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JEDI ORDER: BlueIce Follow Up

OOC Date: May 12, 2019 (Optional)
Location: Tridek System, Refueling Station
Participants: Zandra naMuriel, Rey, Syrus, Yuun. Jett - played by Merek

The place - Tridek System, Refueling Station, Blue 21.

The intrepid group of blossoming diplomats have made their way from Lady RedFire's casino to Lord BlueIce's game sector. As they arrived, they passed by several folks leaving, looking injured, and Lord BlueIce himself assumed they were here as replacement staff. Lord BlueIce is in a hover chair. He's dressed all in blue with white hair. A cold looking but well built individual who seems to be quite confidently in charge. He moves his hover chair into a private room, expecting the group of new arrivals to follow. The room is an office, with vid screens of various games - the zip lines, bouncy balls, etc. One of the screens is broken, shattered as if a fist went through it. The technology here is what probably passed for state of the art when this refueling station was built some time ago. BlueIce ignores it, for the moment, his attention on those who come through the door into that office.

Zandra glances around, shrugs, and then she follows the hover chair inside quietly.

Rey is still in her street clothes with a large hood to cover her head, a mask over her nose and mouth and the rest of her pretty much all covered up sans for her eyes. She regards this BlueIce gentleman and nods softly once to him.

"We're here to mediate the dispute with Lady Redfire." She says as she follows the man, her brown eyes glancing over to the others with her. "We would love to know more about... all of it, everything going on, in hopes that we could aide in finding a solution to reach an peace agreement, for both parties to benefit from mutually."

Rey's eyes do pick up the smashed monitor, which is curious to say the least, but otherwise she remains standing calm with her half-gloved hands at her sides, the left near the black satchel that is across her torso by a nylon strap.

Jett is here, a male twi'lek in his casual attire, which is a tunic which is loose on his trousers. He has come with the other Jedi on this venture to see how they work, and to learn a little more. He's quiet, thoughtful, not wishing to make any issues for the others, while he meditates upon the Force and why they are in this place, looking to BlueIce also.

Still wearing mostly Jedi attire but dressed down (i.e. no long, flowy 'look at me, I'm a Jedi' robe), Syrus follows along with the rest of the cadre, hands holding on to the strap of the bag that's crossed over his chest.

As Rey has taken the lead, the Kiffar will remain quiet for now, waiting to hear what the strangely-named man has to say for himself.

Having been keeping quiet majority of the time, Yuun looks around as they follow Lord BlueIce. He isn't really pay8ing attention too much to the conversation but he is watching around them. Keeping an eye and using his senses to pick up things he may not be able to see. Allowing himself to be the lookout for the group, he lets out a breath and continues to walk along in his street clothes.

[Merek tests an NPC's Danger Sense.] [PASS ( +39)] NPC's 75 @ (100) diff. [PASS ( +92)] Rey's Danger Sense @ (100) diff. [PASS ( +53)] Yuun's Danger Sense @ (100) diff. [PASS ( +60)] Syrus Volo's Danger Sense @ (100) diff. [FAIL ( -18)] Zandra naMuriel's Danger Sense @ (100) diff. [PASS ( +27)] Zandra naMuriel's Diplomacy @ (100) diff.

BlueIce glances at each person who came in, as if he's assessing them. There's a definite hard look on his face, and he certainly does not seem all that impressed by Rey's comment about mediation. "Mediate? You mean that witch finally conned someone to come out here and do her dirty work for her?" He sounds bitter, unhappy, and starting to get angry. "I'm not interested in mediation. I've lost enough people to that disaster and we're not going to go back. Red can either do something about it, or she can deal with the consequences." He glares at the group, as if trying to make them vanish just by strength of glare alone. And it is a strong glare, very intimidating.

Zan swallows a bit, and says, "Please, sir, Lord - Mr. BlueIce. We can understand it seems like you have been fighting for quite some time. Would it be - could you find it within you to at least explain it to us? So at least we can give a reason for our failure to the Lady?" She says that cool as a cucumber, with a serene and peaceful look on her face, the trader in her allowing her to not give an inch. No matter if she's dying on the inside.

Rey's senses reach out and for a second her eyes close while she's listening to the one known as BlueIce respond to her, and them in general. Her eyelids flash back open then and she blinks them a single time before she looks over upon Zandra, then to Syrus, Yuun and then toward Jett.

"If nothing else." Rey says after Zandra, her stare sweeping back over to the man in the hover chair. "At least let us know what has happened her. I assure you that we're here with no bias toward Red... We're here to help everyone involved, as best as possible." Rey speaks, her Core Worlds accented voice is light and calm.

Jett looks to the side as he senses something, but just wiggles his lekku and looks back to BlueIce and Zan while he listens to them. He tries his best not to draw any attention to him self. A strange look crosses Syrus's face. Barely noticeable unless you're looking straight at the man. It's there for a moment or two as /something/ tickles at the hair on the back of his neck. He shakes the feeling loose and looks back to the conversation at hand.

"It's as she says," gesturing to Rey. "We're looking to resolve this amicably. Especially in regards to the common people who are suffering because of this conflict."

Feeling something, as if cold water ran down his back, he looks around for a moment. He takes a breath as he begins scan their surroundings, though outwardly he is relaxed and seems to be at ease. He glances over at the others as they speak with BlueIce, he is about to ask a question but stops himself waiting to see if any of the others will ask something he's thinking, he will see.

BlueIce gives Zan a frosty glare, that he then turns on Rey, but he does move his hover chair a bit back, so he can look at the whole lot of the group at once. "You don't look like you work for her, or if you do, it hasn't been long enough," he mutters. "We've been sliding down hill for a while, but it used to be we could cooperate on the big things. Lately? It's like everyone is only saving their own skin and leaving everyone else to manage on their own." He gestures to the broken screen. "Can't even get that screen fixed, cause the tech folk won't come this way. And you want to try to mediate? Be my guest, but unless you've got some sort of magic, I can tell you right now you're going to fail." He takes a breath and then says, "But alright, I can play this game too. She won't be able to say she tried, but the rest of us didn't. What is it you want to know?"

Zan looks startled to discover that they managed to talk the man into ... well ... talking to them. So startled in fact, that she has no follow up ready to go, and just stands there, deer in the headlights for a long moment.

As BlueIce starts to speak again, Rey calmly turns and starts to walk toward the screen. It was old tech, she knows old tech... Imperial era, she's worked with monitors like this before--or so she thinks anyway. As the man talks, he'll note that the girl in the steel blue hood and navy blue synth leather clothing is starting to try and dismantle the broken monitor to remove it. "I can clear this terminal out for you, take it to the waste disposal. I believe I saw one on the way in here." Rey says then as she glances back toward him. She worries about people dealing with her when she's wearing a mask like this, but its sadly a requirement.

"All we know is when we arrived, and went to speak with Lady Red first, we witnessed a race. Speedercraft going far too fast, and far too close to her establishment. It was putting the innocent people there in danger. We'd like to know how to make this... not happen any longer."

[PASS ( +69)] Rey's Repair @ (100) diff. [PASS ( +95)] Rey's Spot @ (100) diff.

Jett looks between the others there, then he nods to BlueIce in acknowldgement of what others say. He then looks to Rey while she works, "Oh wow," he says, watching the woman, and nodding. Long distance to Rey: Zandra naMuriel grins. so, what you will note - the screen froze on the image it had when it was broken. As you're taking it apart, it flickers on for a moment, and it looks like a swoop racer toppling sideways - with something hitting it from the side.

Syrus Volo moves to lean against one of the walls, his arms crossing over his chest as he watches Rey wander off to fix the terminal. "Exactly. The people are our priority here."

"Regardless of what you say, us helping to try to resolve this should be something everyone involved want to do." He states. His voice isn't rising, but not too low either. "I agree with my friend, when we arrived, the swoop race was way to low and through the whole area of Lady Redfire's area." He sigs a little, "You both can't keep having that, so whatever we can help you wit is what we want to try and help with." Yuun says as eh look to Lord BlueIce.

BlueIce eyes Rey, and then shrugs. "If you get hurt, it's on you. I think there are mynocks in the waste disposal." He turns to Syrus and Yuun, offering, "The race has to fly. It's in the contract. The only thing that we can do is change the course. Which is what we did, after we started losing racers." He doesn't look too impressed, his expression tense, back straight.

Zan's voice is soft as she asks, "I - wonder, if you have been injured, Mr. BlueIce?" It might not be a good question but he is on that hover chair, right? And she puts just enough worry in her voice that hopefully he won't take offense.

On the monitor that Rey is removing from the terminal, an image flashes for just a moment as she disconnects it from its power converter connection. She pauses for a second after seeing the image that had appeared, but it was gone within a second and she goes about finishing her work.

Rey doesn't comment yet as she listens to the others, while popping the monitor out of its housing she now holds onto it with a few wires dangling down behind it. Rey turns then and walks over to Jett, she offers him the monitor. "Hold this for me?" She asks him with her dark brows raising up a little above her eyes.

Jett nods a bit to Rey, "Of course," he says, lekku moving while he picks up the monitor for the woman. He looks then to BlueIce, "Oh, does anyone else need anything?" he asks, while he keeps the monitor on hand for Rey.

"And it's because you changed the course that the lives of people are now in danger?" Syrus asks, standing up straight and taking a few steps towards the man. "For...profit?" the man's head tilts as he regards BlueIce.

Yuun listens to the others and hearing that his comment wasn't remarked on, he shrugs a little. "Where are we going?" He asks as he notices Rey hand Jett the monitor, Yuun on the other hand moves up closer to the group as they continue to walk. He doesn't hear any speeders or anything. "Also how long have this rift between you and Lady Redfire has been going on?" He asks.

BlueIce is about to answer Zan when he hears the others, and he pulls back sharply. "For - look, do you see any profit here?" he asks, bitter derision on his face. "No, we changed the course out of desperation but what do you care for that?" A swift look to Yuun, and he shakes his head. "Since we went to ask her for a new route over her territory that was reasonable, and she refused to even talk to us." There is a sharpness back in his voice now, and he shrugs. "I've had enough of this conversation. You want to know what is going on, go on and follow the route the swoops take. Heck, borrow a swoop if you want. But if you break it, you buy it, and I'll want that paid up front, before you go." He pauses one more moment, and says, "Now get out of my office." The door behind them all opens, as if it was never closed.

Zan looks crestfallen, but she shrugs, nods her head, and says, "Alright, thank you for your time, Mr. BlueIce. I hope we can still help everyone out."

As Rey turns away from Jett she walks past Yuun and glances to him as he speaks, then she stops near to where Syrus and Zandra are. When she sees BlueIce's response to these questions she levels her gaze upon him then. "One more thing..." Rey says to the man.

She glances over to Jett with the monitor that she handed off, then looks back to the man in the hover chair.

"Did you have to change your original course because of a... monster attack?" She inquires. "Something with, a coiled arm? Like a Rathtar?" She has a bit of personal experience with these things after all.

"We can handle Rathtars, if so. We offer our services on such things, if we were to rid you of it, we could restore your original course track and let Lady Redfire's cantina return to its original peaceful way."

Jett looks then to Rey, and lifts up the monitor a bit askance of the woman, then he looks to some of the others that are there. "That sounds like an issue," he says, adding up to the conversation while he speaks also. Long distance to Merek: Zandra naMuriel thinks there were enough clues in there, yes? maybe?

Yuun isn't phased by the look that is given to him, though eh did understand what BlueIce was feeling. "Thank you for your time sir." He says politely and he looks to the others and gestures for them to leave out of the mans office. BlueIce swirls that hover chair around, and he says, "I don't know what it is but if you can get rid of it we can move the race back to its regular track, yes. If you can get rid of it and prove it won't come back again."

Zan's eyes go wide, at Rey's oh so confident statement, and she gives the whole group a rather boggled look like, did you just hear what we got signed up for? She is stopped right by the door, but at this point she just shakes her head, turns and walks out. "Oh my stars above," she mutters half under her breath. "What next?"

At BlueIce's response, Rey gently nods her head, she glances over to the others with her and then turns to leave with them, but she's at the rear of their group so she pauses and looks back tothe man in the hover chair. "Can you tell us precisely where it can be located?" She then asks, "Directions, a key location, such as it is? We're... tourists, admittedly, not precisely familiar with this place and its... well its an impressive place, but it is more than a bit of a maze." Her tone is still light hearted, even if she feels the tension within the room coming from the man in the chair, she senses a great deal of stress in him, just the way he carries himself--one doesn't need the Force to gather that either.

"And yes, we'll handle it and you can have your original route back for your racers. You have my word on that."

Jett is content to look between all of the others, while he listens also.

"Sounds like we're going hunting," Syrus says, looking between the rest of the group. "If it's scary enough to re-route a race over, it's going to require the utmost respect and awareness from all of us to handle," the big man muses, hand brushing against the lightsaber hilt that's tucked into his bag.

Yuun looks to the man, "Get it from going over Lady Redfires place and the surrounding area, because we saw what happened where the race was happening when we arrived." He says. Still Yuun is standing off to the side near the door keeping an eye on everyone. Long distance to Rey: Zandra naMuriel oh man. I don't think Yuun understands at all what the situation is.

Lord BlueIce shrugs. "Follow the swoop track," he says. "You can't miss it." That's his last comment, as he then proceeds to ignore the group, as the door closes behind them.

There are those swoops parked not too far away, and there is the swoop track - or at least the starting line visible just over that way.

Zan frowns a bit. "I don't know what it is, but we definitely should be able to help. Only we also are supposed to be circumspect." A gentle reminder that one of their mandates is to NOT let anyone know they are jedi. If possible. She takes a deep breath and gestures. "I guess we go that way, right?"

Rey steps out of BlueIce's area and she walks with her companions, once they're far enough away she regards all of them. Her right hand comes up and she pinches the mask over her nose and then pulls it down so its beneath her chin, exposing her youthful face. "We should acquire a speeder." Rey says, her eyes scanning the others. "We need the best driver amongst us to pilot it."

She draws in a breath and nods her head a single time. "We need to identify what we're dealing with. If it is a Rathtar, I've dealt with them before. They... they can wrap their limbs around you, and have you inside of their mouth within seconds. Razor sharp teeth... its not pretty, believe me." She emphasizes her words so that everyone knows precisely what she means.

"I only caught a glimpse of it on that monitor." She points toward Jett and what he holds. "You can deposit that there." Rey tells Jett, motioning to a waste disposal chute on a nearby all, marked in bright yellow Aurabesh lettering.

A heavy inhale is taken, a sharp exhale then releases it. "I understand if no one wishes to engage it, should it be a Rathtar. I think I can handle it alone, if needs be." She's only suggesting this because she cares about her friends, and wishes to see no harm come to them.

Yuun looks back at the door and than shakes his head as they walk further away form the office. "I"m not a good pilot which is why I don't do some of the other missions." Which would mean Yuun doesn't do any fighter piloting at all. Still he looks to the others as well, "I think you may be the better pilot out here." He says too Rey.

Looking to Zan, "You both are right, we can do a lot here, we just need to make sure we prioritize what our objectives are." Yuun looks to each person in turn, "I will keep vigilant and help with our security, I know we all can fight, but still we should focus on the skills we are good at."

Zan watches as Jett dumps the ex-monitor, and listens to both Yuun and Rey. "I can fly," she says, with a nod. "Or you can - I think either of those are our best bet, for flying anyway. If we blow up a speeder, I'll pay back Lord BlueIce." She hesitates and then says, "I will help even if it's a rathtar. I kind of ran into them before. Ebon Guard, when I was working with them, they had a contract to get three of them to this old smuggler. It's how I got Pure Sabaac," she admits. "He didn't have credits to pay so he gave us the ship, and the boss gave it to me." She shrugs, and then says, "Was a tough fight, but I was mostly in the ship, with the ramp open, waiting, at the time."

Rey walks over toward the speedercraft, she nods back toward the others. "Zandra should pilot." She says to them. "The primary reason I'm suggesting we use one of these is so that we can get away, quick. if needs be."

The young woman in blue pauses as she hears Zandra's story, some part of her wonders for a second about the similarities of that there-in but she has to focus on the here and now ultimately.

"Okay, so..." Rey then looks to Syrus. "I could use your help, should you be willing to provide it. Yours as well." She indicates Yuun. "You two are the most advanced at combat that we have available aside from myself."

Rey then points to Jett. "You should stick close to Zandra, make sure that she's not hindered while driving... you have your stun weapon, it should certainly drive off anything that dare come close to the two of you."

With a light exhale, Rey nods to them. "We'll survey the target it, hop off of the Speeder and attempt to subdue it, so that life can get back to...." She looks around where they are right now. "Hopefully a better place. For these people."

Yuun walks along with Rey and Zan as they head towards the speeder, "I really need to learn how to drive an be a better pilot." He sighs. "Do you think we have simulators for me to use, I have my own ship and all but yeah." He looks a bit sheepishly as he speaks, though as the talk goes back to work, he listens a bit. Looking to Rey, "Sure what is it you want?" He asks Rey. He stretches a little bit, "I've been helping Zan too in the fighting department, but we still have more work, but I'm here for ya." He says.

"Don't forget you fight a lot better than I do, but I can help teach you to fly, if you want, Yuun." Zan is totally willing to help there. Plans made, more or less, Zan picks a likely air speeder, and they all get aboard. Zan examines the controls for a moment and then gets the air speeder started. It hums and rises into the air, as Zan takes a few moments to enhance and protect herself, since there's no rush. She grins at Jett, who is just her age, after all. "Strap in, we're going for a ride," she offers.

The speeder they take flies above the pod track, high enough to start with that not much will reach them. Hoewver a they get going, perhaps about halfway out, the pod track starts to show signs of destruction in the distance. Zan slows down and brings the speeder low, just about a hundred feet before the damage starts.

It's eerily quiet out here, even the hum of the life support systems seems to be muted, and there are no other sounds. Just an ominous silence waiting.

Hungry and waiting.