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The Jedi return the dead to their respective home and barter for information

OOC Date: November 5, 2020
Location: Kamino
Participants: Jax Greystorm, Kasia Ashkuri, Vhe Tenara, Zandra naMuriel, Ban Iskender, Elrych Cometburn, Aryn Cole GM

The approach to the planet was eerie. Rare was it to find a world in spartan deep space, with a single distant star, and an entire mass comprised of sea. From orbit, they could see storm clouds which obstructed much of the planet's surface, and when long range sensors indicated a landing zone..the air in the control cabin felt thinner, like everything was on a knife's edge.

Cophrigin Echo, the Mon-Calamari luxury freighter owned by Lord Ban afforded the crew a natural defense against the planets most volatile force: the sea. Its sturdy size and stalwart engines were precisely what was required to navigate the stormy air, but alleviate any stress that might come from the skyscraper sized tidal shifts of massive waves. Tipoca City was the light in the darkness of the storm, and when the vessel broke through the screen of dark clouds, rain pelted the view ports and waves threatened to reach up and snatch the vessel right out of the sky. When they flew over the city, a general communication was relayed to the vessel, a kindly voice asking that they state their business.

"Well, I take this as a good sign," Aryn comments, trying to breath some happy thoughts into the cool unknown they were like to all be experiencing. <<"Tipoca City, this is Cophrigin Echo. We read you. We seek an audience with a representative of your city. Our cargo is of the most sensitive nature. We bring back one of your own; one who has passed on and may have wished to be returned to their home. May we have permission to land?">>

It takes several moments, and the voice that comes back is still pleasant. <<"Of course, Cophrigin Echo. You and your company can find harbor on landing pad two. Mind the waves.">> The voice cut out and a landing pad began to extend from the highest point of the city. Rain pelts the paneled decking as lights flicker on and strobes mark the flight orientation the ship must land at in order to be serviced.

Upon landing, magnetic power seats the ship in place with a loud CLANK, and droids make their way through the weather to begin the effort of tending the ship.

Aryn rises, pulling up the hood of her cape and wrapping herself beneath its protective confines. "I will prepare the deceased for transport, and can meet everyone below."

Outside, the storm was loud, but what was surprisingly louder than the thunder was the velocity of the rain and how it struck the sides of the city, creating a lighted aura of mists across the distant impressive structures that loom beneath the glare of the lightning strikes.

Ban Iskender may be the owner of the sea-and-space craft, but he is no master pilot. Thus, the approach is more.. tempestuous than it might have veen. When the magnetic landing clamps grip the craft, he exhales in a discreet breath of relief. Drawing a deep breath as he rises, the gentleman nods to Aryn. "As you say, my Lady." Once emerging into the rain, he is given pause. "Such.. cacophonous weather." Hood up!

Jax had made sure the coordinates for the Kamino system had been possible. Then had spent the trip meditating. It was the best way for him to hide the fact that letting other people fly made him nervous. Though it had been harder to once they got into a storm. Though when the Cophrigin Echo, had landed. Jax had stood and pulled his hood up and moves quietly to the landing pad.

Zan sits quietly on the ship, on the flight. She's thoughtful, curious about where they're going, watching what she can see both on the instrument panels and out the viewport. As the ship lands with the tempest that Ban described, she wrinkles her nose. "Nice flying," she says to Ban, quite seriously, on her way by. She pulls her own hood up, for protection from the weather, as she steps off the ship.

Kasia has spent most of the trip not too far from Jax, sitting quietly. Less nervous about other people flying, but well aware of the fact that though she knows most of the people here she's still the proverbial new kid in the group. So she's quiet, meditating off and on, listening, letting other people do the heavy lifting for now.

Something else was amiss, at least when it came to how on edge Elrych might have seemed, and it wasn't Lord Bang's flying. Elrych dark green hood was up, hiding the uncharacteristic nervousness of not knowing what exactly he was going into. The Corellian was good at putting on a mask, coming off as over confident and egotistical. He'd much experiance in his day, but lately the Force had challenged him and brought him to strange places... especially with regards to the Anchient Shith Cruiser and Red Claws that Black Squadron was dealing with. There was also the matter of Senator Naberrie, and despite the friendly demeanor the two shared and the conversation they enjoyed, the Force was pushing and tempting him to dig further for an answer to a question he did not know. Elusive it was and tempting frustration.

Vhe, of course, could sense all this. The bond between the two was strong, and while no where near the power of the Diad, it allowed them to feel what each other was emoting.

As the ship landed and they prepared to disembark the Cophrigin Echo, Elrych glances to Aryn and nodded in affirmation. Blue eyes looked upon Ban as he spoke, turning to gaze outside as the rain swelled and lightning clammered into thunderoud echos. "Yeah... not so great... but you know what. Silver linings... at least it isn't a desert planet."

Speaking of Vhe, he felt her presence but she was yet to emerge into the cargo bay to join the group. "You all go ahead, Vhe and I will catch up in just a moment."

There was not much in the way of heavy lifting. The body of the deceased had been preserved using stasis technology. It required a coffin of sorts, albeit see through, with a mixture that was responsible for freezing the contents to a point that prolonged and prevented accelerated degeneration. This pod was on a hover cart, and as everyone made their way outside, Aryn was soon to follow bringing up the rear.

Rain was heavy and unavoidable, and it smelled and tasted of salt, which was heavy on the air. Thankfully, the rain was not COLD. Like the waves they were fortunate enough to avoid, the rain was warm.

To reach the welcome center ahead, the crew had to cross the causeway, which without seawalls afforded them an unobstructed view of the sea and sheer magnitude of the facility beneath them. Reaching the other end of the causeway brought them to a set of metal doors that noisily parted when they came close to its sensors.

Bright light flooded the threshold, and bright white corridors and onyx shaded shined flooring greeted them. A pressurized vent began to blow when they stepped through, blowing the loose moisture from their frame. Inside, a very tall and slender alien form awaited them. It was dressed in elegant garb, with a skirt that had tall slits to allow leg movement. Long arms were oriented to the front in a pleasant manner that appeared polite and rehearsed, their hands clasped.

"Greetings:" They bid, making an effort to lower their small head using only the large neck. Bright irises decorated large, attentive eyes that held the reflection of each person they looked at; and they searched each person's face as if cataloging them to memory.

"I am Hima-Zon," they announced, their accent pleasant and words carefully drawn out. "I welcome you to our humble city. Our dispatcher mentioned your arrival and that it heralds sad news. What has transpired that a member of our queit society is no longer among us, pray tell?" The question is asked clearly, though it is not clear if the tone was dangerous or concerned. Hima-Zon retained their posture watching each. Aryn has not yet reached the inside and still crosses the causeway pushing the large stasis pod, the hovering mechanism making it easier to push, but harder to guard against the bloody winds.

"Thank you, mistress naMuriel," Ban returns, his tone the only dry thing under the Kamino rain. "I daresay the abundant lightning creates a goodly number of silver linings, master Cometburn." Bracing against the wind and rain, he does his best to maintain a straight backed, dignified gait. The weather conspires against him. Upon entry- green eyes briefly narrowing against the blast of air. When approached by the eloquent native, the gentleman bends slightly at the waist, in a short bow. "Fair met, Hima-Zon. I am Lord Ban Iskender. Myself and my comrades of the Jedi Order are grateful for your welcome, though the cause be solemn." As for how the Kaminoan ended up dead.. he must leave that for another to tell, looking among the other Jedi.

Jax offers Kasia a nod and smile. Though as Aryn goes to guide the stasis pod acorss the pad, Jax drops in formation to flank the pod to help provide some guard against the pod from being knocked about the wind and too far off course. The Corellian remaining solemn.

Zan grins at Ban, ace pilot that she is. She nods at the comment about the lighting, and then looks back at Elrych, as he suggests he and Vhe will arrive shortly. She pauses at the door, to wait for Aryn, offering her help if required. "Hey, Aryn, can I help?" she asks. To bring that hover trolley across the causeway to the safety of the inside room, could be a two person job. It wouldn't do to lose the entire reason they are here at this late stage of the process after all. "If not, I'll keep the door for you."

It's raining, Kasia is well accustomed to the rain with most of her time spent on Nar Shaddaa and the copious amounts of rainfall that batter the poor moon. Because of that she's invested in a great many products that help to keep the rainwater off of you, or to make it roll off, or keep things affixed in place in spite of the rain. Not that it completely preserves her hair, or makeup, there's only so much you can do about that, but it's enough that she makes it indoors without looking a complete mess. When the alien arrives to greet them she inclines her head respectfully, rising again as the question is asked. She doesn't have an answer, and steals a quick look around in the hopes that someone already inside does.

Vhe is miserable in the wet. Space rarely has rain. Note - space never has rain and most of her life was on a ship until recently. Thick wild hair escapes the hood she is quick to pull up and make out of her sash. She starts to look like a sodden wild creature as the tendrils of her mane has begun to wilt and cling to her skin.

Her eyes flicker up and towards the tall creature now accepting of its own now deceased. There is no good answer to give and her head turns to look to Elrych.

She begins to wring out the edge of her bright colorful sash of its collected moisture.

Elrych welcomes the distraction as Vhe finally walked out and he joined her in the rain. It was her uncomfortablness in the rain that caused him a great ammount of amusment. HE chuckled, despite the somber nature of this outing, watching her wring out that sash of hers with a crooked grin. He almost forgot all the heavy weight of the world, though when the alien spoke he came back to the somber converstion at hand.

His cloak was starting to get heavy with rain as it poored, the hood not doing much to protect his face. He was pretty much already soaked and so now it was even his turn to wring out the garmet. A two fingured laxy salute pulled from his tempe towards the Alien was the only greeting he offered, accompanied by that tell-tale Corellian Grin.

When Ban speaks, Hima-Zon regards him carefully, their lips forming a thin line while their face created a solemn expression that seemed timed with Ban's use of the word. The Kamino native nodded, though did not seem satisfied with the answer. Hima-Zon was surprised at the declaration that Ban, and those with him, were members of the Jedi Order. "This news is most interesting. We did not realize that we were to host such esteemed guests. My administrator will be elated to hear about this rare opportunity. Thank you, Lord Ban."

Hima-Zon turns to regard the one they call Aryn, who guides the stasis pod with help from Jax and Zandra. Upon stepping inside, the blonde doctor's hair has turned to wet strings of golden strands, and the gust from the open hatch had removed her hood. "Thank you," Aryn said, winded. "Thank you both. I had not anticipated such wind."

Aryn's arrival is not singular, and more faces join the group (to Hima-Zon's surprise). "Welcome; greetings travelers..." Their voice trails off as the deceased member of their society is witnessed beneath the protective pod's glass. "Solemn, indeed," Hima-Zon repeated, looking to Ban since none other answered. "Please," They say, hands parting and gesturing with a slow moving arm to follow along with their easy pace. Aryn motions the others forward, taking her spot behind the pod to push it and occupy the rear of their entourage.

Hima-Zon did not necessarily walk so much as they glided in utter elegant and rehearsed fashion. Every motion was conducted as if rehearsed for a lifetime. "Tell me more on how you all found my kinsman. I will take you to our labs while we speak."

They began to walk down a long, slightly curved corridor. At no point did the walls change from anything other than bright white. The floors were immaculate, shined and buffed to perfection. Along one side of the wall, a window allowed a view of a massive atrium that was situated below. At one point, it may have been used for something grand, though now it was transformed into a park. Artificial plants (though not known from a distance) were stark green compared to the white pathways and walls that lit the interior's sanctum. Small streams of blue water trickled beneath elegant bridges, and countless Kamino natives gracefully glided along the distance surface of the paths, wordlessly gesturing in their entrancing ways.

Hima-Zon seemed uninterested in this view they passed, and continued to lead them down a long corridor.

Ban Iskender turns to move at an unhurried pace when Hima-Zon bids them proceed. Hedraws a breath and dips his head to the Kaminoan at the prompt. "Of your kinsman, our Order came upon them in a decades-old Imperial facility on the desert world of Jakku, preserved in a stasis chamber. Alas, it gives me sorrow to say there naught we could do to preserve their life. Being ignorant of your people's funerary customs or death rites, we seek to return their remains to you as intact as is possible." He lets that news settle a moment before addressing the *distinguished* nature of the unexpected guests. "I would offer a further regret- albeit less mortal- that we could discern no better method of notifying your people in advance of our arrival. I pray you forgive our rudeness," he adds. The view is disregarded in favor of giving their guide his full attention when speaking.

Jax dips his head to Aryn, "It's no problem. We support one another as we can." He says pulling his hood back. "Lord Ban speaks true. Years back, I and few others arrived in system. We briefly landed in this city. If not for that brief trip. I'm not sure any of us would have known where to bring your Kinsman." Jax says of how they knew where to go to say the least. He says looking at the cooridor. His previous trip he was not allowed this far into the city.

Once off the causeway, Zandra shakes herself off, hiding a shiver. Or mostly. She smiles to Aryn and Jax, nodding to them both. Quiet. She glances at the park as they walk by, at the bright white of the corridors. She listens to the conversation, but doesn't add to it, concentrating instead on her own calm. Her emotions might be a little bit topsy turvy for no obvious reason, and she's keeping herself in check, there to watch and to help, but this time not to talk.

Still lacking answers, Kasia maintains her silence as the question of the body being returned is repeated, and again steals another look around at the others. They're taken down the stark hallways in the direction of the labs, steps slowing a touch as she looks down into the atrium. Others speak, and she listens curiously.

As Ban explains what they saw, Vhe is quietly staring down at the plant filed atrium. Now that they are out of the messy weather, the colorful, wet fabric rests about her shoulders as what little of her wild hair is dry manages to keep the rest of the damp locks poofed up and away from her neck and chin. She makes a thoughtful sound. "So glad you find me funny," whispers Vhe to Elrych before her attention shifts forward once more and abandons the curiousity that is the facility.

Damp footsteps are left behind to mark their path but she has no other thing to contribute presently save those curious questions she has yet to ask. There are a few.

Elrych makes sure to give Vhe a chaste little peck on the cheek when she gives him her disaproval of his amusment in her pleight. He was soaked too after all, they all were. Except Kasia because like every Star Scout, she was 'prepared'.

With a slight smile still on his lips he continues along Vhe's side, walking with the group, taking down his hood as soon as they're fully inside the hallway. Head does turn to look out over the atrium through the window as they passed, eyebrows raising in curiosity. His boots squeek because of how damn they are as he moves down the corridor with the others. "Intersting place..." He says in a low voice to Vhe, looking around.

"An odd place for one such as us. To think, they were alone in stasis and contained within a relic from a time long ago. Curious," Hima-Zon says, though the thought is unvoiced as they arrive at the lab, presumably. The white doors spiral open in a display of unique and complex design. Much like the rest of the facility, this room was white. There was ample room, medical equipment and instruments so expensive and rare that a single component might cost more than a ship. The lab was not immediately accessible though they could see it through the glass wall that was revealed before them. The entrance to the lab proper (once they passed beneath the threshold of the fancy door) was off to the left. To the right, a table with many seats had been set, and at the table was another Kamino native, who rose taller than Hima-Zon.

"I am Administrator Kano-Tii. Please, honor me by joining me for a brief discussion. Hima-Zon, please see to our departed." Hima-Zon bowed elegantly, and when Aryn arrived with the pod, they took hold of the handles and guided the pod toward the lab. Aryn followed with Hima-Zon and entered the lab with them to begin the body transfer. The door shut behind them, and the Jedi could see Hima-Zon and Aryn working quietly in unison.

"Forgive our protocol, but I have been listening to your conversation up to this moment. May I say we forgive the urgency of your arrival, and on behalf of our humble society, bid you thanks for the thoughtfulness and kindness you have shown to honor our departed. I might have asked how you came by our system's hidden nature, but a gentleman made reference to being here once before. What opportune circumstance one of our own was found by one with knowledge of our city of solitude." The Administrator smiled.

"Permit me, if you will, a moment to address my own curiosity. When last we spoke with esteemed Jedi, our services were used for war. Has such an event transpired that the Jedi seek our services again?"

"Administrator," Ban acknowledges Kano-Tii with a short bow of the head and shoulders. "There is naught to forgive. The efficiency of your surveillance spares me breath," he notes with a brief tug of humor touching his expression and subtly warming his tone. "Of those who had gone unnamed thus far, Princess Aryn of New Alderaan attends to the departed," he notes the young woman through the glass, "Whilst those with us are mistresses Zandra naMuriel and Vhe Tenara, madame Kasia Ashkuri, and Knights Elrych Cometburn and Jax Greystorm." As to war, "While war remains a blight upon the galaxy, no such purpose drives our presence here, you may be assured. We seek nothing save peace for your deceased kin, and the hope of what future communication you and yours deem us worthy of receiving."

Jax looks at the administrator and gives him a bow. "Lord Ban again speaks truth. We're not here to ask for another army for the Republic. We're here to return your kin home. I will admit we were curious of what events lead to your kin being at the Old Imperial facilty."

Zandra also offers a bow, graceful at the least, as she is introduced. She still stays quiet, but there's a polite smile as she lets her hood drop. She keeps an eye on Aryn, glancing back over at the Administrator and the others. Certainly she joins them all for said conversation, a bit of amusement showing briefly at the surveillance skills of the natives here. Noted.

Kasia slants a look in Ban's direction for a few moments, the corners of her mouth tensing slightly. The silence she's maintained thus far continues, though she does look over to Kano-Til to again incline her head respectfully to the adminstrator.

The small peck gets her attention and Vhe reaches up to give a light pat to the side of El's face before her attention shifts around the others. It is only when Ban says her name that the Ysanna lifts her gaze and offers a nod of her head in reply so that she might be indentified. "Good to meet you." She remarks finally but is thoughtful as her gaze narrows.

"I am just as curious as Knight Jax." Title and all. "What exactly did the Jedi ask of you before?"

Elrych gave a tip of his head towards Kano-Tii as Ban indroduces him and the others. "As Jax said, I think we are wondering what your boy here..." Elrych up nods towards the casket that ARyn and Hima-Zon are pushing along and taking care of. "-was doing in that Imperial Facility and whether or not you knew anything about it or had further information regarding it." Elrych emitted some of that stalwart Corellian overconfidence as he asked his question, likely not expecting too much of an answer. Icy blue eyes kept looking over towards the Lab Proper, attempting to peer at anything interesting there. Perhaps he was too curious. "Though, what Lord Bang says is quite true as to our intentions in our visit."

Another look around the room quietly before his gaze settles on the Administrator once more, "Know anything about a planet called Byss?"

There was a look to Vhe then too and it was of course a good question. A nod in appreciation for her addition and a smile.

As each name is given, so to are they awarded with a long look. Hima-Zon had attentive eyes, Kano-Tii searched for other nuances. The Administrator had the presence of a business-type personality with the shrewd and precise mannerisms of a dangerous politician who knew what to watch for. Any schooled in the art of diplomacy might detect that the Administrator's question carried more than one meaning.

"Such esteemed guests, indeed," Kano-Tii repeats and smiles. The discussion changes to war, and both Ban and Jax decline the prospect of business, naming specifically Kamino's contribution to the Old Republic. A sense of pride filled the Administrator's old eyes and they preened. "Such a shame. Our involvement in the previous war distinctly built our reputation as you all seem well versed," a darker undertone there, perhaps aware that the Clones had been used to eradicate many treasonous organizations that bucked against the Republic.

To Jax's point, the Administrator nods and their expression changes. "Yes," Kano-Tii said in a deeper tone. "A concerning detail that I believe we share in mutual curiosity. We do not often leave our sanctuary here, so it concerns me that the departure went unnoticed and undocumented. We are very particular about the nature of small details. Mayhap there be some arrangement made here? We would be most thankful to receive what data you have about the facility and its purpose."

Kano-Tii turns to regard Vhe, listening attentively. Her question spawns surprise from the administrator, and he smiles. "The Jedi sought our service to create a clone army. Sects of your esteemed Order felt compelled by the arcane nature of your.. force.. to prepare for a war pre-emptively. We provided more than a million units of genome-enhanced clone soldiers to answer the Order's concern. We had only finished the first batch when conflict erupted across many sensitive systems in the galaxy. Upon display of our efficient design, the Republic requested more; an arrangement that was lucrative for us, and historic for the Republic."

Kano-Tii is surprised by the casual nature of the Jedi identified as Cometburn. "I must say we had no knowledge about this person's departure. A mystery, I daresay, with missing pieces and more questions."

Elrych's other question, about Byss. Prompted the alien to tilt their head. "I am not familiar with this name. Was this something related to our kin?" Kano-Tii motioned toward the window, gesturing slowly and deliberately.

Ban Iskender's right eye briefly tics more narrow as Elrych indulges in nicknaming. A long.. slow breath drawn through the nose manages to let the nobleman look both dignified and briefly annoyed. He regards the Administrator with calm as the questions of his fellows are answered each in turn, letting others guide conversation for a moment.

Jax steples his fingers for a moment. He looks at the Administrator for a moment his eyes peering into dark eyes of the Kamino. He puts on his best enigmatic space wizard expression. "The Clone Army was indeed a force to be reckonged with. It was a hammer and anvil that smashed the mighty droid army. It was the tool that Palpatine used to eliminate the jedi order of old. This is a lesson we all should know. Thank you for bring it up Administrator. There is a price for information if we'd like to continue this conversation, I believe. "

Zandra stays quiet, her gaze going to those who speak. She has to hide a smile at Elrych's so-called Corellian diplomacy, but she simply keeps an eye on Aryn and on the others, listening to the conversation. Her purple hair was mostly covered and she might be one of the few that doesn't look like a drowned rat (or hasn't). Finally she stirs and says softly, "There is a lot of history to be learned and learned from."

Kasia's brows furrow ever so slightly as she focuses on Kano-Til, not enough to appear as though she's displeased about anything. Just intently focused on the discussion. She hasn't anything to add at the time, continuing the background observation of everything happening, gleaning what she can from it.

Vhe arches a brow slowly as everything is explained to her. "How...very strange. I suppose it was a different sort of Order then," she comments. Her head tilts and she turns to watch Aryn tend to the corpse. Her lips part and close as the unsettling unmoving and cold lifeless eyes of the poor dead are tilted in her direction. Swallowing a bit she shifts on her feet and tugs at the damp cloth about her neck. The vivid cloth is gtiven a soft ruffle and billow by her hands to move it around and ease the itchy skin that is starting to occur due to the way it rests on her.

Elrych grins, a wide cheesy sort of grin. He looked very much like he was enjoying the prospect of a good haggle to pay for information, like he was back in the sabbacc halls on Corellia cheating people out of their hard earned credits. He nods to Jax before addressing the Administrator. "You want a deal, I can respect that." There's a slight chukle. Erych didn't need his Force sensativity and JEdi training to know what the Administrator wanted. "Money makes the Galaxy turn, you know... outside of The Force of course. The two true gods of the Galaxy. That wich surrounds and binds us could be said for either one." He looks to Vhe and nods, "They were... learning of course has occured." A soft smile for her as he reaches for her hand, his fingers clasping her lightly in comfort. Though, it's not long before he parts again and moves closer to the Administrator. "You know more than you're letting on. See." He thumbs over his shoulder towards the dead Kaminoan, "Sport over there told us to go there. Said /they/ were there. Who /they/ are is beyond me." He clears his throat, hand going to the back of a chair. He leans forward and in the most cheesy sleeze salemen voice he can muster, her smiles and asks. "What's your price, Boss?"

Kano-Tii seems pleased when the accolades of their creation are recited by Jax, but he does not blatantly show disrespect. It's a keen sense of pride, knowing that something their people created had a lasting effect. "You have an astute mind, Mr. Greystorm. To use your most echoed phrase, 'you speak truly.'"

This is further drawn to an apotheosis by Elrych, who addresses the matter plainly. Kano-Tii smiles elegantly and practiced. "Such a candid group, these new Jedi. So.." Kano-Tii smiled, glancing toward Ban. "..free spirited. Eager to share. Altruism, my friends, has not suffered as many might think."

"There is one commodity that is more valuable than currency, and it is more helpful than your force. My price?" The Administrator chuckles. "Information. You have shared something valuable with me. Now I reciprocate. The name of my kinsman, the one you have brought home, is San-Yo. Most curious was the nature surrounding San-Yo, for they, like you, had a gift." The administrator rose up then, straightening their robe to hang freely so that they might walk unobstructed.

"That gift.. was your force. For now, I have shared what I can share. Should your companions," They gesture to the Jedi as Aryn is stepping back to join the group, pulling gloves off with a doctorly-familiarity. "..come across more information to trade, then we would be delighted to host you again."

Gesturing toward Aryn, where Hima-Zon has gracefully appeared beside her, Kano-Tii speaks their name: "Hima-Zon, our guests are eager to return to their ship. Please show them the way out."

Jax knew whan he was being shown the door. It had happened many times before. "Well then have a good evening Administrator." Jax says as he rises. He looks to Dr. Cole. "Everything fine? None of us leaving any DNa behind? It seems that the Kaminoian was a force senstive." He says to the good doctor. He's ready to exit the site. Pehraps there will be a mando waiting in the rain.

Zandra listens quietly. She tilts her head a bit, but that's all. The quiet young jedi offers another polite bow, taking a cue from Ban and giving that same half bow he did. She then moves to Aryn and Jax, pausing to look over at Kasia and smile. They entered as a group, they leave as a group. No one gets left behind. She pauses and swallows though, when they get to the door and that causeway. "Krelm," she mutters very softly under her breath. Nobody heard that, right? Her hands fist, but she then reaches for the force, calming herself. At least she manages to stay calm enough to walk across back to the ship, dive into her seat, and then let out a huge sigh of relief. "One day, I /do/ need to learn how to swim."

Elrych plays a smirk across his lips as the Administrator offers his information in return. "Alright, alright, alright Administrator. I will certainly gie you a call if something comes up. I appreaciate your own information, it actually makes a lot of sense now given the context of where we found him." He pushes off the back of the chair and nods his head respectuflly, "May the Force Be With you, Administrator." He turns then to rejoin the group, a curious look to Zandra, "Swan dive off the landing platform, I dare ya." He winks with a chuckle clearly joshing. Approaching the Ysanna, he wraps an arm around Vhe's neck/shoulder and heaads out of the room and into the corridor back to the Echo.