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Family and Visions Part I

OOC Date: June 05, 2020
Location: Aridus, Flarestar System
Participants: Jedi Order, Elrych Cometburn, Vhe Tenara, Yuun, Finn, Ban Iskender, Aryn Cole

The desert world had evenings. Evenings that were warm, calming, and filled with the festivities of Aridus City. Every night held a festival of life, where bell drums were played and low flutes made it easy for even the worst singers to sing well!

The lake is where much of the festival took place. Out on the 'party barges' or along the sandy shore and boardwalk. Moonlight glittered across the surface of the water as natives shot off their fireworks and celebrated a triumphant day of outlasting the desert. The dreadful, deadly desert.

As evening wained, and the celebration and food died down, our heroes find themselves upon the beach sitting around a lovely fire. The air has become cooler, and its soft crackling noise often sent flickering embers to float skyward in the dark haze of smoke and heat. The core of the fire was bright orange, the ashen part of the burning wood flashing idly brighter each time the breeze battered the flames down in a defiant sounding hiss.

This sort of weather and setting was the ideal time for meditation and reflection. To draw upon the nature of the Force and feel its flow and balance all around.

The layers that some planets require of the Jedi have been shed here on Aridus. Vhe resides in the sleeveless teal robe with its wide legged high rise pants to help with the heat. Her sandals and feet are dusty from the day with the natives, a ready smile has worn itself into a permanent position upon her face. She tilts her head and picks up a piece of debris to give it a light toss into the fire.

A sigh leaves her, "A lovely day," she admits and looks across the fire at the others before staring into its dancing depths. The Ysanna's smile briefly grows further, only to subside some in an easy shift. Her hand slides back behind her as it takes most of her weight.

So ideal is the setting that Ban is drawn into a musing, reflective state simply by sitting near the fire, and watching the moonlight reflect off the moving waters a thousand different ways in ever new breath. One leg is stretched straight, the other drawn up with a forearm resting on the knee. A slow breath in through the nose mixes salt air with woodsmoke. "Indeed. The Galaxy is a remarkable thing," he agrees, quietly.

Elrych Cometburn was foing his best to concentrate on relaxing but Aridus held sour memories. The place angori was rescued from.and tortured as a reault. " Its a nice place." Said without much confidence as he looks to the others through icy blue eyes.

Aridus held a certain mystique about it; a hidden presence; a vergence in the Force. It, like many worlds through out the galaxy, harbored a nexus like presence with the unifying nature and energy that penetrated everything in the galaxy. Such power had influence when manipulated, and those tied to this hidden network felt the sudden shift in the air as a strong breeze nearly put the fire out.

Orange flames changed to blue in a fiery display as the gust, and sand began to kick up like a sandstorm was brewing. Their surroundings and the lights of Aridus began to fade to black, and soon there was only the fire, the dust, and the people sitting around it (if they were still seated!)

"Vheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Called a voice that seemed to loom over them, speaking from the sky itself. "VHE!" More abruptly, the voice clearly female, wisened, and direct. The source of this mysterious voice appeared as an apparition above the flames, her form holo-like and blue, wavering. It was clearly a humble female, wearing robes and beads, with wild hair! Her hands held many different rings, wrists held bracelets and bangles, and every motion sounded a jingle. The wind died down, the fire crackled louder, and the sand began to settle. This female wore a decorative yet terrifying mask, Ysanna in origin, and her feet could not be seen.

The kick up of the dusty soil is what first causes her to shield her face but its the fire and its change of hue that causes her to squint and rise forward and off her hand. One knee to the ground and the other foot beneath her nearly launches her to her feet though her progress slows as she coughs a bit, breathing in a healthy dose of dust. "Did you hear that?" this asked of Elrych before she climbs to her feet.

What comes next stills the young Ysanna, her breath caught for the span of a few moments. The figure earns her attention, wide eyed and focused as her voice is not found at first, caught in the memory given some form.

"Grandmother?" The question is all disbelief in a hushed gasp. She takes a step closer to the flame wreathed wavering figure as she reaches out towards it. Trusting perhaps that she will not be burned.

Ban Iskender had narrowed the nearer eye and averted his face as the wind kicked up sand and smoke with sudden ferocity. The young noble remains low, only rising to his feet as the wind faded and the apparition is seen. Vhe's latter word draws a dry, "Well, that's one question answered."

Elrych had just closed his eyes and started to meld with the vergence in the force. That familiar warm feeling of calm, that of the life and death... the natural cycles of life. Then... came the call for Vhe. Eyes shot open and his looked up. "Heard and saw..." A glance to the Ysanna, "Your Grandmother? Are... are you sure.">> A look back to the apparition.

Finn had to make himself useful. His formative years in the First Order had taught him that those who do not work do not get treated well. If there was no enemy to fight, there were corridors and machinery to be cleaned. Even as the rest of the group relax, Finn has been a ways off poking around in the sound. Now he returns, an armful of dried and dead wood piled against his chest.

He approaches the fire, tossing a few of the smaller pieces onto it with enough care to not cause any flare ups. A shower of sparks dances on a torrent of hot air, dazzling across the sky before vanishing in the blink of an eye. Satisfied, he lays down the remainder of the wood in the sand and stands with his hands out to warm them.

From the time Finn had joined the party at the fire, to now, a lot had happened. A sandstorm had kicked up and began to blow with great force, and the flames that consumed the bits of wood that were afire now had changed to blue, projecting the image of a masked female decorated in beads, with wild hair, bracelets, rings, and a Ysanna mask who had called out to Vhe.

As the storm settled, and the others began to make the connection between this apparition and Vhe, the masked woman spoke in a tone of mirth. "WELL of course it's me! Hahahahaha!"

Decorated hands rest on her translucent hips and she stepped forward. "Come here, child.. let my old eyes take a look at you.." She grunts, as if stepping off the fire to draw closer. Vhe's companions had not gone unnoticed. "Yes. Yes. It is, as I've seen.. yes... yes, you're the one. HA!" She turned back toward the fire and lifted a balled fist. "I TOLD ALL OF YOU! NO!.. No one listened!"

Grumble mumbling, the masked elder waved her hand. "It is time, Vhe.. Grand-Daughter, yes. It is time you felt what's been in your blood since birth. Your friends may help, but it's from you that this power must flow. A trial.. everyone loves trials?" A bracelet covered arm waves toward Ban, Finn, and Elrych all alike. "And.. WOW! They company you keep, child. Mmmph.." Three HUNKS in a row!

"FOLLOW me. Step lively.."

Vhe is still staring wide eyed, the hand extended in an exploratory motion at the fire is drawn back quickly to her side. Her eyes flicker to the others before her attention recenters on the spirit of her predecessor. "Grandmother," Vhe begins, the look of astonishment no accompanied by a flicker of a smile, brows furrowing to be drawn together as she stands before the moving spirit of her grandmother.

"Told us...oh." Something is put together and she glances back at the others as they are motioned to. "Trials?" She coughs a bit and smooths a hand over the wild hair that she shares with her deceased and yet very present family member.

A nod is given, glancing back amongst the other Jedi before the FOLLOW ME snaps her attention forward, already falling into step to follow her without question.

Ban Iskender ta sea a black brow, the corner of his mouth following suit in a small smile as the gentleman dips his head and shoulders to Vhe's loud and exuberant ghost-gramma. "Well met, madam," he bids. Worry over trials can take a back seat to good manners in the Alderaan-book.

"Wait wait wait..." Elrych starts holding up his hands, turning his head a bit to avoid the sand that was now blowing around. "What do you mean she's the /one/?" He seemed a little over protective perhaps, then again curious. He blinks, "trials trials what kind of-" And then she is moving, "Alright then." He shrugs to the others and starts trudging through the sand.

"But I just - " Finn begins, brow furrowing as he points at the dried wood and then cozy fire he was just about to enjoy! But alas, it's happening again. Mysterious destiny and a call to adventure getting in the way of being a beach bum. He looks at a clump of wood he still holds, turning it over in his hand before sighing audibly and tossing it back into the pile. A brief thumbs up is given towards Vhe before he falls in to follow. ADVENTURE!

Yuun is late yet again, he was engrossed in his studies and time got away from him. He was happy for the ship he has now. Still the Phoenix comes in for a smoother landing, and as the ship powers down, Yuun moves off the ship and locks it down. Moving towards where he senses the others, he moves to meet up with the other Jedi, as he nears, "Sorry for my tardiness." he says.

"And you, sir." Adris (the grandmother) replied to Ban. Walking was cut short when their scenery changed. One moment they were on Aridus, then the next, they saw the charred ashen rock of Ossus. Rapidly decaying skies brought thunderous storms that raced by, but it did not seem to have an effect on our heroes.

"Yes.. a trial. A trial by nature, Hahaha! The true test of a Tenara. A true test of a Tenara. Generations ago, our clan was proud. Tenara's had such a command of this power that we were regaled. Sometimes worshipped.. " Adris pauses for a moment and turns back to face them; "..by the right men, of course." Her mask hid any amusment that may have found its way to her face. "Yet, here we are. Fear not, Vhe.. Vhe's companions.. this is a vision. You probably won't die, but we'll see. Your fate rests with my lovely grand-daughter. Ahead of you.." She snaps her fingers, and a small pride of Nexu appear. "..beasts. It is said that the Tenara's would control beasts like this, stop them with a thought, a raise of their hand. It became the trial of our family, the mark of our blood, and the first trial. I failed. But you will not."

"Gentlemen, please defend yourselves from these beasts. If they hit, they WILL hurt, and I will laugh. Vhe must stop these from hurting you. From mauling you, or she fails, and you all wake up."

Adris chuckles. "You may begin when ready."

Her hands shoot out from her sides as Vhe feels the entire setting spiral away and into something familiar to her. She lowers into a ready stance, legs bending as she lets herself adjust to the change even if the environs are not affecting them. Slowly she turns about, her head leading the pivot of her body until she comes about, her head canting to the side.

"Worshipped," its ounds like she's not quite sure about that but there is nothing to comment on when the Nexu are created. Vhe goes still and given her role in this she draws a breath. Controlling beasts. She lest out a breath and shakes her head, the wild hair shifting about her shoulders as she reaches forward with both hands in an attempt to impede their movements. Real or not, there is a threat! A threat to herself and the others.

Defend them she will. Her dark brows furrow as she presses back, drawing heavily on the Force.

"I.. see," Ban voices simply to the intricate explanation for their shared presence in a projected dream state hosted by a ghost of a friend's dead grandmother and taking place on another planet. Glancing aside to Elrych, Yuun, and Finn, he notes, "To be true, it's hardly the strangest thing we've seen, is it?" A hand goes to his sword, to prepare what defense he can from mystical dream beasts.

"Because one uses the Force as an allie does not make them a /God/" Elrych mentions before looking ahead to the growling. "No... not the worse I've seen." He unclips his own blade from his utility belt. His thumb presses the red activation button and his brillian blue blade comes to life with a deadly squeel and humm.

Finn's blaster is at his back, and for a moment he looks from the masked woman to the approaching beast. He shrugs his shoulders and slings it around with a practiced motion into his hands, watching as the lightsabers ignite around him. He pauses to toggle the stun setting, the light above the ammunition pack housing turning from an angry red to a more serene blue. If these are - what? Trial beasts? He doesn't want to damage them.

"Hey hey hey," he says to the approaching creature, raising the blaster a little, "We're friends. We're buddies. I'll catch you a fish, huh?"

A quick glance is given towards Vhe as he calls out, encouragingly: "You've got this!"

Yuun blinks and is amazed at how things changed, though as he listens he understands. "I see." he says as he looks to everyone. He looks to Vhe as they are told to prepare, "You can do this Vhe." he says to her. "We are behind you." he walks up facing one of the Nexu as he looks at it. "I've never seen a Nexu up close like this, always in holos." he says and Yuun bows to the creature. He pulls out a pair of fighting gloves and pulls them onto his hands.

He moves into a Teras Kasi stance and he prepares, hearing the humming of Ban's and Elrychs lightsabers, he looks to Finn as he pulls out his blaster rifle, he nods his head. "We got this guys, prepare and let the force flow through you, call out if you need help." he says to them.

"It was a joke." Adris says blandly with regard to being worshipped.

The trial begins, and the Nexu behave as Nexu often do. ROOOOW--ROWWWWWWWWWWWWL!" One cries out, waving a feline paw with massive claws toward each Jedi. Fortunately, before they can close the distance, Vhe's command of telekinesis sets them back and away from her companions, giving them all room and time to draw their weapons.

Adris chuckles. "Remarkable!"

Now the Nexu buck, scratching at the ground before moving forward again. Adris crosses her arms and turns her masked face toward her younger kin, expectant in her look yet quiet.

"Ahna!" Vhe says in regards to it being a joke and it most certainly is native tongue that she speaks to her spirit grandmother. Vhe knows that even though she has claimed moments for them, this is a matter of finding another way. All too often Vhe reaches for the one power that has yet to truly fail her and so in that moment, looking at the masked figure of her grandmother she releases the beasts from her hold and lets her hands fall to her sides.

A deep breath indrawn as she hears the voices of the others and out she reaches, searching rather than seeing with her eyes. A connection made she tries to settle herself into the very existence of the Nexu and calm it out of its predatory instincts. Only when that connetion is made does she extend her hand, palm down towards the one she felt first. "Shhhhh, calm..." she lowers slowly, squatting as if to try to draw them down with her.

To her surprise the others start to falter and lower as well, the Nexu as a whole lowering. All five as she arches a brow, a slow perhaps proud smile drawing across her lips.

Ban Iskender holds his glowing sword at a duelist's guard, weight balanced and ready to step swiftly to avoid whichever angle the dream-beasts take in their attack, a long, slow breath is drawn as they near, and- ...and released, curiously as the Nexu slow their charge and settle. "Well done, mistress Vhe," he commends. "Distinctly less painful than I'd expected."

"I thought I was the only one who could tell bad jokes." Elrych murmers as he brings his blade to a medium guard. He looks to Vhe, "You got this." She can likely sense he's already reached out to the Force, letting it flow through him. He lends her his strength through their bond. He does not make a moves to strike at any of the Nexu, instead favoring strong posturing and a good eye a dodging. Though as Vhe manages command over the beasts, his guard lowers just slightly. "That's it..." He murmers.

"Hey, it's working!" Finn announces to nobody in particular, as though he hasn't seen all manner of strange Force powers used in the past. Realising how it sounds, he glances towards Vhe and quickly adds: "Not that I didn't think it would! You're a natural, Vhe!" Slowly he lowers the blaster to his side, holding out both hands and saying soothing nonsense words like 'oooohba' and 'shhhhoooosh'.

Yuun looks towards the Nexu, but more so at the one directly at him. He allows the force to flow through him, his breathing slows and he allows himself to focus. He looks to Vhe and as she reaches out into the force and directs it towards the Nexu, he smiles. "Good job, keep on it." he says though his posture relaxes but he is still alert.

"HA!" Adris exlaims, her hands going to her hips as she lets out a hearty laugh. "Remarkable, dear. Truly. Your first trial, and you have stepped up to the challenge. I could not be more proud of you."

Stepping past Vhe, Adris claps her hands, and the Nexu fade. The scenery fades. Eventually, the sounds of the Lake shore of Aridus return, the soft whisper of evening winds, the lapping of water, and the feel of sand beneath their feet.

Adris took a moment to look around, cherishing a rare time where she could stand with her grand-daughter and see what she saw. Being in the presence of kin, with such a promising future, it warmed her heart.

She turns to Vhe, and while there was a smile beneath the mask, it was not visible save for her eyes. "This path you travel, it will test you. Each day is a new trial, one wrestling with the current of choices. Right and wrong, good and evil, light and dark. It is a hard line to walk and find that balance. Our people were once strong, now.. they have scattered. Much like the sand that blows freely here; lost. The echoes of the Force call out to you. It's in your blood. Learn to harness your gift, become stronger, then.. find me when you are ready for your next trial. You will know where to look next. Be safe, Vhe."

Adris turns slowly and begins to walk back to the fire, her image losing its integrity and shape, and her voice grows more distant. "We will see each other again..-- You all! Take care of my grand-daughter. She means everything to me..." Adris' head dipped, and her image faded.

All at once, the scenery panned back to normal, the fire lowering to a crackle and hot embers, and the arrival of another party member seems to 'wake' them up.

"HEY.. is everyone okay?" The accented Alderaanian asks, clapping her hands. "Anyone hoooooooooommmmme?" It's Aryn, and she's just carried over a fresh cooler of adult beverages!

The Nexu lower and Vhe feeds the force freely now that its found purpose in the calming of the wild. Peace. Breathing in, the young Ysanna watches her grandmother with care. TRIALS! She had said more than one so as she rises and the lake once more returns and their original setting made clear she slowly steps closer to Adris. She does not get far enough for she nods, listening to the words the wise woman speaks.

"Yes, Ahna," she says in her native tongue, turning to watch her step past as her brows furrow, a shake of her head to follow as she stares at the figure departing in flame just as she had arrived in it. "More..." she says and then there is Aryn.

She blinks, turning her head to look at the Princess and seems still to be miles away. "I...oh..." she did not see it? She gives each a questioning look and Vhe slowly draws closer to the fire and the waiting adult beverages. Those are going to be needed.

Ban Iskender blinks twice, turning a curious smile to Aryn and the fresh drinks. "Oh, dear," he notes to the Princess in a dry, even tone. "My Lady.. I regret to inform you: you've missed everything." He'll dip his head and give a word of thanks while claiming one of the drinks. "When did you last see a pack of nexu?" he asks of Aryn, before taking a first taste.

Elrych gives his own blink as he is back sitting where he once was. He looks down, lightsaber still on his hilt. "Well I guess they are right when you become one with the Force you become more powerful then anything we could possibly imagine." An astonished shakes of his head before he looks over to Vhe, then to ARyn and the Cooler. "Yeah a dirnk would be nice right about now." He stands then to help Finn put some wood on the fire.

"Hey, Princess," Finn calls out easily to Aryn, slinging his blaster back around to his back and strolling over towards the cooler, "You missed the big monster and Vhe's Jedi mind tricks. They'll all deny it, but I was a real hero, too." He grins broadly before his attention drifts to the cooler, bobbing down to look inside for something. As he rises back up, he looks towards Elrych's tending of the fire and nods approvingly: "A plus."

Yuun wakes up, he yawns and stretches a little bit. He looks around and then he looks to his hands, his fighting gloves weren't on. He quriks a brow and smirks a little bit, he chuckles a bit. Yuun looks over to Aryn and smiles as the others, "Yeah you missed somethign pretty cool." he says to her. He looks to Vhe, "Good job Vhe." he bows his head to her. As Finn explains how he was a hero, "Yeah, you should've seen him, I'm glad Finn was there to help out."