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OOC Date: October 6 2020
Location: Dxun - Japrael System
Participants: Sumi Kora, Terek Rosol, Kirioth Kora Avery and Hadrix Kora as gm Clan Kora

Dxun - Demon Moon of Onderon - Japrael System - Lesser Lantillian Route

No grand Onderonian Hall or sculpted architecture base. This is Onderon. Demon Moon. Structures built here must be constantly looked after or tucked away where the living jungle either ignores them or eventually comes to tolerate them, like a knobby growth on a tree.

A quick deploy Quonset hut, pre-fabricated, and large enough for a GNK droid to keep holo-tables and computer banks running with the Onderon military representatives stand for the Mandalorians to be allowed in - holding to their side of the table and with more troops than normally necessary inside - all expecting trouble no doubt.

Three particular figures are centered on the opposing side, a man nearing middling years bracketed by a woman in field uniform and a young man in leathers and bone plated kit.

"Surprised you're here, should we be honest - turbo-laser platforms enough to make any see reason... mmmm?" a slight smirk beneath groomed moustache before a fractional bow of his head, "General Jussefer Feppi... Onderonian Royal Army." staring at the others, expectantly.

Sumi swept beneath the shadowed cover of the quonset hut, moving to one side to allow the others entry. She walked with the smug air of an experienced soldier, and crossed the expanse quietly, turning her head only to address the speaker with silence as opening comments begin, and rank with names are shared. <"I am called Sumi Kora."> Sumi offers, no smart comment or insinuating statement. <"Should we sit?">

"If you prefer." no chairs currently ready but a few FNGs brought up from the homeworld are standing more to attention, waiting to see if they have to go out on a run to acquire camp chairs. Or maybe just run like hell. But the woman in uniform raising her brows before she turns her gaze on the beast rider now.

The General continues though, "This is a matter that interrupts our current predicament. These raiders. I am authorized to offer a cease-fire between our peoples while we attend to the Sanyassans." head inclining towards the Mandalorians.

"Their Highnesses demand to know if you will accept such and will not stab us in the back if we offer the same to you?"

<"I do not speak for the Mando'ade, only the clan that bears my name."> Sumi explains, her tone conveyed over the helmet lacking any thing that might pass for insult or impatience. She was safe to assume she was the oldest thing in this hut, and with years came the wisdom to ignore the sinkholes of petty insults to see the bigger picture. Not that Sumi was noble or wise by any measure, but she had been around Sana Ryder enough to pick up on the power of restraint and objectivity.

<"There are few clans on this moon, truth be told, and the only time we fight is when we are disturbed. War was not our intention. We did not come seeking a fight. We know how to finish them though. I'm certain many of your surviving veterans can attest to that.">

<"That said, if we accept a cease fire, we will honor it until one of you breaks faith. We do not go out of our way to murder soldiers. We are soldiers by trade;.. kindred spirits."> Sumi comments, making the gesture between herself and those assembled.

Roth stands, quiet and looking over the occupants of the hut. Sumi was the one speaking and she was the one making the deals as their Alor. She gives a look towards Avery, a face she's not seen in awhile and dips her head to him in her quiet way. For now, she's standing back and making sure no one is getting itchy trigger fingers.

Clearly Avery is not here as a negotiator, he's here as muscle and intimidation. The latter of those two up to some interpretation for those who might know him. For those that don't, he does cut a striking figure as he stands there silent, presumably judging all on the other side of the table. His head tilts to the side at the question presented, he's never known anyone to fully disclose that they will be stabbing another in the back, it's kind of the entire nature of placing one's blade between another's shoulder blades. The move itself is rather dishonest. He nods to Roth when she dips her head to him, fortunate for the imposing figure he is, the wide smile that splits his lips is well hidden by his helmet.

"Ineed, finishing them is one of the reasons that Their Highnesses have requested this meeting" the woman speaks again, Captain's bars on her uniform, hands folded behind her back. "Their Majesties the King and Queen of Onderon would extend an offer of contract to the Mandalorian clans willing to accept it to attend to these Sanyassans and eliminate the threat to both of us."

The general nods towards her, though he keeps his peace and his eye on the armored soldiers before them all. The Beast Rider, though, ruffles visibly, eyes narrowed and taking a long breath.

"Clemency regarding your past transgressions and a willingness to ignore your presence on our moon unless you make being on our moon troublesome for us." the Captain continues, with the General bobbing his head in agreement. Again the beast rider fumes and glares around, knuckles white at his sides.

"What say you, Mandalorian?"

<"Why ignore? I think we could work out a lasting, mutual arrangement between our people. Though, I imagine the King would need proof that we are capable of such a relationship."> Sumi nods her head, her hands perching upon her belt at each side. <"I see no reason why we need decline your offer. The only amendment I ask is that following this conflict, we might consider a lasting truce, or maybe a prospect to create a better relationship.">

<"I accept, should you all feel the same.">

Sumi didn't seem to care what the beast rider was fuming about. This was their chance to communicate at the highest level, and they were sitting there sulking about it.

Making her usual appearance as tall, white and quiet is Roth. The Arkanian is in her armor and following after the others in Clan Kora that have come. She follows Sumi's lead. Not wanting to act out of turn and cause issues. Her head tilts, looking towards the others after Sumi asks her question. Waiting to hear the answer.

Avery likewise stands quietly by their Alor, obsidian armor gleaming dully in the reflected light of the various consoles in the room. Unlike most days, the ex-Stormtrooper usually talkative to the point of annoyance, the figure in the dark Doomseeker armor stays silent, T-visor turning slightly this way and that as he gets a lie of the room and all the occupants inside. The Mandalorian slicer understands this is a 'peaceful' meeting between the two factions but his hand stays near to the carbine slung across his back in case sudden blasterfire breaks out in these tense negotiations.

So it turns out that Terek has been here the whole time, the cathar bounty hunter lurking in the shadows towards the side of the hut. He's no good at this negotiation thing, so he's not going to interject and run his mouth and ruin things.

It's hard to ignore the beast rider, however. From where he had been standing with his arms folded across his chest, his right hand very slowly moves down to his side. He doesn't make any sudden movements. After all, agitation is not necessarily agression. But he'd rather be safe and wrong in an instance like this.

Brief looks between the ones in uniform at Sumi's words, expressions neutral but eyes speaking to one another. A chance moment that they are not looking to one another when the Beat Rider snarls and slams his hands down on the edge of the table,

"My issue is that you're all savage scum that are the invaders here, gone for centuries and back again." a hock and there may have been spit before the hand of the General was on the rider's chest and the glare of the Captain to follow it.

The Rider snarls and attempts to push forward, only to find himself restrained still, fingers hooked around the side of his cuirass, his vitriol starting to renew until the Captain puts the barrel of his side-arm in his ear, frowning and looking to the Mandos.

"A lasting peace. If possible. If we can get all parties to agree, yes?" The general comments, frowning more deeply

Sumi isn't moved by the Beast Rider's frustration. Avery had called it before he imploded, and Sumi smiled beneath the sanctity of her visor. She is quiet while the other side sorts out their loose end. Sumi up nods. <"The difference between us and those centuries ago is that they're dead. But, if it makes matters easier to pursue peace, your beast rider can fight me. Our people.. Onderon and Mandalorian honor a good fight.">

<"What say you? A fight to bury the past, and look to the future?">

Quick as a flash the Tracker is in the obsidian Mandalorian's hands. There's no bolt that follows, simply the weapon readied letting the one out of line know exactly where he stands. No words need be spoken, only the unrelenting glare of that darkened T-visor and the carbine held just above hip height and leveled at the enraged Onderian. Avery waits for a breath or two, hands steady on the weapon, before shifting the blaster to the side, the tip pointed away from any immediate harm.

Still retrained, but steady and breathing hard, the Beast Rider keeps his eyes on Sumi and Avery while his lips are pressed together. The invitation to a brawl practically being jumped at but it's the Captain to speaks to this, her tone flat and her glare for the leather and bone armored man.

"If you and he wish to have at, you can arrange it. We need none such here right now." she grunts and suddenly the Beast Rider is moving, a stub barrel blaster up and pointed at Sumi even as he throws off the General's hand.

"Dxun for Beast Riders! Not savages and thieves!"

And then it's chaos in the hut when the weapon spits fire and soldiers begin calling out in shock and outrage for the sudden and immense death of the relative peace in the room.

Sumi is prepared for combat even as the leadership for the Onderon side is not. So when Darsarri of Dxun charges and fires at Sumi, she steps to one side to observe the blue array get absorbed by the wall. From beneath her cape extends her Z6 riot baton, a weapon shaped to the design of a serrated mace and made dangerous by the manifestation of paralyzing electrical energy. It is so bright and eccentric, its current hums hungrily and casts the interior in a hue of blue.

Sumi strikes with practiced precision, showing objectivity in her movements, not passion (for once). His leg buckled first, bringing him to his knee in front of her. This was a position Sumi particularly enjoyed, but she showed no favoritism here because she struck his chest next, shattering his armor plating and planting him firmly upon his back. The energy that expanded on touch did so with kinetic force, so Darsarri was helped to the ground by substantial kinetic energy. So when he hit the ground, everyone inside and outside heard the decisive THOOOOOOMP.

Sumi's final motion was a casual disarm, smacking his weapon bearing arm aside to free the pistol from his grasp. She could have broken his arm, but she showed restraint. The humming electrical serrated edge of her weapon illuminated the beast rider's eyes as Sumi placed a boot near his face, then finally lifted the weapon up in a show of mercy and respect.

<"There is much we can learn from one another, Beast Rider. You fall today, but you rise stronger and wiser than before. Join a new vision of Dxun, one where we hunt as one."> Sumi offered her free hand then, an effort to pull the warrior back to their feet out of mutual respect.

Avery quietly watches, barely moving a muscle when the beast man leaps to attack. Seems his patience was rewarded as the snarling Onderian gets beat down savagely in nearly a second. The blaster is flipped onto safety and slung back over his shoulder as he shifts his weight into a more relaxed stance.

Roth doesn't step back, she stands where she is. A bit of a yawn starts to come up and she raises her hand towards her face even though she is still wearing her helmet. She doesn't move other than that. Sumi absolutely didn't need her help.

From his position, Terek watches as the fight plays out almost exactly as he expected it to play out. He doesn't even make any moves or draw his weapon. After all, Sumi seems to have the whole thing well in hand.

Internally, he's laughing to himself. He knew that guy stood no chance, despite his swagger and overall attitude. Terek knows how it feels to get overconfident and bite off way more than you can chew first hand. It's made him a lot more cautious since then.

The man is hard-pressed to remain on his feet when Sumi pulls him to them. Eyes unfocused, wavering back and forth until a pair of soldiers approach to each take one of his arms and begin to lead him off. The General starts to open his mouth when the Captain cuts him off, her glare cutting.

"Of course that is what we all want, Warrior Kora." her look is on Sumi while she is nodding to the MPs that have already begun hauling the beast rider away. Shaking her head slightly and looking to the General now, as if commanding him to go on.

"Warrior Kora - if your 'Mando'ade' as you call them can handle the Sanyassan problem I can assure you audience with their Majesties to further negotiate peace talks." the older man grumbles, his words drawing some measure of surprise from the Captain.

"Handle the Sanyassans and we'll see what you and yours can settle with the royal family." he looks to the Captain, brow up and his frown a deep crescent.

Sumi deactivates the weapon when the Beast Rider is carried away. The display seems to have earned her some mutual respect from the officers; she can see it in their eyes. The baton is hooked upon her belt, collapsing at the press of a button, and her cape was brushed over to conceal it.

Sumi is quiet, observing both interactions before speaking. <"We will do our part. I look forward to becoming friends."> Sumi nodded to both, <"General. -- Captain.">

Then, with a subtle turn, Sumi casually walked out with the same soldierly gait she arrived with.

Once all is settled and Sumi turns to leave, Avery casually turns and follows her out. The slicer spares the rest of the Onderians a glance before the darkly clad Mandalorian disappears out the entrance of the tent into the world beyond.

There's a faint shake of his head before Terek follows the rest of the Mando contingent out of the door. He was here to look tough and, if things got out of hand, bring an extra gun to the fight. Thankfully it didn't come to that.