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Yuun finds closure and support from friends

OOC Date: October 15, 2020
Location: Lake Sah'ot, Chandrila
Participants: Rey, Yuun, Ax, Zandra naMuriel, Jax Greystorm, Sesti Greystorm, Elrych Cometburn, Bizz Bliptettjupp, Aryn Cole Jedi Order

A place by the lake was not meant to be poetic, but it felt that way. Lake Sah'ot was large, stretching miles and miles and miles. Its serene surface, reflective surface caught the view of the distant mountains and hills, and even held some semblance of the sunset, with the painted orange and purple bleeding to twilight in the sky. This place was the embodiment of peace and harmony. The Force was strong here and they could all feel it.

There were rumors that the third and last known Barsen'thor of the ancient Jedi Order was buried on this world, within a grand tomb delved deep within the crystal canyons.

If this world was peaceful enough for a Barsen'thor Jedi Master, it was peaceful enough for those of the current age. As a favor to Yuun, Aryn had requisitioned a third party to come out to set up canvas tents for shelter, nothing extravagant or extraordinary. A few lanterns hang from staked posts and uprights, and a pyre near the waters edge has been dressed with stones surrounding it. Aryn is near the water's edge, her bare feet dipped beneath the surface while sitting on the face of a rock, watching the sky quietly.

Elrych stood not to ofar on shore from Aryn, his green hood up over his head to keep his hair at bay in the wind. It had started to grow longer in the past few weeks, something he usually was on top of. Yet perhaps other things were on his mind. Blue eyes glance across the lake, staring into the miles of ocean and the hills and flora that caressed it.

It was peaceful, yes. He took in a long breath though his nose, smelling the air, before letting it out slowly . He was silent, not wanting to disturb the peacefuly nature of this place.

Yuun hadn't known this was a place for an older group of Jedi Masters. Though he could feel the strong presence of the Force here and as he walks towards the lake. He was astonished by what Aryn was able to do for him and his family, and the Jedi. He knew his parents were Jedi but he felt this was more fitting. They weren't people who lived lavishly, they were hard working and open hearted people. This is what they taught him to be, starting as a child and even now, he's doing what they taught him to do and be.

Dressed in his Jedi garb, though the man is always in combat related clothing, but this time he's dressed like a Jedi. His robes are a dark grey and white. His head is lowered as he walks towards the lake and he stands next to Aryn, he looks to the lake staring out at it for a long moment. "My mom always wanted to see a real lake or ocean." he says to both Aryn and Elrych as they are near the shore. "Thank You Aryn." he says to her. He turns to look towards her and then to Elrych. "I..." he stops. "I didn't know how to go about this." he says to them.

Zandra arrives, pausing to look around the place and smile briefly. She's quiet, her hair still wound around itself hiding its length, as it usually is. Violet or not. She tilts her head and heads towards the shore, stopping short of the water by a couple feet. Not putting her feet in the water at all. As Yuun arrives, she moves aside to be out of his way.

Ax had gotten word of the service and donned an old set of Jedi Knight attire he'd picked up ages ago on the black market. He didn't want to be the odd one out, after all, and his other robes were a bit more garrish and unfit for such an event.

The Echani walks into the area, remaining quiet for the moment. He was here for Yuun, at the man's request, so like any friend would do, he came in support.

Rey stands on the lake's shore, her hands held together in front of her lap, a white hued jacket is worn over her equally white hued clothing. The jacket's hood is up over her head, though her face is perfectly visible, she's watching those out in the water, and her eyes sweep over those who are arriving. She gives them all a soft smile, before returning her attention on to Yuun.

"I can speak to the opportunity to suddenly see a large body of water for the first time, its an overwhelming experiene, in a positive light." She tells the fellow Jedi, her tone quiet and calm.

Jax was standing along thw lake shore with others. His face hidden by his dark hood. He stood silently though at the arrival of Yuun and Ax both get a nod of greeting. Then he looks out at the water, "The lake reminds me of the plateu at Skywalker academy more than the ocean. Did you ever master your sailing raft, Rey?"

Standing next to Jax in her formal zabrak mourning of dark grey, the high neck and long sleeves hiding all except her facial marks. She wears no hood, but her hair is loose as is the custom, and blows lazily about her head and face as she watches the water and listens to the others.

At the sound of Yuun's voice, Aryn turns her gaze to him and rises up to her feet. Unlike the others, Aryn favored more Alderaanian stylized garb, wearing white, green, and brown. Her cape was loose-fitting, stylish and casual all the same, matching in color despite its ornate electrum brooch. "There is no set way to go about these things, my friend," Aryn says with an easy smile and touch of his arm.

"Finding closure for those who were close to you is not routine. It is hard, like all things in life, but a neccessary step in finding balance again. Closure manifests in a unique way, typically when you see that the memories of those you love live on in your life even when they are not physically here; be it through your memories, or their impact in shaping you into the man you are."

"This, Yuun, is a celebration of their life. The fire? Symbolic. The wood is burned of its physical form, changing to heat and mixing with the breeze. So too is the passing of life. They shed their physical form, and become one with the Force." Aryn releases Yuun's arm after a moment and locks her hands to the small of her back, pinning the cape there.

"The night is yours, Yuun, and we have come to support in our way, to help you." Aryn shares a glance with the others, smiling still. She seems delighted to see support for one of their own.

Elrych nods to Aryn as she informs Yuun, "Yeah man... this is pretty much how you do it." He gives Yuun a pat on the shoulder, "Vhe sends her sympathies and says she's sorry she couldn't be here. She doesn't get to visit her brother very often anymore with all the training and missions." He offers a soft smile before backing away and lookg back at the others as well. A nod is given to each of them.

Yuun nods his head to Aryn and smiles towards her. Turning around to face the others, "Thanks Elrych, I hope Vhe and her brother are doing well." he says to him. With the fire in front of him and the water behind him, Yuun let's out a breath. He lowers his hood down to show his face, his hear is done in intricate braids with bead work intertwined within his hair. The braids/dreads are thin, and towards the back of his head is a small ponytail. He scans everyone who is here, feeling their presence within the force and his connection to them all as well.

"I want to thank you all for coming." he starts. "I know I've not been fully in the moment and dwelling on the past and the multiple mistakes I've made." he sighs a little. "I want to thank you all for helping me to deal what's happend with with my family, and you're continued support has helped me deal with my loss." Yuun looks to each Jedi and friend, "I'm still dealing with their loss but I'm getting better, it still hurts but I know there are others including some of you who lost family." he says to them. "I'm sorry for your loss as well, and I know that we will all get through this togehter as long as we lean on one another and support one another." Yuun looks to the fire and he reaches into his robes and pulls out a multicolored embroided rope, "These are the colors my parents and my adopted grandfather liked. The orchid on the front is my moms favorite flower. It was always hard to get them for her at times but my dad, myself and my grandfather did what we could to get them for her birthday." he smiles as a tear rolls down his face. He turns and walks to the water taking his shoes off and stepping into the water and he crouches down and places the garland down into the water but he doesn't let it go. "Thank you for everything you've done for me." he says, "Rest easy now, I will do all that I can to make sure others don't suffer." he pauses. "I miss you so damn much..." his hand grips that rope garland tight like he's not wanting to let it go.

Zan listens quietly, but she nods to Aryn's words. She moves closer, part of the group, even if she's silent. "We're all here to help as we can," she says softly. She quiets again, as she listens. She moves forward when Yuun comes to a pause, not ready to let go. She doesn't say anything, but holds her hand up, providing a calm support as she can. Quietly there, as strong as she knows how to be.

Ax watches and listens. He didn't know Yuun's family, but he knew the Jedi and was well acquainted with losing people you care about due to war. The Echani stood quietly, his eyes on Yuun as the man went to the water with his bit of garland.

He does glance at the others present for a moment, then looks back to Yuun. Ax takes a deep breath before speaking, in as calm an soft a voice as he can muster and still be heard. "I am sorry for your pain, my friend. But do not consider it a loss. Everything they were is reflected in you and is a part of you. You are who you are partly because of them, their influence upon you. They may be gone from the physical realm, but close your eyes and focus and I imagine you can smell your mother's perfume, you can hear your grandfather's voice. They are part of you, and because of that, they are never truly gone."

Rey's eyes go to Jax, who gets a small and brief smile from her before she glances down again. "Mastered? No, far from it. Enough confidence to brave a wall of water on a raging stormy ocean? Apparently..." She answers his question, adding a bit about her time on Kef Bir benefitting from her raft training on Arisnar, proving the Force works in mysterious ways.

Her attention returns to Aryn then, who offers very kind words to Yuun, also of which make her smile softly. Yuun's own words garner a pair of light and soft nods from her before she glances to the others who offer wisdom to him as well. She doesn't add any of her own yet, as the others have already made so many great points and offerings.

Jax had fallen quiet allowing the others to talk. Then adds quietly, "Take as long as you need. Though we may stumble we must continue to stand back up. Ax is right, they walk beside you know. If you listen you will hear their words in your own. There wisdom in your wisdom. They are one with force and never truily gone." Though he looks out of the water and thoughts drift to his own brother not gone that long ago in all reality.

Brother Bizz Bliptettjup arrived with his orphans to stand politely away from the funeral pyre and pay respects on behalf of the Guardians and Disciples of the Whills. In addition to Bizz there is Miriala the little green Mirialan, Blelaila the Twi'lek, M'nevvus and Su'nil the Zabrak twins, Lemmy the human boy, If-Shem the Bith boy, little Padmini politely lacking her cardboard Mandalorian helmet, and little Shimsa with her tattered scavenger costume under a dark cloak. In fact, all of them wear dark cloaks in the traditional Jedhan mourning style.

Sesti uses words all day in her new occupation, but she has always been better at actions (smart words she usually leaves to her husband). She walks to the edge of the water, and in, the hem of her gown dragging down in the water. As she kneels down next to him, paying no head to the water soaking through, she lays her hand lightly on his arm and peeks into his face. Then her hand slides around to the inside of his forearm, and her fingers glide down his wrist, his palm, and then gently push their way to lace with his fingers; the firm pressure between the wreath and skin loosening it to let it float, on the water. With her other hand, she folds his fingers over her own, holding his hand in hers and pressing lightly against his side to offer him the comfort of a sympathetic person to lean against, so he doesn't have to bear or feel his grief physically alone.

Aryn walks carefully from the rockface she stood, padding quietly across the distance to stand beside Rey. This gave Yuun all the space he required to go about this process in his way, without Aryn crowding him. Aryn brings her hands to clasp at her front, her blonde hair neatly arranged with braids on each side intended to keep the more errant strands from reaching her scarred face.

Observing Yuun's dedication to the lake, a hand rises to touch her face, carefully intercepting a tear. Normally neutral, Aryn could not deny feeling sad for Yuun's suffering and the pain of loss.

The fire crackled loudly, finding cedar and sap to heat, and embers lifted to the sky as dusk transitioned to night, and orange/purple skies faded to the darker, starlit view. The embers could be seen more clearly now favoring a cool breeze that swept over them. Cloaks and capes fell victim to the wind, though while not dramatic, it certainly felt peaceful.

Elrych listens silently to Yuun's speech, nodding to it as he has felt exactly as his fellow Jedi has. He's lost many, and certainly those who knew him know that. He turns to notice Aryn's tear, perhaps sensing it slightly through the Force. His hand reaches out and presses to her shoulder in a comforting manner. Elrych looks to the fire, the orange glow flicking in his glossy blue eyes.

Yuun's grip tightend on the garland, "Don't go." he whispers before hearing Ax's words. He closes his eyes as tears stream from his face, there is a lot the others have seen of Yuun, normally the more cheerful, excited and joking Jedi Initiate, they've seen him beaten and defeated and now this.

Listening to Ax, he could smell his mothers perfume, and her laughter. He could swear he feel his father and grandfathers strong hands on his shoulder and head. He's right, they're now with him within the Force now. Yuun immerses himself within the Force and he feels the others all there, he feels some of their emotions as well, and as Jax speaks up his head rises up a little and then he feels Sesti against him her hand moving down his arms to his hand. He looks to her, his eyes red not due to anger just sadness and loss. He looks down at his hand and he feels his hand loosen around the garland.

He notices that Aryn moved back away from him to give him room and at this point he feels Bizz in the background with others. They're all there for him, but not just him for one another. Elrych not far either. He looks down at the garland and the orchid, "I love you and will never forget you. I will always be with you and you with me." he bows his head and lets the garland go to float off on it's own.

Zan's hand drops, as things are taken care of. She steps back to stand by Aryn, quietly. She reaches for the Force, keeping herself calm, her expression showing the empathy she's feeling. "We are a family too," she says. "All of us, family even if not born to it." That's the only thing she says, leaving the words to the others. Her gaze goes soberly to each of the others, and her gentle empathy is probably showing, especially through the Force. The violet haired Jedi is simply here in the now, experiencing.

Ax goes back to being quiet, hoping his words helped. It wasn't his usual negotiating tactic. When Zan speaks, Ax just nods in agreement.

Rey's eyes go over to the arriving Bizz, and his entourage. The sight of the orphans causes her to smile in their direction, a reserved smile, but one to welcome them all none-the-less. She then returns her eyes to the others to see Aryn stepping over to her, who gets a small nod of approval from Rey, who was quite impressed with Aryn's efforts in this. She watches Yuun then, joined by Sesti and again smiles to the display.

A quick glance is given to Zandra, then back to Yuun. "She's right, you know. We're here for you, now and going forward, Yuun. You're efforts in a selfless Jedi pathway are only growing more and more skillful. I've watched you all progress leaps and bounds, since we came together, and I don't see that stopping. Yuun, you're on a pathway of greatness, that your family would only be proud of."

Jax watches his wife go stand with Yuun and help him. He falls quiet and watches. He looks over to Bizz and the kids. He smirks at the kids in costumes. Then turns to watch the others.

Sesti's eyes are mostly on the wreath as it floats away, and perhaps she perceives it as floating on fire, with the reflection of the flames in the water around it. Liquid fire bearing Yuun's offering to his family as she continues to give what she comfort she can, of normal, non-force, empathy.

Aryn glances toward Elrych who showed support by the subtle squeeze of her shoulder. She nods quietly, and manages a small but sad smile. Her gaze shifts from the Corellian to the others, adjusting only to regard Rey when she speaks too. When her gaze settles back on Yuun, she is nodding her head in agreement of what was said.

With the breeze picking up again, the settle symphony of leaves could be heard across the distant mountains. At night, sound seemed to travel easier and with more clarity. Subtle streaks of warmth were conferred from the crackling fire, chasing away the chill for those closer to it.

The glowing circle of the flames orange hue encompass the items Yuun has released to Lake Sah'ot, but the gentle current carries them from view in time, replacing the presence of those items with the reflection of the star filled sky above. Lunar light catches the lake with an eerie, calming glimmer, and life around them carries on. Insects sing their night songs and torchbugs hover nearby and across the plains, flashing their yellow lights with entrancing patterns.

Aryn says a silent prayer to the Mother, looking skyward briefly and grinning when the wind brushes through her hair.

Feeling that sadness flee him as he watches as the breeze pushes the garland he made down the lake, it did have that fire glow around it as it moves. There was no need of the Force as nature does what it does. He has heard everyone, and feeling his friends and family here with him now. He looks to Sesti and moves to stand up, helping her up as she supported him in releasing the garland from his hand. "Thank you." he says to her staring her in the eyes and bowing his head to her.

He turns around and looks to everyone here, "I've heard you all and thank you for being here for me, and being here for just one another. This ceremony isn't just for me, we've all lost loved ones and friends, this is for all of us." he says meeting each person eyes with his own. He bows his head, "Your words are comforting, and I will cherish them all and continue to grow." he says. He looks to Rey, "Thank you." he says as he watches her and then to the others. He sees Sesti make it back to her husband. Yuun wipes his eyes as and dries his tears on his sleeves. He was wet but he didn't care, he walks closer to the pyre. He can feel the heat wash over him a little and he can just feel again.