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Jedi Order: Byss - Identity Verification

OOC Date: December 10, 2020
Location: Byss
Participants: Jedi Order: Rune, Aryn Cole, Kasia Ashkuri, Vhe Tenara, Chani Tahn, Elrych Cometburn, Zandra naMuriel, Jax Greystorm, and Rey Skywalker with Ben Solo

After the Jedi's arrival on Byss incognito as Empress Rey Palpatine's Royal Guard, they had been briefly divided from their supposed charge and housed in a set of unused barracks rooms that the Spire had vacant while Rey was undergoing introductory interviews with the presiding magistrate, a Moff Pax. Now they have been summoned to an audience chamber where Rey and the Moff are waiting to reunite the purported Empress with her guards.

The chamber is fairly spacious, arranged like a courtroom with a high seat at the far end, and rows of seats facing it. Rey and Moff Pax, a middle-aged man trending towards old, steely grey hair swept back in precise coiff, his lined face stern and commanding. "Ah, here are your honor guard now," he announces in perfect Coruscanti tones, a low, rich voice. He's not a large man, but his presence has a way of filling the room.

Ben, under the red helmet and robes, leads the way in, filing down the center aisle towards Rey and then moving to stand behind her in the open area before the raised chair, where the two are standing.

"I hope you found your accommodations to be acceptable while we ran through a few questions with the Empress. A formality, I assure you," Moff Pax explains, standing at something akin to attention, his trim uniform a somber grey several shades off from his hair. "The /real/ test has yet to begin."

It was time to play dress-up again, the young Ysanna understanding that the situation was akin to a game. A dangerous, deadly game if the ride in was anything to judge it by, but likened to a game, nonetheless. There's not many times that being unable to converse well comes in handy, this being one of those rare times. Rune follows Ben into the chamber, his bright hazel eyes shifting left and right behind the shaded visor, taking in all the decorations... the sparse decorations. It doesn't seem like these people enjoy much that's ornate. Still, he dutifully walks in line, holding his pike at attention, and breaks out to fall into position behind Rey, as Ben does. It's fortunate he was able to understand that much, at least. A bumbling Royal Guard member who doesn't know his place might raise suspicions.

Just like the others, Kasia is outfitted in the vibrant hued armor, filing into the courtroom like chamber to look over at the Moff and the dark clad Rey. It's with a tip of her helmeted head that she looks around the space, frown unseen behind the helmet. When Moff Pax speaks, her head angles in that direction again, studying the man before she asks, "Test?" The lone word is posed as a question, and is all she asks for now.

Hampered by the layers of clothing atop her own, Vhe rolls her shoulders moments before they begin their rank and file walk down the ramp. She goes still then, hearing the sound of her breathing within the helmet reflected back at her, making her nose wrinkle and itch.

The pike is carried as the others do, taking her cues from Ben for th emoment. Every aprt of her begins to crawl upon seeing what is before her and she lets out a long breath to ease the tension in her shoulders.

She comes to a stop and rests the end of her pike against the floor. Just another in the rank and file.

Elrych spent the latter part of his teens, 16 till about 20. He knew how to stand straight, dress right, and parade around like any proper imperial soldier should. Clad in his TIE armor again which he had time to air out and spend time apart from, he makes his way down the isle with the others. No smirk, not chattering or bragging, but an aura of seriousness that was likely uncharacteristic among those who knew him.

The Pilot takes a stance at the far end of the group, taking a brief moment to study the Moff and Rey with him.

Chani Tahn files in amongst the other faux guards, robes shuffling about her booted feet and weapon supported in the palm of her right hand and leaned against her right shoulder. It's a good a resting position as any, mimicking the images she's seen of guards in such a way. Movement, however, is somewhat awkward. The way that the helmet is fit over the robes and the armor means that it is near impossible to turn her head in any appreciable way. Her neck feels stiff just from wearing it a short amount of time. The only hint she's looking anywhere at all is the subtle changes in the direction the visor of the helmet is turned. It's too dark to even see the wearer's eyes behind it, leaving them more like red, inhuman statues than anything else.

Along with the red robed honour guard the TIE escort pilots are also there, joining in the group, filing in. Zan is there, helmet on, and she's doing her best to look professional and not say a word. She does look over Rey as they arrive, trying to see if she's okay without being obvious about it. And then she glances around the room, checking to see if there's anyone else around. She stands next to Elrych, the two sort of at the back of the royal guard pyramid. She too is serious, quiet and listening, more than anything. Alert and ready for whatever trick is next.

This isn't precisely the easiest thing that Rey has ever had to do in her tenure away from Jakku, but with everything that they've all been through in the past 2 and a half years... it has steeled her a bit, and made this a little easier than it may have been 'way back when'.

When the others are brought in, Rey's had a bit of time to sink further in to her role here. Her iron-hard stare goes to her guards as they file in, affording them all a stare.

It's a /little/ hard to tell who's who inside of those red robes and crimson helms, but she can gather hints out of the way some of them walk that she'd wager guesses. Plus, she can feel them through the Force, and that alone helps... as most of them she knows rather well by now, with the exception of a couple new faces (hidden as they are.)

Rey looks to the Moff, after her guards gather, then motions toward him with one blood red gloved hand.

"Moff Pax has been informing me of the past thirty years of struggle that the Beshpek System has been enduring with the contact to the outside galaxy cut off. And I, in turn, have been helping to bring him up to date." Rey tells the Royal Guards.

"That being said, the Moff has information pertinent to you, my guardians. As there are issues here on Byss... that I believe your attention is warranted in looking in to."

She glances to the Moff and nods once to him.

"There are any number of tasks that need to be dealt with here on Byss, your grace. However, I must insist on one last formality before we attend to more mundane matters," Pax replies, calm and measured. "Would you be so kind as to accompany me to the throne room?" His head tilts towards the door, body beginning to lean that way. "It's just up the lift." Without waiting for a firm reply, the Moff starts walking, exiting the room and summoning a large turbolift that conveniently has enough space for the whole contingent.

At the top of the lift, the group are greeted by the view of the Imperial throne itself, and though Palpatine never sat in this one, it looks just like the others. A long stretch of red carpet leads up to the stairs that scale a short platform to reach it, and an circular window with a curious webbed pattern through it looks out on the open air.

Standing beside the throne is a figure dressed in flowing red robes, with a dark domed head or helmet. As the group exits the lift, a light flickers inside the dome, and a wrinkled face projects against the internal glass to form a ghostly visage. "This is the one?" The voice that emanates from the droid is slow and dragging, haunted projected eyes settling on Rey. "Come forward, child."

While the Moff approaches, Ben skirts right, moving to stand at the back of the room here rather than follow onto the dais. There are a few of the circular imperial control consoles situated towards the rear of the room, and behind the mask, his eyes trail over them curiously before turning back to the front. His mask turns towards the other guards, then faces one of the consoles meaningfully, twitching a finger at it.

This new room is a bit more impressive than the first, Rune concludes, definitely a place of importance for someone of import. He shuffles out of the lift, gaze once more shifting from left to right, taking in all that can be seen. Speaking of seeing, he does notice the little movement Ben makes towards one of the consoles and, not knowing exactly what he intends or what he wishes someone to do, he slips that way. The red robed figure breaks the line and marches, just as seriously, toward the console indicated. Once he arrives, he stares at it curiously, not sure exactly what Ben wished him to do with all this foreign technology. The visor of the guard turns back to look at the group, completely oblivious to what the console does. At least he's standing at attention and looking like he belongs.... at least.

Vhe had turned for just a moment to study the throne and the figure at the end of it with its fluctuating fuax face that was a mere projection rather than anything organic. That..that is how she misses Rune for her attention shifts to the other side and she spots something. A breath, another and she tries to make her movement in that direction seamless and purposeful.

Graceful steps carry her to a console opposite of where Ben and Rune are and waits while the others are focused elsewhere to grasp at something and discreetly shuffle it under her robes and into the belt she wears beneath. Once secured her red gloved hand hangs back on her side as only a moment spans from retrieving it to continuing to take up a position off the side of Rey and closer to the other Ysanna. She makes a slight motion behind her back at him but honestly, they all look the same dressed as they are and she realizes too late that after moving about she may not be identifiable.

Elrych keep quiet, hanging back where the proper position for someone of his lower rank and station might be compared to those dressed in red. His eye catches the tall figure in red with the domed head along with the projection within that glass like bulb. His brows narrow underneith his helmet.

He pulls his eyes away from the strange being, looking towards the right side of the throne room. He can see the slight seams of a doorway which arn't meant to be seen and blend into the room well. He makes note of it for the time being yet remains quiet.

Following the procession once more, Chani remains quiet like many of the other members of the guard. Proceeding into the throne room, Chani's glad for the impassive visage created by the mask, because the room itself is one that is both awe-inspiring and chilling at the same time. Parted lips suck in a gentle breath at its scale, while her dark gaze sweeps wherever it can without disturbing the visor-forward placement that the helmet tends to demand her posture be aligned for. Eyes alighting on the individual in red, Chani feels a cold, steel knot form in the pit of her stomach, for the visage through the thing's visor is one familiar to the people of her world. She's glad for the helmet in that moment.

Zan catches that look to the terminals, but she's not sure what she's looking for, on them. She keeps watch but she's more than a little creeped out by the droid/person/thng that is up there by the throne. And then there's the throne. Equally creepy. It's the proverbial place to have a bad feeling, yet again. If there is anything to be seen, Zan has missed it. She's concentrating on keeping her posture loose but alert, so she looks like a good solid pilot/guard type.

Rey proceeds with her guards toward the lift and after the Moff. Once they arrive in to the grand throne room itself, she's reminded of her past. She's seen many of Palpatine's throne rooms at this point, and there's always an underlying similarity in them. From the throne's design, to the windows that remind her of the galactic map itself... Rey feels a chill, especially when the glowing Sentinel Droid 'speaks' and beckons her onward.

Her eyes go to her guards as they fan out, and then to the Moff before she starts to proceed down that red carpet toward the base of the thrones, and to where the Sentinel is waiting for her.

Rey's eyes fall upon the projected face inside of the glass mask, she stares right in to it with her own reflection playing off of the Sentinel's mask, the hologram inside it just staring back at her.

"You're the servants of my Grandfather's will." Rey says to the droid, her voice soft but still confident. "I am Rey. Here to restore Imperial rule to this system. Much has changed, and I would be eager for your counsel on all matters related to why we're here." She tells the droid, even though it feels as if it's staring in to her soul, more than it's actually listening to her. Just as Palpatine himself had on Exegol.

"Put. out. your. /hand,/" the Sentinel instructs Rey in the heavy, punctuated voice of the twice-late Emperor, "And we will /see/ who you /are/." The sense of threat in the statement is palpable; failure to prove adequately will not be received with kindness. When her hand is extended, the droid extends its as well, and a sharp needle springs from its sleeve, jabbing her in the arm. "A little pain is nothing to one such as you claim to be." That will make it feel much better.

The Moff and Sentinel seem very focused on what's going on up by the throne, meaning the Jedi-guards have a little bit of freedom as long as they move quietly and don't draw too much attention to what they're doing. <"Get /on/ one of those consoles,"> Ben hisses through the internal comms, quietly. So that's what the finger-twitching was about.

<"Ooooooooooh."> Comes the quick reply, understanding for the moment that someone with know-how was meant to manipulate the machines. The red robed figure at the console moves quickly away, falling in next to one of his twins and nudging them in the arm. <"Ben... said 'get on console'"> Rune comments into the microphone, his voice playing quietly in the other helmets nearby. He's done his part and now stands at attention once more, a curious gaze slipping to the 'test' that is being conducted on Rey by the creepy sentient... thing.

While others went to their consoles, Kasia quietly made her way over to another doing her best not to draw attention to herself. Somehow she manages to, perhaps because she's not weighed down with jewelry, or particularly rattly bracelets. Whatever the case, the force is with her today and she makes it to the console to begin quickly working on it. Without a passcard it takes a bit of finagling, but she manages to get past the safeguards to gain access to files, skimming through them quickly.

Vhe's comm hisses in her ear when Ben tells them to get on the consoles. Right. No. But her hand slips beneath the robe just as Rey gets stapped. EW! OW! She makes a face beneath her helmet that thankfully can not be seen. She side steps a little and rather than put them all at risk with an attempt on her part she instead pulls the card out and slides it onto Zan's console - who she thiks is Zan and nods. Height. That is how its going to work here.

She goes still then, remaining where she is as she glances out of the corner of her eye and down so her helmet does not move. <"Use it.">

Elrych meanders innocently, at least as much as someone in an Imperial Flight Suit can, over towards one of the consols in the throne rooms. <<"Act casual.">> He offers over thier comms as if that would somehow put them all at ease.

In front of the console he presses a few buttons and flips a couple switches. He really was no familiar with this system. THe stuff was at least forty years old and not up to current specs. He does get something to pop up though, <<"Oh... Communications Array Repair Update... Looks like they've been trying to reach the outside. This ought to be a page turner.">>

He attempts to access the rest of the file which is password protected, but his inexperiance with slicing gets the better of him and his console starts to beep. He looks up and steps back from the console. It totally did that on it's own...

The voice almost hissing in her ear like a whisper attempts to give some sort of guidance on what to do. Rather than approaching a console, like she sees multiple members of the guard do, Chani attempts to find the best place to stand that best intercedes herself between the Moff, the red-robed man, and Rey and anyone else busy trying to work their magic on a terminal. Not all of them can go to one, obviously. That would be quite the suspicion raiser. Instead, she stands straight-backed and does her best to look as menacing as possible without doing anything at all. Her knees remain slightly bent during it all, knowing that locking them out is a quick path to passing out right onto the floor and making a spectacle. As they don't need that kind of distraction, she instead does her best impression of stoic silence.

Use the console - the - blink. Zan can certainly get to the console, that is for sure, since she hears Ben's hissed words through the helmet comm. She looks at it, dubiously, trying to figure out where to start. She's about to reach out and touch things, when Vhe sneakily gives her that key card. Relief is there for a moment, but only a little. Zan's not so good at sneaking into systems, but she does know how to use one.

The key card gets her in, and she quietly taps at the buttons. She hears Elrych and the others, but concentrates on what she's looking at. <<some sort of schematic, a hexagonal room with different passages, a round circle in the center, and a lot of high tech equipment diagrams showing installed in this room, >> she whispers. So far so good. Hopefully.

Jax was dresssed in his Royal Guard Robes. The tall man glides silently to one of the consoles acting as if he belongs. Then he gloes to quietly trying to operate the console. Then he starts to enter in all the code breaking proceedures that he knew for old Imperial Era consoles. It was still a learning process for the man. Though he goe no where he drew no notice.

The Sentinel Droid's lack of manners is on point for what she remembers of her 'grandfather'. Such a pleasant man, him...

Her hardened stare just looks in to the glass domed mask adorning the droid in front of her. Her right hand comes up to the tips of her lefts fingers where she pinches the dark red leather glove and starts to wiggle her wrist until the glove begins to come down her arm.... it's a big glove, give her a second.

When the garment does finally come off, it exposes Rey's hand and she holds it up to offer it out, palm up. She's not afraid of the needle, not exactly, there is a bit of hesitation but this droid is /not/ her Grandfather and it can't sense her inner thoughts, can it?

Of course not, it's a droid.

Rey's eyes drop to her palm to watch the needle just before it pierces her skin, and if the droid expected her to be a wilting flower from the shock of sharp pain, it'll be disappointed (or impressed) as her darkened eyes just raise right back up at the holographic face of her fallen forefather, and she glares.

"The blood of Sheev Palpatine runs in my veins. I am here as a continuation of his legacy." Rey states.

"Of course you are, my lady. This is merely a formality," Moff Pax assures Rey with that same smile, a smile that seems to say many things. 'I am in control here', and 'This is not a formality', and 'You had better hope this droid comes out on your side.' All of that is hidden in the smile that he gives her, focused on the exchange of blood, watching carefully to be sure there is no trick, no vial hidden up the sleeve.

"We shall know momentarily who you are and why you are here. Do not think that my plans have died with my physical form," the Sentinel intones darkly, the face flickering unsteadily in the glass dome of its head. "Whether you rise as Empress, or fall as an imposter, my faithful shall be rewarded. Just as usurpers are punished."

The 'bleep' from Elrych's console draws the Moff's eye away from the ceremony, however. "What was that? Curiosity among your protectors?" he questions Rey, taking a warning step closer to the throne. "Perhaps we have made a mistake inviting you so high this early, /your grace./" A finger reaches out and taps a single button on the armrest.

Panels in the walls slide upward, and from both sides of the room, Stormtroopers march in regimented formation, two squads in three lines each, their E-11 carbines snapped down to ready position with a rattle.

Kasia works through the files she finds open on the console, saying quietly over the internal comms, <"There's something going on with an excavation, there are some details about logistics and supplies."> The sound of the beep makes her head lift, eyes widening slightly unseen beneath the the helmet. A moment is spent making sure the helmet she dons is recording the information on the screen, capturing as much as she can before shutting things down and stepping back from the console. Not that it'll do much good, there are troopers arriving, the jig is up. To some degree at least. The sight of the troopers doesn't make her attack, but she steps back, adopting a somewhat wary stance without diving into drastic action immediately.

Vhe watches as things suddenly go sideways and her attention shifts down towards..el? Right that is El? She steps forward though, playing up her part instead of not acting. She does not strike but her intention is to look like she is ready to defend Rey Palpatine. Her force pike is held out and ready, not engaging but setting herself to join the fight should her charge need it. She is one of the guardians after all.

Elrych steps back even further from the console as troopers start to show up. His first, lazy instinct, is to raise his hands in a non threatening way. Except that's not what a soldier and pilot who thought he wasn't doing anything wrong would do. Instead, he goes to full attention, triggering his helmet's speaker. <<"Appologies, sir. I was simply trying to access the weather report but this document wouldn't clear. I didn't mean to interupt your proceedings. I beg your forgiveness.">>

You see there was a trick to buttering up an officer, a Moff even. Grovel, grovel, and more groveling. It was the nature of the beast in any meritocracy. Be a suck up and you win. Usually. Sometimes you just got shot anyways. Sometimes you just made things worse.

From a bad situation to worse, Chani's helmet slightly turns to take in the numerous stormtroopers running in with blaster rifles ready to go. There are more than a few of them. More than there are red robed guards, that is for sure. Once again thankful for the blankness provided by the mask, Chani once again angles herself. This time, however, it is to interject her own position between Rey and the many stormtroopers gathered. If they're going to play a retinue of guards, they might as well act like some. She's seen something like this happen before, although the individual involved wasn't quite an Empress. And, as if intimidation is something she's capable of, Chani adjusts the force pike from being against her shoulder to being held in a guard, suggestive of her willingness to use it should any harm go Rey's way. It's all about perception and generating what others are supposed to see.

Zan is using her helmet to record, and then close things down, stepping away from the monitor. She doesn't actually move far, more just turning to see what is happening. Her brows arch as she sees what is going, and she adds, << wonder if that schematic was for this room, with the throne the round thing in the middle? And lots of passageways. >> Yeah, probably too late, really.

Jax turns to look at the arrival of the Storm Troopers. He reaches for his Force Pike. Then silently moves to stand next to Chani. He stands ready to fight if Ordered or somebody makes a move. Though Jax was not as trained in Vibro weapons like his wife. This will prove to be intresting.

Chani is not alone in her effort to protect Empress Rey! Another Royal guard of equal height and roughly the same build, joins her. It's Aryn! The force pike is tipped forward and brought down for her other hand to take hold. The HUD of her helmet idly scans those present wondering if this ruse was to end here or not. Violence was not intended, but they were in a situation where it could likely be unavoidable.

The beep from the console attracts Rune's attention and he lifts an eyebrow curious what the noise could be about. His answer came soon enough with the change in tone from the grey man and the subsequent lifting of the panels in the walls nearby. The stances of aggression taken by the Stormtroopers causes a flood of memories to assault Rune. The last day he'd been with his tribe, the hunting party he had been taken from, figures like these were involved. Immediately, fear courses through his body causing his form to shiver. Fortunately enough, and in the hopes of not furthering the trouble they're in, he's able to control the outward sign of his terror, causing the shaking of his body to only result in minor wiggling of his red robe and a slight rattle of his pike.

Rey's exposed hand drops to her side, holding the red long glove in her grasp now as she turns to watch the Stormtroopers entering the room with them, an aggressive display ordered by this Sentinel Droid (No wonder Admiral Vahn hates these things.)

"Stop this." Rey commands, of the Moff and the Sentinel. "This is the sort of behavior that lead to our great Empire being in the state that it is today. A state of fracture, disrepair, and a dire need of civility amongst ourselves! We're here for the same cause, to restore the glory of the past and forge a future ahead filled only with our Empire's return to what once was. Victory, and unparalleled galactic dominance!"

She motions to her guardians. "Stand down. We will set an example, if they will not..." Rey's eyes go to the Moff and the Sentinel after she gives that order to her people, a calm expression of 'your move' on her stern face.

The Ace up the sleeve here for the Jedi is that Rey really is the blood of Palpatine. The Byssians would have quite a challenging in finding any reason to distrust the 'Empress' and her 'Guards' unless they gave them one.

The standoff drags on for a long, tense moment, with the stormtroopers pointing their weapons at the Royal Guards while Rey pontificates briefly and the Sentinel looks on in stony silence. Ben's grip on his force pike tightens, the red gloves making a tiny squeak.

Moff Pax raises a hand to order the attack.

"She speaks the /truth,/" the Sentinel blares, the projected ghostly visage dancing on its dome flaring bright, spectral eyes wide. "The blood of Palpatine stands before you!" The droid drifts forward, its red robes seeming almost to float above the floor. "Kneel before your Empress!"

A clatter goes up around the chamber as the armored troopers drop to a bowing posture, and Moff Pax, with a frown of reluctant resignation, gets down on one knee as well.

Ben relaxes his grip on the pike, straightening up from the reflexive half-crouch he'd assumed, his own red garments doing little to hide the release of tension as voluminous as they are. After a glance to each side from behind his mask, he remains standing rather than joining the show of deference.

"It would appear I reached the wrong conclusion, your grace," Moff Pax offers, keeping his eyes down. "Forgive me. We are at your command."

This should smooth a few things over with the reconnaissance efforts.

Rune is still in shock from the rush of memory that assailed his mind and his shakes continue. The scavenger fights to get his will under control but can only see the flashes of blaster fire in his mind. Certainly the lifting of weapons and the kneeling of all that threaten them helps and he concentrates on that. Gritting his teeth to keep from blowing the cover off their whole affair. The shudders slow to an almost imperceptible level, hazel eyes shifting to find something concrete to concentrate on.... and he finds Rey. The young Ysanna gains strength in her stoic nature, standing tall in the line of uncertainty and aggression. Rune sucks in a breath and exhales slowly, allowing the rhythm to take his focus.

They are ordered to stand down, and playing the good loyal royal guard that she is, Kasia immediately straightens to stand in a more relaxed stance. Which is to say, she's not in an aggressive pose, but the weapon that she carries is now resting against her shoulder rather than actively in her hand and ready for use. Even so, when the results are announced and Rey is proven to be what she claimed to be, there's a wash of relief. People are told to kneel, but like Ben she doesn't lower, remaining straight backed and watching everyone not in their group with a wary eye.

The order to stand down is given and Jax does just that. He sits the force pike on the ground and takes the stance of a royal guard on protetive detail. The Corellian watches the storm troopers from beneath his helmet. His frown deepening. He had never planned to play this role while under cover.

Vhe is one of those with her pike at ready to face off with the stormtoopers. Threat answering threat which is clearly her opinion of the Empire. But the moment she is told to stand down the Ysanna lowers her pike to press the end of it into the ground, standing straight up without the look of defense any longer.

She rolls her shoulders and waits for the rest to go on, her eyes on the stormtroopers as she breaks out into a sweat beneath the helmet. Her hand flexes on her weapon.

When given the command to stand down, Aryn reverses her ready stance and returns to standing straight, her weapon going more vertical now with its lower end touching the deck. She stays between Rey and danger, a vanguard and reminder that they answer to the Empress, and only the Empress. Aryn releases a breath she had not realized she was holding, and her shoulders dropped a bit, relaxing.

Does Elych bow? Nope... The others in his group arnt'. Was that standard? He wasn't sure, he never really had to bow to anyone. So he was content on standing there at attention. He already looked like the dullard of the group, si perhaps he'd be forgiven if he was doing the wrong thing.

Zandra stands down as ordered as well, at least visibly. She can feel the nerves and fights to stay at alert. They are the honour guard, and they obey the empress and ony her, right? The rest of these rabble? Not so much. In theory. She moves back to the formation, as they all do, settling back into guard position.

Rey stands before the troopers as they start to knee, followed by the Moff and her eyes go down to him as he does so. She takes a long moment before she raises her left hand and starts to slide it back inside of that arm-length glove.

"Good." She says then to those who knelt. "This is the proper step to take toward rebuilding this world, and then reconnecting all of you to the outside galaxy again. From there? Well, we'll see to it that Palpatine's legacy is properly upheld in the very way it was destined to be."

She said that like that on purpose, you can be sure.

With her glove back on, Rey passes between her red robed guards, nodding to each of them softly before she paces toward the throne, ascends to it and turns to lower herself down on to its edge.

Her hands go out to the arm rests, her legs together and her darkly painted eyes look out to everyone within the room. "You're dismissed." She tells, everyone. "Except you, Moff Pax. I wish to speak to you further."