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Mandalore: Refugee Rescue

OOC Date: March 1, 2019 (Optional)
Location: Mandalore
Participants: Narsai Ordo, Jarret Sur, Jaim Skirata, Kaeyln, Riduawa, Caim, Merek

Peace and safety, that was the dream to be brought to Mandalore by the Revivers. It'd be easy to try and dominate the planet, or certainly simpler, bringing firepower to bare against the warlords and tribal chieftains who cared more about ruling over their little slice of wasteland chaos than trying to rebuild the people and culture of the Mandalorians, but that wasn't the way of the Mandalorian Revivers first Mandalore, nor his sister who now bore the title. Instead? They'd taken in refugees, evacuated non-combatants and worked tirelessly to bring aid to the local population. Somewhere between peacekeeping and restoration, the efforts were likely going to take a long time before the planet is more than lawlessness.

Today was meant to be another trip, security and delivery of medical supplies to the camp established outside the ruins of Keldabe. 40 minutes ago, the holocom conversations had reported that things were going well and the Malachor along with the hired hands for security and aid had entered hyperspace to begin the trip to the Mandalorian home world.

30 minutes ago all hell had broken loose.

There had been no way to get the call out, this far to the outer rim. The sudden attack had been just that, too sudden. Raiders, warlords, bandits. They'd banded together to make a statement to those that would change things that had been. Men armored in rags, durasteel, leather and even old Mandalorian armors had begun their assault. Someone within the camp had let them in...

His blaster packs had run dry long ago, those trusty pistols that had served him so long now lay in the blood-soaked dirt among the fallen raiders and he couldn't even remember where he'd snatched the pistol he was wielding from. The weapon was overheating to the point the surface of his gloves were melting, but the former Mandalore kept firing. Another impact from a heavy weapon, even the Beskar'gem couldn't hold up to this much sustained blaster fire while the warrior continued his stand at the gate. Pain, but also cold was beginning to seep into his tired body, yet still he lifted his arm to keep fighting. He had to hold the line and buy time for rescue to come. For the women, children and other non-combatants to get just that little bit further away from those that wanted to slaughter them.

The blaster had stopped firing now, but another lay close enough for him to snatch for it as more raiders poured into the camp...then he heard it. The roar of ships breaking atmosphere; the Revivers and their mercs were here, they were landing. It was one of the sweetest noises he'd heard in his life. The Mandalorian had once figured he'd die another way, challenged by a warrior or maybe simply shot in the back at a bar. He'd survived tanks, vibro weapons and even impalement in the past...yet this? This seemed like a good way to die. The new blaster was empty and the raiders reached him, brandishing their weapons to cut him down, yet the man just laughs as his thumb flicks the switch on the metal orb in his burned hand. A high-pitch squeal fills the air even as the Revivers begin to descend from the ramps of their ships to begin their rescue and the fallen warrior looks to his foes and the many lying dead around him. "FOR MANDALORE!" he gives a mighty roar, then the thermal detonators erupt and the man, the raiders are consumed by the blast.

Russ Ordo was dead. 

As she descended the ramp, blaster in hand and armored, a cry of horror escapes the younger Ordo sibling and she tightens her grip on the weapon in her hand before she begins to charge forward. "Take them all down!" They were here to save the refugees and get them to the ships, but right now the woman wanted blood.

Russ is not the only one amongst the inhabitants of the camp to be fighting back, he alongside the other Mandalorian Revivers had done everything they could to unite the clans once again. And many of their warriors stood to hold the camp until the Reviver reinforcements could arrive, even if many of them had fallen while they held. Well that was why they were Mandalorians, warriors born and made.

Jaim is one such warrior, having joined the Mandalorian Revivers on the surface on Mandalore. He falls back as an explosion engulfs Russ and the next wave of raiders, roaring in rage as the man he has been following for the last few months takes as many of the bastards with him as he could. His Rotary cannon roars alongside him, the barrels glowing a bright red before white the barrels warping and twisting before they sheer off from the frame in a shower of shrapnel and hellish noise. He throws the now useless weapon to the side, ripping his vibro-ax from his hip and charging forward. His armor carbon scored and blown open, hanging from his massive frame fur covered muscle rippling as he charges forward bellowing his challenge to the raiders consumed by his primal rage.

Merek had put on his black armor, which is decorated with some patterns upon it, towards the helmet which is placed upon him. He has come to provide assistance to the refugees with the Mandalorian Revivers, though when it looks like there is a full war happening, he comes from the ship with the others, then he looks to those that are charging the camp, and he lifts up his pistol so that he can take position with cover to fire at the foes also.

Jarret woke this morning thinking that he might make a little money running cargo, strategize purchases of starfighters. Perhaps reach out to the young warriors interested in joining this budding clan of misfits. Now he was charging into battle alongside the Mandalore. Jarret Sur, clad in white beskar'gam of the Reviver design, charges down the ramp at the shoulder of Mand'alor like some strange ghost in the battlfield, the wedge of a Jai'galaar blaster in one hand and the elongated hexagonal blade - though made of white ceramic - in the other. With the blaster at his hand spitting fire like a durasteel wyrm, he does not wait to reach the bottom of the ramp before he opens fire, though the sudden shock of the thermal detonation that grants Russ of Clan Ordo an instant cremation throws off his accuracy, sending its bright bolts spinning off into the earth. << Kill them all, >> he roars through the speakers of his helm, and suddenly the calm, distant man is filled with black fire as he bellows over the field. << Aliit for aliit, vod for vod! Oya Manda! Oya Manda! >>

She'd earned it, dubiously, because Kae had been rather creative when being forced to fight in an arena fight one time she came to Mandalore... The ship engineer, now turned full on soldier waits her turn for now, really at the back. She's hopping lightly from foot to foot as she checks her gear over... Dl-44, check. She pats the heavy rifle, then checks her tracker carbine. This being hung horizontally at her belt line along her back. That's there too. Lastly, well she's unslung a massive rifle, this being a t-21 light repeater. A weapon that got a bit of fame and notoriety during the Rebellion, and well in the hands of Storm Troopers mostly. Now the oft silly Sephi has said weapon. She gives a slight smirk, inside that h-visored helmet of hers before taking a deep breath. Then the order is given to attack? Kae quickly exits the ramp, taking up a slightly covered position and flicks the safety up on her blaster rifle, the woman then squeezing the trigger. That rifle of her now barks, jumping only a little as she starts laying down a withering volley of suppressive fire. Seems the Sephi has been training in modern ground-based combat since she last went out and helped the Revivers... "Kae here, laying down suppressing fire."

This is not what she thought they day held...however when her buir and Jarret told her...she was ready. Armor load....ax sharpened. Taking a deep breath she sat in her meditating in her room for this battle. Scared? Maybe. Ready? Yes. It was the first battle in a long time and the first as a new adoptee. Riduawa is normally quiet but this was different. Needles to say she's diving head first into the fray with her vibro-ax right behind Jarret. Screaming out she lets out a roar in her native tongue as she bring that ax up and swings.

Caim had been ready to return to Mandalore for a while now, to restock some of the food he been eating off-world. He also came with the Revivers to help out the refugees. Coming into an open battle, he begins to duck down and take cover before raising his head and firing his pistol. Missing the shot he ducks back down to avoid being shot by the enemy. "We need to get the wounded off the battlefield." He yells to anyone nearby.

The sacrifice had bought some time, pushing the bandits and raiders back, but they were still coming. Panicked refugees try and scramble for cover behind the portable housing or towards the ships of their rescuers. Narsai herself wasn't taking cover, but the wave of suppressing fire from Kaelyn was certainly helping her a little from being hit. Her own blaster levels at some of the melee-rushing Raiders, trying to carve her way through the battle forwards. Was it a desire to put their forces between the gunfire and the innocents, or just a desire for revenge?

Jaim scowls as his first massive charging overhead attack whistles past the 'lieutenant' he has aimed for. But he wields that ax like it weighs as much a childrens toy, his massive muscles hardening to steel as he forces the blade to stop before he sweeps it back the other way and scores a massive cut across his enemies armored torso rending the armor in two with a spray of blood splattering against his fur. He raises his blood matted, rage filled furred face to look directly into the T-visor of the man he is facing and roars again his axe already raising again. This time he will kill him, and he will show all of these cowards what a real Mandalorian is made of. Maybe his comms are damaged, maybe he is too lost in the battle and rage. But he does not react to the reinforcements or their calls over the radio. But he can be seen easily towering over the other combatants tearing into them in his ruptured armour and wielding his massive blood drenched ax.

He's been practicing, and the press of the raiders demonstrate to Jarret a perfect opportunity to exploit an undefended flank of the screaming mob; and so he jumps off at the end of the ramp, does Jarret, spewing flames from the sleek, twin-engine rocket rig on his back. Over the mob he goes, for a moment like an avenging wraith...until he tries to stick the landing. Down he goes, and into the mass instead of the edge of it, tackled the moment he crashes in. So there's that.

Merek lifts up his pistol and takes two shots, one hitting while he leans back into cover, the one that he hit hurt enough to not be as useful in combat any. He then takes a moment to check the weapon, then he leans from cover after every one else has fired, and takes two more shots. The first goes to the distance above the foe like the shot before it, then he takes another shot with the crimson energy bolt. "Is this one of those, if you take the Warlord down and we win, as that is a lot of warriors," he comms also.

Kae sees the person take off on rockets, a backpack with rockets. Her eyes swivel up? then dooooooown... "Ooooh rocketmaaaaan." She says in a sing songy voice. She swivels her gun to help em "Ooh he's landing bad!" Kae then flails briefly and siiighs "Silly Full auto..." She mutters after she tugs on a trigger, then she slams a new power pack home, when she hears the blaster rifle humm as it charges up. She shoulders the massive fire arm again, and over the coms.... "Hey Rocket person! Yer gonna wanna duck!" She calls out, then cuts loose, sending burst after well aimed burst into the troops surrounding the rocket trooper... "III got ya here!" She says, and begins now humming to her self, some of the humming you can be heard briefly over the coms before Kae remembers to cut off the coms while she's trying to well help out. Yup, still the same Kae... Still, the goofy does nothing to rid her of what she's doing.

Riduawa gasps as a hit but gasps as she just keeps going. Good thing for her helmet too or else her hair would be everywhere. She keeps running as she swings against with that ax. Both hands on that ask as she roars out again. That rage of her missing the first time made her even more furious. She just keeps going....not dodging but going to at least cause a distraction.

Caim peeks around cover and begins to run out to Jarret, grabbing at a raider who was about to attack the man and shootsing the raider in the head at point blank range. He then fires a second shot towards another one and misses as he tries to cover Jarret and get him and jarret behind cover. "You alright?" He asks as he tries to keep the

Well, Jarret was in some trouble, but at least Kaelyn was trying to cover him. As the lighter-armored raiders begin to fall under the rescuer's fire and those few brave enough to pick up weapons, only the heavier armored men remain. They're smarter, heavier armored and now the 'pawns' have drawn enough fire for them to mount an attack. With Jarret still down on his back, several of them turn their weapons on him.

Jaim is a monster on the battlefield, half the size of a basilisk and just as angry. He's more than enough of a target to be aimed at. Kaelyn's narrowing of focus means the suppression is coming to an end and the return fire begins in ernest. Caim? He's able to down one of the wounded raiders, but to push forwards is going to put him in the line of fire. Merek and Riduawa? Their own blaster fire might be keeping heads down and even dropping one or two, but more fill the ranks.

Narsai? She seems lost to herself for the moment, every step taken moving her forwards until finally it becomes clear where she's trying to get to: A warrior in armor, full Beskar'gem no less, standing at the rear of the raiders and shouting orders. Jaim slips back as attacks slam down around him, it looks damn near unnatural for a beast of his size to move like that. But he is fluid like water, before he presses back on to the attack his muscles cording as he brings the ax back around again. But dodging the return attacks and blaster fire has clearly pressed him on to the back foot as his swing is shallow doing little more than scratching the paint on his foes armour. The bastard is good, better than he has any roght to be. Or maybe he has every right to be this way, this is Mandalore afterall. "fadewaetoo lae ewykaze! naeth neawa eavi fadewaetoo oomapijyf tearh ovi ghevaethie rephiku!"

And suddenly people are going down left and right, and not the right ones, either. Jarret, having taken a glancing hit to the thigh, executes a kippup with his jetpack that has him standing upright in a moment - enough to fire his blaster at point blank into the helmets of two of the armored raiders. Whining brightly, bolts of energy flash into their skulls, dropping both men; if they aren't dead, the combination of thermal trauma and impact is enough to drop them out of the fight. << Come on, you cowards, >> the ghost roars, and somehow his helmet now pitches his voice horribly, causing it to sound almost as though a beast were wailing through the speakers, not a living man. << Come to me, come to me and die! >> If ever you needed a signal to withdraw if you needed to, Jarret is providing the signal.

Merek lifts up his pistol but as he does so from the cover, raiders that come from the sides take shots at him. He is shot on the side of his torso and a hip, which drives him back as he takes two shots at the foe. All that does is distract them, but doesn't hit, being hurt in combat making it a bit more difficult. While he shoots he backs up, withdrawing hopefully to another point when it looks like some kind of signal is offered to them for it also. The crimson covers his armor a bit where the blaster bolts have went through it, and he calls to Narsai, "I don't have much fight in me after that!"

Kae is hit! She is litterally knocked off her heavy rifle, where she sucks air for a moment... She frowns and takes another deep breath, then another, and quenches her teeth, before unhooking the carbine from the small of her back, sitting up and cutting loose as she tries to find a better mode of cover! "Gettting overwhelmed girl." She mutters, and well now's time to focus.

Through sucking breaths she cuts takes aim first at one attacking raider, squeezing off a round, then takes aim at a second, this bolt striking, but Kae's not still, she's now cutting loose at another target, missing baddly on the last one as suddenly that new wound of hers bites a bit and makes the girl flinch. Those two hits cause her to fall to her knees but she's going jam that axe into the ground. Panting heavily she looks up and just tries to gather herself. These hits got her hard but she's going to try and keep going. Pushing herself up, she quickly raises her ax and quickly swings. However her swing misses as she spins around. She lets out a yell as she just tries to keep her footing in this fight.

The violence gets a lot bloodier on both sides, people being hit hard and raiders dying bloody. The refugees are mostly aboard the ship, loading up onto the Malachor where the engines are already spooling up. All the non-combatants are basically clear. Now they just had to get their people free...

It was like coming up for air for Narsai. Clarity beneath the rage and she lowers her blaster pistol for a moment. To push too much further forward would be to put herself at risk, more of her people at risk. Russ' death would be for nothing if they all died here and the dream with it. Eyes fall on the axe-swinging Jaim, the struggling Jaim and their injured before she raises her voice and reaches to her belt. "Covering fire!" she calls, "Get the wounded clear of the camp and on the ships!" Her hand reaches down now, withdrawing the hilt from its hidden compartment and thumbing the igniter to bring the humming narrow blade of the reforged Darksaber to life. But it's not forwards she'd moving towards, but backwards now. A retreat? "Malachor. Civillians are clear and the supplies are still aboard. Prepare to fire on the camp."

Jaim howls as finally a blade passes through his ruined armour and digs deep into the flesh behind his blood matted fur. It digs deep, blood coursing over the blade, but Jaim is built big and though and damn is he angry. He draws the man in closer to himself, causing the blade to cut in just a little more before he hefts the man up with his free arm, bringing him up and over his almost three meter frame before he slams him to the rubble covered ground. His armoured boot comes down with a sound like a ringing bell caving in the front of the man’s T-visored helmet before finally his ax crashes down and severs the head in a gory spray of arterial blood turning the sand surrounding him to sludge. It isn't enough, not after all this and he sets his sights on the warlord, either not hearing or not acknowledging the order to retreat. "ivu yvyka seaparh! oomapijyf neawa aedi. oomapijyf fethijad de uhefevus atyfoo oomapijyf ytugaghugh lej. oomapijyf fethijad lae uhefevus ghiethivoow uhefevus if jeathigu al!"

His white armor splashed with blood and his snarling pushing back the armored troops around him, Jarret stoops to snag the fallen Caim by the breasplate; dual plumes of alcohol-blue flame burst from his pack as he alights from the mob, arching toward the crowd. But as he launches, he sees Jaim charging the leader - and though he does not stop the Togorian, he looses from his vambrace's thrower a tongue of dragon's breath that engulfs a line of raiders, causing them to stumbled away wreathed in terrible flame. << Kaysh shu'shuk, >> Jarret mutters to himself, before loosing another horrible screech from his helmet as he arcs over the assembled crowd...

"Doc!" Merek exclaims when he sees that Caim has fallen in the fight, then he watches as Riduawa is shot also. He holsters up his weapon upon his belt and makes for the woman, managing to dodge a bolt that comes his way. He then shifts his arm about her to pull her into a safe hold which won't hurt her, "Figures the doctor would be shot up," he muses. The man is a friend to a few of the Mandalorians, doing his best for all of their culture, and as such he will do all he can to protect them. "We will get ya to safety," he says with that husky drawl of his while he comms to Narsai, "Retreating with wounded," he tells them. Kae frowns.. "Laying down cover fire!" She calls out, now kind of in that whole groucho stance after slinging her t-21 over a shoulder. Up comes the carbine, and she begins rapidly firing off double taps, placing them where they'll either make an incoming attacker duck, or that attacker will literally lose their head, as the blaster carbine actually packs quite the punch. Kae also begins backing toward the evac ship, still cranking out as many rounds as fast as she possibly can.

Turn, two bolts out, turn two or three bolts out. As soon as she's out, her power pack is ejected and just as smoothly, another put in. Yup, the hyper Sephi has probably undergone a -lot- of tactical training since the last time she's been out with Narsai, in fact one might say she's quite efficient with the use of her weapon... Still she continues to put down as much directed firepower as she possibly can while trying to keep the merc's backs covered while they grab wounded and retreat.

Needless to say Riduawa was trying to stay on her feet but to no avail. That last hit her as she falls to the ground like a ton of bricks. Her hand stays tight on her axe....which is where the last of her energy is left. Laying there with labored breathing she stares up before she feels someone picking her up. Gripping that axe, she peers up through her helmet to see some man picking her up but pauses as she hears his word. Breathing heavily she just keeps her grip on her axe as Merek carries her off.

Narsai had given the order to retreat, most were following and the cover fire was raining hell...but one of them weren't. Jaim either hadn't heard her, or he was too lost in his blood-rage to care. Either way, there were only minutes until the camp was going to come under orbital fire. A breath, the woman rushes forwards with her plasma-sword raised and moves to try and cut her way through the remaining raiders. She wasn't rushing the Warlord for revenge now, just to save one more Warrior whose name she didn't even know yet. The raiders were getting cut down, but enough remained that the wounded Revivers and mercs were still being pushed to withdraw.

Jaim charges towards the Warlord, eyes fixed the entire time. Those who stand in his way don't stand there for long, his massive limbs picking up the armoured warriors around him and throwing them into their compatriots. Or his armoured form simply bowling them out of the way with his rage and the weight of his shredded durasteel. Finally he makes it before the warlord a trail of destruction left behind him, only to wear a thick green blaster bolt to the chest searing the already torn flesh and filling the air with the scent of burnt hair. Well that hurt. But he has come to far to die now. He roars in defiance and props himself up with his ax, throwing himself back into combat with reckless abandon.

Merek lifts up his pistol with the hand from the holster to take one shot, he knows that it won't likely hit anything, but it might do a distraction. Whether or not it's useful, he then continues to carry Riduawa in retreat! Though the raiders are scattering, Jarret is still on his feet - and in the air - so gives the enemy no quarter. While Jaim clashes with the warlord and Narsai cuts a buzzing, bloody swath to assist, Jarret plays the part of monstrous harrier. Borne aloft by his jetpack, the newly-minted alor swoops down upon the hapless raiders, emitting horrific animal sounds and bellowing curses in Mandalorian through a bestial filter. It is terrifying psychological warfare that is visited upon the survivors as Jarret chooses targets to kill now with clinical accuracy, working to instill roiling fear in those who flee, each one brought down a gory example to others. Burned alive, shot through the legs and made to crawl in screaming agony, Jarret seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself as he works not just to defeat the warlord's men, but /break them all/.

Kae backtracks further, now grabbing a slightly elevated position near the boarding ramp to the evac ship. "C'mon guys disingage, I can cover at range..." She calls out, yup Kae's being serious! Time for silly shenannigans later. She calls again "Heeey get back here so we can fly off and like you know bombard this place at a safer distance." nope Kae's all about efficiency in combat. Least in her tactics, her aiming? not so good. Her first shot misses wide, this of course gets the warlord's attention, her next? Well the warlord dodges... Yes, Kae flails at this point and her tongue sticks out the corner of her mouth... Okie lets try....."And at that point sweat, or maybe blood? who knows, something gets in her eye, and she flinches... She then calls out "Duck!!" As she discharges the blaster by accident and not quite aimed properly!

Jaim uses the leverage afforded to him by his axe to hurl himself forward all five hundred and thirty pounds plus armour slamming into the warlord bearing him the ground. The massive Togorian roars into the mans face, blood flecked spittle spraying across the mans T-visor before a massive hand obscures it. He lifts the mans head from the rocky ground before slamming it back with all of his weight and strength, again and again. "lae, lae, lae." The cry is loud and deep, incomprehensible to most but it is not for others to hear anyway. Finally he raises up throwing the warlord away from himself before he brings the massive ax down on the thick armour covering the warlords torso. He may not be dead but he is definitely feeling like he got tackled by a three meter tall bear/lion in armour wielding an axe.

Among the ringing steel and Togorian screaming, Jarret remains airborne, committing souls to /haran/ awash in pain and terror. Seems to be enjoying himself immensely, even if one cannot see his face.

Perhaps the camp might be saved, certainly the non-combatants were covered and extracted, the forces and their leader was now walking wounded. The safety of the rear of his forces was now non-existant and the camp full of helpless victims was a little more difficult than he'd expected. Recoiling back from the axe hit, the man in cracked armor raises his weapon, but the shot goes wild from his injury and he makes to adjust his weapon. Then a flash of red and black armor rushes forward, a flicker of violet light crossing the space before it plunges into the cracked plating an erupts through the man's chest. Narsai, crazy enough to get in front of the raging beast that is Jaim. But...she needed this little piece of vengance. "You're not even worthy of this death..." she breathes, her own armored form reflected in the T-visor of the warlord before she yanks the weapon upwards and turns to face Jaim himself. "They are beaten...thank you..."

Jaim is breathing heavily as he stares at the corpse of the warlord before him, his armour smoking, the smell of flash cooked flesh sitting heavy on the air. Eventually he manages to tear his eyes away from the prey he had focused his attention on. Blood is pouring through the large tears in his armour, his fur is matted with blood and charred down to the flesh in places. It is an alarming amount of blood, but then he has more than most to lose.

He straightens slowly and comes to his full height, towering over the lightsaber wielding Mandalorian that finished off the warlord. Before he turns slightly bringing his golden gaze over the retreating raiders. "You should order your ship to walk fire out along their line of retreat. If you don't break them completely they will fight it out until a new warlord rises. A warlord that will have to prove himself somehow to keep command. And like it or not, the Revivers are that big beast at the moment."

Having helped drive off the last of the screaming raiders, Jarret touches down once more - his white armor is stained gray with ash and stained with black blood and worse. He pulls off his helmet as he crosses the field of dead, walking straight to Narsai, and tucking the fearsome bucket under his arm he clasps his still-smoulderig fist to his breast.

"Mask-Bearer," he reports. "The enemy is well and truly routed." He does not ask her if she is all right, the savage, painted warrior, becuse he knows the answer already. "What is your command?" He doesn not even look at Jaim.

Merek makes sure that Riduawa makes the place where the others are being treated. He assists a bit, then he walks back through the fields to find where Narsai and all of the others are, "Any other way that I can assist?" he asks, wincing a bit as the crimson on his attire is quite apparent. He sighs, "I apologize, I was not more assistance than I hoped to be."

Kae sits up some, and stares ahead, she tilts her head to the left and gets on the coms "Sooo can we go now? I probably have gotta get a hole in me patched up aaaand well, I don't like the idea of standing around with a possible orbital bombardment coming in??" She then glances at her carbine and squints... "I really likes this..." She mutters....

"Tend the wounded," Narsai speaks, looking up towards Jaim slowly but clearly addressing the others. She was unharmed, but there were plenty who weren't among soldiers and non-combatants. "Help them. I need to find R-..." she trails off, exhaling a breath before she moves towards the battlefield. "I need a moment."

Turning away, she begins to walk. "Malachor, target the enemy forces before they can regroup. Tend to the wounded and then deploy to re-secure..."