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All the Rays

OOC Date: September 13, 2021 (Optional)
Location: Ahch-To
Participants: Zandra naMuriel, Jax Greystorm, Yuun, Ewan Eroh, Vega

The planet of Ahch-to in all its watery blueness. The ships of the Jedi come through hyper and end up in orbit around the planet. As the majority of ships arrive, Zan and her droid (Ono) keep watch, counting noses so to speak. Once most are in orbit, safely, Zan speaks across the comms to everyone. << Alright folks, Welcome to - or back to - Ahch-To. We have a fairly reasonable mission today: map the planet from orbit, using whatever sensors we have to find whatever we can. >> Radar, Sonar, Gamma, x-ray, ultraviolet, infrared - basically, all the rays that are rays! << Keep the scans non-impactful, as we do not wish to harm anyone or anything in the process. We know this planet is inhabited, and we'd like to keep it that way.>> She pauses, and then she adds, <<Oh, and I'm sure I don't need to mention this, but let's also fly safely. I don't want to explain to Rey that I broke any of us.>>

Zan is in the Pure Sabacc, which is her own personal ship. It's a good ship, though there's not too many who've been aboard. When her comm is on, there is a kind of slithery sound in the background which may or may not be identifiable to everyone as a Stohl moving about.

There was no pet with Jax in the Phoenix, unless you count Exine. Exine is Jax's R2 unit, and the little astromech actually considers Jax his pet or at the best dependant. The Corellian jedi's X-wing goes flying the coldness of space that's the Ach-to system.

Jax seems to be meditating as he stays in formation. The little astromech head swivels to look athe Pure Sabacc as the droid decides to answer Zandra with an Affirmative beep both in Jax's cockpit and broadcasted on the channel system. Then Jax eyes flicker open, <This is the Phoenix, affirmative Jedi Knight naMuriel. Do you have a course and preferce for me to scan first?>

The arrowhead-shaped YT-1500 'Nocturne' flew low in orbit, angling towards the waters of the planet. "I do love water planets," Ewan says absently, as his eyes take in the blue stretch that went before them. He wanted a closer look, but, instead he err'd on the side of caution as Zandra's warning about flying safe came through. << Roger that, Lead. Executing safe flight patterns, >> Ewan says. His voice shouldn't be entirely new to those on the radios--He'd flown plenty with the Jedi. Rarely, however, did he bring out his own ship. It handled cantankerously compared to the Starfighters, but, it had the power for all the sensor work needing done.

Phoenix Rising flies out of hyperspace, the Raven courier lows but powers towards the watery planet. A smile shows on Yuuns face as they are back at Ahch-To. The sleek freighter moves pretty quickly in space and when Zandra speaks over the comms, Yuun smiles a little, << I think we will all be safe, I hope. >> he laughs as he settles in his seat. The flight was long but he enjoyed it and honestly he was happy to be flying with the others. << Oh, yeah. Phoenix Rising reporting in and copy Knight NaMuriel.>>

Nocturne Ewan might have forgotten that there was another Echani onboard, or maybe the sound of clinking metal reminded him of such things. The door opens and Vega's grey gaze looks out the view to the planet beyound, "Ah, we're here!" she gives a grin to that as she tosses the rag that she was using to clean some mechanical contraption over her shoulder. She winds her way over to another seat and settles into it, "Do I need to do the thing?" she asks him as she wiggles her fingers towards the controls.

Zandra is on pilot duty on the sabacc, leaving Ono and VeeTen to the scanning duties. <<We have four ships, so we should each take a quadrant. VeeTen is sending out the flight areas for each of us. Please let me know if you see any issues with it- this is our first time working through such things. >> That's an answer to Jax, but also the other ships out there. << Also, that's really formal, Jax. You can call me Violet, I suppose. >> That of course comes from her hair, but it's the callsign she's used to.

With the info packets sent out to the ships, they can now start their planet scans. Based on ships and scanners, some may need to go closer, others will be good from further up. This planet is of course strong in the force, and there may be pulls here and there for the Jedi. Maybe.

< Well thought it seemed proper Violet. This is Phoenix. Beginning sensor run.> Jax's X-wing breaks orbit and starts to fly around the planet. Exine pipes up saying, 'Nothing but a bunch of water there.' Then moments sensors start to detect something. << Phoenix here, We got a pretty baren Archipelago to the west of the Temple Island. >> Then there's a bit more information from Exine and Jax adds, << Five islands of various sizes. Exine is broacasting info to your ships now. >>

"Yea, the holoprojector should be able to spread out all of the sensor data and give you relays," Ewan says, turning his chair to motion towards the round table, to Vega. << Setting course for our quadrant, >> Ewan says, before the 1500 'Nocturne' split from the pack and began a flight path. Only when he drifted from the pack did he dare to get closer, rippling the water only slightly.

Where in the FORCE did that Asertoid.....wait or is that ship debris! The Phoenix Rising rolls and dives away as Yuun moves through an asteroid field. He honestly didn't pay attention which was dumb on his part, though...."Is that a fuseulage?" he asks more to himself. Though it does take him a moment to get himself under control after that near collision. A chuckle escapes him as he sees that he is alright as well as his ship.

Moving in an opposite direction of the others, the Raven Courier starts it's scan. As the Raven does it's scan, Yuun frowns a little though maybe this isn't all that bad, << Going to change my ships name but Rising calling in, I have a good scan of the Temple Island and some of the surrounding islands, there is a lot of water.>>

Vega nods to Ewan as she moves to starts going over the sensors to see what they can pick up. She's probably distracted and that's why she's not able to pull much information on things. "There's an island off by itself with a range it looks like." her slender fingers point out as she continues going over things. "Just south of Temple Island." she tells Ewan.

Zandra takes her own quadrant, exploring with her ship. << Nothing but lots and lots of water here, >> she reports back. << I'm not finding anything worth further investigation so far. >> The Sabacc flies easily at the hands of the ace pilot, Zan flying perhaps lower than she ought, but she's managing easily.

The weather so far is good, but some folks with their senses or sensors attuned might notice there is a large grey cloud off the horizon, building powerful storm cells.

Jax takes his X-wing lower as it goes skimming just above the ocean surface. The jetwash of the X-wing throwing up water all behind him. << Alright Call me Jax. Didn't mean to steal your callsign, Rising.>> The sensors were findign all types of intresting stuff that Exine was noting and then sharing with the other ships. THen the data comes rolling in and Exine starts talking fast. Jax raises an eyebrow, <Wait, What? Alright I'll tell them. Rising, I think We found where that diving equipment is going to be handy. THeres a large area underwater with a shifting density.>>

The Nocturne dipped low, well out of sight of the others. "Don't try this at home," Ewan says, as the ship drifts lower to the water line. A series of rock pillars jut from the ocean, and Ewan cuts a line through them, with just an edge of the disc of the ship skimming the water. << Roger lead, >> Ewan intones gently, as though he wasn't 'not' killing Vega and himself. "Anything on sensors?" He asks, back towards Vega, as the ship levels out slightly.

Ok, Ahch-To is having it's way with Yuun, as he breaks atmo though as the Phoenix Rising moves northward as he begins his scanning. Though as he is getting lower for the scan, but a flock of birds come out of NO WHERE! Really Yuun's flying skills aren't the best and today is just not his day as a bird "SPLATS!" against the transparisteel canopy. He tries to roll away and dive so that he isn't hitting anymore large birds.

Once he get's things under control, Yuun begins his scans, though luckily for him, where his scan starts is where he felt he needed to go, the Force pulled him in that direction. He sees a large set of stairs going down into the water. With that, Yuun begins to circle the area to try to get more detailed scan to see how deep it goes.

"I'm not trying that anywhere." the fellow Echani states to Ewan as he does risky things. But it's his ship! Vega squints at the scanner a bit when things start to take shape and there's a thoughtful 'hmmm' from the white haired girl. She gives a look over the formations and then looks over to where the pilot is, <<The water goes pretty deep once you're off the shore,>> she marks the point on the map. <<It looks like there is something underneath the water. It might just be odd shaped rocks...or it could be a long toppled building or something else. Do we want to take a look?>> she asks those that are on the shared communications. <<Or what Jax said. Diving equipment might be very useful, unless someone has gills.>> she comments.

Zandra pulls the sabacc up a bit, as VeeTen marks the thunder cells for her. She simply rises above them, not too fussed about it. << Watch out for the incoming storms,>> she warns, since she is taking care of this team. Mom Zandra - sure, why not. The young Knight, though not so much the last one made any more, flashes a grin at her droids. In the background, Ono can be heard saying what very much sounds like "Oh no, oh no, oh no." over and over again. VeeTen's beepblurping in binary probably also comes across time to time. << Looks like we may need to finish up, those storms are spreading every which way. >>

Jax can feel the energy in the air and through the force, << It's showing storm like condiitons. I recommending we start getting out of here. Especially Rising.>> He knew Yuun was still a novie pilot. << Also I think there may be a sunken island down there. Exine's getting images of buildings.>>

Yuun isn't quick enough, also he doesn't have a droid companion. He thinking he should be ok, as the storm comes in but that isn't the case as he tries to quickly power through the storm as it over takes him obscuring his sensor data. One of his sensor panels in the nose of the ship has some minor damage, he is still able to scan but it's a tad bit cranky. Pushing power to the engines, he is able to escape the storm as he hears Momma Bear Zandra call to them.

Vega's distracted, her little gremlin brain wondering what kind of shiny and old things might be down there to collect and see. <<With the size I'm guessing it was something special.>> she tells the others. <<But I'm not sure what that entailed really.>> she adds. Her grey gaze flicks from the mapping screen to where Ewan is piloting things, waiting to see if he gets any other information.

"I'll pass on gills--" Ewan's jesting is abruptly cut short as something strikes him internally. Just as Vega continues to explain, Ewan's hand darts out and cuts the throttle dramatically. The disc-end of the YT-1500 is whipped around, as the entire ship begins to settle. "Something special alright," he mumbles under his breath. His hands reach upward and a series of switches are toggled before he practically leaps from his captain's chair. << Its got a resonance. There's an Echo there, >> He says over the communications as he moves through the ship, far to the side, to a viewport that actually looked downward into the waters. They were starting to swell a bit, and his eyes couldn't quite make it out, but clear as day he could feel it. << It's something alright. >>

Zandra's ship is up high, and she's amalgamating all the sensor data, letting each of the other teams cover it. << Looks like we've got a couple - no, three areas to start with. Yuun has steps going down, Jax has an underwater island? And Vega and Ewan have something with Force Resonance. Yuun, your team going underwater has a choice to make, I think.>> she brings the Sabacc up a bit more, noting, << those storms are getting worse, everyone. I think maybe we should take our data back up to orbit, and then home, where we can start to figure out our next steps. >>

Truthfully, everyone can see the large storms, with wicked winds that are spewing waves and water all over. There's really only one in any particular area, and they'll pass in not too long, but they're a little dangerous for the ships especially in atmosphere. << Let's go back to the lighthouse -- I think I owe you all a drink. >>

Jax's X-wing rises up above the storm. << Good work, folks. It gives us plenty of places to start. I'm going to run down a lead on Iridonia. So I'll need a rain check on the drink. Unless Vega claims mine too. So here's hoping being married to a Senator has it benefits and the Iridonians don't turn me away. May the force be with you all. >> The storm begins to rage below him. Exine chirps some things and Jax makes a hmm sound, " Yeah it blew up fast. Maybe it was the force but it wasn't us."" Then he turns to head off planet and out of the system.

Vega 'oofs!' when the ship gets whipped around and her hands grip the sides of the holo-table, "Ack." she grumps out as she straightens herself. Then she's following in Ewan's wake, "Do you think something is trapped in there?" she asks him as he approaches the window. Her nose sits on the very edge of the sill, her eyes dipping down to the water that's starting to white cap in the coming storm. "There's..." she squints her eyes shut and focuses, "A lot of fish..." she mutters. "Important news, I know." she nods as she opens her eyes. "I don't feel anything alive though. Or...'alive'." she finger quotes.

Yuun does continue to hover trying to complete his scans, though he does find out that it goes even deeper then he thought. << I got more information, not much more but those stairs go very deep, so yea, going back to decipher what we have. >> With that, seeing the storms activity, he quickly pushes the throttles forward and the Phoenix Rising takes off. << Well if you need any help Jax, please let us know. >> he says. << Also it should help. >> he chimes in. A chuckle escapes him.

Ewan returns a few moments later. "See if you can't snag a few more scans," Ewan says, with a hand motioning towards the holoprojector. "Fish is good. Very good," Ewan begins to mumble under his breath as he reverses the order of his toggled switches. "If the Force is a ... field, made by and connecting all living things, then signs of life mean good things. Only in dead places are we in any real danger, right?" He says, just under his breath. Was he talking to her? Hard to tell. << What's that, lead? >> Ewan says, as he begins to make a slow rise with the Nocturne. << Having trouble reading you, >> he continues, as if radioing transmissions would buy them some time. All the while his arm is outstretched and pointed towards Vega, indicating how quickly she would need to be working. << We'll, >> Ewan says, toggling the communication on and off repeatedly as he does, as he simultaneously lower the power going to the communications array. << Meet,>> comes trhough, and then, << Rendezvous. >> Communication is left open, then, but with low power. No sense scaring everybody literally half to death. "Get us what you can, Vee," Ewan says, before pausing. He eyes her at the holodisc a moment, while he slowly brings a restraint into place around his chest, with a strangely solemn, almost apologetic, 'click'. She'd be fiiiiiine.

Zandra's gaze goes to her system's scans, and to the comm device, as she hears Ewan breaking up. << You do know we will be coming back, right? >> she asks mildly. << Jax, thanks for helpig out. Good luck on Irridonia. >> She shakes her head as she still leaves Ewan with that note, amusement quite obvious in those words she spoke. << Yuun, head for base, please. Nocturne, we aren't leaving without you, so please don't crash. >> She's an ace pilot, with a lot of experience... and if she's worried about that ship, she will head right back into the storm. She's believing that they are in a bit of trouble, communications spotty, as she isn't sensing anything to tell her otherwise. Okay, she might have suspicions, but she trusts her fellow Jedi. Her finger is on the button to send her after them when the Nocturne rises up out of the storm, flashes of lightning dramatically lighting up the ship.

A pauses and then Zandra says, << Alright Jedi, let's fly. >>