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The Jedi gather to discuss the Sentinel Prime and the findings of their latest missions.

OOC Date: January 13, 2022
Location: Jedi Council Chamber, Temple of Eedit, Devaron
Participants: Aryn Cortess, Ax, Chani Tahn, Ewan Eroh, Jax Greystorm, Kasia Ashkuri, Nora Frayus, Qutha Buvu Pah, Rey Skywalker, Vega, Yuun, Zandra naMuriel

It's late evening on Devaron's hillside that occupies the Jedi Temple of Eedit. Native birds of a white and cyan hue fly by outside the tall tower windows, and within sunlight filters through in to the Jedi Council Chamber.

Generally, up to this point, there's been no furniture kept in here since the temple was restored by the new Order's members. But tonight, there's a single circular table with a holographic display at its center. The holographic machine is casting out blue-white light that shimmers and builds a full streaming map of the entire known galaxy.

Around the table are a number of chairs, but no 'head' position due to the shape, obviously!

Rey occupies one of the chairs on the eastern side of the table. She is seated on its edge, with her back straight, a few datapads in front of her, the glow from the holo display of the galaxy illuminating the front of the young woman in a soft blue glow.

Her eyes dart around at everyone. "Thank you for coming. We've been through a lot recently, with regard to the search for this Sentinel droid. All of you who have volunteered for these missions... you've done exceptional work. The Wheel was very nearly a full disaster that could've led to the loss of so many lives... But the quick thinking of Chani, and Kasia... saw that it did not go that way."

She shows a quick smile before looking around at others. "The Geonosis mission... it was more dangerous than we expected, but we acquired what we sought. Fragmented. But those fragments have been getting put together since, and I think we have a better picture of what we're up against now. Ewan was badly injured... on this mission. He made a daring decision to put his life on the line to stop others from being hurt. We're hoping he'll make a full recovery though."

She draws a breath then and puts her hands up on the edge of the table before her. "Lastly, the mission to Fondor... well. It was quite the surprise. We all faced a challenge. I think none of us saw coming there as well. Thankfully the quick wits of those involved helped save the lives of the Neimoidians that were seeing us. Ben... somehow managed to keep a crashing TIE from harming anyone on the ground, including himself."

She nods once then again. "But yes, we've gathered quite a lot. So I'm eager to share what we have with all of you, and if there are any further questions... Tonight will be the night to get them off our chests."

With the sun descending towards the jagged mess of a horizon formed by the treetops of varying giants mismatched in height, the dark walls of the temple's Council chamber seem more vibrant in the direct light. The open slits in the stone exterior still cast it at an angle, while the sconces around the walls remain unlit, so that those within are not blinded by the beautiful sunset casting the canvas of the sky in an array of blues, oranges, and pinks. There are a number of seats within the room tonight, but Chani occupies none of the ones arranged around the circular table. She sits close to one of the walls, legs crossed over one another and her right thigh acting as the pedestal for the rounded body of the hallikset braced against her.

Her gaze is cast down towards her lap, dutiful in observing how her right hand's fingers manipulate and tease the strings of the instrument as her left's glide across the fretboard and depress the strings in various ways against the frets themselves or the gaps between. The ovular body of the instrument is carved from cambylictus wood and is decorated with an array of hand-painted, red-petaled millaflowers, blue-petaled Rominaria flowers, and a sequence of a moon going through its full cycle along the outer edge. Chani hums in relative silence, perhaps along with the notes quietly extracted from the taut witherstrings. A shaak hide strap is half-draped over her shin, with most of it hidden underneath the hallikset.

When Rey begins speaking, Chani's fingers stop their ministrations and her chin lifts, spilling her dark hair in its bound-back state against her right shoulder and the dark brown fabric of the overtunic. Shifting the hallikset out of her lap, Chani rises to her feet and slips it over so the instrument rests along her back, its neck towards her left shoulder and the ovular base towards her right hip. "The mission to Fondor revealed why Draysin Bell, our connection on the Wheel, was assassinated. The Neimoidians of the Dosimir Corporation, specifically Jri Dosimir, offered us intelligence about the abandoned Star Destroyer where they discovered the Sentinel Prime. They believe the Sentinel travels to it often and they've said pirates are in the area, which will make any trip there dangerous. Maybe a job for Saber Squadron to cover a shuttle meant to investigate the Star Destroyer?"

Nora Frayus is likely an unfamiliar face seated at the table. Her posture is practiced, elegant, and dignified, even if, on occasion, she seems to pick uncomfortably at the hooded robes adorning her body. One leg is crossed carefully over the other, and both of her hands, when they're not picking at that robe, are folded politely in her lap. She has a very distinctly 'Hi, I'm New Here' look to her, given the way that her icy blue eyes seem to wander around the room and take in the sights and architecture. The interior decor of the building isn't the only thing of note, naturally. There is a matter of the other members seated at the table. Of them, only two are familiar. The others receive curious glances and, in the case of eye contact, a polite smile and a bow of her head.

She remains quiet when Rey and Chani speak. She is here to observe, and to listen, after all. Her lips form something of a subtle scowl while she does so, but that's just the sort of expression her face naturally rests at.

Ax is sitting at one of the chairs, he hadn't been on the Geonosis or Fondor missions, his position as an initiate meant that he didn't have a particular Knight to be sent away with, though this didn't bother the Echani. It just meant that he had little to add to the conversation. All he knew was what he'd witnessed here at the temple, during the last raid upon it.

When Chani mentions the pirate activity, Ax leans forward. "I can't speak for the Squadron as a whole, that's Jax's job, but we've had a lot of experience with pirates of late. I might also be able to dig through some old star charts. I might be able to put together an alternate path to take to catch the enemy by surprise."

Ax looks to Jax, "That is if that's what you're wanting to do, boss," he says. "I'm just an old smuggler who's decent in a fight, not a great tactician though, and my military experience is only with Rogue and Saber squadrons as a fighter jockey."

Vega managed to get the oil and grime from mechanic work off of her hands and face prior to the meeting on Devaron. The white haired woman finishes putting on the ebony outer robe as the doors to the council chamber open. She shakes her hair out over her shoulders and runs a hasty hand through it as she and her BB unit find a seat at the table without interrupting others. She listens to the talk that follows as the meeting starts and there's a nod of agreement with Ax on his comment of pirates as of late. She doesn't offer any words for the moment, waiting to see if anything she has seen might be relevant down the line.

Jax had arrived late and Rey had just started talking when he slipped into his seat. It was whatever chair that was left and available to him. He quickly tucks away a data pad into his robes. "I'm sorry. There was a data packet came through on my datapad marked urgent." He listens quietly as both Chani and Ax speak. "I'm sure the squadron can assist with that. Also Ax, thank you for volunteering. A smuggler jump point in and out could be quite handy. So Yes please see what you can put together." Jax looks to Rey, "Did the computer data we pull out of the factory on Geonosis reveal anything on the planetary shields or the Sentinel?"

Kasia is seated in a chair, looking as well made up as she ever does, hair and makeup done, jewelry worn to accent the somewhat less fancy robes of the order. Not that she hasn't had a hand in making them just a little nicer too. She hasn't information to share, so she just sits back and listens attentively to the information and ideas shared amongst the group.

Following Chani's brief, then Ax and Jax, Aryn speaks up as well, sounding slightly distracted in the way someone reads off a datapad aloud. She has a pair of glasses on to help make out the words as she goes, then pulls them off to look ahead. "With regard to the Stardestroyer mentioned, there are reports that the engines have been periodically firing off. This could be for course correction to avoid collisions in the field, or it may serve a separate purpose. Additionally, the report says that getting aboard the vessel will prove impossible by conventional means, the.." She dons her glasses again and squints. "..the hangar has been sealed off completely." She pulled them off again and cleared her throat. "I seem to recall the Resistance making use of breach pods in the past. I wonder what armor composition this vessel has, and if it is plausible for a breach pod to be deployed. I admit, such matters are beyond my scope of expertise."

Ewan had been a ghost, practically. A couple nights in bacta lead to a retreat, meditating on the Nocturne far from the others. It was a strange thing, but it was his way. Having not entirely healed, even through the healing meditation he fell under, he enters the room favoring a rough leg by walking on a delicate silver cane. Having arrived late, he says nothing as he enters, and merely approaches one of the empty seats. The cane is hung from the table's edge beside him, and he settles in to listen.

Zandra simply walks into the council chambers, glances around, and finds a place to sit. She smiles and nods to those already present ahead of her. The young jedi knight might have been otherwise assigned for a bit, but she's been around. She eyes the cane that Ewan brings, briefly, and then starts to look over the rest of the crew.

Walking at a brisk pace, shortly following Zandra a Qutha comes, shaking out the hem and ducking suddenly to grab an egg before it can strike the ground, sighing and drawing his hood back before very gently tucking it, and some kerchiefs into it for the time being. He doesn't speak though, no need to cause further delays; he just goes to take a seat, moving two more eggs from pockets to his hood.

"I was an orchardist, not a rancher..."

Ok so he says that to himself at least. Wincing when the room's echo begins bouncing the near whisper around.

Yuun is the last one to join, he had been a bit delayed but now he's here. A smile on his face as he comes into the Council Chambers. He's honestly kept out of here, just due to knowing what this room really means. Though today he is here, he finds a place to sit down, "Hello everyone." he says. He looks at those gathered and moves to where his Padawan is and he sits down.

Rey looks over the faces of those who speak next after her. She nods softly to the information given before her eyes go to Jax. His question has her shaking her head, at least in part. "There was no information on the planetary shield generators..." She says grimly. "Though, I do appreciate everyone who was there who stayed my hand in doing something... potentially wrong."

Rey spares a look to the others who weren't on that mission. "We inadvertently came across a shipment of shield generators going to the Y'Toub system. They were... apparently designed to help protect planets from super laser weaponry. Part of me wanted to take them, for the Republic. But, yes... we'll find another way to acquire that technology, some day. I hope."

Rey then points to the circular table that they are all seated at in the middle of the council chamber. She points to one part of the holographic galactic map being displayed upon the table's surface. "Here is the Kulma System." She notes, causing it to rise up out of the table, to display the asteroid field surrounding a single red sun. "A scouting mission by Saber Squadron is in order, I believe... We need to clear out any pirate activity around the Star Destroyer if we're ever going to find a way inside of it."

Rey takes a moment then to stand up, her eyes going around to everyone. "What the Geonosis mission did discover, with what we obtained, is a potential primary goal of the Sentinel itself. It is indeed an offshoot of what was once known as General Grievous. But we found records of then Chancellor Palpatine stating that the biggest limitation of the General was the living being within its metal skeletal body... Palpatine was not impressed with his performance."

Rey draws in a breath then and puts her hands behind her back as she stands there beside the table. "It would seem that this Sentinel Prime is looking for a Force sensitive individual, to ... bind itself to. To consume them within it, and become a symbiote, of sorts, with. I believe that is why it came here, to us. I think it was looking to... use one of us, for this purpose."

"That's another point to bring up," Chani looks more at the holographic display at the center of the table rather than at any one of the specific individuals gathered around it, but Jax's question regarding the shield technology has Chani addressing the group as a whole. She waits for Rey to explain the major chunk of her own information to the briefing and then tacks hers onto the end of it. "The technology, for those of us who are less aware, won't be news to the New Republic. According to public notes I found while researching the planet, I believe they've been in long-stalled negotiations surrounding Geonosis and a potential alliance in exchange for shield technology. Others are more informed than me on the matter, but it's an important note regarding what we found anyway."

Chani's arms cross over one another around her waist, mostly hiding her hands around the elbows they tuck into and around. When Ewan enters, Chani's gaze roams to him and takes the white-haired man in with a quick sweep. The limp and changed gait do not go unnoted. Chani's head tilts towards him in a nod, should he see it, but otherwise she speaks once more to the group as a whole. "The Star Destroyer itself, found in the Kuma System, is a remnant from the Galactic Civil War, so whatever its specifications are, they might be in line with older designs. That might help us form a plan, but if the Prime's goal is to find someone to use for such a horrible purpose, then I think it might be our most immediate concern. That's my vote, anyway."

"It's not ideal, but if the shield generators are going to the Y'Toub system it means the Hutts have the technology, and the Hutts love to negotiate deals," Kasia inputs. The distaste for the Hutts is evident, but she knows them well enough to know this. She looks around at the others, crinkled nose relaxing after a moment. "Either the New Republic, or the Jedi could go to Nal Hutta to try to negotiate terms to get the technology ourselves. I'm sure it won't be cheap, the cost never is with the Hutts, but they're nearly always willing to do deals if it benefits them."

Ax nods to Jax. "I'll see what I can figure out," he says. Then, he's looking back to Rey. "That's not creepy at all. A super-droid that wants to absorb a force user is just creepy."

"Negotiating with Hutts means we'd need something they want. Given the value of those generators, I doubt it would be credits they'd want, but it is definitely one prospect to look into. I'm definitely not the one to deal with them, my anti-slavery practices in the past have pretty much black-listed me amongst the Hutts," Ax says with a sigh. "And giving the hutts anything other than a hard time, that's pretty cringe-worthy in itself."

"If I remember what my wife was saying, the negotiations are just stalled, they are dead in the water. The CIS decided to deal with the Hutts exclusively." Jax says as he listens. Then Chani is talking about old Imperial Star Destroyers and Saber Squadron. "A scouting mission and pirate clearing can be done in order. Do we know what class of Star Destroyer? There were multiple classes of ships to carry that designation. We could be looking at anything on the small end like a Victory II up to a Super Star Destroyer like the size of the Executioner."

Vega's light gaze goes to the doors when Ewan enters and the white haired woman gives a soft frown, but doesn't say anything. She gives the injured Echani a moment to get settled without having a gaggle of people fussing over him. She gets up to head his way and takes a moment to hand his lightsaber over to him with a few whispered words. She then withdraws to reseat herself and gives a soft dip of her head to others that have joined the meeting. She does give a nod of agreement with Kasia's comments on the Hutts.

It's quite a lot for Nora Frayus to be dropped into. Talk of shield generators and tactics. Star Destroyers and Star Systems. Nora tries to keep up as best she can, but with the level of technicality and her lack of familiarity, the young woman's scowl deepens just a touch more before she lets out a quiet exhale through her lips. Her posture tenses for a moment and she smoothes her hands across the top of her thighs. That brief moment done, her frosty gaze settles on those immediately speaking. This time? It's Kasia, speaking a language at least somewhat familiar to her. Deals and diplomacy. Profits and negotiation. And then, her attention turns to Ax. Sharp and pointed, she takes in bits of information as she can, seeming steadfast and determined to leave this meeting with at least a -sense- of the matter at hand.

"If I may," she muses quietly, careful to not talk over the others.

"Credits are not the only thing valuable to the Hutts. Powerful as they are, they are highly... vain. Status is as much a valuable commodity as money and, to some more prosperous, far more valuable," she says. And then waves a hand, as if pre-dismissing her own thought before others can. A bit of nervousness from the young woman, perhaps.

"It is just a thought, of course," she adds.

Listening, blanching some at the idea of someone being melded with a machine in such a fashion puts a shiver down his spine, and not a small amount of relief that the concept likely didn't have his sort of biology in mind.

Meat Species are weird.

Kasia's thoughts on the hutts gets an open, then closed, mouth while he observes and listens, hands folding before him in his lap. "Utilizing an outsider group would be better for negotiating with the hutts, if my research is correct. They'll try to use a deal with the Republic or the Jedi to allow for law bending and rules breaking. There is no ground with them." fidgeting with the cuff of one sleeve before he proceeds.

"It's a losing position, no matter what. But some subterfuge would be necessary to to lessen how severe the loss would be on our side." looking over to Nora and pausing with brows lifted. Who the? Blink. Emerald-like eyes lock on and study for another moment before he realizes he's staring. Not any particularly lascivious sort of look. But Qutha is still staring and so he goes green at the cheeks and looks back to the hologram.

Ewan returned Chani's nod, with a grateful look. The truth was, he hadn't performed recklessly. The measured calculation of danger to one versus danger to all was a risk he accepted willingly. He seemed accepting of the limitations he would still fall under for a few days--He wouldn't push too hard to command the Force to mend his wounds.

"Interaction between the Jedi and the Hutts will be at long odds; they won't offer to barter for credits, they'll want us to owe them," Ewan offers, pragmatically, before he moves his thoughts towards the Prime. "We are beset on multiple fronts. Are we strong enough to split ourselves and take on both issues?" He asks, before Vega is crossing towards him. The lightsaber is accepted with a grateful hand, and he whispers something to her.

Zan's eyes widen as she listens to the discussion. She nods at Ax's comments. "That's very disturbing," she agrees quietly. She considers for a moment, and then she says, "Maybe pass the information about the shield generators to the New Republic and let them follow up with the Hutts? Though if we have those able and willing to take that on, it would be beneficial, I think." She looks over at Nora, Qutha, Ewan and Ax, and offers a smile. "Some valid points there, indeed." A pause. "And then we have two things to follow up on - one somewhat easier and more straightforward than the other. An interesting dilemma."

Zandra may have missed some of the input, but she suggests, "I suspect we can work on both at the same time, given that we can by far more easily scout and pirate hunt, while searching for leads on the other topic."

"We may have already burned a lot of bridges with the Hutts after our interference with the tribal people of Dathomir. I guess it depends on Oobla's standing and power base." Chani calls back to a Hutt they've all encountered in the recent past, one who was headquartered in Crown City on the world of Nal Hutta. Looking between Ax, Kasia, and Ewan, she poses the question. "Would our troubles with him make it a problem for negotiations? I'm not sure how things work for them." The left corner of her bottom lip dimples near the edge, tugged out of place as it is by the way her teeth grip at the soft flesh at the back of it and worry against it to signify rumination extending beyond the questions give voice in their chamber.

Leaning back in his seat, Yuun is quiet as Rey speaks. Taking in what is being said and he looks to the holoprojector as it shows the star systems. He is taking in as much as he can and he gives Rey a comforting nod about the mission on Geonosis and what she was wanting to do. A slight frown shows on his face as the mention of Grievous and now Sentinel. He lets out a breath, but still he is quiet, he scans the others, "We will need to make sure if we do this on different fronts we decide on who goes where." he says.

Looking at Ewan, "How're you doing my Padawan?" he asks. Yuun has been paying attention to Ewans healing. He hears what Chani, and the others add. There is much needed work, "My only concern is the Hutts, they will want something either only we can provide or want us to owe them a major boon."

"We, perhaps, are stepping ahead of ourselves. Negotiating on behalf of the Republic is not something the Jedi can do, not without explicit authorization. To my knowledge, Lando Calrissian may have some insight on this topic of shield technology, and what we may do to assist. He may not have an affinity for the Hutts, or.. maybe he does. If legends surrounding the former General are true, I trust the man would have an 'in.'" Aryn calls out, lifting one leg to cross her other, her booted foot bouncing idly.

"The Shield generators can be turned over to the Republic. If they need our help they can can ask. We can try to help. We just don't need to bury the lead that there is a droid out there that's trying to plug one of us into it so it can access the Force. This is disconcerting." Jax says after a moment. He looks over at Aryn and nods, "We have to trust the talented men and women in the New Republic."

Nora seems at least a little pleased with herself for speaking up in this group of strangers. Well, strangers save for two. The familiar faces of Aryn and Rey are given a few looks, and Aryn's most recent statements have Nora scratching lightly at her cheek in quiet contemplation.

"If the Jedi cannot negotiate, perhaps you al--," she begins, and then catches herself in that little statement. "Perhaps -we- could do something else. A different option. A neutral party, as our friend here mentioned," Nora says, gesturing to Qutha. Her jaw muscles work and press her molars softly together.

"Someone with buying power. Influence," Nora says, and turns to look pointedly at Aryn. "Royalty, perhaps?" she says. The upward inflection marks her uncertainty. Perhaps she's anticipating some manner of pushback in the suggestion.

"To be frank, the senate failed in the first deal, and given the long history of being in gridlock I'm not sure I have quite the faith you all do that they can see it done." Kasia's tone is a bit sharper than it usually is, but a moment is spent drawing in a breath, and then exhaling it. "I sincerely hope my skepticism is misplaced." She hesitates a beat, then adds, "but this is something that can be discussed another day, it's not the topic at hand for tonight. Tonight it's a particular droid that wants to use us as a stepping stone to the force."

Rey moves her eyes from one speaker to the next, nodding to each of them. She looks from Nora to Kasia before speaking again. "To be honest. The planetary shield generators are... something the Republic desperately needs. Especially if these new 'Bloodmoon' class Destroyers are all equipped with super laser weapons, such as the ones we defeated at Exegol. But... as others have said, the Republic has already tried, and failed to garner the tech through negotiations with the Geonosis, and the Hutts. They ... asked for too much, as I recall."

Rey looks to Jax then next. "According to what we were told, the Destroyer in the Kulma System is an Imperial II class Destroyer." She answers his question lightly.

The continued talk of the shields though, has Rey looking back to the Alderaanians. "If you feel like you could extend options there... then it might be worth a chance." She glances at Kasia again. "Perhaps you could help them with it too? You know quite a lot about that region as well, right?"

She then looks between Ax and Jax again. "You two are planning the Kulma mission, it sounds like. Vega might be able to help with the destroyer too." She says, with a look sent to their group Engineer.

Vega gives a look around, she starts to raise a pale hand to speak, but decides differently as she lets it drop to rest on the table. Her comments would have to go into her datapad for a later date. She gives a look to those that talk and there's a bit of a moment where she looks like she's trying to keep track of it all. Rey's voice saying her name makes her focus there and she dips her head, "I can do that, Master Skywalker." she nods to her.

Ax nods to Rey. "Seems that way." He pauses briefly, "There's something else, speaking of Sith." Ax takes a breath. "I tend to fly to odd places, some I probably shouldn't venture to, but I saw recent building activity in some places that shouldn't have building activity on it. The wasteland planet of Korriban. Usually, when I went there in the past, it was devoid of everything. A truly silent place in all regards. Now, there's something going on there, but I didn't linger long enough to discover what. I got out before I drew any attention. May be related, may not be."

Information shared and now out onto the table for debate, Chani has no more reason to contribute to the conversation. She is no diplomat, combat pilot, or someone learned in ships of any size. Lapsing into comfortable silence, she returns to her seat on the temple's floor, legs once again crossing and hands shifting the hallikset off of her back in a synchronous motion. It's once more placed into her lap, polished wood frame digging into the loose fabric of her beige pant legs. She does not return to playing it, however. Instead, her gaze flicks between some of the party and the images presented by the holoprojector in the center of the table. She leans back, bracing against the stone wall of the temple and breathing with such a slow rate that it almost doesn't look like she's breathing at all. Her arm drapes over the halliket's body, with her left extended out just far enough to brace her hand against the marble floor.

"I will mend, and I was informed the mission was successful. My decision may have contributed to that, so I stand by it," he offers to Yuun quietly, with a weak smile. A nod is given to punctuate it. Then, he's turning back to the table.

"The legacy of the Empire are these super weapons. This shield technology is needed across the galaxy, Republic planets or not. I see this task as imperative to the Jedi, in our struggle against the Darkness," Ewan offers the perspective of someone slightly more independent of the Republic. It was good for all, not just those who agreed with them. "A mission to acquire this data is still in the Galaxy's best interest. Acquiring, without taking, may yet be our best bet for getting this technology to every planet to defend themselves. The Hutts may be more willing to part with just the technology and plans, rather than the hardware. Certainly we can reproduce the tech with the right information?" Ewan poses, raising an eyebrow. He still favored stealing the plans, but that went without saying. "Getting this tech is more important, and if the Hutts will only extort us," he postulates. Regarding the Star Destroyer, he regards Jax for a moment in thought, as if seeking some word of the man's ideas, as Saber leader.

Farkle, he drew attention to himself. Head ducking slightly when Nora gestures to him and nodding to Aryn's bringing up that it's not their place to negotiate on the Republic's behalf. But Qutha has put his foot in it and he takes a deep breath - expunging the run of doubt and potential denigration bound for the surface and to take in all that has been said that he can bundle up together it all and turn over the whole situation in his hands, so to speak. Studying.

Hands lifting to gather up his hair, as if to tie it into a tail before just letting it drop into his robes, the Zelosian's head tips to one side before he speaks plainly,

"Unless the Republic asks the Order for help, it is not our concern. We should observe, ask if they want our insight and give freely if they do. But Master Aryn's notion is exceedingly poignant. We're not Republic representatives, even if the Order agrees with them. Not all of the individuals of the Order may actually be supporters of the New Republic, after all. It's not our job to theirs for them. Acquiring and disseminating the shield generator technology by the Order's hand is, actually, potentially dangerous and also not our place. We keep peace. We seek to right wrongs. We don't interfere in arms races. Our concerns should be for this Sentinel, and its masters. If contesting it puts us into a position that is mutually beneficial to our allies then it is clearly the will of the force."

Green cheeks again, the plant man silences at last.

"As my XO and third flight leader, Zan and Ewan's input is more than welcome in mission planning." Jax says after a moment. There's a troubled expression on Jax's face as he learns it's an Imperial II Class Star Destroyer. "That's an Impstar Deuce. Those were planet killers. Not like what we've been fighting the last few years but they carried enough firepower to glass a planet. They're just shy of the Super Star Destroyer Class. " He considers for a moment. "Ewan, something you'd like to add?”

Nora can't help but smile when her suggestion appears to offer, at least in the moment, some sort of value. She doesn't quite preen, but it is, perhaps, a slight puffing of her plumage. "It will not be an easy sell, but Alderaanians know well the destruction such weapons can bring," she says. Quiet, for just a moment. "If we could prevent such a calamity, surely it would be worth our efforts," she adds. When Kasia is mentioned, Nora turns to look curiously at the woman. Should she return the case, she'll be met with a polite smile.

Nora's idle scowl is returning to her face while she listens to Qutha speak. It is the expression that her face seems to drift towards in neutrality, though there is, perhaps, a slight pull towards a deepening of that scowl. To confirm it, her lips twitch and she turns to look away. Another fidget of her fingers in her lap. Another smoothing of the robes that hang over her thighs, her skin having gotten woefully used to the feeling of the coarse linen. She shifts in her seat again, in clear disagreement with the man's words, but not comfortable enough to voice them. Or, perhaps, she felt she already had.

Yuun looks to want to say something but he stops for the moment, allowing himself to better form his thoughts.

When Ewan speaks to him, Yuun smiles. "Yes, you did well Ewan, we will work on our team work." he is quiet for a moment but then shrugs, "You did what I would've honestly." he states. "I'm just happy you're still with us." he rests a hand on his shoulder in assurance.

He lowers his hand and he looks to Ewan as he speaks to all assembled. Taking in his words, he listens to the others as they speak, he thinks on the mission no Geonosis, they weren't able to get what they needed. "The shields would be a great boon to the New Republic, so if we can work with them in the negotiations, then we aren't overstepping." he says.

Yuun looks to Aryn then Qutha, he nods in agreement with them, though when Jax, and Ax are mentioned then Jax wanting input from Ewan, Yuun just goes quiet, he's not a fighter pilot or diplomat. "I will offer my help if a boarding action is needed or guarding is needed. I feel I'm more of a fighter in defense of peace." he smiles.

Rey sits back down on the edge of her chair as everyone speaks. She listens quietly, her eyes flicking from one face to the other before she draws a breath in through her small nose, then reaches a hand up to stroke her loose dangling strands of hair on the right side of her face back behind her ear there.

"So. As it sounds. We have two missions. One for Saber Squadron, to scout the Kulma system and the Star Destroyer there-in..."

She looks around a second then. "And two, work up a plan to ... at least consider a situation in which we could approach the Hutts about helping with the galactic need for a stronger sense of peace and security."

Rey nods to Qutha. "I do agree mostly with what you said. We should not be participating in an arms race. But we are peacekeepers, and I feel that the Jedi should help find ways to bring peace to the galaxy where it may not fully reside. I think... the galaxy feels scared. Especially since the Star Killer incident. That super laser... if it could be blocked by one of these shields... it could be something important to give to those who fear such attacks happening again. But, yes... bigger and bigger weapons... arming, more and more... Where does it truly end?"

She sighs and shakes her head. "I'm not one to answer that question. But I do feel this is something the Jedi should try to help with, however we can..."

"If we need to recon, Saber Squadron has a flight well suited to it. And certainly we could get access to more of the A's to get as much intelligence as possible. Recon is their specialty," he offers, nodding to Jax. "We could scramble a mission dossier in a couple hours and have something put together. We could have intel before the solar cycle and follow up from there to determine what we need to do," he adds.

"Our actions ought not come from a place of fear, but of logic and reason. If our mission is to negotiate some manner of data regarding the shield technology, I may be able to serve in some regard, as the Lady has stated," Gesturing kindly to Nora. "I can begin by seeking an audience with the Chancellor to ascertain his thoughts on the matter and seek approval. I pray he has something to draw the Hutt Lords' attention. We shall not lose hope, though." Aryn states, still seated with an elbow on the arm of her chair and hand oriented back to look at her nails as she says it.

"Yes, but if we give shields to Chandrila, then when do we give shields to Tatooine? To Onderon? To Mandalore? To Chad, Dantooine, Fondor, Sanctuary Moon, Daq, Zelos II, Rishi, Corellia, Zygerria, Dosh? If we give to one then we give to all who are not aligned with this Empire? What then? We cannot pick and choose. If we do so, we're no better. All of this talk specifically to the Republic and not -all- this is precisely why I opposed us stealing from the Hutts when we were on Geonosis? Where is the line? It is either fully permissible or it is not. There is no gray area. Right and wrong does not pick based on individuality. If we are right, then we cannot either."

Qutha's arms are folded across his chest now, one brow arching up towards his hairline. "This talk focuses on the Republic. Not the whole."

"Qutha, the technology can benefit all, but to help all, we must approach from a position of strength. Currency, materials, the trades required to build and install; these will need to come from somewhere. What is priceless are the plans for such technology. Once we obtain them, it costs nothing but time to share them. How the people go about installing such technology, we must let larger, and more brilliant minds, determine. Maybe they find some manner of enhancing it? Regardless of the theory, we lack one key component." Aryn gestures patiently. "..the plans."

"We'd do better at eliminating this batch of super-weapons," Ax says. "You distribute these shields on a large scale, or even just the plans, then they'll end up being worthless in short order as they're reverse-engineered to learn how to defeat them. Might even be something simple, like altering the wavelength of their lasers. Yes, it would be great if everyone could protect themselves against the Sith and Sentinel Prime and whoever else, but in truth, the only protection is by eliminating this enemy, and maybe the one who pops up in the vacuum that one's demise leaves."

Jax stops for a moment and then looks at Rey for a moment. "Have we checked with Arisnar to see if they have technology of a similar nature? They have developed their own shield tech. If they have something that could be shared with the galaxy through anonymous sources to protect them. It could be of value. Also cut out the hutts."

"It is certainly an interesting moral conundrum," Nora says, finally breaking her silence. She drums her fingertips against the top of her thigh and affixes her gaze directly on Qutha now. "I do say I believe you would fit right in at home. Perhaps you would enjoy discussing philosophy over brandy on our estate," she says. She turns to look at Aryn when she speaks and gives the woman a nod in agreement. Her focus then shifts to Ax and Jax respectively. Talk of eliminating the enemy gets a tip of her head and the concept does seem to resonate.

"That does seem to be the quick of it," she admits.

The discussion has Rey quiet as she just listens. It's complicated, and it's not her field of expertise...

Jax's question draws her eyes to him. The mention of Arisnar has her quietly pondering it for a moment. "It's been quite awhile since I spoke to our contact from them... I should reach out to him and, check in." She says before sighing softly. "Their government is staunchly independent. They fear being pulled in to the wider galaxy's issues. They certainly are technologically advanced, like the Geonosians... and shields are supposedly one of their main forms of tech."

She shakes her head side to side. "But I just don't know. I'll have to reach out to 'him', as I said. Hopefully his contact information is still the same..."

"The Jedi Order has tried to eliminate the Sith. We have archives full of their attempts, and every campaign has failed. Devoting our limited resources to the pursuit of war to eliminate another enemy sets a precedent for more war. We are operating under the assumption these shields will even withstand a blast, but we have not seen any demonstration that could confirm it." Aryn traces her fingers along the arm of her seat. "What does the Paragon advise on our direction? Our Order sounds divided."

Talk of Arisnar makes Vega perk up. She'd spent a lot of her training there before moving to the Devaron temple. She follows along with the talk that is going on, but she doesn't add her voice to things. She does look to Aryn when she speaks about the Sith and then back to where Rey is when she asks the woman what she thinks the Order should do.

"Regardless of our goals, we need planning in place before we can do anything. I'll take time to meditate on the Star Destroyer issue and create proposals for the Missions to Kulma and how to handle the issue of the Cartel and shielding. If Doska Yuun approves, they'll be offered forward," Ewan offers, before reaching for his cane. "With our paragon's permission, of course," Ewan says, then. "I believe, Ax, we might be able to come up with an appropriate option for the Cartel, if you'll indulge me some of your time," he adds.

Nora laughs to Qutha's mention of the brandy. "The goal is to enjoy the taste of it. Your tolerance for inebriation would see your arguments grow more convincing as the night proceeded," she says, amused. She lifts her index finger to tap on her chin, glancing around the room with those same wide, curious, and engaged eyes that she'd walked in with.

"Well then! This certainly has been enlightening," she says.

Ax looks to Ewan and nods. "I'll help however I can, but the cartel isn't my biggest fan. I've hit quite a few of their slavery rings over the years, then there's that whole thing with Corestar getting blown to hell."

Ax sighs. "Didn't say we were going to destroy the Sith or the First Order or whoever else, just target their new batch of super weapons. Hell, if the Republic built or utilized such a thing, I'd vote to destroy that too. The ability to wipe out an entire planet is too powerful for any group to have. That's just my two creds anyway."

"If anyone needs help with Huttese I speak it fluently." Vega offers as an aside to the gathered with a bit of a head nod. Maybe she could help with that!

Jax's question answered he falls silent. He doesn't interrupt Qutha or try to silence his padawan. This was a council of equals. He listens to those around him for a moment. "No matter which we choose, we have to be mindful of our actions and the force. Actions that seem on the side of light aren't always thus and at other times matters force our hands. I would say we are entering a dangerous time but we're always in a dangerous time."

Taking a breath, "I say for not if it's alright if we let Jax get the mission for Saber Squadron started." he says sitting up. "Ewan you have my permission to help with planning for the mission, though you and I have training to work on." he states to his Padawan. He then looks out at the rest of the Jedi, "There have been some valid points raised and I feel we need to take a break and come back and further discuss the shields. I feel that some good questions have been raised. We don't have enough information on the shields and once we have that, I feel we provide that information to the Chancellor." he states. "Now we can come back to the table and talk more on this and see what we think. Lady Jedi Aryn is correct. We are divided on this and taking a break to think and gain clarity would help us." he states. "We do need to get more information on Sentinel as well and I'm concerned about what Ax stated about new goings on, on Korriban. I don't want us to overstep our bounds, we are still small and growing, we will need to do what we can as we can." he says.

Rey shifts her eyse around the table before she reaches up to press a button in front of her, causing the Y'Toub system to float up from its spot in the galactic map. With it, Kulma floats there as well, lines traving beneath them as they are projected and isolated from the rest of the map still flowing around the table.

"Well then..." She says with a soft sigh.

"Jax. Gather whom you need to help with the scouting mission. If we find pirates in Kulma, they need to be routed out. There-after, we have to find out how to get inside that Star Destroyer... it has secrets, and we need them."

Her stare then goes over to Aryn. "Aryn. I'd like you to work with Kasia on creating some connection with the Hutts. We need to establish a relationship there. I am sure they will not trust us, nor us them. But currently we have no connection beyond a few small minor interactions. That needs to change. Even if we cannot garner the plans for these planet guardians, perhaps we can at least build a communication line with the Hutt Lords... to some degree."

She draws in a breath then as she taps another button on the map, bringing up the Arisnar system out far from the Outer Rim. "I'll... reach out to our Arisnar contact. It probably won't lead to much, but we're at least good friends with them on some levels. It's worth a talk..."

She raises her right hand up then to put her elbow on the edge of the table, and her chin propped up on the soft part of her palm. "If you have questions about Kulma. Take them to Jax. If you have questions about the Hutts, please take them to Aryn and Kasia then. If any of this ... needs further discussing. Please just come to me."

She smiles then. "Okay. We can wrap this up now, I believe. There is a fine dinner being made in the dining hall, if you're so inclined for food." She states with a small grin for all.

The heated discussion concerning what is right, what is wrong, what they're responsible for doing, and what they should be doing, all based on varying systems of belief and past evidence of attempts made by long-dead, and mostly unknown predecessors, leads Chani's attention to wane from the talking. Rey's say on the matter is the closest physical voice they have to authority, and as someone who has spoken with the forebears of the Jedi Order, hers is the strongest for no insignificant reason. Straightening her posture against the cool stone behind her, Chani drops her chin to set her gaze on the instrument in her lap. Her right arm curls harder at the elbow and her left hand lifts to curl her thumb along the side of the hallikset's neck while the pads of her fingers place themselves against the witherstrings of the instrument.

She begins playing, right hand's fingertips plucking at the witherstrings and left depressing them down while her hand glides along the back of the instrument's neck to add pressure at different intervals along the board. The humming starts again, so quiet that whatever harmonization she might be producing is lost underneath the louder noise coming from the instrument itself. The notes are quiet, too, however, much like the sun's descent behind the trees as the sky outside turns more and more towards being a dark blanket populated with uncountable pinpoints of light scattered across it. The lip of the sole of her right boot digis painfully into her calf, prompting a soft rasp of leather on stone when she adjusts it. She plays, and her mind drifts from the past and the future to think of the present and the simple demands of what that requires.