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The Jedi save Kyle Katarn and the Valley of the Jedi

OOC Date: May 27, 2021
Location: Ruusan
Participants: Jedi Order, Chani Tahn, Rey, Ben Solo, Qutha Buvu Pah, Ban Iskender, Zandra naMuriel, Rune, Yuun, Jax Greystorm, Kasia Ashkuri, Kyle Katarn NPC, Aryn Cortess

The Jedi Order find themselves on the outskirts of a First Order perimeter. The ridgeline Aryn had documented during the initial visit had become a location of interest to the FO, and unfortunately, they were conveniently placed to hinder the Jedi from accomplishing their immediate mission.

From the Jedi vantage, they could see a series of pre-fabricated buildings that were set up hastily to incorporate a defense. Stormtrooper patrols take them along the ridge, past six tall monuments that stood tall against the whistling winds of the valley.

There seemed to be a gathering by the monuments, a place where troopers stood watching as a black uniformed officer used a voice-enhancing (megaphone) to scream words at the monuments. It seemed as if.. they were trying to say a password.. or use a key, to open whatever the monuments had locked away.

<"NERF HERDER."> The posh officer screamed, his voice echoing over the distance. <"JEDI ORDER.-- THE FORCE.-- LIGHTSABER."> It seemed to be no use. Whatever he screamed, nothing happened.

Unfortunately, the Jedi had to be where the First Order was, because they had the key: The Force. The question remained: How do we get there?

Aryn departed the Jedi to return to Fort Nowhere to convince the militia that the First Order was on planet. If she could negotiate their deployment, it might make their mission easier, but as of now.. it was only the Jedi, the First Order, and a mission to complete. Where do they go from here?

Rune glances up the hill at the gathering of the First Order, their gleaming white armor standing out against the landscape. "I kind of feel like we should just let this happen. I would love to see what other words or phrases they try before they give up." The Ysannan remarks, a small smirk tugging at the edges of his lips. "I suppose though, we should probably encourage them to leave this place?" He asks the group, an eyebrow lifting as he turns to take them all in.

There's quite a few Jedi that showed up to this engagement. After scouring multiple planets and many different locations, they were finally closer to solving the puzzle Kyle Katarn had left for them... closer, but not there yet. The young Force user looks back to the small offense gathered on the hill. "Should we try to reason with them first?"

Crouched down in an outcropping of rocks that overlooks the First Order camp hastily set up as a base of operations, Chani gazes on their operation through a pair of small macrobinoculars drawn from one of the pouches hidden underneath the dark brown feyd-cloth robe draped around her. The hood is elevated and left to shape however it will rather than tugged down closer to her head. The irregular shape of the fabric will break up her natural silhouette and prevent it from standing out against the rocks. It's one of the few small little tricks she'd learned during her time amongst some of the New Republic troopers during various deployments on Corellia. They're coming in handy now, on Ruusan. "What do you think, Lord Iskender?"

They might be here as Jedi, but what they face is a military force and Chani's curious as to what the Alderaanian noble's thoughts are regarding a potential approach.

Ban Iskender muses aloud in answer to Rune, "I daresay we would be wise not to let them proceed overlong. No doubt sooner or later they shall resolve to destroy the monuments, or some similar short sighted strategem." As to reasoning with the First Order, "Such has yet to be successful. Beside, even if they did elect to withdraw, I must consider an airstrike or orbital bombardment called upon us to be a sensible precaution in the event of their withdrawal." A breath drawn and released as he looks to Chani. "Though the assembly before us poses little threat to our company, I would suggest they be approached and subdued as swiftly as possible to prevent communication with any of their fellows." Yet he is not in command, and with his mind on the subject spoken, he looks to the one who is.

Zandra flashes a grin at Rune at his comment. "They forgot scruffy," she puts in quietly, eyes dancing with amusement. She pauses then, sobering, and turns to look over at the FO encampment. "Don't suppose we can creep up behind them, can we?" she muses. "Or some of us?" She's thinking, though not sure exactly. "I am not entirely sure that would work well, talking to them, I Mean. I rather expect they'd just call in a blast to try to destroy us." She's quiet otherwise, thoughtful. Though she does flash a grin Ban's way, and nods to him. Seems they had similar ideas. "Maybe if we have some of us able to sneak up?" she offers. "To try to maximize surprise?"

"Left to their own devices I think they'd do far more harm." Qutha hunkers, watching through his own pair of magnoculars, lips moving silently, numbers mostly but the rest is lost within his hood. Letting the others speak and strategize. Listen and learn when you know not how, after all. The nocs are lowered again after another look and the Zelosian gives a little huff.

Mouth opens, then shuts again, looking to Zandra and then back to Iskender

Watching from where they're all standing, though he does uses whatever terrain they may be near as a bit of cover to keep him from being seen. Yuun listens to Rune and chuckles a little, "I agree, we shouldn't let them keep trying to be honest." he says. When Chani speaks up, he quirks a brow and looks over to Ban, diplomatic with the First Order hasn't worked since he started as a Jedi, though things could've changed which he doubts. When Zan mentions sneaking up, that does cause Yuun to raise a brow up at that, "That could be useful, sneaking up and taking them by surprise, there is a lot of them and quite a few of us. We would need to be quick." he states. He looks to the assembled Jedi, "With as many as it is of us, it's best to have someone calling the shots and not us all just going about doing whatever." he offers. Yuun then looks to Quatha as he speaks and nods.

Jax sits motionless and as if he was meditating. He was behind the ridgeline. There were other watching the members of the First Order yell 'Opensezme' at the stone walls below. Jax though speaks up as Rune brings up reasoning, "Unfortunately, history indicates they are not usually reasonable." He then adds, "While Ban's suggestion seems correct. There is nothing wrong for us to wait a moment or two to see if they add dance moves to their code words." Then he adds, "A distraction or a lightning strike seems to be the most tactical choice or a combination of the two."

Kasia stands back so that she can only just see the First Order and their encampment around the spot they intended to go to. Her arms are folded and she's looking down at the spot with a bit of a frown. "The good news is they don't seem to have any idea what they're doing, but... yeah, I expect they'll eventually get tired and wreck things." Her gaze moves over the assembled Jedi, but she hasn't a better plan than what has been suggested so she doesn't offer more than that.

Rey is wearing a hooded cloak over her white clothing, the cloak the same color (or mostly) of the general tone and shade of the environment around them all. She'd thrown it on out of a container in the Falcon that was filled with an assortment of Jedi-styled gear. She stands near to where Chani is and is looking down at the shouting officer and the troopers who are with him.

She frowns.

"How did they find this place." She mutters softly, mostly to herself.

Ban and Zan's words draw Rey's gaze, and the others who speak up are heard as she looks forward again to watch the trooper some more. "We should call Chewy at the Falcon. Have him on stead-by. He can... possibly fire a missile in to the canyon to the east, the explosion might draw some of their numbers away to check on it." Rey exhales. "But yes, the longer they fail at this, the quicker they'll resort to destruction to get inside." Rey's eyes go to Ben then, as these people are... a bit more familiar to him, and his insight is invaluable.

Never one to make much ado about subtlety, Ben shrugs at the various suggestions as to how to proceed. "There are no Knights of Ren or Sith pretenders. Just the First Order themselves. They're wasting their time, they just haven't figured that out yet. Either we wait for them to leave and risk them destroying it out of caution, or we go down now and stop them." Given the way he adjusts his belt, checking the blaster pistol strapped to his thigh before looking back ahead toward the encampment, it seems clear which route he prefers.

<"SCRUFFY."> The officer clears his throat. <"SCRUFFY LOOKING."> It's no use. <"To hell with this, begin setting the demolition charges up. I want one on each monument.. that's SIX. SIX of them. Sergeants, make it happen. Rig the demo to blow in five minutes. If we cannot get past this BLASTED security system, then we deny anyone else from accessing it too."> The officer lowered the voice enhancer to step aside and watch the NCOs get to work. Sergeants began to scream and point with knife-hands toward the monuments, prompting small columns of troops to go to each of the monuments and begin setting up their charges.

The officer in charge begins to retreat, marching back to one of the pre-fab buildings that remained at a safe distance.

The Jedi are near a series of large rocks and foliage, concealed from view for the moment, but privvy to a good view and approach to the encampment. A patrol of roving stormtroopers march by the outer most perimeter, the two are exchanging commentary about, <"..the newest models come with custom optics that interface with your helmet."> Pshh (the sound their voice emitter makes at the closing of each statement. <"I will have to save up to.."> The voice of the other trails off as they march further away, drawn into the conversation more than their observation route.

It seems the consensus is stopping these people, and quickly, is the most prudent solution, especially with the way Ben adjusts his weaponry and prepares for combat. Furthering the point is the announcement for setting up explosive charges on the monuments to take them down. "Seems our dilemma has been answered for us!" Rune states. Even more hastening the point is the patrol of two Stormtroopers that make themselves known with idle chatter.

In an instant, the Ysannan's lightsaber hilt flies to his hand, a piece or two of the cylinder falling away as he grasps it. The young Jedi impulsively jumps out at the First Order, his gree blade swinging perilously close to the pair as they swivel and dodge each attack. "Eeeeer... I could use some help here." This is stated after the Troopers stand in shock at the waving of a bright light around them, both looking at their armor and wondering how not a scratch landed.

Ban suggests removing the problem before they can broadcast any kind of message. "Maybe it's possible to disable their communications before they even know we're here?" It's a potential focal point for the idea Zandra puts forward of attempting to sneak into the perimeter that the First Order has established. "Then we can send a delegation party." If the officer and his troopers knew they were cut off from any further support, it might go a long way towards encouraging him to cooperate peacefully. Chani ignores the instinctive urge to believe such a prospect is fruitless. While she herself has her doubts about the First Order acting peacefully, she realizes that pitfall for what it is: predetermination. As a Jedi, she should be trying to keep her options open and pursue diplomacy if at all possible. Even if that diplomacy follows on certain strategic actions that will increase the chances of success.

"They were here when we arrived the last time. Master Katarn's ship was discovered by some of their droid troopers. I guess they decided to look around," Chani offers to Rey after her question. Their proximity is the only reason she even hears the self-focused inquisition. "And now they're deciding to blow it up, I think. The stormtroopers are placing something on the monuments. I guess that settles that." Chani's still looking through her handheld optics. She stops once she hears the activation of a lightsaber and discovers Rune has decided to engage the roving patrol. That definitely settles that.

Ban Iskender takes the elaborate swept hilt of his lightsaber in hand as the order to place charges is given. "Predictable," he comments, dryly. When the pair of troopers on patrol draw near, he stands close against the rocky outcropping, to reduce his profile, but once Rune begins the skirmish by moving to engage the pair, Ban follows suit, igniting his green sword and joins the melee, cutting down the first if the stormtroopers. Alas, all too late, he notes to Chani, "The communication jamming was a fine thought, Mistress Tahn."

Zandra draws her saber, as there are storm troopers too close for comfort, and there's a request for help. She follows after Rune and Ban, her own lightsaber making short work of the other stormtrooper, hopefully before he calls out an alarm. "It seems prudent to distract as many as we can, and to stop them from whatever it is they're doing." She shrugs at this point. "I suspect it is far too late for diplomacy in this case, though we might accept surrender, should any offer it." There's a calmness to go along with that thoughtfulness from earlier.

"More coming..." Qutha points to another patrol that is moving from the opposite direction as the last. A moment spent in quick study before he lifts a finger, eyes half-lidded in concentration. "I suppose it delays the inevitable dirty business but..." the same finger flicks in quick movement.

Away, closer to that next patrol, a rattle and clatter of stone pauses those approaching and turn them off their path, muttering to one another as they proceed to check into the source. After all, without tracks, what would've cause it anyway.

There was a lot going on and being said, Yuun paid attention to all of it, trying to figure out a way to do this. He likes the stealth approach and he was going to offer that they move on the patrols first but that idea is ruined as he hears the snap-hiss of a lightsaber activating and Rune going after a patrol. Yuun looks to the others as people were preparing or moving out, "Ok..." he says as he unclips his lightsaber.

He scans the area for a moment and when he does he sees a Trooper moving from the monuments towards the pre-fab buildings. It's the same one the officer went to, using a burst of speed enhanced by the Force, Yuun closes the distance and when he was within range he leaps towards the trooper stabbing him through the chest, he only ignited his lightsaber once he was in striking range and once he killed the Trooper, he deactivate teh weapon. He would go after the Officer next. Crouching as he lands and catching the trooper as to not make any noise, he moves the trooper away and prepares.

Jax rises and takes up his saber. He watches as Yuun takes off at charge down the valley. Then takes a deep breath and takes off at a run behidn the other jedi then angles toward one of the statues the one that had been marked #5 in the intel. He lets out a bit of a Corellian style yell. As he lights his saber and goes swinging it wildly at one of the troopers missing the trooper completely. He raises his saber up, "That did not go as plan."

Kasia watches some of the others charge right into it, but she's not as quick to rush into action. She takes a moment to center herself, to try and draw the force around her for protection, because there are explosives and she doesn't want to see her pretty new robes burned. Also her pretty not as new face. With that done she exhales and starts to hurry forward, just not quite as much of a hurry as many of the others. She'll get there though, turning to start moving toward the first monument.

Rey is about to reply to the others when all the action starts. Patrols, of course there are patrols...

Her hand with the comm unit for the Falcon goes down and her other hand comes up to release the clasp on her hooded cloak. The heavy cloak falls off of her shoulders and she shakes her head out of the hood.

She starts off in a sprint run, like a bullet out of a gun.

The young woman moves at enhanced speeds, rushing around obstacles and pumping her legs with an exercised familiarity Her white clothing flows around her body as she goes, the winds rushing over her as her left hand detaches her lightsaber from her belt and her right reaches upward.

The bomb....

Rey's brown eyes focus on it, the loose strands of hair dangling from her brow tickle at the sides of her face as she focuses her attention on the power sources inside of the device, willing the Force to flow through it and move in a way that will shunt power back in to the deactivated states.

When she feels the bomb is null, she keeps running, toward the entrance to the Valley now...

Ben's face settles into a familiar, well-worn frown as the situation rapidly escalates and it becomes clear what the First Order's intentions are towards the monuments. "We can't get in the valley without them," he mutters darkly as he starts walking with purpose towards the ring of stone pillars. Eyes narrow into a squint as he focuses in on the bombs themselves, then widen as he recognizes the model. "No time."

He breaks into a dash, his jacket flapping loudly in the annoying manner of all leather garments. Heedless of the stormtroopers surrounding them and whatever defenses the camp might boast, he charges through, skidding to a stop and quickly surveying the setup of the device at the base of the pillar. A hand reaches out, eyes fall shut, and the air tightens. Not much changes visibly, but he relaxes a moment later, letting out a held breath, eyes darting towards the next.



Is the sound of the alarm going off. Intruders. There are intruders! The officer that had disappeared into the pre-fab building came busting out the doors trying to track what was going on. He saw lightsabers. LIGHTSABERS! "KILL THE JEDI! KILL ALL OF THEM! CALL IN THE DARK TROOPERS!" The officer rushes toward the comms tent to make the distress call out, running hard and fast.

Stormtroopers open fire from the monuments, aiming in the direction of the Jedi that arrive suddenly to hinder their efforts. In the chaos, orders are being issued from all over the place, but it doesn't take a genius to know what they want them to do, and that's emphasized by the Sergeants who command and point, <"BLAST EM!">

Blaster fire is going everywhere. /Literally/ every where. Dirt pocks up along the ground as they track Rey's pursuit toward the Valley, their shots at her heels but missing nonetheless. The camp went from a functional, entrenched defensive position to a stinger's nest of hate and discontent.

Rune nods to Ban and Zan for coming to his rescue, the lightsaber still seeming a bit foreign in his hands. "Thank you, that was most appreciated." It seems this time his impulsiveness didn't get him into too much trouble... yet, there's still quite a bit more action left to go. Speaking of, he turns his head to see the rest of the Jedi streaking toward the monuments below, Rey and Ben working to disable two bombs already set while Jax attempts to prevent another one from getting activated. A quick scan of the scene shows another explosive being wired to an unprotected statue. With a quick inhalation of breath, Rune charges that way.

The young Jedi leaps into the fray, the humming green column of light brought up over his head and slashed down through one of the troopers as he makes his landing. In quick succession he spins, decapitating another and turning to thrust the blade through the last one standing. Like dominoes the three Stormtroopers topple to the ground with the novice Force user standing amidst the lot.

Chani Tahn knows nothing about disabling bombs. What she does know is that Dark Troopers have great aim and that she'd rather not have to deal with them in a situation that is beginning to get out of hand. Rather than atttempt to rush to one of the monuments to mess with explosives and potentially blow herself and the monument up, Chani instead focuses her attention on the officer trying to rush to the communication tent. It's easy to spot with its numerous mini-towers, and the fact that the officer is screaming about calling the dark troopers as he runs towards it. Chani exhales slowly through her open mouth and fixates her gaze on the officer. At the same time, in her mind, she begins to imagine him flying off of his feet. Opening herself up to the binding energy surrounding them all, Chani's right hand extends to try to exert that mental imagery in a real way through manipulation of the real world. The officer goes sprawling mid run, likely tumbling over himself a few times from his own speed. Chani heads for him after, intent on doing what she can to make sure he does not complete the task of calling for these troopers.

Ban Iskender swiftly surveys the increasingly chaotic situation and draws a breath to direct one of the nearby Jedi to intercept the Order officer, but the breath is saved as Chani is already dealing with the captain. Instead, he joins Jax at the fifth monument, striking down one- but only one- of the three troopers at work in arming the last unplanted device. "Those with the arts, see to the devices- all others, attend the foemen!"

Zan hears the officer yelling and starts that way, but sees Chani heading that way. It's a mental note, truthfully, as Zan keeps watch on whoever she can. Her next thought is the monuments, and she makes sure to get there, heading for one with nobody near it. There's a bomb, and Zan mutters a gentle bother. She ignores the storm troopers, though she does have lightsaber in hand, and concentrates. She reaches for the Force, letting it guide her, as she works to ease the bomb's power, to confuse it into quiescing. Or something like that. Whether she's exactly sure how or not, she does indeed manage to disable the bomb. Which of course leaves her face to fa -erm mask with the storm troopers there.

Deep breath, head down, the only one still in cover. Everyone else is out there. Stand Qutha. Another huff as his feet turn and the Zelosian charges. Eyes wide, expression a taught grimace and his grip on the stunsaber is white knuckled when he takes off at a run at one of the monuments lacking one of their number.

If he can buy a little time, he's certain he's incapable of downing one, let alone all three, but one must do what one must do. Churning up squirts of sand and grit, cheeks flushed green, the flora man swings once at a trooper - the white armored figure dipping out of the way by narrow margin. The second swing, aiming for legs, surprises Mr. Pah quite a lot. Sparks flying from impact but with little to no scoring - just the hissing whisper of the energy blade striking with enough force to shake the man up. "OH! Please stop what you're doing! I don't want to harm anyone!"

Even if they're like to harm the seven hells of Corellia out of him. "Bother and blow."

After taking down the storm trooper, Yuun looks around taking in the scene before him. He notices that the 5th monument does have a bomb on it. He begins making his move towards it, he didn't want to take a chance for a storm trooper to set it off. Running to the monument, taking care to look out for the others, wanting to make sure he is able to assist them if they are in trouble, but from what he can see they are all handling themselves he thinks.

Upon getting to the monument, he begins to work on it, though he thought it was odd that it wasn't blinking or anything. He shrugs, just means he needs to make sure he keeps it from ..... 'click!' ... "Uh oh!" he says as he sees that the device is now armed. "Umm.....Can someone assist with this." he calls out.

Jax takes a blaster shot to chest leaving a black hole in his jedi tunic. The Knight looks at Ban as he the other jedi takes out a Storm trooper and offering a nod. Then before he can spring into action he hears Yuun's voice. Then Jax moves to help Yuun, "It's alright, I got this." Then Jax goes to adusting wires then all of a sudden, "I don't got this." The time dropping to 30 secons.

Kasia makes it to the first monument just as Ben disables it, the tall man given a momentary half smile that's cut short as troopers fire at her. She may not run fast, but she is quick to get out of the way of those shots fired at her so they miss by a wide margin. Were it not for the fact that they /need/ the monuments, she might consider a little retribution for the shots fired, but... well, revenge not being very Jedi like she opts for something less dark this time.

The sounds of distress from Yuun and then Jax draw her focus and she spins around to hurry to them, coming to a halt in front of the ticking bomb. "Oh, okay. This is okay, we can stop this." She sounds very calm, her expression is mostly calm, but her eyes might be just a little bit wider than is normal for her. A breath drawn in, and then blown out between pursed lips, then she holds out a hand to try and do a thing she's never been thaaaaat good at. Good enough, evidently, because with a handful of seconds to spare the countdown stops. "It's done. I think. I'm pretty sure it wasn't just the clock." She gives the bomb a worrying look. "Yeah, it's disabled."

Rey reaches the gateway to the Valley as she comes to a halt, her lips parted as she takes in quick breaths to recover her stamina, her eyes scanning over the door as she does this. Her booted feet shift her weight back and forth, her left hand clutching her saber hilt.

She turns around to look at the fight, surveying the situation. She can see most of her people, and can see the numbers are going well.... The Officer seems to be handled too.

'Dark Troopers'

She's never met these before, not ones that were functional anyway.

Rey spins back around then and she closes her eyes. The muscles in her face relax and her breathing evens out. She can hear Master Skywalker's voice in her mind, thinking back to his soothing voice is a good way for her to relax and focus on meditation in a pinch like this.

The gateway starts to open and Rey steps backward, her eyes on the door now as she raises her hand to help guide it through the Force. She then takes several steps forward to look in to the presented pathway that descends in to the valley...

Rey spins around, to face the fight, her saber held up and ready to turn on... The door is open, she's assuming the First Order soldiers will come to her now, as a primary target?

Maybe there's a problem at the other monuments, maybe there's not, Ben can't tell because he's being shot at by all three of the stormtroopers he just ran right up to and stood in front of. This is not surprising, all things considered, and with the bomb dealt with, his lightsaber is pulled from his belt and snaps into life, the burning blade activating as the handle clears its clip.

Dark eyes flit back and forth between the troopers as they balk at the lightsaber's appearance, the lightsaber held low at his side, but when the rifles go back up again, he lunges forward, skewering one through the rifle and chest, the blade exiting out the backplate and flickering angrily in the air as Ben heaves upward, roughly shoving the body off with his shoulder and whirling on the next with a chop that sends them stumbling away with a smoking chasm through one half of their torso. He angles around aiming for the third, but misses, whiffing into empty air.

The battle wages, and yet none of the bombs have gone off. Blaster fire erupts from every angle, hitting everything except their intended targets, (save for Qutha), but the Dark troopers weren't activated. Thanks to Chani, the officer was forced to alter their path and now try to reach the communications relay for a second time.

Meanwhile, the stormtroopers do their best to step to the Jedi, shooting and blasting, blasting and shooting.. none but two aware that Rey has left the monuments to reach their prize. She communes with the Force, activating the key that needed to be touched by the Force with all monuments in place. The way opens, a rock sliding from the ground to reveal a path into the sacred valley. All at once, the very essence of the Force could be felt by the Jedi. They were one with the current, and its presence was overwhelming.

Another presence joins the fray from below, the older one whose voice often commented about their progress as they traced his foot steps to find this place, the Valley of the Jedi. When Rey turns to safeguard the entrance, the SNAP-HISS of a blue lightsaber sounds from behind her, and a rugged man steps to her side to join her, his weapon held in front of him in seasoned mastery. Grumbling and rubbing his peppered beard, he comments to Rey.

"Took you long enough." Kyle Katarn steps forward a bit more. "They must not be allowed to leave this world..."

Unencrpted comms crackled to life as a posh Alderaanian voice announced her arrival to the fray. A corvette rises to plain view, heralded by two full squadrons of starfighters that immediately begin to engage the looming First Order Corvette high up in the clouds. <<"This is Aryn Cortess. The militia has agreed to help, though with conditions.. I am told to inform you that--ahem-- friendlies?.. are approaching the battlefield presently. Over.">>

The arrival of APC vehicles approach from the ground, turrets already engaging some of the troopers in the open. The final battle to control the Valley of the Jedi is at hand. Twelve (12) troopers remain with their officer, intent to fight to the last whilst a battle well above, in the sky takes place. Two corvettes trading heavy battery cannon fire that thunders and rattles the very ground everyone stands upon.

Kyle Katarn grins, "Now THIS.. is more like it."

Chaos everywhere, blaster fire is loosed in what seems like every direction, and in the midst of all that are his fellow Jedi, struggling to prevent the monuments from being destroyed by these no-good, not nice people. Rune is notoriously bad with technology so, lest he trigger one of the explosives to go early, he chooses instead to attempt to thin the resistance. Lightsaber held aloft, he moves in among another group of Stormtroopers, the green humming blade sliding through one before he turns to cut two more down before they have a chance to fire.

Rune backs up to look around, taking in the scene a bit more once there are less threats around. There's the arrival of vehicles carrying what he figures are friendly troops since they're not firing on the Jedi and an unfamiliar man with a blue lightsaber who was standing next to Rey. Rune's eyebrow crests on his forehead.

"Please, tell your troopers to stand down! You are surrounded. Even your ship in orbit is under attack!" Chani implores the officer rising to his feet and attempting to rush forward towards the communications tent to reconsider his position and surrender peacefully. Her hand lifts again and she once again asks for the Force's aid in manipulating the world around her. This time it's not to trip the officer, but to hold him in place so that he may not advance. All of Chani's attention is on this one thought and maintaining him from taking another step towards the communication's tent. It is not an easy task though. Already, she can feel the man's resistance working against the invisible force that seeks to keep him from moving.

"Very good, sir, once you have- why has the countdown accelerated?" Ban voices to Jax, changing tracks mid sentence. With a grimace, the soldier considers whether to attempt hot-wiring this thing, but is delivered from the dilemma by Kasia's arrival and efforts. "Well done, madame Ashkuri, that accounts for five, where is-" his green eyes scan for the last armed bomb...

The arrival of starfighter squadrons and a corvette oversee even the distant arrival of Kyle Katarn, but it is the all-consuming presence of the Force flooding his senses which causes Ban to stand mute for a moment, struggling for mastery of his senses. It is the wild fusillade of blaster fire that finally jolts the nobleman back into action, and his movements, thrusts, cuts, parries and turns are inhumanly elegant in the moment, as a trio of white armored troopers are swiftly cut down.

Zandra's attention goes from the bomb to the stormtroopers. Of course their startlement doesn't last and as they get their blasters up, her saber is brought into play. There's blaster fire going every which way, but Zan takes her opportunity to swing her saber. The fear in the troopers is strong, or at least the dodge is. She whiff air with her first swing, the sound of the lightsaber loud as it sizzles through the air. She steps back, turns half way and swings again,the saber going forward one way, coming back to hit the second trooper. Now she's left with one, and she prepares to defend. "Are there any bombs left?" she calls out, wanting to make sure they don't lose sight of those. The arrival of Aryn gets a big grin, a brief glance up and a small salute, a nod of her head.

That done, she turns to see what's still outstanding, turning to check on all the jedi. "Is everyone alright?"

The first bolt takes him in the chest, rocking Qutha backwards with teeth gritted and eyes watering. The world is twisting about then, his leg is numb from the mid-thigh down. Chlorophyll burned and stinking with his robes and the material of musculature that might appear like cotton if not damp from... well being originally inside of him. Or cooked by blaster fire.

Face contorted, a weak backhand whirl of the whispering energy blade archs towards one of his assailants. Unfortunate for the Zelosian it's too little, too late, at this moment as he pitches to one side, stumble stepping to remain standing for the moment while others hopefully come to bail him out of the trouble he's found himself in.

Looking over to Kasia and as she deactivates teh bomb he reactivated, he gives a shake of his head, "Sorry about that." he says as he looks to her. "Thank you very much." he says to Kasia. He then looks at the fighting that is going on, he could fee the Force moving through him as Rey opened what they came to do. Luckily for Yuun as his attention turns back to the fighting he is able to bring his blue blade up to deflect a laser bolt that was fired at him away from him and Kasia. "I will leave you to it, going to try to see about dealing with the remaining Storm Troopers." he calls to Kasia as he moves in on the final group of three Troopers.

Yuun dances in towards the trio of troopers, missing the first, but his blade flows with each of his movements, taking the head off one trooper followed by a stab through the chest of another. This leaves the first Trooper he missed still standing ready and Yuun moves easily into a guarded stance.

"The First Order has started using a new timer it seems. One that is counter to the workings of their previous ones. Let me see what I can d..." Then the timer goes dead, "Thanks Kasia." Then another presence announces itself through the Force. Jax lets out a whistle. "Please tell me he's on our side." Then Jax takes off running hot on Yuun's feet. His saber slashing out with a quick cross body slash ending the storm trooper before it can attack Yuun. Jax falls silent for a moment and then responds, "I am fine."

"Thank you," Kasia affords Ban a quick smile, that she angles at both Yuun and Jax next. "It's why we're all here. It works out better as a team, yeah?" The smile fades at Ban's question and she turns on her heels until she spots it, then points. "There, I think?"

It's with a swift pace that's more a speed walk than a proper jog that she crosses the distance until she's in front of the last remianing explosive. "I was blown up once. I mean, not completely, but enough that it burned off a large patch of my hair. I don't care for a repeat." Her hair is very important, you know. With that important information out of the way, she stops putting it off and holds out a hand to the bomb, repeating the process as before. Reaching out with the force to communicate with the device, deactivate the device. It goes even more easily than before, and after a handful of moments through which she held her breath, she exhales. "Okay, I'm pretty sure I took care of this one. Is that all of them? That's all of them, right?"

Oh, there's a new person, and Kyle is given a few moments of study before she turns to start walking over to Rey.

The first blaster bolt zips past Rey's shoulder, causing her to turn to look at the direction that it came from. The second shot she leans out of the way, removing her shoulder from wher eit would've hit her!

When she rights herself she's about to take a stpe forward when she hears the voice beside her and the presence of the older man move in to stand next to her. Rey looks over to him then, his blue saber glanced at for a second before her eyes dart over to the aging man's own.

"We've been pretty busy." Rey says back to hima second later in her own calm voice. The ring of her saber is flicked and the golden beam of her own blade comes on with a ghostly growl of energy. She raises it up and prepares to use it defensively. Her eyes sweep over the fight on the ground as she watches the other sof the new Jedi Order take care of the Stormtroopers that they were plagued with. She notes Chani holding the officer via the Force and she nods toward him as the battle in the air unfolds loudly above, the voice of Aryn providing some reassurance that the fight will be a victory up there too.

"I'm not comfortable killing if we don't have to." She tells Kyle then, looking over to him again. "There has to be another way. There's always another way. She pauses then and looks him over for a second before she looks away again.

"On behalf of the Jedi Order, we're happy to find you, Mister Katarn." " Rey spins her lightsaber around once beside her causing the gold blade to growl in the winds, and walks in the direction of Chani and the First Order Officer.

"We won't find it by just talking about it," Kyle grumbles in response to Rey's pursuit of a better way. Kyle's old enough to have lost that idealistic response. A man who has traveled the galaxy and seen some of the worst it's had to offer has forged an expression that is both unreadable and neutral. "I am happy to have been found. Thanks. And my father is Mr. Katarn; call me Kyle."

Deactivating his weapon as the last of the battle draws to its conclusion, his gaze takes in the burning frame of the First Order corvette as it plummets to the surface of Russan, splashing against the empty land with a thunderous BOOM. An approving nod follows, adjusting only when Ben Solo addresses him with a measure of suspicion in his tone. Kyle responded with a crooked grin, nodding his head to confirm the answer. He coupled the gesture with a deep observation, "And Luke knew me."

Glancing around, Kyle's hands go to his hip and he sighs. "Where the hell is my ship?!"