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Anakin turns back from the dark side

OOC Date: January 11, 2021
Location: Devaron
Participants: Rey, Ben Solo, Qutha Buvu Pah, Rune, Chani Tahn, Jax Greystorm, Zandra naMuriel, Vhe Tenara, Aryn Cole

It is a warm day on Devaron. The sky is bright and blue, the summer season is settling in on this hemisphere of the globe, which is admittedly fairly warm to hot all year round regardless.

The meeting was scheduled for an outside area of the main temple grounds, a garden that had been put together to provide an outdoor setting for tranquility and serenity outside of the temple's rebuilt walls.

Rey has been waiting for those who'd been called to gather, seated in the center of the garden where a recreation area of sorts is setup. The sun has started to dip behind the Temple's main tower, which means this part of the gardens is bathed in a nice shade from the sunlight that spans out across the east where its bathing the lively jungles beyond the grassy hillsides.

Rey stands up from her seated position, her white hood is pulled up over her head as the sun had been shining down on her only just a few minutes ago before dipping behind the tower. She steps over to a bag of belongings she'd brought outside with her, sliding the book away inside it that she'd been reading.

When others start to arrive, the Jedi Paragon looks up to them and offers them all a light smile. "Welcome, please, find yourselves a place to sit. I hope you brought a drink, it's a bit ... stuffy out today."

Around her place at the center are many seating options amongst the garden, and the fountains that surround its center area.

It's daytime, at least, so the bandolier of personal glow-rods wrapped around Qutha's waist are not on and his hood is drawn back to allow the Zelosian the full affect of the sun on and around him. Perpetually grinning and with a hammock satchel over one shoulder half-filled with dark soil and plant clippings collected on his way.

"If there's none with drinks brought, I could run back - I didn't see any that could be cut and drunk from - I keep a couple bottles of water on me. Old habit." lifting up a hip pouch as he nears and searches for a place to take a seat - hovering though in case he is called out to go on a liquids run. Delicious. Delicious. Liquids.

Emerging from the Temple proper after a few hours of wandering its interior, Chani Tahn doesn't so much stride into the gardens as wades. The air is thick with humidity and she can feel that slickness on her skin within a minute of being exposed to it. The sky is cast in a myriad of colors as the planet's star dips towards its horizon, but a great deal of it is shrouded by tall foliage expanding as far as the eye can see. She'd glimpsed that vast sea of green for only the second time since joining the Jedi Order and made a small promise to herself to see it a third time much sooner than the first span of time between her last visit and now. Recognizing Rey and Qutha, Chani offers both a lifted hand in silent greeting while finding a seat.

Rune, for his part, doesn't mind the oppressive heat of the late afternoon, the sun beating down is the worst part and it has already dipped behind the temple bathing the area in cooling shadows. He arrives wide-eyed and grinning, as is his usual motus operandi, just pleased to be among people again. Hazel eyes drift over those assembled before shifting to the seating options, eventually choosing one near the middle. The novice Force user makes his way over to his selected place and drops to the grass, his legs crossing over one another while he examines the nearby flora.

Jax had been in the garden for awhile now. He'd mostly been exploring the paths for a bit but seems to emerge at the proper time more or less. He's left his hooded cloak back in the temple, so there is no hood to hide his face. He reaches up to brush back a bit of hair that had fallen out of place. The Corellian offers a small wave in the form of a greeting. Then chooses to hang back a bit, finding a tree to stand in the shade up and hopefully catch a bit of a breeze. The class was meant for the students. He wanted to make sure they were closest to Rey.

Jax hand moving to his own canteen. He takes it from his utility belt and takes a pull. Then wipes his face.

The Pure Sabacc came down for a landing not too long ago. Zandra comes out of the temple, pausing to look around thoughtfully. So green, so humid. so many /things/ living here. Still, Zan has a small hover cart, with a little cooler, she likely pulled off the Sabacc. She trundles it out, and settles it down. "Somehow, I have a little too much water and fizzy glug," she opines. "So I thought I'd bring some to share. It doesn't happen often - I'm not sure why I got enough for two of me or more. I hope you don't mind if I share?" The bottles are on ice, in that cooler, and Zan opens it, takes one out, and then she moves back a bit, leaving the others to settle by Rey, much like Jax.

Vhe is a little later than the others, having forgotten anything to drink and shrugging off the heat of the day as a smile draws faintly across her lips. The Ysanna nods to her fellows as she moves to take up a spot for herself, giving Rey a nod. "Good day to you all," this said as she passes Jax and lowers to settle into place with her legs folded before her. Her hands come to rest on the loose trousers and hesitates before leaning and kicking out her legs so she can remove the boots that just make everything all the more stuffy.

A man in black quietly enters the garden, his height and long limbs making him hard to miss as he makes his way around the circle to a position somewhat apart, neither part of the class nor joining the paragon at the front. The other Skywalker student settles his shoulderblades against a piece of statuary, leaning slightly into it as he crosses his arms over his chest. The sultry heat doesn't seem to bother him, other than a pass of his fingers through the layer of sweaty hair already starting to mat to his head.

Glancing towards the rest of the Jedi, he gives all assembled a nod and an awkward grin, the sort of forced, toothless expression made encountering someone unexpectedly in a hallway on the way to deal with other things.

Dr. Aryn Cole steps easily down the stair from the temple and toward the garden. Absent her usual cape, the Alderaanian was dressed for the heat, wearing light green and gold with sandals and stylish bracers that fit over the cuffs of her sleeves. Normally, Aryn was one for gadgets and the like, but today her belt only held the curved hilt of a lightsaber and the silver presence of a blaster holstered against her thigh. Her blonde hair straight and unrestrained leaving it victim to any breeze that might grace them on this hot day. "Hello, my friends." She said in her accented way, then took a seat upon the edge of a fountain so she might run her fingers through the water idly.

Rey is quick to smile again at those who gather. "We'll see if we need drinks brought out. I'm sure Artoo and Threepio will be happy to do so." She adds to Qutha's words before standing beside the podium and clutching her left wrist in her right hand watching the others come in as well, each one getting a nod, a smile or a light grin in-turn. "It's good to see everyone together." She quietly adds after everyone settles in.

She takes a moment then to step over to the podium, but not behind it, rather in front of the stone stand, her hands held together in front of her yet still. "Firstly..." She glances down, then bounces her eyes back up to the newest members. "I wanted to apologize to those of you who came with us to Byss, with little to no experience in ... all of this. It was a reckless thing to do, and at the time I thought it would be good for you to see the full scope of the things we were-- or rather are --up against. But in retrospect, I've started to consider that by doing that, we put you in to unfair amounts of danger, when you've only just so recently come to place yourselves amongst us, in this rather unique re-emerging Jedi Order."

She pauses then, and roams her eyes over everyone gathered before going back to the newer members again. "We made it through, however, and we did it as a team. Which is the purpose of all of this..." Her right hand comes up to motion around the gardens. "We're not the Jedi Order of old, we're something new, something striving to work together to survive the dangers we're facing. So even through the recklessness on my part, you all performed admirably... I was, and am, impressed."

Rey's right hand goes up then to push her hood back off of her head to let it fall behind her shoulders. "That being said..." She continues as she lightly leans back against the stone podium behind her. "This gathering's purpose is for you to ask any questions, all questions, for all of us. Veterans to this, or otherwise. We're training together, after all. So please, if anything is on your minds, share it."

Qutha nods to the others as they arrive - having found himself a spot to settle onto, preferring good soil to stone or bench - though he lacks much in the sheen of perspiration of others, but there is still some, he seems to instinctively lean towards the brightest source of sunlight from where he rests.

The notion to ask questions, though, finds him stumped; expression flattening some while his mind turns in circles. Again he looks to the others gathered for any indication from them. No recognition of the situation on Byss - too new for that. For now he sits, silent, smiling while emerald green eyes remain locked on Rey again after his momentary survey.

Chani watches in silence as others file in and gather around for the shared purpose of what they've been called for. With the last person arriving, Chani's gaze diverst from gazing across the other attendees to fixing on Rey, who immediately launches into the topic of Byss. Sitting straight-backed and with her hands on her thighs, that stance shifts almost imperceptibly at the mention of that dark planet. She glances to the others half out of curiosity and half because her memory plays back through some of the events that took place there, but the end result is the same, with her eyes ending back on Rey. "Although it isn't a question, I just wanted to say that going to Byss might have been dangerous, and even too dangerous for me, but it brought something I've been learning to look at the galaxy with since the day I discovered.." Chani hesitates for a moment. "Well, this, about myself, and that's perspective. I'm from Naboo. We're no strangers to the Empire or the First Order, but Byss was different. Fanatical in a way that I didn't think was possible. I appreciate the new perspective it's given me."

"It is fine, Rey." Rune adds, nodding to the ones who spoke before. A wider grin catches his lips as he continues, "Though, to be fair, I do not think that I knew what was about to happen prior to actually accepting." the former savage admits, turning to give a nod to Ben and Vhe in silent thanks for assisting him to fully understand. He turns back to their instructor and sighs, "I have heard much of the Jedi's struggle against the Sith, and now the Knights of Ren, about the constant war that boils in struggle for the soul of the galaxy...." the messy haired man states, "...but there is still much that I do not know. Life is easier when one is not aware of the larger scope of things." He offers with a shrug. "I feel there are many questions that I do not know to ask, but am eager to learn and will ask them when made aware of my lack of knowledge." At that he turns to sweep his hand across those gathered. "I simply am pleased to have a tribe again, one that I feel a sense of belonging to and in one that I can grow." A chuckle shakes his chest, "And hopefully contribute to, though I believe that day is far to come."

Jax had fallen silent for the moment. His own canteen clipped back to his belt. He smiles and nods approvingly as Zandra shows up with drinks for everyone. The force and his friend had a way of providing for every one. Vhe gets a nod as she passes by. Then as people begin to speak he chooses to slide down under the tree and take a break.

Zandra leaves the drinks there for those who want them. She settles down near Jax, but where she can listen to the conversation. She wrinkles her nose a bit, before she says, "Rune, you are already contributing. Everyone is." Yeah, someone saved Zandra's hide, for instance, and she hasn't forgotten that. "It's not /just/ about the fight, it's also about what we fight for." she pauses for a long moment, before she says, "As for me, although I didn't know for sure what we were getting into, I did know enough. I mean, I knew it would be dangerous, and that we would have to work as a team."

Vhe glances to Qutha, offering him a smile as Rey speaks of Byss. Her attention shifts back to Rey, her attention wholly upon her as she gives a slow nod of her head, agreeing with her before the others speak. "There is one thing that brings us together and that is the goal of peace, balance and the Force. The way in which we work together became all the more clear by the trying moments when stuck far from a place of safety. It allows us to see our weaknesses, the strengths as well as how best to work together. I think Byss was needed, though I wish it did not have to be so. But there was a benefit beyond stopping the basic need to stop the Imperial resurgence."

Her attention shifts to Zandra and nods, offering her a faint smile before her attention shifts to rey again.

When Rey mentions Byss and that the more recent additions to the Jedi fold may not have been ready, Ben's lips twist down in one corner, his jaw jutting right for a moment as he chews on a 'had to be done' sentiment for a moment. Chani gets a look next, and he nods at what she shares, speaking up from the sideline then. "Whatever you think you know about fanaticism, double it. These people will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Nothing. The First Order's soldiers have it conditioned into them. The rest /chose/ it. Conflicted is not something you're allowed to feel."

His brow furrows, expression darkening. "What you experienced on Byss is the tip of an iceberg. The Order, the Empire. They're tools. Manipulated from the shadows. The Sith aren't gone. The Knights of Ren are part of this but I don't know how anymore. They're different. Everything is different, and lines are being drawn, whether we see them or not. This isn't over."

"A poet once said, 'Life, itself, is an adventure. One must walk through the door to see its whole picture.' Another said, 'Experience is what you get /only/ after you need it,'" Aryn says before glancing up. "My point is, we cannot learn the ways of the force /just/ from reading a book. You must feel it, sense it, and use it to understand what role it plays. Our experiences at Byss forged us stronger. If proof was needed to quantify our growth as Jedi, I daresay you look no further. We returned, alive, and more knowledgeable than before."

Rey waits for a second in silence to give the others a chance to speak up, her eyes darting to the first who does so in Chani. Chani gets a quick smile to what she says, followed by a single dipping nod of her chin in response. "I appreciate the same about the journey to Byss, Chani." She tells the native of Naboo. "The Empire had a large effect on your beautiful homeworld, so to see even some element of it still persisting decades after its supposed deformation... it changes everything. We can't be quite so sure of the state of the galaxy, as we've been lead to believe. It's always wise to find the truths of things for ourselves, rather than let others tell us what is and isn't. A staple of what a Jedi should be doing, I would say."

Rune's words are followed by Zandra's who gets a nod and a motion from Rey. "Zandra's right. You've already begun to contribute." She states to the Ysanna with a soft smile. "We're certainly glad to have you amongst us as well, Rune."

Her eyes drift then to Vhe. "And that is precisely it. We're doing this as a team, we're bringing back to life an Order of potential great strength, together, with the purpose of returning that strength to the people of the galaxy. At it's very core, the Jedi are here to serve the people of the galaxy, because of threats such as the remnants of the despotic Empire. Byss was a shining example of what we're up against, lurking threats underneath rocks yet to be turned over."

Ben's words draw Rey's gaze. She only gently nods her head a pair of times to what he says, as she's very much in agreement with it. "The Emperor's defeat at Exegol sent a shockwave of change across the galaxy. A galaxy that doesn't want to be oppressed any longer, but also a change in the way the oppressors seek... to... oppress. We're still discovering the ins and out of these changes."

Rey pushes off of the podium behind her and she starts to walk as Aryn speaks. She smiles at the words that the doctor says, meandering in her general direction as she looks at the others. She motions toward Aryn. "This is also why I asked for questions. Because--" She takes up a spot near to Aryn. "--we all have great insights, rooted in our experiences. So for you newest members, and for the ones yet to join us, lets all remember to go to one another with our questions, if any need to be asked, always share them and get them answered."

Rey starts to walk again then back around the perimeter of where they're all seated. "That being said, remember to come to me if in your own explorations you come across any impending situations across the hyperlanes, if you feel it needs our young Order's attention. Byss was just the beginning, I'm sure of that."

"A thought - since there are so few of... well those with greater experience compared to many of us just learning - if I have understood correctly. While we seek to look out for these forces from Shadow" the term holding considerable weight in his speech, "Are we to work with assigned instructor, or can those of us who are quite new continue to learn from the more experienced?" gaze briefly moving towards Vhe before they go between Ben and Rey. Throat bobbing slightly as if expecting rebuke for his temerity to speak on such matters, but he continues,

"To better gauge how we all stand. I mean. Familiarity causes subtle changes to go unnoticed. Moving and rotating between others can find how well one stands in the Light or if Darkness is beginning to creep shadows around the edges we might otherwise miss?" Zelosian superstition wending its way into Qutha's train of thought.

Her piece about Byss spoken, Chani reminds herself that they're a long way from that place and forces herself to relax. As both Ben and Rey address what she's said, an inaudible breath, drawn long through her nose, fills her lungs before she exhales it through her slightly parted lips, and in doing so lets both the mental weight lift from her shoulders and tries to get her muscles to unwind from the state of tension they'd gravitated towards given such an uncomfortable topic. The conversation itself remains heavy with responsibility, but Chani is able to put to rest, for now, the memories of Byss. Qutha's question draws her attention to the ground-seated man, whose own eyes dart between people in what is, perhaps, a telling way. Interested in the answer, Chani's attention returns to the pacing woman.

Rune flashes a smile at Zan, nodding to her as if to say, 'you're welcome'. His smile swivels to Rey next, a light blush catching his cheeks at the multiple sources acknowledging his contributions to the group already. "Thank you." He says quietly, ducking his head briefly as the conversation goes on. He listens quietly then, absorbing the information each member gives, learning from it and piecing together a larger picture of the conflict they're a part of. Rune feels fortunate to be a part of this without the baggage of what has come before, the galaxy is already confusing enough, history simply gives more complication to an already convoluted and thick struggle. A nod is given to Rey in her request for questions be asked, that he has no problem with. Qutha's concern raises an eyebrow, he hadn't thought of taking lessons from one particular person, though a few have had more influence on his tutelage, many had influenced the knowledge already being gathered in the Ysannan's mind. He watches the crowd, waiting for the one who will give answers.

Jax speaks up at the mention of the Sith and the Knights of Ren's mention. "I am not the expert in either of the groups. I would say no matter their ways or goals. Both groups have chosen to delve in dark side. There are probably other groups out there too we have not encountered. We should oppose what they stand for. Always offer redpetion, debate when have too, and only fight when we must. Make sure the light of freedom and hope does not go out in the galaxy. It is a hard job, but we must remember we have allies in this quest too. Not just those here but also the people of the New Republic and others. We must remember we are not alone."

Zan nods to Rey and to Ben as well, as they both speak. As the other speak, she listens, though mostly she smiles or nods to each in turn. Though Qutha this time, she speaks to, "I think we are all willing to train together. So if you and I are together, we can train and if I'm here when Rune is, we can. And you can train with Jax or Rey too. Whoever is about. That wey we all get to learn from each other." She does arch a brow at Jax, and then inclines her head. "Sometimes we do have to fight. But it's not all about war." There's a sort of wistfulness in those last words that Zandra doesn't explain.

Vhe listens to each, giving Rey a nod but her eyes linger on Jax a moment. There is a thoughtful expression, her mind turning over his words before she nods again and keeps quiet until Qutha questions. That alone causes her to smile, meeting his gaze. "As before, I would suggest you learn from all. Each of us has a different relationship with the Force, you can learn a great deal from everyone. Strengths not withstanding," she remarks as she quiets, glancing to Zandra. "There are those will have the greater experience such as Jax, Aryn, Rey, Ben and Zandra. I am still new to this path in many ways."

"I hope you're right," Ben replies simply to Zandra, the way one might hope for snow in summer. "There are many threats to peace. To a galaxy where people can live as they choose. Some of them, we know. Others, we don't. It can be discouraging to look at what we're up against. You think about how long this fight has gone on. You think about, maybe there's some other way to do this. A better way, one that's quicker." He shakes his head. "There isn't. And if you find yourself looking for it, look for me first. I'll show you."

Aryn remains seated upon the edge of the fountain when Rey approached her place. When Rey is near, Aryn turns from watching her to watching the others as question begin to surface about who they might seek for training. Aryn's thoughts first went to Rey and Ben. None had demonstrated more mastery over the Force and its arcane nature than they. Aryn's gaze rests briefly on Leia's progeny, Ben. Then her gaze goes to Jax, and all those who speak in turn. For once, the know-it-all scholar (Aryn, that is) stays silent. Yielding the floor to their Paragon. Aryn continues to thoughtfully watch the others whilst reflecting on what Ben had said moments ago.

Rey ultimately ends up back beside that stone podium after listening to the others speak, mostly replying to Qutha's question about training. She reaches her bag laying beside the podium and reaches down to it to gather up one of the larger, older, books out of it that she raises up to set on the podium. "When I first acquired the Jedi Order's ancient text's from Master Skywalker, I was overwhelmed with all the information gathered up inside of their pages. A lot of it was completely beyond my ability to read. Between Threepio, and a member of the Resistance who so happened to be a very well educated historian, I happened to come across a contingency plan for a fallen Jedi Order." Rey gathers up the book then and walks it toward Qutha to offer it to him so he can see the pages she's speaking about now.

A glance is given up to the others before she looks back to the newest of the initiates at the gathering. "In the days of the Jedi Order at it's peak, a Jedi Knight would be assigned a Padawan Learner, there-by making the Jedi Knight an instructor, a Master. In those days it was the natural progression of a Jedi Knight to reach that level, and the natural progression of a Jedi Initiate to become a Padawan to said Master. But--"

Rey pauses to draw in a breath and to let her eyes go over to the temple that they're all gathered outside of, a temple that itself is directly modeled after the same style of the one on Coruscant. "--in those days, they had the benefit of strength of numbers." Her eyes look back to those gathered around. "This is the first time in the history of the Order that numbers have been so low, that this contingency plan for the Order was necessary. As it states, there are no Masters, there are no Padawans. There are Knights and Initiates, and a Paragon that oversees the upholding of the Order's core values. In time, more and more Knights will begin to return, and a Jedi Council will there-in be restored. It will be the Council's choice then to decide if the rank structures of old will be returned."

Rey steps back then to put her right arm on to the podium's edge. "Until that time, we're all in this together. Though..." She looks toward Jax, Zandra, and Aryn specifically. "The veterans need to make sure that they take the newer members with them on their explorations of the galaxy. As they've already come to learn how quickly that can benefit them, over simply staying here at the temple. Field experience, is everything, for a Jedi Initiate."

Looking to Aryn after Zandra and Vhe's explanation, the Zelosian lets his gaze linger - "Doctor Aryn, mades a good point as well." swallowing and resting his hand on the back of his neck - then there is a book put in his hands, eyes a little wider for the weight and feeling in the text. Swallowing before he tries to peruse the first page - almost losing himself to interest in what there is to find before dragging his attention back up to listen further to what Rey has to say.

"It's also correct that it all cannot be learned from book study and hall training. Back home, once you could walk and listen you at least went out on harvest - pick low fruit or hold baskets. Bring what you could to the cart." Qutha's jaw working side to side, "With what you've said - these knights and initiates, Paragon" motioning to Rey "To lead... With what you and she have said - where would you have us go? To go seeking out, rather than reacting?" cheeks reddening, "Not that I think you've been reactionary! I mean. I don't. I didn't mean to infer - I'm just trying to suss it out." his jaw clamps shut and the Zelosian ducks his head, silencing.

"It was a good question," Chani's intended recipient is marked by the gentle touch of her fingertips against Qutha's shoulder, reached with a simple extension of her arm to bridge the distance between her seat and where he himself resides on the ground. Sentiment expressed, Chani withdraws her hand and looks back over to Rey, then to the rest gathered. "I'll continue to study and to learn and to prepare. I've not yet grown enough to aid in any way but the commitment I've already made, but I will strive to do my best. Slowly, but surely. What I've read so far cautions against being too eager, and I know that learning is only half the journey. I don't know many of you that well yet, and I hope that will change with time, too."

The younger Ysannan doesn't have much to say in the manner of instruction, again the novice is just glad to get any kind of instruction from anyone. Anything is better than trying to feel one's way through the magic he learned to call 'the Force'. Hazel eyes shift back and forth from Qutha to Rey, to Ben, to Vhe, back to Rey, and Aryn. His gaze becoming a veritable ping-pong game with the attention that each speaker draws. He can't help but wonder what civilization was like in the past, with the order set in such a structure... once you progress from A you get to B, and so on so forth. But one thing does fill his mind with a hint of dread... if this is all of the group that is there to combat the might of the Sith and the Knights, how will they do it? Are they really that mighty to stand up against darkness for light? Certainly they've made a good go at it but with the amount of novices here, he begins to feel a new weight on his shoulders to become capable quicker than not.

"I can answer that question, Qutha. The Force provides. As your journey continues, you will develop a deeper understanding and relationship with the force. It will call to you." He taps his heart, "Though at other times you will witness something and you know you have to help. Then on a few ocassions It might just be a Young New Republic Intellegence officer asking for help cause your the only one that can get there in time. The force will provide." Jax stands stretching, "Though conflict is not nor should ever be the center of a jedi's life."

Zan nods, settling back in her seat. Then she looks over at Ben. "That doesn't mean we shouldn't try," she says directly to him. "It's not easy - it's never been easy. But if we lose sight of what we're fighting for, if it becomes all about the war, then we've lost. It's very easy to lose sight of that." She pauses, and then she shrugs, chuckling a bit wryly. "I suspect for all of us. I know for me, and that despite - things." She hesitates and then she says, "I will continue though to work on it, and to live up to the goal that the Princess gave to me."

Vhe has spoken her views, going somewhat quiet as Rey's gaze takes in the more experienced of those around her. Qutha gets a nod as if in support of his question, her eyes flitting from Jax, to Ben and finally to Zandra as she makes a thoughtful sound. Her free hand lifts to the fire touched flesh of her neck and briefly moves her hand across it before her touch quickly drops towards her thigh. "Conflict will always exist, but it is how we approach that matters most." She slowly rises, as if desiring to move just as much as Rey, stretching her legs out as she strides a few steps deeper into the shade but does not quiet remove herself from the conversation as of yet. Her eyes focus on something not so very far away but distracting in the sense of where her mind wanders.

A smile pulls at her lips before she turns to the others. "I have no doubt we will find our way."

Ben is silent, staring out at the garden as the others exchange words of affirmation and encouragement. He remains apart, in his distinctive black, and when his eyes return to the others that division remains. The crossed arms, the closed body language. His mouth twists for a moment as he watches the fledgling Order members. "I hope you're right," he says again, and as quietly as he entered, he turns to slip out of the garden, his spirit troubled.

To Qutha's further questions, Rey listens to the responses offered to him before she first looks to Chani who gets a slight nod. "You might be surprised how, and where, you can help, Chani. If we end up back on Naboo, I still get lost far too easily in the streets of Theed." She says with a slight grin showing a moment before her gaze goes around to the others.

"Being a Jedi is more than just training in the ways of the Force, with its seemingly infinite mysteries. Its about training yourself too, conditioning your body, and your mind. The deeper you delve in to the avenues of the Force, the more the need to be healthy of mind and body you'll find a need for. This temple is perfect for that reason alone. Its reconstruction has gone quite well, with the grounds around it--" She looks out toward the grassy hills and the jungles past them. "--can offer you lots to explore in and of itself. But--" Rey pauses then and walks behind the podium to pick up a stack of small boxes that she brings out around to the group.

"This is the last reason I've brought you all out here today." She says as she sets the boxes down upon the bench she'd originally been seated on. Inside the boxes are small plants, no bigger than one or two tiny leaves.

"I'd like us all to plant something, here in the garden. To get our hands in to the dirt, and to help life grow here on the planet that we call our home. Not just to get all your hands dirty either, but to give you something to focus on in your meditations here. Connect with the plant that you place within the soil, and meditate upon its growth. It's a good focal point for meditation, as I've come to find."

She picks up two of the small plastic pots and moves to hand them out, starting with the newer initiates of course. "Bare with me, I promise I'm not completely full of it." She says as she does so, grinning quite happily.

Jax rises and moves to go over to one of the plants, "I would like that. Though I will need help caring for my plant. I once planted a couple of trees in the front yard of Sesti and my house on Naboo. I watered them, cared for them as you should. I made sure they were for that region. They died on me. I'm not sure what happened. It should be easy to grow a couple of trees on Naboo." He says as he works. Jax never knew it but his newphew Senin was helping 'water' the trees, in the special way little boys will do.

Looking first to Chani's touch, then the young lady and then looking to Vhe, "There are some among us, I know, who are looking parts of where they come from. Might be a path to growth through that too." tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth while he thinks, "I have to agree though, combat and conflict are never my focus. There's always another way." lifting the book, "Ma'am... where should I leave this, in the temple? Or do I give it back to you directly?" Qutha's eyes look to the texts, then Rey... Book. Rey. BoooOOOOoook.

There's a lot to digest in the conversation that the group is partaking in, musings of the future, of their nature in the galaxy, and even more so what the outcome of their plight will be. He watches his fellow Ysannan for a little while, an eyebrow lifting as she touches at the wound on her neck. However, Rune can feel the troubled thoughts radiating from Ben and his attention is drawn to the hulking man, quietly observing as he pushes from the statue and moves from the garden. The scavanger's lips draw into a thin line, starting to become lost in his own thoughts, wondering just how deep and dark the past of Ben might be. Fortunately that path is interrupted when Rey moves back to the podium and his other eyebrow lifts to join the first, curious about the plants she carries. He lifts his hands to accept one of the plants, lowering it infront of his eyes to peer at it as if it were a crazy beast. Satisfied the thing wasn't going to snatch his eyes out he stands and moves off to the side, locating what he feels to be a good spot, and begins digging with his hands to create a suitable hole. Dirt tossing complete, the plant is removed from the plastic container and plunked into its new home, the scattered dirt about shoveled around to fill in the gaps. "Grow." He commands it, never having done any sort of gardening before in his life.