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Mandalorians: Shadow Hunters

OOC Date: March 24, 2020
Location: Umbara
Participants: Lozen, Hadrix Kora, Narsai Ordo, Kirioth Kora, Sumi Kora, Clan Kora

lIn the eternal night of Umbara there are many dangerous creatures. Slybex, Skeeris, Mantorrs, Vixian Maulers. All subjects of interest for future hunts. Today it's Banshee.

The Koras were in small number this time, only a few interested in hunting a flying crustacean like creature with bioluminecent eyes and markings upon it's underside and ray like wings to propel them along. Known for being able to lift a well armored humanoid clear off their feet to carry off to feed, they were ambush predators. Hunters who would track their own pursuers. A game where there were no hunted rodents. Only felines.

<<"We're in their migration routes from what I was investigating, so be ready. I'll be on hand for fire support if you need, vode.">> Hadrix rumbled, already moving with his rifle shouldered, should he be called on.

<"I wonder if they like fire as much as we do?"> Sumi asks, clearly new to this type of species with literally no research done. Sumi was a grunt, not a damned scholar, and it took all the fun out of the hunt if you knew all their tricks. Granted a hunt and a bounty were similar, Sumi preferred the hunt be more sporting. That was the nature of a good adventure.

She tightened the shoulder sling of her flamethrower, switching on the pilot flame and priming the receiver which responded with a high-pitched whine. <"I'm looking forward to this.">

Roth was probably just crazy for wanting to go see something new. Being a Mandalorian and a mercenary meant you could travel to new worlds, see new wild life and try not to be murdered in new painful ways.

She's situated with her armor on and her sword out. <<So what are we doing with these guys again?>> she asks over the comms. Maybe making fancy new editions to their armor. That would look neat!

Lozen has not entirely sprung back but there was only one way to remedy this and this is to join the clan in the field! She flashes Sumi an amused glance sidelong, her forcepike in one hand but the other doesn't stray far as she listens attentively to the other's questions, finding a spot out of the way but positioned to assist if need be.

Umbara was dangerous, it had a hell of a history from the wars of the Republic and Narsai was willing to bet that some of the remnants still lay somewhere on the forest floor...but this wasn't a salvage tonight. Wrapped in her armor, the redhead wasn't exactly the heaviest armed among their number, but if she'd managed to survive encounters on Dxun with things supposed to be extinct, hopefully she'd manage here!

<<"Personally I like the idea of a new chair made out of one, but hanging decoration on armor has it's appeal.">> Hadrix responds, out of sight now as he delves deeper into the stands of thick mist, curling fungus like plants and wavering tentacle like flora growths.

Sounds from wildlife are generally absent, save for piercing sounds of echolocation that interfere with audio pickups. Shadows move in the mist, forms and figures. Nightmares for nyctophobics

Sumi flashes a screen of flames, casting the orange hue over the remains of some animal picked over with such meticulous grace that all that remained of its carrion was bones. Hints of its demise lead Sumi to believe it was ripped to shreds, alive, and consumed on the spot. <"Remains here. They're old but indicative of what we're looking for. Real nasty death and a drek way to go if you ask me. This is going to be a rekking good fight.">

Roth gives a nod to the others as they are joined. Then she's moving carefully. <<That's going to be a pinchy chair, Had.>> she states over the comms. Her gloved hand reaches out to take up a few of the pieces of flora that have been broken off by movement from something that wasn't them, <<Think we can keep heading this way.>> she states to them. <<Oooo. Bones.>> she whispers over the comms. Oh, shiny!

Lozen shakes her head <<"You will need to get less skilled at hunting or we will need a bigger home, my heart, the number of trophies we are accumulating.">> her tiny feet move quietly and quickly but she is minding her step a bit much to be minding anything other than her companions positions.

<<"I'm just here to make sure you don't get eaten,">> Narsai speaks up, giving a little chuckle as she takes a knee to examine their surroundings, pointing towards some claw-marked plantlife and then gesturing east. <"I'm fond of Clan Kora's company after all."> Marking the discoveries on her HUD, the Ordo woman looks between the others. <<"There's something to the north and the east, wingbeats...but these claw marks head east as well. Good a place as any to start...and watch your step.">>

<"To the north-east then, as Narsai says. With the sound of wings, it is bound to be airborne, and though we can match its ground.. I feel it may own the air and we the ground. Our advantage will be terrain."> Sumi hoists her flamer up, hooking her arm casually over the buttstock while walking by Narsai and Lozen. <"Heads on a swivel. Thermals if ya got 'em."> Sumi picks up the pace a bit more, clearly walking with an air of enthusiasm. Sumi loved the danger of it, the pain, the unknown. She might well be marching toward the end of her long life and judging from her pace, she lacked any regret to this point.

Roth doesn't see kriff! The Arkanian keeps going in the direction that she'd found with the broken foliage and she listens to the others on the comms. "I feel like I chose the wrong week to get my armor painted." she whispers to herself. Maybe the white was a bad idea, things could see her better. But that was the point! <<Nothing so far.>> she states to the others.

Lozen chortles and flexes her wrist holding the forcepike a bit causing the tip to wiggle a bit, <<No matter when it was painted, it would have tempted fate. I'm told fate is particularly aroused by a fresh coat of paint.>> She adds << All seems clear here.>>

<<"Mostly east by the look of it,">> Narsai muses, gesturing further along the trail of disturbed plantlife. <<"Stay alert...But Sumi is right. Last thing we want is to run out of fuel and get swarmed up there.>>

The ladies weren't being precisely hidden, even if only one of them was being quiet, and when the attack comes it is from northeast and due north. Black shapes with sickly green bioluminescence between the joints of their shells, glowing eyes and yellow-green slicking their bellies.

Wings rippling with claws and tails splayed the screeches of the hunting pair split the air and the rush of their flight sends up waves of mist in swirling vortexes behind and around them. Shrieking towards Lozen they come, the competitor to Roth for brightness of body and form in the eternal shadow of Umbara.

<"Come to Momma!"> Sumi yelled in her raspy tone as the diving banshee was met with a wall of plasma flames. Its wings were coated, and much of its torso, leaving the thing in utter agony as wings flapped flames overhead. The caped Mandalorian responsible is laughing as small comets of green flame rain down toward the ground. <"Shoot that rekker! AHahaha! Bring her down!">

Adjusting, Sumi looks toward Lozen to join in helping with that one as well. She shoulders the flamer taking a moment to aim, a painful smile forming beneath Sumi's helm as her dark eyes reflected the flames.

<<Go time!>> Roth's voice comes across the comms as she gets her sword ready for the leaping banshees as they come screeching out of their cover. She goes for the bigger one given the other one is ON FIRE. There's two solid swings, but she doesn't seem to knock it out of the sky.

Lozen whips around towards Roth but fails to see the attack from the Alpha which attacks with lightening speed. There's a muffled cry from within her helm as a plate of her armor is shorn along one of the many seams but that doesn't stop Lozen from recovering and swinging her force pike in rebuke.

Compared to the storm of fire from Sumi's rifle, the heavy retort of Narsai's blaster pistol is a little less spectacular. Of course, that doesn't stop the Ordo Mando'a from drawing forward and putting a precise bolt in the flaming creature's eye, sending it tumbling to the ground dead. One down, but they'd seen signs of plenty more! <<"Got it! Watch your backs, there's more of them coming!">>

A shrieking cry from the Alpha as it sweeps up, cut, battered, snarling. A long keening cry that is met by two others that sweep from the north upon the hunting party. Shrieking and as barbed tails and snapping claws become a wall of daggers hurtling through the Mandalorian, and Echani, hunting team.

A lashing tail snaps like a whip into Roth's side, launching her through the air on a level flight to crash into the bole of one of the tenacle like plants, causing it to crack and fall.

Sumi is grabbed, claws hooked under either armpit, squeezing while the three part maw of her assailant snaps at her face, sparking off of her helmet with a squeal of resisting metal. Prey in claw, the Banshee starts to lift, trying to get out of range from the ground on instinct.

Sumi takes a glancing blow across the chest, the talons cutting into her body suit and finding purchase beneath. <"Haaa!"> She screamed, tearing herself off the talons and tumbling to one side. Her flame rifle fell to its sling and when Sumi rounded to a kneeling position, she drew her DL-44 and opened fire. Her first shot illuminated the Banshee enough that her second found the mark, but her third screamed for the air with no impact! <"Bring em down!">

Wendy I can flyyyyyyy!

That's Roth, flying through the air after she's knocked off her feet be le Banshee. It's not the most graceful of landings and she feels like there's something sticking off of her when she finally gets back up. She takes the two swing with her vibrosword and then switches to the last one with her Beskad, but, she whiffs on all three of them. <<Well...>> she grunts out as she looks to the one she just did a funky sword dance in front of.

Lozen cries out as she swings and misses by a far margin, silver eyes wide as saucers as she's briefly distracted watching Roth fly through the air <<"Where's the medic when you need her! How's everyone's status?">>

Strangely enough, Narsai wasn't big on her companions being snatched up and hauled away to be eaten! Her first shot misses, too hastily aimed as she tries to stop snared Sumi from being pulled away! With both Roth & Lozen injured she was backing toward the Echani, but the redhead exhales a breath and fires again, managing a solid hit on the creature but not quite managing to put it down!

Blasted and blasted again, stabbed at, jabbed at, the creatures spiral around the hunters, teeth snapping as they duck and weave to get clear of the blaster bolts and pike. Apparently finding a moment to attempt to isolate the white armored Mandalorian. One aiming for her legs from behind and the other for her chest from the front - double clothesline, trying to put her down.

The one blasted at by Narsai wheeling and lashing its tail at Lozen as it makes for another pass, aiming to whip it's barbs across her middle.

<"OH NO YOU DON'T!"> Sumi yells, BLASTING the one responsible for hurting her earlier before adjusting to aim at another that inended to carry off one of their Mando'ade bunch. She misses, but its a double-tap technique; the subsequent shot found its mark and Sumi is jogging that way to join up on Narsai, pistol in the air and altering position as she aims! <"WOO! This is my kind of night!">

Roth can feel the blows and the bites she's taken from the Banshee's, but she'd learn from this. And it was going to be a painful reminder. The woman finds herself on her feet even with the attacks, <<Come on.>> she laughs. <<We didn't get dressed up for nothing.>> she grunts out as her swords go slicing and dicing away, but the Beskad is the only one that lands a hit.

Lozen pivots to make up for lost oomph due to her injuries and cries out as she lunges forward like a viper striking with her whole tiny weight behind the force pike, her braid swinging overher shoulder with a thump against her armor.

More blaster fire from Narsai, but now? She's able to switch up targets towards the final Banshee, wounding it heavily as the evasive creature gets tagged by her second shot. Sumi jogging upwards? It's met with a chuckle and a grin behind her mask. <<"Glad you're not critter food!">>

Alone. It's compatriots gurgling out their last upon the ground. One shot down, the other with its shell cracked and fluids leaking out. The glow of their bodies dimming, and one a dark spot in the middle of a glowing green pool. Even as it attempts to bank around, the last remaining banshee, its wing is cored through by a blast from that heavy mandalorian pistol.

A creature of pure instinct, it knows its alone, it knows that running isn't an option - they prey-beasts reach too far. It dives, headed for Lozen, claws snapping and its tails jut forward like a lance, trying to impale her and then lift off with a prize, tryin to escape with food in tow.

It's when Sumi realizes that Lozen is the intended meal that she steps forward raising her blaster. A subtle tilt of her head has the chin of her helm angle down, it's indicative of using the DL-44's custom sight. A single shot discharges, blasting the thing out of the air. Sumi lingers a moment before lifting the smoking barrel up. <"How are we, Mando'ade?!"> A glance to Narsai and a nod. <"Glad none of us are critter food.">

Roth's scrambling back from the last one that she injured, but, the others have already taken care of things beautifully. That means she can take a knee, crossing her blades over the one, <<"I'm fine. How are we all doing?">> she asks over the comms.

Lozen is knocked clear off her feet, and she'd like to say she kept hold of her weapon but in reality it's dropped along the way as she goes tumbling through brush-and does not get back up.

Some of their number were clearly worse off than others, one didn't need to be a doctor or space-wizard to figure that one out! Holstering her blaster pistol smoothly, Narsai is already making her way towards Lozen, drawing her Medpack from the pouch at her other thigh with a muttered curse. She was still breathing, that's a good sign! <<"C'mon Lo, lets get you back to your little one...">>

Clear, quiet. Prey downed, three holed but salvageable for trophies, whole or partial. Three that could be turned to pieces affixed to plates to signify the success of their hunt. One is crisped in most places, the plasma having cut it, made parts run like wax.

No more come, there is only the smell of death where the four stand. Death and blood.

But now there is the homeward journey, where giant men will fawn and fret over battered family, and usher those who need to rest on pull-out beds, with mugs of ne'tra gal and hot meals before helping get kills packed away for later.