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Specter of The Order

OOC Date: January 6, 2019
Location: Tython
Participants: Jedi Order: Rey, Zandra naMuriel, Yuun, Nomi Koda, and Elrych Cometburn

Kalikori City was once Kalikori Village, an illegal settlement on a once Jedi prominent world. The ruins here are known, at least the ones that the Twi'lek Rangers watch over night and day. However, what the new Jedi Order seeks are deeper into the valley where there may lay dangers. In order to get a direction on where to go and even to see these ruins, permission must be sought from the local Government here which meant visiting the Matriarch. It was time to flex those diplomatic and mediation skills dear Jedi. There may be dangers that lay afoot further down the path that require more martial actions however.

Elrych moves through the city with the hood of his dark green cloak up, his weapons hidden inside of it, including his lightsaber. "Wow... this place is really nice. Like Naboo, nice. Like... I might try and get a place here, nice." He takes in a deep breath of air, pulling back his hood. Eyes close and he smiles just a bit. "You smell that crisp air, man?"

Kid, his R2 Unit beeps which draws his owners attention. "No! I know what manure smells like!" His blue eyes continue to look around with wonder and astonishment. One thing was for sure, Tython was teaming with The Force, glowing like a bright light. The city wasn't too busy, farms moving about buying tools for the coming harvest. The new comers may get interesting looks and whispers with the attire they are wearing.

Rey adjusts a cloth satchel across her shoulder and down against her opposite hip, she looks up at their surroundings as they move deeper into this new location... hearing Elrych's review of the place she suddenly finds herself taking it in as well. "It is quite lovely." She replies. "I don't need any mystical energy fields to feel a great sense of peace here."

She adjusts her stare then to look back at the others. "Lets stay close by one another though, we don't want to get lost and we don't want to cause any trouble. Its possible they're not entirely fond of outsiders potentially mucking up their lives here. I've seen some of that already throughout other places I've gone."

Having landed and quickly catching up wit the others, Yuun grins as he looks around. The one time home of the Jedi, Yuun is in awe, he smiles as he catches up with the others and looks to them and giving a friendly smile. "Hello." He says as he looks to them. Having been told they have to speak with the Matriarch, he nods his head, not everything is action, sometimes you do have to be diplomatic which is great, it's about time they used those skills.

Yuun looks to Elrych, "I can't wait, but where are we to meet the Matriarch?" He asks as he looks to his fellow Jedi. Taking a moment and he just soaking up the ambience as he waits for an answer. His attention is turned towards Rey and he nods his head, his cloak hides his training saber for the time being. "That is a good idea Rey." He says as he looks to her.

Staying close to the group is not difficult for Nomi. Her long-legged stride allows her to keep pace with ease, and if she's wearied by the amount of walking that has transpired, she doesn't show it. There's an image of neutral serenity on her face, framed as it is by long, dark hair she has taken no measure to tame. It teases or whips about her face with the breeze or the gusts that catch it. Whereas some choose to remark on the beauty of their surroundings, Nomi eyes it with silence. In fact, most of her focus is on the peaked mountains, the forest canopy, and the rolling, soft grasslands that make up the world of Tython. The first sign of civilization earns her attention the most, though, and she takes measure of it with that same, solemn mood.

Zandra stays quiet, following along with the others. She hitched a ride over with Elrych, a friendly sort of silence now in place, as she listens to the conversation. Kid's beeps bring a slight smile to Zan's face, and then a dip of her head. The young student doesn't have anything to add, though she does look around as the environment is brought up. A half shrug, and Zan continues walking.

Elrych looks to Rey as they continue to walk, "Right... good idea." He echo's Yuun before looking to the young man himself. He turns reaching into his robes to pull out those thick rimmed and dark holo-glasses of his. He puts them on for a moment and turns around, and around, and around. A hand raises and then he stops. "Huh... Teta apparently doesn't have any information on the matter." He removes the glasses and puts them away back into his robes. "You'd think it'd be the biggest, baddest looking building here but all the building are kind of the same size, yeah?" He look to Nomi and blinks, "How... wait, Rey... who's the new girl." The sly Corellian walks right up to her and holds out his hand, blue eyes sparkling and a wide grin. "Elrych, Elrych Cometburn."

The locals still go about their business and don't bother the Jedi but the prominently Twi'lek population is weary. They have to be, given their past and the reasons for this very settlement.

Taking a moment to focus himself, Rey is correct, you didn't need to use the Force to know that there is power here. Still he does focus around them all and throughout eh force as he begins searching. He could feel the force throughout the entire area, "I feel where we need to go." He says to them all as he slowly begins opening his eyes. "South of the ruins is where we need to go." He says to them. Upon looking at them, he hears Elrych and he does see the new person, "Hello, I'm Yuun." He says to Nomi though he begins moving towards the ruins.

Rey shows a soft smile to Yuun and then looks back to Zandra. "Good to see you." She tells the other since its been awhile since they last spoke. "I'm sure we can ask a local about the place..." Her eyes start to scan around them but are drawn back to Elrych when he speaks of Nomi. She glances to Nomi, then back to El. "Nomi. The others. The others, Nomi." She shows a slight grin then as her hood is down behind her shoulders and not covering her face at all... galaxy's most wanted, hopefully no bounty hunters here.

"She's an ally, at this point. She's strong with the Force but still... adjusting to all of it." Its a short way of explaining it, leaves a lot out to be sure. Rey turns south when Yuun indicates that direction, she squints her eyes through the ambient light and peers in that direction, then looks back to Yuun. "Quite sure of that?" She asks, showing a light smile again.

The question of where to meet the Matriarch is not technically the same as where the Matriarch might be, but Nomi's height affords her extra perspective. A sign stands out to her. Even at this distance, she can make out the letters that detail it as the location that might contain the answer to their question. What focus she has on that is interrupted by the sudden presence of someone stepping in front of her and thrusting a hand out in her direction. What peaceful serenity existed on the angular features of her face is interrupted by a frown. Dark eyes dart down towards his hand, and then take stock of the distance between them. "You are facing the wrong way." It is the sole remark she offers, and she considers his eyes and his grin with less attention than she'd giving their passing scenery.

Using her long-legged stride to her advantage yet again, Nomi steps to the side and forward, and begins her trek towards the building. She moves at no speed quick to her, but shorter individuals may feel the pace a bit rushed. It is to the South she moves, mirroring the individual that introduced himself as Yuun, but not following him in an indication that she, too, has discovered the path.

Zan looks around, but she's not spotting anything that looks like where a matriarch might live. She is still looking when Elrych spots Nomi, and Yuun figures out what direction to go. That gets a slightly amused look on her face, though Zan simply shrugs. "It has been a while," she agrees with Rey, voicing those words. Her gaze goes back to Nomi, and a brow arches. "I'm Zan," is all she says, as she falls into step with the rest of the group.

Elrych is left standing there with that stupid grin on his face as Nomi moves past him, his hand out stretch. Maybe he just didn't know how to handle this kind of person. His attempts to be friendly rebuffed. Perhaps Rey finally found someone who really was hard core on the 'lack of emotion' thing. He didn't know and if he dwelled on it he'd get left behind... because the others were already walking towards the south. "Hey... wait up!" He says turning to see even that his droid had left the idiot behind. He slumps his shoulders and sighs, running to catch up with the others.

The Matriarch's Office's location would throw one for a loop. It was a home, a simple home, in the middle of a city. Like it had been there for thousands on years while the rest of the city grew and sprawled out around it. "Looks like this is it..." Elrych says, stepping forward and opening the door. As the group enters the building they would find it's a wide open space. There are trees and plants, even animals inside. It is very much a house, someone lives here, and leaves the door unlocked.

Rey watches Nomi movie ahead and she looks toward Elrych and shows him a smirk. "She's had a hard life, give her time." She says quietly to the young man before she moves after the others as well. "Nicely spotted." Rey says to Yuun and to Nomi and when Elrych moves up to open the door she'll move on inside of the place firstly, stepping far enough in to let her companions all enter as well. Rey's eyes scan the interior, she's amazing at the gentle beauty of it, nothing like some of the massive castles and palaces she's seen in her travels in this past year, but still possessing a fantastic quality all to itself, a simple life kind of experience.

"Right." Rey says then as she moves to find an attendee to this place. She glances back to the others. "Who wants to speak for us? Zandra?" She asks, showing off a slight grin. "Elrych? Your glasses will prove we're not tomb raiders, I'm sure of it. They're connected into a library, yes?" She's joking of course, kind of.

Yuun is quiet as Rey speaks with the others about who will speak with the Matriarch, he scans the area of the ruins, but once inside of the Matriarchs home, he smiles. He is really enjoying this, but he also knows he must be more aware and so he becomes more of the Guardian.

Rey's introductions leave little need for Nomi to offer any sentiments of her own. The names have gathered in her mind, and their small number makes it more possible she'll remember them, if she needs to. Arriving at their destination, Nomi is one of the first to reach the domicile, but she leaves entering as an honor for someone else to have. She is a guest of sorts in this endeavor, and it doesn't do to take the lead on anything Or maybe she's averse to walking into homes uninvited. Whatever the case may be, she surveys the arriving members of their entourage for the brief moments it takes them to coalesce into a group once more. Rey enters, and Nomi follows, but it's the home's interior her gaze takes in. It's cozy, in its own way.

Zan's eyebrows shoot up, and she flashes a rueful smile. "I can try, if you wish. But I make no promises that I can convince anyone of anything," she says softly. She does step in, with everyone else, murmuring, "We want to have permission to go - to the further ruins deeper into the valley? And we accept that there may be dangers and take responsibility for ourselves? Did I get that right?" She's perhaps not entirely missed the point, but she double checks, just to be sure. Elrych glances to Rey, "Wait... you actually want me to wear my glasses? Well... alright." He pulls out those prescription lenses of his and pushes them up the bridge of his nose. "It is, yes. To the Great Library of Cinnigar. It's real handy in a bind." Shaded eyes then look towards Zandra, "Well... I'll help too. That's the gist of it though... I thin-"

El is interrupted by a door on the far side opening and out coming an old Twi'lek Woman, her Lekku sagging over her shoulders, body covered in Robes not unlike the Jedi's own. "Who is... Oh... Oh! I wondered when this day would come." The old woman's voice is in a bit of a singsong and she laughs at the end of her sentences. Tap, tap, tap as she moves towards the group with her cane. "I and Naelovish, Matriarch of Kalikori City, welcome." As she draws closer they would notice her eyes are misted over, likely blind. They know to find Rey though and the old woman steps closer to the young human. "Ahhh..." She smiles, "I knew you would come. I have been waiting years and years for this." Then she hobbles over towards Elrych, stares at him, grimaces, then moves along to Yuun, Nomi, and Zan. "I did not think there'd be so many with you. This... this is interesting."

Elrych frowns as she gives him that sour look. "What?" He looks to the others, "Did I cut myself shaving?"

Rey gives a look to Yuun and Nomi, she moves off to the side to not occupy the center of the room they're in and then her eyes go to Zandra. "That is the general rundown of what we're here for, yes. Should do if we need to ask or plea our case." She looks to Elrych as he slaps his glasses back on and she smirks faintly at him. "A Jedi uses the tools at their disposal to peacefully accomplish the goals that which they've set before them." She pauses and then relaxes her tone. "They're appropriate where situations they belong. Especially if they do yield you knowledge we may need in a moment. Not, in a classroom though." Her smirk reamins up to the point where the Twi'lek woman appears. Her words are listened to... and they create no small measure of surprise upon Rey's face. "You have been waiting years..?" She counters with a question, her eyes dart to her companions.

Yuun looks ot Nomi for a moment, "You doing alright?" He asks her gently. He than looks to Rey as she looks back to him, he gives her a nod of his head. He turns his gaze upon Zan and Elrych as she speaks with them. Yuun on the other hand continues to look around from where he is taking in the wisdom they are being provided with. "When we don't have to use our weapons, is a great thing." He smiles. Though when the elder twi'lek comes out, he bows his head, "A pleasure to meet you as well."

Yuun receives nothing but a passive look in return. There might be a slight adjustment of her brows upwards in regards to his question, but Nomi divorces her attention for him as soon as she's able to figure out what he's said and the intent behind it. In other words, mere moments. She turns her focus where it should be, instead. The Matriarch emerges from another room, and Nomi's dark eyes absorb the woman's appearance, from her cane to her wisened face. When the slightest acknowledgment is given her way, she brings both of her hands together before her, palms pressed. "Aku'shaan." It is the singular greeting she offers, and is something she drops whether the Matriarch places her hands outside Nomi's or moves on in spite of it.

Zan is clueless on this one, as the old Twi'lek matriarch comes out. She looks from Rey to Elrych, and then nods as she hears the explanation about the glasses. Her attention goes to the Matriarch as she listens to what is said, and Rey's surprise is noted. Well, they're all startled, aren't they? "Ma'am? Matriarch Naelovish, you've somewhat startled us. We were not expecting to be - expected," she says, her tone rueful. She glances towards Nomi's greeting, not recognizing it, and she then turns back to the Matriarch, offering her a nod of her head, politely. "I am Zandra na'Muriel, called Zan or Zandra. And it is a very beautiful city you have here. But - perhaps you might tell us how you knew we were coming?"

"Yes... in my dreams. I could not forget such a youthful face." Says The Matriarch as she patters around the group gathered, hunched over like the old bitty that she is. "You stood right here before me. I didn't know why you are here or what you wanted, but... The Force told me to hear you out."

Her cane strikes out at Elrych as she comes behind him. Elrych Yelps, "Hey! Crazy Lady..." He had been picking his nose, "Focus..." She says, waddling back towards Rey, "This one is trouble..." A growl as she glares back to Elrych. Rapidly she pulls away from Rey and inspects the others. "Indeed, a rag tag group, some lacking purpose or direction. You have a long road ahead I think." She stops in front of Yuun, "This one will ask a lot of questions. It may grow tiresome. Practice patients..." She meanders over to Nomi and bows in turn at the traditional greeting, "This one is..." She looks quizzical at Nomi, sniffing as if smelling her "Interesting..." Then she moves to Zandra, "This one will need help with confidence. As I said before, young one, I saw it in a dream." She steps back so that they all can see her. "So... you were discussing something about the ruins. Let us hear your case. What is it you seek young Jedi?"

Rey doesn't do a lot here, she's flying on the sidelines for the most part on this trip because she's with the Initiates and its their responsibility to train and that involves... this kind of thing. She looks from the old woman to each of the students that she speaks of and she's quite obviously under the impression that this Twi'lek has a connection to the Force... which put sher at danger, but its likely to be quite UNlikely that the First Order would ever come out here, right?

Either way, Rey looks to Zandra and nods toward her. She doesn't speak up, she lets the others do that. The Paragon's responsibility is to observe and advise... as she understand it, at least.

Yuun listens and is very impressed with the Matriarch, a smile graces his lips. He notices Rey is off to the side for this and he looks to the others as the Matriarch speaks about the ruins and wanted to know what questions they had. "Is there anything there that is still able to function since the Jedi of old been here last?" He asks. He didn't know, maybe there was something useful, or something that could help train them.

Nomi is undisturbed by the Twi'lek Matriarch's peculiarities. She shows no sense of shock or awe that the woman has dreamed about their group, just as she shows no offense at being sniffed at. Her arms move to her sides, and she, like Rey, drifts into being nothing more than an ornamental piece in the conversation at hand. Present, but not active. The woman is doing more than enough speaking to fill in the gaps, and the one who'd called herself Zan had been appointed as their speaker, anyway. Yuun asks a question, regardless, and Nomi's gaze briefly ventures in his direction. It ultimately rests with the Matriarch, though whether in search of an answer or otherwise is anyone's guess. Small deviations are made towards Zandra in the process.

Zan arches a brow, and then she exhales her breath slowly. She can perhaps be seen reaching for the force, calming herself. Se glances at Yuun, and that brings a half shrug, graceful, and a tilt of her head. "We are indeed hoping to go deeper into the valley to look through the ruins there, to see if there might be any artifacts that we might bring out, that will help us to overcome our quite obvious lacks." A hint of dryness there, but only a little bit. Zan isn't offended by this truth, she is acknowledging it, at least so far as it comes to her. "We know it might be dangerous, and accept that risk." Eyes flick between those that are here. They settle on Yuun after he speaks. "There are some sections of the Temple that have lighting still. We maintain it. It is what we do, what we were charged with after the last Order left to Coruscant..." Eyes then move again to Zandra, "You want to trounce through the ruins of old so that you can fall to the monsters that live out there? Large creatures are out there and you all didn't think to bring mercenaries? Have you prepared supplies for the long trek? There are things out there you don't understand. Places we have no control over. There are myths as scary as any bedtime ghost story and hungry monsters ready to pounce. It is a tough task for such a nascent and young group. What makes you think you will not all just die out there?" She dosn't seem at all convinced. Rey's eyes scan over the others before they return to the Matriach and she clears her throat quietly. "We're a young group, a new group, but we're experienced with trouble, I assure you. And we're seeking knowledge and insight, little else." This is the extent of what she says to the aged Twi'lek before she falls silent again and her hands go to the strap of the satchel wrapped around her torso, she clutches the strap with both of her hands but otherwise remains quiet, sparing another glance around the interior of the room to further get a feel for this place.

"I'm sorry Initiate Zan, I didn't mean to step on your toes." He says as he apologize. She was was tasked with speaking with the Matriarch, though Yuun does have a lot of questions, he allows himself to calm and relax. He trusts in his friends as they are all on this endeavor.

Zan listens attentively, attention focused on the Matriarch, and then Rey as she speaks. She takes a moment and offers a bow to the Matriarch, before she says clearly, "You are quite right, we are young, Matriarch. But not completely inexperienced. We are aware there will be danger, and have brought supplies, only we did not bring them to your house with us, thinking instead to leave them safely nearby until we knew if we were permitted to go, if they would be useful." She pauses there for a moment, and then adds, "As Rey says, we are always seeking knowledge and insight - this is our main purpose. There are many things we don't understand, this does not mean we can ignore them safely. My confidence indeed may need help, but we will not learn if we do not face our fears." Her hands come up, in supplication, palms up, and her honesty and conviction shine through.

Elrych is staring at Zandra, his mouth open. He was blown away. How did that even happen. The conversation they had the other day threw him off from ever expecting this kind of thing from her. At least so soon after. He had no words to add, it was very well put.

The Matriarch steps closer towards Zan after regarding Rey's words. "And you should loosen up a little. Breath." She laughs heartily before addressing Zandra. "IF you can have the courage and ability to be this confident every day of your life. You can make it through this journey." She looks to them all. "All of you..." She points to Elrych, "Except him... I hope a Wrathgoul eats you..."


The Matriarch continues, hobbling over towards a book shelf. She looks through it. "You have my permission. If the Jedi are to return as Lor San Tekka wished then you will need this on your journey." She removes a leather bound Journal. "It is a detailed journal of the Ruins we know of and currently protect as well as a living record of each Matriarch's rulings and findings regarding all... this." She hands it to Rey. "Keep it safe and return it to me when you are done." To them all once more. "Start at the Temple. You may find the path to what you seek there. Be careful, this world is dangerous."

Rey offers a light smile to Zandra's words and then she follows that up by looking back to the Matriach with a measure of pride. When the Matriach calls her out for loosening up, Rey shows a light smile. "Words to live by." She quietly response before she gives Elrych a close look. "You clearly are a wise individual." She adds to the Twi'lek elder.

The permission is given, as is a journal... the journal is taken and Rey's eyes fall down upon it. She inspects the cover, flips it over and looks at the back... then flips it open for a brief moment before she closes it and offers the book over to Zandra. She did the talking, she earned the guide book.

"Thank you, truly." Rey says to the elder woman then. "We'll do everything in our power to ensure the safety of the ruins, and ourselves." And with that said she looks to companions, suggesting its time to go.

As Zandra began to speak, his eyes fell upon her. He smiles, his feelings showing easily as he looks to his fellow initiate. She is amazing and maybe this is where her calling is founded today, he didn't know but she is eloquent and understanding all at the same time. He looks to the others to gauge their reactions. He gives a slow nod and as he looks at the Matriarch, it seems she is agreeable as well. Though he doesn't miss her words or understanding, he feels this will be putting everything that they've learned so far on the line.

A slow breath is taken and as Rey is handed the journal, than in turn Rey hands the journal to Zan. "I agree, you will be leading us." He smiles to Zan. Yuun turns and looks ot the Matriarch, "Thank you very much, we will do all that we can be safe and keep things as thy were." He says to hear. Hearing Rey tell them it's time to go, he bows to the Matriarch, "Hope to see you soon." He says to her and he turns to leave as well.

"Kei'nata tun." Nomi offers parting, melodic words to the Matriarch, and takes Rey's prompt cue for the indication that it is. She turns from the loose circle they've gathered in and moves with quiet ease to the door. Though she expressed no sense of discomfort, she appreciates the fresh air that comes with leaving the home. The scent of domesticated livestock can be powerful and cloying, and this house was no exception. The cooler breeze playing through the valley refreshes her senses, and Nomi breathes deep of its revitalizing essence. She does not linger at the entrance to the house, however, and instead moves farther along to ensure she is not blocking the exit of the others. Once a respectable distance away, she half-turns to watch the others emerging.

"Do you think there is danger?" This is a question she postulates to Rey. It is not a disbelief in the Matriarch's warnings as much as it is respect for Rey's knowledge on the matter. If nothing else, Nomi displays no small amount of confidence in the woman's capabilities. It does, perhaps, suggest some sense of skeptical attitude on her part. She doesn't seem worried yet, from an outside perspective. Not enough to display it in any fashion.

Zandra bows again, to the Matriarch. "Thank you," is all she says there. She looks a bit startled as Rey gives her the book, but she accepts it, and doesn't drop it. "We should go finish preparing for our excursion," she adds. "Be safe, Matriarch Naelovish, and may the Force be with you." As they all turn to take their leave, she moves closer to Yuun, waiting until they are out of the house before she speaks to him. "You didn't step on my toes. I think you had a very good question, my friend. But I am not - " A pause and a ghost of a smile. "I'm not the leader here. I'm just the negotiator."

The Matriarch bows to Zandra and the others and watches them go. Elrych makes sure to shut the door behind them. As Nomi speaks to Rey, asking her of Danger, Elrych's eyes are drawn towards the Mountains where a flight of avians take off and just under the busy noise of the city an inhuman cry can be heard. Elrych's face bcomes somber, serious. Likely as flat and undaunting as Nomi's herslef. He dosn't say anything, if he heard it, the others probably did too. "We better get prepared and ready to head out at first light. Signs here say the path to the Temple is just further south and not too far." He walks up to Zandra, hand on her shoulder in a friendly manner. "Good job in there." He smiles before moving past her and nodding to the others as he makes his way with Kid back to the Spike to dig through his survival gear that's never really been touched since Basic training.

Once back outside, Rey waits for the others and she nods softly. "That was good, Zandra." She adds. "That was an interesting woman, possibly Force sensitive, as I'm sure you all gathered. I'd ask her about it, but I don't believe she's the type to toss her volunteership into helping us with what we have ahead of us. All the same, very nicely done."

Rey then looks sidelong to Nomi and she shows a slight frown for a moment, her eyes go out in the direction she knows they have to go, toward the forest. "I think its likely, yes. I've read some about this planet's history, it has a natural beauty that we're all already familiar with, but it has... more than that. It has a dark side, figuratively and literally. There's more to this planet than meets the eye."

She glances around her again to everyone else. "This is another reason we stay close on this expedition."

When Zandra comes closer to him and speaks to him, he gestures for them to continue out. "Still I should've waited." He says to her. "Though I have to say you were amazing Zan. I really mean it, there was like no hesitation in your voice and you were confident and spoke true." Yuun smiles, "I know I've not spoken with you in a while, but you know what?" he asks. He grins, "I do want to get to us talking again, been too long." He says to her. Than speaking up so that the others can hear him but before he says something, he hears it too and he stops and looks in that direction. "I'm happy we are here, I think it really is time for us to truly strengthen our bonds with one another."

Rey's assessment of the situation and reaffirmation that they should stick together creates the first crack in Nomi's stoic facade. What minute changes in her expression exist amount to little more than ghosts, but if one were to look close enough, they might see the spectre of humor in the angles of her face. "There is nothing else around. Where would we go?" The true journey has yet to start, however. Once the group moves onto the heart of their journey here, Nomi expects they will encounter many things and places that will inspire intrigue and curiosity. Those subtle changes evaporate, and Nomi spares briefly lingering glances at the individuals she will continue to travel with in the immediate future. Her eyes eventually end up trained towards the direction of their eventual destination, and a distant look overtakes her. Perhaps she, too, is contemplating some heard noise or wondering about what to bring.