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Queen Hotness

OOC Date: February 28th, 2018
Location: Hapes
Participants: Defiance: Kasia Ashkuri, Zhu Yan, Grom, Sajin

Sajin, still covered in now dry and caked on blood for their encounter with Ano, formerly General of Her Majesties Select Commando's. The title of which had previously been in Sajin's Mother's possession. The Hapan man did not look happy, a scowl across his bloody and handsome face as he rounds the corner of yet another hallway. "You know! You think they'd make it easy to get through here..." But of course they likely passed the court chambers multiple times as Sajin, with his poor critical thinking skills, continues to lead them in circle.

"Look man, they're hot women. When, in your life, have hot women ever made anything easy?" asked Zhu Yan as though it were the most obvious question in the world. He was, surprisingly, thoroughly unharmed. Though the charge in his Bryar was a bit lower. And there was a slight bulge in his bomber jacket. Spoils of war, yo! "No seriously, I wanna know." He followed Sajin assuming that the beautiful but slightly dense man actually had any idea where he was going. Smart move, Yan.

Grom tromps along, splattered with blood, most of it red (and therefore not his), though darker purple stains are present. "Your people design palaces poorly, little king," he rumbles merrily. The fight has left Grom in a good mood.

Kasia is here. Where has she been all this time? Who knows. She's here now, though, just arriving on the scene from some corridor and coming to a stop to look over the bloodied Deflings. "Ah. Do I want to know what's happened here?" she asks, looking around at each of them. "Or is this a flee now and ask questions later type of situation?"

Sajin glances to Yan, looking to the bulge in his jacket. "I can see that you're over excited to be here with such attractive woman, Yan." The Defiance Janitor hadn't seen him pick up Ano's Gun of Command. It used to belong to his mother but he really was too focused on his mission for his Wife to care... or he was just that stupid, which was entirely likely. To Grom he nods heartily in agreement. "Here, Here King of FALE." He visibly relaxes as Kasia shows up, slumping forwards with a Sigh. "The lady who taught me all my sweet combat moves daughter killed my mother by she killed /her/ mother and now she is dead because Yan shot her full of holes... which is okay... but. She was the one trying to kill me because she didn't want me or Ori reclaiming the seat..." He's run out of breath with his run-on sentence and so takes a deep one. "So she ambushed us and we had to kill them and now we're here just trying to find the main chambers..."

From the room across where the group stands an older woman's voice Echo's "What in the Gods green earth is going on out there..."

Sajin blinks, and looks to his side. "Oh... we're here."

"I shot a fat Hapan in the face. Considering how hot the rest of them are, I'm expecting a knighthood for public service," explained Zhu Yan bluntly and matter-of-factly, summarizing Sajin's entire spiel in two sentences. He placed his hand in front of his heart and held his head up high. "Why yes, miss Queen Mother, I do hereby accept this noble burden. Do you have any Corellian in you? Would you like some?" he asked, rhetorically, or not.

Grom grunts once, satisfied at Sajin's response. "Ah, Slapping Human. You are greeted, again. But there is no running! Grom has prevailed." When the native mentions that they are here, Grom turns a slow eye to Sajin, aside. He looks like he is considering asking something, but can't decide, and is choosing to let the next few seconds play out in hopes of clarity.

"Ah. I see." Does she? Kasia seems to be following along well enough, but there are nuances to it she's obviously missing. Even so, she turns to follow along with everyone else. "So are any of you hurt, or is this all blood that belongs to someone else?" she asks, coming to a stop when Sajin announces they've arrived at their destination. "So, what are we hoping to do here now?"

They had been walking but stopped when Kasia had come from another hallway. They just happened to stop right in front of the main chambers where the Queen Mother likes to hang out. Sajin eyes Yan before turning to Kasia, "Hopefully," He starts in a low voice, "Get some military assistance. Not to fret, we are not hurt. The blood is not ours." Though, seeing as he was covered in one of the Queen's General's blood, it might not bode well.

Inside the Court there are finely dressed women, some mingling on the floor, other's seated by the elderly Queen Mother *Who was hella hot for her age* "Who is out there?" She calls for the voices she hears beyond, the rest of the court turning and whispering. There are a few guard with staffs who are watching over but have not oved to intercept yet. One seat on the Dias remains empty. Ano's seat.

"Honestly?" said Zhu Yan rhetorically, before pointing straight at Sajin. "Get him to a shower." Then he pointed at Grom. "Him too." He leaned in closer to Kas, and in sotto-voce, said, "They're starting to smell." It was at this point, though, that Yan realized that they were exactly where they needed to be. Great! Yan wasn't used to that at all! He poked his head into the court, eyed the place up, eyed the denizens, and thought to himself 'Gee golly whiz, Zhu Yan, aren't you just the luckiest damn guy on the planet?' He took two steps in, blatantly and brazenly, and declared himself to be, "A foreigner, having traveled far from the steppes of Corellia to witness this marvelous, remarkable planet! I gotta say, love what you've done with the place. Really."

"Grom has bled enough to know that he has battled, this day," the Houk declares to Kasia, before they enter. Upon stepping into the court, Grom holds his head very high, and places himself to Sajin's left side. In a piece of rare good fortune, he appears not to have heard the Queen Mother's question, as Grom does not shout his name or otherwise speak.

Kasia doesn't introduce herself, she hasn't any REAL idea of what has happened, or any title to share, she glances up at Sajin for guidance here. "Do we--" the question is asked in a whisper, and it's not finished, but she makes a leading sort of gesture that probably means should they all speak, or is this the sort of thing that gets you beheaded on this world of stupidly gorgeous people.

Sajin walks in but makes an attempt to walk behind Kasia. It was likely his fault he didn't coach her on the matter. That the reason he needed a female here was well, to speak for him or allow him to speak. He whispers this important information back to Kasia. As Yan enters with his normal amount of Machismo, the whispers intensify. There is a surprise that a man is speaking in the midst of the Queen Mother and in such a brazen fashion. "Are these your male's, Ma'am?" The Queen Mother asks in a commanding tone, though nothing threatening yet. Perhaps, hearing of Yan's world she may have some sense to know that he doesn't understand their Matriarchal society. Yan getting lucky, when did that become a thing? Sajin gives a no at the Queen Mother's question, hoping to indicate to Kasia to take 'ownership' of them.

Unfortunately for Yan, he had enough intelligence to know that tomato is a fruit, but not enough wisdom to know it's best not put in a fruit salad. That, and he couldn't really see what was going on behind him. "Play your card right and I could be your male, if you know what I mean," continued Yan, with his wry Corellian grin, flirting with all the subtlety and nuance of a hurricane. Sithspit he was inept. Probably best if someone intervened. Like, now.

Right. Riiiiiiiiiiight. Kasia has played a Hapan before, she knows this. "Yes," she answers, turning to look back at Yan and snap her fingers. "Hold your tongue. This is neither the time, nor the place." Yessssss. Time to move here. Sorry boys, Defiance is relocating. "I apologize for their behavior. They /will/ behave from this moment forward," she looks back at all of them. "Won't you?"

Grom looks aside at the snap, and the command Kasia gives to Zhu. He may not pick up on the nuances of what is going on, but a command from Kasia to Zhu he understands. Slapping human want Grom to shake him?" he rumbles 'quietly' (not quietly).

The Queen Mother looks Grotesquely at Yan, "I have about 70 Males to satisfy me, one for each day of the week and one for each mood and a few just because I'm frisky." She looks him up and down, "You're a little round, a little old. Quite... homely. But..." She looks to Kasia, "How much is this male worth to you? Can he handle the vigorous demands of the Queen Mother. His stamina must be of the best quality." Was she seriously going to put an offer on Yan? The Queen Mother seems impressed with Kasia's display of DOMINANCE and Sajin felt a really weird tingling sensation in his... woah Nelly think about pod racing... uht oh that's making it worse.

The Queen Mother sits back in hair chair like a boss she is and asks aloofly, "What brings you to my court, and who are you and your party of man-servants?" From the hallway comes a women who makes her way to the Dias, whispering in one of the council woman's ears. "And why are they covered in blood?" She asks as if this was totally normal.

Zhu Yan was not opposed to this course of action! His stance became heroic! His hands, balled into fists, perched themselves on his hips! He whacked a massive grin on his face, stolen from a man both wise and foolish, known in many circles as the Winning Smile +1. Tarion was such a sucker for not being here today. "If I die, I die for a good cause," he said to Sajin. "My sacrifice would not be in vain." And, as a bonus, he was the only one NOT covered in blood!

"Not yet, Grom," Kasia instructs the Houk in a quiet voice. "Though if he continues to speak out of turn, yes, you may shake him until he is silent." Watch out, Yan, that instruction was very vague. Silent could mean many things, cooperation, knocked out, DEAD? DANGER! "I'm afraid that this one would not suit your needs. He speaks a big game, but his stamina isn't yet up to the standards to which I'm certain you're accustomed." She clears her throat quietly, shooting a glance over to Sajin. "As for our intrusion. I apologize, we hadn't intended to come in quite so abruptly. I'm afraid our intent was to speak to his mother," she makes a gesture toward Sajin. "But my men were attacked by assassins sent to murder her. They were successful in their quest, but I believe my men dispatched the assassins in the process. We were here to implore military assistance for the world of Drik, which is ruled by his wife," another gesture to Sajin. "And the situation being as it is, we must now come to you."

The Queen Mother bows her head to Kasia, eyeing Yan in turn. "I see. It takes a lot to be one of my man-servants." She looks him over once more before leaning back to hear a message passed to her from the council member who received the courier. She looks to Ano's seat for a brief moment, seemingly unfazed. She looks to Kasia and to Sajin, raising her brows as things start to come together in her head. "Your Mother, speak Male... what house do you belong?"

Sajin, bowing and stepping forward answers, "I am Sajin Kovo of house Kah, ma'am. My mother was General Nemu Kovo Kah." There are gasps from in the crowd as well as whispers.

"Ah, her only son who had escaped. I am sorry but you mother was killed almost ten years ago along with the rest of your family. You were assumed dead as well, lost to the Mists."

"I am aware. The assassin who came after us, was Ano. The Current General. She killed my Mother and Family. As my mother had her mother Tanjo killed for teaching me to read and fight."

The Queen Mother considers this, looking to Kasia, "And he is married to this Queen of Drik who wishes Military assistance from us? What would we receive in turn?"

Zhu Yan borderline-GLARED at Kasia. His manly-hood, INSULTED! He was aghast! His expression was not obedient! He was being impertinent! Not demure at all! That being said, this was Yan. He was as likely to be demure as Grom was likely to understand humans. He was good in bed okay and he was gonna tell everyone on the planet about it! That is, once he was no longer under threat from 'shaking'. That sounded scary.

As Zhu's expressions fluctuated, Grom would periodically start to reach for him, before relaxing his brutish three-fingered hand back to his side, only to stir again with excitement when Zhu Yan's outrage seemed to spike again, only to remain silent, and for the Houk to relax again, looking disappointed.

"Yes, that's what I meant," Kasia replies on the matter of the history she has no idea about, because she didn't do enough asking of questions before this mission. It's ok though, right? Right. Yan was being quiet, at least, even if he was glaring. She just smiles at him in return. This is fun. Ok, less fun when she's asked a heavy political question, her attention shifts back to the Queen Mother. "Sajin, explain what it is your Queen would offer in return for military assistance," she instructs in a authoritative tone that comes way too easily to her.

Sajin stutters a moment as the lime light, "Ah... Uhm, well." He really had not thought of this. They traveled all this way and he didn't think of squat to offer. "Well we have trinkets, lot of great markets. Could set up an embassy some trading there. Really we're not asking for much." He's sweating bullets and the Queen Mother looks far from impressed with him.

She leans forward, "Considering you killed off one of my more important military assets, you also did away with the ugliest Woman on Hapes. I'm remarkably okay with this. The seat is for your Queen to have if she wishes it. She may appoint a second." She leans back in her seat again, "While your economic venture is interesting... we don't need more trinkets. If we could have a mining deal for resources that would be better. In return we can spare you a Mothballed Battle Dragon with a skeleton crew along with a few fighters for your people to train and man along with Advisors for ground troops. That's it though. The Hapes Consortium is not interested in gaining the ire of the First Order or any other would be empire."

Great! They were done! Yan was over this whole being silent thing! He didn't want to get shaken to pieces! Stress was written all over his face! He looked at Grom. He looked at Kasia. He looked at Sajin. He looked at QUEEN HOTNESS. He looked at Queen Hotness for a remarkably long time. But hey, that's all he could do! Oh he looked at her attendants too. Hapes. What a planet.

Grom grunts once and looks up from Zhu as it appears something official had been discussed while he wasn't paying attention. Glancing back to Zhu, the Houk wonders 'quietly' (not quietly) "What did Grom miss?"

Kasia inclines her head to Sajin as the spotlight is passed to him. A look is shot in Yan's direction again, subtle but warning. "They're negotiating," She quietly informs the Houk, and hers is actually quiet. With that she lifts a lone finger to her lips in the universal 'shh' symbol, hoping a beat later that's not an offensive gesture to Grom's people, or some silent command to attack. Well, if it was, Yan was probably going to be the target. Sorry, Yan.

Sajin blinks, "Ah... yes that... works? Okay. Yes! Thank You!" He really had no clue what he was doing. Should have prepared more, then again they didn't have much other than the natural resources of the world to offer. Mandalorian's already had their own Nation State on Drik because of the efforts they put in to getting it back.

The Queen Mother Bows, "Now that we have completed business we can commence the ceremonial Orgy..." All at once the Hapan's in the room start to disrobe and this is where Sajin starts to back up towards the door... "We gota get out of here..." He whispers to Kasia as he backs away.

"Oh hell no I ain't goin' ANYWHERE!" exclaimed Zhu Yan, eyes wide with astonishment and grin so big it could split his face in half. He started walking forward. GROM, NOW!

Zhu made noise out of turn! "Silence!" Grom orders, almost gleefully seizing hold of the little spacer by the collar of his jacket (and possibly his neck as well) and shaking him enthusiastically. Only once he notes the intended orgy does the Houk's lip curl in disgust. "/Mammals/," he rumbles, idly turning to leave and dragging Zhu out behind him, like a half-forgotten coat.

Ceremonial ORGY? Kasia's dark brows jump in some surprise, but as the rest of her party flees, she lingers a moment eyeing a particularly handsome pet of the Queen Mother, and only then does she turn to follow the men out. It's only once they've escaped the room that she looks around to the others. "It's good that Hex didn't come, he'd have had a stroke in there." This makes her laugh a little. "So, this means we can go home now?"

Sajin nods as they escape JUST as the moaning gets out of hand, throwing some frilly garment from off his head that had belonged to a now nude courtier. "Yes we can go home. I'll have to talk to Oriana about staffing the Queen Mother's seat as I'm sure she's not going to take on that responsibility too. We'll likely take candidate here. The Battle-dragon and crew will come to us at Drik in a few weeks." He stops and takes Kasia's hands. "Thank you so much for helping. I don't think I can express how thankful I am."

"Battle dragon?" the Houk echoes, interest piqued. Realization follows shortly, "Oh, little king mean the star-ship. Grom wanted to kill a dragon." He will trudge along, dragging a lamenting Zhu Yan- quite possibly kicking and screaming.

"I was happy to help," Kasia assures Sajin with a warm smile, ignoring the protests of Yan, who no doubt wants to escape back into the orgy. No such luck, little Yan, the incredible Houk has you. "Just give me a noble title sometime down the line," she jokes, glancing over at Grom. "It amazes me how much you and Hex have in common. He too would like to kill a dragon."