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Hutt Cartel: Party Like It's 1159

OOC Date: August 10, 2019
Location: Y'toub System
Participants: Oozlevort, Thais, Veck, Domino Graystorm, Maeb'h, Gorggul, Begula, Oran Arcantael, Sion, Ilpani, Hadrix Rol, Sumi Kora

To reveal the depth of power and wealth at the command of the Hutt Cartel. The ceiling of the entire space has been with a transparent glass-like material, allowing one to peer outside at the planets and stars passing by the yacht. The walls are made up entirely of a white marble, polished daily to an incredible luster by the ship's slave population. Designated walkways slip in a slight downward grade into the bowl in the center of the room which houses a Hutt Lord's dais, surrounded by velvety cushions of a rich scarlet color, and utilized by the presiding Hutt.

Artwork of undeniable value and rarity hang on the walls or rest on the floor, a notable few being pieces of ancient Ryl culture. A full time bar and kitchen staff are on duty around the clock, and serve to the beck and call of the Hutt Lords and their honored guests.

The sights. The sounds. The ... smells. Some impressive. Some less so. All of them, however, definitely the heart and sould of an all out Cartel bash. There is, of course, the hustle and bustle of a variegated myriad of servants throughout the Star Wind's throne room, carting, toting, and doling out refrehsments of all sorts and in copious amounts. The guests mingle, scattered everywhere, here, there, and are consuming at decadent levels all manner of confections, drinks, and ... goods of other natures. There is the impertinent wail of a five-memeber jizz band that carries out its sweet (to some) and harsh (to others) tones and tunes over the general hubbub of the fray.

Yes. Yes. It's a Hutt par-tay.

Center stages, no one single individual more prominent than the other, are this week's featured Cartel Hutts. Of particular note is the Hutt Lord Begula. Rumor has it that it is He who is responsible for this tumultuous affair this evening. Seated on a large, circular dais and surrounded by servants fawning over Him, feeding Him, and in general pumping up the smarmy to an even greater volume than the jizz band.

Nearby are several other Hutts, and all of them in much the same ... situation. Begula, now taking a moment, announces very loudly that the party has begun.

"Gentle beings! Welcome!" he says. "Please, partake of the generosity of the Cartel! Eat! Drink! Be jovial! For tomorrow ... is another day!"

Oozlevort landed his leaking old Sorosuub transport on the space yacht like white trash parking on someone's lawn. Followed by a hovering cylindrical security droid, the Gand Findsman waddles into the throne room and the presence of the Hutt Lords. In lieu of a blaster, his security droid carries a large tray stacked with shirts and headbands carrying the Aurabesh logos for Toydor Algae Spas and Meltdown Cafe - Nar Shaddaa in bright neon colors. He hands out a few shirts and headbands to the Gamorrean guards, then informs the majordomo that he seeks an audience with Begula when there is time.

Although Thais has been working as a bounty hunter for about a half-decade - in all that time, she hasn't actually operated much away from Nar Shaddaa. Which isn't as much of a drawback when one considers that it is a planet-sized city riven with unfathomable levels of crime. All the same - she's definitely encountering a level of luxury that is far beyond what she's been previously accustomed to.

She seems to have arrived with Ilpani, whom the Cathar seems to treat as something of a little sister. She glances once around them with a flash of her liquid golden, feline eyes, and then tells her in a lower purry voice, "Try and stay out of trouble. We're here to make money, not friends."

Veck comes into the party dressed in his power armor but over it is a cloth trying to at least look dressed up with a multicolors on it as he moves around his eyes moving as he is trying to relax. But it seems he is in a decent move based on the movement, as he reaches the middle of the party the helemt is removed and placed on the side of him on a little hook on the side. Trying to find someone he knows, or anyone that looks like they are worthing talking to, the dark skinned humans with the light brown eyes scans the room.

Domino strides in dressed in a stunningly dress as if she were the most ornately decorated dancing girl. Oran, is rather more clothed but some people don't need gold and silk to have a commanding presence. She keeps one hand lighty on the crook of Oran's arm and takes a moment to soak it all in.

The sky blue Wroonian female, Cap't Mae Moreland, mingles about with a glass of whiskey in one hand a bite of some sort of fancy cheese on a stick in the other.

Her amber eyes take in all the art, the marble, and of course, the Hutt of the hour, Lord Begula. She knows his face.

Many faces here she doesn't know, but figures it will be an excellent time to talk up her upcoming Sabacc Tourney at the PAZAAK and TABAC in the Starport District on Nar Shadaa.

She spies Veck and a smile rests on her pouty blue lips for a moment before it vanishes as she continues to walk around, just taking in the sites and sounds, and some unfortunate smells.

Sumi Kora leans against a bulkhead in a corner of the room where ample seating and general lounge amenities are present. She has a young servant lady flanking her, one clinging lightly to her armored arm while another rests under the wing of Sumi's arm, which is draped over her delicate shoulders. With her helmet still on, it's difficult to discern if the Mandalorian is being held hostage by alien beauties, or if she's enjoying her arrangement. The trio seem to enjoy the music, and with the general ambiance being elevated, the volume of their soft conversation remains unheard from a distance.

Escortted in by one of the many servants that the Cartel.. employs... the Trade Lord Gorggul makes his grand appearance. Slithering through the crowd that has gathered, the Hutt offers a condescening nod, smile and wave to those he passes. He makes his way towards where Begula is situated, waving his arms as he demands food and drink be brought to him before acknowleding the Spice Lord his a bow of his large head.

Oran Arcantael walks into any room as though he shortly expects it to arrive in his real estate portfolio, and this one - although it belongs to one of the most powerful Cartels in the galaxy - is no exception. A little on the short side in the company of taller human men, he nonetheless carries himself with the confidence that comes from bespoke clothing and a wrist chrono that might cost more than the GDP of some outer rim planets. He's here to accompany the more flashily dressed Domino, and snags a drink from a serving tray without looking at or thanking its bearer. "Someone or something in there, or several someones, or several somethings, is fragrant in the worst possible way. Change of rules, at least one small catastrophe fully permitted," he notes to Dom.

Sion's never been on a yacht before, and it shows: She can't stop looking at everything. The surroundings, anyway, as she's seen some of the folks here before. The smell around some of the (NPC) attendees doesn't add to the atmosphere in a pleasant way, but it certainly heightens the sense that this place is unusual.

Even the buffet table says 'different'. She pauses to look everything over. Hopefully there are warning labels for different species; some of this doesn't look like it was intended for Human consumption.

Spying Sumi nearby, she moves to join the hunter and her... entourage doesn't seem like the right word, but it's as close as she can come.

Ilpani arrives with Thais, trailing close behind the Cathar woman, and clearly feeling a little out of her element in the sheer luxury of the event, but curious and awestruck all the same. Her electric-blue eyes track over the decorations, the band, the guests-- anything and everything there is to see. At least she dressed for the occasion. She wears a silky, short, cream-colored dress that rests off of her shoulders and flares at the apex of the sleeves and hem. A tight fitting pair of leather pants covers her legs, and her knee-high boots look like they've been recently polished. Her nails match her eyes. Her eyeshadow matches her hair. She very nearly glows, with the high-saturation of her natural palate.

It takes her a moment to register Thais' statement, but she peels herself from her distraction, and nods in acknowlegment. "Right. Money." And she goes right back to looking around. "...Who needs friends." She mutters under her breath.

Veck seeing a few faces that he knows he stands there debating on where to go, but then he picks as he walks towards the pirate Maeb, with a bowing of his head."Fancy seeing you up here." His hand is droping that helmet now down on to the belt with a little chuckle as he looks around taking it all in and then he nods towards Domino with a wave of his hand.

The guards offer to usher Oozlevort toward the Hutt Lord Begula. At the dais, the Hutt Lord is nodding, as it were an official bow, to the Hutt Lord Gorggul who has just arrived. Begula exchanges pleasantries with his fellow Hutt, and continues to eat, drink, and be jovial with his servants, treating them, as it were, with some unusual level of dignity and respect.

Oran seems to have overheard Thais, not too far away, saying they're here to make money -- and correspondingly invites himself to join in that conversation; Domino will have to either step this way also or gently part company from her apparent Plus One. "Money," he echoes, "You're here to make money, really? Gauche. Admirable." His accent says upper-levels Coruscant, and a brief glance is spared to keep an eye on the Hutts before he looks back to the Cathar. "How do you imagine you're making money at a social function?"

Domino looks sidelong at Oran an a sculpted eyebrow liiiifts, "I find it adorable you think that I need /anyone's/ permission to create a ruckus. I'm feeling generous tonight, have you a flavor in mind or shall I let whim strike?" She spots Veck and fingerwaves towards Veck and asides to Oran "See? Stalker. I told you."

Mae takes a nibble of her cheese. "Hey yourself, Veck! Good to see you out and about," she says and offers him a toothy grin.

"Some party huh? I know the Pazaak and Tabac won't be /this/ fancy with the Sabacc Tourney, but I hope it has a good turn out like this!" Mae chuckles.

Reaching into her inner coat pocket, she withdraws a Blue Leaf cigar, nips the tip and lites it up. Taking a long pull on it, she looks up at Veck again. "Sure you don't want one? It's a party, after all." she winks.

Sumi turns slightly, taking her arm from the beauty on her right to lightly touch the chin of the one to her left. It's a quiet dismissal that segues to both alien women who walk past Sion, eying her but saying nothing. Sumi straightens, which allows the silver trimmed blue cape to fall to its full length along her back. She steps toward Sion, dipping her head in greeting. <"Sion."> Sounds the accented voice from beneath the helmet.

Veck watches the party, then he looks over at everyone his eyes are narrow as he is taking it all in then he waves towards Sumi, as he notices the other of the blood."Now then, I hope so in a way but we need it to be controled, we have money on the table there and we need to make sure it is safe Mae." His voice is soft, and then he looks around for alchol."Now let's find the alchol, I need a drink."

Oozlevort accepts the squiring up to Begula's dais, handing one of the guards a Toydor Algae Spas - Toydaria t-shirt. "Lord Begula, the humble findsman Oozlevort requests that you and your clan sponsor his podracing pod for the upcoming alpine race on Sneeve. For this sponsorship your lordship will be gifted an appropriate proportion of the winnings."

After a few moments, a droid rushes over to Gorggul with a tall glass some some sort of ale with a large straw coming from it so the Trade Lord can sip from it. Rather then sip, he promptly empties the glass and demands another from the droid - who quickly rushes off to fetch another. Gorggul takes the time to watch those who are arriving to see if there is any business that can be conducted during the function.

Moving with considerable grace for a hulking brute, in a tailored suit no less, Haderix slips among the crowd. He has no hangars on, is not draped on or about other. He has a wine flute in his hand as a serving girl passes. Taking in his surroundings with a casual, and red pupiled eye. Cigarra pulled from the tray of another passing server, the floating Seeker droid that tails him leans over his shoulder, one clawed arm cutting an end while another lights it as he places it in his mouth.

"I should have dressed up tonight, sir." the droids clipped, feminine voice quipping as it does so. "Black is always stylish" "That's all you wear, sir." "I also wear gray." "That's black that someone spilled a little white into, sir." "Go get me a stronger drink, Gripper." "Right away." And then the droid is off on its assigned duty

Sion frowns puzzledly as Sumi's former attendants stroll past, noting how they /almost/ glare at her, but not quite. She looks after them... and nearly runs into Sumi, who isn't far behind them. "Oh... sorry, Sumi. I almost stepped on your foot," she says. "Are you on duty? Or are you a guest, too?"

"Hoooooooooooo ho ho ha ha ah." A booming emanation. At the dais, the Hutt Lord Begula receives Oozlevort with a hearty chuckle. "Sponsor, dear Findsman in a podrace. Now *that* is a novel idea, indeed."

The Hutt Lord munches again on a large handful of some sort of ... crunchiness ... and continues to speak while he chews, as couthly as the uncouthness of it all will allow.

"I think it can easily be arranged. Have you ever ... been in a pod before?"

Domino eyes the cathar dubiously, "Mind your valueables around those lot, Oran." she hrrms and adds "Aside, if you're not here to make friends and make money then you're making enemies and taking someone's money." she snags a drink for herself from passing tray and turns her attention from the Cathars towards where Hadrix has arrived. Hadrix is given a wave and her eyes sweep the room again "So many here I had not expected to see."

It is probably clear to anyone that catches a glimpse of her, that Thais is somewhat out of her element, given the luxury of the Hutt Cartel. However, the Cathar Huntress will do her very best to not show it! She stands straight - lithe, tawny silhouette clad in a tightweave shirt, and a pair of tactical pants with a low-slung, buckled gunbelt. Her flat, felinoid nose will occasionally twitch as she catches some passing scent, her cat-like features framed by her tawny mane.

She's going to be a tiny bit surprise,d just the same, when Oran suddenly addresses her, causing her to turn and flash a look at him. She then responds in her a purry voice, "You never know what kind of opportunities might present themselves." Although, she's a little annoyed with herself at being overheard. Rookie mistake!

<"I'm always on duty, but I'm also a guest."> A hand gestures toward the parting pair. <"Don't mind them. They think I have credits. Joke's on them."> Said with a chuckle. <"Any aspirations for the evening, or are you here to soak in the atmosphere? No one throws a party quite like a Hutt.">

Oran lifts a hand towards Hadrix, a greeting for him, though he's a bit far away to speak to just yet. "Everyone despises the Hutts until there's free food and drinks," he notes dryly to Domino. "Though I will say Begula runs a fine PR game, relative to some of his predecessors."

Back to Thais, and he spreads his hands magnanimously, drink still in one, not a drop spilled. He dips his head as though in suggestion of a bow, then looks back up. "You want money. I have money. Tell me why you should have it then, Cathar. What do you do that's useful? How do you earn? I'm a rich fool, clearly, look at me. Opportunity, no?"

"True, Veck, true," she says and takes another pull on her cigar.

She heads over towards Lord Begula and patiently waits to see him.

Snagging his Majordomo, she polietly requests to have an audience with the Lord of Spice once the little bug is done bothering him.

Veck moves away from her and then he shurghs slowly to come into the line with her behind her."Might as well thank him for the party right, least I can do." On the way he grabs a passing drink to sip it slowly with a little chuckle, as he watches it all for a moment."So then Mae, you often hang out in the hutt lands?"

Sion stifles a laugh at Sumi's joke. "Mostly I'm here to see what a Cartel party is like. I must say I'm impressed with the ship. It's one way to travel in style, for sure." She leans casually on the wall close to Sumi. "What about you? You said you're on duty... do you expect trouble?"

Oozlevort gestures with his three-fingered hands at Begula. "Oozlevort has flown fighter craft and swoops. It is not very different. And Oozlevort can look into the mists and see many possible futures. Oozlevort has seen his victory in the podracing on Sneeve."

Domino sighs and looks sidelong "Not everyone and could you not say that while you're eating their free food and drink?" mildly exasperated. She rolls her eyes "Oh, for the love of. Fine. Amuse yourself. I'm obligated to meet and greet. If you get robbed while I am gone I am going to enjoy rubbing it in your face." she steps away and sashays towards Veck in a flutter of silk and flash of long shapely leg, her gaze tracking Hadrix even as she makes for Veck.

Ilpani's attention stays split between the listening to the bouncing tones of the band, and gazing longingly at the buffet table, as she follows at Thais' side. She has a look about her like a girl who feels quite out of place, but is clearly eager to change that. Right up until the moment Oran approaches her and her sister, anyway. She stiffens, her eyes widen just a hair, and she shrinks back a few inches. The comment about how one might make money at a social function loosens her expression in a knowing smirk. "Yeah." She nods, then offers, as though on cue to provide an echo for her companion: "You never know when you might bup into someone, that's looking for something you can provide at one of these things, right?"

Thais tilts her head in just such a fashion as if to suggest that all of a sudden, Oran has suddenly become much more interesting to her, than he was just a few moments ago. However, her liquid golden feline eyes will flash towards Domino, "A Cathar is no thief," She tells her in a warning purry voice. Her offense is such, that for just a moment, she'll have unintentionally resorted to the uneducated, tribal slang of her youth. She makes a growly sound, and then repeats more firmly to Oran, "I'm not here to steal anything." She flares her felinoid nostrils to catch Oran's scent before purring, "A Cathar - I am an honorable huntress."

Mae turns to look behind her, answering Veck. "I don't make it a habit." she chuckles. "I am here to give respect to Lord Begula of course. He is aware of my business, The Pazaak and Tabac." she says and perhaps doesn't realize that she's fiddling with the necklace around her neck that holds Begula's very symbol.

Pod racing. OH crap. Pod racing. Mae signed up to race in that event, but she'll figure it out.

She's here to talk about her Sabacc Tourney and break bread with Lord Begula.

Veck waits for a moment, and then he nods towards Dom as she is coming behind him with a soft voice speaking."Now your stalking me I see." His voice is teasing, and then he looks at Maewith a nod of his head."Make sense then, your business on this planet would bring you to his attention." His eyes moving along the room, not focusing on one spot yet as he waits behind Mae, as he turns now to look at Dom."Looking amazing more so then normally, breath taking. I love the dress."

"Don't mind her, she's horrible," Oran smiles regarding the eye-catching woman who just departed his company with a warning not to get robbed. Domino is free to go toward Veck; he's watching Thais and Ilpani with the hint of a smile turning one corner of his mouth upward. "Are you so," he replies politely to her assertion that she's a huntress. "If you hunt beasts, it's a poor way to make a living. If you hunt sentients... a far more challenging quarry and a more lucrative career, no? I shall hope for the latter, though I await confirmation for which it might be." He transfers sharp-eyed attention to Ilpani. "And what are you? Besides shrinking like I might bite you?" He smiles. "I am completely harmless, of course."

Begula seems delighted at the prospect that Oozlevort has somehow looked into mists and foreseen his own victory in the upcoming race. Unusually delighted. Must be something in the crunchies he is munching. In any case, the Hutt Lord booms in laughter, and nods at the Gand ... after a prolonged belch. "You shall be my racer, Findsman! We shall win this race! We will talk specifics, but not just now. Please, do enjoy the party."

Begula munches more crunchies. His palor seems to be becoming pale, and, servants picking up the cues of his slowed breathing, fluff and position pillows about him. Begula's eyes begin to droop every so slowly yet, suddenly, the sound of soft snoring pouring from his nasal cavity.

Domino bobs her head and drawls in a deadpad, "You got me. I'm obscessed. OR. MAYBE. I remember I promised you an introduction and I'm here to borrow you from your pretty Wroonian lady just ong enough to make that introduction." she promises Mae'b "I'll deposit him back to your care shortly." It's a shame she can't hear Oran, she'd take heart that there is someone who understands she's terrible people! She smiles to Veck, "I know I do but I like hearing it anyway, thank you."

Oozlevort was going to offer Begula a headband with Meltdown Cafe - Nar Shaddaa on it and talk some more about MERCHANDISING but the Hutt falls asleep. The Gand gives a slight bow and goes to mingle, finding his way to the bar, where he orders a festive Reactor Core mixed drink.

<"You never know when someone will be brave enough to step out and cause problems. In my experience, important people pay a lot of credits for people like me to mitigate those problems for them. If the evening turns out to be all pleasure; then there is still no loss."> Sumi's silver washed reflective visor angles toward Sion then 'looking' at her. <"I cannot imagine owning a vessel like this. Such opulent luxury makes me antsy.">

Catching the raise of a hand from Oran, Hadrix bows his head in polite response as he works with the throng of the crowd. They're all around him, making the large man look like a fighting gundark straining against just... Smashing something.

Another server goes past him and his empty glass is replaced by a fresh one, a pair of party goers smoking spice draw a savage looking scowl when they breathe it into his face. The ember on the end of his cigarra glows like the end of a repeater cannon barrel after prolonged fire. He does what he does best, he stands, looms and observes. Posture shifting slightly with the crowd, he spots Sumi's armor and offers her a polite nod if her T-Visor angles his way.

Mae has only been in the Hutt Lord's company maybe twice in her life, but this wasn't normal.

"I think something is wrong with Begula... he doesn't look.. his normal Hutty self. IS THERE A DOCTOR?" Mae asks above the music and chatter.

She moves closer to Lord Begula. Something is just not right.

Veck watches the woman going up towards the hutt with a little sigh of displeasure, as he looks over at Dom."It looks like this will have to wait, till we can find a doctor. That looked odd." His voice friendly enough but those eyes are cold pits of brown darkness, as he scans the room with a shake of his head.

"Neither can I. I have a good ship but it's a working vessel," Sion replies. "Still, something like this would make a pretty impressive small passenger liner: Small clientele, but the utmost in luxury travel. I wonder if this vessel started life that way..."

She looks in the direction of the host, frowning as she sees that he's suddenly asleep. Hadn't he just been talking to the Gand? She glances at Sumi. "Do they usually do that? This is only the second Hutt I've met."

Domino looks mildly peterbed. She drains her glass, "He'd better be breathing or he's /gonna/ owe me another favor." She grumbles. She shoves the glass as Veck like he's her valet and then looks around to see if there is a doctor or anyone else ready step up-cause that look on her face is the very opposite of someone eager to do good deeds.

Gorggul had taken to chatting up a nearby Twi'lek who was looking to discuss interstellar trade routes as he awaited another drink. The Trade Lord shakes his head and turns to the shout of the woman yelling, then at Begula, then back at the woman. He remains where he is, watching. From his vantage point it only appears his fellow Hutt Lord may have dozed off, but listens to what is going on and waves his Twi'lek associate away as he slithers slowly towards Begula.

Begula sits in a sort of feline slumber. A dribble of stinking, black drool appears at the corner of his gaping maw, and in another moment it becomes a steady stream of ooze. With a retch and a lurch, the Hutt Lord?s body jolts. A loud, gurgling sound comes from His very core, and Begula vomits out bits of the crunchies he had been previously eating.

And it is just then that the hired security, having taken up positions around the room at large, draws their weapons.

"Nobody move!" shouts the Captain from a vantage point at an overhang slightly above the party below. "And only the Hutt gets hurt!"

Ilpani watches Thais as she responds to Oran's comments with a ghost of a smile forming on her lips. Something about the growling of the Cathar woman seems to put the little Zeltron at ease. Which lasts, just about as long as it takes for Oran to fix his attention on her. She stiffens again, blinking her big, electric-blue eyes at him, then reaches around with one arm to rub at the other, as she eyes avert to the floor. "I, uhm..." She purses her lips thoughtfully, her brow furrows, and she lifts her gaze to him, drawing it over his attire on her way to his face. "Me?" She glances to Thais. "I make friends. And I fix problems."

The commotion about Begula's apparent sudden-onset narcoleptic episode draws her attention. Or, at least, she takes the opportunity to disengage with Oran before he probes any deeper into her trade. She cranes her neck up and bounces on the toes of her boots to try to get a good look. "By the way," She offers to Oran with an apologetic shrug, "No one's harmless." And, with that, she's off towards the buffet table, only to freeze in place with a whimper when the Captain barks his order to the party!

Mae reaches out and touches Begula's skin. It is cold and damp.. like a cold sweat. "SOMEBODY KILL THE MUSI..." she is cut off in mid sentence. What madness is this?

She is right up next to Begula when the guards take charge. "What do you want here, man?" Moreland asks, rather angry, rightous brow arched, mouth set in don't bs me man mode.

"What have you done to Lord Begula?!" Mae demands.

Oran has no doubts that Begula has suffered no natural slumber, and has been poisoned by nefarious wrongdoers!! This is evidenced by looking over vaguely as Domino and Mae make comments about the possibility... and sipping his drink, and commenting, "Time for a new Hutt lord already? That was fast. I daresay I can set my chrono by their ---" Aaaaand there's vomit. There's Hutt vomit. Oran takes a step back as though afraid some might get on his shoes, even though he's quite far away. He swirls his wine in its glass, absently. "I'm going to leave a one-star review of this party on the holonet."

Back to Ilpani and Thais. "I would absolutely love to talk to you both about friends and money sometime when the host isn't dying."

Thais looks after Domino's departure with a distinct gleam of wariness in her liquid golden feline eyes. She is clearly on friendly terms with Oran - and yet Oran is describing her as 'horrible'. What kind of monster must Domino be, if even if her companions describe her thus? Thais will have to be very careful.

For now though, she will keep her attention on Oran, studying him with her cat-like eyes. She draws one of her lips back just a fraction, when he questions her as to what she hunts, as if she were vaguely offended at the notion, "Sentients. I am a member of the the Bounty Hunter's Guild." She tells him with a purry, prideful ferocity, such as can only come from being an exceptionally recent recruit, "A Cathar can hunt off-world now. Any world. Any prey." She then motions to Ilpani, and then she frowns down at the young Zeltron for no evident reason.

She's about to say something else, but then there is a nefarious interruption! She makes a wordless, purry sound to Oran by way of agreement!

Veck steps back as the vomit is happening with a cold look upwards with a little sigh of annyance, his hand slowly inching towards his blaster, as he watches the guard above them with a nod of his head. Waiting now with a wide smile on his face, as he looks over at Domino.

A threat! (Vomiting hutts too. Gross!) Armed forces. Hadrix' single eyebrow goes halfway to his hairline. He looks around, visually counting assailants, and then he grins... Anyone who can feel emotions via empathy or woogily mind powers feel absolute... Joy. No other word for it. Naked. Unadulterated joy.

Some of the crowd back away from him because he's grinning, teeth bared, nearly biting through his cigarra.

"Hell" the cigaraa is rolled to the corner of his mouth. "It's about time." pulling open the front of his suit jacket and pulling the carbine he has secured away there... That's why he likes this model of carbine. They're small with the folding stock down. Especially on a guy his size.

Domino siiighs, flips a rude gesture towards the sound of the voice, "Yeah, that's not going to happen. I had **BETTER** not catch any of your assholes aiming a weapon at me. I'm a medic, you miserable snots." she makes her way towards Begula in long strides to check on him.

Veck watches as all the other toys are coming into play with a wicked little chuckle, he rises his own blaster now as he grabs his helmet forcing it down on his head, with a chuckle of pure joy."It is time, to rock and roll." The words on the mask are now appearing as he pushes a button on the helmet bright red with a wicked chuckle, again. The color of blood spreading along his face as he gets ready, the words are simple.<Call your mother.>

Oran Arcantael calls encouragement to Domino the hero medic, "You have the worst ideas of what constitutes a holiday of ANYONE I have EVER met."

Thais, meanwhile, gets a smile. "I always have work for bounty hunters. My name is Oran Arcantael; you can look me up at Parmac Tower. I must beg your forgiveness for an early departure; I've got to make sure my compatriot doesn't kill anyone important." He smiles, then sets a now empty wine glass down, and starts toward Hadrix!

<"No, the falling asleep part, sure. The vomiting, maybe. But the idiot making demands at a Cartel party, that's a break in the baseline."> Sumi brushes her cape aside and brings up her A280 assault rifle. It's attached by a one-point sling thus held close and snug against her dominant right arm. A seasoned hand flips the power-up switch, and the weapon emits a high frequency whine as the scope begins to glow, showing the targeting reticule. <"Now the fun begins.">

Just as Gorggul nears Begula he hears the outburst followed by a sudden increase in visible weapons. The Trade Lord, maybe out of cowardice, or as a defence mechanism, falls over on his side as if he is now just dead weight - hoping to avoid being hit (as best as a large target as a Hutt can in a crowed area).

Domino looks to Veck, "I'm fine. Go guard the other Hutt-you'll thank me later. DO NOT get shot. Go on. Get him to safety if you can." She sighs and checks on Begula, making sure he has a secure airway if nothing else.

"This is your idea of fun, Sumi?" Sion ducks behind the buffet table, intending to use it for cover. "So much for a relaxing evening..."

From the balcony above, the Merc Captain tosses out a cannister of ... something vile. And smokey. And incredibly smelly. As it drops to the floor it emits an incredible stench and a could of greyish gas. A thick haze immediately begins to cover the throne room. About its perimeter, mercs begin to fire, masks pulled to their faces, at the Gamorrean guard.

While she doesn't see it, Ilpani can-- perhaps quite literally given her species' empathic abilities-- feel the way Thais frowns at her. Normally, she'd just slink away and find something nice to shove in her face, but with a Hutt going to the ground, and everyone pulling their weapons, her eyes widen again, she turns on the toe of one her boots, and bolts back towards her Cathar companion. She chirps a long string of expletives in Huttese, Basic and Zeltron alike as she raises her hands to her lavender hair, and huddles in Thais' shadow.

When the Cannister comes out Domino makes a face, "Aw, kriffin out...c'mon!" Her expression darkening as now she has hutt puke on her STUNNING outfit, "FIFTY GRAND to whoever takes out that nerf-sucking ratfink! I'll give a grand for each of his men!"

Mae stays exactly where she is, in front of Begula. Stepping in Hutt puke, her nerves on end. "Aww shite." she says under her breath. She takes one of the free pillows from Begula's dias and puts it infront of her nose and mouth. She won't leave Begula until she absolutel has no other choice.

<"Stick around me long enough, and you'll feel the same."> Sumi says while wrapping the sling of her rifle and collapsing the custom buttstock. She brings it up, standing her ground despite the sudden chaos of the party. Her helmeted head tips slightly, the sight aligns with her intended target, and a vibrant red bolt discharges with a loud, ear-ringing blast, that sends a slower-than-light response to the Merc Captain who held the high ground. The fact he fell without screaming clued Sumi in on the fact he was dead before he hit the ground. Now the Mandalorian switched positions, lowering her weapon in a practiced fashion that was at a modified alert stance. <"I will remain near you, Sion."> And she does, though out in the open. Come to Sumi, Conflict.. she's ready.

Veck watching it all with a nod towards Sumi as he then takes aim himself at one of the seucirty squad, his blaster ringing out with his aim towards the injured one with a wicked little chuckle."Nice shoot Sumi, that sure did end it quickly." His voice is soft as he then spins his hand to aim at another one as he misses the second shot, but that first blaster bolt killing the guard already injured this round as he stands there ready to fight some more.

Somewhere in the mephitic gas mist, Oran's dry voice notes following Domino's bold offer of reward, "Don't be dramatic, that's so overpriced. Anyone here would kill anyone else for free." BOOM! Shots ring out, left, right, front, and center! "And now you're financially obligated to an indomitable bounty hunter whose name I misremember... and also Hadrix... among others."

Choom! Ch-choo-CHOOM! It's a sound that is familiar for those who lived through the war of the Rebellion against the Empire. Hadrix is wielding the Imperial era Storm Trooper rifle like it was a pistol, carving the head off of one man, leaving a smoking stump and the reek of vaporized blood and bone above it.

The big man's expression is a rictus of pure glee as the heat of blaster fire pushes back his hair and riffles his clothes. Seeing Oran headed his way he moves, shifting tactically. "Arcantael. Cover on me. On my-" he sighs... "Behind my left kriffing arm." telling him Seven would have just confused him. Another shot takes a man in the shoulder, sending him thunking against the wall. And where is his Cigarra? In his mouth. Professional. His left hand snaps out to take a mug from his droid, "Thank you!"

"My pleasure, sir."


"I don't know if I'll ever view violence that calmly," Sion replies, shifting her aim. She'd been aiming at the big-mouthed captain, and his death removes the necessity of taking him out herself. "Nice shot, though."

She opens fire on a moving merc, her first shot making him stumble as it takes him in the knee. The second goes wide, aimed at where he would've been if he'd kept moving. The third is right on target, green energy smacking him in the chest and knocking him over. "Weird time to try for a coup."

Thais is neither armed nor armored for this sort've affair - however, that doesn't stop her from whirling in place, when Ilpani moves to cower near her. She might not have a blaster on her, but there is little doubt, judging by the dangerous fluidity of her feline motions, that she'll go rough on anyone that she gets within paw range of. She pauses for just a moment to tell Ilpani in a lower, purry voice, "Stay here." She then begins to move through the crowd, using the gas, and the mess of party goers as cover, as she seeks to close the distance on the nearest merc.

Oran takes position behind Hadrix's Left Kriffing Arm, as directed. As the smoke clears a little, he's somehow found a bottle of wine, which he's pouring into a glass, safe behind the taller, larger man. "I know how to cover on your five, Hadrix!" Wrong. It was seven.

Oozlevort wasn't going to get involved, but the podracing sponsorship hangs in the balance, and his team's giant slug of a chairman has been poisoned. The mercenaries have to die. While being enveloped by choking gas, the Gand draws a white blaster pistol from inside his belt and starts firing, striking one would-be kidnapper dead and wounding another. "Poodu scum!"

Domino sighs and looks to ORan and gives him a LOOK, "If you're not going to be HELPFUL then at least you could be SILENT!" She sighs and frowns and calls out to the room in general "I'd better not find any Hutts unattended in this mess!!" beefore she grunts and tries to shift Begula a bit so he is less likely to choke on his own spew if he spews again. There's unseemly grunting, flailing, and she she manages to vault herself OVER the hutt face first at one point in her struggles.

Mae finishes off the one that Oozlevort hurt, and gives Domino a quick glance, fire burning in her amber eyes. Never having met the woman, Mae only hopes she knows what she's doing with Begula. It's more than what Mae knows.

Domino isn't a doctor and doesn't know anything really about hutt biology but she knows they need air that it is possible for them to choke so she just keeps his big head elevated and Begula's airway clear.

From his place on the floor, Gorggul remains motionless as the groups exchange weapons fire. One of his eyes open, and looks around and sees that those defending him, Begula and the other Hutt seem to be winning. Rolling onto his stomach, the Trade Lord moves towards some better cover and wait out the fight.

Oran considers Domino's instructions to either shut up or help and replies, "I'm physically incapable of either. Have you met me, ever? You should know that." He gestures at the carnage flying fast and thick around them, as the bodies hit the FLOOR! "The situation is well in hand, thank you!"

Veck rises his hand with the Dl-30 taking a bead on the man as he watches it all with a little chuckle."Think of that before you attack people, that means you don't get shoot." His voice is hisses out behind the mask as he fires off into the last man with a wicked little chuckle. As he is blasting the hell out of him even through the smoke and the hostage."Thats two for me, I think."

<"She says as she casually blasts someone to death."> Sumi laughs, and pivots when she sees more of the mercs. Another moment of utilizing her scope for an enhanced view of her intended target and her eyes narrow from behind her silver-washed visor. He had just taken a hostage, and Sumi takes her shot. Another ear-ringing blast emits from her large rifle, the slower-than-light bright red bolt crossing the distance to tag her intended target in the forhead.

The result of the impact jerks his head back suddenly, snapping the spine while shoving out a bright, peppering pink mist of blood upon the bulkhead behind him. His body slumps against that same wall, smearing his life juice as he slides to the ground and slumps over lifeless. <"Another has fallen."> She calls out, her voice distinct and accented. Still, Sumi remains in her original firing position, and for the first time since the fight began, she lowers her weapon when the chaos has begun to die down.

"FRACK!!!!" Mae puts her blaster away and moves through to each of the downed bodies of the guards. "Maybe one of these nerf herders will have an antidote?! Help me search!!!" Mae says loudly and calmly, considering what the heck just went down.

"VECK!" she hollars at him, hoping he'll start searching.

Sion, for her part, covers the wounded, cowering merc, moving in closer. "Don't reach for that blaster, or I'll finish what he started," she says, twitching her head in Veck's direction. "Stay where you are, don't move, and put your hands behind your back." She keeps her weapon aimed at him as she unfastens her belt, pulling it loose and using it to bind the merc's hands. Then she finds the medpac in one of her jacket pockets and gets started treating his injuries. "Wise decision. Now hold still while I work."

"Space! I love this part!" who cares if there are tears pouring from his eye due to the smoke. Hadrix becomes a turret, arm pivoting to find a target, snapping off a trio of shots to core through the merc's face, shoulder, and side. When Veck puts the last one down Hadrix's entire body shudders and there is a look some might call an O face plastered on the big man's face. He turns and swipes the bottle from Oran's hand, leaving it tipped long enough to finish pouring the smaller man's glass, and then he up-ends it, chugging the remainder before winging the empty bottle into the balcony where the dead merc captain was shot.

"I love this party!" he shoves his carbine back into his chest holster. "UGH... I love it!"

Oran Arcantael UGHs of his own when Hadrix not only swipes his wine, he Loves This. "ONE STAR, Hadrix. ONE STAR."

Domino looks up, "You amd I have VERY different ideas of 'in hand', Asscantael!" as she struggles to her feer and holds up Begula's head with a girlish grunt of effort.

Veck watches the other as he is standing there as he places the blaster back into his holster lowering his helmet now, as he looks at Domino."I have taken down two of em, so then you paying me or putting it towards my debt." He then looks over at Maeb with a nodding of his head."I think you got he searching, my skill has been used already."

?"One big, blood soaked, duratanium scar, on fire, shoved into the skull of my enemies Oran! Hadrix laughs and looks towards Sumi with a broad grin following an exuberant "WHOO!"

The smoke finally begins to subside, or, at the least, settle toward the floor. Denizens of the party who have been in a chaotic uproar begin to settle as well, words of 'unbelievable' and 'lawsuit' and such being muttered throughout. Some few of the partygoers have taken littler injuries from stray fire and from the general herd chaos. And, upon the dais, Begula lurches once again, another volume of vomit dribbling down his double chin and across the girth of his torso. The Hutt Lord slumbers, catatonic, his breathing alarmingly slow, his eyes, what can be seen of them, glazed over.

Domino directs Veck, "Assist your lady friend locate the poison or the antidote! And how is there Not one single kriffin DOCTOR on this bird?!"

Mae arches an eyebrow. Perhaps she was hasty, but that's another conversation for another time. Holding up the unmarked syringe, she says "Do you suppose this is more poison or the cure? Anybody knowledgable about this sort of thing?" she says loudly and firmly.

Mae looks back to Begula and grits her teeth. "NO TIME TO LOSE!" Mae growls. "This is serious!!" The Wroonian woman is frustraited, obviously because she has something and doesn't know if it's good or bad and feels like no one is taking her seriously.


"/No problem./" Ilpani barely lifts her eyes as she gives Thais a thumbs-up. The girl clearly as no intent to engage in the firefight with the others. Still, as Thais turns away, she can't help but watch her companion disappear into the smoke, with a cast of concern falling over her features. People shouting, people screaming. Death and smoke and Hutt vomit on the air. This isn't really Ilpani's idea of a good time, but at least... someone? is enjoying themselves. Her electric-blue eyes peer through the opaque fog that's filled the yacht's throne room, wondering who exactly seems so floored by this. It's Hadrix, of course-- but she can't see him.

Oozlevort slides his pistol back into its holster once the palace coup has been routed. He waddles up to the slumbering Hutt and then looks around. "Does any being know mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?" The thought of mouth-to-mouth with a recently-vomited Hutt is enough to turn the Gand's stomach, but he's sure some of the dancing girls onboard have had the pleasure. He doesn't offer himself to the endeavor.

Veck sighs softly as he looks at Domino with a little chuckle, as he moves to start looking around it is not an easy task in powerarmor to bend down and search corpses, but it is something that seems needing to be done."Fine then, I'll look Peaches." His voice is amused and then he looks over at MAe, with a shurgh."Aint got no doctor up here it seems, so then."

Gorggul comes out from hiding behind whatever it was he was cowaring in fear behind and slithers towards Begula and the group around him. The Trade Lord looks at the Hutt, and the group. He remains silent as the others do their work, watching to see who does what - perhaps to plan and scheme later on.

Sumi stands near Sion, who has restrained and is seeing to the mercenary's health. The only thing the Merc is looking at is a Mandalorian staring down at him with the barrel of the weapon responsible for killing his commander aimed at his face. No words need be said beyond what Sion has conveyed, so Sumi is quiet. The chaos surrounding the Hutt-Lord is being seen to by the others. Sumi is but a simple Mandalorian. First aid and medicines were for the more elegant. She preferred it when it was just point and shoot. Complications were boring. A yawn emits from the helmet.

Begula is still breathing; that much is obvious from the large, gloppy black bubble that appears on his right nostril, swells slowly, and pops ... each time he exhales. There is a nasty gurgling sound deep in his gullet, and his pallor continues to weaken. The tip of his tail, stunted from an old wound, jerks around nervously. Yes, he is alive, but things are not looking good for old Hutt Lord.

Mae decides it's a now or never type situation. Obviously no one here knows anything about medicine and she could be holding the cure, or could very well kill Lord Begula. She'll either be deemed a hero, atleast maybe in Lord Begula's eyes, if he wakes up, or have a bounty on her head with the bounty hunters here, it should be a short battle.

"FRACK IT!!!!" Mae plunges the needle into Begula's chest and pushes in all the liquid. "FORCE HELP ME..." she says and closes her eyes.

Thais straightens up from her predatory crouch, and then uses her hand to wave away the smoke of the gas, and the powerful blaster rifle shots that had coruscated through the throne room just moents ago. She makes a low sound, somewhere between a purr and a growl, as she begins to stalk back in the general direction of Ilpani. She can't quite help the way her felinoid nose twitches, given the stink of fried ozone in the air. When she makes it back to Pani, she'll tell her in a purry tone, "It might not be the best time to approach the Hutt." Or it could be /the/ best time. A Cathar isn't sure yet.

Domino sighs an grumbles, "Anyone got an injector pen for allergies?!" PErhaps making a wild guess that adrenaline couldn't make things WORSE and might help with the breathing.

The Trade Lord's eyes widen as Mae injects Begula with the unknown substance. "Pray that what is in there is not a poison!" Gorggul shouts. He remains silent on his knowledge of poisons, bio-weapons and chemical compounds - as it is too late now, the damage could be done. Perhaps had he not been hiding he could of been of more use.

"Think he knows anything?" Sion asks, pointing to the man she's just finished treating. The wound has been patched with synthflesh and a little bacta gel, which should keep him going until better aid is available... or until somebody kills him.

So Hadrix's victory shimmy is too lame. Far to lame. Elbows at his sides, hands in front. Shimmy. Shimmy. This is your home. Heading for the buffet now. He doesn't do the doctor thing, and so he looks to Oran. "I don't repair people. I'm hungry now." and off he goes... doing a lame little step on his quest to put meat down his face.'

Mae still has her eyes closed and both hands gripped around the syringe. She bows her head "Come on Begula!" she says softly, too afraid to look. She hears the other Hutt lord speak and she opens her eyes wide at the fire burning in them almost makes the amber color appear to glow. She purses her lips and says nothing.

At the injection, the Hutt Lord begins to quiver, full body, shaking, convulsing, bronzed tip of his tail strking and flailing wildly about. His eyes roll back into his large heard, pupils disappearing into the unseen, and even his arms begin to jostle and fly about his midsection. He seems, if possible, to be swelling somewhat from the short gasps of air he intakes, and, suddenly, he deflates into a heap, emitting a long, loud, prodigious fart.

Now in a heap, the Hutt Lord slumbers, breathing relatively normal, skin returning to its more dusky hue.

The antidote shall become the anecdote.

Though comatose, the Hutt Lord has survived the toxin.

Veck watches it all with a shake of his head as his hand is turning off the color on his mask, and then he removes the helmet again with a frown."Any drinks left, I never got to enjoy mine and chucked it when the battle started." His voice is sad, as he steps down off from beside the hut dodging the vomit as he moves towards Hadrix, to look at the food and hoping beyond hope for a drink.

<"We won't know if he does. The Hutts will want him for questioning, and sadly, upon handing his sorry carcass over, my part in that tale will end."> Sumi looks up, her head moving to indicate this. <"Are you alright?"> The question is intended for Sion.

Domino exhales and checks him over, "Oh thank the stars." She rises and wonders, "Anyone wounded? Anyone /important/ wounded?" she clarifies.

Sion winces as Begula reponds to all the treatment in a most undignified, loud, and malodorous manner. "I'm not hurt, but as to the rest? Let me get back to you on that," she replies to Sumi, wrinkling her nose.

Once the screeching of blaster fire has stopped, Ilpani lowers her hands from her head, and very hesitantly rises from her crouch. She smooths out the front of her dress, making sure that it hangs on her just-so, as she waits for the smoke to clear. Just as she's looking up from her outfit, Thais comes stalking back over to her. "Maybe not." She nods, then cranes her neck to look over towards where Maeb'h is very nearly praying over Begula's body. "... Especially if he's just going to sleep through the rest of the party." She sighs, and her shoulders slump foward, clearly a little disappointed.

But, no matter! Hadrix crosses her line of sight on the way to the buffet table. She can't help but loose with a soft volley of laughter at his graceless shimmying, but gets distracted by the food as she tracks him towards it. She sniffs at the air, wrinkles her nose, then glances over to Thais. "You hungry?" She asks, already on her way towards procuring something to eat.

"Yes," Oran speaks up to answer Domino. "I am in physical pain owing to the particulars of what Hadrix considers dancing." Stepping forward, he does at least offer her a hand as she starts to rise. "This is their mess, Whiskey, let them deal with it. You've already done enough that this slu... Hutt owes you favors a thousand times over. Someone will cart him out of here and it'll all come round right."

Mae sinks in front of Begula's dias. She doesn't care about the absolute horrible stentch of the fart, or the fact that she is sitting in congealed hutt puke. Her adrenaline has kicked in and she is shaking. She sits, back leaning against the front of the dias, sky blue hand rubbing her forehead. "FRACK!" she says and wants a whiskey, but can't be bothered to get up and get it.

Domino proves there is at least ONE person Dom doesn't hate-or at least someone she doesn't hate competely as Oran is permitted to retrieve her. No coarse rebuttal, no insult just a slightly indignant look before she takes his hand and allows him to lead her away, "You just want to leave." she bites the bottom lip to restrain a small grin. She eyes Hadrix's shimmying and wonders to Oran, "Are we SURE he's not just having a stroke?"

It is by way of response to Ilpani's question as to whether she's hungry, that Thais will just sort've bare her teeth at her and growl at the Zeltron, for no evident reason beyond a sisterly displeasure. She returns to standing around, looking fierce!

Oran carefully leads Domino away from the dais where Begula rests, the Hutt exhaling his contentment with and gratitude for a still-living state in snot bubbles and gas, and then follows her gaze to Hadrix. "He's overheated... he's excited," the short, dark man searches for explanations for this Dance. "And, you know, he's probably having a stroke." As for wanting to leave, he exhales a laugh, surprised, amused. "What, is everyone staying? We need a new Hutt to get up there and say 'ho ho hooooo, eat of my weird and occasionally frightening food, drink of my generous drinks.' Otherwise - lacking. Truly lacking."

Sumi deactivates the charged A280, tightening her sling and orienting it back along her side, beneath the confines of her tattered cape. In its place, the much more manageable carbine is freed from her left side, and she uses her right hand to take hold of the mercenary's armpit and hoist them up. <"Let's go, scum."> Sumi escorts him toward whatever passes for Hutt authorities to be confined and questioned at their convenience.

It's not getting better. There's a shimmy wiggle going on while Hadrix gets a plate and starts putting various nibblies on it - grabbing a frog-wog-thing from a bowl and shoving it's head in his mouth, crunching away as he moves from the hips down. He's got a groove in his booty and a song in his soul it seems. But then he's in a good mood.

Servants and staff of the Hutt Cartel now attempt to apply a little damage control, and they begin to perform the little niceties of cleaning up. Which includes removing bodies, of course. And, simultaneously proffering refrehements, some of them, as if nothing has happened here, nothing to see here, nothing at all indeed.

BEgula's personal servants turn on the repulsor unit of his dais, and slowly usher him out to his personal chambers where he will undoubtedly be given the finest, around the clock medical attention. But, there is no need to stop the party, No indeed.

A loud announcement is made by a tall, thin Duro clad in silken robes, that the party shall continue!

And with that, the denizens drone on into the evening. All in a normal day of the ... Hutt Life.

Veck walks towards Domino now as he beams at her with a nodding of his head."Now then, you said you would pay right, I took down two of em, you paying me or putting it on my tab." His voice teasing as he stands there next to her, as he nods towards Oran."Hello there, this lady owes me credits, once paid I'll be on my way, and leave ya'll to your date."

Mae stands and directs her attention to the Duro. "Look.. I want you to contact me.." she says and gives the Duro her information to contact her once Begula is feeling better. "I MUST KNOW!" she says, and follows it up with "I'm too invested!" she says softly, and goes to look for a whiskey.. a bottle that is.. a bottle of whiskey.. frack the glass.

Domino gives Veck a flat look, "I'll pay you the two grand when you pay me the fifty grand you owe me. Or, we can call it fourty eight you owe me and leave it at there. Where's Sumi? Make sure she knows to come see me for her credits. Begula and his lackies can pay anyone else." she adds indignantly, "It's not a date. I don't do dates. Don't be weird." she laments to Oran, "I dunno if I have anything that washes away a scent of hutt drool."

With the sole surviving merc seen to, Sion casually salutes Sumi and moves to the dias to check on Maeb'h... who was sitting in Hutt yak. Next to the Hutt who did the yakking. Between half the buffet, the poisoning, the gas grenade, and this, it's been a night for disgusting happenings. At least the blue woman seems to be recovering, or at least mobile again. "Maeb'h, you sure you're okay? The whiskey's over there, if that'll help..." she says, pointing out the liquor cabinet by the buffet.

"Now then, place it towards my debt then." Veck then turns around with a wave over his shoulder, as he makes his way over towards Maeb, as he bows towards her."I'm take off, I got something I need to do and got a hunt with someone. I was just popping by to see how it was up here, see ya around." With that he is making his way for the shuttles.

Gorggul backs away slowly, returning to where he was for a moment to ponder the events before taking leave. He wants to be present during the interrogation of the mercenary who survived - he has much to do.

"I don't know either, but I'm seriously hoping you do," Oran dryly replies to Domino, before raising a brow at Veck. "Call it 48, and don't press your luck," he advises, before eyeing Domino and perhaps, against all odds, offering to help with something. "Ought I to ask Sumi over, or are you just planning to met up with her later?"

Mae nods and heads over towards the booze and grabs a bottle of top shelf whiskey. Opening the bottle, she takes a big pull from it, takes a breath, and another big drink. "FRACK!" she says and finds somewhere to sit down.

Domino shrugs, "She's a bounty hunter. Sure she'l find me if she wants it. I am not carrying my datapad or a fifty grand on my person. We can stay and show Hadrix proper dancing, mingle with the masses, or escape before anyone else has any more inadvisable ideas."

Sumi returns without a Merc, signifying that she's delivered the scum to the appropriate authorities. Now she can be found nearby, around the lounge amenities, suddenly popular once more with the exotic beauties. Sumi lowers the EE-3 to cross diagonally with her upper body, her left hand atop the ornate pistol grip while her right cups over her left.

Oozlevort spots Ilpani and the short Gand goes waddling over to intercept the Zeltronian female. "Greetings, Oozlevort has noticed you here with the feline female. Do you have a master? Or a proper servitude contract? Oozlevort has been known to purvey contracted servants, especially to Hutt lords such as these, and can obtain for you TOP PAYMENT for your servitude." Maybe he is talking about slavery or maybe not.

Finding his groove, munching nibblies to chase the live creature he just ate, Hadrix steps and slides through the crowd, properly loosened up. He grabs Oozlevort, twisting the tiny little Gand into a little spin and dip before he moves on, standing the bug upright to lean up in the corner where Sumi has made her home, nodding to her.

"Space it felt kriffing good to put a blaster bolt into something. Too damn long." lifting the mug Gripper got him towards the ex-mando.

Domino fingerwaves to Sumi and looks around, anywhere but at Hadrix's dancing as she sees how the other guests are fairing.

As she walks towards the buffet, Ilpani turns gracefully on her heel to face Thais, without losing momentum. Her brow furrows, and her hands come up as she mouths a silent 'What?' in response to the growl, then pivots again and finds herself with another faceful of Hadrix's terrible attempt at dancing. She'll let him pass, then walk up to the buffet table beside him and starts pouring her eyes over the diverse fair. A few little noises of kittenish curiosity trickle up from her throat as she contemplates the options with a purse of her lips.

She glances over to Hadrix as he bites the head off of that... thing, wrinkles her nose, then reaches out for something crunchy, and shoves it into her mouth. Her eyebrows arch, and her lips curl in delight, and she reaches out to gather up another couple of morsels into her hand, and turns back to seek out Thais. But she finds Oozlevort instead.

"Uhmm..." She swallows her mouthful, and her feet shuffle nervously beneath her as she glances down to the handful of niblets she's carrying. "No." She gives her lavender-haired head a shake, and when she raises her eyes from her food, she affects a smile she hopes is warm enough to soften her rejection. "On all accounts. I, uhm," She peers around the throne room, seeking out Thais, but not finding her. "I'm not exactly in the 'servitude' game. Thanks for the offer, though!" With that, she glances over to Hadrix, and her eyebrows arch again! "Oh hey!!" She blurts out, "Nice moves!" And inches closer to him, hoping not to get cornered by Oozlevort. At least, not all on her lonesome, anyway.

Oozlevort's droid follows along with a tray stacked high with podracing merchandise. He says to Ilpati, "Servitude game? Many younger Zeltrons like yourself think contractual servitude is not 'hip' or 'cool' but Oozlevort is here to tell you, slavery- contractual servitude is OFF THE HOOK. May Oozlevort offer you some MERCHANDISE?" He holds up a sweatband with Meltdown Cafe - Nar Shaddaa on its front in bright colors. But then the Gand is spun around and loses track of the fleeing Ilpati. "Hey, stop that!" he squawks at Hadrix.

Mae walks towards the short little Gand. "OOOooozlevort. Nice job. Maybe you're the one who poisoned Begula with that merch you're trying to pass off onto unsuspecting people!" she says, eyes narrowed at him.

She takes another swig from the whiskey bottle.

"Nice heels!" she growls at him.

Sumi's helmet dips down in a nod, acknowledging the finger-wave angled in her direction from Domino, then her head turns to Hadrix. Beneath the helmet, she smiles. <"I reference our last conversation."> She says, her voice somehow conveying the amusment. <"Killing is business, and business is good some nights."> Hadrix was spoken to by Ilpani, who Sumi acknowledges with a look but no words. Then she hears the familiar squawking of her favorite Findsman, Oozlevort. His presence amuses her further.

Domino watches Hadrix with amusement, "You got a ride back if I leave, big guy?"

"Well, killing and combat both walk hand in hand." Hadrix nods and then looks to the Zeltron who is nearing him, and had complimented his dancing. "Only when I can get a dance partner, willing or Oozlevort." the big man shrugs, taking a long gulp of his drink.

"I want space pirates to attack now. I have my suit in my ship.., Space I'd love to kriff up some pirates with my plasma launcher..." he's still excited, and it's coming off of him in waves. "You know it'd been almost seventy seven days since I last got into a shoot out? A real one? And that wasn't even much of a shoot-out, more getting thrown through the air by a giant rock tunneling monster before having to out-run a lava flow... But still." he looks to Domino as she calls out. "Got my own ship, Peaches. Thankee." giving her a respectful nod.

Intercepted yet again. Ilpani looks over the tray of merchandise displayed by Oozlevort's droid, then back to the Gand. Her eyes narrow, and her lips slide off to one side of her face. She draws a deep breath into her lungs, then steadies herself. "So," She pops another crunchy niblet into her mouth, as she relaxes back to perch her butt on the edge of the buffet table. "Has this routine ever actually worked for you?" She swallows, then rubs her fingers free of bits of crust left by her fried snack, before twirling them in the air towards the merch tray. "Or you just trying to figure out how to make back the sunk costs for all this junk?" She pauses for a moment, and then deposits another bit of food into her mouth, very nearly glaring at the Gand.

Luckily, Hadrix is there to distract her before she lets herself get too wound up. "So this was good for you, huh?" She flashes a magnificent smile at him, reflexively picking up on his joy and echoing it back. "77 days? Really? /Here/?" She refers to Nar Shaddaa. And snorts in amusement. "What were you doing? Hibernating?" Her tongue peeks out to glance across her lower lip as she teases him.

Oozlevort's multifaceted eyes glitter as the beams of light in the throne room dance off them. "Routine? Oozlevort is a respectable businessGand. And this merchandise is from his sponsors, who are sponsoring his podracer. Just think," he says to Ilpati, painting a seductive picture, "You could have your OWN likeness painted on Oozlevort's podracer! Nearly naked, of course, but every servant-employer in the sector would be paying TOP CREDITS for your contract!" He taps his bulbous insectoid head where his fine-tuned business senses reside. "Think about it! Oozlevort is not difficult to find."

Domino makes a circuit to make sure she's not failed to greet anyone before she very belatedly spots Ooz, "What's this about sponsorship?"

Stomaching as much as she can of the surrounding conversation, Sumi decides it's time to find her exit. A knowing gesture of fondness is passed to Hadrix in the form of a light bump on his shoulder with her fist, then a parting nod. <"Be well, Hadrix."> She offers, then pushes from her spot and stalks out quietly, her silver-trimmed cape bouncing off her heels.

A quick shift of his jaw to move his cigarra to the other corner of his mouth, away from Ilpani to be polite. "Practically. My contractor hasn't had much field work for me. I haven't done more than a few free for alls in the fighting pits, and they won't let me into the kill arenas any more because I'm costing people too much money." Confidence in his tone and expression. Some people are braggarts. Some people are Hadrix.

Oozlevort continuing brings his brow back up, he doesn't stop the bug - I mean... Look he's got a damn good pitch. When Sumi goes he bows his head. "Good hunting, Sumi."