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Jedi Order: The Frozen Ashes

OOC Date: April 14, 2020
Location: Jedi Ruins, Obroa-Skai
Participants: Jedi Order, Ban Iskender, Bizz Bliptettjupp, Elrych Cometburn, Vhe Tenara, Yuun, Aryn Cole

Obroa-skai: wrapped in large swirls of thick white clouds, the terrestrial planet is a pale ball of white, touched in places with faint greys, greens, and blues. With a population less than 100 million across the entire world, the large majority remains undeveloped. While there are large quantities of surface water on the planet, the overwhelming majority exists in vast oceans of solid ice.

Ban and Aryn had made a prior trip to the planet, requesting to research at the legendary archives of the library-world, in search of the long-lost Consular academy of the Jedi Order, turning up what appeared to be a promising lead. After dragging Aryn away from the Obroan archives with the aid of a tractor beam, the nascent Jedi Order had been gathered to explore the ruins of the past, in hopes of finding some remnant that might aid their future.

The site was tucked in among a range of hills on a desolate island in the middle of a frozen ocean far from any settlements. As the ships slowly approach, the remains of a Jedi Temple become visible: the blasted shell of a stepped pyramid sits beneath a shattered dome, cracked apart by orbital bombardment in the Imperial purge decades before. Harsh conditions have worn away or buried many of the smaller structures, but the stone ziggurat still stands, albeit in ruins. Settling to a landing, the hatch is opened only once all within are prepared. The atmospheric seal hisses open, and immediately the sound of wind and bite of extreme cold greet the explorers.

Stepping down the ramp, the Alderaanian stumbles a bit against the wind, the tug from its grasp causing her cape to take flight at an angle. Moving the rest of the way down, Aryn uses the tread of her boots to stay in place and look around. A slow pan from one angle, then the other. <"Can you imagine what they must have felt in the end? Unable to protect against orbital bombardment.. a truly sour fate..">

Having to throw out her hand as Aryn's cape suddenly flares up at her when Vhe follows in her void armor, she gasps. Not like it could do anything to her within the enclosed suit. She does however press it slightly aside though the wind manages to tug it its own way. <"They did not feel anything though, certainly panic and fear. But it would have been quick"> The modulated sound of Vhe's voice clicks over the coms in a sort of distant tinny way. She braces herself to the side and is immediately grateful her wild hair is held within the confines of the helmet.

Brother Bizz does not enjoy ice planets and enjoys Obroa-skai even less after arguments with the Obroan Institute for Archaeology. The short Ugnaught monk wears an inner layer of Cinnigar Corporation specialist armor, then his Jedhan robes, and then a fluffy white Mastmot fur coat with a lined hood. "By the FORCE it is cold," he mutters as he ambles down the ship ramp. He uses his uneti-wood staff as a walking aid.

Yuun is dressed in armor again, and he understood of why he had to be in it due to the temperature. Still he took a lot of time just looking at it and getting a feel for how the amour feel upon him. The armor he's using is light, he thinks Ban called it Spec Armor.

As they land, Yuun follows the others off the ship and he bounces around a little bit, and he smirks as he doesn't feel that he lost his mobility or anything. His lightsaber clipped to his belt. "So this seems like it will be fun." he says. "We will need to visit Hoth some times." he grins. He slips a little on the snow and ice, and he grins a little bit.

Elrych may not have a cape on but the dark green hooded cloak he wears over his Void Armor, equally in green, freezes over as soon as they hit the cold and fridig atmo of Obra-Ski. <<"Woah, man... I can feel the difference even through the insulation in this suit.">> He hopes his Lightsaber still functions in such cold conditions. It'll be fine. He looks around, taking in the sight of it all as he follows along with the others.

Ban Iskender descends the ramp, the planet's winds throwing his own half-cape sharply out from the shoulder, as the gentleman leans slightly into the wind. <"I imagine many Jedi felt a great dread as the Purge took them,"> he notes with a somber tone. <"And I have no desire to visit Hoth, master Yuun,"> he adds with dry amusement. Trudging through the wind-whipped flurries of snow toward the shell of the ziggurat, Ban pauses as a fresh blemish on the stone near the ancient doorway catches his eye. <"Curious.. there is fresh blaster scoring on the stonework in several places. Small arms. I know not precisely how old, but certainly less than a year. A slugthrower pockmark, as well. Not yet worn down.">

<"These once were the great archives of the Order, containing mysteries and founts of knowledge not even the likes of the Coruscant temple could contain. It was said the Obroans do not allow knowledge to leave this world. At least.. in the form of data."> Aryn unhooked her lightsaber when there was mention of fresh carbon scoring and pockmarks. <"We should be careful I bring the worst luck to any expedition."> Adds further to the somber tone and waits for the more experienced members to take the lead. Aryn has to focus her own efforts to expand her senses beyond the scope of what her armor would allow. <"Well, with that said, let's not keep these secrets secret any longer."> Aryn points out the entrance where the snow has piled up a bit. <"There!">

Vhe may not have book knowledge or a well formed understanding of the past on any planet let alone her own homeworld but she does pause as they all take a moment to settle in to their surroundings. She glances away from the temple however, her eyes narrowing to scan the hills that surround them. <"There is something out there watching. Anyone else feel it?"> Its cold. Its not habitable and possibly not welcoming either. Vhe makes sure she is off the ramp before she begins to turn and try to pinpoint the location that gives her that slight ill at ease feeling. She frowns at hearing Ban's words and finally turns her attention forward towards the scorch marks. <"Well."> She considers it a moment and then gives a slow shake of her head. <"Native owned or visitors?"> Glancing back along the hill line Vhe goes still. <"There is someone or something out there..just lost them along the hill line.">

Bizz keeps on trudging through the snowdrifts. His wooden staff is nearly half-swallowed by the accumulated frozen precipitation. The monk's bushy silver eyebrows quickly become frozen and accumulate snow as they are exposed to the elements. The thick Mastmot fur of his coat and hood offer some respite. A mittened hand is placed on the entrance where it has been blasted open years ago. "I wonder how preserved the interior is."

Yuun doesn't notice much except that it's cold and he's not seen snow before or maybe he did on another mission. Wait he did and he enjoyed it than to, Illum. Though when Ban and the others begin speaking about the Purge, his attention shifts to the others and his immediate surroundings. "That's not good if there is fresh carbon scoring." he says. He moves up to stand closer, his hand moves to his lightsaber and he unclips the his weapon from his belt but doesn't ignite the weapon just yet. Having sensed the danger, "Stand ready." he says to the others facing in the direction that Vhe is.

At the behest of the others and what they have seen, elrych too unclasps the lightsaber from his belt. He glances over towhere Vhe had seen the body disappear behind the hill. He takes a deep breath, drawing the force into himself like a drink of fresh water. <<"They may just be curios.">>

Ban Iskender nods to mention of the site's past, though his eye is drawn away from the temple and into the hills as the others observe danger and movement. Green eyes narrowing behind the faceplace, he takes the hilt of his sword into hand, but dies not yet light it. <"I feel.. more than one. Whoever they are. There were said to be no settlements for hundreds of kilometers, and I've seen no other ships-" Further commentary is cut off abruptly, as all those with the sense for such things feel an acute surge of danger.

<"WAIT!"> Aryn cries out suddenly, the weapon her hand coming to life as she takes a step near Bizz to guard him. <"THERE NEEDN'T BE VIOLENCE! STAY YOUR HAND, PLEASE! WE ARE HERE ONLY FOR KNOWLEDGE. IF WE THREATEN YOUR WAY OF LIFE, OR THINK WE ARE HERE TO HARM YOU, PLEASE.. PLEASE RECONSIDER. WE DO NOT WANT TO HARM ANYONE, BUT WE WILL DEFEND OURSELVES!"> Yelled into the wind, uncertain of where or how many, but Aryn took a dueling stance favoring a defensive guard. She waits for a response. Will there be peace? Or will they choose violence?

Vhe is about to shift forward when Aryn cries out. Her helmeted head turns to look at the doctor before she pulls her stubsaber free. It flashes to life and she readies herself, lowering into a stance as she keeps it pointed up and forward before her. The light of it reflects across the visor of her void armor in its cyan coloration. She waits for ther eto be a response and there it is. The bolt meant for Aryn misses and Vhe reaches out, in the direction it came from and attempts to extract the weapon. She has hold of something as her hand extends in the sniper's direction but she can not arrest it from their grip. She does not back down however, keeping her connection with whatever she has through the force.

Bizz splutters as blaster fire nearly strikes him. "It's an ambush!" He uses his teeth to remove his outer mitten then takes a small baton from his belt. It telescopes into a much larger bow staff and the energized string slides out of near-invisible grooves with a hum. The monk takes a single bolt from his magnetic quiver on his hip, nocking it and aiming the energized arrow at the horizon. "Where did it come from?!"

Yuun looks to Aryn and he smiles openly at Aryn, he bows his head at her words and he steps back waiting to see if things can be done diplomatically. This is what they should be doing, though it's been a while for him, still he's happy about this. "Let's pray the force they will not attack and allow us passage." he says not raising his voice.

When the high powered sniper bolt screams towards Aryn, elrych has already ignighted his lightsaber. It's deadly humm mixes with the wild winds of the frozen planet. Helmeted head turns towards where the shot had been sensed. <<"ENOUGH!">> He commands reaching out his free hand, clenching a fist and the jutting it back towards him. The attack comes flying out and slides down the hill now in full view for the compations to see. <<"Bounty Hunters.... what a joke...">> He tsks. <<"How many of you are there?">>

Ban Iskender ignites his white bladed 'sword' as the first shot screeches out. Coming to guard stance alongside Aryn, as Elrych hauls their tormentor out of cover and into the open, he adds aloud, <"Answer truly!"> but the command amounts to mere words.

Held just off the surface of the snow, the trapped hunter writes in vain for escape for several moments. <<"Enough for the lot of you, five times over. You're all doomed,">> the hunter claims.

Aryn tips her shoulder back to avoid being hit by the overcharged blaster bolt. It hisses by, finding purchase on the wall behind her, showering her with sparks. Before she could react, the others responded accordingly. Both Vhe and Elrych yanked the hunter free from their purch, and demanded he answer.

His answer spurns Aryn to step forward raising her free hand. Issuing her command over the Force, Aryn influenced the Hunter themself, hoisting them up with ease. <"A shame that it has to be violent."> She said, and wiped her hand from left to right, which sent the hunter careening into the walled in door of snow and ice. His bodyarmor cracked against its icy exterior but the path was opened and the hunter sprawled across the ground inside.

Turning with a gust of wind, Aryn motioned. <"If we're to be ambushed, let them conform to the shape of this structure and fight outside their element. I'll not be picked apart in the open like some grazing mammal."> Aryn moved indoors, closing the distance to the hunter.

More. A breath drawn and released as the figure is drawn from the hillside she hesitates as he hangs there a moment unable to be free of Elrych's hold. It is quickly noted how Aryn turns him into a battering ram to lead the way for the group. She still eyes that hillside with great worry, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end as she hesitates in taking cover in the open such as this. A glance is quickly shared with the others but best not to be divided.

The Ysanna follows Aryn quickly, not really giving her back to the whomever else is out there as she glances back.

Dipolomacy isn't a lost are, it's just that people don't seem to respect it. His lightsaber comes to life and he quickly moves into cover, he looks around his cover trying to see what else is coming. "Either we fight here or begin moving to the temple. What do we want to do?" he asks.

<<"Good, I like a challange.">> Elrych comments just before Aryn sends him flying into the snow that blocks their way into the structure. Elrych leans forwards and turns his head to the Bounty Hunter-cicle. <<"Well... I suppose that's one way to do it. See, it ant me people ought to be afraid of.">> He moves then at the behest of Aryn, <<"Okay, okay... ruine the fun why don't you.">> He gives a chuckles moving just behind Vhe. <<"We'll be safer in here.">> His tone far more serious than previous comments.

<<"Well said, Lady,. I say inside,">> Ban agrees with a curt nod to the idea of sheltering and avoiding a fight on the terms of the ambushers. Following their prisoner/door chime inside the fallen temple, he holds the stunsaber toward the erstwhile sniper, to discourage any thoughts of resistance. More blaster-fire sizzles into the snow and scorches the stonework as the Jedi hurry to cover; dangerous, but more erratic than the initial shot.

Snowfall from the ziggurat's cracked peak chokes what was the great hall of the fallen Obroa-skai Consular Temple. The general layout is familiar enough, though the age of the structure lends more to stone steps than turbolifts.

Stepping past the 'discarded' hunter, Aryn deactivates her weapon but holds it in hand as she searches the interior of this great hall. A feeling of great power seemed to reside here, and somehow, Aryn felt as if the Force was more readily flowing throw her. Spotting a passage further in, Aryn called back. <"Back here! They're not like to pursue.">

Using both hands, she issued another gesture toward the hatch further in, pulling it open with an exaggerated gesture. Her lightsaber came to life again, and she trailed down the passage way suspecting the others would follow. If they all disappeared, there'd be nothing for the hunter to fight!

The temple itself provides cover for those that are quick to use it. Vhe casts a glance back over her shoulder as her stunsaber lowers to her side, blade tip pointed down. The construction of the temple is something that is taken in once the angle by which they can be shot lessens. Her eyes adjust and she slips inside afte Aryn to make sure they all keep moving. But her attention is for traps or anything else of interest that she does not find. The steps however are taken with as much care as she can, the sound of her breathing filling the inside of her helmet to break the quiet tenor of the silent interior.

Yuun is on the move, his lightsaber is weaving through the air as he is being shot at, he doesn't look at the rest of his comrades, "Keep moving, I got you covered." he says as he moves making sure he is in good position to make sure he's able to deflect shots away from the others.

There is another shot, this time at Yuun as the group enters the old temple. El, doing his best not to enter into a violent melee, attemtps to reach out with the force to edge a bit of influence over the shooter. He can't quite reach through the distance though. <<"Would you knock it off! It's getting a little annoying dodging Blaster Bolts!">> He's following ARyn though as she seems to know the way as her and Ban had previously been here.

As Yuun guards the door, Aryn and Vhe locate the remains of a staircase that descends into the cold, dark calm of the ziggurat's lower vaults, Ban peers in puzzlement at the bounty Hunter they have captured. <<"What are you doing here? There are no settlements, no ships.. Had you known we were coming and meant us ill, our greeting would not have been so.. mild.">> If a high powered sniper bolt can be called mild. <<"Tell me how long you've been here.">>

The guilder maintains his stubborn defiance, answering only with a sneer, "Typical arrogant Jedi: it must be eating you up not to know. My team won't leave you waiting for long."

Descending ancient stone steps into the shelter of the lower vaults, there is nothing in the bare and blackened walls to suggest that this was once an archive rivaled only by the Great Library of Coruscant. Every scrap of use had long since been removed, and the remains annihilated with thermal detonators whose blasts left the hard stone of the walls with a slightly melted finish.

Aryn Cole glances back to double check on who is with her and finds that Vhe is there. She doesn't halt any progress forward though, the darkness beaten back by the presence of both Ladies' sabers. Instead of the whispering winds and the sound of discharging blasters, the innards of this temple are grave quiet, save for the hum of Aryn's weapon.

When they reach level ground near the bottom, Aryn slows her progress, her weapon lowering as she touches her heart. <"Oh..."> She says softly, slowing now to a halt. <"...Mother save me.. the air, the very walls... this is a tomb of loss.. despair, ... pain. It makes my very knees weak, and my breath catch."> Aryn's eyes began to water.

A nod is given to Aryn when she looks back. "The others are handling the mess." One hand holds her lit stunsaber, the other reaches out to brace her against the wall as she descends steadily behind her until the reach the bottom. Vhe may not have the same reaction as Aryn but she does wets her lips and suck in a breath. It is the reaction of the other woman that brings her near. "Long ago...but there must be something. We must focus," She tries to offer just that. Focus. A nod of understanding is given and finally Vhe begins to snoop, prod and poke her way around the room slowly in hopes of finding anything that might have been squirrled away in the face of such destruction.

As the others move past him, Yuun still holds his position and as another shot comes at him, his blade move with ease and pricision, looking out past where they landed and looking in the direction of the other hunters, he starts to back away, making sure he's protecting the others as they make their way down, slowly he is making his way to others.

Elrych turns his head towards the Headmaster, <<"Oh... keep complimenting me. I enjoy the attention.">> Stepping closer, raising his neon blue blade up to point at the hunter, his voice lowers a bit into a more serious tone. <<"What you call arrogance is the confidene that comes with training and command over the Force. Now, SPIT IT.">>

Elrych's influence compels an answer from the bounty hunter. "Twenty-nine days with this class. Nine months, on and off with priors."

Ban sniffs sharply back at the captive's choice of insults. <<"While I admit to a degree of arrogance, I hardly-">> Ban pauses, his armored head tilting with a new insight. <<"This isn't about us at all. You didn't know we were coming. You have been here with your.. students?">>

Meanwhile, An aged, feminine voice can be heard before anything can be seen. "...I had a vision, once. That many long years after the fall- when generations had come and gone in darkness- that I would once again see beings of light within these walls." A womana??s image coalesces in a soft glow near the center of the vault, the phantom words echoing slightly in the emptiness. Thin and pale even in life, all the more so in death, white haired and robed in white and grey with a cowl shrouding her eyes, a subtle smile touches the spectral face as the shrouded face turns between Aryn and Vhe. "The years stretched longer than I ever would have guessed."

Yuun switches off his lightsaber and he walks with the others, "I think we are clear for now, they are pretty far out from where we are." he gives a quick status update. Yuun doesn't put his weapon away, he keeps watching back the way they've come.

<"I will try, though this fog.. this.. feeling. It is thick and weighs heavy upon my heart."> Aryn, encouraged to move by Vhe, continues forth, and as she walks along with the other Jedi a strange voice fills the chambers and draws Aryn's attention. Never had she seen a Force Apparition before, so the sight of a ghost that was translucent, luminescent, yet alive..frightened Aryn and she back pedaled a bit, falling backward and deactivating her weapon.

The hilt sucked inward, rasping aloud as the squealing energy disappeared altogether to leave the pair with the figure. <"AHHH!">

The fear subsided though, as the apparition did not seem intent to harm, or cause harm, but to exist. This was not the first Aryn had heard of such things happening, but typically it only occurred where there was a vergeance in the Force.

<"By what means have you appeared before us? I do not know you, but I can see you, and your influence upon the Force, and power to return from its nether, suggests you've some purpose to share. Please, we mean to cause no harm.. speak to us..">

That was not what she expected to find. Not in the slightest. Maybe a small hidden space int he floor or wall. A locked case that could withstand a blast sure! But not a floating figure that suddenly shares the space with Aryn and herself. Her mouth drops open and the initiate makes a strangled sound of surprise as she quickly draws closer to Aryn. Her hand tightens on the stunsaber as her head tilts and she blinks a few times to be sure she's seeing this. "Aryn?" She begins in question.

Aryn is speaking to her. So check. She is not the only one and probably not going crazy. Vhe does not bid the figure to do anything. That is inviting trouble and she remembers stories...perhaps not force beings but ghosts all the same.

Elrych straightens up as the Headmaster speaks the reason for him being here. <<"Wait, what?">> He turns off his lightsaber and places it back on his belt. <<"You're daying you've been out here with your students... training them or... waiting for a Force User to come by maybe?">> He looks to Ban, shakes his head, and then shrug. He starts towards the stair way where Vhe and Aryn went. <<"They need a better headmaster-HEY VHE, ARYN, YA'LL GOOD DOWN HERE?!">> He starts down.

Within the blasted vaults, Aryn's answer comes with a dry, amused smile. "I am one who dwelt within these walls for many, many years, young one. So rich were the mysteries of the Force we plumbed. But I am also an old woman, too fond of her own voice; many generations of students had said so. Once I was a master, who loves bed only to learn from the voices of the distant past. Now, I am simply Sabla-Mandiblu, who has seen the great sun of knowledge set. Tell me, young ones: tell me who you are and tell me the sun rises again, at long last?"

On the snowy ground of the surface above, Elrych and Ban eye their prisoner. As the Corellian starts down, the Aldaraanian nods once. <<"This gentleman will keep, here. Now then, I pray you, Sir: let us be direct...">> the conversation above fades from Elrych's hearing as he passes below, and witnesses the same apparition.

<"WE'RE DOWN HERE, ELRYCH! HURRY!"> Aryn calls back with a tinge of exasperation. The kind of tone Aryn might take had her brother done something to ruin a moment. (Lol). <"It's okay, Vhe. I see her as well.">

Aryn pursues the ghost. <"You speak as if you wish your voice to silence. You seek peace, I need not feel it to know it, Sabla-Mandiblu. Please, linger a moment longer and let us hear of the golden age of knowledge. We are what remain of the Order now, eager to learn, eager to serve.">

Aryn stopped walking and raised her hands, clasping them in a genuine gesture over her heart. She could not be any more sincere.

There may be a half eye squint for the sudden yell down and the return from Aryn. She can't seem to really pull her attention off the figure. "What a name," she manages to murmur. "Good. I thought I might have inhaled something or maybe my suit was not sealed." She flexes her fingers on her stuns aber as she hesitates, letting Aryn speak before she steps up closer, coming abreast to the other jedi.

"You feel the passage of time?" It seems strange to her that such a being could understand it. Being non-corporeal.

"If you wish names, this is Aryn Cole and I am Vhe Tenara." Simple offering but the woman had asked to know who they were.

Elrych heard the 'hurry' part of Aryn's should and took that in completely the wrong context. <<"I'm coming!">> Wait, when did Aryn ever play the maiden who needed saving. Certainly, Elrych was no knight in shining armor. Well, he was a Knight in Armor at the very least. Okay, he was just in Armor, let's not kid our selves. A cruel joke, this was a cruel-wait the kriff is that?

coming now into view for the Corellian was the vissage of Mandibu. Elrych's steps slow to a hault. After a moment he lets out an exasperated, <<"Woah...">> She was a total babe! <<"Elrych Cometburn, ma'am...">> He continues to watch curiosly.

"Yes, young one: I feel the passage of time in my sleep. And long had I slept in darkness awaiting the waking that comes with a Jedi's presence. It was always said: keep the light of knowledge alive, and you shall dread no darkness," the phantom Jedi Master notes in a dry musing tone. "My life was one of peace. When the Force allows, I shall return to peace, but my purpose was ever seeking that beautiful light. This place was more dear to me than any other, for here the Obroans shared their light with us. And such a light it was.. The Jedi endure, knowledge of the Force shall not be extinguished, and- if I am fortunate- what was the greatest archive of my Order shall glow again, before I fade." Then Elrych stumbles in, and the cowled eyes turn toward the new arrival. "Ah, another! Had I eyes, I would weep for joy."

<"The light has returned, Master. We have faced the darkness on a number of occasions, and one of our own cast down the Emperor from his throne of evil. Hope endures, and we are proof of that success. Please, find your peace with us. Tell us what we must do, please."> Aryn steps aside to make way for her companions, so they may all speak with the ghostly Jedi Master.

Then there is Elrych and Vhe listens, her head shaking before her gaze flits around the destroyed room. "Everything is gone," she begins. Confusion filling her tone. "HOw are we to learn anything...unless we learn from you? What destroyed this place? Who?" She quiets then, glancing over Aryn when she asks the woman what they must do. The stunsaber remains in hand for they have enemies outside these walls. But not within. Not yet any way.

Sharp amber eyes settle on Elrych a moment, assessing his reaction to the figure.

Yuun walks in where the Master is, he is quiet and if addressed, he would bow before the Master and not speak until spoken to. Yuun glances to the others and he than checks to make sure no one is following in behind him, mainly he's looking out for the hunters.

"Oh, am I glad to see you too..." Elrych starts in that kind of slick tone he used with Vhe when they first met and that Lando might even compliment. Then, he turns his head to look at her, then back to the Ghostly Master, then back to Vhe. Clearing his throat there is a nod along with a more serious tone to be put forth from the Corellian Ace. <<"We seek what ever knowledge you might offer us. As Vhe has said, we only have fractions of what was left from the purge. Anything you can share, please.">>

"The Obroans were ever true friends to our Order: they have a love for learning that eclipses all else," the apparition answers Vhe in her roundabout way. "This is why the great archive of the Consulars was built on this harsh and hostile land: they will not surrender knowledge, but they will share it." Sabla-Mandiblu's unseeing regard passes back over Elrych with a mournful cast. "Reforge the bond, and perhaps some echo shall be heard, again. I am but one voice, and soon I must rest, again. Celebrate the voices beyond number, and let the Order learn anew. For now, I must rest. We shall speak again, young ones: keep the light alive, always." Already, the ghostly figure has begun to subtly dim.

<"Be at peace, Master Sabla-Mandiblu."> Aryn said with a small, timid smile. Her hands unclasped, and she released her breath slowly. <"Has the conflict above concluded? Or should we expect blaster fire the moment we head back up?"> Aryn realizes that Lord Ban is not among the number currently here and a small frown situates. He had missed seeing a physical manifestation of the Force. Luckily, Aryn recorded it... if her gear picked up on it that is. The Force worked in mysterious ways.

"Reforge the bond..wait does she mean with the people up above. That can not be right at all." Vhe begins even before she is fully lost to them. There is a brief eyesquint as she may not be following completely. A sigh escapes her lips and she looks back to the space, seeing nothing but air and what lay beyond. The calm of the others kept her from questioning her own sanity and the wonder of it still lingers in her expression. "Does that happen often?" She has to ask, looking from Yuun to Elruch and finally Aryn.

Yuun smiles as he listens to the Master, "Farewell and rest well Master." he says as he looks at the ghost of the old master. Yuun sighs a little, "I don't know Vhe." he says to her. "Though I think she wants us to reforge the bonds with the Obroans and this temple." he says to her. "There is a lot for us to learn here, and I think we can do this." he says. WHen Aryn ask for Ban he looks around, "I kept us covered as we came down, but I didn't see him pass me up there." he says to her. "I say we go and be prepared in case we have problems and we will look for Ban as we do. I will keep us covered as best I can until we can get to the ship."

<<"I think what she means...">> Elrych starts crossing his arms over his chest, <<"Is that maybe there is more to this Library then just what we see here. Perhaps we must reconnect to the bond here in this temple via the force and a mystery will be uncovered to us... or maybe the locals. I don't know.">> The pilot hefts a sigh, looking to Yuun as he adds a similiar bit of conjecture. <<"It's a lot of philisophical stuff.">> He turns and looks back up the stairs, <<"They're probably still out here. Ban is with the prisoner.">>

<<"Ladies and gentlemen, I daresay our estwhile opponent and I have arrived at a satisfactory settlement to hostilities. Pending your approval of course,">> Ban's dignified voice notes over the comms. <<"I trust there was something of profound interest below, that has kept you all so occupied?">> The poor fool missed all of it, and thinks he's been doing the important part.