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Fight Night - Sar v Grishk

OOC Date: May 18, 2018
Location: Pit Fighters Palace - Hutt District, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Sar Yavok, Grishk, Usha, Chewbacca, David Ironside, Ektor, Evie Leven, Jessika Pava, Kasia Ashkuri, Rey, Vili, Hex, Daven Ohtani, Boba Fett, Darius Wildes, Vasani, Narsai Ordo

Ektor leans back in his seat, with his pair of drinks while waiting for the festivities to kick off, and spies Vili. "That red guy is either the middle of the bets, or he's about to explode in a cloud of spice. Either way I gotta talk to him. Be right back." Following Dave's look and whistle, he grins. "Hey, crazy girl! We saved you a drink," he lies, setting one cup down before heading toward the bookie (?).

"So, does this usually turn really bloo--," Jessika is interrupted by Ektor's sudden announcement involving bookies and spice, and both her brows hike higher as he leaves abruptly. "..Alright." Turning more to face Dave, Jessika takes another sip from the cup. "So, does this usually get really bloody? What kind of rules do they have?"

Hearing the whistle, Evie moves to step over some poor guy who's been on the ground since the night before, not to mention the crudely fashioned metal sign on top of him -- he's probably dead, Jim -- before making her way over towards David and company. "Hey, Dave!" A pause, and those big blue eyes stare for just a moment. "...and is that Ektor-Xer I see over there?" Both men get a grin, the latter getting a wider one at the mention of the drink. "You boys know me so well." Jessika, meanwhile, gets a friendly wave from the pilot in... purple, currently. "Hiya, I'm Evie. You know the flyboys too?" she asks, before flopping down into her waiting seat.

David grins at Jessika. "You're asking me? This is my first time even stepping into this arena." When Evie approaches, she gets a raise of a glass. Or cup, more accurately. "Hey, Evie! New threads, hm? Finally grew out of the baggy flight suit?" Figuring Ektor has the drinks covered, David turns back to the fightin' grounds. "You've been here before, obviously. Jess has questions about what goes on here that I can't answer!"

Rolling her eyes at the statement, Jessika takes a healthier drink from the cup. "Dave, you chronically can't answer my questions." Her eyes flick up to the new arrival, and there's that typical study of a new person that she's never seen before as this one approaches. "Hey."

Maybe the word has spread about this event. Maybe people are still riled up from last night's match. But the crowd looks much more filled out than previous nights. Somewhere on the sidelines Usha is visibly relieved to see this, standing with hands proudly on her hips. Holding the walkie talkie to her mouth she communicates, "All signs say go."

The lights in the audience dim and instead the lights focus on the arena.

Sitting in his little waiting area is Sar Yavok, just doing his thing. Tonight is a very rare occassion for most that know the man in that he's not wearing a leather jacket of any kind. In fact, he's not wearing much at all. Just a pair of tight-fitting shorts and some hand-tape. He finishes applying the latter and and pulls his cigarillo from his mouth. It's quickly snuffed and the man moves to stand.

"/Tired/ of it?" Evie asks, shaking her head. "No way. There's nothing like a flightsuit to make a girl feel as close to at home as she can with her feet on the ground." the Kuati points out. "I just felt it was time for something a little more... suited to the occasion. Not bad, right?" Another flash of the grin, and then an amused look is offered to Jess. "You should see him in a fighter sim, he can't an--" and then the lights go dim, and her attention goes to the ring. Party time's about to begin!

Grishk waits in the wing on his side of the pit, pacing back and forth with his 4 clawed hands intertwined behind his neck and his elbows outstretched. The violet eyes of his still in similar apperan

ce as they usually are, though his pupils are mere slivers as the noise of the spectators drull into the back of his mind. When the lights dim, David gives Jess a wink. "I did say I don't really go here, right? I grew up on Naboo, the most exciting sport there is the guarlara-racing. It's not as bloody as I'm expecting this to be, usually." He leans back in his seat, glancing at Evie when she answers Jess' question. "That never happened, and nobody was there to see it." Then he goes quiet, as the show's about to start.

Ektor returns to the cluster as the lights go dark, "Here we go... so here's how it all goes, yeah? No armor, no weapons, they fight til one of them can't get up no more, and the other one wins. Niiiice and simple." Tucking a little parcel away in his flight suit, the Tionese takes another drink and grins with anticipation.

Buf Finkel is this Rodian's name. Announcing is his game. Another thing that is also his game - suits. Today it is white and littered with exotic green palm leaves. It brings out the sickly green of his skin tone and contrasts well against his velour red bow tie. He has had a long hard week, judging by the slight way he limps to the middle of the stage. Coughing a bit, he musters up his deep, deep voice and crisp Basic:

"Tonight is bout four of the Nar Shaddaa fighting competition and the final match before the winners move on to the semi-finals! Who will win in this battle of fists versus claws? Ladies and Gentlemen - LET'S GET READY TO RUMMBBBLLEEEEE!"

"In the RED corner, slithering in at just over 6 feet, weighing 190lbs. He's the fighter who has stolen alllll of our hearts ... the Trandoshan love potion who'll show you the motion of the ocean ...


A flurry of video droids follow the fighter as he moves into the spotlight. A wash of orange scales fill the screens above.

"..So, do we just pretend like we weren't here if he doesn't get up at all?" Jessika's voice lowers to fit in with the darker atmosphere that comes with the lowered lights. Because if there's one thing she doesn't want, it's to be accessory to a murder.

From a secluded corner, a figure in a blue hooded cape watches. She's clearly feminine in form, but her face beneath the hood is concealed by a half mask, and a pair of sandy desert colored goggles cover her eyes. She peers out at the fighting area while the lights dim and the others filling the arena all talk and create a cacophony of crazy noises around her.

The girl has attempted to ignore anyone who's regarded her, she's passed by vendors attempting to peddle goods, people asking for her attention in-general for whatever other reasons... and now she's just settled near a shaded corner, where light is broken upon other objects around her, be it people or support beams within the building itself. Rey, the most wanted person in the galaxy, stares from a quiet spot. Hoping to remain incognito. Just another body in the crowd.

Ektor chuckles at the Trandoshan's introduction, leaning nearer to mutter quietly to Jess, "Dibs on his stuff." Sitting back for another drink, he drawls, "Nah, though: they don't die. Usually."

What is the point in attempting to disguise yourself when you are pushing 7 and a half feet tall. Chewbacca does not bring attention to himself, he doesn't really have any hugely specific thing that distinguishes himself from other wookiees, that is of course unless a person knows Chewbacca and can spot him as who he is rather than just another wookiee. The introduction of Grishk brings a snarled lip and it looks as if the wookiee has the desire to be the one to tear the Trandoshan's arms off himself.

Sar Yavok begins pacing slowly in the waiting area. Shoulders are rolled, knuckles are popped, and a hand moves to rub slowly at the injection site of the vital tracker. His eyes squint closed a few times and he slaps at his face.

In merely a pair of tight green boyshorts, Grishk emerges from the doorway as it opens and his name is announced. The muscular Trandoshan leaving little to the imagination as his long arms come down and he jogs out towards the center of the pit. Raising his arms up and pumping them up in the air as the lights center on him.

Casually leaning forward as the announcements are made, David rests his forearms on his knees, drink in one hand, the other free to use in conversation. "You can have all the Trandoshan stuff you want, I'm just here to see Yavok make mince meat of his face." This is said with absolute conviction, the pilot has seen Sar Yavok in a fist fight before. It wasn't pretty. A grim chuckle escapes the young pilot as he sits back up, leaning back as he watches the combatants make their entrances. His upwards movement allows him to scan the sparsely-lit crowd opposite himself, spotting a familiar looking blue hooded figure, closely followed by a giant wookiee. "Risky move.." Dave mutters to himself, only audible to those immediately beside himself.

Although the Rodian might be announcing the fight, and providing all of the commentary, there's another guy who seems to be the one with the information people actually want. We're talking, of course, about the unsanctioned gambling odds on tonight's fighters. Over the past few days the transient Zeltron named Vili has been working as an unofficial bookie for the fights, and apparently he runs something resembling an honest operation. How he's making money is anyone's guess...

Sitting up near the front, as close to the action as possible, Vili holds what appears to be an entire pitcher of zoochberry juice. Like most Zeltrons, he's got quite the sweet tooth. Unlike most Zeltrons, he looks a bit like a matted, dirty hobo who doesn't wear shirts. He wears gaudy, threadbare overcoats though...

A small crowd has formed around him, of people trying to get wagers in before the fighting actually starts. "Twenty for you? Yes ma'am. Oh? Three thousand? Very good, sir. And I hope you won't think this too forward of me, but that bald head of yours is really working for me. Maybe later we can head back to my place and... what? The odds?"

Vili sets his pitcher down, and stands up on his bench to make sure that he can be both seen and heard. But mostly seen. "Okay everyone! Tonight's odds are two to one on Grishk, and one and a half to one on Sar Yavok! No bets over ten thousand, please, I'm not trying to get robbed on the way out of the arena!"

Unfortunately for Rey, there /is/ a member of the First Order in the audience today, even if not dressed like one. Unfortunately for Rey, that particular member of the First Order has very sharp eyes and a blaster on her hip.

Fortunately for Rey, one Evennia Leven is very much /off/ duty and her free time is sacred to her.

Even if it wasn't? She doesn't have backup, she's seen the terrible things that the media claim the woman's been involved in, and she'd be pretty sure that this was all a trap designed for her and the poor civilians around. So she straightens up a bit, summons her courage, and waves a friendly hand in the woman's direction.

Because sometimes you need a blaster to keep people safe, sometimes? You just need to be nice. Evie's hoping this is one of the latter times.

Kasia is present at the fight, making her way through the relatively familiar arena after the last three fights. Her path takes her past the stealthy Rey, and though her gaze skims over what can be seen of the face of the most wanted woman in the galaxy, it doesn't linger more than a few seconds. If she recognizes the woman, she makes no show of it. Instead she continues on through the more crowded space until she finds a few open seats that happen to be near the cluster of resistance people. Once seated, she reaches into her bag and pulls out a little stuffed green lizard, lifting her arm up and waving it around by the tail. Apparently she's cheering for Grishk tonight.

A crowd of aliens just waiting to be shown the motion of the ocean go wild when Grishk appears. A sea of people in violent and orange shirts even do the wave. The Buf continues on with the program:

"And in the BLUE corner, also standing at 6 feet and weighing in at 180 lbs, the Hero of the Rebellion ... the guy who will NEVER pay you back ... Mr. Steal Your Mom ..." The Rodian pauses to sigh and lament over where all the good writers have gone.


Videos droids now follow the human as he too ascends to the fighting stage. And they screens are getting a fill of his tiiiinyy shorts.

Sar Yavok marches out into the ring, a look of determination on his face. His shoulder are rolled a few more times. He doesn't fist pump, or make any attempt to work the crowd. He just stands there. Lookin' mad.

The wookiee is standing no where near anyone he knows, he just picked a spot in the crowd and stood in front of some poor human. His eyes follow the Trandoshan when he is cheered into the pit, this has the massive furry being all sorts of annoyed, but he's here to watch Sar, and who better to watch beat the crap out of a Trandoshan than a Resistance guy? "wrall roarrl rwowoal wrall grarrrl rwal"

Rey's goggle covered eyes scan the crowd while she hears the announcer speaking of the fighters. Her covered eyes spot Chewbacca and she's well aware that he knows she's here and vice-versa. Rey had pending business on Nar Shaddaa... this was merely a detour from that. A wave sent her way, a few glances given to her here and there by passing people... Rey's lips move beneath her half-mask. "Its fine." She whispers, talking to herself. "Focus. Calming thoughts." The teenager continues to whisper.

Shouts from a man taking bets draw her goggle-covered eyes toward him, they linger there for a moment before going toward the fighting arena. Sar Yavok... she had no love for the man, but he was an ally and she hoped he would come out of this with his life intact. Why was he doing this? She definitely had no idea! Rey shifts back and forth on her feet, hands held together in front of her lap.

David peers at the video screens, his sight flooded with Sar Yavok in short shorts. The drink he was about to take will have to wait. "There's something I didn't ever want to see. Nevermind the Trandoshan in similar attire." He nudges Ektor urgently. "Hey, what kind of fight is this supposed to be, anyway? Where are the scantily clad women?" The drink stays in Dave's hand for now, a light frown adorning his eyebrows as the two fighters stand across from eachother. When Sar does absolutely nothing to engage the crowd, Dave cups his mouth with his free hand, letting out a loud "Booooooo!" Entertain us, puppets!

Tapping away at his datapad, Vili keeps track of the wagers that are coming in. He appears to be relatively sober for now, so he's being careful not to take in more wagers on any one contestant than he'll be able to pay back out. Somebody's got to win, after all, which means somebody's got to lose. This is how sporting events work, or so he's been told.

In the sporting events back on Zeltros, everyone wins.

They usually win all over each others' faces.

After entering the bet from Ektor, Vili reaches into one of the pockets of his coat, and pulls out a fairly small bag of spice. Enough for maybe three people to share, if they don't like the third guy that much.

"There you are! And just for the record, I usually don't go for humans, but if you're interested maybe during halftime I can dock with your face?"

As the announcer switches to Sar Yavok, Grishk winds down and steps forward arms at his sides as he watches the angry Human enter and step forward onto the pit proper. Apparantly he has as good taste in attire as the Lizard does.

Ektor chuckles at Dave, "Man, there ain't no ring girls when there ain't no rounds. You want to stare, there's Twi'Licks right next door, the rest of us gonna watch a fight, yeah?" he grins.

There is an inexplicable amount of older females in the crowd this evening. They sit scattered across the audience, relaxed and crowded around boxes of wine that they pass back and forth to one another. But when Sar walks up, they lose it like a pack of school girls. "Ooo he's mad. I like it when he's mad."

The referee meets the fighters in the middle. "I want a good clean fight. No weapons. No fancy alien power-ups. Protect yourselves at all times and everything I say you must obey." The fighters are given a minute more to prep, and then DING DING!

Ektor chuckles to Vili. "Flattered, yeah? But you ain't my type, Red."

Kyn walks into the pit palace again, two nights in a row, maybe this time he will get to see a fight, if not oh well. He does check his chrono and frowns knowing that he will not be able to stay too terribly long. Upon seeing a few familiar faces he walks over to where they are and have a seat.

"That's the spirit, Ektor! We want blood, the curves can come later!" Evie hoots cheerfully towards one of the many pilots sitting near her, her attention drawn right back to the fight at hand. There's no way she's going to allow her free time to be ruined -- and with any luck, the competitors will put on a heck of a show to entertain her.

It's begun. Sar's still looking pissed. Which is weird. Normally, it's just a standard 'disdain'. As the bell rings, Sar wastes no time before he breaks into a sprint and leaps off the ground into a Chuck Liddell-esque Superman punch (look it up, it's rad) headed straight for Grishk's head.

Hex is late, but he's here, sweeping in with red-flowered duster and snacks, half of which he hands to Kasia. He's not really generous, it's just that 50% of them are legally hers. "It's on!" he sounds cheerful, delighted. "Which of these two gonna win my heart? And fists? Ryma'at, can't hardly contain yourself. Watch the small container, those aren't noodles, they're worms."

As the fight progresses, Usha gets settled in to her seat, monitoring their vitals with her datapad. Legs crossed, she looks casual while the crowd gets riled up around her, which probably means she's taken enough drugs to numb her Zeltron empath sensors. She's still smoking something though. And it does NOT smell like tobacco.

As the bell dings Grishk is caught off guard as Sar launches and lands a blow right to the Trandoshan's head. Causing him to spray spit and jerk sideways. The lizards mouth turns up at one corner as it jerks back in a predatory style as his 4 clawed left arm reaches out in a retalitory blow. A roar eminating as he swings.

Usha /is smoking/. Thats her state of being too. Daven is her arm-candy for the evening. All scrubbed up and no longer looking like or smelling engine lubricant. Scrubbed up, almost styled hair and nice clothes. Slacks and a button-down with an actual vest button overtop. Shined boots and blaster at hip, of course. Arm-candy also brings handpewwers for protection.

It does take a bit for Daven to make his way down to Usha proper, to settle down next to her in a chair and recline comfortably. Very comfortable.

"And excellent first move, tonight is going to be an exciting night I tell ya!"

"And the Trandoshan just feed its right back. Do you see that swing? That is one deep cut!"

Hey, ow. Claws are cheating, right? The Old Man gets a nice sizable gash on his back for his trouble and hits the mat. He sends out a wild kick toward the lizard's stomach before rolling back up to his feet.

Kasia sets down the little stuffed lizard and reaches up to take the snacks that are owed to her by law. "Thank you." She shoots a look around, then looks back up to Hex. "I don't see Grom tonight, maybe there will be less throwing of things tonight." Because there was a LOT last night.

"AY YOU CAN DO IT SAR," Hex shouts from the audience, "EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE OLD AND BROKEN AND YOU SMELL LIKE BOURBON AND WASTED POTENTIAL!" He pauses to light up a cigarette, and adds, "Heh heh heh," delighted, "They're gonna get messed. up." Now that the fighting has started, the crowd around Vili has started to disperse a bit, which gives him to start paying attention to his pitcher full of zoochberry juice again. Soon there's juice pouring out the sides of his mouth, soaking his blue beard (and turning parts of it purple), and dribbling down his chin onto his shirtless chest.

It'd be hot if Tawny Kitaen had done it.

In the eighties, anyway.

Engrossed in the fight, Usha only realizes someones walking up to her when Daven takes a seat. She doesn't pay him any attention at first, but then does a double take. "Weeeeellll, look who showered for the shit show," she gives a dimply smirk, and offers him whatever 'sweet' smelling thing she's partaking in. "I hope you've been making us some money in your absence from here."

After the returning blow is landed Grishk focuses more and the humor he had is gone now, the kick Sar lashes out with is avoided as he hops back and swings again, hoping to use his long reach to an advantage, though it seems he may have misjudged.

"Ouch, Sar is DEFINITELY feeling that hit you can tell."

"I know, but that's no surprised when you LOOK at that arm span. Grishk definitely has ability to keep Sar far far away from him for the whole match."

"He'll have to pull some quick moves if he's gonna come back the way he started this match."

Sar Yavok hops back out of the way of Grishk's big swing and closes the distance between them. He's a big guy, so fight him on the inside, right? He grunts hard and drives an uppercut toward the big lizard's ribs.

The uppercut works wonders, making its way through Grishk's defenses and hitting the Trandoshan squarely in the jaw just as he throws a swing, a misread move he tried to make. He should have juked instead of jived. The blow causes the Orange skinned alien to fly up and land on his back.

A passing protocol droid gets flagged down, and Vili puts in his fourth drink order of the evening (juice), and his second food order (fruit). The protocol politely informs Vili that it is the property of a Hutt named Handsome Zlorrb, and that it really must be getting back to its duties, and also, politely, that Vili should probably eat a steaming plate of his own schutta.

"Step it up, step it up Grishk! He's fast for a human, ni muchi!" Hex is just cheering for both of them. Or against both of them. "Ah, this is great," he sighs, pausing momentarily to look down at whatever he just stepped in, and then deciding it's maybe better not to look at it, or think about it alone at night. He casts a fond look to his wife. "I'm super dead no matter who wins here, ka?"

Rey's covered eyes are focused on the fight below, at least until she feels something fussing with her cape and it draws her attention away. She finds two small alien creatures fumbling next to her with one another while one is seemingly absentmindedly tugging on the edge of her steel-blue cape's hem. Rey reaches down she grabs their attention, causing their beedy black eyes to look up at her. She shoos them away, they argue... she shoos more! Finally they wave their hands at her and the both of them go waddling off to find a new place to watch the fight.

Rey's covered eyes now return upward, toward the fighting arena and to the fighters. She breaths in deeply from behind her half mask, and lets the breath slowly slide back out between her covered lips.

Kasia reaches a hand out to give Hex a gentle pat on the arm. "You definitely are, ka're," she agrees, a slightly impish curve to her lips. "But who knows, maybe you'll be able to pull out a surprise win." She lifts the stuffed lizard, which is the wrong color but honestly it's the only toy lizard she could find on short notice, and waves it around again. "You can do it, Grishk!"

Ektor hollers at the exchange, "Kick his ass, yeah?" chuckling under his breath and wincing at the effects of Sar's uppercut.

That same droid gets flagged down as well, for a bet. and a nice beverage. By DAVEN of all people. For some nice drinks. Usha gets his attention again and a smile. "Didn't you tell me to come down, to...hang out..with you? Isn't this a date?" Daven'll lean over towards Usha and takes a whiff of what she is smoking before taking it over to do a long draw upon it. Then hand back.

"A solid connect to the chest, wiggled right up to the Trandoshan and BAM!"

"And Grishk is down. But is he out?"

"It would be a great shame for such a well matched fight to end so soon."

David grins at Ektor. "See, told you, didn't I? Man's like a brick wall that fights back." He drains his cup of the remainder of its contents, rummaging around in his jacket before his hand emerges with an apple. "Here, I have a couple of these. You can throw them at either of the fighters if they're not entertaining enough." He takes a bite, because it's a waste to just chuck a whole apple.

Grishk is down. Time to seize the opportunity, right? Right. What does Sar do? Well, in his definitely-not-anger-juice-fueled rage, Sar moves to drop a sweet-ass People's Elbow on the poor guy. Will it connect!?

His pitcher empty, and his drink order ignored, Vili is left with nothing to do but watch the fight. He's of two minds about this. On the one hand, watching men get all sweaty and pound each other sounds like a great way to get in the mood. But on the other hand... he's never been the biggest fan of spectating. Getting up from his seat, Vili carries his datapad around, discreetly collecting more wagers on his way back to the overpriced bar.

Fetching his own pitcher of juice, like a commoner, Vili makes some small talk with the bartender in order to get his drink for free. It usually works, and there's no reason to think that tonight will be any exception.

"I don't really get why the crowd is so riled up about this whole... spectacle. We already know that if one of the partners gets uncomfortable, he's just going to say the safe word and end the encounter. Where's the drama in that?"

Ordering his drink and getting settled in, and as the fight start he gets into it, watching the fight as it goes on. Grinning a bit as things around him begins getting louder.

Grishk comes back to reality just in time to see an elbow coming at him, rolling out of the way in time for the Human to land his elbow into the sand before throwing a 'bow' at Sar's head before moving to stand back up. The Tdoshk isn't down yet, though he is wobbly.

"I think Grishk's playing coy. Good for him though, he's hanging in there despite his opponent's speed." "Yeah but barely. So you see that wobble?"

Sar Yavok grunts as he once again rolls back up from the floor. Dusting himself off, his eyes stay locked on Grishk. He marches up to the wobbly lizard and claps his hands together before lifting them up and swinging them down in an overhead strike headed straight for his opponent.

"Griiiiiiiiishk!" Hex wails along with the rest of those who were cheering on the lizard, though his hollering ends in laughing, and in an exhale of smoke. "Tcha, that godless, dust-eyed catastrophe /would/ beat the lizard," he muses to Kasia. "S'alright, I've fought Grishk before, but not Sar. Not like this. It'll be fun. I'ma need cosmetic dentistry after, but it'll be fun." He pats Kasia on the shoulder and then goes bar-wards, where he pauses, poor lost lamb, to over hear Vili and ask, "What's a safe word?"

Grishk misses his swing and Sars double handed strike lands true on the lizards head, causing him to drop like a sack of potatoes to the ground with no movement afterwards.

Usha gladly accepts the joint back into her magenta fingers and says, "Darling if you want a date, you should've picked a night where lots of money isn't at stake." She takes a drag and adds, "You were ordered to show up, support, and possibly do some body guarding. But you're hear now so check this out." She hands back the joint and leans over to show him the datapad. "Their vitals are off the charts. Its insane." It even continues when Grishk goes down.

The referee rushes out for the count.





Ektor hollers wordlessly at the end of the fight, one more voice among many others. With a grin aside to those nearest, he mutters, "Payday came early this week. I'm gonna go collect and head back to the ship, yeah?"

Fromn a VIP balcony, Gor Bullet (Boba Fett) takes a seat at the table where a pair of twi'lek women are located. He sets a large mug of alcohol down in front of him, and then signals the serving droid over with the drinks for the women. Bullet's aged eyes glance out over the match while he raises his drink up for a swig from the brim. He doesn't know who the hell is fighting here tonight, but he hopes the alien wins, the human guy looks like a real pile of steaming bantha dung. The women with Bullet accept their drinks and also stare off at the fight.

There's a moment there where it looks like Sar might have just climbed on top of the downed Trandoshan and continued wailing on him, but whatever urge spurred this idea on is fought off. The Old Man stands up straight and lets his arms fall to his side, his blue eyes scanning the crowd as he makes his way to the center of the ring. He hesitates for a moment before raising a single fist into the air in victory.

When the fight is over, David chucks his partially eaten apple at the outstretched hand of Sar Yavok. It ends up not hitting the man in the hand.

"AAANNND GRISHK IS OUT! Great balls of fire, what a finishing blow Sar delivered, let's take a look at it again."

The head strike is replayed over on the screens once again for the audience.

"And it doesn't look like he's stopping, lookit that just wailing on him."

The referee starts to take a step forward to firmly remind Sar that the fight is over, but the luckily the man eventually stops himself. Taking his hand to raise it into the air, the referee announces: "Winner by Knock Out! Sar Yavok!"

"We'll get you new teeth if need be," Kasia assures Hex with a grin, watching him as he heads off to the bar to ask the important questions. She doesn't immediately follow, and instead allows her gaze to skim the crowd in search of familiar faces among them. Faces that aren't the bloodied ones in the ring.

"I'm joking, dating is off the table." Usha gets Daven to look down at the datapad, and his eyebrows furrow deep. Oh kriff's sake. "I put a lot of money down on Grishk...." He groans and lays back in his chair, no longer a jaunty happy fellow AT ALL. "Well. I've got a ship. I'll be fine. Right?" Nobody can hear him. Too much cheering.

"Oh dearest. Cheer up," Usha says and lets Daven finish the rest of the join. That only because she's got a spare set of other substances on her and she can afford to be generous. "Your drinks are on the Cartel tonight. Don't tell our Lord," she snickers sarcastically and summons over a server droid.

As he pays out tonight's winners, Vili has to struggle mightily to resist the temptation to just run away with all of the wagers. If this were any other planet, maybe he'd do just that. But the Hutts are known to take that kind of thing really seriously. Especially when he technically doesn't have a license to be running books on the Smuggler's Moon.

"Why hello there, Mr. Ashkuri..." He practically purrs as he looks up over his datapad at the guy who reminds him so much of his Gungan ex-husband. "A safe word is... well... why don't you ask your wife? I'm sure she knows all about them."

As Vili looks at his account, his blue eyebrows knit a bit closer together. "Holy snarp! I did the math right for once! That means..." Vili looks around the crowd randomly, his eyes searching frantically for something. "Which of you mammals has the biggest mammary organs? I'm about to buy a whole bottle full of drops and do the ol' landspeeder maneuver on SOME LUCKY LIFEFORM!"

Daven finishes the nice lady Usha's joint and leans in to press a kiss into her temple. Because thats so nice of her, and now he is a bit higher than he should be. Normally is. He'll stand and stretch and meander away to find people that he may know. Does he know anyone else here? Of course he does, Hex and Kasia are noticed and he'll go that way. Towards the damnable bookie. Who is about to get his hard earned credits.

"Ay if you're so flush with cash you can pay me /rent/, Vili," Hex points out, raising both brows. "You know how much it cost to fix the refresher, disinfect the entire bar, and pay off health inspectors and people posing as health inspectors, after you lived in my refresher as long as you did?" The Twi'lek rubs his cybernetic fingers together in the universal money-money gesture. "Make a little restitution to your old friend, ok ka, or might be you'll need a word safe." Almost, Hex. Almost.

Kasia makes her way around to the bar juuuust too late to hear Hex's attempt at using safe word in a sentence. "Ka're, Vili, you both behaving?" She knows the answer is no, but asks it anyway. She spies Daven as he approaches and lifts a hand to give the man a wave. "Hey there. Did you enjoy the fight?" The stuffed lizard she was waving around is shoved back into the bag, because it's just a toy brought from home rather than anything official.

"Eshen'leah? Right? Eshkey'dala?" Darius says butchering the Ryl word of 'Eskaa'lia' or 'romanatic love. "See? What did I tell ya? I'll master this language in no time, just like I have mastered wookiee talk. " The young captain says to his twi'lek partner as they both arrive rather late to the fight this time But knowing those that have been attending these events each night Darius is confident some friends have lingered. "Alright, info gatherer, why don't you find us some pals." He says to Vasani lightly pushing her forward

Sar Yavok is still standing in the middle of the ring with a half-dead lizard on the ground, being assaulted with cheers and jeers of all kinds. Blood continues trickling down his back from the giant gouge, but an on-site medic is there soon enough to get it bandaged and good to go. Now somebody just needs to buy him a drink.

Boba Fett says, "Eshen'leah? Right? Eshkey'dala?" Darius says butchering the Ryl word of 'Eskaa'lia' or 'romanatic love. "See? What did I tell ya? I'll master this language in no time, just like I have mastered wookiee talk. " The young captain says to his twi'lek partner as they both arrive rather late to the fight this time But knowing those that have been attending these events each night Darius is confident some friends have lingered. "Alright, info gatherer, why don't you find us some pals." He says to Vasani lightly pushing her forward"

People come out to take Grishk out of the arena, the cheers for Sar having woken him from his stupor. Perhaps a bit of those regenerative abilities kicking it to boost his awareness. Set in his tight boyshorts, the lizard doesnt notice two alligator eggs hanging through the leg of his shorts as he saunters off for Yavok to have the Pit to himself, though he does after, managing to pull the shorts down to put things back where they belong.

"Okay, first of all Dare, Eskaalia. Esssssskaaaaahhhh'liiaaaaaaaa" Vasani sounds the word out super slowly as if she were talking to a child. She gives a little pet to a lizard sitting on her shoulder. "Second of all, I wouldn't say you've "mastered" the wookiee language. Did we miss the fight? Awwweeee" she whines. Vasani takes a look around the arena, hoping to find some friends and wandering toward the bar, hoping to pick up a "dirty twi'lek" for herself.

The video droids are ALLL OVER the Trandoshan's junk. And so are the audience's eyes, after it gets projected on the screens.

"Are you still going on about that one thing that allegedly happened a long time ago, in a refresher far, far away from here?" Vili looks up from his datapad, a look of believably serious confusion on his face. The frown wrinkles his blue, zoochberry juice-stained beard, as he wracks his brain to figure out exactly what might have given his great friend any offense.

"I remember it somewhat differently, if we're being honest. I brought in a lot of paying customers to your... establishment, and distracted them from noticing how poor the selection of meilloorun wines is. The fact that certain fluids might have ended up in the food and caused a very very very minor health epidemic is really beside the point."

Vili takes a casual sip from his fourth pitcher of zoochberry juice, managing to not quite spill any of it. For now.

"After all, my dear Mr. Ashkuri, what price do you put on the kind of word of mouth advertising that always circulates when a Zeltron like myself provides an entire fleet of First Order crewmen with the most... plezzzurable shore leave they've ever experienced?"

"Terrible. I bet on the wrong fighter. Bookiee. Hello." Daven's datapad comes up and it beep-beep-boops to transfer credits to the gentleman. "40 thousand credits, young man. You had best have good plans with it." He says it loudly enough for Hex and Kasia to hear. And he glances back towards Kasia and smiles wide. That vacant, maybe intoxicated smile reaching up into his eyes. "It is very nice to see you again. Always, everytime. Lovely."

Usha positively GASPS when Grishk's "dragon eggs" take the screen. It's enough for her to pull her glasses off and take a picture with her data pad. One for the spank bank. Nice.

After the fight ends and the ugly human guy wins, Gor stands up from his table and he fishes around for some credits in his jacket pocket. "Well that was a disappointment." He says in his gruff voice, while his hand pops out of his pocket and tosses a few credits onto the table, where a little droid on said table scurries over and collects them up. Gor takes a big swig of his drink and then sets the mug down on the table. "Ladies, enjoy the rest of your evening." He tells the purple and yellow skinned twi'lek women he'd sat down with. Gor Bullet then meanders on his way toward the bar, one hand going up to rub at the crown of his head over the black and charcoal colored hair atop his skull.

"I am absolutely still going on about that, Vili!" Hex replies. "And I still have your blue velvet jacket with the epaulets hostage in my apartment, you know this, ka? I could give it back. Or wear it around. Or burn it." He pauses, "Actually I can't fit in it, so we're gonna have to go with giving it back or burning it."

Kasia comes up and asks if they're behaving, and he twitches his lekku briefly before replying, "NOPE," and making an attempt to seize his grubby pink friend by the front of the shirt. "Pay me a thousand credits to cover my kriffin' lost costs, and I'll immediately cease to be salty about the disease. All those crotting swabs from the medical teams wipin' on the 'fresher seats and coming up pink positive every time, PINK, filling me with despair and rage and the color seared into my memory of your shame-bare self sitting in that stall... all will be forgotten, ni muchi. And I'll give you your jacket back. Because I can't fit in it. Fail to pay me a thousand credits, and we're about to have Fight Night 2, Beat the Bookie. Choose wisely, ok ka?" If he's ashamed to be having this chat in front of everybody, there's no sign of that!

"I didn't think so," Kasia accepts the answer from Hex with good humor, because if she didn't, she'd be in bad humor a whole lot. She turns to look back at the ring, at the two contenders, a hand lifting to motion them over, or at least whichever among them is with it enough to see that. "I did warn you that Hex was unhappy about that whole business, Vili," she says as she turns back, though her gaze comes to a stop on Boba. Or Gor. Whichever he's going by tonight. A moment is spent simply studying him, and then she offers the man a friendly smile. "Wait," she looks around to Daven, brows knitting. "How much did you bet?"

"Right, right Esh'shabala. It sounds exactly the same as when you say it." Darius says with a smile, as he is led to the bar. "And how dare you say I haven't gotten every Wookiee we have ever met 'excited' by making noises at them. I've -Mastered- that language, my Esabeen'la." He notices a few familiar faces but as he raises his hand to greet them he stops, seeing the rather 'intimate' pawing that Hex is doing against Vili's chest. "Well, we missed the fight Eshama'bili, but I bet there is still gonna be entertainment."

Daven glances back towards Hex and the discussion. "Oh, no no no. Hex. You should very much give me that jacket. I would appreciate it a great deal." Daven grins just a touch. To be able to get ahold of something from that damnable bookie. Kasia gets his attention though, and its so easy to do. He'll even lean in towards her just a touch. "40 thousand. Its a bit much, but not detrimental. It made the fight so fun to watch."

Vasani sighs loudly, giving up on trying to teach Darius words for now. It's just one word! It's not like she's trying to teach him the whole language! "Looks like we might be just in time to watch another fight" Vasani says as her eye too catches the situation between Hex, Vili, and Kasia. "Entertanment is always around with these guys" She gives a smile to Darius, picking up her drink from the bar and heading right toward them all, no worries about her.

Into the pit fighter's palace another walks, apparently fashionable late, but there was always some other distraction for the crowd that wasn't far away. Wrapped in her fitted and rather distinct Mandalorian Beskar'gem, the woman removes her helmet once she steps over the threshold, tucking it under her arm while she moves deeper into the crowd. Her eyes sweep around, spotting a few faces both familier and new, while she moves into the crowd.

It's all that Vili can do to collect the credits from Darius before getting grabbed up. Normally, he doesn't mind, but he can't help but feel as if something is slightly off about this encounter. "If we're going to be getting physical like this, we really should set up an appropriate safe word first. I know, I know, it can interfere with the mood you're trying to set, but it's important to be respectful of boundaries. Even though I have practically none."

Both of his hands raised, palms facing outward, Vili somehow manages to look appropriately deferential, without ever missing a beat.

"You raise some valid points though, and... now that you mention it... there actually IS a way that we could settle this to everyone's satisfaction. I'd be willing to forget the fee you owe me for my hosting services, if you and Mrs. Ashkuri would be willing to each front twenty thousand credits to become full partners in a little business venture I've been cooking up."

The easy, slightly unctuous smile on Vili's face never disappears, though he keeps both of his hands up protectively. "It's completely foolproof. You're both guaranteed to double your money."

Hex is all ready to pet and/or punch Vili, either way he is gonna make it weird man, when there is a sudden chirping of a comlink from somewhere within the dubious pockets of his ridiculous outerwear. He holds up one cybernetic finger, presses a button on the 'link, and listens to the stream of Ryl the other speaker provides. "What?" he answers back. "Qa? He ate what? That's not even -- okay. OKAY, I'll be right there. I'll replace it. I didn't know he was capable of catching them, I'm actually kind of prou-- No you're right sorry this is very serious. Ka'ta." Hex hangs up and looks at Kasia. "So uh, Boon ate like half the fish out of the sitter's aquarium? I gotta go pick him up. And find a new sitter." He looks back at Vili and frowns. "I hate you," he informs the Zeltron, and stabs him in the chest with a finger. "You BETTER double my money." Then he hands over enough credits that you can probably hear Kasia audibly have an aneurysm, and he tromps out.

Gor Bullet approaches a bar area and he takes a moment to settle his debt with the Tender before he glances around, hoisting his mug up for another sip from it. He catches the eyes from Kasia and offers the woman a raise of his mug before he looks back to the Tender and trades some Hutt-Cartel coins with the man. "Good fight?" Bullet says to the Tender who shrugs his shoulders. "Yeah, I missed the others this week. I bet they were better." The Tender nods his head, Gor nods in return. "Fill'er up, eh?" Gor says, sliding the mug across the bar in the VIP area to the Tender who does just so, he turns around and puts a elbow on the bar, letting his aged eyes scan around again at the crowds.

Though her path had brought her near, Narsai hadn't been absorbed into any of the conversations yet. She might not know the topic discussed, but the exchange of credits has her blinking and tilting her head t the side. That's an awful lot to bring into a place like this, here's hoping someone doesn't get mugged on the way out the door. A shrug, the redhead turns her gaze towards the seemingly empty ring and then the bar in turn. By all indications she'd come into the place for distraction rather than a further purpose.

"I can see how that would add an element of excitement to the fight," Kasia replies to Daven affably, even if she is quietly relieved that it's not Hex that's having to fork that much over after betting. Surely he wouldn't be that foolish with money. OR WOULD HE? Yes, yes he would. Vasani is spotted and given a friendly smile, though it sort of freezes and she spins around to look back at Hex as he goes from threatening to handing over way more than he should be. "Hex, what--" But then he's on a call, and having to run out, and she's left staring after the fool she opted to marry. "Vili," her tone takes on a little bit more of an edge than it usually has as she turns to face the Zeltron. "My dear friend, if this is a scam," and it sounds like she believes it is, "I sincerely hope that Hex somehow gets his money back at the end of it. I would very much hate to be cross with you."

Darius follows intent to see how this situation plays out. The Zeltron sure has a way of... 'Existing' about him that keeps the smuggle amused. Kind of like how when you pass a starship crash, and you probably should look away from all the carnage, but you just can't help yourself. Though as Hex zooms past him and Vasani, seemingly because of some proud swelling emergency, Darius then turns his attention to Kasia. "Excitement is never ending is it?"

"It never is with these guys" Vasani gives a wink in Kasia's direction. Vasani reaches her finger up to her right shoulder and lets a little lizard who had been sitting on it crawl on to her hand. "Look Kasia!! This is our new friend!!" She says excitedly, and seemingly obvlivious to the situation. "Now I know last time I saw you we said we were eating lizards, but this is a different one! Not the eating kind... Oh hi!" She goes to wave at the Zeltron but then looks down at her hands, realizing she is carrying both a lizard and a drink and cannot actually wave.