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JEDI ORDER: Sithspit! A New Knight?

OOC Date: September 7, 2021 (Optional)
Location: Chandrila, Fire Pit Balcony - Lighthouse
Participants: Rey, Rune, Aryn Cortess, Jax Greystorm, Zandra naMuriel, Ax, Yuun, Kasia Ashkuri, Bizz Bliptettjupp, Chani Tahn, Ben Solo

Logfile from Star Wars AoA (zandra) Log opened 06/09/2021 - 23:48:37

°°°< Fire Pit Balcony - Lighthouse - Chandrila >°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°° The archway from the Lighthouse interior leads one out on to this fairly large half-circle balcony that overlooks the cliffside below and the ocean beyond to the west. A recent addition to the lighthouse, the balcony holds a rather impressively sized fire-pit in its center where fires may be lit to provide a warming glow of flame to the balcony's furnishings.

The furniture on the balcony rests around the edge overlooking the grand view, and consists of tables and chairs, as well as benches for viewing either the fire-pit or the view out over the water.

It is not uncummon for dwellers within the Lighthouse to enjoy a meal out here, in morning or at night.

The sunset is visible from here too, and is often a great precursor to a night by the fire. °°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø°°°°°ø

The sun had set about thirty minutes ago and the moon was high in the sky over the oceans waters beyond the lighthouse cliff. The wind coming up off of the ocean is cool and breezy as the local climate is shifting toward colder months ahead.

There was a dinner prepared for this evening, the Jedi in attendance were informed that the dinner would take place before, or during the session too, with food laid out inside of the light house, prepared by Threepio and a few of the others in attendance tonight. The fires in the balcony brazier are burning bright and hot, with tables and chairs setup around it for people to enjoy while they talk and listen this evening.

Rey is outside near the edge of the balcony, wearing her white garments with a dark brown robe worn over it, cinched across her chest by a leather strap to hold it partly closed, and likely to keep further warm from the cool winds coming in from the west. Beyond just the Jedi, there are a few historians in attendance tonight, including Beaumont, a trusted Sith Historian who helped decipher much of the Jedi Texts with Rey and Threepio, and now works with the Republic as an intel officer. Like the others, Beau has a plate of food and has been socializing casually since people had started to gather.

Rey watches those arriving, or those who've been here for a little while and she smiles at all. "Well then. I think we should get started...." She stands up from the chair she'd been on and moves to the edge of the balcony to lean against it, holding a leather bound book in her hands she looks at it, and then up to everyone. "Firstly, I want to say that what has gone on has been... troublesome, saddening, and beyond reprehensible.... but it's also less than unexpected. We all know that the threat from Exegol was only as defeated as much as we were able to defeat it to survive.... What lingered in the shadows there was far greater a threat than we could deal with all at once. We've come a long way, but we clearly have further yet still... to go."

She draws a breath and then glances down to the journal before she flips a page and then reaches a hand up to brush her dark loose hair back behind an ear, no fancy buns tonight, just a couple small braids framing her face.

When she looks up again she speaks out. "The Force isn't a fire...." She says, speaking while looking at the fire burning in the middle of the balcony. "The Force is Venom. A venom that when poured in to too many cups, becomes diluded further and further until it is nothing more than simply an irritant to do little more than mildly bother an enemy. It loses all of its potency, its power. But. If poured in to a single vessel, it becomes strong enough to stop a Krayt Dragon's heart."

Rey's fingers tap the journal page she has it open to, she pauses a second before continuing. "These are the words of a man named Bane, a man who would very much not like it if you did not include his 'title' to preceed that name." She sweeps her eyes over everyone's faces. "Darth. Bane." She states softly then. "Darth Bane was a revolutionary Sith Lord who created a rule that would last for a thousand, or more, years up to where we are now, and it's proven to be a valuable way of keeping the Sith a persistent threat to the pece and safety of the galaxy. A threat we clearly have yet to extinguish. This new enemy we're facing are declaring themselves a Sith Empire, a name seen and used before, but we're yet unsure of their full extent. What I want to do here tonight is field questions any of you might have, to better know what to expect from this enemy. So please, if you have anything immediately striking your mind, speak up and don't hesitate to hopefully spread knowledge on this matter."

The balcony's fire crackles, and Threepio waddles around pouring drinks for anyone who needs a refill.

Rune had been enjoying the light atmosphere, the social gathering, speaking with those unknown and many familiar faces. The food was excellent too, each delicacy almost more amazing than the last... and then Rey began to speak and the jovial evening turned serious quickly. Forgotten was the food, the conversation, the levity, found was the sense of impending dread that the Sith had never left and were much greater a threat than anything he'd ever seen before.

Granted, the latter wasn't much, he was still getting used to the ways of civilization and being in the galaxy itself, but he had felt the darkness before, its power touching on his mind, and he can only begin to imagine the kind of power that an entire empire would wield in its desire to destroy. He shudders before looking from one person to the next, a measure of that fear showing in his bright hazel orbs. He has many questions about many things, much is still lost to the young Ysannan, but he has learned it is more wise for him to listen than speak when confronted with vast amounts of the unknown.

Aryn has taken to standing off to one side, lingering between the shadows created by the glare of the fire. Her thoughts were not on the Sith, presently. Her life, like many thousands of others, changed following the conflict of Corellia. When Rey speaks, Aryn stays quiet. She focused on the words, the retelling of a Darth's story, and the precarious shadow haunting their galaxy, again.

It seemed the Sith were much harder to deal with than they anticipated. Aryn clears her throat before speaking, "Suffice to say, the rebirth of the Sith Empire bears dark tidings. We have found through our own interactions with this Empire that their members are intransigent at best. I worry that our only option in mitigating this new threat may rely on our skills with a lightsaber."

Jax was here and the jedi knight had brought a guest with him. The Corellian at the moment stood not far from the braiszer a glass of something in his hand. He takes a sip listneing to Rey's opening statements. His expression stern instead of it's nomral joval expersion. At the moment he's decided to keep his own council at the moment. Soaking up details and opinions of the others for the moment.

Zan might have gone off trail doing some exercise and practice runs in the forest outside the lighthouse and the city proper. She likes the trees for the great exercise they provide in treetop running. It also leads to running into folks every so often, whom you might not otherwise meet. She settles into a seat, grabs a meal and something to drink - likely water, but she's not really telling. Threepio might if asked though. She pauses in her eating as Rey begins to speak, listening quietly for a bit. She listens to Aryn's words, a nod for her fellow knight brief acknowledgement. Her gaze flickers around to those who are here, taking in body language, words spoken, and where there is silence. Jax and guest get a nod and a smile and Zan considers for a moment more what to say. "Do we know anything about who this new Darth is?" she asks, finally. It might be out there, and she may have just missed it.

Ax was near Jax, being the man's guest and all. He's standing in elaborate Jedi attire, but the Echani is not one who's frequented these halls, nor any halls of the order since the Jedi left Arisnar. Currently, he's sipping on a glass of wine, having not come empty handed and delivering a case of Naboo Blossom Wine to the lighthouse as a token of appreciation.

Listening as others ask their questions, for the moment, Ax stands quietly, listening and absorbing what he can. With a wife and family of his own, he was definitely concerned with the events taking place, especially given that his twins were both sensitive to the force and it would be devastating to see them fall to the dark side, be it Sith or whatever belief it was that the First Order's Knights of Ren practiced.

Yuun was out training himself, granted it was more of the swimming and diving type of training but still. Having come back and showered, he was happy to see the food. He sat down at the table and waved to everyone, speaking softly as he spoke to everyone. Though once he finishes and the conversation starts, Yuun is quiet for the time being, takingg in what is being said. He studies Rey first then looks to Aryn as she speaks up as well.

Yuun wasn't in the dark about the recent events, he was thinking on this himself though for now he wasn't sure what to say. Kasia is seated with a plate of food propped in one hand, listening intently as she stabs a roasted tuber with her fork. She glances up at the mention of the Sith Empire. It's not a surprise, she heard about it, but hearing it here again isn't at all comforting. "Do we know anything about this new figure? At all?" she asks, glacing around at the others. "Not that I expect us to know a lot, not this soon."

Bizz is wearing his threadbare Jedhese-style robe that looks dirty around the fringes, as if he has been traveling. See-Threepio is the object of his scorn. "Don't you have any beer? Oh you caterwauling clod, away from me!" He goes to sit himself down and rest. "I, uh, acquired some datacores from a Sienar-Jaemus transport in an attempt to see whom is supplying these Siths with equipment. But I need to give the data to my slicer on Tatooine."

Rey's eyes fall on Aryn's own after she hears the doctor say those words. She offers her a soft smile in return. "Thankfully we've been training rather extensively with saber combat. I'm beyond impressed with all of your steadily growing improvements in that regard too..."

To Zandra, Rey shakes her head gently from side to side, while the winds from behind her shoulders send her dark hair flowing around her face. "We've no information on this as of yet. Some are saying it is the return of Malik Ren, but... I would be reluctant to jump to any such conclusions. Plus, these foes openly defied the First Order. It would seem that there's been a schism in the ranks of those originating from Exegol... if the First Order even counts as originating from there..." She mutters that last part, and without Ben here to chime in... well... who is to say!

Another glance is paid down to the journal she's holding on her lap before she looks back up again. "What that does say, however, is that the Knights of Ren seem to be losing their influence without their leader, I'm not sure when the last time any of their ilk have been seen either. But, from what I've gathered, their mandate was to eradicate all the Jedi, and all the Sith... which seems to have failed."

Kasia's question draws Rey's eyes then and she shakes her head softly at it. "It does bring some questions, and possibly some answers though. When I consulted with Master Yoda's holocron on this subject, he said that I needed to research the mandate of Darth Bane's Jedi Order, a rule... he instituted to bring focus, and strength to the Sith religion. A rule of two."

Threepio gasps at Bizz's behavior. "My word!" The droid says. "Our kind visitor brought an entire shipment of exquisite wine, and you want /beer?/" The golden droid waddles away from beer. "I'll never understand sentients...." He says with a synthetic sigh.

Rey shows a quick smile to Bizz before nodding once to him. "If you come up with anything, Bizz, please do share that with the Republic as well as with us here."

A glance down to her journal and Rey looks back to everyone. "Darth Bane instituted a rule of two, within the Sith to solidify the power of the Force and thusly took the Sith in to the shadows where... they eventually accomplished their goal, and destroyed the old Jedi Order.... So we know of one new Sith Lord... and we can assume there's yet one more out there, in the shadows."

The youngest of their order, a Naboo native, enters on the tail end of Bizz Blipteetjupp explaining that he acquired datacores and needed to give them to someone on Tattooine. Her dark eyes affix on the small historian before sweeping to the paragon of their order, and break for the few brief moments she needs to finish entering and ensuring she's not stumbling over anything in the process. She looks much the same as usual in her brown robes with her hair pulled back. It doesn't take long before she's settled and fully absorbed in Rey's lesson regarding someone named Darth Bane and a rule he created.

It's all quite dizzying information, Sith, Knights of Ren, so many powerful forces intent on destroying the Jedi, destroying the protectors of the galaxy... all for personal gain. "Does this mean that there would be only one more Sith out there or have they forgone the 'Rule of Two'?" Rune asks with a hesitant hand in the air. He's most certainly not against talking among the normal group, the young Jedi feels at home around them, around that family. This extended version, with scholars and guests, he's a bit more nervous to let forth his voice, lest he say something ridiculous or something that should have already been common knowledge. His hand drops after the question is posed, clasped in his lap while he waits for the answer to be given.

"What of Ben Solo? Has he not walked the same paths of this Empire? Would he have any opinion on how we begin our research? Or where? There are still places in this galaxy that contain potent secrets; ancient strategies and depths of knowledge that have armed the Sith with tools for quick, facile victories." Aryn shakes her head and clasps her gloved hands at her back, beneath the confines of her cape. "Reflecting on this makes me think that patience may be our immediate strategy. We must learn more."

Jax takes a drink of his drink. He shakes his head at the exchange between Bizz and C3Po. "Some people just don't appericate a good glass of wine." That was said a bit on the quiet side to those gathered around him. Then he calls out more openly, "The question would be are they staunchly following tradition or are they their own order and forging their own way?" He scratches his chin. "There is Xyston-Class Star Destroyer out there with it's own Sith Forces. We've encountered it in the Yavin System with Rogue Squadron. We also faced a powerful darksider dressed in white claiming to be a Sith lord. He was working with the Knights of Ren but there was no love between them. I wonder does he play into this. There also was the Zeltron Woman with the yellow eyes. So there are mystery to add to this. Do we know what they currently claim as the Sith Empire?"

Zandra frowns, though more or less at the lack of knowledge, rather than anything. She looks over at Rune at his question, and she gives him a little thumb's up. "Not sure if we know that for sure yet either," she says wryly. Of course, her gaze goes to Rey, a nod to their Paragon, as Zan acknowledges the answer she's given, and all the rest. The information about the Sith is listened to, and absorbing starts to happen. or continues to, as Zan has perhaps run across bits and pieces of this information from the holocrons and books she's had access to so far. "Ben might have some information, but he's been away from there for a while. It's possible that someone new has - erm, grown up, someone he might not know at all." She isn't disagreeing with Aryn, merely observing that things change, and Ben is here with the Jedi now. Out of the confidence of anyone Sith. She considers the First Order for a bit, as it does seem true, they've not been seen too much of late. "Do you suppose the First Order will get amalgamated into the Sith Empire?" she asks, following up on Jax's words.

Ax's face contorts slightly at the mention of Ben, but he's not going to say anything on the matter. He simply looks to Rey, "Just let me know what I can do to help. My saber is at your disposal, as are my skills as a pilot and smuggler should the need arise."

Ax looks on as Jax and Zan both speak, then back to Rey. "I know you have your thing going here, and I don't want to disrupt that, but if this is a plausible threat, and I believe it is, then you're going to need all the help you can get. The Knights of Ren were bad enough, but the rise of Palpatine again, and this offshoot of whatever he tried on Exogol, if that's what it is, could be worse than the First Order has been for the past few years."

"I think we should probably assume this is something new," Kasia says after a moment of thought. "With Malik... I don't think it's him, if only because I can't see him coming back and not letting everyone know that he's alive, that the fires didn't actually finish him. Or why he would claim to be sith." She doesn't delve any further into that, gaze dropping to the plate balanced on her hand. "This feels different from what we've dealt with before. I can't say for sure it's not someone we've encountered, but it doesn't feel the same."

Brother Bizz has to slurp some wine instead of beer, even if it was poured by a droid. "Maybe he is just another Lord Snook ! More illusions, propped up by those Sith cultists and their devotion to Darth Bang's evil teachings." The monk's wandering mind goes back to datacores and encryption.

A student in many ways, both of the galaxy and of the Force, Chani Tahn is hesitant to raise her voice to disrupt the conversation taking place. Zandra's question tugs on the strings of her attention, however, and she finds herself voicing her question aloud without too much reluctance. "If the First Order was going to be part of the Sith Empire, why were they attacked at Corellia?" The puzzlement isn't just laden in her voice. It's written in the subtle expression clouding her face. "They lost a cruiser and whatever of their officers in the attack on the ship during the armistice talks. If that's a ruse, it's an elaborate one." The tension of the her question and musings evaporates immediately when Bizz's own addition to the conversation proceeds to massacre the names already discussed prior.

Yuun has been quiet taking in everything he can. Though a sigh escapes him as he looks at everyone as they begin chiming in. "It seems like one of the biggest things is, we're going to need to find out how're they're operating which was just mentioned." he says as he looks at the others, he takes a moment. He looks to Ax and smiles, "We can use the help, but that is just me speaking." he says to Ax. "I wasn't there during the Exegol mission but did hear about what happened, and if the Sith and Knights aren't really working together, this could prove in a way beneficial to us in a way. Though I woiuld like to learn more of the Sith so we can understand how they operate."

Rune's question garners REy's attention and she affords him a smile. "Well, Hotshot PIlot--" She teases him after his performance at Corelliaa, which was very admirable! "That is partly what I'm going to get in to here tonight. Because, in fact, we don't know. But... in my opinion, and based on my research, I think we might be seeing the last days of that rule.... and instead, a return to something older."

At the question of Ben, Rey shakes her head softly to Aryn. "Ben is on Devaron in the Archives. He's been lost in his own research, but I've sent a message to him to get his word on all of this. I expect it will... only push him further away." Ben is a weight on Rey's mind, to say the least, but it's one she tries to let dissolve rapidly as she focuses again on the subject at-hand.

"That Sith in white may very well be the second of the two, Jax." Rey says to the Corellian. "This could be another element of their fleet, but only time will tell. Time and... dilligence toward finding answers, of course."

To Zan and Ax, Rey shows a quick smile. "Thank you, Ax. I'm sure we'll need your help. You know the galaxy better than most, you've been to one corner and the next, seen more than I probably will in my entire life time. So yes, we do appreciate what you have to offer and will very likely call upon it." She draws in a light breath and then continues. "As for the First Order... I have personal experience with Admiral Vahn, and I don't think he'd ever align with the Sith like this. Not again. Which is why I think they attacked his ship, along with the Chancellor's..." She shakes her head side to side softly once, before adding. "He helped us get to Byss, to destroy the Sentinel facility. He expressed a desire to have Palpatine's Sentinel droids ended, along with the Force influencing the galaxy's governments."

A quick look up is sent to Kasia and Rey nods softly once to her. "I agree entirely with that, Kasia." She says quietly.

Yuun and Chani both get a simple nod as well from the Paragon. "I believe the Sith are doing what they have historically been known to do... fight, within their own ranks. And that brings me to my next point..."

With a quick breath taken and a swipe of her hand across her face to get her windswept strands out of her face, Rey turns a page in her journal on her lap. "The Rule of Two came after the Sith Empire of old fell. It fell because of inner turmoil, in-fighting. The Sith were constantly at odds with one another, fighting for titles, claims to territory, so and so forth. The Rule of Two was a way to win, but at the cost of falling back in to the shadows. Now... they seem to be stepping back out of those shadows... and that, to me, would insinuate that the rule of a Master, and an Apprentice, alone... is coming to an end once more. They may be training their numbers to be greater now to push back at the Light, to push back at us. Let alone the Republic, and those who stand in their way, such as Admiral Vahn seemed to be doing."

Threepio emerges from the interior again carrying a bottle of beer that he hands to Bizz. "It was in the back of the cooling unit, Sir Bizz. I believe it was left over from Master Elrych's days with us." What a nice droid!

The teased compliment brings a quick flush to the Ysannan's face and his eyes avert to the ground after giving her a nod in thanks. The reference to his ability comes after the battle that brought them to this very meeting, the Sith leaping from Hyperspace to blast the New Republic and First Order alike. Rune had been on the Falcon at the time and was thrust into the pilot seat... he did alright save a few... or more... hits to the back of the Falcon. He'd feel even better about his effort if Chewie would stop giving him the stink eye every time they passed.

The more Rey speaks, the more questions are posed, the more clear the picture becomes and the illumination of the situation in which they find themselves now is driven home. They were powerful before, brought down a government, an order, and a galaxy to their knees with just two... what can they do with an untold number?

"I hope Ben's studies go well, then. His insight would be helpful for interpreting a strategy out of all this." Aryn comments before going quiet. She didn't think there was anything more to discuss about it. They all had more questions than answers, and the path forward seemed foggy at best. Deep down, Aryn pondered what Leia might say during a time like this. Concentrating long enough, Aryn could almost hear her voice again. Aryn adopted a quiet, contemplative stare at the flames from the fire.

After several moments, she looks back up. "Should we segue to our next topic, Rey?" Aryn seeks the other's gaze for confirmation.

Jax remains queit for a moment. This isn't settling with him right but then again, the Sith never settled him with him right. It's probably the tiny Ambrosia on his shoulder whispering, 'kill it with fire and a knife.' Then he takes another drink of his beverage. "Bizz, if you believe the intel on the datacores is actionable. I can offer my slicing services. I've became proficent at it over the last few months due to nessicity."

Zan nods to the others, though she does add, "I didn't mean willingly, necessarily. I could see the Sith offering them a choice of join or death, for instance. I doubt very much they'd come join us, though I admit that they also want the Sith dead. Or did." Which - well, that is a curse and a blessing, isn't it? She quiets to listen now, thoughtful. She looks over to Ax and grins briefly. "We definitely will need all the help we can get. If the Sith and First Order fight each other too, well, that may be to our benefit, tactically." That definitely seems obvious, to all of them. "I'm sorry I missed that battle. Rune, you'll have to tell me all about it. I'd like to hear about it from a great pilot." She then glances over to Aryn, a brow rising, but then her attention goes to Jax. "Better at it than I am, that's for sure."

Ax just nods to Rey, and turns to listen to what everyone is saying, the questions fielded and the answers, if any, given.

Looking to Zan, he nods. "Would definitely be nice to have all those star destroyers fighting each other. Their smaller craft are tough enough, the FO's destroyers and those we faced at Exogol were damned nasty beasts. Maybe we can get Rogue involved in some of the space missions or scouting, though we're stretched pretty thin as is."

Brother Bizz takes the beer bottle from Threepio. "I knew there was beer to be had, you nickel-plated nincompoop!" He uses his uneti-wood walking stick to crack open the beer's bottlecap and has a drink. Then to Jax he says, "Oh well, I don't want you to contaminate the data before Shiin gets a peek. Too many slicers can be a bad thing when it comes to biohexacrypt ciphers! I'm sure you understand."

Yuun continues to listen to what's being said, focusing on who's speaking. "With all that being said, we will need to keep our movements hidden as much as we can." he says as his mind starts to pick up, "We will need to push the training regimes if we need to. The mention of lightsaber combat was said, so we should help teach those who still developing their skills, also we should work on unarmed and movement skills as well." he says to them. "Sometimes we may have to retreat and being able to move fluidly is going to be a key technique." he states.

Taking a moment, Yuun looks to Rey and the others who spoke previously, "We will need to know on sight those Force using Sith as well as commanders. Also will we be going on missions along side the New Republic as well as our own missions?" he asks.

Rey's suggestion that the Sith are fighting within their own ranks and that it is the historical thing for them to do is as close to an answer that Chani knows she is going to get. Aside from what piecemeal information the paragon presents them with, Chani believes most of the transpiring conversation is speculation. Aryn's petition that they move onto the next topic shows she's not alone in such thinking. She nods in support of Aryn's idea, though the decision rests with Rey overall. Though more questions arise than are answered, Chani reflects that their focus has been put on the correct path regardless. They should be mindful from this point forward, and not allow past occurrences cloud their judgment on what the future might hold.

"This is all a cycle," Kasia remarks with a weary sort of weight to her voice, head shaking slightly. "It seems like, given that, it wouldn't hurt us to brush up even more on the sith history. Sometimes looking back shows you what's ahead, or at least gives you some idea of what it might be."

Walking out from the Lighthouse interior comes none other than Ben Solo, having just returned from his studies on Devaron. "The First Order and the Sith have no real ties," he announces flatly, moving into the light of the fire without taking a seat, and without moving into a position that fits him in as a member of the gathering, really. He just stands there, looking at a few of them before turning his attention on the fire. "I heard you from the hallway," he explains. "When I was... what I was, we stood against the Sith as much as we did you. We fought any pretenders we found trying to bring them back. They- I, my grandfather. Ending the Sith was part of my mission, and the First Order was a tool for that."

Ben glances at Rey, then back to the fire. "Exegol was... That wasn't the First Order. There was one, General Pryde. The rest of the council was skeptical of the Sith, Palpatine's offer. Vahn fell on that side. It's complicated." His brow furrows, lips pursed. "I was trying to use them, but that fell apart when. Well, when you stabbed me." A nod at Rey. "With Oran gone, the First Order doesn't have any real connection to the Force left. That's why we've focused on more pressing things. These Sith, or whoever they are, are something else."

The fire continues to crackle in the pit its set within as Rey looks to Yuun and offers a quick nod to him. "I would love for you to take the lead on pushing further training classes here in the new grounds, Yuun." She tells him quickly before looking over the others.

To Chani, Rey offers her a quick smile. "I wish I had more to say on the whys of Corellia, but sadly... it all happened so fast and the intricacies of it all may never come to light. But it would seem the Sith certainly intend to step out of the shadows now, and thus... we're here, with a renewed need to further explore Sith, as carefully as we can. The Sith's ways of training are seductive, and lead to great power, at the cost of your life. The cost of your ability to breathe peacefully and feel... satisfaction in knowing that you're doing everything in power to help the galaxy's denizens who need help."

A quick nod is offered to Kasia again before Rey speaks up. "I agree, and we should delve in to locating more Sith related locations in the galaxy. If there are any we can find that we have yet to explore.... which... surely there are. We just have to... find them." She laughs softly then, a gesture REy doesn't often do.

Her eyes then go to Aryn and Rey stands up to close her journal. "Yes, please, Aryn." She says to the doctor, moving back to her original chair at a table with the Historians from the New Republic, taking her drink from Beaumont's offered hand with a smile given back to him. She's raising the drink up to her lips for a sip from it when Ben strides in. The drink motion is paused and Rey lowers the mug down again to hover it in front of her torso.

She stares with a lack of expression before quietly speaking up. "I've apologized." She says to Ben. "For the ... stabbing." She takes a quick breath then and nods once again to Aryn. "We will see what comes soon and next from this Sith Empire... but in the mean time, yes, please. We have another matter this evening."

His blush deepens at Zan's comment but he gives her a nod just the same... not because he's a great pilot. In fact, if one were witness to the battle, it would most likely be attributed to the Falcon herself being a great, fast, and sturdy ship as well as the crew saving his ass than any measure of his own skill. And then Ben arrives, hopefully he didn't hear of any of his misuse of his dad's ship or Rune might have more than Chewie's irritation on his hands.

Regardless, all the rest of the information Ben and the group gives is helpful, Rey's response bringing the conversation to a close and his eyes shifting to find Aryn for this next topic at hand. An eyebrow lifts while he waits, curious to know what else they are gathered here for.

"Welcome, Ben." Aryn voices, then presses off the structure she had been leaning to walk out closer to the fire. "Apologies for the abrupt change of topic, but we wanted to carry this out tonight before it got to late. May I ask Jax and Zandra to join me by activating their lightsabers?"

Whilst that happens, Aryn brings her hands to her forefront and links her hands politely, standing like a diplomat and resembling the posh noble she had been raised to be. "As Jedi Knights of the Order, the responsibility of making other Knights comes to us. One such member of tonight's gathering has met those expectations, and it is with great enthusiasm that we wish to appoint the Jedi Order's newest Knight."

"As is tradition, or rather, tradition which we have established for this Order, I ask that Kasia Ashkuri please join us by passing beneath the lightsabers. This walk and passage serve as your transition from Initiate to Knight. To complete this journey and start the next, I will ask Kasia to recite our Jedi Code."

If Jax was going to respond to Bizz or the sudden dramatic arrival of Ben Solo, Aryn's request cause him to fall silent. Jax steps forward his hand reaching for the saber on his hip. Then he lights the saber and the blade runs blue and hiss as he raises it to meet the other sabers.

Zandra is relaxed where she's seated. She puts aside her drink as Aryn stops to speak, as if she does actually know what the topic is. She waits for Aryn to call her and Jax, and then Zan gets to her feet. She steps forward to join Rey and Aryn (and Jax), her robes flowing as she moves. Zan's expresion is calm, her emotions serene, though there is a touch of solemnity to her. Once she gets to where they are, she ignites her saber, raising it to meet Jax's. All without a word. The youngest Knights, newest minted, providing the salute for the new.

Zandra naMuriel depresses the small uncolored button on her lightsaber. Suddenly, a second blinding bright energy beam extends from the right side of the uncolored hilt with a snap hiss!

Ax tenses a bit as Ben arrives. There was definitely history there, though that could be said by many other than just the Echani. He takes a breath, but it's Aryn that gives him the distraction he needs. The raising of an apprentice to the title of Knight. He takes a step back, this was for members of the order, after all. He was simply a guest, after all.

Jax Greystorm depresses the Chromium-Plated button on his cylindrical Alderaan Shine lightsaber hilt and with an electric snap-hiss a brilliant blue energy beam rises forth!

"Hello Ben." Yuun says as he looks towards Ben. He stretches a moment, "I will get on that then Rey." he says to her. "We do need to learn whhat we can about the Sith, we still need to continue with what we're doing as well." he says. Yuun pauses as Aryn asks for Zan and Jax to take out their lightsabers. Quirking a brow up, Yuun goes quiet as the lightsabers come out and as words are being said, his eyes widen a bit thinking maybe.....nope. He sees that this was for Kasia, he picks up his drink and he nods his head, "Congratulations Knight Ashkuri." he says. A smile shows on his face, and he bows his head as he watches the impromptu ceremoney.

Kasia is listening to the conversation taking place while she eats. That this is a surprise is pretty evident by the fact that she has her mouth full when her name is spoken, and she freezes. Time truly feels like it slows down as she works through the bite while lowering the plate to set it safely aside. Then wide eyes angle first over to Rey, then to Ben where they linger for a few moments, then back to Rey. There is some pretty clear hesitation as she slowly stands, the blades that flicker to life reflecting in the dark stones of her necklace and earrings as she simply stands there for a moment. "Are you sure?" There is a weight to this question that appears to be directed at Rey, and though she steps forward, she doesn't pass beneath the sabers or recite any oaths just yet.

There's perhaps more Ben could say on the subject, but that will be best kept for another time; an important rite of passage is occurring, and like Ax, he can feel the wall between him and the others when it becomes clear what is happening. This isn't for him, he isn't part of this, and as a result, he remains silent, but unmoving from his place standing just inside the light of the firepit.

There are other guests here too, Beaumont and his two associates from the New Republic, so Ben and Ax are not completely out of their element and alone in not being of the JEdi Order, yet witnessing this. Beaumont has a very happy and dopey expression on his face at getting to see this in fact.

Rey, leaning back i nher chair, has her mug of drink up and is about to sip from it when she notices Kasia's reaction. She stops from sampling her drink again and sits forward once more. She smiles over to the other woman and nods her head once. "You've earned this, Kasia. It's your time to wear the title of Knight in our Jedi Order. The galaxy needs more people like you, putting their life and safety at risk to preserve peace and happiness for others. Selflessness is the key to being a JEdi Knight, and you've displayed it... in great supply witn your heart."

She shows another quick smile before lowering the drink down to the table once more, a glancing going to the others before back to the ceremony, another stroke of her hand pushing her loose hair out of her face... this is why she wears it in buns, ugh!

Rather than any verbal addition to the scene, Chani brings her hands together as a precusory congratulations to the newly appointed Knight of the Order. The array of activated blades is a dazzling and awe-inspiring display, and Chani both ensures she's well out of the way so the ceremony is conducted without any kind of accidental interference. The clapping comes after Rey's insistence and heartfelt words, perhaps as their own form of encouragement to proceed with the walk beneath the arranged lightsabers of the already-present Knights.

Rune's eyes go wide when Kasia's name is called as the next of their order to be knighted. There's a bright smile on his face and his expression awed, finally able to see the ceremony performed and when it's a good friend who is being 'promoted'. He watches as both sabers are ignited, looking from Aryn, to Jax, to Zan, the two cool hues of their sabers bathing the area in shimmering light.... and then Kasia stands but presents her uncertainty. Rune's eyebrows lift as he looks from Rey to Kasia, there being something there that he's not certain of. She's more than deserving, one of the best among them, and he hopes whatever block in her heart can be overcome to allow her to feel worthy of the title.

Aryn remains quiet, hands clasped, and waiting for Kasia to make her decision on whether this was what she wanted, or if she had other designs that led her down a different path. Aryn's expression is thoughtful, gaze resting on Kasia for now.

Zandra has her blade in hand, forming half the arch. She looks over to Rey and to Aryn briefly, and then her attention goes to Kasia briefly. Zan takes a moment to look over the audience, catching sight of Ben and Ax, in the process. Her own expression softens somewhat, before she turns her gaze to Kasia, patiently waiting. She remembers this moment all too well. Jax is sneaky and he totally sideswiped Zan when it was her turn. Now Kasia's.

Jax stands rigid as if at atteniton with his saber raised to meet Zandra's blade. Though as he hears Kasia's question. He gives Kasia a shrug and a smile. "They asked me." You've received a +nom from Ben Solo. +nom/pending to review.

Still, Ax remains quiet, standing in the sidelines to watch whatever was to take place. He'd not been through such a rite himself, so he didn't know much of what to expect other than apparently a walk underneath some lit lightsabers.

Yuun lowers his mug as he looks ot Kasia, watching to see what she does. "You've earn this Kasia." he says as he looks over to where she is. A smile showing on his face as he looks to her.

Those that know Kasia well enough -- which is honestly most folks here -- can see that she's trying to work something out in her head. Whether she does, however, is less evident. Rey's answer prompts a small nod, and then she draws in a deep breath. "Okay." Okay. Dark eyes sweep up to the sabers for a moment before she steps forward to pass beneath them, trying to push aside uncertainty as she moves forward. She passes beneath the sabers and then comes to a stop.

"There is no emotion, there is peace." "There is no ignorance, there is knowledge." "There is no passion, there is serenity." "There is no chaos, there is harmony." "There is no death, there is the Force."

Did she get it all right? She hopes so.

Rey sets her drink aside as the ceremony progresses onward. She places her hands in her lap and observes quietly as Kasia recites the Jedi Code. A smile quickly graces her visage before it fades away again and whne the code is recited she offers a soft nod toward those at the edge of the balcony.

The others watch as well, the New Republic representitives are quite enthralled with this.

Bizz may or may not be snoring, it's hard to tell.

Rune nods along with the words that are spoken, happy she decided to take the next step (quite literally) and complete the ceremony to become a Jedi Knight. He watches with held breath, eyes wide, enamored by the event and history being made. Those wide eyes move from companion to companion, a bright smile finding each of them in happiness for one of their family.

"Thus you begin your next journey, Kasia Ashkuri, Knight of the Jedi Order. My commendations, madam. Well earned, and welcome." Aryn says after the code is recited. Her hands part only to clap, and she steps back to allow Kasia room to look toward the others (who are hopefully clapping too!)

Kasia is, frankly, pretty surprised as to how this has all gone, and it shows. She slides another glance at Ben, then looks over to Aryn with a smile. "Thank you." A glance at Rey. "Thank you." She seems about to say more, but opts to simply smile instead as she turns to look back at the others assembled.

The young Ysannan does clap when appropriate, his applause hearty and vigorous for their newly knighted companion. He even attempts a whistle, which fails miserably and sounds more like a blubbering expulsion of air instead of anything resembling what he intended. The native of Ossus looks around quickly with a light blush to see if his error was caught, hoping the sound of the flub was drowned out by the elation given to Kasia. Regardless, he congratulates her with a wide smile and enthusiastic clapping.

Jax lowers his saber and retracts his blade. The he hangs his saber on his belt. Then he crosses to Kasia to pat her on the shoulder. "Congradulations. It's better than us setting your couch on fire. Which we can do if you want a new couch."

Ax gives a deep bow towards Kasia, for she has obviously gone through a lot to gain such recognition amongst her peers. Once the ceremony is done, he looks to Jax and Zan. "I'll leave this celebration to those in the order," he says quietly. Then he approaches Rey. "If you need anything of me, I am relatively easy to find here on Chandrila. I'll leave these festivities to you and yours." He gives a polite nod of the head and begins heading for the exit.

Aryn dips her head down in response to Kasia's spoken gratitude. She says nothing more because a call on her holo draws her from the group and over to the side. The tone is soft, loud enough for Aryn to hear, and whatever its tidings has prompted Aryn to make a quiet departure. She passes Kasia by, touching her arm and enduringly squeezes before slipping away from the Order and into the cool evening to find the first transport back to Alderaan. She draws her hood up after leaving the warmth of the fire and gathering!

Once things are all done, Zan pauses to sketch a salute with her saber towards Rey and then towards Knight Kasia. "Congratulations, Kasia," she says quietly. "This is something that is well deserved, from what I have seen." She touches the button on her saber to quiet the blade, so she can reattach it at her waist, and then also clap for the newest Knight. Jax's words get a spot of laughter from Zan, just due to the unexpectedness of them. She looks over to Ax, and calls to him, "If you don't mind, I'd like to chat with you sometime soon?" Just that, but she doesn't stop him from leaving. Zandra naMuriel presses the small metal button on her lightsaber, causing the bright energy beam to slide back into the metal hilt with an electric squeal.

Yuun smiles as she says the Jedi creed. Taking another drink from his mug, "Hey no setting anything on fire!" he says as he looks Jax. He smiles and he looks to the others, "Congratulation again Kasia." he smiles. Long distance to Aryn Cortess: Zandra naMuriel thanks!

Rey stands up, followed by the three New Republic reps at her table with her, they all start to clap for Kasia, the belled sleeves of Rey's outer robe waving gently as she applauds the new Knight. She smiles for her too.

"Okay then." Rey says to everyone a few moments later. "Make sure to eat as much as you like, and enjoy the drinks provided. Especially the kind offering from Ax that he brought us." She pays the Echani another quick smile. "And if you have any questions about the Sith, please do come to me toask them. IT's best we spread what knowledge we possess as wide and far as we can now..."

"We will talk more about this in the coming days too, and continue to piece together these mysteries." A look is given to Ben, a pointed LOOK, but what does it mean?! Who knows. She retakes her seat then and reaches for her mug to hopefully get a sip of it, finally....

"I've had enough couches burnt down to tide me over for now," Kasia assures Jax with a little laugh. "If that changes I will let you know." She gives Aryn and Yuun a quick smile, then looks back at Rey. Rey says drink, and she just might. She glances after Aryn as she heads for the door, offering a little wave to the departing Knight, then turns to look around for... she isn't sure.

Zandra gets some glasses of that sweet Blossom wine, and she passes one to Kasia, and takes one for herself. "A toast to our newest knight!" she cheers. It's time to party!

Ben doesn't join in on the clapping, his expression inscrutable, and when the drinks begin to circulate, he excuses himself from the ritual and its celebration as quietly as possible, slinking off back into the lighthouse to avoid the festivities in safety.