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Jedi Order: Force Training

OOC Date: November 6, 2015 (Optional)
Location: Chandrila
Participants: Jax Greystorm, Yuun, Rune, Vega, Qutha Buvu Pah, Rey

Jax Training Class: Force Technique: Enhance

It was toward evening and after dinner, Jax had let it be known that the class he would be teaching would be held at the Porg Santurary. So the jedi knight was sitting under a tree, his legs folded beneath him as he meditates in the grass. A few of the the small avian creatures pretty much run, and fly about ignoring the jedi at the moment. There is more interesting things for them to do.

The Zelosian seems to be at odds with the little flappy things. His cloak is a little overlong already, but now it's being pulled down and making him walk with a slight backwards lean for the small group of the creatures settled onto the hem. The group having forced their way on and content to ride the rough-spun cloth while making their little squeals and squeaks at the wonder of a free ride.

Shaking out his sleeves and pulling a bit of grass stuck in his heard, Qutha arrives at last, looking for the majority to discern where it is he will need to join for the lessons.

Rune arrives a little later than the meeting was supposed to start, still wearing the black and chocolate brown robes from the outing at Naboo, the normally lightly hued Jedi is a striking form in the new attire. Regardless of his wear, the young Ysannan is giddy and looks elated to be attending Jax's teaching, the hazel eyed Force user giving smiles to the lot of them as he steps into the Porg's area. The porgs, however, are a little less thrilled with his arrival, one of them seeming to take offense to a new male in the territory and he squawks his displeasure long and loudly.

Vega has taken to visiting the porgs a lot since this place got built. She is quietly watching the others as Jax speaks though and she's not too sure what the Porgs role might be in this teaching exercise, but she keeps quiet and makes sure that she doesn't miss anything.

Yuun had heard about the class that was to begin today, even though he's masted the ability, he wanted to see how Jax taught, there was something for him to learn and Yuun walks to the Porg Sanctuary and he watches as people come, he waves, "Hello, don't mind me, I'm just here to watch." he smiles. He finds a place to sit and watch.

Jax looks up from where he was meditating, "If you're wishing to attend the class, please join me. Also please do your best to ignore our mischievous friends. They do not behave as we like and add quiet a bit of chaos in a safe way." The porgs were a nuisance and a distraction. Things jedi always needed to practice tuning out to concentrate. Jax gave the students a moment to come sit cross legged with him. "If you're ready to discuss the ability of enhanced attribute, you've been with us for a while. You've learned many things in the force. I believe Enhance attribute fulls in the Control force abilities. To me it is an extension of the ability of the enhance movement. So that we've established that. Please share with me what you have learned about the Control abilities of the force, and what you expect to learn tonight?"

"They do as they wish." Qutha simply notes as he wakes his passage across to where Jax is, settling in and taking a few moments before realizing the manner that they're expected to settle in. Quiet as trees, even with porgs trying to scale his cloak to make their way up to sit on the zelosian without a care in the world.

"Personally I'm still working at much of the basics, learning to allow the force to guide movements as needed, both with saber forms as much as anything else. Moving things with the force, moving thoughts with the force. It's all linked together, a web of roots if you step back and see; learning how to... I guess fuel some of my abilities with the force; what you speak of is something that can help broaden some of the understandings."

When invited, Rune steps by the shrieking Porg to sit cross-legged in front, and a little to the side, of Jax. The Initiate looks from one member to the next, waiting until Qutha has finished speaking before it's his turn to say a few things. "Uh personally, controlling the Force seems like it will always be a work in progress. I still struggle with using it to move objects, finding myself blinded by size and forgetting that it matters not when it comes to the power that runs through all things." He pauses to consider, nodding toward Q's explanation. "I find that it is easier to master my own abilities and how they relate to the Force. Being able to... unlock those parts of myself, I believe, will help me to work with the Force to help those most in need that we encounter."

Vega slinks to find a seat on the ground and settles into the meditation position. Her bb-unit stays off towards the side and taps one of the Porgs on top of the head gently. Which causes it to sqwak gently. Weirdos. "While we've been studying for many years I think that some of us would differ in opinions on 'controlling' that which we can't see. Feel...yes. I'm a little odd in regards to that though." she admits in her quiet tone.

When Jax begins to speak to his students, Yuun smiles and he finds a place to sit and relax. It's not long until he has a Porg sitting on his head with one of his dreads it's it's mouth playing with it. A chuckle escapes Yuun as he sat there, though the chuckles are quiet, Yuun seems to be enjoying himself.

Rey had spent the past couple days in the Y'Toub system. The Jedi had a safe house there that they did business with some of their contacts in the system at, usually involving funneling Force Sensitive people away from dangerous places, sometimes even in to the Order itself. In fact that is what Rey had done... met and brought a couple new students to the temple on Devaron, young ones, who'd lost their parents to some agents of darkness...

Now, moments after the Falcon had landed at the light house, Rey is disembarking and taking off her pale blue hood. She's unraveling it from her shoulders and walking toward the porg sanctuary. Dressed in more street styled clothing, she approaches the porg yard and offers a smile to those who are gathered there in. Her scarf and hood are taken off and rolled around her forearm as she just quietly listens for now.

The porg on Yuun's head gets a faint smile out of the young woman while she reaches her hand up to fiddle with the braids behind her head, looped together like rings hanging from a small bun at the back of her neck.

"Thank you for sharing all of you. So this brings up the first part of the lesson. When I speak of control, I do not mean controlling the force. It is our ally, as jedi we do not bend it to our will. I mean using the force to exert a greater amount of control over our own bodies. Most force powers fit in three categories, Control, Sense, and alter. Sense is using the force to detect well things that we could not normally sense. Alter is using the force to alter our environment around us or something in our environment. It's using the force to act other things. Now this is just one school of thought. Consider for a moment, somebody know something we're trying to find out. Lets say where a kidnapped child is being held. We could use affect mind to alter their line of thought to reveal where the child was. We could use telepathy and hope to sense the knowledge. Finally we could enhance our charisma and persuade them to tell us. This would be an example of control."

Jax watches as the Porg gets ontop of Yuuns head and then returns to his class, "Qutha talks about using Enhance attribute to make himself more physically capable. I confess that is what I use it for the most. I use it to make me dexterous, but as I have hinted that is just one use. It can make you faster, stronger, and yes smarter. So I want you to name a task that is difficult for you. Be it complicated math, climbing this tree, stealing Rey's scarf. You're task tonight is open yourself to the force let it guide you, control you to attempt to accomplish this task."

"In part, I've often tried to simply commune as best I can, to see how the force might aid or guide... In all honestly I've spent so much time simply working with the land and the trees we tended for the orchards I'm used to... I guess, moving with them. Burt I need to actually become more masterful in the matter of exerting control." Qutha scratches at one of his sideburns before his eyes roll skyward when one of the porg's crawling on his shoulder grabs his sleeve to bring the scratching hand over to give -it- a scritch.

"As you can see." a bit of a chagrinned chuckle escaping the zelosian while he acquiesces and begins casually preening the little creature with his fingers.

Rune listens quietly to Jax's statements, processing the lessons he gives, and nods to the examples presented in understanding the different 'schools' of the Force. He will admit he has often tried to control the power, bend it to his will in times of panic, rather than let it flow through him and work together to accomplish the feat. But the thoughts provided make sense and the Initiate is nodding along with his words.

The difficult task isn't something that hard to suss out, in fact it's been forefront on the young Jedi's mind for some time now. "Diplomacy. Knowing what to say and when to say it, I find my lack of... social graces comes across less charming than I would like." Rune mentions, a sheepish look coming over his features. The Ysannan is known more for acting than speaking, anything to help in this regard would be most welcome.

Vhe is a little late to the gathering or perhaps arriving exactly when she means to. The colorful Ysanna has left her shoes on the ground floor in favor of walking unshot through the lighthouse. Her wandering eventually draws her to the Porg sanctuary when she hears the conversation inside. A smile draws across her lips as she watches Jax with the initiates before her attention drifts to Rey and Yuun. A nod of her head is given to them both as she approaches, not wishing to interrupt Jax at the moment in his instructions. "Hello to you both." She keeps her voice pitched into a soft hush so as not to draw attention from the work being done with the Force. "So they grow and learn." She continues to stand back as her head tilts, thick braided hair shifting along her shoulder. When Jax looks their way she lifts her hand in a slight wave.

Rey folds her arms together in front of her with the scarf draped around her left forearm. She glances over to Vhe when she arrives and gives the other woman a bright smile before the talk of her scarf has her looking back and then down at it. She raises her arm up then and holds her hand out palm upward, the edge of the scarf dangling from her wrist and forearm then.

She doesn't yet talk or do much more than this yet, though when a Porg jumps up and starts to flutter toward her arm to land on it and get in the way, Rey looks over toward the Porg and reaches up with her right hand to intercept it and let it land on her right wrist instead where she then deposits the bird on to her shoulder. "I'm watching you ..." She whispers to the Porg that looks at her with HUGE EYES!

Jax waves to Vhe. He chuckles, "I think that Porg is accepting the challenge Rey." Then he says to the class, "Reach out to the force as you do. Let it flow through you and guide you in your tasks. Just as you let it guide you when you run, jump, and swim. Let it focus on improving your natural talents. I can't promise this will over come your lack of knowledge in a skill but it will bolster you. This is why learning how to do things without the force is important." He gestures to Vhe. "Vhe, they're taking the first steps of learning how to Enhance their attributes with the force. Would you like to speak to the class about your thoughts on the matter?"

Lips parting as his expression goes far away, Qutha begins making a soft trilling while twitching a fingertip beneath the porg's chin. Focused and not at the same time as he lets himself sink into himself. Flattening his palm so that the pug faced avian can climb aboard to be gently placed in his lap. Chirruping and squeaking until Qutha issues a small purring sound.

He doesn't speak up - just looks to Jax then Vhe, emerald eyes shimmering momentarily when the light passes over them. Meanwhile the porg? Sitting with its little wing set in a sort of impersonation of hands folded over its pudgy little feather belly, feet waggling inward then out.

For some reason Rune's speech sounds a little more flowery, a bit more convincing, alluring even when he turns to converse with Rey. "That is a very nice scarf, Rey. I wonder what it would look like if I wore it?" He says, a wide smile touching his eyes while the charisma exudes from him. He's certainly more diplomatic, but going from zero to some is still a marked improvement. When Vhe is asked to speak, Rune turns his attention to her, hand still held out for the possibility of receiving Rey's scarf.

"I see, the Force is a blank canvas, our will is what bends it, molds it, makes it more than what it is in its natural state." She smiles at Rey and Yuun before stepping forward and looking to Jax. "May I?" She waits for affirmation.

"I see, the Force is a blank canvas, our will is what bends it, molds it, makes it more than what it is in its natural state." She smiles at Rey and Yuun before stepping forward and looking to Jax. "May I?" She waits for affirmation before stepping forward. "You must in this case focus on your intent, what is it you wish the Force to help you with. It is a matter of focus and meaning....guide the Force, like rerouting a river, smooth its path and give it a target, allow it to fill your purpose. Imagine it being so." She breathes in and extends her hands, focusing on the Force as her eyes close. "It is here before me, whether it be gentle or rough a river can be rerouted from its course in the direction you wish it to go with care and understanding of how it moves and adapting your motions so you do not Force but merely, move."

Rey's eyes leave the porg and go over to Rune who speaks those words of challenge. Her brown eyed gaze drops down to her forearm where the soft fuzzy scarf is wrapped up. She just flashes a grin at Rune in response. "Well, either I give you the scarf or this porg here looks like he was planning to use it as a bathroom." She says, giving the avian a glance before looking back to Rune. "So I prefer you take it, I think." She says as she pulls the scarf off and rolls it up before tossing it to Rune.

"Try not to use it for the same purposes, please! I am rather fond of it!"

Jax grins as Qutha and Rune but seem to accomplish their tasks. "With the force we can accomplish great things." He nods to Vhe and falls silent as she speaks of how she uses the force to guide her and ehance her abilities. He muses quietly. " Thank you, Vhe. As I had said there are different schools of thought on how to achive this. I have one and Vhe has another. Though you notice we both speak of allowing the force control us as much as we try to control the force. Do not try to break the force to your will, do not be arrogant. That is a dark path. Let it flow through you, let it shape you or shape it. They both happen naturally. Vhe do you have any stories of when this force power has been a great aid to you?" Then he looks at the those in the class, "If you share with the class what you did to accomplish your goal? What you felt? Anything you want to share with us?"

Qutha and Porqutha both look up and towards Vhe when Jax asks her to speak, the zelosian's hands resting on either side of the porg and the porg making big eyes in the direction it stares. It could be the naturalist environment here in the sanctuary. Farm boy seems to do well in his 'natural element' so to speak. Both brows lifting up and a little burping buzzing sound coming from the creature in his lap, the pair look to one another in unison - one gently admonishing and the other trying to look oh so innocent.

The younger Ysannan listens to his peer, her words of cooperation with the Force helping to form more of an idea of how to work with it for what he wishes. When her speech finishes, he turns back to Rey with that extended hand, surprised when he's flailing trying to catch the scarf that is flung toward him. Rune manages to grasp it before it hits the ground, quickly drawing it in and giving all the errant Porgs about a steely look, now on guard in case one wishes to do as she mentioned. Hesitantly, he wraps it about his neck and over his shoulders, looking down at the contrast of light on dark. "I uh... I do not think it suits me."

Jax's question has his eyes lifting to the teacher, an eyebrow quirked as he tries to recall how he accomplished the feat of improving his speech. "I... I simply felt the Force in me, thought of what I needed to do, and felt the power flow through my words." He remarks with the barest hint of a smile. "And it seems the Force was able to improve the urgency or charm behind the request." At this he turns to Rey with an eyebrow lifted, "...though I am not certain that just asking Rey without the use of the Force would have yielded the same result." Regardless, there he sits with his 'prize' looped about his shoulders... but looking rather ridiculous with the scarf seeming out of place.

Vhe turns her head to look at Jax, a tilt of her head following as she nods, "You are correct, there is a harmony in how you must use the Force. It is part of you as it is part of everything else. When you use it with purpose, you give it purpose," she quiets, the question asked of her drawing her attentiong and then a thoughtful expression. "I can not quite remember the planet we were on but we were there as dipomats. Unfortunately a faction did not want peace and aimed a speeding hover truck right at our ship as we were preparing to board. The Force answered my call and I reached out, changing the intent and flow of the truck to ceases its movement forward, never have I performed such a task and I held it until the others of our Order could aid me in shifting it fully. I felt as though I could almost here The Force, the connection between me and the truck complete, focused, tethered so that I knew exactly how to hold that link between us. I felt whole, complete...like I could reach through the Force and understand it completely."

It isn't a second longer after Rune gets the scarf wrapped around him that the porg on Rey's shoulder takes to the skies and flies right over to land on Rune's head now. He looks around, hops around and then looks right over, bending over to look in to Rune's eyes.

He squaks! Then floofs out his feathers and sits down... uh oh.

Rey looks at this and just smiles ear to ear before she looks between Jax and then to Vhe. She hears the story of the truck and shakes her head side to side. "I don't recall that one. I don't think I was there for it... It sounds like you did a great job though, Vhe." She says to the other with a softer but still warm smile.

Jax points to the Porg on Rune's head, "Careful, that's one of those complications that the galaxy puts in our way. They disrupt our concentration and our connection to the force. YOu may have to tune it out." Jax smiles as he listens to Vhe's story. He nods, "That was during my time away from the order. It's a good story. It's something to remember. Remember the force is our ally. In the early days of the order, when things were new. We helped the Resistance infiltrate a First Order Space station. It was when Leia was took prisoner I believed. We stole the intel to find her. I was able to use this skill to walk between security sweeps and then let the force guide me to allow me to help slice the computer for the intel. Vhe what is the one thing would you suggest they take away from this lesson?"

Then Jax smiles, "And I guess this is time I should point out, the sun is nearly below the waves, Our lesson is nearly done. I want you to practice enhancing your attributes and challenging yourselves till our next lesson."

Qutha has already put his goggles on at this point, so that he can see. As without the moon at full it's a chance-cube toss to know for sure if he can even do that. Some of his belt lights are on, but he has remained seated while Jax has announced the lesson over for the time being. Nothing, still, to say so far.

Those distractions as Jax mentioned; such as doing his best to remain calm while being gradually surrounded by his own personal hell; night vision goggles or not.

...And that's about enough of the scarf! Though Jax's words are true, tuning out complications in order to carry through a task is necessary, poo on one's head is not a complication he wishes to deal with right now. Rune quickly unwinds it from his shoulders and holds it up to catch Rey's notice. "Eeeer uh... I think it looks best on you." He remarks and flips it back in her direction, the ends flipping out to fly gracefully through the air. Once he accomplished that task, the next was to remove the Porg from his head, as delicately as possible. Translation, Rune darts both hands up to scoop up the little devil and hold him out in front of his chest, well away from his clothing and hair. The Porg squawks in defiance...

"It is something that needs remembering and when I do have my moments where I fail, where I fall short and the Force does not answer me I know that it means I must focus, train more and believe. Sometimes that is not an easy task to do when you feel like the ground is giving out beneath you. We are all still learning...and finding our strengths. Together we make something stronger, sure, and stable." She smiles at each of them and steps back, moving to stand closer to Jax as her head dips and she speaks faintly to him before giving him a nod.

Yuun has been preoccupied with the Porgs, he now has one on his head tugging on his dreads, he has a porg on each of his shoulders and now one nesting in his lap. He sighs, "I guess they like me." he says as he watching the porg who is trying to create a nest on his lap but failing as Yuun takes the hay from his lap then chuckles.

Rey catches the scarf in her half gloved hands. She smiles at Rune and shakes her head gently. "I found that these little creatures really set their sights on things that interest them and its almost impossible to shake their curiosity until they've gotten to experience the object to its fullest. I swear they'd be little scientists if nature had granted them the slightest bit more... well." She glances at the ones on Yuun and just smiles before laughing softly.

Her scarf is stuffed in to the one of the pockets of her synth-leather jacket. She looks then to Vhe and Jax. "You both have done a good job with this class. It is one of the more... challenging uses of the Force to properly elaborate with spoken word, but this was a good way of doing that. Discussing these things is always an ideal path to take..."

Jax nods his head at something. There's a smile on his lips. "I believe they do my friend." He rises and reveals he's got a handful of small sacks of bird seed. He tosses one to each of the jedi that's willing to catch. "I figure we owe them for use of their homes." He says opening one of the bag he kept. Then starts to sow some seed. "Thank you, Rey. We've came a long way from me bring in frozen balls of ice to throw at each other." Then he says, "Remember, There is no emotion, but Peace. There is no Ignorance, but Knowledge. This is no passion, but serenity. This is no chaos, but harmony. This is no death, but the Force. May the Force be with you."

That at least makes the creature in his hands happy, and Rune quickly sets it down before snagging the bag of seed from the air. He nods to Jax's words as he tears open the sack, emptying out some feed for the Porg to feast on, a sort of thank you for not defecating on his head. "Thank you, Jax... and thank you all." He replies, "May the Force be with you, too."