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Dawn of the Violet Knight

OOC Date: March 22, 2021 (Optional)
Location: Jedi Temple
Participants: Zandra naMuriel, Jax Greystorm, Rey, Aryn Cortess, Kasia Ashkuri, Chani Tahn, Qutha Buvu Pah, Jedi Order

..~< Council Chamber - Temple of Eedit, Devaron > ..~|~..___..~|~..___..~|~..___..~|~..___..~|~..___..~|~..___..~|~..___..~|~..___.

Similar in almost every way to the Jedi Council Chamber on Coruscant, this room differs in just enough ways to make it stand out on its own.

With dark maroon shaded walls, and a floor crafted out of polished white marbel with the Jedi Seal at it's center, this freshly restored Council chamber is ready to serve a new order of Jedi.

At the present moment there are no chairs in this chamber, the windows that surround the room on all sides are open and allow daylight to be the primary source of illumination during the sun-up hours, while at night the sconces along the wall partitions between the large windows give shine to the room.

At the center of the room are a few meditation benches for single sitting uses.

A doorway leads to the foyer of the room where the turbolifts take one back down deeper into the temple's interior.


It was morning before breakfast and even before the sun of the system, Oova, had risen over the grassy hills. The sconces provide illumination to the chamber casting shadows over the jedi crest inlay in the floor. The meditation benches had been rearranged so that they were no longer in the center of the room. The benches now resembled that of the classroom. The benches were placed on the side of the room so that when Oova crested over the hills, her light would meet those of the audience. This left quite a bit of space for somebody to lecture or even wield a saber.

A number of the order had gathered and found their way to the bench to kneel. There were even a few who stood at the back of the room. Jax stood in his robes at the apex of the jedi seal. His arms crossed behind his back at parade rest hinting at some point in time in his past there was some military training. He watches those gathered for a moment than looks at his cronometer. He seems to be counting those showing up in his head as his hand returns to behind his back.

Zan peeks her head in at the door. "I'm not late, am I?" she asks, with a smile. She steps in, taking a look around, and then she moves to take a standing position, leaving the benches to others for today. She has her lightsaber at her waist, as it usually is, the robes she's wearing tidy but looking comfortable. There's a serenity about her at the moment, suggesting she's been meditating recently. "I thought I'd stop by and see if I can help out."

The distinctive *CLIP-CLOP* of boots heralded the approach of Aryn Cortess. She wore the tunic of a Jedi, and a cape that mantled her slender frame, favoring one shoulder while sagging below the other. She has her lightsaber in view, upon the hip not concealed by the confines of her fine cape. Her arm, respective to the same side of the saber, had a bracer upon its wrist with the long sleeves of the loose-fitting fabric fed into it. A glove is pulled over this same hand, as if she anticipated the friction of holding a hilt and dueling. Her other arm is not visible. Aryn takes a place at the back, mirroring Jax's stance for no other reason than it looked proper, and Aryn was raised on being proper...properly!

Being called to a location in the pre-dawn is simply asking for Qutha to look a little ridiculous. His 'grass skirt' of light sticks creating an island of illumination for the zelosian to stay in the middle of, turning down some and others off, once he is near the main chambers. Eyes popped wide, trying to find any and all visible surroundings. Silent, observant, brows raising and hovering, pausing behind Zan and giving space to Aryn to pass. The important folks are out and his mouth remains thoroughly clapped shut.

Dressed in feyd-cloth attire of creams and muted browns, Chani is well out of the center of the room and concealed mostly by the robe that covers her from her shoulders to the floor. The front of the robe is closed and kept so by her arms folded into one another's sleeves in a utilization of their broad fit to conceal everything but her head. Her dark hair is swept back and kept away from her face by a non-descript binding which leaves the nape of and sides of her neck exposed. Her stance seems relaxed enough that she requires no shifting of balance or weight, though the actual nature of her pose is hidden by the robe which refuses to define anything. Her gaze flicks from one individual to the next in idle passing and in following her chin's movements.

Kasia is already in the chamber, having claimed a seat at one end of a bench near the back. She has a cup of caf in one hand, and some fruit filled pastry in the other, taking turns between sipping and nibbling while everyone assembles. Her hair is half pulled back today, down around her shoulders but held back from her face, possibly because this is very early and she didn't have the time to put it up properly. The occasional upnod is given as others arrive, smiling in a small, tired way before she polishes off her pastry.

Rey was in the back of the room standing between two of the few younglings that called the temple home. Her white hood is pulled up over her head and she has her hands held together in front of her lap. She doesn't seem to be participating in the instruction tonight because of this position, and rather seems to be an observer like the others. The two younglings on either side of her both have lightsabers on their belts, but they're just training sabers that were crafted for that sole purpose. Would they be participating?

Whose to say!

Rey looks over to Zandra as she arrives late and it gets a grey from the young woman but she leaves it to the instructors tonight to reply to her since it is their show to put on here and now.

Jax's face softened into a smile, "Good morning, Yes, Zandra. You're always welcomed in one of my classes. I couldn't teach it without you." Jax looks at Qutha and gives him a nod, "It will be safe my friend. I promise." Then Jax begins to address those assembled. "I know it's early and most of us haven't had our breakfast or our caf. Though as jedi, we rarely get to choose the hour of work. We will get to earn our breakfast this morning. A number of you are here to begin your first steps into learning how to use a lightsaber for defense. Others are here cause I asked you to help me this morning. Let me say thank you. It is nice to see members of the order here at all points in their journey. In the future, I promise there will be more of a physical element to the class. "

Jax begins to pace a bit going into instructor mode. It had been a while since he had taught this class but it does seem to come back to him. " We will begin with discussing when should and should not draw our saber. As all of you know, drawing your lightsaber is never to be done lightly. Some will say if a jedi draws their saber they have already failed. I personally do not believe that is the case. It is a tool at our disposal. One does not use a hammer to do the work of a hyperspanner. The lightsaber is the closest thing to a badge that we have. I have used it in the past to persuade people to find a different course of action. Though one must always take care as some can see this as a challenge. You must always weigh your options, the environment, and those you deal with." Jax looks at the class for a moment as he comes to rest again at the apex of the jedi seal. "Would Jedi Paragon Rey Skywalker and Jedi Knight Aryn Cortess please join me. Would each of you like to share a thought on how to use the saber to prevent violence?"

Zandra smiles and offers a credible half bow to Jax at his comments. She the drifts in a bit, but stays quiet, as she's not been asked for her input. She does however take the opportunity over to one side to stretch a bit, limbering up, just in case. She nods to Kasia, smiling her way. Qutha gets a nod. Aryn gets a warm smile as does Rey. So too do the younglings. Violet has been here for a while, they recognize the purple haired jedi initiate.

Aryn incurs a moment of patience as she takes her time to cross the distance to the front. Each second ticks away with the CLIP or CLOP of her boot heels until she is beside her peer and mirroring his stance. "Just so," She says, in the usual pontificated tone of one who was from highbirth. "We live in a churning galaxy where every moment begets a new challenge. Within the galaxy, we have foe, friend, family, acquaintance, and those who occupy its space and have not come to know us. History is written about the Jedi and has since been erased through many walks of life, yet the tales of the Jedi live on by word of mouth."

Aryn's gloved hand rises and gestures to the room they are in now. "Even here, beneath the blanket of a reverent silence, we can hear the harmony of this world each in our way. Through the Force, through its daily actions and the seemingly random acts of nature that comprise its complex ecosystem. There is a story told here should we all attempt to hear it. Like any interaction we have, it must be weighed against the words and tenets of our Jedi Order. We are sentinels living in the now with a perspective of the horizon, our goal is to cultivate peace, to pursue harmony, and to remember that regardless of all else, there is only the Force, and it is from its current we draw our direction."

"Master Yoda often recites that a Jedi's strength flows with the Force. He does not just reference the physical aspect, but the mental faculties too. We must be mindful of every ecosystem we step through, of how our actions create consequences and leave ripples that can last for generations. In summary, the first step should always be in reviewing the Jedi Code. By embodying it, we represent the heart of the Jedi Order as it was intended, and move forth only in our campaign of peace and serenity."

Lightsabers. Admittedly something he has only basic instruction in. But then the idea of using one is still abhorrent to him, Qutha frowns, looking down at the stunsaber he wears and then back to the lightsabers held by others. When Aryn starts talking he quiets his thoughts to listen to her. Hands folding before him as he stands near the entrance still, brows lifting and expression growing contemplatively pensive.

Once Jax Greystorm begins speaking and sharing his opinion, Chani's attention focuses front towards the room. Her pose remains unchanged, as does her passive facial expression. With his commentary finished, Chani looks to Aryn once she shares her own thoughts on the matter. Finally, her gaze turns towards Rey so that she might provide the woman with the same observance as the others that have spoken so far.

Kasia isn't doing much beyond sitting on her chosen seat, shifting occasionally to stretch her legs and prevent them from going numb. A small sip of caf is taken as she listens, first to Jax, and then to Aryn when she's called up to speak.

Rey approaches in unison with Aryn, though she does so from the other side of the room, mirroring the motions of the Alderaanian to some extent as they both arrive near to where Jax is on either sides of him.

Rey just holds her hands in front of her lap and glances over to Jax, then Aryn before she looks at the others in the chamber this evening.

When it's her turn, she looks quickly back to Jax and Aryn, giving them both a light smile before she starts.

"There's not much else to say after following that." Rey says, praising the words from the other two before she draws in a breath and gives a quick bouncing glance downward to the floor that they're standing upon, marked by the Jedi Order's emblem. She looks back up then to the others gathered.

"When I first laid eyes on a lightsaber, it was... unsettling." Rey states. "When I first touched it, I felt... the echoes of much of what that saber had gone through in its journey to end up where I found it. In a box, in the basement of a castle. That saber had served two owners before I found it. Two Jedi, who both used it to serve the needs of the galaxy... among other things."

"I was afraid of it." Rey admits after a small pause. "Very afraid. I didn't understand what I'd seen, because I was alone. I had no one to explain to me what I was fully experiencing, and even when I learned a little... the sheer ... power of what I'd witnessed convinced me that I never wanted to touch such a thing again."

Another pause follows and Rey smiles in a reserved sort of way to everyone. "Of course, as things happen, a reason to take the lightsaber up found me, and gave me little to no choice but to do just so. That reason... was to protect myself, to protect my friend, from the darkness that we, today, are ally facing at seemingly every turn."

Rey nods softly once. "That is the purpose of the Jedi's lightsaber. It is there to protect you, to protect what needs our help, from the darkness that is always trying to push back against us. You'll all face these kinds of challenges in the days to come, and you'll all come to know that your lightsaber... is your greatest tool, second only to your own choices on when and how to wield it."

In the distance the first glow of light begins to peak over the hill. The sun has not risen yet but the morning glow begins to fill the council chamber and the scones automatically die down. The chamber bathed not quite in full light but enough that Qutha would be able to breathe easier.

Jax frowns for a moment as if in thought, his brow furrowed. "I feel like I have forgotten asking one of my fellow jedi knights to join us at the front.." Then he looks directly at Zandra, "Would Jedi Knight Zandra naMuriel please step forward to the middle of the seal. I believe there is the ceremony of reciting the Jedi oath as witnessed by the order as your first action as a knight." Then he moves to flank Rey across from Aryn. This time he stands at attention.

Zandra was relaxed. She was paying attention, listening to the discussion. She's not sure she should be saying anything or not, but is busy watching the other students, looking to see who might have further questions. She hears her name, and turns to face Jax, and then her eyes widen. There's a moment, when those who are open to such things might catch her startlement - she wasn't expecting such a call, but she definitely caught that - promotion. A heartbeat. Two.

Zan squares her shoulders and steps forward to the middle of the seal as instructed, her expression going back to the same neutral serenity she has been practicing. Her emotions too tone down as she breathes them in and then out, using some of the meditation techniques she's learned - those that can be used in a pinch.

She comes to a stop, her gaze going to Rey, to Jax, to Aryn.

She turns to look over the students too, her gaze taking them in briefly, and then she turns back to Rey, with that same half bow from earlier.

"There is no emotion," she starts. "There is Peace. There is no Ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity." She's not quite done yet, obviously, but she pauses to take a breath.

Qutha stills, as only a plant can really, while Zan is drawn forward and begins her recitation. Head slowly bobbing to the other side while taking in the sight before him. That she is being 'promoted' is completely lost on him, he's only intrigued to see what will be happening next with a slight smile on his features while his body slowly leans towards that gentle rolling glow of radiance signaling the upcoming sunrise - sending him to begin slowly dimming his own lights further.

Try his best to keep all attention on Zandra before the others - there is sunlight to be felt and a deep breath comes to take in the pre-dawn air that rushes away from the warmth of the sun at the horizon.

Aryn steps to the flank of Rey standing opposite of Jax in that moment. Her silence is out of respect for the ceremony, or the ritual by which Rey had set the precedent. Their code must be at the center of every action, and so began its words when Zandra rose and began to recit it. When Zandra takes her breath, the CLICK of Aryn unfastening her lightsaber from her belt sounded, and she held the curved hilt to her side, her fingers drumming along its silver shine, and her thumb just over the luminescent purple button that flashed periodically. A subtle nod is given to Jax in that moment to move their formation from flanking Rey, to flanking Zandra. She moves a moment later.

Chani's arms drop from near her waist and allow the widened sleeves of her robe to separate from one another. Her hands are mostly exposed for the few moments it takes her arms to straighten out by her sides, but the sleeves themselves engulf them almost entirely save for her fingers. Mostly straight postured, Chani nonetheless ensures her poise reflects the importance of the event taking place by not demonstrating any sort of slacking in the way that she's standing. Her gaze situates on Zandra as she recites the code of the Order in quiet study of the ceremony.

With the last of her caf gone now, Kasia carefully sets the mug on the bench beside her, then loosely folds her arms over her stomach. Her gaze goes back to the front of the assembly, watching and listening to the ceremony taking place.

Rey remains where she is with her hands held together and her eye son Zandra as she approaches and begins to the recite the code of the Jedi Order, the lines of text that have been used for generations to help keep the actions and emotions of a Jedi on the right course to stay true to the light side of the luminously binding energy field.

The younger members of the Order who are present here and now are doing their best to contain their happiness as one or two of them are trying not to bounce or shout out congratulations, almost like they've been warned!

Rey gives a nod to Zandra though, along with a warm smile like the sunlight itself coming up to shine in the windows. She's proud of the young woman and hopes it shows.

The sun continues its journey and the room lightens some more awashed in the golds and pinks of the coming morning. It was going to be a beautiful morning. No rain clouds in the sky yet.

At Aryn's nod, Jax moves to mirror his fellow knight. He moves in measured step with her and lets her set the pace. His hand deftly moving to take up his own saber from his belt. He flanks Zandra on the other side. His expression for the moment blank as he shows reverence for the ceremony and the young knight taking the oath. Though any who catches sight of his eyes can tell that he is happy for his friend. It's Jax's turn to nod to Aryn. Then moments later his right foot drops back so that the toe rest on ground and he gives a sharp pivot to so that he now faces the side of Zandra. His thumb resting on the activation button of his saber waiting for Aryn's silent command.

She sees that pride from Rey, hears the click of the lightsabers to each side of her, feels the light and the warmth of the sun, the light rising. Symbolism that is not lost on her.

As she goes through the Jedi Code, reciting it as she has done so many times on her own and in classes, she considers all the things that have happened to her since that day she ran into Jax what feels like so long ago. It's not quite a flashback but there are certain points that stand out. Perhaps unsurprisingly, her thoughts turn to Leia, and the faith that their Princess and General had in them - all of them.

There is a small change in her posture, in her voice. That day - Zandra truly bought in to this whole thing, whole heartedly. Today, her words are earnest, reverent. This is a promise as much as a recitation for the young Jedi.

"There is no chaos, there is harmony," Zan continues, her gaze firmly on Rey. That smile is noted, and there is still that sense of humour that Zan has always displayed, showing in her eyes. She doesn't hesitate though, as she reaches the last stanza.

"There is no death, there is the Force."

A final subtle nod following the last piece of the Jedi Code is punctuated then by the distinct SNAP-HISS of their 'badge of office'. From Aryn's curved hilt sprouts a blade of pure sapphire energy that extends to the full 1.2 meters in length, humming idly to accentuate even the most subtle movements of the gloved hand that held it.

Aryn raises the blade high and at an angle above Zandra, casting her beneath its sapphire hue, careful and mindful of where the blade linger and she reside. Passing beneath the crossed swords symbolized the passage from initiate to Knight, and with the words spoken and oath renewed, Zandra was now elevated. Aryn held her lightsaber up until Rey was finished with the final bits of the ceremony, and while Jax was military and possessed the bearing of a soldier, Aryn did not! She smiled big, with the ebullience inspired by such a scene.

Chani continues to remain quiet through the unknown procedure of the ceremony being carried out. Her attention deviates towards the activated lightsabers crossed together above the woman finishing her recitation of the code before it returns to Zandra herself. The only noise from her is inaudible and comes in the form of her quiet, soft breathing. It's so subtle that her robe seems barely disturbed by the near imperceptible motions of her shoulders.

Rey keeps her eyes on Zandra as the lightsaber ceremony continues to complete the passage of Initiate to Knight. But she doesn't stop herself from speaking up again.

"You've earned it, Zandra. You've been through so much, learned so much, come so very far. You've done it where others could not, and I can see a great Jedi Knight future for you, not just in my hopes and wishes, but in the meditation that lead us to making this final decision. You've a great future ahead of you, and your kind heart is going to help keep you strong in your edneavors within the Order."

Another smile is shown before Rey nods once and glances to the others who are observine. It may not be the class that they were all expecting, but there's still something to be learned in observing this for many of those within the room today.

Oova, the sun of Deveron, reaches the point that it peeks over the hill and the first true rays of sun light go streaking across the room across Zandra and the crest before shining down on those seated. Jax had of course completed the arch of his saber with Aryn above the newly named knight. The two sabers hissing as the meet. Then moments later as the ceremony completes, Jax turns off his saber. He turns to those gathered, "May I present to the order, Jedi Knight Zandra NaMuriel. Who began her journey to this day in Parmac Spaceport witnessing a foolish Jedi Initiate using his saber in a way it should not have been used. Then has proved she has been wiser than that initiated every day since." He looks at Zandra, "Told you I couldn't teach this class without you. Oh and I'm still calling you Padawan." He looks to the crowd, "I'm sorry for my deception. I promise the next class I teach will be real."

Zan smiles to Rey. "Thank you," she says softly. "That means a lot to me. I will live up to those expectations to the best of my ability."

She turns to be presented to the entire order present, those who could make it anyway, given Jax's words. "It will be my honour to continue to work with you, to continue to learn together and grow in the Force."

Of course, she can't quite leave it there. She looks over at Jax, and she says, "I guess you definitely did need me, in this case. I'm not sure how you'll live up to this bar for your next class." She promptly returns the teasing that he started, bringing a bit of a lighter moment now that the solemn serious part is complete.

A small raise of applause from Qutha when Jax makes his announcement, smile softly in place and offering his small accolade for the bright haired woman as the rising sun continues to pull at him, gemstone like eyes turning towards it between slow drags from the illumination to Zandra again.

Breakfast? He'd had some water.

It's the sunlight he needs more right now and he continues to lean towards it unconsciously when he's looking away.

"Congratulations, Zandra," Chani offers now that the ceremony is concluded and the need for somber, respectful silence seems to have passed. It comes with a respectful bow performed with her hands braced against her thighs through the layers of her clothing and her bow dipping deep enough that she bends more from the hips than from the waist. She straightens after and allows the folds of the robe to fall as they will, though it still mostly conceals any hint to the softer cream of the attire beneath it.

"Congratulations, Zandra. A well deserved commendation and appointment." Aryn deactivates her lightsaber, stowing it back upon her belt and bows respectively toward her peer. "You will lead and teach well, I know it. Princess Leia's faith in you was not misplaced." Stepping back then, Aryn gives everyone a bit more space and joins in on the applause, gloved hands offering a muffled clapclapclap.

"Congratulations, Zandra," Kasia says with a smile, picking up her mug to ensure she doesn't forgete it. She dusts off a few crumbs from her front and gets to her feet. "It's well deserved, and I'm sure you'll do the title justice."

Rey's eyes look to those others who speak up before they return to Zandra who gets naother soft nod. "The Order is better by simply having you with it." She says then before glancing to Jax and Aryn, giving them both a thankful nod for their efforts here today.

Rey motions then to the youngest students in the back who are eagerly waiting for a chance to speak to Zandra as well. "I think you'll have more fans to speak to after this as well." She adds with a slight grin.

Rey starts to step away then to head back toward the younglings. "We'll continue our training outside, I think. It looks like there's a wonderful day on the horizon. Maybe it won't even rain today!" It's a jungle they call home, after all!

Zandra smiles and notes those who are offering congratulations, as well as those who are not - yet. "I'll make sure to spend some time with them after their class, Rey," she says with a laugh. "Thank you all for the kind words. I hope I can live up to all these expectations." her cheeks definitely go a bit pink.