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Jedi Order: Immortal Hand

OOC Date: June 28, 2021
Location: Nal Hutta
Participants: Jedi Order: Rune, Kasia Ashkuri, Jax Greystorm, Qutha Buvu Pah, Yuun, Aryn Cortess, Chani Tahn, and Rey Skywalker with Chewbacca and Ben Solo

After the events on Carida, it had taken some time with a number of specialized slicers consulting to crack the encryption on the datapad Zandra had found in the belly of the mysterious black ship left behind as a decoy. What they found was far from clear, but there was enough to go on: communications referencing a mysterious Oobla the Hutt.

And so it was that the Jedi came to Nal Hutta, seeking the trail of Oobla the Hutt. "I'll admit I don't have the most experience at negotiating with Hutts," Ben is saying as he trudges through the swamp, trying to avoid the deeper puddles that threaten to overflow his boots. "The last time I threatened to blow up a starport. I don't think it would carry the same weight anymore." The air is fetid and foul, at least by human standards, and the path is more of a sparsely-fenced walkway where the water is mostly-guaranteed to only be a certain depth rather than swallowing one whole.

"Oobla holds court in an out-of-fashion bar. It doesn't mean he isn't dangerous. I'd like to avoid a fight," Ben says, boots dredging up algae, "so be alert. There may be an alternative even if he is less than... helpful."

Rune finds his eyebrow lifting higher and higher the more Ben talks. "You threatened to blow up a starport?" His hazel eyes turn to find the rest of the group as they trudge through the swamp, a question on his face but left unsaid by his lips. Eventually he shrugs and returns his attention to their trek, mostly because the puddle that Ben deftly avoided the Ysannan squarely placed his boot in. His foot, with the boot attached fortunately, comes free with a squelch, a look of irritation springing to his features nearly immediately.

"Hopefully the meeting will be well worth all this walking... it is going to take days to get this planet's stench out of this clothing." Since when did the former savage become concerned with appearances and scents, it's almost like he's becoming more and more adapted to society and existing among people who care about such things. With a little wiggle of the foot, he shakes off some clinging mud and algae and continues along behind the bigger, oft grumpy, man.

Kasia is dressed up a touch more nicely than she has for previous missions, with her hair styled and makeup done, though she wears the robes given to her through the Order, and she has trousers and boots on along with them. The level of fancy doesn't delve into the realm of impractical, but nice enough to be presentable. "I've been here before, and dealt with Hutts before. I know the language. If I can help here I will." She doesn't sound thrilled, she's made no secret of there being a history with the Hutts that she isn't fond of, but it's not the first time she's had to set aside that unpleasantness for a purpose.

The great big walking carpet has come along on this ride. Whoever thought Chewie might be helpful probably just didn't want to tell him to stay on board the ship. There could be wiring pulled out all over the corridors just when you needed to take off in a hurry.

Chewie huffs and makes a faint noise at what Ben tells them. He at least doesn't seem to mind the smells (at least it's not garbage), the jungle, or the wet feet as they splash through the water. He looks at Rey, then the others. He'll follow along and mostly stay quiet, watchful, as they begin to traverse the swamp.

Jax was trudging along in the mud and sludge that was Nal Hutta. "I am willing to help however I can but I don't speak Huttese." Jax says as he trudges along. Then at Ben's comment about blowing up a spaceport. "Ben, I may be a bit senstive of the matter as I had an apartment in the spaceport and I was in a building with my mother and wife on Sullust you had a super star destroyer glassed. It's still a bit too soon for that joke."

This place is fantastic. The air is humid, the plantlife is absolutely rampant. The air could be better, and the water is... We're not going to talk much about the swamp water; but the hutts definitely provide their own special sauce there. Qutha couldn't be happier by the look of him.

Hood down and already several samples in his satchel. "Why I bet I could cultivate some of these algae with strains I picked up on Pamarthe - leech a lot of what's soaking into clothes right out!" the zelosian beams to himself, shaking his head to flick fog dampened hair out of his eyes. Slowly nearing the Wookiee... watching his fur for anything getting gathered up at his legs.

Yuun enjoyed the ride over, though this is really his first time coming to Nal Hutta. He's normally going to Nar Shadda, it' never really occured to him to stop by here. Then again, he honestly didn't have a reason to show up on the planet and with just that one thought, he scolds himself. Knowing that, as a Jedi he should visit as many places as they can. Can he save everyone or every being? No, but knowing as much as he can, is something he can do.

Upon landing, Yuun walks down the landing ramp of the Falcon, this ship is growing on him, though as he squelches onto the ground, he coughs as the fetid stench of the swamp. "Oh, this is a wonderful smell you discovered Ben." he says jokingly.

When Ben speaks up about prior he would threaten the Hutts to blow up starports. Yuun shakes his head, "That was in the past Ben." he says simply. Looking to Rune who speaks up next, Yuun doesn't say anything. He looks around at the others, "I've not dealt with Hutts before so I will help where I can, mainly keep watch and make sure we're alert as best I can." he says offering a position for him. He thinks for a moment, "Kasia, I don't think we've really fully met, but with you having more experience maybe you can take the lead?" he asks. He looks to the Knights and Rey to see what they think.

This was not the first time Aryn had traveled to the Hutt controlled system for business. Much to her chagrin, there was much to be gained from the Hutt influence if one could be persuaded to avert their gaze from all the slaves. Aryn could never overlook it though, and the cool pragmatism of other Lords and Ladies often had the stomach to treat with Hutts. Aryn could not. Every time she saw a slave, her thoughts traveled back to her friend Nomi.

Aryn quietly agreed that Kasia should be the one to treat with this Oobla. Knowing the language was the first challenge, but producing something in trade that they wanted in exchange was the harder thing to conjure up. What would a Hutt want?

"At least I'm still used to the smell." The muck in the swamp wants to trap her boots like filthy glue, but Chani urges her foot forward and up at the same time, allowing for the upward angle of the toe tip to help prevent it from being sucked off her foot. The hem of her robe has no such luck. It's quickly coated and weighted in mud and brackish water that will carry the stench of the swamp along with her throughout the trip. Despite the humid heat, Chani doesn't sacrifice any of her layers. The hood, at least, is down, and her hair is fastened into a tight bun and slicked back so that it's out of her face and off her neck. Little beads of sweat dwell around her temples and neck. "If all else fails, I hear they like money."

Once she'd seen the planet on the way in, Rey knew she needed to not wear capris and short boots. She'd dug out an older outfit that was in a folded container inside of the cargo room she called her personal space on the ship. She'd changed in to it and joine dthe others on the way out.

Now, having full boots on, Rey is better prepared for trudging along through the muck and mud. She tries to choose wha tlooks like dry places, as dry as she can find anyway, yet still her boots are caked in the local goop and gunk.

Her attention is on the conversation being had, but she stays out of it for now. Her eyes go to Qutha and she smiles at him. "Let me know what you find with all of that." She says, as local plantlife has become a bit of a hobby for her as well.

Otherwise, Rey continues walking, her hands on the strap of her satchel ove rher shoulder and her long braided hair dangling down behind her shoulders and swaying side to side as she walks...

Rey's eyes go to Chani then as she catches that last bit, she shows her a smile as well. "Good thing we're all ridiculously welathy then." She says, joking of course!

"It wasn't a joke," Ben replies sourly to Jax, eyes skidding to the left momentarily as he tries to connect the accusations levelled to specific memories but there are too many bombardments and victims in that miasma to pluck a single one out of his memory by the names of the unknown injured alone. "I hope they weren't too badly harmed," he decides reluctantly, knowing as soon as he says it that it's a pretty poor excuse for blowing somebody up and making a mental note not to reference orbital strikes around Jax again. Mercifully, their destination looms up out of the soupy air.

The name of the bar in Huttese is emblazoned on the side in a fizzling holographic font that reads 'Crispo Waba Smak-Tellia', loosely translated as 'Death Wish Cafe' or something similar. The walls are dilipated and lean in towards the center, a number of thugs of various stripe lounging in ramshackle chairs on the 'porch', just barely elevated above the muck of the swamp. Weequay and Gamorrean, mostly. At the Jedi's appearance, a female Mirialan dressed in faded finery issues forth from the door, her face marked with precise diamonds composed of smaller diamonds. "Stay where you are, strangers. The great and powerful Oobla sees no one unannounced. Name yourselves and state your intention, and what tribute you have brought to offer as a token of your esteem."

Ben bites his tongue from issuing a threat about starports and glances towards those more skilled in peaceful negotiations, a blanket phrase for 'everyone present'.

Rune looks back and forth between the people talking about Sullust and Ben, his eyebrows lifting higher as he listens, disbelief creasing his expression ever more as they talk. Ben's explanation finds his jaw nearly dropping, wondering what there is about Solo that he's not aware of. Regardless, that's not the man he knows, Ben being gruff and all but surely not capable of destroying an entire starport... back to paying attention where his feet are being placed when another boot finds its way into a sucking pit of mud. "I did enjoy that small period of time where we visited nice planets. We should continue that theme in our next outing." he states with a hopeful smile, trying to change the subject and raise morale a bit with one go.

Whether or not the joke landed, their destination appears and soon the group is passing from the humid outdoors to the dark and humid indoors, their situation not changing a whole lot save the need to look at their feet to ensure attempted cleanliness. As Ben looks back to the rest of them gathered, so too does Rune look behind him at others more suited to speaking, that not being a category the novice Jedi finds himself within. He's learned well before now that speech is definitely not his forte.

Though Kasia wasn't certain of the precise mission details before getting the information from Ben, but knowing the destination of Nal Hutta was enough to clue her in on the potential of Hutt interaction, which means she's at least slightly prepared. As they're questioned, she carefully works a couple of rings off of her fingers, then slides them into a small bag that only contains a little bit of lint until she slides the rings inside of it. It's cloth, and snaps at the top, and when asked what they've brought as tribute she extends the small blue bag toward the gatekeeper at the door. "Well, we've brought these. It's jewelry, and while I know it's not directly practical, the piecess are valuable." She inclines her head slightly to the Mirialan woman. "I hope that this is enough to earn us audience with the esteemed Oobla."

Chewbacca has some to a stop. He's probably being very helpful by blocking the path for those behind him. He's useful that way. He looks at the ramshackle building he could probably blow down with a sneeze, then studies the 'guards' out front, lastly the greeter. Then his attention slips back to the building.

Wait. What's that smell? Chewie turns his head and sniffs the air. Somebody's ... cooking something. It smells good.

"I don't understand what everyone is going on about. I would live here. The air is SWEET and FRAGRANT!" taking a deep breath as he goes, Qutha continues to be That Guy in the swamp, picking a small green blossomed bloom from a flat green pad-leaf, turning it over, sniffing, inspecting and then offering it to Aryn as they walk.

"Now I suspect when we get to this hutt fellow, they'll need to have someone compliment them! I can fully do that, no problem at all I promise." arms moving out and around while he steps to keep balance. Notes about Ben's past being left to be handled by he and Jax - not his business to intrude at this time, at least.

His boots are off. When? But he can get his feet all up in that mud now. Squish! He's especially quiet once they make their way to the bar and they're being addressed Well for a moment, before he steps forward - arms wide to show he isn't holding a weapon. "The Magnificent and Omnisciently Wise Oobla The Hutt, a Hutt among Hutts, is so far above us in his grandeur that a token tribute is likely beneath him, especially when the opportunity to bask in his potent amplitude is to be gifted to us lesser beings, who will only go forth and spread the wonder of his sublimity!" the plant man tips his head to one side, "Would you be so generous as to convey these words, so that if he feels I have not properly addressed the spectacle of Oobla, I may make ammends?"

If they don't take the gemstones?

Where in Haran did that come from, Qutha?

Jax eyes Ben before responding, "They're fine. You saving Mom's life not so long ago went a long way. I also told Ax to stop flying that damn ship. Just don't expect any dinner invitations from Kasia if Hex's there. But maybe it's time for a new go to play."

Jax bows deeply, "I am Jax Greystorm. We wish to speak to the esteemed Oobla about learning some of his insights on a business matter." Jax looks to the Qutha and smiles. He doesn't offer anything yet as he waiting to see if Kasia tribute will suffice. He was dressed in basic robes and had little to offer.

The walk isn't bad but the more they walk, Yuun looks down at his legs. Always wearing some form of long shorts, and he feels he should've did what Rey did and change clothes, but he didn't have extra clothes. He sighs a little and as the others as they walk. Taking in what is being said, Yuun looks back towards Chani as she says she is used to the smell, "I don't like this smell." he chuckles a little. Qutha gets a funny look from Yuun, "I guess people like what they like." he says as they continue to walk.

As they make it to the cantina, he moves towards the back a little and just keeps a look out for the time being as Kasia and the others speak up. He studies the Mirialin at the door, and he notes the tattoos she has. He then looks around the surrounding area to make sure they're not being stared at too much.

Aryn accepts the green bloom with a gloved hand and inspects it too. She does not recognize it though, or what qualities may come from having skin contact with it. Despite the unknown, she observes its exterior and smiles back at Qutha. "Thank you."

Aryn did not bring the bloom up to smell, but she placed it back on the ground before arriving at this strange place. "I wonder if they have a nice cuisine inside.." more to herself than to the one orchestrating their admittance. She left the negotiating to the team, this time, recalling Chani's words about money. She was right, it was the one language everyone knew. Aryn kept quiet to discern what was being offered as tribute. This seemed similar to court proceedings back home except, if the visitor brought anything other than wine or brandy, they were wrong.

"We'll write Aryn an I-owe-you," Chani confides to Rey loudly enough that the blonde noble can no doubt hear it. It's the last thing she says before lapsing into silence during the rest of the trip. Reaching their destination, Chani lurks in the back of the group while their path is halted. Her gaze wanders over the neon lighting formulating the sign, and its intensity seems amplified by the humid thickness of the air surrounding them. Told to halt, Chani brings herself to a stop and does just that. The Mirialan blocking their path asks for name and tribute, but Chani continues to remain content with her silence. Instead, her hands adjust the robe about her shoulders and she marvels at how heavy mud is while adjusting it.

Once they reach this destination, Rey's eyes wander around to take in some of their surroundings before the woman who approaches them and asks for offerings grabs her attention. This seems to surprise her a bit, but others start to step forward and do just so. Kasia's offerings has Rey showing a soft smile at her willingness to part with those items, and for a second she just watches until something strikes her mind.

She turns to her satchel and pulls it to the front of her lap, opening it up she shuffles a hand around inside of it before she pulls out a small wrap of cloth that she steps forward and offers as well. She wraps the cloth in her palm and shows off a small crystal. "It's Kyber, like the Jedi use in their lightsabers. It's from the planet of Ilum, which... is no longer with us. It's thusly rare and likely valuable."

Any one in the Jedi group who look at the crystal will see it's a shard, too small to be put in to a saber, but could be fashioned in to jewelry of some manner like Kasia offered.

With it offered, Rey steps back again and observes once more.

Ben's forehead wrinkles when Jax mentions him saving his mother's life. Who?

"You have not all spoken and it is not unnoticed," the Mirialan woman announces imperiously, arching one brow upward. "The mighty Oobla will not be pleased by your reticence." A green finger jabs out at Yuun in particular. "Keep your roving eyes to yourself, or lose them." As the gifts are presented, she sweeps out to the edge of the portico, leaning out to gather them up and secreting them away on her person. "Follow me." Without another word, she swirls inward, receding back into the bar, her manner and appearance slightly juxtaposed with the evident disrepair of the building. As the Jedi file past, mot of the thugs stare distinterestedly into the swamp, while one Gamorrean in particular eyes them with suspicion, a trail of snot wetting the bottom half of his porcine snout.

It DOES smell like someone is cooking something. It does not smell good.

Inside, the Crispo Waba is more run-down than outside. The lighting is sparse and the air is thick with dust, motes caught in the rays of sun that filter through gaps in the wall. A draft stirs them, or maybe it's the passage of the Mirialan woman as she proceeds across the room, mounting a platform at the far end where a mammoth slug reclines, dominating the back wall. "Ho ho ho, chowbasa, cheesar. Chowbasa wa my bunky dunko."

The Mirialan passes the Hutt their gifts, and aftering digging into the bag, Oobla produces Kasia's rings with a deep, booming laugh of pleasure as he pulls them over his fingers with some difficulty. "Nagoola, nagoola! Grancha Oobla chess gopptulaaaa."

"Mighty Oobla accepts your tribute and welcomes you to his home," the Mirialan translates as the Hutt turns the shard of kyber around and around, holding it up to the light, the slitted pupils of his large eyes narrowing as he appraises it. "Make your requests known. Surely you have come here to seek some favor, or information. Glorious Oobla will hear your plea."

The ship on Carida had mentioned Oobla; the same ship used to kidnap dozens of Dathomiri natives from Zifa's village, including the village matriarch.

Just when you think you can't be surprised by words, Q comes out and lays it on thick, the Ysannan watching the spectacle of groveling with an additional helping of disbelief. A few blinks accompany his shock before Rune clears his throat and smiles to the Mirialan, expecting everything to go thoroughly to plan... whatever plan that might be. Each of the gifts offered gets a nod from the man, himself having nothing of value on his person, or really in his ownership save the cobbled together lightsaber that hangs at his belt.

With the woman's accusations, Rune is taken aback, an opened mouth but silent protest comes as he looks to the rest of the group. Apparently he's also spectacular at ruining things by /not/ saying anything as well. "I am Rune." He states, a hand lifting to wave in greeting when the woman has turned and already started to lead them deeper. Heeding her advice, he keeps his eyes straight ahead, only looking to the nefarious figures that line their path out of his peripherals. Once they arrive before the 'mighty' Hutt, Rune slips to the side, standing out of the way of the rest and continuing to keep his mouth shut. Though, when looked upon, he does offer a bright smile and a nod of greeting to the large fellow.

Kasia watches the Mirialan woman as she assesses the tributes they've presented, holding her tongue as she admonishes them. Save for a slight incline of her head she doesn't react much to the displeasure. When she wants to, she is very good at masking her thoughts, keeping an outward placid expression as they're invited in, and then still once inside the unpleasantly aromatic establishment.

When presented to the Hutt, she inclines her head in deference in a way that she doesn't usually, and even when looking up at the Hutt there's something deferential about her demeanor.

The words that follow are the harder edged language of the Hutts, which she knows well enough to speak comfortably to the Hutt without need of a translator. "Mighty Oobla, my name is Kasia Ashkuri, and I, along with my friends, come representing the Jedi in search of information. We're seeking a particular black ship that was seen on Dathomir... taking some of the locals. We were fortunate enough to recover some information from our previous mission, and among it was a datapad with your name on it. We were hoping you might have some insight on this matter."

When she's done she bows her head again, then glances around at the others. In a low voice she relays in basic the gist of what she said to the Hutt as quickly as she can, then shifts her focus ahead again.

Jax remains quiet as the make their way to his magificant self. He watches as the hutt is eyeing the Kyber crystal. He allows Kasia to ask her question. He reamains low, "Oh Mighty Oobla, the majestic. I am Jax Greystorm and I am on the same journey as my companion here. I would like to ask of you." At that moment his noise hairs burn at the smell of the food cooking, He turns his head and sneezes. "Ahhh cheww... What is that being cooked?" Then realizing he'd just wasted his question due to a sneeze. He doesn't try to fumble or correct himself.

They're in, and so Qutha takes time to shake off his feet before walking into the tavern, because the Hutt may not appreciate -outside- filth brought into his court. He managed to talk the pretty words, but with no apparent need. So the Zelosian contents himself to surveying their surroundings again, hood back to let him see as much as he may without having light blocked from him.

Questions are going out and he has none to add. So silence. Even though this is his first hutt sighting. There is -SO- much he wants to ask.

As it happens, Chewbacca does know Huttenese. He's also delt with this particular Hutt before but it was Han who was the smooth one who did the talking. Not so much Chewie. The Wookiee sniffs the air and eyes the interior, then comes to stand with the others and a bit behind them as they are presented to Oobla.

He turns his furry head and wuffles something low to Rey, "Wralll wrall wuff huff wral wroll. Rwarl woff huff. Gwarl whorl rwarrl."

Yuun isn't surprised when the Mirialin speaks to him about watching his eyes, Yuun doesn't speak up, he was doing what he was going to. Looking along the porch he notices the thugs on the porch watching them, he didn't feel an immediate threat but he was getting a feeling of unease from them. His glance didn't linger though as they head inside, he did notice the Gamorrean which was giving him the worst feeling. For now he had them in his mind.

Looking to the rest of his group, Yuun moves in a way where he is making sure to cover or get to the group within a moments notice if there was a need for it. He wasn't going to be disrespectful here, he didn't want a fight but he wasn't going to shirk away from one if the situation called for it. Hopefully that wouldn't be needed here, so far things are going well he thinks. Having seen the jewelry that is being presented, Yuun is hopeful.

Stopping once they are inside and facing the Mighty Hutt, Yuun doesn't speak up at all, he is quiet and just watches and keeps his guard up for the time being, he does look relax and calm. He did feel a little uneasy as he didn't speak Huttese and it seems that is another thing on the list of skills he needs to learn. Still all of this is good training.

For Aryn, who had been admitted entry, this was new territory. While the court was not held in the splendor of an Alderaanian throne room, it had its own unique ambience here. Complete with the smell..ugh. Aryn failed to hide her discomfort with the smell, it showed in her expression. Was it coming from the Hutt? From their court? Everywhere? Aryn tried to do her best to display some bearing, and bowed slightly, to render respect to Oobla's station. "Well met, my Lord," She bids in basic, then retreats back to allow the native speaker, Kasia, to convey their request. The word 'plea' left a bad taste in Aryn's mouth. She suppressed the urge to be a snarky noble, this one time.

Being rebuked for her silence doesn't draw Chani to speak. Filing into the bar with the rest, her attention is diverted around the establishment before falling upon its self-proclaimed lord. Although she doesn't speak and she stays to the back of the group, Chani still bows at the waist in a gesture of greeting. At full height after, she spends the rest of her attention on each individual that comes before her and expresses an introduction or a question. Only when it is her turn does she bow again. "I am Chani Tahn of the Naboo. I seek nothing from the mighty Oobla and can offer you nothing but a song." She keeps it simple and to the point so that no time is wasted where it is better spent giving the floor to the gathered compatriots.

With others around her, Rey's once more looking over the denizens of the Hutt's audience chamber. This is... intimidating, even for her. It reminds her of something, a room with a crimson wall, a man on a throne ... she doesn't like it.

Her eyelashes flutter and she refocuses on the here and now, just in time to hear Kasia speak, followed by Jax's sneeze. Her eyes go to the Hutt as he examines the Kyber shard, then she hears Chewie speak lowly to her which draws her eyes over and up to him.

She shows him a soft smile and nods once, looking away agian. She speaks quietly to the Wookiee. "Sadly I'm fresh out. If only Poe were here." That is a joke, of course, a bit about that shady suff the Flyboy does, or did.

When it comes to a chance for her to speak, Rey takes a step forward on her muddy boots. "My Lord--" She does not like talking like that! Feels weird in the mouth! "We do indeed represent the new Jedi Order, and though we're new, we've made a great deal of contacts of all variety. One more thing we can offer you, should you help us, is a stronger network for your endeavors. If we can benefit each other, through deals that we're able to, such as this one... we'll be appreciative. Anything you can offer us, would be well received, I promise." Rey takes a step back then after suggesting a deal of information sharing when possible... with a Hutt, ugh, dirty dirty world.

The smell is absolutely coming from the swamp and the Hutt as well.

Some of the Jedi are silent, which is rude, and some of them make clumsy attempts at diplomacy, which is WORSE. The Mirialan woman suffers this in silence, and it's not clear whether she is going to refuse to translate for the Hutt.

"Eesha queesh, chaka no mala hoko," Oobla booms suddenly, "JEDI!" The kyber shard disappears into a meaty mit as he balls his hand into a fist, plunging the other into a tub at his side and fishing out a squealing amphibian to shove into his wide slash of a mouth. "Ada woodoo!" And more Huttese words follow until eventually the woman slips in again.

"The wise and powerful Oobla has nothing but respect for the Jedi. He remembers when all of them were killed. He wants you to know that he wishes no similar fate to befall you," she pronounces pointedly, with eyes like razors for the sneezing Jedi. "The great Oobla offers you a bargain: the people you seek in exchange for their leader. They had contracted with Mighty Oobla and fell afoul of the terms. Such contradictions cannot go unpunished. One of you must remain as collateral. Do we have a deal, Jedi?"

When the conversation slips out of basic, Rune is absolutely lost, he turns his head from one person to the next in an attempt to discern what is being said simply through body language. Fortunately it returns to the language he understands shortly and he nods along with the requests being made. He has no question to ask, nothing to offer, and is there to help should the need arise. At the moment though, customs of the Hutt court and the manner in addressing them is wholly lost on the man out of culture. Apparently joining one and learning one's customs does not adequately prepare someone for another. Rune resolves to study harder to learn more about the galaxy so that he won't be caught unaware again.

It may be a little too late, though trying to remain respectful, not knowing customs Rune is actually doing the exact opposite. However, he's completely unaware of the issue and instead balks at the claim of one remaining behind as collateral for the location of the ones they seek being revealed. Hazel eyes turn to Rey, Ben, and the group, appalled at how these negotiations have turned.

Kasia very nearly holds her breath, not just because of the smell, but also out of anticipation of hearing what the Hutt has to say in response. She listens to him and uses those few extra moments to muse the offer presented to them. Once again she says in Huttese, "Than you for your kind words, we are comforted to hear your well wishes for us." There is a pause, a small internal debate taking place before she goes on. Her lips purse for a moment in some unintended outward display of distaste that she didn't mean to let slip. She's out of practice. "If I may be so bold as to inquire, wise and powerful Oobla, what would you wish to do with the leader should we be able capture and bring them to you?" she has an idea of the likely response, but asks the question anyway. Any new information it might garner them is useful.

The former smuggler Wookiee bares his teeth in a grin at Rey, then sort of laughs softly, ere he growls low, "woeieowl rwowoal grarrrl rwowoll grarrrl rwowoal woeieowl rwarrl wrall."

Chewbacca directs his attention back to Oobla the Hutt and Kasia wheeling and dealing. He waits to see what Oobla says to her and them. Hrmmm. Chewie doesn't look pleased about leaving /anyone/ behind for 'collateral'. The Wookiee wails a brief protest.

Just because he understands Huttese doesn't mean that Chewbacca can speak it.

Jax remains quiet for a moment as he listens to the lord Oobla's words. He glances over to Kasia as she replies in Huttese. Then he nods his head, "Thank you for your kind words and your benevolence, mighty Oobla. I humbly offer that if this is the beginning of a frindship between you greatness and the jedi order, holding onto one of ours is not a proper way for us to begin by the jedi tradition. Though I will offer you this as gift." He holds up his saber, "THe weapon of a jedi knight not to hold but to have instead."

Trading information to become bounty hunters. That much already sits poorly for Qutha - and now the notion of collateral in exchange of a promise that the others uphold their part of the bargain. The Zelosian huffs and looks back and forth between the others, quietly indicate a willingness to be the one handed over to Oobla for the time needed to go investigate and retrieve.

He even opens his mouth to say it, like that annoying kid who has his hand up before everyone else. EVERY. TIME.

He does lean towards Rey, murmuring quietly, "Leave me, I'll be fine. I can make myself useful. I know you won't leave me behind long, okay?"

Ok the smell is seeping into Yuun's nose and he feels that he may need to throw away his clothing after this. The dark skinned Initiate does inwardly scold himself for not introducing himself. He mentally slaps himself as he didn't mean any disrespect at all for this. He lets out a silent breath and tries to relax again, he does pay attention alot of the conversation is in a language he doesn't have but when it's translated, he's all ears.

Paying close attention to what Kasia asks, he does look up to Oobla the Hutt and he bows his head to the Hutt as it's translated at how he respects the Jedi and such. He tries to get a read on the Hutt but isn't able to feeling that Oobla is sincere about his words. Though after a moment, Yuun does bow his head, "I would like to apologize for my slight earlier, I was deep in thought. My name is Yuun, it's an honor to meet your Highness Oobla the Hutt." he says in introduction. Late as it is, still it's one.

The idea that one of their number was to remain behind left Aryn feeling uneasy. Leia had shared with Aryn the experience of being around a Hutt, and the humiliation of what the late Princess had to do. The notion of remaining behind did not appeal to Aryn though she considered the sacrifice long enough to lose out on announcing it. Kasia asked what they intended of the leader if the Jedi brought them back; a worthy question and Aryn might have said so if she understood the tongues!

Jax offered his lightsaber; an interesting trade to be sure, and dangerous. Then Qutha announced being alright with staying behind, halting Aryn's offer before it could be voiced. Rather than offer a counter, Aryn stepped back quietly and observed the interaction. She found this custom of bartering fascinating. There's something to be said for a Hutt's passionate pursuit of a good deal. Her frugal Lord Father would approve.

There's no hiding the surprise of such a request for the few brief seconds it appears on her face. Regaining her composure, Chani glances around to those answering, though most of her focus is spent on Rey as the de facto leader of the Order. Her lips tighten in thought about the overall situation. Leaving someone behind is a risk, she thinks, but doesn't voice it. "I also volunteer to stay behind if it is necessary." Jax offering his lightsaber may or may not work, after all. And, if nothing else, she has a skillset well-suited to entertainment and the establishment is a bar. All that's left to do is watch the rest of the events unfold before them and hope that they've made enough of an offering and a point so they may continue their journey.

Rey's eyes are on the Hutt Lord as he makes his decree which has her shifting her weight on her feet. Her words didn't go over well, she could feel it right after she said it. She's not entirely sure the Translator is a fan of theirs either, so with a soft sigh Rey stands there quietly and listens.

When Qutha leans over to her to whisper she looks back at him and smiles softly. "No." She says quietly back at him, not wanting anyone to stay here. She looks back to Chewie then and nods her head softly, but doesn't yet act on that as an option either.

Rey sees the saber offered and hears Chani offers herself as well, which has the Paragon sighing. She steps forward then and looks to the Hutt where he rests. "With all do respect, Your Highness... We need all of our people to be successful in our endeavors. We need our 'things' as well." She says, looking to Jax and his presented lightsaber.

She then regards the Hutt once again. "You'd be wise to make a deal with us, we're more powerful than you might think." Is that a veiled threat? From a tiny Human 'girl'?

Kasia's question draws yet another booming laugh from the enormous slug, the folds of wrinkled flesh below his mouth expanding and contracting with the passage of air. "Mee jeeska mee dalo cheeska. Hako chuba hagwa choo hagwa nee choo."

"What business is it of yours? The actions of mighty Oobla are his own; he does not ask you to explain what you wish with these people."

A fat hand gloms onto Jax's lightsaber, claiming the Jedi's weapon with a satisfied belch. "Foonta, foonta." He holds it tightly, fingers still dripping from his snack while the Mirialan holds up the Hutt's end of the bargain.

"Those you are seeking contracted with the Mighty Oobla for resources in a standard enterprise, the acquisition and movement of labor. It was part of our deal that they were to deliver ten percent of the labor to Great Oobla for his own uses, but they have failed to do so. That is why you will find these 'acolytes', so called, and bring their leader here. Fanatics always come with some risk. It was to be expected."

Ben finally breaks into the conversation. "Acolytes of what?"

"The 'beyond'. Beyond what, we do not know. Only that this 'labor' was the key to unlocking a great power, the rewards of which were to be shared with Mighty Oobla. You should follow them to Selonia. Wise Oobla has ferretted out their operations there. Find them, and bring them here." A deep rumble of malicious amusement interrupts, and she adds, "Oobla will be waiting. With a piece of your Jedi's soul. We have a bargain."