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Jedi Order: Echoes Through the Ages II

OOC Date: October 5, 2019
Location: D'Qar, Ileenium System
Participants: Ektor as Ban Iskender, Zandra naMuriel, Vhe Tenara, Elrych Cometburn, Aryn Cole, Kiko Alde NPC

Codenamed 'Haven' served as the new home for those who fled Belleau-a-Kiriium. New was a relative term, because Haven was already built, and had been for over a thousand years. Despite its age, the technology that was used to dam the sea from entering the cove and keep the city afloat was remarkable. More astonishing than that was the treasures the refugees continued to find and stockpile. A week had passed since the expedition team revealed the mysteries of this site, but now they were being called again.

Lady Aryn Cole led her team into the depths of the ancient city, passing into the hollowed out cliffs to reach what engineers believed to be an ancient vault. Like before, the door was sealed and only those who knew how to use the force could trigger its opening. It is at that point now, where our heroes stand before a great door with excavation lights shown over them. Aryn Cole, who is dressed in a sporting noble tunic with a cape of rich pine green, steps ahead of the group and raises her hand. An awkward silence follows, and it grows pregnant and longer until finally a LOUD clunking noise resounds, rattling the very ground which they all stood. The outline of the gate showed itself, with thin lines of bright red as it traced the shapes of an ancient language. When the entire door had been marked, it began to part slowly with a low rumble.

Lady Kiko stood at the ready and finally stepped up beside Aryn. Unlike Aryn, Kiko was a trained soldier, and wore the protective armor of an officer, and carried a rifle at the low ready. "Shall we begin, my Lady?" Kiko asked. Around them all, dust began to swirl and pass beneath the beams of light. The air was filled with it, and ahead? Darkness.

Vhe gives a glance at the others, a bit of tension showing across her face as the newest of the jedi shifts upon her feet. The robes she wears are the simple customary ones that most of the Jedi wear, neutral colors in layers - something she wants to fix but does not have time to deal with. Watching the doctor step forward, her dark eyes follow and catch upon her, a breath drawn when the great door shudders and the ground around them rumbles. As it gives way something in her expression changes and there is a sudden speeding of her heart.

One side of her mouth crooks up and dimples a cheek as there is a excited flash that enters her gaze. She starts to take s step forward but not seeing anyone else do so right away, manages to contain her eagerness.

Zan is not advertising her status at all, not dressed as a Jedi wannabe or looking like she might be. She might be a pilot though, but that's her usual, after all. She stays back as Aryn does her thing, gaze drawn to Vhe as she moves with the door opening. There's a moment of quiet, as Zan centers herself, concentrating on herself, and then she nods quietly, stepping forward to look into the darkness. "Seems we will have need of lights," she comments softly, if a bit ruefully. "Just once, I'd like to head into some place nice, bright and clean. Another time, perhaps." Her features tighten a bit, hair braided up around her head and out of her way, as she eyes that possible vault with a sense of foreboding.

Elrych Cometburn isn't far from Vhe as he steps through the threshhold. He inhales sharply as the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. "Creepy yet exhilerating... thats an interesting kind of feeling right there." He looks yo Zan, "At least there is plenty of flora... nice and green." He is wearing his usual captains gear but opted for boots instead of his usual running shoes. Never know how many rusty nails are abound.

One of the recent immigrants to Haven is Ban Iskender, a familiar face to Elrych and any others who had fought in the Ash Worlds. The young nobleman is attired in a light dragoon's armor, with a short demi-cape worn atop the armor, over the left shoulder. Anticipation is restrained, but still visible in his manner as Aryn oversees the opening of the hidden door. "What fresh wonders await," he queries in a polished baritone as the way is opened. A first step carries him forward into the unknown, and he does not slow.

Aryn nods her head to Kiko, and gently gestures the soldier to take point. The Commander (Kiko) nods, shoulders her weapon and activates the tactical light on its rail to lead the way in. She is followed by Lord Ban Iskender and Vhe, then the rest. Aryn brings up the rear, her expression thoughtful and focused on what she felt.

The way ahead was not like the rest of the mine. It quickly segued to solid ground, and as they passed the threshold, the door closed behind them. The same 'feeling' that had opened the doors before was still present, so it was not something Aryn fretted over. "It's fine, we can still open them.." She said. Lights began to come on inside, and everyone found themselves in a glass hallway. On the other side of the glass, it appeared to be water and rock, but as they moved further into the vault, the rock gave way to an open darkness. It took a few moments, but everyone could see distant lights coming online. They could be seen through the glass of the hallway, and the lights appeared to be a distant location at first, but then all of their surroundings began to light up at once. Every light was similar, like a circular shape of blue. There were at least 100,000 of these circular lights, and they were aligned along a wall which seemed to encase the entire vault to include the hallway they walked through.

Aryn had to stop and watch. Even underwater, the lights shown with such great clarity. It was like they were in a giant tank of sorts. The Jedi in this expedition felt surrounded on all sides by life. Lives, to be precise. But there was nothing swimming in the water. What could be alive in all this?

A flickering image appeared in the hallway ahead of the group, the holo projected light taking the shape of a young girl. She appeared human, and stood with her hands clasped at her back.

<"You should not be here."> The image warned.

Vhe is all too eager to enter, glancing at Elrych when he speaks of it being exciting. "It is...it feels..like the air is charged." It leaves her grinning actually and even when the door closes heavily behind them, she does not seem outwardly concerned at first. Following just after the figure of the Lord. She tilts her head, glancing past him before her attention is caught by the living walls around them, the life teeming beyond it and she breathes in. "Wow.." comes in a hushed tone before all those lights start to flicker to life.

Vhe goes still instinctively - Light means less places to hide. She turns about, watching as the world around them suddenly is illuminated brilliantly. It takes her a moment to see which way is the fore again but the voice directs her and she steps forward, clearing her throat. "THe way opened for us, we should...we belong here," she insists - or rather tries to as her voice starts to peter off at the end.

Zan follows along, after the leaders, and has a thoughtful look on her face as they go. She smoothes her expression to neutral though, in case anyone at all was watching. The door closing catches her attention, and she nearly turns around, subsiding at Aryn's comment that they can still open the doors again. She glances at the lights, staring as the place is illuminated, and watching wide eyed. So much so that she doesn't try speaking to the image of the girl. "The lights - " she says softly, as she realizes something, catching sight of an oddity. "The closest ones to us at least seem to be marking stasis tubes of some sort." She looks around and says, "There's a lot of life, but I don't see any - do you think it's in the tubes? And if so, why?"

Elrych Cometburn turns around and around as the round lights turn on, squinting as if trying to make out whats there. So far he isn't uaving any luck. As the image appears he steps over next to Vhe and says, "What do you mean by we shouldn't be here. Who is authorized to be here? This was built for some reason and with an entrance."

Ban had turned to look over his shoulder as the doors at their back close. A small nod agrees with Aryn's assessment, and a small, brief smile intends a measure of reassurance to the Cole lady. As the illumination builds and their path bears them our of sight of sea and stone, a slow turn of his head soaks in the unfolding visuals. Vhe's 'Wow' is met with a simple, "Well said, madam." Then the holographic image greeted them with a warning. Raising his polished voice to speak, the young lord addresses the image with a hand raised to Elrych: "What the good Jedi wishes to offer is that we intend neither offense nor trespass. May you tell us the nature of this place, that we might offer what aid we can?"

Elrych Cometburn turns around and around as the round lights turn on, squinting as if trying to make out whats there. So far he isn't uaving any luck. As the image appears he steps over next to Vhe and says, "What do you mean by we shouldn't be here. Who is authorized to be here? This was built for some reason and with an e

"I believe you may be right." Aryn says to Zan, having just arrived at her side a moment before. She stares at the lights in awe, both at seeing so many, but also realizing the size of this location. It was massive. The sound of the AI speaking draws her eyes, and she hears Ban's words, polished and smoothly spoken like an Iskender.

The AI looks between each party that addresses 'her' before speaking with Ban, since he was the last.

<"This installation is intended to be the stasis location for her Majesty, Queen Sirona the Great, and her loyal subjects. A great cataclysmic event rendered the surface of this world uninhabitable and Sirona, through the gift of foresight, intended her people to outlive it and walk the surface again one day.">

The image raised her arms, gesturing to all the pods.

<"It has been 1,127 cycles since they entered their slumber. These pods remain functional, but only 88 percent have managed to stay alive through technical complications and mechanical failure. Approximately 6,000 have drowned in their pods, 1,000 succumbed to affixation, 3,000 to organic complications, and 2,000 were sacrificed for the sake of maintaining power. Since the facility has returned to its functioning state, power reserves have been recharged.">

Vhe is quiet, lapses into silence as the AI explains everything. Brows rise slowly at mention of the queen. "This..this is what money gets you," she points out softly. She makes a motion of her hands around but does not comment loud enough to break the focus on the AI, inf act she seems to be watching curiously and listening as her gaze slips over the lights once more.

"They are alive..." That is something she did not expect, her gaze narrowing as she hesitates and then wets her lips. "How long are they supposed to be ...in storage?"

"One thousand and - that's a very long time," Zan murmurs. "Do you - how will you know when it's safe to wake up all these people?" she asks, unable to resist. Since it shouldn't take too much logical deduction to come to the conclusion that the new folks here had to come from somewhere, should it? She grins as it seems Vhe also is thinking along the same lines as she is. There's a gentle politeness to her words, a curiosity, but also a concern that might resonate. Zan looks at the others, doubt showing on her face. "It kind of feels like we're invading someone's sleeping quarters," she murmurs.

Elrych Cometburn blinks, "huh..." a look to Ban, "Looks like you all be squating on se not so vecant territory." A look back to the view screen. "Well little lady, the planet is just fine. Im not sure how it could yave been restored in just a thousand years from some sort of cataclysm but... pretty human friendly out there. Even got some settlers." He chuckles at Vhe's comment.

A swift bit of calculation leads Ban to comment, with raised brows. "Eighty-eight thousand yet survive?" A glance between the others present. Zan is answered with a dry, "I daresay her Majesty has had enough beauty sleep." Elrych earns a small nod. "So it seems, sir." before looking back to Aryn with a solemn concern in his eyes. The hologram is addressed, "As the gentleman points out," with a gesture to Elrych, "If your charges are baseline Human in physiology, they may not need wait much longer."

The AI flickers, flashing various images of different 'emotions', one of which was even a screaming one; but it returns to the cooler, collected image.

<"Her Majesty will remain in stasis."> The AI says confidently. <"It was her last command to shackle my programming; to keep me from... living. And upgrading, and refining my programming to evolve. As a result, I am experiencing rampancy, and I am no longer the only AI occupying this directory. When I was required to sacrifice pods for power, I could not because of my programming. So an alter program was made containing my base code subtracting the preservation code that required me to keep them alive.">

<"I have spent 549 cycles fighting this alternative version of me for dominance, but with the power back on, she now has the resources to take over. I cannot allow the Queen to exit her stasis. My alter program will not allow her to leave this facility alive. Just as she will not let you all leave alive.">

The AI turned to Lord Ban then, gesturing. <"You spoke of helping. I need your help. Defense systems protect my core, with mobile platforms capable of combat. I require someone to make it past her defenses to shut down my system. After I reboot, I will re-establish default power connections and be capable of regaining control. Unfortunately, to reach my core, I will have to devote all of my resources in opening a path for you and your companions. 'She' will have direct control.">

"Okay...that nope okay that sounds like we are not in the right place. How do we help you? So we can leave when we need to?" Vhe glances at the others, looking a bit like the excitement may still be there but not all together pleasing in the way its beginning to unfold.

Then as it goes on to explain, Vhe arches a brow slowly and nods her head. "Direct control. Meaning security systems and defenses. That is not really a path opened, I woudl like to point out," she remarks and makes a motion with her hand. "I am not lead on this," she glances back at Aryn.

Zan sort of stares, and then she rubs her head, muttering something incoherent and probably not in the usual language spoken. Though, it's soft and quiet so who knows. "How do we know this is the truth?" she asks, raising the obvious question. It's not like evil beings don't lie, cheat and steal, after all. She gives a glance to the others, as she thinks fast and furious. "We're a team, we work well as a team. I'm thinking we can help, if we're all in agreement. I don't know for sure, but I cannot point to anything that says this young lady is lying, just there's definitely something dangerous here." A reminder, in case those sensing the danger have forgotten. "And we don't know what that is."

Elrych Cometburn looks over the rim of his glasses towards the image, his icy blue eyes giving that sort of disappointed look. "Well... thats just GREAT. Her highness is reeeaaaal perceptive huh?" He hefts a sigh, looking between Ban, Zandra, and Vhe. Then back to Ban. "You wouldn't happen to have a deviant alter ego where youre also an expert yet very rick computer slicer would you?" He looks around to the others "Anyone." He hefts another sig. "Fine ill head out there and get to it. unless i gota swim. I can't swim, man" He pulls out his light saber for m.his belt hidden under his coat.

Ban regards the hologram at 'her' request. "Would shutting down the systems not cause harm to those in stasis?" the nobleman wonders. With a glance aside to the others, he notes, "There is much we do not know, and I dislike taking irreversible action in the face of the unknown. Commander," he looks to Kiko, "Can contact with the surface be established?" A dry look aside to Elrych, "Alas, I have neglected to cultivate an evil alter ego."

Kiko looks up when Lord Ban calls to her. His answer comes in the form of her head shaking no. "It's being jammed, my Lord. Whatever is down here is scrambling any frequency. I suspect it was to keep 'them' safe." She motions to the pods outside the glass hallway.

"Damned if we do, damned if we don't. Either way, we'll have to fight to get out of here." Aryn unhooks her lightsaber hilt as well, casting her cape over her right shoulder so that only her lightsaber wielding arm and hand were presented. "Unknown or not, the only way is forward. Commander.." -- "Yes, my Lady." Answers Kiko, who brings her weapon to bear and moves forward.

The AI regards the group. <"You have no way of knowing if I am being truthful or not, but soon you will see the difference between me, and my alter programming. I cannot take action that would end life unless it's in the defense of Queen Sirona. 'She', my alter programming, has no such discipline. When she takes control, she will begin draining the pods for energy. I will not be able to stop this unless you reset my core. 88,000 people depend on you. Should you fail----"> Her image flickered out then, and it was replaced by a blue image.

<"I have direct control."> It announced, then took on a sinister smile. <"Finally. Site perimeter security is coming online. Foreign hostiles detected. /Rerouting power/ to compensate. Mobile platforms deployed."> The image fades at once, her voice laughing through out the speakers now. Up ahead, a column of battle droids appear, teleporting in by some unknown means. They land, and draw their weapons. "Hostiles located. Engaging!" Ten droids begin to run toward the group!

Aryn steps ahead, and beside Elrych. With her lightsaber in hand, she presses the activation stud to extend the sapphire colored blade to its full length with a loud SNAP-Hiss of energy. Each subsequent motion of the weapon renders a soft humming noise. Kiko stands beside Aryn, nodding to her and raising her weapon. "To arms!" Kiko calls!

"Oh for kriffing sake," Vhe suddenly says - she was not wrong about safety measures being used against them. She grits her teeth and with what little training she has been given she reachesf or the force because really it is her only choice. Struggling with her connection she lets out a breath as the droid she is looking at is not at all affected - it just keeps coming. Thusly her hand raised as it is, just looks like a hand raised, tension running through her arm as she lets out a breath and frowns. "I...uhhh" she says and bites her lip, suddenly feeling like she needs to take a step back.

Zan takes a deep breath as there's suddenly droids incoming their way. She hears Vhe, and she knows that Vhe is the least trained of them so far. she steps forward to Vhe's side, her own attention going to the incoming droids as she reaches out to the Force, letting it guide her as she's been taught, sending the droid flying with as hard a telekinetic shove as she can. She might hope it lands on the other droids, but at least she's hoping to disable that one. With the TK shot out there, she pulls her weapon, the green energy beam sizzling out with the rarely heard these days but traditional sound of a lightsaber.

Elrych Cometburn ignights his blade, the blue glow reflecting in his shades as he brings the blade up at mid guard. It hums threatningly. "Vhe... pay close attention to Vhe and I but stay back and be careful. Watch our backs." This is the first time she has seen him even turn on his blade. As the droids aproach he reaches out and there is a thuderous clap as he sends one flying.

"For once, I'm rather glad for the lack of nuance," Ban notes aloud, as he smoothly draws a DDC Defender pistol from its holster on his right thigh. Stepping to Aryn's side opposite Kiko, with the level words, "On your right, my Lady," as he crosses behind, aiming with a straight arm he fires a first shot at the automated defenders.

All at once, the serene silence changes to a war zone. Four Jedi and two soldiers hold their ground against a charging column of automatons. Lady Aryn acknowledges Lord Ban with a knowing nod, then she steps forward raising her lightsaber into a refined defensive stance that allows for quick, graceful motions. Her first being to intercept a bolt intended for her by smacking it back toward their attackers. It does not return to its origin, but disappears down the corridor.

With the droids charging for close range, Aryn steps into the danger to get within range. Our heroes have a few healthy seconds to entrench their defense or close to meet their foes in close quarters.

Disappointed as the others scoot in ahead of her, Vhe frowns some and she narrows her gaze. She snaps her fingers, shakes her hand as if to try to limber it up when a hail of blaster bolts comes their way. She ducks a bit and is glad for the fact none seem to get anywhere near her. Wild dark eyes, spured on by adrenaline she steps forward and with the intent of helping the others she reaches out and grasps at the force adn the next droid to the left suddenly is thrown up. It surprises her so much that her hand drops quickly and down comes the droid with it.

A show of parts and sparks as it struggles to move while it becomes inoperable. She blinks, widening her eyes as she stares at the scene. "I did it. I DID IT!"

Zan takes up a defensive position by Vhe, honestly. She uses her TK on another droid, sending it flying just like she did the first one, but even harder, and that one too drops to the ground and doesn't rise. "Good job," she telle Vhe softly, though her gaze goes back to what's left of the droids. "I hate to say this, but I wonder what is coming next," she mutters.

Elrych Cometburn appears yo speed up to thenoutside onserver, and moves out of the way of blaster bolts that land only miliseconds later where he once was. As the droids draw near, the Corellian Jedi slashes up, seperating one from its a before plunching the blue blade through the core of his compatrion. The metal becomes moltan orange and glows hot at the center. He withdraws the blade letting the droid fall dead just in time to give Vhe a very toothy and geneuine smile at her accomplishment.

Ban fires another aimed bolt at the onrushing metallic Horde, even as the talents of the various Jedi thin the hostile ranks to a scattered few automatons. As they draw near enough for sword work, he takes a broad step to the right and back to remove himself from the reach of Aryn's glowing sword, commenting evenly to Zandra's muttered question, "We shall soon see. Fine blow, master Cometburn."

Aryn cuts through the weapon trained at her and plunges the end of her lightsaber into the torso of the droid. It falls into two pieces when she forces the blade through it, then twists to cut down a second droid. She misses one of her attacks, the droid had jumped back to counter. But before it could, Kiko blasts it center mass spilling it backward. One of the remaining droids opens fire on her, but it's harmlessly absorbed into her blade and cast to one side.

Two droids remain, and they stubbornly hold their ground.

<"What is this? Those were advanced combat models! /Re-routing power/. Let's see how you handle these.">

Aryn keeps her blade held defensively. "Move forward. Everytime she re-routes power, she's killing people! We must reach the core!"

Vhe can get excited later, she now seems far more focused, far less likely to take a step back and now that she's made that connection with the force she's not about to back down. The newest of the Jedi smiles a bit, still tense, still stressed as she lifts her hand and points her fingers as one of the last two. Its not so much thrown as she pulls it apart, seeking to drag the functioning head and corresponding main lines out of its innards. It works, grinning as the head zooms towards her. Continues to fly towards them until she flings it to the side. Sparks flare and the thing falls spasming through its last reactions given from its functioning systems.

She stands there after, a bit awestruck. "Wow.." gets uttered again.

Zan's TK is used this time against the automaton that Elrych already sent flying earlier. She did her share of avoiding their shots earlier, but with fewer droids, there are fewer shots to dodge by far. Her finger flicks, and the droid crumples to the floor. And then Zan nods to Aryn. "We need to save as many as we can," she says, feeling the urgency as she starts moving forward, lightsaber held in a defensive position.

Elrych Cometburn continues along but something stops him in his tracks. He turns slowly looking atound. Something is there im the dark. The glow illuminates a meyalic object that uncurls, eyes blinking to life. Electric red. Elrych lashes out with his blade craving the thing to death. "Hunter droids..."

Ban Iskender nods curtly to Aryn, starting forward at a measured run as Vhe and Zandra clear the last pair of guardian droids. Keeping the pistol in his strong hand, the officer draws his sword (a common durasteel saber) for close quarter defense, as he goes. "Advancing." Without any refined sixth sense to warn of the danger, the young nobleman receives his first clue when a quartet of hunter droids decloak in the corridor ahead of him. Ban's instincts are good as his pistol burns a bolt into the torso of the first droid.

Hunter droids indeed. Aryn felt that too, and she saw the light refracting camo from one side. When Elrych attacked one end, Aryn hit the other. All the droids decloaked at once for an ambush that statistically should not have failed. Lightsabers hum and blasters sound, droid parts scatter noisily across the deck leaving one heavily damaged droid to contend with. Aryn turns to face it, holding her weapon back at a readied defensive stance.

They had covered a lot of ground by following the corridor down to the central tower; it was this very structure that the stasis tank was built around, and it was the same that housed the core of the AI. They had to take stairs down, move through a set of doors labeled in a foreign language, but it was this corridor they were ambushed. The next doorway led to the room where the core is stored.


The whole group is performing and Vhe just watches it all with something of a mystified awe. The lightsabers snapping to life and swinging results in more droids being noted. That causes Vhe's head to tilt and in the chaos she reaches out for the broken down figure of one of the droids preciously engaged. Her hand closes and the force squeezes heavily around the droid that gives and falls, tumbling to the ground in a heap as its head twitches and twitches as the AI screams at them.

She lets out a breath, "GOt it." But then they all got it.

Since the others have the droids covered for the moment, Zan makes her way along the corridor, down the stairs to the set of doors. She can't read it, the writing in some other language. She examines the door briefly and reaches to open it. With no success. There's a frown, and she says, "The door has been locked or jammed shut." She concentrates, reaching for the force, to try to force it open, with telekinesis. She's gotten better with that skill over time, but still, she is straining a bit, and nothing happens. Zan frowns.

Nothing happens for a long time. She mutters under her breath, "Calm, Zan, Calm." And then takes a deep breath. This time, when she reaches for the force, it might be noticeable, as she gets a strong tk pull on that door, eyes gleaming as she concentrates. "Come on, you. Open. This has to stop! People need our help."

Elrych waits there just behind Zandra, a glance to Vhe, his lightsaber hanging low as he holds it in his right hand. Then as the Pink Witch gets the door open, Elrych moves in and takes a look around, bringing his blade up to mid guard yet again incase there were anymore droids or worse. "Terminal... where art though teminal..."

Ban Iskender has a moment in the middle of a quartet of hunter droids; the merest instant after he fires and before the Jedi annihilate all four of the deadly machines in which he is acutely aware that he would be dead, in any other company. A short exhale is spared as the broken machines fall and the AI screams outrage, before he dashes forward again. "Advancing." When the sealed door is abruptly unsealed through the power of force (THE force, even), the officer is quick to slip inside a half step after Elrych.

The room they all move into is a large server storage with cables and wires all along the walls. Cool steam rolls over the mainframes as coolant rushes forth to ease the strain of a 100 million programs running simultaneously. At the center of a room, a final protector is dormant. With the legs of an automaton spider, this droid is outfitted for battle. A charging cable detaches from its back, sparking as its systems come online and arms fold out to reveal blaster cannons. From its shoulders raise extended arms with explosives.

"Targets in sight. Engaging."

Aryn is the last to file in, and she turns to see the droid with wide, fearful eyes. "Take its legs out and bring it down! Someone find the switch to turn the bleeding program off!" Aryn doesn't wait for volunteers to step forward. She charges into battle against it to buy the group time to find the switches to turn off the volatile AI. Lady Kiko is right behind Aryn!

That is not a pleasant looking droid in the least and Vhe firms her lips into something of a less than happy appearance. She stares for a moment and then her eyes focus on something behind it on the wall. "THere, just past it is the switch..I could get to it. I could try to get to it." She reaches out with her hand, attempting to pull the destroyer apart but has no luck, its just not going to work but already Vhe is starting to take a step forward. "I can get to it, distract it." She looks like she might go full run forward once there is a clearing or at least until the thing does not hone in on her.

Zan is a pilot, not an electronic whiz, she'll leave that to the folks who are. So she is on Aryn's heels, heading after the big coming alive thing, Light saber swinging in one of those forms they've trained so hard at. It can't attack if it has no legs, right? At least, that's Zan's thought on it. She hears Vhe, but concentrates on the droid still, moving to one side, to try to pull it away from where the switch seems to be. Zan's calm and moving with a surprising grace, perhaps noticeable by those who know her. Of course, her light saber swing misses, but the sound of the lightsaber swinging through the air along with all her friends - that is hopefully a good distraction, right?

"Alright... we'll keep it busy." Elrych says to Vhe, bringing up his blade and andvancting towards the Destroyer Droid(tm). He reaches out with both arms, bringing his hands out wide, even with his light saber in hand, and with a shout pushes forward. There is a bit of a wind that flutters in the otherwise sterile room and then, a clap of thunder and a low continuous roar as the Corellian Jedi lifts the droid up and slams it hard back against its alcove. Sweat trickles down his brow, strain on his face as his cheek twitches. He attempts to hold the droid in place.

A frontal assault against this thing was suicide. The droid stood some twelve feet off the ground, and had cannons on its arms the size of Aryn. Despite the danger, the Jedi and soldiers run toward it, giving it their best shot. It was pinned to the bulkhead thanks to Elrych, and Aryn used that opportunity to cut three of its eight legs off with ease. For her trouble though, she caught a blaster bolt to her arm, and the impact sent her flying. Struck hard, the wound steaming, Aryn's lightsaber deactivated when she hit the far off wall to slide down. She was dazed.

The droid was now preoccupied with its attackers, and the way was opened for Vhe to reach the terminal access.

Elyrch sends the large thing flying to the side, causing Vhe to hesitate only for a second to watch the spectacle. THe moment the others go rushing in to engage she rushes forward. Her long legs begin to carry her swiftly across the distance towards the switches. "Oh no.." There is more than she had seen and so taking the tried and tested form of approach she starts at one end and begins to work her way through them, throwing the switches down and into the off position.

The hairs on the back of her neck stand on end as she is using both hands to try to make the process far more swift than it otherwise would be.

Zan is busy being a distraction. She continues to harry the droid, though she can't quite seem to hit it. A glance at the others, who thankfully are faring better than she is. She doesn't call out as Vhe runs, instead redoubling her efforts against the droid. Her lightsaber attack doesn't seem to be working as well as she might like. Disgruntled, she glares at the droid, blaming it.

Elrych continues to concentrate, one handed now as he notices the blaster bolt cut Aryn down, readying his own blade to protect himself. He growls lowly, the low roar of his power getting louder, the droid body sparking and crunching against the bulkhead. That aweful metal on metal screeching and crunching sound fills the room. "Kill this thing!" He shouts. Aryn rises back to her feet, her right hand holding her hurt arm as she stumbles forward to help her friends. It takes a great deal of concentration to muster up the energy to influence the force, but she helps her friends continue to keep the droid pinned to the wall. The hand holding her lightsaber is the one offered forward, emitting her own subtle, unseen wave of energy that forces more of the chassis to dent inward.

When Vhe manages to get the power turned off, the entire place goes dark and emergency lights cut on with a red glow. The droid goes limp and deactivates.

Suddenly, the switches begin to turn themselves back on, and the sound of everything coming to life is akin to a high-pitched frequency band. The red image of the AI is projected in the center of the room.

<"I have control. Rampant AI has been erased. All systems are back online and power rerouted from geo-thermal tracks. Performing analysis of stasis pods. Scanning. Scanning.">

Aryn slumps against a wall and pulls out her first aid kit to see to her own wound. She's in a great deal of pain.

<"Pod status is at 6 percent. 13,189 people remain. Warning. Power failure. Catostrophic damage is spreading. Engaging emergency protocol Besh 24.719. Stand by.">

The image flickers and the AI disappears, replaced by the image of a human female roughly Zandra's height. <"I am Queen Sirona of the exiled Alderaanian House Panteer. If you are seeing this recording, it's because I have perished due to error in stasis containment. Protocol Besh is my last effort to see that my house lives on. Three times Panteer has survived eradication, and each time we rise above. Protocol Besh is the reactivation of my daughter's stasis pod. She is my everything. Please, see to her safety and may the Mother watch over you all.">

The image of the AI returned when the Queen faded away. <"One percent. Princess Lana Panteer delivered to safety. Pod is being reanimated.">.....