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Anakin turns back from the dark side

OOC Date: November 21, 2021 (Optional)
Location: Devaron
Participants: Rey, Ax, Zandra naMuriel, Aryn Cortess, Jax Greystorm, Kellik

The destruction to the Jedi Temple had been extensive, at least in the front section of the temple entrance anyway. The missile barrage had taken down the whole front facade of the structure, collapsing the front entrance and destroying much of the walkway, including ancient statues of former Jedi masters, so old their faces had basically been eroded away.

Dust in the wind!

As ever, though, the New Republic was here to help the young fledgling Jedi Order...

A series of speeder trucks had arrived outside the temple and had begun to offload supplies to restore the temple. Specially crafted materials brought in by donations from allies who wished to help. These supplies are all stacked up outside, and the cleaning of the grounds had finished up as well. Now it was time to place the new pieces and secure them to the temple.

The sky is overcast this afternoon with storms expected over the jungle later tonight, but Rey was eager to help get these work orders finished. She'd asked as many of the Jedi to convene at the Temple as possible for this very reason. Rey stands out amongst some of the New Republic military reps who are on site overseeing, holding her combat staff at her side she leans on it gently as she watches the final pieces of the temple exterior get laid in to place.

"I think we're just about ready to start the... lifting process." Rey says with a look around at everyone else who has managed to gather outside on this humid afternoon!

Jax was on site as the hover trucks arrive on site to deliever the construction materials. The jedi was here today to be a gopher and aid. He was no mason or construction worker. He looks at the supplies and then to Rey. "You do mean by one bag at a time phyisically right?" He making sure there's no plans to pick up pallets of construction materiel with the force. "Unless somebody brought a hover dolly?"

Ax was here, well hydrated and ready to work. He'd brought a binary load lifter droid with him because he was a firm believer in work smart, and as he was getting older, his back didn't do as well as it used to.

"Just let me know where you want Mongo to get started," he says, pointing at M0-G0, his load lifter droid.

Zan has been inspecting things quietly, but she keeps looking towards the forest suspiciously. It does slow down whatever she's doing, admittedly. Her saber hilt is settled in its usual place, and the young Jedi is in hearing range of Rey, so that she pauses what she's doing and turns to see if her aid is required. Jax's comment gets a grin from Zan. "Maybe a combination? Unless you're planning to climb up there?" she gestures, not above a little teasing. She's got Ono and VeeTen with her, cause that's entirely helpful. But then, she doesn't have any other droids that might be more useful. "Of course, maybe the load lifter can lift us up there too?"

Kellik had spent a lot of time beforehand going over the droid attack, mulling over the evidence left behind and comparing it to his prior experiences against the war machines of the Seperatists. There were a few leads perhaps, a few decisions the droid seemingly made that could lead back to an origin or at least distant ties to units he had engaged all those years ago but nothing anywhere near solid enough to go off of yet.

The old clone had already started to lend a hand where he could, from helping direct some of the delivery speeders to assisting teams righting some of the smaller statues and logging the damage to them so they could be put back together in mostly the right order at a later date.

Aryn stands off to one side with her back to most, her attention up toward the overcast sky watching the clouds in idle thought. She had a lot on her mind of late, and it kept her focus away from the present and off on distant lands, people, and events. Never had she imagined her life would get so complicated.

When Rey calls out to begin preparation for the lifting process, Aryn turns toward the group and brushes her cape back to free her arms to plain sight. She wears gloves, matching her outfit, and she tests the tension of them by pulling on each gently, flexing her respective fingers in 'preparation.'

Rey's eyes go to Ax's binary load lifter. She shows a quick smile at it before she nods toward the stacks left off at the end of the pathway. "If it could bring those forward. Thsoe are the sealers that we need to attach to the frame." She indicates as her eyes sweep over the others. She shows a smirk to Jax and a nod to Zandra. "We build our lightsabers with our learned experience in the Force. So to should we then craft our home, no?" She says to Jax, holding her grin for a oment.

Rey takes a step away from the middle of the pathway and comes to stand beside where Aryn is, her hands still holding the grip of her combat staff vertical beside her form. Her eyes go to Kellik then and she nods once before looking back to the others. "Before we begin. I wanted to introduce all of you to our guest." She says as she looks back to the aged Clone. "Mister Kellik here is ... well you could say he's an expert in aggressive droids with a lot of weaponry. I've asked him here to help us... potentially track down locations that could possibly have created the droid, that did this to our home..." Rey lingers there for a second before nodding to Kellik. "So we are happy to have his insight in all of this."

Jax looks from Rey to Ax and his droid and back. "It took several months of research to build a saber. I don't mind helping but for safety and srutrucal reasons. I'd prefer to follow the expert lead. There's reasons why I'm only allowed to build sabers. But the order learning more than the force and combat is always a good thing. " He says reaches out to grab a bag of concreate and throws it on a shoulder. "He nods his head to Kellik, "I"m Jax." He calls out to Zandra, "I trust my climbing over my telekinesis."

Ax motions for Mongo to start bringing the crates forward. The big droid begins moving slowly and carefully, doing exactly what it was designed to do, move cargo. With the droid having a defined task, Ax again turns to Rey.

"Welcome Mr. Kellik," Ax says with a slight bow of his head to the man. "We'd love to hear what you have to say. My only experience with combat droids are ones I've purchased off the black market, and they're all much older and less advanced than what we saw here."

Glancing to Jax and Zan, Ax smirks. "When it comes to sabers, I'm golden. When it comes to constructing or repairing something that's structural integrity could mean lives or not, think I'll have to side with the experts."

Zan looks to Rey, as she does an introduction, and then she turns to nod to Kellik. "Welcome," she echoes Ax. "It's good to meet you. I'm Zandra." She then grins at Jax and shrugs a bit. "We each have our strengths and weaknesses," she says softly. "Rey, do we need someone up top to help coordinate?" Yes, the violet haired Jedi is volunteering. Why not? "I can give it a go, if you like. I'm sure that droid can lift me easier than a lot of those heavy crates." She waves to Ax and Aryn as well, since they're also here. "I admit, I don't know about structural integrity though - I'm just going to trust in the Force, and do what someone tells me to."

Kellik gives a smile towards Rey, quickly thanking her for the introduction, before turning towards Ax and Zan, greeting them with a respectful nod. "I'll admit, my intel is a little outdated but Rey requested assistance so here I am. I've had plenty of field experience against combat clankers of all shapes and sizes, if it has anything in common with any of the types I've seen it should give us a lead in tracking the source. If not, well..." He shrugs a little, hefting the big log on his shoulder that he'd cut from a fallen tree blocking a pathway "... I might just be able to get you up to speed in how to scrap them all the faster. Ways to fool their sensors, trip up their logic circuits, all that fun stuff. Might have had the ballsack looking face of a former 'chancellor' on it-" He almost spat the word "chancellor", in fact, internally he was even thinking of literally spitting on the ground upon mentioning the Emperor, though managed to hold himself back. Either way though, the clone soon got his composure back "-there's a reason the Seps got their heads ripped off."

"Fair met, Mr. Kellik. I am Dr. Cole." Aryn says. She dips her head in greeting, then straightens her posture and looks on. Aryn was not present for the attack, but she had seen Chani for her wounds following it. Observing the destruction first hand reminded Aryn of Bastion and its current state. As those thoughts began to surface, Aryn adopted a distant stare that was oriented toward the temple.

Rey's eyes go back to the ones questioning the reconstruction. She gives Ax and Jax both an even smile. "Relax. We've had the hardest parts already taken care of." She motions to the two older men in Republic military uniform, who both nod their heads and explain they had their droids here earlier to handle the framework installation.

Rey takes a step back and leans her staff up against one of the surviving statues beside the main walkway. She then steps back toward everyone else. A look is given to Kellik. She nods once toward him. "After the attack by that dark Sentinel, I remembered that he reminded me of something I'd seen at the museum on Chandrila..." She glances to Aryn, having spoken to Aryn that day in fact at the museum.

"During the Clone Wars there was a General who was half droid, and half... sentient. Grievous, he was known as. The Jedi Killer... His design, was very similar to what we faced. It's a long shot, I know, but if we could track down where Grievous was created... maybe we could find something about this Sentinel who did all of this." She states, looking to the stacks of walls waiting to be raised.

She shows a smile to Zan then. "I don't want you getting hurt up there. Besides. This will be fun."

Jax drops the bag of concreate by the mixing unit. Then he moves back to grab another sack and shoulder it. "That's fine, then the jedi of generations to come can look at my shoddy work as long as it's not structural." He says carrying the second sack to place with the other. He looks at the mixing directions. Then goes to adding the mixture to the unit along with the right ratio of water, sand, and gravel. "Do we know if this things got more modern designs included in it like the Dark Trooper or the modern CIS battle droid?"

Zan chuckles softly. "I'm game to have some fun and practice some skills," she says to Rey. She looks to Kellik and offers a bit of a smile. "We're glad to have your help," she says simply. "Learning tactics to beat those things is definitely a good thing. And practicing them. Should we create some more mini drones to work with us in training? Or - do they have higher difficulty levels?" She can't believe she said that, but she then adds, "For the advanced level fighters, I mean." She looks to Rey again, and adds, "Okay, what needs lifting up there? We should get going before it starts raining. The walls right?"

Ax nods, his droid moving the crates as directed. "I'm down for whatever," he says to Rey while he moves to help Jax with the mixing. "Though, if I get a hernia, please don't tell my wife. She'll never let me live it down.

Kellik nodded, looking towards Rey for a moment before dropping that big log he was carrying onto the pile of cleared knocked over trees. At least all this lumber will probably be useful for, uh, something. "That's the problem with Grevious, no one knew much about him. Even back then. There was only rumours." He paused for a moment, running a hand through his beard. "There were rumours, plenty of those. Most pointed towards the Geonosians which doesn't exactly help us here. I'd guess that droid wasn't based on his cybernetics so much as *inspired* by them."

He then turned his attention back to Jax, nodding at the mention of the dark trooper. "Possibly, but it seemed far quicker than a Dark Trooper. Moved more like one of those MagnaGuards, except without legs." Finally, he turned his attention to Zan, all while he was picking up yet another big sawn up log to move it over to the lumber pile. "Mini droids? Are those the floating ball things? Those, uh, those probably aren't going to give you too good a simulation for going up against this sort of droid."

The talk of droids brings Aryn back to the present and she regards the others again. "I am to understand some things need moving? Where should we begin?" Aryn turns her gaze to Rey, briefly, then the others to see if they were already working on it. Kellik had been carrying a log, and Aryn looks around to see if that's what they're supposed to be doing. She knew very little about droids, so she couldn't add anything intelligent to the conversation beyond speculation; even then, she had not seen the droid responsible for the attack so she only had their conjecture about it.

Rey listens to the back and forth about the droids and she just nods to what is said. "Options." She responds. "We're just searching for Options here. Anything. The Geonosians is a start... albeit a tricky one. I don't think they'd be too eager to help us. But still. The Force will show us." She says as she quickly smiles.

Zandra brings Rey's focus back to the here and now thoug and she lightly claps her hands together. "Okay, right." Rey turns and walks over to the several piles of stone faces. "These are secured to the framing inside the main tower. Each line has four attachment bolts that are strung in behind the panel." Rey turns then toward the temple and its exposed infrastructure. Her right hand comes up and her fingers spread apart as she focuses on one of the stacks of wall faces...

The first face lifts up off of its stack and floats through the air toward the tower structure that was damaged by the Sentinel Prime droid....

With the focus of the Force, she glides the panel in to place and breathes out a exhale as the bolts that attach it to the frame can be heard clicking in to place.

Rey turns then to the other Jedi. "Like so." She says with a soft smirk. "Just... make sure to stand back... incase something, less than ideal, happens..." Her hand then goes up to brush her loose strands of hair out of her face.

As Ax starts to work at the mixing unit, Jax goes back to picking up a bag of concreate and carry them. So he made sure to be out of the way of the lifting of the pannels. "We have access to a few B1s and possibly a droideka. Though wouldn't want to destroy them." He though calls out, "Did the first Sentinels Droids we encounter come from Byss? That might involve another trip to Byss. We took out the production factory but doesn't mean there's not another site. It's Palpatine we're taking about after all."

"I've got a handful of B1's and a Droideka, but if you blow any of them up, please don't let it be Donk. The twins are quite attached to him. The B1's, they're pretty much just fodder," Ax says as he's pouring another bag in the mixer. Unfortunately, it's too much and the rotation of the cylinder causes some to slosh out, all over the Echani's robes, leg, and boots.

"Dammit!" Ax mutters. "I need to get this off before it hardens and ruins this. I'll be back in a few, let me change into something more suited for labor."

Zan listens but she concentrates on another of the wall pieces, following Rey's example. She grins at Ax, and shakes her head. "Such a fashion plate," she comments, as he departs to deal with concrete mess. Zan's TK brings the piece up and heads it towards the wall, as she works with the Force to continue to put this piece in place.

Aryn follows the Paragon's lead, lifting one panel, then two, controlling them with a hand for each, respectively. Lifting them in unison, she slowly rotates them into place and holds them there, stepping back as instructed until someone from the building crew secured it in place. Sweat began to bead up a bit around Aryn's brow, but she starts to do another, happy for the work to keep her from idle hands and thoughts. She stayed quiet for now, keeping her distance in case something disasterous occurred with a telekinesis shortfall, or something. "I hope this is sufficient!"

Rey watches Ax make his retreat and she calls after him. "Skipping out on work now gets you double duty later!" Her voice will echo to the fleeing man. She turns back to watch Jax carrying the duracrete bags which has her smiling at him. "I'll let that pass as work, though you have to try at least ONE panel before the day can be considered done." She says at him before her eyes go to Zandra. She walks toward Zan as she observes her placement of the panels. "Excellent. It's been a long time since we practiced with those rocks on Arisnar, hasn't it?" She asks with a grin. "You've come a long way..."

Rey holds her smile as she moves toward Aryn to walk behind the well dressed Jedi. She steps around the flowing cape and stands on Aryn's left. Her eyes on the panels that are placed. The New Republic construction reps both nod their heads approvingly and Rey gives a grin over to Aryn. "Perfection." She says to her friend. "I expected nothing short of." She adds with a sly grin. "Lets get this done then, shall we?" She asks as she reaches out with her hand again to help the others...