger next, holding it cross arm as he works to move to the next room, the next enemy.

Sumi follows next, placing a single bolt into the head of the struggling tusken raider, ending its existence with a flash of red. She's the last to emerge from door number 5, following Hadrix and Zee to the final room.

Now it's just getting stupid.

Zee moves to the next door, slips the wires from her wrist computer, and immediately pulls her hand back when an arc of electricity zaps her gauntlet. <"..."> Have to do this the old fashioned way, twisting wires, routing power from auxillary emergency generators from Mos Eisley power grid. When the door clunks open, she had her pistol up, but Hadrix goes CQ with his dagger and she can't track a shot.

After lowering it down in her holster, she flexes her fists with shinning studded beskar barbs from her knuckles and moves in off a left faint to slam her fist into the Tusken's left kidney as he's swishing around in a knife fight with Hadrix. Then dances back after a failed gut punch.

Sumi stays at the door, holding her blaster ahead and waiting for the right moment. She tracks the target, weaving from the knife Hadrix uses, but then he's struck hard by Zee in the kidney. It ducks down back tracking from both, which had been its answer for Zee's gut punch! Sumi took her shot then as it tried to square off with Hadrix and Zee. Sumi's shot ended the building up of a good fight by striking its chest and spilling the creature back first against the wall. It slumped down and keeled over with a dying sigh. <"Asshole down."> Sumi says, in case they hadn't noticed. She lowers her smoking handcannon.

Hadrix grumbles, moving to draw up his sword and clip it to his hip. System burning spraying ichor from his helmet visor, taking moments to breath and get himself in order, calm, another mantra to flood his system with endorphins. <"Clear then? More?"> he turns about, surveying the carnage,

<"So this is what you do on the regular?">

Zee breaths out a heavy sigh and flexes her fingers to retract the barbs into her gauntlets, turning to look back at Sumi through her visor. She gives sharp nod and tilts her gaze down to her computer, keying up the power. Lights begin flickering on throughout the compound, including to security systems that were previously dorment, <"I'm not tracking any movement."> pale eyes scanning across fed data on her HUD multi-phasic windows.

<"Negative. Compound is clear of hostiles.">

Her hand drops down to her blaster, thumbing over the magnetic lock to hook it in its seating. <"Basically. Sometimes there's sex to break up the routine."> Deadpan, straight faced.

The mandalorian turns and stalks out, sliding past Sumi into the hallway, <"I'll call in the Supernova with the rest of the Clan."> Her left arm is hanging a little slack at her side, but the metal of her pauldron isn't smoldering anymore.. so that's probably good.

<"With the way things feel their steering... I'd get my bucket ready if I have to change kit when I jump, Sumi..."> there's a bit of a grin in the big man's tone. The dagger retracting into the forearm of of his armor. <"As for sex, I'm spoken for. You're free to peep in the showers. I'm used to co-ed communal. Won't bother me none..."> he pauses again, Hadrix's suit opening a panel for Gripper to land, <"Where's the damned medic?">

Sumi returns the nod and lowers her weapon, sliding it for a final time, back into its holster. She steps aside to let Zee by, nodding her head to acknowledge that she was bringing the others in. Hadrix claims her attention then, and she looks up to him when he speaks. <"We'll be here when you're ready, Hadrix. There's plenty of good to do around here, and a lot of assholes that need an old fashioned ass whoopin'. Won't be long until shops start looking to us for security."> She turns from Hadrix, not commenting on his communal showers idea. Truthfully, she just smirked, but no one could see that. <"You'll fit right in, I think."> She began to walk down the stairs, tending to her arm now for the first time since being shot.