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The Lady's Wardrobe

OOC Date: January 13, 2022
Location: Devaron
Participants: Nora Frayus, Aryn Cole, Ban Iskender


Lady Nora Frayus, Princess Aryn Cortess, and Lord Ban Iskender meet in the Jedi Temple on Devaron. After a brief introduction, the trio visit the Jedi Temple's wardrobe to outfit the newest initiate with a traditional jedi robe.


[ Ban Iskender (ban) | 12:03:08 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

The Jedi temple on Devaron is not often decribed as 'busy'. The ancient structure, even with its modern improvements is far larger than the modest number of initiates and knights can fill, so as Aryn leads Nora through its halls and corridors, it is notable when footsteps, and the presence of another join them. Straight backed and of proper bearing, with an elegant green half-cape worn over his right shoulder atop his grey and green attire, the gentleman wears an elaborate sword sheathed on his right side and a pistol holstered on the left.

Steps drawing a stop, he notes the unfamiliar Nora, before offering a short bow of the head and shoulders to the pair, voicing, "Your Highness. A query for you, when you've a moment."

[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 12:09:43 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Nora Frayus has managed to shake the timid, wide-eyed curiosity that betrayed her poise when she'd first arrived. Despite being barefoot and carrying a pair of rather flimsy looking high heels, the woman manages to capture a certain air of dignity and grace befitting her station. Chin up, shoulders back, navigating through the strange new corridors of the Jedi Temple. It's impossible for her to ignore the excitement of it, either. It is not often she has been able to leave Delaya or New Alderaan, especially not without a guard.

The sound of heavy footsteps approaching from behind her does prompt her to turn her chin over her shoulder. She stops when Ban draws near and draws her hands over her midriff where fingers lace together and rest at the root of her thighs. His bow is met with a proper, practiced, and ladylike greeting. A touch traditional, but one ingrained in her.

She remains quiet, however. She just keeps those intelligent, icy blue eyes fixed on Ban. They're eyes that give away the fact that she recognizes him.

[ Aryn Cortess (AC) | 12:16:58 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Aryn turns when Ban addresses them, her head dipping in an appropriate, yet quiet, greeting before glancing between Ban and Nora. A small smile forms and Aryn takes matters into her own hands!

"Now seems as good a time as any, but first: You have the pleasure of meeting Lady Nora of the House Frayus. Nora, may I present Lord Ban of House Iskender, our.." She leans in slightly to Nora and says lower, "..Green Knight."

Aryn clasps her hands at her lower back beneath the confines of her cape and grins, well, half-grins.

[ Ban Iskender (ban) | 12:22:46 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

If the carried footwear are thought curious, Ban's well-schooled expression doesn't suggest it. When Aryn offers that introduction, the gentleman's green regard and words are turned to Nora. "Fair met, Lady Norah. Do I presume correctly that your presence here marks you as a fellow in more than nobility of blood?" Something of Aryn's half-grin manages to alter his stoicism: one black brow creeps up slightly at her unexplained amusement. "A communique from Commander Alde: I daresay we shall need return to Chandrila, ere long."

[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 12:29:56 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"And you, Lord Iskander, though I must confess to a certain familiarity ahead of our meeting. The tales of the Green Knight's gallantry are quite popular gossip amongst certain lords and ladies of the court," Nora says. Her expression is a similar, practiced stoicism in its own way. Ephemeral, elusive, and a touch flirtatious, it cuts in its own subtle way. His query is met with a nod and a somewhat uncertain glance in Aryn's direction, but she does attempt an elaboration.

"And yes. Her Highness aided me in a time of crisis," Nora begins to say. Her hands lift to her hair, where she grasps a twist of pink and fans it in front of her eyes. It catches some of the light that shines through the temple's windows. "I owe her a great deal, as well as those in this temple whose care has been so," she says, pauses, "Hospitable."

Discussion of Chandrila draws Nora's attention away from Ban and to Aryn once more. Red painted lips purse in curiosity.

"Chandrila?" she inquires.

[ Aryn Cortess (AC) | 12:38:27 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Aryn's amusement becomes more clear: She's allowed herself to preen a bit, and Lady Nora's added praise reddens Aryn's cheeks just slightly, both in regard to Ban's gallantry, and Aryn's deed in helping Nora when she needed it most.

When informed of Kiko's need of them on Chandrila, and Nora's questioning look, Aryn opens up, "Yes, we have an enclave on Chandrila, both for Alderaanians and the Jedi Order. I had plans of returning -- Would you accompany us, my Lord? After all, I did bring your vessel here. We were just going to visit the quartermaster before departing so Lady Nora may see what Jedi traditionally wear."

[ Ban Iskender (ban) | 12:41:45 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"We are of Alderaan: gallantry is our natural state," Ban returns to Nora's account of his popularity among gossips. The quip is accompanied by a short dip of his head. As to owing Aryn a great deal, "As do we all, lady. Although the path through these halls can grow difficult, so too can it be most rewarding. I wish the lady good fortune of it."

As Aryn describes the enclaves of Chandrila, Ban adds, "As well, Chandrila serves as the capital of the New Republic, making it a center for all of the.. expected political distractions." The subtle emphasis on 'distractions' makes it clear he was imagining a less kind word. The invitation to accompany them is met with a nod, and a voiced, "As my Ladies wish."

[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 12:47:37 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Nora's laughter is as polite, practiced, and polished as the rest of her. It's a laugh that emites from her throat and sinuses, lips spread into a smile, but with teeth still covered. The smile does make it up into her eyes, however. A bit of a practiced shimmer in those as well. "Of course, My Lord, but even the finest cream in all the galaxy finds its own way to rise to the top," she says. And then a wave of her hand, as if to dismiss a thought of her own. Perhaps that wave is meant to push away more Alderaanian court talk, or perhaps she's stopping herself from piling on additional praise.

"You have my gratitude. To be entirely truthful, it is with some difficulty that I first set out on this... mmh... path. But it is humbling to be surrounded by such support," she says. She seems earnest enough in it, too.

She nods to the talk of Jedi enclaves and outposts on Chandrila and, when Aryn motions for the trio to leave, Nora happily follows along, high heels clacking together as they dangle from the fingertips of her right hand.

"'Traditionally?'" she asks, quoting Aryn, "Oh dear, that does sound dreadfully ominous."

[ Aryn Cortess (AC) | 13:09:01 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Another nod, and Aryn returns to the path she set out to take, following the bend of the corridor to arrive at the quartermaster's room. By design, it was not a large chamber, and it had all the appeal of a storage room except with items on display. Jedi garb, traditionally, was a marriage of robes and tunics with a clever use of belts and sashes to keep everything from just.. falling off. They were loose fitting, and used fabrics that were uncomfortable or scratchy to the skin (especially for those more accustomed to luxury and style).

The boots were nicer though, often many of the designs were true leather and capable of immense punishment and mistreatment, which was fortunate given some of the locales they visited when on assignment.

"We have arrived," Aryn announces, making a slight gesture to the arrangement of jedi articles and a changing stall with a curtain to draw. "There are several choices for the main tunic, then sashes to accent, though the belts and boots tend to only be leather. Alas, if only there were more to choose from." Aryn stands beside Ban then, yielding the floor to the newest Jedi to test the waters of this new and .. humbling.. lifestyle.

[ Ban Iskender (ban) | 13:09:03 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"Traditional, yes, although far from uniform," Ban offers in an attempt at assuaging the newest initiate's fears of... well, exactly what is awaiting her. "There is some variety permitted in regard to color and style." But here they are, in the land of brown and scratchy.

[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 13:18:47 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Nora Frayus is a product of House Frayus of Alderaan. A storied lineage of weaponsmiths known for their ferocity, tenacity, and poise beneath duress. Composure. Dignity. Grace. And yet, despite all of her training -- all of the punishment and the difficult lessons she's learned, even Lady Nora Frayus is unable to contain the grimace that rolls its way across her face at the sight of the Jedi's traditional garb.

"Oh," she says simply.

She watches Aryn explain the tunics. The sashes. The belts. The boots. The boots get a small lift of her brows, and she even takes a small step towards one pair with a slight and modest heel. Of course.

"I see," she adds, and reaches to pinch some of the fabric of a nearby tunic between her thumb and forefinger. "They are quite... rustic. I should think I will feel quite at home tilling fields in these," she says, in jest.

"And you are quite certain I must wear these, Your Highness?" she asks, though the way she's lifting one of the tunics comprised a light, airy and breathable fabric suggests she's aware of the answer. The tunic is light, white, and she selects a sash and belt with colors that compliment her hair. Floral, peachy, pink. She gathers them all and, instead of turning towards the dressing room, she turns towards Ban and Aryn.

"I suppose these will have to do. And where is your tailor?" she deadpans.

[ Aryn Cortess (AC) | 13:28:42 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

"Mmmm, best to select the fabrics you favor, then bring them to your tailor, my Lady," Aryn says trying to contain her own amusement a bit. "I may be ashamed to admit it, but the Order has a shortage of certain trades." Aryn manages to get her bearing under control, but only for a short second before she snorts again and laughs. "Alas,.." She says between innocent laughter, "I, too, took my own selections home to fashion something representative of my style. My Lord, Ban, elected armor." She lightly raps gloved knuckles against his cuirass and smiles up toward him.

"I hear your tailors are the finest on Delaya, surely they stand up to the.. challenge."

[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 13:40:09 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"Ah, I see," Nora says, turning her chin down to look at the tunics, sashes, and belts she's gathered. She clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth. "Well. I do love a challenge, and if making myself presentable in such rustic fibers is the first on this new path I walk, then I shall do so in stride," she says. She maneuvers over towards the changing room with her clothes folded over her left arm. Her right hand reaches up to pull out a few of the hair clips that have pinned that dyed pink trersses into place. She disappears behind the curtain of the changing room, only to emerge a few moments later to retrieve a tall, thigh-high pair of sandy-tanned leather boots. The ones with the scandalous amount of blunted heel.

Another smile is given, and cue... the rustling of fabric.

"Ah, this fabric is quite... coarse. I will live without fear of poor exfoliation," she calls out from behind the curtain.

[ Ban Iskender (ban) | 13:46:25 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"I have heard the palette described as 'earth tones'. Fortunately, earth produces a great variety of colors," Ban quips on the heels of Aryn's amusement and Nora's.. Distaste.

[ Aryn Cortess (AC) | 13:50:01 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Ban's dry delivery surprises a laugh from Aryn. When Lady Nora emerges to claim the boots, then disappeared behind the curtain, Aryn took her own tour of the selection of fabrics. Pulling her glove from her hand, she ran her bare fingertips over the material, so she might re-experience what Nora was experiencing for the first time. Her comment about exfoliation surprises another laugh. "I believe the phrase, 'it grows on you' applies here; endearingly, perhaps?" Aryn moves onto the next fabric, a long sash of dark brown.

[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 13:56:01 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

There are more comments from the peanut gallery within the changing room. "Ah, yes, 'earth tones'. A subtle color palette. Popular amongst dirt and rocks and clay," she laments. As Ban and Aryn converse, Lady Frayus seems to be taking her sweet time with finding a fit that works. She seems set on the tunic, sash, belts and boot, but the shuffling of that fabric within the room is a good indication of her attempts at arresting it into a more fashionable appearance. "Hmmm... perhaps it does, Your Highness," she says. Progress? Eventually, that curtain does draw, and Lady Frayus emerges from the changing room almost timidly. She's pinching at the tips of her fingers with her other hand, and her big blue eyes flick back and forth between Ban and Aryn for approval.

The tunic she's chosen is a light, airy, white linen that looks well-suited for summer heat. Its cut is low enough to provide some intrigue, thin and cutting towards the top of her sternum, but not deep enough to scandalize. Its sleeveless design means her arms are completely bare. The sash, a peachy pink, is tied around her waist in a way that cinches the tunic to be more form fitting. One belt, sandy leather, lays straight around her hips. The other is at an angle, crossing over her belly and resting above the hip and into the waist on one side, and below the hip, just above the thigh on the other.

Hair pins applied to the backside of the tunic draw it tighter against her form, though she's left enough room for freedom of movement. The tunic ends in a skirt that's about mid-thigh, which is good, given that her boots are thigh high. The two meet in the middle, leaving a scant inch and a half of soft skin between them.

"I am tempted to wear this home if only to see Father's face turn a novel shade of red," she says.

"Oh, do be done with it. Tell me I look like a nerf herder so that the three of us can be on our way. To... ah... Chandrila, was it?" she asks, and fusses a bit more with the belts and sash.

[ Ban Iskender (ban) | 14:02:50 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Ban Iskender doesn't laugh, or let any surprise show on his face as Nora emerges with a few pieces of the typical attire neglected. Technically, there's no rule about wearing *all* the pieces, so the initiate should be in the clear. "We may be on our way. To Chandrila," he affirms.

[ Aryn Cortess (AC) | 14:09:04 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

"Apologies, my Lady; truly. I find you endearing is all. Come," Aryn lifts an arm in familiarity to draw her close, and the two ladies are set to lead the way out and back to the lift. Lord Ban's vessel, a Calamari design, waits with its ramp down and staff moving away from it, having finished refueling. As Aryn walks out into the open, she says aside to Nora, "Perhaps some wine for the trip? At least to prove I am truly sorry for laughing."

Poor Ban.

[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 14:15:56 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Nora smiles at Aryn's apology, head tipping to the side. She knows she's being amusing. Being amusing, after all, is a sort of charm in itself. The smile on her face is fairly earnest, however. She not only enjoys being amusing, but she particularly enjoys making Aryn laugh. "Your Highness, if my suffering through this wardrobe is to bring one good thing to our galaxy, it would be your laughtere," she says. When she moves towards the Princess, she glides. She is poised and coordinated. A certain lethality in the motions of her hips and legs.

She slips her arm around Aryn's, though this time, she allows the Princess' to hook up under her own. Perhaps she'll lead.

A glance is given to Ban as well.

"And what say you, Lord Iskander? Shall the three of us uncork a vintage and gossip? I would so enjoy a story I've never heard about the Vice Royal Dragoons and their Noble Steeds," she says.

Poor Ban indeed.

[ Ban Iskender (ban) | 14:36:59 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"Lady Norah, it would be no proper vessel if there were not a goodly selection of decent wine," Ban notes, dryly. "The voyage awaits."