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Heart of Beskar

OOC Date: August 16 2020
Location: Ordo, Mandalore Sector
Participants: Narsai Ordo and Hadrix Kora

Ordo, a barren and harsh world marked by glimpse of wild beauty and no less savagery in the form of its equator. Here was the homeworld of Narsai's clan, the namesake and home of her family. She'd left the world a teenager in the shadow of her brother and now? She'd taken his place as Clan leader and the head of the Revivers. She'd celebrated the death of the Emperor, morned the death of her brother and even celebrated a birthday on its surface since...but today? The redhead girl had brought Hadrix down to the abode that rested on the edge between the wild and the desolate. A settlement, bristling with the defences of clan Ordo and the men and women of the Revivers alike...but it wasn't the home of her parents she'd lead him to. Instead as they walked from the Thunderheart, the giant would find himself being lead across a landing pad set into the overlooking jagged cliffs and concealed from the casual fly-over.

<<"Stay close,">> she instructs, a glance over her shoulder. <<"This is...a special place, and it has security to match.">>

Helmet bobbing with his nod, keeping to the side and behind the smaller warrior - listening respectfully to her instructions, <<"Understood... I suddenly feel like I'm going to meet Ren for the first time again.">> a touch of humor? Perhaps to breaks the tension some for him as he keeps in her wake. Eyes flicking from point to point behind the cover of his visor.

<<"I'll follow your lead.">> More serious to make sure she understands he is listening as well. The banter falling away to something more focused, serious. Lips moving silently inside his helm as mantras are spoken, mnemonics to focus him and keep his attention in the present.

A laugh is audible, soft as it might be, from the Ordo Alor as she leads him onwards. Darkened tunnels wind, their walls decorated with immaculate and intricate carvings and paintings. History, recent and not...some dating back thousands of years to the time of Revan and Narsai's kin who had reunited the Mandalorian people so long ago. Hadrix might not be a Jedi, but even he would notice that slight hesitation as she walked past one particular carving. The siege of Mandalore, even on this world its scars had been felt.

Finally they moved through, exiting to a great open space of stone and steel. Circular, the room ringed a large 'basin' of white flame, a sight the man himself may not have seen before: A Mandalorian armor forge.

The space however, was not entirely private. As the man enters behind Narsai there was no missing the sound of moving metal, the hulks of Iron and anger that bristle and turn from their vigil over this sacred space. Long rumored to have been recovered by the Revivers and restored by Narsai: no less than five fully armed Bes'uliik war droids.

If anything, when he dedicated to something he dove in headfirst. The carvings were new to him, but the stories were not. Long histories found while digging and studying. Learning to be part of these people who took him in, gave him a home, purpose and family. People who didn't look twice at the marauder given purpose.

His steps actually falter at the sight of the forge and within his helmet his jaw falls open and awe sweeps over his form, tangible for the Ordo Alor's particular sense. But it's nothing compared to the size. He can't help but speak when he sees the droids.

<"Ka...'ra... Chakur'kar'am..."> floored, looking up at the Bes'uliik, unable to do much else now.

<<"Udesiir verd'ika,">> Narsai's voice speaks out, a noise echoed across the space before she strides forwards. The titans of war shift, but their weapons power down once more, the order from the Ordo enough to mark Hadrix as a welcome ally rather than an intruder about to be atomized by ludicrous amounts of firepower.

She moves, her path taking her towards the forge as she switches back to basic, a swell of pride and smile in her voice plain even without being able to see her features. <<"Every suit of Reviver pattern armor began in this room. This is where the Beskar of Clan Ordo is shaped and awarded to the warriors who earn it. This is where some of our most important treasures are kept safe...">> she trails off, gesturing for Hadrix to join her beside the flames.

<<"My mother taught me how to shape the metal and the importance of our armor right in this very spot...">>

Stepping to her side, Hadrix takes time to keep his thoughts to the here and now. The droids. Stars. How long he's wanted to even look at one of these - and now... He could touch one and be atomized by it happily for the opportunity.

<"I'm..."> at a lost for words but not because of the droids or the awe of the forge. There is something else there that rips through him like lightening before he buries it down deep. A memory of a shocked face through thick transparisteel.

<"I'm jealous you had that opportunity, Cyar'ika..."> resting a hand on her shoulder, staring into the flames through blackened visor.

That flash was too quick, too much for Narsai to really pick up on. She didn't spend her time delving through the man's thoughts uninvited after all, such things unnerved her and only the stronger emotions that were impossible to ignore tended to catch her reserved reach. For now it seems she were too distracted by this monument to her clan's culture and history to see it.

<<"Sit,">> she instructs, gesturing to the space by the forge before she steps around further, a large locker of dark metal resting beside the forge drawn on repulsors to rest between the pair of them. <<"I have...a gift for you Cyare Verd, if you'll accept it from me.">>

Taking the seat as told, watching her, head canting to the side. Calm returning after that brief flash, focused on the here and now and her words. The term for him setting him even calmer and warmth runs through him as intense as whatever brief nightmare replayed itself in him moments ago.

<"Of course, Cyare..."> looking to the locker and then back to her but remaining seated curious and patient in the same moment while his gaze flicks imperceptibly between the woman and the parcel - Hadrix's eyes blocked from view by the visor.

The locker is opened, not by electronics or mystics, but by Narsai's armored hand as she draws the lid back. The box was inset with rather simple packing, no silk or finery, merely heavy plating laid out and secured in easily reshaped foam. The plating, gauntlets, helmet...it was clearly the armor of a Mandalorian, but crafted closer to the patterns of the Journeymen Protectors than the Reviver armor Narsai and her closest warriors wore. Unpainted, the metal shined with promise, unblemished by battle and newly shaped by the forge.

Durasteel, not Beskar...save for the trace of Narsai's finger as she reaches down to it, the very center of the plate carrying a darker and heavier shine.

<<"A little piece of Clan Ordo...of me. Close to your heart and there to help protect you, but never replace all you've made for yourself.">>

Her hand withdraws, a gesture to the man himself given as she offers a little laugh. <<"I thought perhaps you could use some more...comfortable formal wear.">>

Leaning to look into the locker one could almost hear his brows shooting up. The details of the suit presented him. Speechless, for a long moment, gauntleted hands running over the metal, stopping on the darker part and his head lifts to look to her.

<"Nar'ika... I..."> gaze to the armor and then back to her, <"I'm..."> he reaches for her hand though, withdrawn or no, Hadrix's being framed in a sort of warmth that surprised him. <"By your hand?"> a foolish question maybe, but perhaps there was a simple need to confirm what he already assumed true.

<"Thank you... cyare. I'll..."> treasure it. Honor it. The words refuse to form on his lips.

A smile, Narsai bows her head and then steps back, sweeping an arm down to the armor and then across the room before she folds both under her armored chest. <<"Well then Hadrix Kora, you better get changed sooner rather than later, because I have no doubt someone told them the Thunderheart had landed here.">> She shifts, turning her gaze over the forge, the droids and the history of the hidden space before she offers a bow of her head.

<<"Welcome to Ordo Hadrix...">>

<<"This need not replace the armor you wear now,">> she explains, a smile offered behind the T-visor as she simply nods her head to his thanks. Her hand is claimed, not drawn away from his reaching attempt while she speaks. <<"Merely another option, a sign of....well...>>

Now it was her turn to trail off, but one could only hope he understood as much as she did, unspoken words that one didn't have to be Jetii to understand or 'feel'. Mandalorians were fans of actions over prose and speech anyway.

Action indeed, and in such a place steeped in tradition, there is a hesitation - to leave the helmet on perhaps. But Hadrix stands and leans towards her, to rest a hand on her shoulder and lightly bump the crown of his helmet against hers.

<"Cyare..."> leaving his helm resting against hers, <"It's a treasure and this means much more than I think you realize." another small bump before he draws away again, to look to her, visor to visor as it were.

The light impact of metal to metal, Beskar to Beskar was a sound lost next to the flames of the forge, the light reflecting eeriely off the surface of the armor around them. Her hand comes up, fingers touching the rim of his helmet before the moment is met with a little splice of humor crossing her features. Likely he knew that note, the subtle sign of mischief from the young woman as she tilted her head. <<"Good...because you may wish to wear it later. My family would be rather upset if I visit Ordo without joining them for a meal...and I did tell you to make sure you were suitably dressed.">>

<"Well, I'll get changed before any sort of visit with your parents, I'd hate to have this visit conclude with me being tossed out on my face by your family."> Hadrix chuckles and sits back long enough to look over the armor again. The cuirass lifted out. The darker metal of the piece looked over, touched again with finger tips once more.

<"And I would prefer to meet them in something crafted by your hand, now that I can..."> the awe back in Hadrix's voice while he looks to the armor piece.

A smile, Narsai bows her head and then steps back, sweeping an arm down to the armor and then across the room before she folds both under her armored chest. <<"Well then Hadrix Kora, you better get changed sooner rather than later, because I have no doubt someone told them the Thunderheart had landed here.">> She shifts, turning her gaze over the forge, the droids and the history of the hidden space before she offers a bow of her head.

<<"Welcome to Ordo Hadrix...">>