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Jedi Order: Methane Cometh From Chad

OOC Date: August 13, 2021
Location: Chad - The Slice
Participants: Jedi Order: Aryn Cortess, Chani Tahn Ban Iskender, Rey and Qutha Buvu Pah as GM

On a world known for the wet landscape of bayous, marshes and submerged islands scattered about humid, high temperature, oceans. Prone to change regularly, either by shifting water levels, tropical storms or tectonic shifts. The Chadra-Fan clans on this backwater world of largely pre-industrial technology, the Yiktikik and the Xuyt have secured a fissure by building up earthen hills and protecting those with shield generators purchased decades ago when trade brought them starships and commerce.

Their clans and source or commerce under threat now and Ripth-Corp of Scipio has come to lay claim to the fissure and the methane riches it contains.

The landing field, such as it is, floats on industrial repulsors anchored by power-coupler chains to the ground within the protected zone. Large enough for container craft regularly docking or making for orbit to the main clan transport freighters, a long framed and sleek looking Ripth-Corp transport craft and room for the awaited jedi craft to pass through the magnetic particle shields, to get clear of the rain.

At the center of the platform, an industrial turbolift, but adjacent a Muun and a Gossam in fine, tailored, suits - the gossam with her hair elegantly styled up and forward from behind in cultural preference and the muun with his tall, narrow, head, devoid of decoration - all that has been left for his tunic lapels, collar and cuffs which are edged in elaborate filigree made from cloth of gold thread.

As of yet, no Chadra-Fan are to be seen.

There's a rank scent on the air that comes with an acrid, cloying note Chani can't get out of the back of her mouth no matter how many times she swallows. It becomes futile to try anymore with her mouth going dry. The canopy of her starship slides forward and as she releases the locks on the restraints keeping her fit into the seat, she spies her astromech navigator rising up out of its socket on the craft. Nose wrinkled just enough to be visible for a few moments, Chani goes through the motions of some breathing exercises both to quell the discordant chord in her emotions and to adjust to a new planet's atmosphere. The leather of the seat groans underneath the lifting of her weight and further still when a booted foot plants itself into the shaped upholstery.

Striding across the downward sloped hull of the craft, Chani makes the short drop to the deck like its a short step rather than a few feet of distance. The dark brown feyd-cloth robe draped over her shoulders sweeps and crumples around her legs and the ground. Although open in the front to reveal layers of cream garments beneath and the presence of a belt around her waist, it offers nothing more for anyone to glean lest they have the technology to see through fabric. Dark hair left unbound, the tresses of it tickle her face from the sides, but don't obscure it. Subtle little hops in the inky strands punctuate each step that carries her towards the rest of her group.

Aryn disembarks the Rainstorm from a ramp that at its stern. Heavy steps thunk, indicative of the sharp descent, until she is at its bottom and pulling her hood up to shield from the warm rain. The humidity here, and heat, do little for comfort but Aryn reasons that they will be within the atmosphere of a building soon enough. Stepping forth, through the magnetized particle shielding, Aryn awaits her Jedi companions but notes incredulously at the apparent missing representation of the Chadra-Fan.

"May I ask, good folk, where might the delegation be for the native Chadra-Fan?"

Aryn stands in a fine tunic of white and green, her matching cape hanging down low enough to lightly tickle the ankles of her stylish boots. She makes no effort to hide the curved lightsaber hilt fastened upon her belt, though her hands are not near it but rather clasped over her front. Beneath the saftey of shelter though, she does pull back her hood to reveal her scarred face and bright blonde hair, which has been neatly decorated and pulled back into a proper bun.

Rey descends the side of the old T65 X-wing. She drops on to the deck with a releases of her hands on the side of the hull and looks back to Artoo. "Stay with the ship, Artoo."

The droid pauses coming up out of its socket and it beeps something back at Rey. She pauses and looks back at him, smiling. "I'll be back, I promise." She tells the droid before starting to walk toward where the others are. Her hands go up to her hood and she pulls it up over her head, as she goes.

Artoo continues to get out of the ship anyway though, old wounds and all....

Rey joins up with the others and remains quiet for the time being.

Ban Iskender descends the Rainstorm's ramp into the mild weather alongside Aryn, the taller gentleman raising his own good against the elements a moment later. Attired in pale grey and green, Ban draws breaths in through the mouth in a small effort to minimize the overpowering smell of the environmen

The scent of the area is phenomenal in how it could remind some of the long-haul freighter stop-station 'freshers positioned in planetary systems along the various hyperlanes. Like a hutt with a sour stomach couldn't bear to use their own to attend to matters and preferring to leaving the noisome, gaseous, remains of their latest live meal behind for others to walk into. Become shocked, possibly gag and contemplate if it's worth holding until the next stop along the route.

"Ah you must be the advisors requested by the Chadra clans..." the Muun's high, nasal, voice ringing out in a teeth vibrating trill while his hands go wide. "I assume that they are on their way - we decided to take the time to meet you first; I see no reason for it, the matter is fairly simple and air-tight - finances have been moved appropriately and this sort of matter will resolve economic matters satisfactorily for both sides."

"Yis, yis. Much bother made over little. Everything should be settled, outsider interference will only tie this up unnecessarily." the Gossam now, bulbous eyes narrowed while she gazes about the platform, "We are the Ripth-Corp representatives. Nun Hahh'l" she motions to the Muun, "And myself, Vyk Maxxz... I suspect that the Chadra Clans haven't even apprised of the situation, no?" the lined face seems to stretch with the all professionally polite smile growing there.

"Ripth-Corp has been making investments on clan Yikikik and Xuyt's methane harvesting operation for the past five years. The contracts were written up, we're choosing the payout clause to finalize our acquisition of the fissure." the Muun again, smug and smiling with his hands folded before his waist.

A side-lift closer to the loading ports hisses open and a quartet of tiny, fuzzy, chiropteran faced creatures are brought up by it - squeaking in their native tongue, arms up and flailing while they chitter in a very animated stream of rapid-fire dialogue that doesn't sound polite, towards the corporate reps

"If everything is in order, then you have nothing to worry about and this will be a formality at most. All the same, one of parties has asked for mediation and due dilligence is essential to running such large scale operations, would you not agree?" Chani doesn't spend much time viewing the introduced Mister Hahh'l or Miss Maxxz. Instead, her gaze touches on Aryn, Rey, and Ban in turn. "Perhaps you could direct us to their offices so that we may announce our arrival. Better to be proactive than waste anyone's time on assumptions, as I am sure you are both quite busy as your company's representatives." Chani's gaze begins the search for that very thing after presenting the idea, robe bundled around her in poor defense against the rain.

Aryn nods her quiet approval of Chani's commentary. Had she any lack in bearing, she might have prompted a smile from Aryn, but a nod was all she got. When the Chadra-Fan arrive, Aryn bows slightly. "Ah, good, the delegation has arrived. -- As my friend has indicated already, we are the mediators from the New Republic, and members of the Jedi Order. My name is Dr. Aryn Cortess, and I am joined by Chani Tahn of the Naboo, Captain Ban Iskender, and our Order's Paragon, Rey Skywalker. We are enthusiastic about the conversations ahead and hope that our involvement will /ensure/ a resolution befitting all. Should we proceed to the meeting location now that we have all arrived?" Aryn's hands clasp over her lower back beneath the confines of her elegant cape.

Rey's eyes go to Chani before she looks toward the delegation when they arrive. She waits for Aryn's introduction and when they (if they) regard her she offers a gentle dip of her head within her white hood out of respect. Otherwise, she just holds her hands together in front of her lap and offers a light smile to Ban when he arrives as well.

Ban Iskender inclines his head in a short bow of greeting to the two Corporate negotiators as greetings are offered. "Representatives," he greets in a steady and polished voice. "Might a copy of the standing agreement be produced for review, to ensure a fair outcome?" His green regard is divided between the two, but settles primarily on Vyk, the Gossam.

The corporate representatives give pause at the sight of Rey - likely familiarity from old wanted posters; but the confirmation of the figure is enough to set the tall and short non-humans to looking at one another with brows knit. A momentary distraction from the whistling squeaks of the four small creatures as they close in, one of them speaking in high pitched basic for the quartet.

"This! This was not greeting point! Ripth-Corp come ahead! Use pads and not offices! Rude!" the other three squeal angrily, hands flapping at their sides.

"Ah yes. Well, your offices are designed for your species, not others. A bit cramped." it's a difficult matter to determine whose voice is more squeaking at this point, the Muun or the bat-creatures making a ruckus. "Ladies and gentlemen Jedi... Las and Qodi of Yiktikik" motioning to one pair and then to the next, "Pond and Jaiy of clan Xuyt." another sniff from the narrow, boxy skulled, creature while Vyk, at Ban's request, produces a data-pad with an on-screen lock indicator showing it has been electronically sealed for the past five years is presented.

"Yis yis... of course. As you can see, yis, everything is in order." the signatures for notary as well as the Nemoidian consultant hired to write the labyrinthine document notated at the beginning of the agreement.

"Many words, long phrasing, talk is back and forth!" the one indicated as Jaiy piping in, "Tricksy and sneak!"

"It is not the Ripth-Corp obligation to provide legal consulting on contracts, your clans should have made the effort." the Muun again, smiling triumphantly while he waits for Ban to make his brief of the contract.

The information being handed to Ban receives a summary glance from Chani. She can deduce nothing by simply viewing the datapad, however, and her eyes instead move to Aryn. As someone of standing importance in the group--the most wanted woman in the galaxy not withstanding--and no small amount of experience in legal matters, it makes perfect sense to allow the Princess to do the talking. The quick step onto the backfoot from the Muun representative was worth it, however, as they seemingly delayed long enough for the second party to join them. That backstepping vanishes once such a smug grin adorns the creature's face and Chani studies it to pass the time while Ban reviews what information has been provided them. Perhaps she's staring.

"Worry not, we have not begun to discuss business and wanted to await your arrival. We were not aware that you were not informed of this meeting spot, but thankfully, we have resolved that confusion. I will allow the Captain to address the matter of the contract and we can then listen to each side share their concerns. I must emphasize that honesty and integrity be present in this conversation. We are trained to detect mendacious dialogue." Segueing with ease, Aryn gestures to Ban. "Captain.."

Aryn's observation of both parties cause a bit of nostalgia for her. Many times in court, she has seen one party outmaneuvered by another. This typically is the result of clever legalese and a mastermind of contract writing. Most people find themselves in a situation like this because they didn't know the loop holes, verbiage, or otherwise, did not hire a legal consultant. Aryn had one on speed dial.

"Worry not, we have not begun to discuss business and wanted to await your arrival. We were unaware that you were not informed of this meeting spot, but thankfully, we have resolved that confusion. I will allow the Captain to address the matter of the contract and we can then listen to each side share their concerns. I must emphasize that honesty and integrity be present in this conversation. We are trained to detect mendacious dialogue." Segueing with ease, Aryn gestures to Ban. "Captain.."

Aryn's observation of both parties cause a bit of nostalgia for her. Many times in court, she has seen one party outmaneuvered by another. This typically is the result of clever legalese and a mastermind of contract writing. Most people find themselves in a situation like this because they didn't know the loop holes, verbiage, or otherwise, did not hire a legal consultant. Aryn had one on speed dial.

Ban Iskender accepts the offered datapad, noting the intact tamper lock with a short nod and offered, "My thanks, Representative Maxxz." As he gradually attempts to navigate the corporate dialect of legalese, he voices toward the clan representatives, "I must confess, navigation of this document is ..challenging. So I do invite correction from either party, should I misspeak." Drawing a breath, he summarizes for the Jedi, "It would appear that this arrangement contains several provisions which enable Ripth-Corp to impose significant debt upon the native clans under.. several subsections, which would then in turn permit the Corporation to assume full control of the operation, machinery, and extant resources." A deeply drawn breath as he glances between natives and Scipians inviting correction before speaking on.

"Were this a Republic world, such predatory practices would likely not be enforceable, though this planet is of course not aligned with the Republic. I expect that the Chadra-fan do not wish to forgoe their resources for a tithe of their worth, nor does Ripth-Corp desire to reduce the profits the letter if the bargain entitle them to. Is my estimation accurate, thus far?"

"Clans Yiktikik and Xuyt have been very eager partners for these last years, but Chadra-Fan are..." Vyk pauses for just a moment in her description, hands folding behind her back and her expression becoming devoid of emotion, mouth opening but the Muun's voice cutting in,

"Rustic - for a lack of mincing words. They lack the industrial, and economic, acumen to make of this place what Ripth will once we've taken control." Nun sniffs, looking side-eyed at the quartet of Chadra-Fan.

"Ripth make the fancy switches and bring the toad-faces that write and talk and write and talk! Yiktikik sign when Xuyt tell us to sign when we are explained the giant pile of credits, let us begin building off-planet." Qodi points skyward, towards a massive Sorosuub transit-cruiser, "Clan-Home travels! No quakes! Xuyt promise!" the one identified as Pond clips Qodi about the ear suddenly and begins squeaking and whistling at him in her high pitched language.

Both Nun and Vyk's eyes close and heads shake practically in unison for the cacophony of it before Vyk presses on, over the argumentative Chadra-fan's back and forth,

"While all company property will be converted to Ripth-Corp's holdings - we are offering all employees to maintain jobs not being re-fitted for droid automation - including training packages to help them be better, more effective, workers." her three fingered hands come up to steeple clawed digits as Nun picks up.

"Xuyt and Yiktikik stand to make enough credits from the buy-out that they can set up another sub-par operation elsewhere and ma-aybe hire consultants for contract negotiation in the future."

"Droid-work! Droid-work! No Chadra-Work! Have to leave - find elsewhere! Taking work!" Las now, of Yiktiktik, bellow/squealing.

"So the matter has to do with labor," Aryn says, arriving at the main point of contention. "The Chadra want plans to employ their laborers, but Ripth-Corps is seeking automation. I can see where this benefits the company, but it does not benefit the Chadra." Aryn leans closer to Ban and says, "Captain.. is there language in the contract that dictates how labor is to be conducted? They make mention of incumbent laborer training, but that seems recent.. something adjacent to the original arrangement."

Ban Iskender leans nearer to Aryn to confide quietly (audible only to get and Rey), "I have not the slightest idea. All that I have shared this far is what I could sense of the conflict and willingness of each party to compromise. The contract may as well be writ in Neimoidian for the sense I can make of it. We may be able to sway the Corporation representatives into conceding a slight increase in the promised financial compensation, but I sense they will not relent. The law is with them."

Rey turns to face Aryn and Ban with her hands remaining casually in front of her lap. She glances to the delegation and then back to the two of them. She turns a bit more so her voice is quietly just for them.

"Its possible we might need to return to this after seeking advice from someone with more knowledge on this situation. I think they'd understand that this was an initial meeting to gather information for a future, deeper, exploration of whats happening here." She tells them both beofre turning back to their greeters.

"The matter of who is working at this mining operation is of little concern to the Clans in ninety days time. Section Sixty-Four, Paragraph 12, Sub-Paragraph three, section two: Wherein the signees of Chadra-Fan representation of thus: The Yiktikik/Xuyt Methan Fissue agree that should profit margins fall out of alignment of Muun economic mathematic balance as provided to Ripth-Corp. Yiktikik/Xuyt shall be responsible for monitoring of appropriate quota and requesting meetings with Ripth-Corp representatives yearly should there be a felt need for a renegotiation. Ripth-Corp is not responsible for addressing Yiktikik or Xuyt of current progress on quotas, only in providing a financial statement quarterly - Ripth-Corp reserves rights to acquire mining operation assets, while providing financial provision to the Yiktikik and Xuyt clans per the scale presented, per Bith and Muun mathematical computation in further section Ninety-Five: Section A - Graph two." Nun utters and shakes his head.

The Chadra-Fan begin to protest again before Vyk speaks up to talk over them "Ergo, your clan-ship, personal homes and vehicles are still your own. Plus the credits you are promised. But we make no promises in the contract regarding your laborers. As we said, take them with - start a new operation. We will offer local administrative work to those already employed to the operation, qualified for it."

"We build up! You take away! Fancy words! Special talk!"

The Muun and Gossam look to the Jedi now, heaving exasperated sighs.

"May I see the contract, please?" Aryn asks, holding out her gloved hand to look it over. Being bookish by nature, the noble's eyes move from side to side as she reads the contract. Even as the others speak, Aryn is quiet, absorbing some understanding of the predicament. Rey's suggestion isn't on deaf ears, and it would be advantageous to take this back to Idan, or perhaps an analysis droid, for a breakdown of the clauses to find a loop hole.

"Ah, I see it now. Well written, I must say." Aryn clears her throat. "According to this, the clans were responsible for production in how it effects profit margins. When production is exiguous, the clause gives power to Ripth-Corps to seize control."

"By my understanding, the margin, per the chart provided, is not asking the impossible given steady work and some efficiency improvements; which I presume Ripth-Corps has attempted to provide through their incumbent training programs." She gestures to them. "However, the other part of this contract absolves Ripth-Corps from informing the Chadra when profits slip beneath the threshold. So the Clans have no knowledge of when, or where, they should make adjustments. Without that /key/ source of communication, it is only a matter of chance unless the Chadra have a means to monitor this. May I ask if the Chadra Clans have issued an appeal for renegotiation this year?"

As Aryn reviews the document and addresses the Ripth-Corp negotiators, Ban turns his attention and inquiry to the Chadra-fan. "Honored representatives of Yiktikik and Xuyt: might I ask what the formal relationship between your clans is, and what degree of power your hold to speak on behalf of your clans? As well, I must inquire whether there are any other clans vested in this area who are not represented at present?"

From the direction of the landing area, the astro droid Artoo rolls toward the Jedi and comes to a stop behind REy before curving around her legs to stand there and park himself. He swivels his silver dome around at everyone and greets everyone, even the delegates, with a little happy beep.

Rey looks over and down at the droid, eying him for a moment because she told hi mto wait with the ship, but he never does....

she looks up again when she hears Aryn finding something in the documentation. She looks from she and Ban to the Chadra's for their response.

ARtoo asks 'Whats this all about?" in Binary.

All four Chadra-Fan look to one another and then to Aryn when she asks about renegotiations; the group shaking their heads one by one after a long moment, "Not know need. No think need find time. Thought Ripth happy with production." Qodi offers at the last before Jaiy pipes in,

"Only Yiktikik and Xuyt here, our operation. Las Yiktikik chief, Pond Xuyt chief. They speak for clans, they combine credit to make mining platforms. They make bad deal with Ripth!" all four now glaring and hissing at the corporate reps. The taller beings shake their heads and look again to the Jedi.

"If you wish to take a copy of the contract back, we will be holding that locked copy - but will provide a locked copy as you wish, to wherever you wish to have it reviewed we will happily provide the information. The sooner that we can get this resolved the sooner everyone can get back to work." a sniff from Vyk,

"Agreeable?" both corporate reps say in unison.

"Agreed. I think meeting on neutral ground will assuage any discomfort this meeting has caused. I have an office in the Senate building upon the world Chandrila. I will send ships for both parties, and look forward to your attendance in the New Alderaan office there. Together, I think we can discuss this contract. Additionally, I believe it to be in the best interests of the Clan to pursue an appeal to renegotiate, and discuss in greater detail, the clauses of responsibility so they know going forward what they need to pay attention to."

"Here, this is my card." Aryn says, handing both parties her contact. Then she hands the contract back to the officials and steps back. "I have a business consultant I can bring in who delights in contracts. On my credit, I think he would delight in representing your clans as a trade specialist. -- Yes, I would like to take a copy of the contract back with me, please. My mediators will be well versed when next we meet."

"Are there any objections?"

Ban Iskender inclines his head and shoulders to the corporate representatives, and then again to each of the two clan delegations. "Most agreeable," the gentleman intones.

Rey's hand comes down to the top of Artoo's dome to settle the droid down a bit, as this situation wasn't one for him to make new friends at. She sweeps her eyes from the delegates to Aryn and then back again where she nods her head softly. "This has been very enlightening, and I assure you that you're working with the best here... my associates that is." She glances to Aryn and Ban, then once more looks back to their hosts. "They'll help you find the best possible solution in all of this." Will her word mean anything? It probably doesn't! But it may as well be said!

"Agreeable. Ripth-Corp has no standing in the Republic and with Chad being independent it would make for a clear neutral ground so that there can be no here-say about favoritism." Nun comments while looking down his long face at the Chadra-Fan, all four of which hiss again before looking up at Aryn and offering small nods.

"Yiktikik agree." "Xuyt agree. Meet on Chandrila - make details to Ripth on neutral ground."

"Yis... yis." Vyk says at the last, eyes rolling skyward for a moment, "At least it will be on a world with climate control at the very least." motioning vaguely to their surroundings. "We will be forwarding you your information as requested." the card taken and tucked away, "We shall be contact quite soon - to get this all put behind us one way or another."

Thank you all for your time. Travel in peace." Aryn offers, bowing slightly before drawing her hood up and turning. When she was out of ear shot, she let out a long sigh, and made for the ramp of her ship to unwind. Aryn foresaw a glass of chilled brandy in her near future.