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Hutts: Devil's Dead

OOC Date: November 24, 2021
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Adhar Gann, Luna Tokani, Min Jodo, Midne, Jin Jodo and Reverberate as Chrouda The Hutt

Amid the chambers dedications to business and trade there is a distinct difference in the sights to behold here this day. The central sections of the chamber having been cleared for the monolithic seat of Chrouda the Hutt. The gray and brown backed Hutt rests with a tube hooked into the corner of its titanic mouth, leading down to somewhere within its hover throne and a large tub of amphibian creatures swimming around before its chalky belly.

Standing at the front of the throne a robed Muun keeps his hands folded into his sleeves, periodically looking towards a dug that is perched at one of the thicker portions of the oily skinned tail.

Security is extensive. Gamorreans, Nikto, armored figures whose species cannot be discerned, dashade and most prominent a dozen Kaleesh in full battledress and ceremonial masks covering their face. Music is piped through, soft but present, and holograms of the players are on display, quieting further when the Muun is signaled to and begins to speak in his reedy voice,

"His most elegant and wise Chrouda The Hutt has declared today he shall be granting audience and those who seek petition of His Most Grand Excellence and in turn The Hutts are offered the honor of His Most August Self to come forward and make their pleas known." the guards parting to allow petitioners to get within a handful of meters, but nowhere near physical reach and with plenty of blasters and vibro weapons at hand to suggest against foolhardy bravery.

Luna Tokani isn't the only arm candy for hire at this particular gathering, but she is certainly one of the most striking. It's easy to say it's that outfit -- lavish and expensive, a combination of silk and lace and sheer and something with a bit more structure to it. The bulk of her body is on display, veiled in a white sheer bodysuit that's color is a touch opalescent. It wants to shift with the angle of the light that hits it. Green and blue and pink and purple and then, when the light hits just right, all the way through. The more intimate parts of her are covered with lace and filigree. Soft spots set against soft thighs, but that lace is used sparingly.

There is some sort of polymer on the bodysuit's torso, though. It acts as a bra, lifting and supporting her generous bust while also containing a more exaggerated opalescent hue. Like the sheer, this surface reflects and distorts light, while also containing little gold accents in the shape of snowflakes in the resin.

She's guiding a particular patron up towards where Chrouda The Hutt will hear them. Her chin is tipped up, lips whispering various directions and expectations as she's been told to do. And when the patron is guided into his proper place, he's given a kiss on the cheek. Luna flits away, moving towards whatever next lost soul needs a little tender guidance.

Amongst the line of petitioners is Adhar Gann, who, being no stranger to the various Towers and their cycling lords, has shown his face again - not for pleasure, no, never pleasure. With Gann, it's always business when he comes to the halls of the Hutts. At equal points in his career he has come before the Families wearing spacer's leathers, battle armor, or even finery; today he wears something of the latter, though he looks like a naval officer than the smuggler he is supposed to be. Hands tucked behind his back, he stands quietly, waiting his turn. Watching.

The girls, noted. Luna in specific. The face is filed away, the lines of her body etched into more reptilian memory. From her, the line goes to Chrouda, the enormous mountain of gray and brown puffing away on its hover-throne. A new face, new personality. The motivations, however, will hopefully be the same.

When Gann is admitted forward the ancient's eyes gaze down at the figure of the human with the momentary curiosity of something studying the purview of its dinner plate. A gurgling comes from the hose hooked in its mouth and whatever sludge consistency drink is swallowed with a wet, rumbling, belch that shakes the very air around the Hutt.

It's the Dug that moves first, crawling along the hutt lord and leaning to an ear hole for a short span of seconds before the a slow, lopsided, blink refocuses the purple gaze of the creature. When it speaks it is thunder rolling over cliffs, centuries of growth turning its voice into an emanation as opposed to a vocalization that the Muun begins translating.

"His most magnanimous Chrouda the Hutt recognizes a new petitioner, declaring you have permission to state your name and your plea for the ears of the Hutts." bowing his head slightly and stepping more to the side as to clear the Hutt's line of sight, though that gaze has gone to the amphibian tub where one hand goes to draw a six legged, mucus coated, creature up to rest on the hutt's tongue, complacent and seemingly pleased with the moisture before it is wrapped up and drawn within the oubliette of Chrouda's maw.

"Aye, I.D., but ya' can't just go pokin' inta' folks business," a green-skinned Mirialan is saying in a low voice to a hovering Seeker droid as she enters the audience chamber. "Jus' be on your best behavior, ya' nosey t'ing," she's chastizing it as the pair step in to the area proper. The Mirialan is wearing a basic gold and yellow combat jumpsuit without any insignia, the kind that can be purchased virtually anywhere and is typically worn by mercenary sorts. Slung around her back by a strap across her chest is an unloaded blaster rifle. She and the droid find a position in the back of the crowd, slipping in to place quietly as they observe this public meeting of sorts. The droid seems particularly interested in the holographic displays on the wall but a gentle thwack from its owner forces it to pay attention to the gathering and not the artwork.

Luna has just turned on her heel (an impressive maneuver, given the rather thin point of those stilettos) and begun to walk back towards the more wayward looking of the crowd. It's then that she catches the glance of Adhar Gann. Of course, his eyes are not on her own when she catches that glance. They're wandering around some lush landscape of soft, youthful skin. Some curve that leads to a valley that leads to another curve. Her head tips to the side, wavy blonde hair spilling down bare shoulders. It's so blonde -- like a ray of sunlight on a moon that so rarely seems to see its own sky.

Her feet carry her towards the man and, should he offer his arm as many others have been doing to the various other girls, she'll take it. Eeither way, she'll end up at his side, blinking up towards him and then across to where the Hutt Lord awaits his visitors.

"Have you done this before?" she asks. Her hazel eyes seem to shift their color, like that outfit, depending on the light they reflect. Right now? They're a steely sort of grey.

"It is my first time. I am trying to behave," she says, her voice light and airy and playful. It's difficult to tell if she's joking or being completely serious. Her accent is a sort of far-rim world. That basic isn't broken, per say, but it is awkward. It's certainly not her first language.

"Do you think that they will let me ask them for more clothes?" she asks. Now that is -definitely- a joke.

When the two of them do arrive at the front of the queue, of course, Luna drops her gaze away from the Hutt. She doesn't retreat from Adhar Gann, though. She still holds onto his arm with the bulk of her face veiled by pretty blonde twirls.

This is a Hutt tower. The creature on the throne is lord. And so, when Adhar is bidden to step forward he goes as bidden, hands tucked behind his back - until a dazzling beauty is suddenly attached to his arm, as Luna plays his escort.

"Several times," he murmurs in answer to the hothouse lily, pale and perfect as the moon. "I appreciate your restraint, and no, not bloody likely." A wink as he lifts his arm to link with hers, and Adhar completes his advance before Chrouda. Executes a dancer's bow, showing respect without prostration. He is his own man, too, after all. A moment's inhalation, and then he straightens up to speak.

"O Chrouda, Lord of Industry," he begins, "I, Adhar Gann, give thanks that you receive me on this day. As it has been with each year that my faction has operated within the great realms of the Families, I come to renew the agreement which has allowed such business to take place under Their merciful rule."

From a back room emerges a rather tall mobster dressed in fine clothing paired with subtle armor. If he's armed, the gangster does a great job of concealing it. He takes great care in fixing his attire and looking presentable before Lord Chrouda. One of the slave girls following Jin Jodo turns toward the tall man to stand on the tips of her bare feet to adjust the neckpiece in place around his neck. Jin doesn't thank her so much as he does acknowledge her, and she steps aside to let the man pass.

Jin is permitted to pass by several of the guards to join his Lordship, but stand off to the side to observe the goingson with a cool, neutral gaze. Jin has all the indications of a gangster, right down to the style and self-importance.

Positioned in the crowd behind a pair of Lasats, Midne relaxes her posture to the side, glancing at the Seeker droid to be sure it's behaving. It must be, because she doesn't berate it for once. Her attention moves between the Hutt and Adhar, icy blue eyes narrowed slightly in concentration, apparently completely unacclimated to the culture of the room. Maybe the entire sector. Luna gets her attention for a moment, a flash of recognition in her eyes. The Mirialan pays particular attention to the shoes Luna wears. And finally once Jin takes a position near the Hutt she regards him with passive curiosity as well, though her attention remains fixed on the conversation between crime lord and client for the most part. The droid beside her hovers silent and still.

Positioned in the crowd behind a pair of Lasats, Midne relaxes her posture to the side, glancing at the Seeker droid to be sure it's behaving. It must be, because she doesn't berate it for once. Her attention moves between the Hutt and Adhar, icy blue eyes narrowed slightly in concentration, apparently completely unacclimated to the culture of the room. Maybe the entire sector. Luna gets her attention for a moment, a flash of recognition in her eyes. The Mirialan pays particular attention to the shoes Luna wears. And finally once Jin takes a position near the Hutt she regards him with passive curiosity as well, though her attention remains fixed on the conversation between crime lord and client for the most part. The droid beside her hovers silent and still.

The Dug and Muun look to one another sharply before the hutt begins speaking again with the echoing reverb of centuries behind its words, a crunch and a wet splash across its lips ending the screaming of the amphibian that had been trapped within its mouth. One flabby arm lifting and a hand moving to gesture towards the vast company of the tower,

"His Greatness would remind that he is not Gorggul, The Lord of Industry. You address The Magnificent," and here it seems likely that the Muun is securing his own survival, "Chrouda The Hutt, Voice of the Council and is not bound to singular tower." the dug and the muun share another look while the hutt's booming dialogue continues, pausing only for another sip from the house hooked into its mouth and another six legged frog creature casually deposited within its mouth and even showing a notion of favor to the arriving Jin by way of motioning towards a cushioned chair stationed on his throne.

"His Most Generous, Chrouda, forgives this once and states that it is not the fault of the Lesser Species and their fleeting memories. But Lord Chrouda continues, saying that if the Array Consortium wishes to berth in Hutt Space, there shall be new duties to earn their safety within the borders. That your stay within Hutt Space is allowed and your tithe shall be in services dictated by Chrouda and other Hutts seeking to make use of your like. Denial will not be tolerated once the pact is made and to do so means to incur the disfavor of the hutts and immediate expulsion from their noble realm." the Muun stops, finally and looks towards the Hutt who is watching Adhar with a slow blink, jaw grinding back and forth to pulp its meal before it and the translation proceeds.

"If this is not agreeable, speak now and be granted passage to Nar Shaddaa as any other Lesser Species, but there will be no offers of work from Hutts for no less than a year."

Luna remains off to the side of Adhar Gann. His escort towards the Hutt, she plays her part by keeping her head down and her hands folded prettily in her lap. While the crunch and squeal of the amphibian creature within Chrouda's mouth is an unsavory one, Luna doesn't react, save for, perhaps, a mild thinning of her lips from beneath the veil of wavy blonde hair. She does subtly turn her head, however. She turns it just enough to lift her blue eyes to the man making his case for the Array Consortium to continue their dealings with the Hutts.

Those hazel eyes sweep the man's face in an attempt to gauge a reaction from the Hutt's words. They don't linger, though. They quickly return to that one little chip in the floor that she'd been staring a moment ago.

Jin is given leave to sit upon the small cushioned seat beside Lord Chrouda's throne, an honor that is accepted promptly to show appreciation for the Hutt Lord's favor. Jin rises up the steps, turns, adjusts his clothing with a curt jerk and sits. He'd offer thanks, but the Hutt was speaking to Adhar, so he said nothing. To interrupt a Hutt was a great offense, sometimes punishable by death!

One leg rises and crosses its other, and Jin turns his attention to the business, listening intently.


Quietly Adhar stands with Luna on his arm, waiting for the Hutt and his translator to finish before taking the moment to reply - calmly, though not without some internal surprise. Not that he /should/ be.

"Your Magnificence," Adhar begins, allowing the 'slip' to pass unremarked upon. In his experience, after all, whomever sits the throne in the moment has always born the title. Even the Voice. "Never has the Consortium worked directly for the Families. We offer security against those who would otherwise drain the resources of the Families to deal with, and a significant number amount of our profits. It is our detachment from this immediate service which allows us to provide both effectively."

The Seeker droid that hovers beside Midne lets out a low-toned buzzing of binary tones, earning a cursory glance from the Mirialan beside it. "T'inkin' somet'ing similar," she says with a low nod. "Now hush." She adjusts the unloaded rifle around her black to rest more comfortably, shifting her posture to the other side as she stands in the audience observing the proceedings. It's curious to her that the Hutt keeps a security detail so close, but at the same time doesn't seem to surprise her at all. The only look to her eyes has been curiosity. When the two Lasats in front of her huddle up to whisper at one another, she scowls slightly, stepping closer to the droid to get on the other side of them and have a better view of the dais. From this angle she can't see Adhar or Luna as well, so she occasionally takes a half step to the side when she wants to get a glance at the other half of the conversation.

"Your security was absent when the First Order assaulted Nar Shaddaa." The Muun translates, standing upon Chrouda's throne, his own singular hover sled and not the dais relegated to the Hutt titled the Lord of Industry. As the massive hutt rumbles, slit pupil gaze turning towards the amphibian tub, pointed tongue washing milky drool across its lips to run down its chest and to pool briefly on cushions beneath its belly before being absorbed.

"His Greatness further states that it is assumed that much of the piracy problems on the fringes of Hutt space, as have occurred, is largely due to such autonomy granted to the Lesser Species of the Galaxy in years passed. The Most Wonderous Lord Chrouda appreciates your short lived concerns over the eternal wealth of the Families but there shall not be autonomous figures operating in Hutt Space, especially one who failed to provide their promised security service when so needed." at last the hutt's gaze turns back on Adhar and the tongue sweeps again, flicking as if tasting the air.

Once enough of the slow growl of speech has proceeded, the Muun continues to speak, "If the Array wishes to petition to be of use to The Hutts, then the Array will be tasked with who and where they will be striking, when and from where they will escort Hutt property. The target craft and groups and whether they are to be brought in alive or vaporized. The adherence to these tasks denotes the value of the service and the value of the service shall subtract for the safe berthing and operating fees demanded by the Families. This is the deal, Mr. Gann. Serve well and you shall be rewarded your due, in addition to your services payment for the privilege of not only basking in the protection from outside governments available in Hutt Space, but for the chances of opportunity and advancement beneath the gaze of the Council."

A long belch escapes the hutt, moisture and the scent of things being slowly digested washes out from Chrouda, who grabs another of its snacks to roll up with its tongue before pulling it into the depths.

Ah. More of this. "His Magnificence would, of course, be certainly well justified in being angry should the Consortium had failed to defend the holdings for which they had been contracted." Adhar nods along, his expression grave, as he says these words in reply to the Hutt. "But I am afraid that, in our contract with the Families, we were asked to defend against their /enemies/; at the time of the First Order's assault upon Nar Shaddaa, the First Order was counted among the allies of the Hutt Clans, and conducted their attack under such auspices. We, as mere servants, would have no reason to believe that such terrible betrayal would occur - it was not, after all, our purvue, for in their wisdom the Families also denied us ability to defend Nar Shaddaa itself." His brows arch. "And so, there was no failure on our part." Let them try and lay all manner of things at their feet; he would not allow even a Hutt to tell him that his people did not do their jobs.

"But this is, of course, besides the point." Another shallow bow. "If Great Chrouda believes that we cannot affect our duty without autonomy, despite all other proof to the contrary, then we must accept his benevolent wisdom and we will withdraw. We could not, certainly, allow our reputation to further suffer."

"Forgive me, Lord Chrouda, but is it customary for contracts to contain a clause: 'In the event of a betrayal, we need permission to take the initiative' or is that an expectation of all allies?" Jin speaks up in a cold tone, his eyes lifting from Adhar Gann to settle on the massive Hutt at his side. "I mean, to me, autonomy means taking the initiative." Jin crosses his arms and leans back in his seat a bit.

It's Adhar that captures Midne's attention now, those ice blues of hers regarding him carefully as he counters the Hutt. Even a first-timer to the moon like her knows it's difficult to bargain with a Hutt and her widened eyes indicate some degree of surprise from the man. As the two Lasats in front of her start to huddle up again, obscuring her view, she gives one of them a quick knock on the shoulder, who looks back at her, and, catching her glare, steps aside a bit. The Seeker droid immediately snaps its attention to the small interaction but a raise of the Mirialan's hand keeps the droid silent. That's settled, at least. Those irritating Lasats aren't going to risk making a scene during a meeting like this.

Chrouda's head tilts ever so slightly back to look down its stump of a nose at Adhar, and then a knowing grin craggles the lumpy folds of leathery skin to either side of its face is given towards Jin. The dug reclining upon the hutt getting up after several flicks of the creature's tail and hustling over to Jin to place a small package upon the man's knee. With pendulous blinks of massive purple eyes then and the fading of before a long 'Hooo hooough hooogh hooooo' boils up to the surface before it speaks again,

"Loop holes and 'technicalities' avail you nothing, Mr. Gann - the Great and Powerful Chrouda points out that any entity attacking Hutt Space becomes their enemy in that moment, even if only fleetingly before speaks of truce occur after. Your statements that we failed in these contracts and your denial of failure is the petulant whinging of a typical Lesser Being. By his right The Most Noble and Honorable Chroudra has deemed your consortium, nor any of its servants to be welcome in Hutt Space for your attempt to place the blame of your failures upon The Families."

The hutt is laughing again, one fat hand flapping and slapping at his side, a belly lauging 'Hooo hooo hoooo hooooooo' stopping speech for a moment before he continues, and so too the Muun,

"The Array is banished from Hutt Space, you are a persona non gratis, but because your foolish prattle about how you were not a failure in your duty as security in Hutt Space has amused His Most Wise and Charitable, Chrouda The Hutt, you are granted thirty standard minutes to leave Hutt Space, to order your Array to leave Hutt Space and not return for no less than one year from this day. If you are caught on any of our worlds, orders will be to capture you, preferably, so that justice may be meted out. If you escape, there will be generous bounties for you, yours and your craft." one of the arms waves dismissively and the guards stationed throughout the room begin drawing vibro-weapons and leveling blaster barrels in Adhar's direction.

"His Most Beneficious of Hutts, Lord Chrouda states your time has begun and orders you to leave and if you speak again your time will expire immediately and you shall be destroyed."

Oddly enough, Adhar is smiling too. He says nothing more, of course - merely nodding his head once and executing another of those shallow bows. Nothing more need be said, after all. He's said his part, and backed his people. Success was never guaranteed.

Untangling himself gently from the young woman, he takes his leave.

Luna Tokani's eyes are narrowing as she hears the words being uttered by the translator. Her head tips quietly to the side, her eyes a touch wide and flicking up over her shoulder to look at Adhar. It's a quick glance to the man's profile that ends with a delicate pursing of her lips. Lord Chrouda orders him banished from Hutt space, and Luna's arm slips out from around his own as vibro-weapons and blaster barrels are pointed in the man's direction. There's a subtle look of apology on her face when she bows her head and elegantly steps backwards and away from him.

A few steps further back, and Luna Tokani turns away from the man, and disappears back into the crowd.

Orders have been given. Demands have been made. There are not a mere pair of the Cartel's members around, but a mutltitude of them. Min slips from the masses once Chrouda has given his order to the man before him to vacate Hutt space. Though dressed in simplistic attire--black boots, trousers, and a black leather jacket--that almost allow one to think of her as a mere spacer, the logo of the Hutt Cartel on her sleeve and the fact she has a blaster rifle slung across her chest is all indicative that she is not merely one of those masses. Her gaze dances from one party to the next, lingering briefly on the blonde that has played arm candy and now slips into the many she emerged from, before Min's left arm lazily drapes over the top of the carbine's barrel shroud in idle resting.

Jin lifts his arm and pulls back the sleeve, tapping the side of his timepiece there as Adhar takes his quiet leave. The package received from the Dug is claimed in his other hand and opened, revealing a hefty cred chit which the mobster quietly removes from its box to tuck into the a side of his jacket to split with his sister later.

Midne watches Adhar as he walks away, facial expression devoid of emotion as he walks past her at the back of the audience. The Seeker droid beside her warbles a few binary emissions and she nods her head gently, murmuring, "'s how t'ings go here." She watches as he finishes his departure, turning her attention back to the Hutt, that curiosity in her eyes before making their return now, likely wondering who's up next. She shifts her posture again, taking a glance at the unruly Lasats in front of her, who seem to be significantly less unruly after that little interaction previously while she settles her gaze back on the Hutt and the team that surrounds him.

Jin Jodo rises, taking the initiative in lieu of the Lord's ruthless amusement. "Bring out the dancers!" He makes a soft clapping noise and steps to one side to get a good vantage and pluck a drink off one of the passing trays carried about by the numerous slave servants. Business was business after all, and Jin would see his master's bidding done one way or another. He fit the ear piece back into his ear and casually sipped his tasty beverage.