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Jedi Order: Lost Library

OOC Date: April 17, 2020
Location: Ossus
Participants: Jedi Order: Vhe Tenara, Elrych Cometburn, Yuun, Finn, and Rey; with Ben Solo

Ossus, an orangey planet in the Adega system, spread out below as the Falcon swooped down towards the planet's surface, picking up a tree frog from one of the scrub trees strewn haphazardly across the landscape as the ship's belly skims low over the ground, Ben Solo in the pilot seat. Hanging on gamely by the sticky pads at the end of its 'fingers', the little frog inches its way up onto the glass viewport of the cockpit and just clings there, large little round eyes blinking behind a thin membrane.

Ben doesn't seem to take any notice, focused on bringing the ship in for a landing in the foothills of a particular mountain range, following a guide written in what appears to be a painstaking copy of an old manuscript with his own notes in fresh, spidery ink over top of it, draped like a tablecloth over part of the nav console. "I thought it was time we looked for answers somewhere I haven't been to already," he explains tersely to the others as the Falcon abruptly rears up when he pulls sharply back on the throttle. The ship settles down a moment later in a cloud of reddish dust, and he pushes himself up from the pilot's seat and heads back towards the landing ramp, chased by Chewie's rumble of complaint at his maneuvering.

Stepping out into the dusty air, he's immediately coated by it, tinting his dark clothes and pale skin orange. "This is Ossus. We're here to find the Great Library. It was destroyed five thousand years ago, give or take. But maybe it wasn't. Maybe it only looked like it was destroyed."

During the flight, Vhe has been nothing but anxious, a steady sense of excited tension. When they finally land she is too her feet quickly and stepping down the ramp without any sign of hesitation. Her hand comes to rest on her stunsaber as she glances towards the others before stepping forward to get a clear look of what lies ahead. Home. In a sense. The Ysanna shifts her weight on her feet and is all too ready to continue on.

She pulls up the hood of her wrapped cloak to hide her wild braided hair and then draws a cowl up over the lower half of her face. As the dust hits her, the filter of the fabric helps to keep her from coughing.

Yuun flew in his own ship this time, having not been on Deveron before the others left, his Raven-Courier ship lands a bit behind the others and well it's a wobly landing. Yuun powers down his ship and leave it, seeing the others gather, the dark-skinned human Jedi Initiate walks over and joins the group. "I hope we're able to find something here." he says, noting that he has a coating of orange on him as well. "Ossus." he says the name of the planet, more for himself than to anyone else.

For Rey this was certainly a new experience, to get to come to world with this much history, yet this... odd condition. Even Tython was still a thriving and lush environment, but this place seemed as though it'd truly been scarred by galactic events of the past. Or ravaged, more accurately.

When the ship lands, Rey comes out of the cockpit and moves to join with the others. She proceeds down the ramp and once outside she raises her own hood up and covers her face with the same muted blue mask that she'd used on worlds such as Nar Shaddaa when she was hiding from bounty hunters, or First Order patrols.

"It's a big place." Rey quietly comments from behind the mask. 'But we'll do our best. The Force will guide us to where we need to go." She says that last part, and considers to herself for a moment 'hopefully to where we want to go too'.

"It's guided us this far already," Ben explains, stepping further away from the Falcon and Yuun's ship and heading towards the mountainside, angling towards a cleft in the rock, the mouth of it worn smooth by the constant abrasion of the dust-filled air. "Old clues in the Jedi texts, directing to this range of mountains. Anything that survived would be underneath," he explains, his boots leaving footprints in the ruddy earth that will be brushed away by the wind in a few hours at most.

It's a short walk to the hole, by design, they landed nearby on purpose. Ben had been looking for it specifically, and now he drops down in, the fall a short one for someone with a strong connection to the Force. Out of the elements, he takes a moment to ruffle his fingers through his hair and dislodge some of the dust, stepping out of the way for the others. "My unc- Luke came here, to this same spot, once before. Maybe the Force was saving what he didn't find for us."

Not expecting to have to drop into a hole, Vhe holds the covering closer to her face as she moves around it to get a better look as Ben decides to drop right in. Setting her shoulders back the Ysanna initiate nods her head as if to confirm the decision to follow. Wordlessly she drops down and in, hitting the ground with a little less grace than her leader, rising to step aside and keep out of hte way of the others. Once out of the shifting dust and wind, she lifts her hands to remove the hood and let it fall back. The covering for her lower face is tugged down to let rest at her neck.

Her eyes slowly adjust, the amber hue narrowing as she steps about and turns to inspect where they are.

Elrych Cometburn is here following along quietly with Vhe. He has worm appropriate cloths, his eyes takingnin the aight of the fabled and new planet. He sticks close to to the Ysanna, curiousity swirling about him.

Finn pauses momentarily at the hole. His training to date had mostly centered around learning to understand and commune with senses he never knew he had, and using the force to become superhuman was still some ways down the road curriculum-wise. Still, he has a wealth of other training to draw on. He checks for a second that the blaster rifle he carries is secured by its strap against his back and then jumps off the edge, landing in a roll to absorb some of the impact.

He climbs back up to his feet, tilting his head to look back up at the way they came. He reaches for the blaster he carries just out of pure habit, but checks himself and instead lets his empty hand rest against his side.

Yuun looks around as he walks, he pulls up a long white scarf that covers his mouth and nose as he walks. "Yeah, this place is huge, I was just orbiting around the place before you all showed up." he chuckles a little bit. As Ben begins walking, Yuun follows him, "I have to agree, it has been leading us well." Yuun looks to Ben, though he moves up next to Vhe, "How're you doing?" he asks her. He waits for her to drop down after Ben, but when Elrych moves up beside her he smiles and lets him go before him.

Yuun would wait for Rey, "Ok this is my first dusty planet." he chuckles a little to her. "I will cover our rears, head down." he says to her and when Rey drops down, he will follow behind her. "Hey Finn." he smiles. "Good to see...." he waits and once everyone is down, he drops down as well. "...you again." he continues.

Rey approaches the very same gap in the ground and she waits for the others ahead of her to go before she nods once to Yuun and then drops down within the gap herself.

When she lands, exhales the breath she'd pulled in before jumping and she takes a few steps forward. "Master Skywalker wrote in his journal a number of times that he would visit sites like this, and only ever take what he needed in the moment. He never had the intention of collecting things as we are today. He... felt they belonged where they were and that the Jedi Order that he was establishing, wouldn't need them."

She glances toward Ben for a moment, before she looks back over and up to Yuun as he joins them down the jump. "Everyone okay?" She asks.

The drop is not a long one, only far enough to clear some headspace once landed at the bottom, but thankfully the dust is left outside for the most part beyond what they've dragged in with them. Ben steps further in, leading the way down along the rocky, sloping floor towards the deeper, darker parts of the cave system, pulling a few light rods from his belt and passing them around to anyone who will take one. There's plenty of the small, luminescent devices to go around.

What the little lights reveal are rocky walls on all sides, leading down and away from the gap they entered. Ben trudges along, stooping here and there as the passageway shortens and his tall frame doesn't altogether fit. "We're not /collecting things,/" he retorts to Rey, holding tightly to his light source. "We're looking for information. If we don't have to take it with us, we won't."

The natural passage abruptly gives way to something more deliberate and manmade, squared-off walls and shored-up ceilings, as the cave breaks into the wall of a tunnel, forming an intersection. Ben steps out into it without hesitation, his back straightening so that he can stand tall again. He looks back at the others, pursing his lips for a moment before speaking. "Reach out. What do you feel? Which direction should we choose?" Oh, a teaching moment. "Think carefully. Misjudging could get you or your friends killed. But trust your senses."

Once they have landed Yuun gets a slow nod from the nearly distracted Vhe. "I am well enough, just feel...like I should have visited before now." She narrows her gaze and turns her attention to the others. Though the need to continue studying every detail remains so when they continue moving, the initiate follows, the soft pad of her footfalls leaving a path in the gathered earth and dust. Ben's suggestions gains her attention and she reaches out, extending her influence through the force but it comes up with absolutely nothing.

Brows dip into a furrow and she makes an exasperated sound with a shake of her head. "Nothing stands out."

"Yeah, I kind of feel that way myself." THe Jump down was easy enough, but reaching out to sense where or how they should continue in a path to where they were going was another feat entirely. He does his best, much like Vhe, but nothing tingles in his mind. Not lightbulp goes off. "Yeah... nothing really..." He keeps a vigilant eye however, with a remind in the back of his head to meditate and train more of his Force Aligned skills.

"Once a scrapper always a scrapper," Finn whispers quietly at Rey as he steps past her, nudging her in the side with his elbow and grinning. When the others begin to focus, however, he pauses and tries, also.

Finn recalls words spoken to him about feeling his surroundings. It's then that he closes his eyes, resisting the urge to reach out with his hand - he'd learned that lesson already, at least. But no sooner have his eyes close that they open again, and he reaches out with a hand to steady himself. He puffs out his cheeks and takes a few gasping breaths, shaking his head as though shedding the clinging remnants of some nasty hangover.

"Huh," he exhales, taking a look around before lifting a hand very, very tentatively to point left, "This way?" His eyes seek out Rey and Ben, making sure he's feeling the Force and not that pre-prepared Devaronian 'salad' he had for lunch.

Yuun lands and bows, "I'm good." he laughs. He says as he looks to everyone, he tries to sense which direction they should go, but he fails in this, but he isn't upset by not being able to find which way they should go. He looks around to see where they should go, Yuun walks around a bit reaching his hand up to touch the walls and to see how high the ceiling is, "Spelunking, Ax did say we would do this quite often." he chuckles. "Hey most of us had to be scrappers." he grins.

Rey accepts one of the glow sticks, far safer to use than a lightsaber after all. With it illuminating the underside of her face she glances over to Ben. She stares at him a moment before she looks away, just as Finn speaks up and nudges her. She nods once up to him and follows after him. "I'm taking anything I find of value to what we're doing." She whispers up to her friend... Because you can take the girl out of scavenging, but you can't take the scavenging out of the girl. Or. Something.

Onward! She raises the glowstick up and proceeds on ahead. At Finn's direction, Rey confirms with a little nod. "I believe so." She affirms before looking back to the others. "This way." She repeats... hoping it to be true!

Ben appears substantially less convinced than Rey and even Finn, the tall man's pale face standing out against the ruddy rock in the blue-white light of their glowsticks and showing the uncertainty writ clearly on his face as he looks off to the left. "If I feel anything, it's from that direction. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. I meant what I said about getting your friends killed," he points out to the group, a friendly reminder that these excursions aren't exactly safe, as if the last two trips he's taken them on could have possibly given them any other impression. Still, he follows Rey and Finn's lead, heading down the leftward path.

The tunnel leads down, down, down, sharp stairs cut into the path every few feet as it continues along, cutting to the right, then again, then again, a square spiral taking them deeper into the bowels of the mountains. Finally, the descent comes to an abrupt end, exiting out on a large open chamber, shrouded in darkness that the glowsticks fail to cast back much further than a small sphere around the ledge they stand on overlooking the drop-off. It's another jump into the unknown to continue. "Reach out. It's always there, like... learning how to breathe. Once you- I know you don't have to learn how to breathe. This is a bad analogy." Ben's hands fall on his hips as he sighs, holding his light against his belt. "Eventually you won't have to think about it. Like breathing."

Its easy to follow, whether in trust or because there is little else to do. Vhe glances back up behind her as they circle about and yet the Force still has not allowed her any sort of aid on this trip. A breath is exhaled even as frustration sets in as the Ysanna still can not feel nothing on her native planet. Fingers curl and unfurl slowly at her sides as she trudges downwards with the group. She comes to a quick stop though when she sees vast open air and reaches out to the side of the path, placing her hand upon the wall as she lifts her chin and leans a bit to try to get a look.

Reach out again. She does. Nothing. Its like the quiet before the storm. Something MUST be there but if it is...she sadly does not sense it. Holding her breath she listens instead for something different, out of place.

"I wasn't much of a scrapper, but I did spend a lot of time running away from people." Elrych admits, "Not so much anymore." He cracks his own glow stick as they move through the cave system. "We don't do things because they're safe, we do them because we have to." The Corellian asides to Ben as they continue along. He slows as the large chamber opens up, raising his glow stick so that it might cast more light in a wider arch. He looks down into the abyss as the ledge drops off. A look to Vhe, he gives a cocky sort of grin. One she is used to, and one that she knows usually follows doing something stupid. "Well... while we work on that... I say, sometimes you just gota open the door instead of sticking a camera in the key hole."

The Jedi Ace jumps then, his robes fluttering as he lands at the bottom in a well trained manner. Many times had he run the course on Ajan Kloss and the Gyms else where... not to mention his many years running on the streets of Corellia and elsewhere. "Huh..."

He streightens and brings up the glow slick, his smirk fading. "Oh... there's... something down here." His hand moves for his saber, takeing it from his belt but it remains unlit.

Finn drops down off the ledge also, trusting more in his physical ability than the Force at the moment. He lands not far behind Elrych, plunging down from on high. He opens his mouth to say something when he spots the same shifting shapes in the darkness, eyes narrowing. The strap of his blaster rifle is immediately unslung and it finds its way into his hands. He doesn't point it at them, but he definitely keeps it at the ready. His glow rod is discarded onto the ground, relying on Elrych to light the way while he keeps both hands on his weapon.

"I see it, too," he murmurs, keeping his voice low.

He tries again, "No you don't have to teach us to breath, but I understand what you're getting at." Yuun says to Ben. He looks around and he brings up the rear, watching over the others, though his ability to sense the direction to go is escaping him. He sighs a little, though he knows from the holocrons he's been learning from, not all Jedi shared the same abilities, but he feels this is one that is a good skill to learn. "Sometimes, you have to be careful of what doors you open." he says to Elrych.

Yuun focuses on the force and shifts his senses to aid him in seeing partially in the dark. Yuun hasn't reached for his weapon just yet, he frowns a little bit, his hand finally reaches for his weapon, "Everyone, focus on our surroundings, I have a bad feeling about this." he says warning the others.

As they reach that ledge, Rey steps off to the side while she glances down into the darkness. "Ominous." She quietly states before closing her eyes to focus on the feelings around them. "Foggy place." She adds further before her eyes open again. "We could be a kilometer away from our goal, or it could be on the other side of the planet." She glances to Ben after Elrych and Finn jump, but it's Yuun's words that make her look to him.

"Should get down there and help them." Rey states as she elects not to jump, but instead to turn and climb her way down, her garments sweeping around her body as she starts to maneuver the natural rock wall to try to get down as safely and quickly s possible.

Ben lingers on the edge of the drop-off as Finn and Elrych jump right into the darkness beyond, a troubled look playing across his features, whether from the dangers lurking unknown in the shadows or the uncertainty this place seems to have befuddled them with. "The library was made by the Jedi, in theory. They'd have tricks to protect it, if they wanted to," he's in the middle of theorizing when those shapes catch the corner of his eye. "That can't be good."

Rey starts to make her way down safely and in a controlled fashion, but Ben Solo is neither of those things, and he leaps into the darkness as well, landing awkwardly on a rock that juts out of the uneven floor. "Ow." The audible complaint is coupled with lips twisted into a sharp downturn and the grating of metal as his lightsaber hilt slides off of its clip with a pull of his hand, dropping the glowstick to the ground.

Leering into the light are two pairs of fiendishly glinting eyes, each accented with a set of twisted horns above and a skeletal jaw of wicked teeth below. A low, rumbling growl fills the room before those fangs open to let out a shrieking, earsplitting *KIIIIRUK* call.

Not sensing a damned thing there is also a thing called COMMON SENSE. Jumping into the unknown should be covered under basic instincts 101. "So you all just..jump in. When things don't feel right and you can not see anything." Vhe huffs out and then watches Rey take a more practical approach. As she is blind to the danger on many fronts she moves over to the edge and sets herself down. All that damned cloth. How does anyone move wearing it. Honestly. She gets her foot over the side and finds a place for her toes and lowers herself slowly. The cowl unravels and falls down past her other reaching foot so when she puts it down on a ledge the cloth is between her and her boot.


Crunch and a faint airy gasp and cry as Vhe tumble past Rey on the fast track down. She lands on her hip and then her back as she OOFS and coughs as dust and earth are kicked up. "Ow."

Elrych turns his head only to watch Vhe land in a puff of dust and sound of pain. Despite the Kurriking sounds he makes his way over towards her, knealing so he might help her to her feet. "You alright?" He felt bad now but that would have to be adressed later. The calling got louder, so he turned towards it. He reached out, bringing the force into him so his senses and reactions might be hightened... but also, reached out towards the beasts. "We are not here to harm you..." He attempts... but their minds feel distant.

The emerging, giant shapes coming into the light cause Finn's eyes to widen. They're like nothing he's ever seen, honestly, and he immediately lifts his blaster defensively. He glances momentarily to one side to watch Elrych raise his hand towards the beast, looking expectantly from fingertips to angry monster. When nothing happens he raises his eyebrows in a 'really?!' expression before turning back.

"It didn't /work/?!"

He depresses the trigger on his carbine, sending a bolt of energy hissing through the cave but missing the target - landing in a brief tongue of flame against the rocky wall. The second shot flies wide also, before the third finally lands and hits the bigger of the two beasts.

Yuun looks at Rey and walks towards the edge near Ben, "Alright." he says as he drops down the hole. He sense the others below him and he is able to land on the balls of his feet and slide just a little bit as he rests on his feet. His hands are empty as he looks around moving to stand with the others, but he makes sure that he has enough room to maneuver, as Finn fires at one of the creatures that is glaring at them. He doesn't know what the others are doing just yet, his eyes narrow slightly as he begins to focus. His lightsaber comes into his hand as he waits and moves into a defensive position.

Rey watched both Ben and Vhe fly past her, and it made her look over her shoulder down to where they'd landed, but ultimately she hears blaster fire and it causes her to high tail it down the ledge until she drops the last few feet onto her boot soles. In a small crouch, Rey jumps back up and raises her left hand out as she starts forward.

She sees Finn firing at the largest of the two monstrous creatures, but she focuses on the other in the back. She stares right at it and it turns it's gaze to look back at her. With hand outward, Rey tries to link minds with the creature... For it's own safety and well being she tries to enter it's thought process, a simple desire, a desire to turn and run from this place, to fear them as though they are the apex predators of this planet....

When Elrych tries to link minds with the Kirruk, and Finn shoots it in the shoulder, the thing becomes enraged, and launches itself at him with all of its considerable bulk, teeth and cruel claws flashing in the light of the glowsticks strewn about the chamber. The Kirruk is robust and quick, lashing out with terrible power and speed at the Jedi, but unable to land a blow on the wily prey.

Rey's attempt is more successful, and the smaller of the pair skulks about on the periphery, meandering away from the intruders and incidently towards where Vhe has fallen, though it seems reluctant to abandon its partner.

Ben's lightsaber flares up in his hand, the blade like solid fire, but he hesitates on seeing the Jedi's attempt at peaceful resolution, glancing at Rey with a dubious look in his eye. "Really? Are you seeing these things?" he questions, gesturing towards the larger one as it slams a clawed fist down in front of Elrych, cracking the stone under it.

Getting to her feet Vhe has little time to assess what is actually there. The intiate rolls her hip, having landed slightly on the stunsaber at her side. Shots fired! That brings her up quickly as the sounds register and she pulls the stunsaber free and readies herself, taking a back step and wincing some. The bruising will be real. Eyes scan and adjust and with the meager light from the sticks and lightsabers she can make out the creatures to some extent. "What..." She whispers and turns her head to the side, missing the other that has circled near her when the larger attacks. She backs up a step and then another as she reaches out with the force in an attempt to hold back what appears to be the main claw of the creature.

Her fingers splay at first and then the sensation of connection that causes her hand to curl and thrust her arm the rest of the way forward results in the larger creature being restrained, its arm held in an unseen force. "Got it.." she says, not paying heed to the other one circling.

Elrych was about to say something to Vhe before the beasts lashes out at him. He dogdes, ducks, the rolls out of the way, coming back to his feet. His lightsaber rises forth then, joining Ben's own fireblade. He notices the Ysanna and takes a hint from her as she is able to reach out and pin one of the arms. "Alright..." He says, raising his own hands and atempting to rech out, trying to pin it... he's still a bit shook up and isn't able to quite do it.

Finn feels distinctly separate from the other Jedi. For one, the lightsaber on his belt is a training blade that he's not about to try and fight the hulking beast with. Secondly, they're all reaching out with the Force and he's just ... kind of shooting at it. It's not what he pictured when he was told he might be a Jedi one day.

"Hey!" he calls out, trying to get the big beast's attention at the others reach out with the Force, "Hey! Over here!" He depresses the trigger again, sending a burst of fire that strikes its hide twice.

Yuun sees what the others are trying to do, and so he does the same. He moves over to where Finn is, "I'll try to keep him from moving." He says to Finn as he reaches out his hand and concentrates, his eyes closing as he visualizes what he wants to do, his breathing steadies and his head lowers and he feels the Bull Kirruk, he feels both of them. He reaches out with the Force as the larger one continues it's way towards Finn and now Yuun. He feels the creature rushing them and he grunts as he fights with the Bull, he can feel himself being pushed back but he grunts and pushes back at it. He grips one of the arms holding it fast.

Rey is controlling the smaller of the two with what little training she has in this field... which isn't as much as she'd like to have mind you. "They're living creatures, they want to live, the same as you or I do." Rey says back to Ben before she looks back to the smaller of the two creatures. She winches as she loses her sway over it's mind.

"Blast." She mutters then as she reaches for her saber's hilt. She holds it up in her free hand, getting a little nervous since there's already fighting going on and the beasts are somewhat surrounding them in this narrowly confined space.

'Get your friends killed' resonates in a corner of her mind. Rey's thumb gently strokes over the activator switch of her saber's hilt, but she doesn't yet ignite it.

"Perhaps it's escaped your notice, but we're deep underground with a pair of vicious predators," Ben points out sardonically to Rey in a flat, stubborn tone, but the lightsaber remains at his side. "Where do you think they'll go? Back into the tunnels we just came from?" He watches for a moment as Vhe and Yuun working together restrain the larger of the Kirruks, Finn continuing to pepper the thing with small arms fire, and his eyes linger on the way its body is left defenseless for a moment longer.

Then Rey's brief control over the smaller one slips, and its reluctance to join in on the fun vanishes, its nostrils dilating as it homes in on the scent of Ysanna.

Ben's hand reaches out towards the ceiling of the chamber, fingers spread wide, and he takes in a deep breath as he squeezes that hand into a fist, twisting his grasp on the rocks above. Knuckles turn white and the roof rumbles as the stone splits off in chunks and falls atop the creature, pinning the Kirruk mid-lunge heavily to the floor without crushing it entirely, a few errant pebbles and rocks caught hovering in the air around the woman before they too fall harmlessly aside.

The breath is let go with a shudder, sweat breaking out on his forehead, and all the while the larger Kirruk squawks its eponymous shriek in impotent fury as it struggles to break free from the invisible binds.

Yuun's aid in holding the larger of the two is enough for the moment, Vhe not wishing to lose hold of the beast narrows her gaze. Her feet spread just a bit more and she digs in as she breathes in and out. Suddenly her eyes widen and the feeling of approaching doom from behind fires off the nerves in her body. Instinct tells her to turn and as she does the hold on the creature wavers when she sees the smaller of the two rushing her from the back.

There is no time to dodge and the initiate makes a sound and braces for the impact when the sound of a stone hitting flesh pins the smaller one to the ground. Wild hair half falling in her face she cries out. "I lost it!!!" even as she takes a step to the side to make sure if it gets free it can not take a swipe at her.

Blue eyes look towards the cieling as Ben slames the large chunk down on the young beast. THere is a wince and frown as he feels a tinge of sympathetic pain as the creature is pinned. He turns is attention though, feeling the desperations form Vhe as she loses her hold on the arm of the Bull, Elrych frowns. He moves forwards, swiping at it wildly with his blade. Hoping in some manner he'd either hit it or scare it off. His blade doesn' even singe the scales on the beast instead only carving into rock and debris on the uneven ground.

Finn's eyes do shift occasionally from person to person before looking back at the beast, the gun still leveled on it - still firing over and over to try and bring it down, even if a number of the blasts seem to miss and it doesn't seem to be slowed down at all.

"I don't wanna hurt it either, Rey," he calls out to her over the shooting, his brow furrowed, "But we can't let it hurt /us/."

Yuun feels the others around him all trying to do what they can to stop the two bulls. He feels the Bull moving towards him as Vhe loses her hold on it, "Krif!" he says as he thrusts his other hand towards the Bull, but he feels his own damn grip slipping, "SLIPPING!" he calls out to the others and than he looses his force grip on the bull, "Watch it!" he calls out as he quickly rolls away trying to escape the Bull.

Rey watches the massive rock collapse that is controlled by Ben, drop the young creature down and pin it. She huffs out a exhale and looks away from that, as she knows in her heart that he's not wrong, they're all in danger here with these creatures now.

With a snap hiss of raw power, Rey's yellow beamed saber snaps on as she turns to the Bull of the duo. She sweeps past the others as sees Elrych swiping at the big beast!

With a series of strikes, Rey slices, chops and swipes at the rather horrifying looking animal and ends up jumping backward behind it after ward. "It's badly injured!" Rey shouts as she twirls her saber in a flourish at her side.

Rey finally decides to use her lightsaber, and on the back of her advising shout, Ben closes in on the creature, and with one powerful thrust, drives his blade through the Kirruk and out the other side, just as the others' grasp on its dangerous limbs are broken free. The predatory light fades from its eyes, and it falls away to the chamber floor in a series of heavy thuds, sending up a cloud of dust and leaving the big man breathing heavily over it, pushing sweat back off of his forehead into his hair.

"It's not always about what you want." The lightsaber in his hand dies, returned to the clip behind his hip. Maybe Rey disagrees; they can always discuss it later. With the monstrous beast dead and the other squirming around under a pile of rocks, the rest of the chamber finally has a chance to come into focus.

Lying against the far wall, nestled in the rocks, is a skeleton, humanoid, but with a reptilian-looking skull, exposed teeth grinning with a pronounced overbite. Its bone fingers rest atop a decaying manuscript with the faded image of a star on the cover.

Stooping down in front of it, Ben carefully peels the hand away, pulls the tome onto his knees, wipes away the dust, and opens to the first page. After a long moment staring at the page, he slowly raises his head to look at the others.

"...I can't read any of this. We'll have to take it back for translating."

With the beast falling to Ben's fiery blade, Rey deactivates her own as well and lowers it to her side. She looks down at it, and then further down the tunnel to where the other one is. She doesn't reply to his logic, she just looks to everyone's faces in the dark - lit up by the various glowsticks still in people's possession.

"Is everyone okay?" She asks. With an inward pull of breath she relaxes some, before looking back to what Ben had discovered. She steps toward it and gives it a glance-over. A light shake of her head. "I'm not familiar with it either. Threepio likely is, or Beaumont." She looks up to Ben then. "They're at Chandrila."

A glance back to everyone else. "We should climb back up out of here. Figure out what to do once we're out." Her saber is clipped back to her belt and Rey starts back the way they'd come.

"I'm going to release the smaller one, so everyone go ahead of me." She says then, waiting for the others to leave then before she does just so. She'll eventually catch up to them though.