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Like the Shadow of Death

OOC Date: September 6 2020
Location: Dxun - Japrael System
Participants: Tara Sur, Avery, Narsai Ordo, Karys, Rathe Versiano, Aja and Hadrix Kora as gm Clan Kora

Dxun - Demon Moon of Onderon - Japrael System - Lesser Lantillian Route

Lances of plasma cross a no-sentients land. Originally a natural pass of flat ground between a snaking bend of wide river and a steep brow of stone thrust from the ground - a lowland bereft of the normal choking vines and heavy foliage common in the jungles of Dxun.

Now it's contested land. On the other side of the thirty meters of river, thick jungle trees and nightmare thick growth. Atop the stony ridge, thick growth, ferns and soon more wide trunked trees.

Slit trenches with stretch from stone to the shore of the river, earthwork and sandbag bunkers on either end of the Onderonian lines have been set up to cover flanks while a quartet of sandbag heavy weapon nests dot the Sanyassan side. Whoever controls the pass can take control of a number of jungle paths, create new logistical paths, and even secure a point where a bridge can be built or even fixed emplacements can be set down to control land and air in proximity.

The Children of Mandalore have their clearest avenues of approach by the jungle and across the river, or trying to come from above via the rocky ridges. Either way, things feel like the dam is about to burst and the sporadic fire is going to turn into something more.

Having given herself a good vantage point from the ridgeline, Karys lowers to a knee and braces near cover so she can duck in and out if need be. She checks her comms. <"Karys in position on the ridgeline, waiting to engage when others are ready.">

The comm on her end goes silent and the gunslinger adjusts how she rests against the rock, lifting her S-5 up to begin tracking her targets and giving herself a number - which she quickly loses when they move about. She starts again and finally gives up, choosing instead to follow one figure and ready herself to deliver shots.

Having given herself a good vantage point from the ridgeline, Karys lowers to a knee and braces near cover so she can duck in and out if need be. She checks her comms. <"Karys in position on the ridgeline, waiting to engage when others are ready.">

The comm on her end goes silent and the gunslinger adjusts how she rests against the rock, lifting her S-5 up to begin tracking her targets and giving herself a number - which she quickly loses when they move about. She starts again and finally gives up, choosing instead to follow one figure and ready herself to deliver shots.

It seems almost every mission they have been on as Mandalorians, Avery has a new set of armor. This incursion is no different as the former Stormtrooper now sports a shiny set of Doomseeker armor. He's eager to try it out, get the first scuffs and dents in so to speak, and his posture and general manner are evidence of this. Bereft of a glider but with many other enhancements, he approaches the battle through the jungle, aiming to make it quickly across the river to engage the baddies on the other side.

<<"What's the plan, Karys? Who are we supposed to be taking out?">> Avery asks as he checks the HUD in his helmet and gives a quick glance to the ammo count on the Tracker he hauls. The beast of a carbine in his hands has served him well but, just in case, he has an A280 slung across his back in case he needs a big blast during this attack. One of the newly minted Mandalorians of the Kora Clan charges the action, his lopsided grin hidden from the world behind a T-shaped visor and obsidian armor.

<<Heavy weapons in position.>> Bipod deployed, local foliage draped on top of her form and around the barrel shroud of her SX-451, Tara presses into the stock and re-links her HUD to the weapon's scope. <<Any particularly hard targets, designate them on the tacnet and I'll knock 'em down.>>

Creeping through the jungle is like a walk through the park to Aja, the Mandossassin moves through the underbrush without issue and without disturbing the flora. Finding a likely spot, she posts up and lifts her head, scanning the Sanyassans and trying to ascertain numbers, position, and leadership. <<"I have eyes on the biggest Sanyassan, marking him. Likely the leader. Onderian orders seem to be issued from ridgeline bunker.. moving in closer for more information.">>

And off she goes, a cat slipping through the night as cats do.

Shadowing Karys, for he prefers to be up higher to make better use of the tracker, Rathe has opted for the ridgeline approach. <<"Just remember, if we pound one side too hard. We need to hammer the opposing force to even it out.">> Kora does tend to get a little too gunsight-focused, and he is just as guilty. He's slowly sneaking himself up while proned out, he was snoper crosstrained, here it's close enough to make good use of the Tracker at such a close range. He wants cover for once, trying to avoid drawing both sides attention to their existence. <<"If they see us, we become primary target for both sides. Just a reminder. Now let's remove them from existence, and take back our hunting grounds.">> A beat. <<"Russ'Alor approving, of course.">> His visor turns towards his left, Karys is there somewhere, which reminds him to pop up the HUD systems on low power.

With data filling her HUD and the gathering of Mandalorians either side of her, Narsai moves with her W-35 in her hand. Wrapped in that long-trusted red Reviver armor, Narsai gives a frown from her perch at the ridge.

<<"Last time we attacked the Sanyassan's hardest. We could do the same and shatter them, or mix up our focus to drive both back, but draw more fire.">>

How much fire would they be drawing today?

It begins as a mess. Neither side is quite sure where to begin, a charge, shelling, barrage and advance? What begins it though is a SCHUNK from one of the Sanyassan pits. A glowing plasma ball thrust into the air and spinning like some sports ball across the distance. A good shot, really. Striking the side of one of the Onderonian bunkers, this one closer to the river, skipping off and landing directly within the trench.

The detonation is a fountain of bodyparts and flame rushing skyward and setting off a battle call that results in Sanyassans being forced down as repeater cannons in the bunker fortifications open up, scorching land and chewing up defenses.

Blaster bolts and even the odd slug round from the Sanyassan side course back and forth - with a clear advantage to the raiders side as numerous Onderonians are cut down by the barrage, the panic keeping heads down and barely a handful of casualties for the repto-simian marauders.

Fortunately for the Mandalorians they haven't even been sighted yet.

<"We have clear shots from the ridge into the Sanayassan ranks. I suggest we take those. We want them all off our lands so take them all out. If you have a line of sight on the Onderons then use it. They are going to be a little more trouble to root out. Grenades if you got them.">

This said Karys herself is lining up her shot and the first Sanyassan goes down to a green bolt. The second is injured but manages to duck out of sight before she can end him. <"Call out for medics when you need aid."> A nod is given to Rathe as she tries to tuck herself into cover.

<<"Roger that...">> Avery states, slowing his charge enough to draw down on one of the Sanyassan Raiders. The slicer takes aim and squeezes the trigger, sending a red bolt through the air with a familiar 'BWAAAaaaaam!'. The attack slams into an unsuspecting Raider who is subsequently sent flying through the air, life having drained from the body before it even knew what hit it. He turns to pick a new target from his HUD, the lucky fellow who decided to duck Karys' shot finds himself wide open for his. A chuckle escapes the man and he fires, dropping the one that seemed to dodge his previous doom. <<"Two down, moving further in.">> Comes the call as Avery picks back up his pace, moving in for a semblance of cover before he opens fire again.

<<"Looks like they cracked one of the load-bearing beams. Time to make things a bit more hectic in there.">> Tara centers the targeting reticle on the cracked corner, engaging the scope's filters to cut through the dust and haze. <<"Firing.">> The SX roars, and duracrate superheats and shatters. The new dust cloud clears, revealing the front corner of the bunker to now be a pile of rubble, a hole easily big enough to breach through created. <<"Let's see those gunners concentrate now.">> Grinning, the hunter scans for her next target.

Thanks be to Kora for providing so much noise to allow Aja to focus on not being seen. <<"Approaching Onderian bunker, moving in to take out the Corporal..">> Sword drawn, she slips through the trees and brush towards the bunker, eyes on the prize.

There is a thunderous sound, and Rathe turns his helmet in the direction Tara fired from. He does not transmit nor vox his sudden 'What the hell was that?', but since the bunker takes that shot, it's not his concern. As he is down the line from Karys he sees some different targets, he cannot quite get a bead on the Corporal who was his planned target. His Tracker comes up and he takes his time with his sights. The first shot takes off an Onderonian head, the second blasts through the back of the one that turned towards his first target. Then his brain catches up, and he winces, he'll take his well-earned lecture later. He's got one coming anyways, he snuck out of the Medical Academy. AGAIN. Then there will be the lecture from Atrel Katah when he sneaks back, time to pay someone to slice his homework reports being sent to Sumi and Hadrix. <<"Right. Sanyassan. Switching targets.">> He steps crawling more towards Karys' point of view.

it em both it is then! Focusing on one side would just allow the other to rally after all, and the Onderonians had already shown they'd rather fire on the backs of the Mandalorians than talk to a new force engaging their enemy anyway. After Tara's 'AT-AT killer' blasts the bunkers, there's a thump on the back of the other woman in non-verbal praise and encouragement. Then the Ordo woman was moving, lifting her form and raising her blaster pistol to fire a pair of bolts into the Raider's ranks, blasting one clear off his feet while the other takes the force of the 'handcannon' in his chest, screaming in pain. If Aja wanted a distraction to take out the priority targets? Narsai was happy to provide!

<"Oya! Akaanir hut'uun!"> she calls out joyfully over the blaster fire. <"Come fight Clan Ordo!">

The sudden switch in field fortunes creates a noteworthy swing in the flow of battle - even with a bunker opened and exposed, quick thinking by the young man forced to take on the roll of NCO is admirable.

"Glop foam and a densi-board! Shore up the position walls! Quickly! Keep their heads down!" Sanyassans fall under fire that they don't realize, yet, is coming from their flanks as the Onderonians have also missed for now. But Aja's view inside the command point for the planetary guard places the corporal in clear view.

"COVERY FIRE!!" turrets and rifles open up, blistering fire raining down on the Sanyassan position, cutting troopes in half while their commander looks up - seeing the figure in red up and declaring challenges.

He raises a sword at first, pointing to Narsai before his own pistol opens up, belching tibanna bursts and hunks of molten metal propelled by it for the Ordo'Alor.

<<"Bral'Prudiise - strike force. Artillery in the nests are going to swing towards the damaged bunker and... well it looks like Narsai. Maintain fire positions. Aja I have your heat signature, be prepared for fast exit.">> Hadrix rumbles over comms while Gripper sails overhead, spy-eye providing intel and sending an overhead to everyone's comms for HUD display.

As the mandalorians light up the night to add to the chaos below, Karys is glad for that ridgeline and the vantage it gives her. She picks out a target and after injuring the Sanyassan she sweeps for a fresh target that pops up within easy range. The bolt slams hard center and knocks him flat on the ground, unmoving as the gunslinger listens ot the comms. <"Aja if you need help, call out.">

SHe looks to Rathe, looking like she might ready herself to glide down into the fray, lifting up to her feet to get a better position to do so should time call for her to try to offer aid to her clan member.

With all the blaster fire and explosions happening around him, Avery continues to press the advantage and their current 'unnoticed' status. He dodges out from behind his 'cover' and brings the weapon up to bear on another couple of targets. These both fall in quick succession, red searing bolts sending both sailing through the air as the Mandalorian in the jet black armor continues his reign of death.

Unable to see other's positions, but not hearing any groans or cries of pain through his headset, Avery calls out through the comms <<"How's everyone doing?">>. Meanwhile the ex-Trooper serpentines across the edge of the jungle, nearing the river in his relentless charge. He appraises his next step as the water draws close, try and use the jetpack of which he is unfamiliar, or wade across and be an easier target for the baddies to blast.

<<"Keep the shabuirs distracted, Narsai. I'll take out the gunners.">> Tara flips to IR, the gunners showing up bright hot behind their mounted weapons. Settling her aim, the hunter exhales and pulls the trigger. The high powered bolt blows a hole in the chassis of the weapon itself, before reducing a significant chunk of the operator's torso to a fine red mist.

The HUD is examined a long moment, that view being cast from Hadrix. He notes one priority target still up and running, and shots being fired all over hell and yon. He has to shift minutely to get a less awkward position. He rests his left arm down, and cradles the tracker along it. His left hand curls up and around the barrel. It's a non-standard approach to get the right angle for the target. The first shot flies wide up and over, he leans slightly which raises his right shoulder. It's enough and this time the shot transects the upper torso, right at the bronchial branch. May as well make those anatomy lessons work in his advantage.

Slipping into the bunker on silent feet, Aja creeps up behind the Corporal, one hand gripping him around the throat while the other drives the sword through his back and into his chest. Grunting as she hits bone, the angle changes, another shove, and the sword shoves all the way through the man's chest and armor, killing him quickly. The hand at his throat closes tightly around the dead man's, one golden eye peering around from the edge of the ear towards the Onderonians as they turn and draw. Keeping their dead commander in front of her as a shield.

The HUD is examined a long moment, that view being cast from Hadrix. He notes one priority target still up and running, and shots being fired all over hell and yon. He has to shift minutely to get a less awkward position. He rests his left arm down, and cradles the tracker along it. His left hand curls up and around the barrel. It's a non-standard approach to get the right angle for the target. The first shot flies wide up and over, he leans slightly which raises his right shoulder. It's enough and this time the shot transects the upper torso, right at the bronchial branch. May as well make those anatomy lessons work in his advantage.

A challenge accepted! The blaster bolt coming Narsai's way has the woman leaning smoothly out of its path before she draws her own beskar, a joyful laugh from her lips and the rushing of her motion towards the Brute making it seem as if the Ordo woman had no concern for the warning of artillery fire being directed at her. Either she trusted the others to disable them, or she figured they wouldn't drop fire on their own people. Perhaps both?

Her charge to meet blade on blade has her eagerly making to attack...right in time for a pair of blaster bolts to sweep past her and stagger the large warrior, turning a potentially challenging and enjoyable duel into an execution with one swift sweep of her blade.

Narsai turns, her T-visor turning whatever expression rested beneath into an emotionless stare of Mandalorian Iron directed at Rathe's way. C'mon man! Still, the Ordo Alor turns back, dropping low ans slashing upwards in a pair of quick cuts across torso and back to down one of the raiders who make toward her.

The Mandalorian push, even with the sudden arrival of Narsai in field, is not yet noticed before they are opening fire - turret crews close to the river panicking as one of their number is erased, assuming it the incoming artillery fire and gunning into the nests.

Combined fixed piece and small arms fire eradicating the raider forces while one tries to fire into Narsai's position following her sudden appearance and blendering of the commander and one other. Then he's alone.

Within the bunker the man whom Aja had run through begins disappearing when the fire-team turn and begin blasting wildly. Pistol bolts slamming into the corpse of their commander, drawing them up in sudden shock. Did they kill him? Sword! Mandalorian!!!

They scream and continue firing, leaving their repeaters unmanned.

Karys watches the Sanyassans start to fall, one after the other and now the ridgeline just is a clear view with no range presently on the Onderians as the last one is hit and nearly falls. He may be breathing but from this distance it does not matter.

Still on her feet she looks to Rathe. <"I am headed down to the bunker."> With this said she turns about and takes a few steps back, giving herself a meter or more before she runs full tilt at the edge of the ridgeline. She pushes off the last edge and then throws herself forward, legs pump in the air, her arms reaching and then the gliders pop free and she catches the air to begin the aerial approach on the bunker.

No time like the present to learn!' Avery thinks as he takes the last few steps to the river and ignites his jetpack. The unfamiliar thrust flings the Doomseeker Armor, with the hapless Mandalorian inside, into the air with a 'fwoOOOOOOSH!'. Fortunately, the small amount of practice he did have prepared him for these parts and he lifts high over the battle in a graceful arc. Once above, he turns his attention to the Onderonians who have escaped most of the carnage thus far. It seems doom has come for them as well when Avery shifts his carbine in their direction and looses two more bolts, each striking a target solidly and sending them lifeless to the ground. "Well, this has been a success so far! Now for the landing!" Oh yes, the landing... the 'easiest' part of the flight.

<<"Almost got the river bunker cleared out. One last...">> This one seems to have learned from the death of his friend, and is keepin ghis head down behind the emplacement's blast shield. Still wouldn't help. The SX again punches through the weapon and into its operator, but hits something important on the way through. The reepeater detonates, the plasma flare venting out of the windows of the cracked open bunker. <<"...I think that one's clear now.">>

<"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"> its shouted through the vox as Aja rushes one of the Onderonian's that just 'killed' his commander, using the man's body as some sort of Weekend at Bernies-esque ploy while she slams into him. The sword already shoved throught he commander now spears into the gunner instead and AJa bears them both to the ground. Shifting her stance and grip, Aja whirls around, pulling the sword from both men and bringing it to bear on the last. Slicing first across the chest, then driving it through the man's throat. Aja pulls the sword free, flicking it clear of viscera and turning to start slipping away once more.

Mistaking the look from Narsai's t-visor, Rathe just sketches a quick two finger salute off the temple of his own helmet. Happy to be of service, Ma'am! Karys speaks to him and he has time to glance over towards her to ask <"You're doing wha-"> And Kary's is gone, gliding away like a magnificient harbinger of death. He mutters to himself and starts sighting in the Onderonian's again as their numbers have become superior once more. Hard to focus when someone blows up a repeater, he blinks eyes just in time for Avery's rocketeering feat to add another streak to his vision. Oh, come ON! Rathe isn't angry, more amused with the galaxy right now. For he has no idea this may be potential Space-Karma for denying Narsai her fun. He's lost sight of the murder-kitten in all this, so it's focus time. He actually pauses, daring the galaxy to make someone ELSE explode and cause his t-visor to polarize once again. The moment passes and he rocks a bolt through an Onderonian's center mass, the next one ducks from his buddy going down. Rathes bolt goes right through where his head was just a second ago.

Slashing, stabbing, weaving and cutting. Narsai's red-armored form was just that little bit redder thanks to the splattering and cast-off of the combined clan's forces hammering the raiders. As the last are picked appart, the Ordo leader steps forward through the smoke, a silhouette carrying that darkened metal sword that plunges her weapon into the burned man without even slowing her stride.

<<"Last of the Sanyassan forces are dealt with. Lets clean up the others and remind them why facing Mandalorians on Dxun has never gone well for anyone.">>

Desperate now, their numbers nearly gone, with Mandalorians now crossing the field from where Sanyassans had been - a desperation play comes to the fore as they find themselves without leadership and numbers to boot.

One closer to the command bunker turns, leaning - flashes of blue and Onderonian greenish tan mixed within before he takes his chance and squeezes - attempting to remove the assassin from their midst.

They expect no mercy, intend to fight to the last. Brave Onderonians, a warrior people to the last. But clearly not up to the challenge presented by the Mandalorians.

Karys suddenly rushes into the bunker from above. The gliders slow her fall but she hits the ground with a run to her. Shots fired and all three miss but she's there now and Aja is no longer fully alone. Focus has shifted suddenly for the Sanyassan's are all dead.

"Greetings...we have come to help you." She says directly to Aja, obviously and sadly not helping at all despite her comment. WOE!

On his way back toward the ground, Avery notes the blaster fire that is directed skyward at Karys and in the bunker itself toward Aja. Karys' vantage proves too much for the attacks to land but he grimaces and growls as one actually manages to hit the dexterous assassin below. Up comes the carbine and out flies two shots. The blasts are poorly timed, it seems, as he pulls the trigger right when he meets with the ground. Both shots are sent wide of their target to chip and spray plaster over the huddled enemies' bodies.

<<"Think that's all the hard targets, mopping up now.">> Tara shifts a bit to adjust her aim from the bunkers to the trenchline, and absolutely destroys a grunt who was rushing to aid his comrades in the bunker.

On exiting the bunker, Aja catches a blaster bolt in her leg, letting out a screech as it drives clean through her thigh. Turning in the direction it came from, she utters a low growl and mutters, <"That is the last mistake you will ever make.."> Closing the distance in an instant, the sword flashes, the vibrosword's edge crackling as she bring it up in a slash, 'disarming' the soldier before reversing her grip and bringing it back across to slash through fiberweave and flesh, taking the man across the throat. <<"Kriff! Rathe, I'm coming to you. Took a shot through the leg. AGAIN.">> SHe sounds completely miffed that she keeps getting hit in the SAME LEG.

Leaning his head to one side to take up the whole battlefront view in his visor, and not just the sight. It's bedlam down there, and the Mandalorians are mopping them all up solidly. He has a moments Anxiety when Karys makes it into the bunker, but only Aja emerges. He transmits a sudden idea to Karys. <<"Russ'Alor, recommend we police the dead on both sides, and let them all wonder what happened to their numbers.">> More are thinned, down to just the Onderonians. Specifically one Onderonian. This time he rises to one knee, he braces his left elbow atop the raised leg and follows The Last Onderonian, a calm depression of the firing stud turns him into The Newest Corpse. <<"I'll drop down, Aja. Akaan Baar'ur to all units, last one down. Overwatch, confirm on thermal?">> He suggest Hadrix makes sure they are all dead. For his part, he just leaps out, because that's what the Grav-belt is for. To make him not go splat and hit the ground ready to start with Organic Mechanic Detail. (fixed for font color folk)

A flick of her Beskad to cast off the mess that was in no way going to help with her armor, Narsai's pace was more relaxed as the call comes out that the targets were all down. Stepping about the smattering of Raider corpses, the Ordo woman looks words the location of the opponents now swept clean by the other Mandalorians and raises a hand in confirmation.

<<"They're pretty definatively ended over here. Good work ner Vod.">>