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Chani meets a couple of Jedi and a singer.

OOC Date: December 6, 2020
Location: Chandrila
Participants: Aryn Cole, Chani Tahn, Jax Greystorm, Lahni, Wrrlryyhn, Zandra naMuriel

It's still shy of noon in Hanna City, but the bustling of the city is in full swing. The whine of repulsorlifts and engines passing by in traffic drowns out the footsteps of sentients as they pass. There's a general din of noise, from the speeders to conversations people are carrying on. Above, a clear sky is bright with the system's distant star. Its warmth is tangible, but not overpowering, and Chani feels comfortable in the layers of clothing that she wears. She's mostly engulfed in them, robes closed and sleeves practically engulfing her hands. She sits on a bench alongside the walkway, not far from the entrance to Fountain Park. Passersby chatter, laugh, or otherwise move by silently. She, too, is silent, eyes closed and breathing slow.

It was a busy late morning as people bustled here and there on their way about the business of living. Among the crowds on the footpaths an old red astromech goes zipping through the crowds ith reckless abandonment. The occassional beep and whistle at an organic in apology or knowing this astromech it was the droid equivelant of 'Hey, I'm walking here.' It zips up to a park bench where a hooded figure was sitting, and instead of trying to give Jax his breakfast. It starts pestering Chani in her meditation with a flurry of beep and whistles. If she opens her eyes the droid will be holding a sack meal from it's claw within its central container. There is even some waving it.

Moments later a voice and another hooded figure would arive, "Exine. That is obviously not me and you know it. Why are you bothering this young woman?"

The young woman's eyes are closed and her breathing is steady, but her face is far from impassive. Flickers of microexpressions flashing across her features are a kaleidoscope of subtle muscle twitches, from the slight movement of the corner of her lower lip to the occasional wrinkle near the bridge of her nose, caused by her brows knitting together and turning down. Rather than relaxed against her legs, her fingers are curled up so her fingertips are against her palms, and there's enough tension in them that the skin around the edges of her knuckles are slightly blanched from the strain. Just as she starts to take a deep breath in through her nose, a loud warbling penetrates through the fog of her thoughts and turns her exhale into a sigh.

Her eyes open, exposing the dark irises that rapidly flick to the droid near her. The annoyance writ into her expression bleeds away and Chani's fingers uncurl. Her arms lift and her hands work, wrists rotating to urge the sleeves of the robe away from them. "What's this?" Looking over the extended bag, Chani doesn't reach for it. Her question is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a man also wearing robes. Robes that, for the most part, look similar to her own, albeit in different colors. Her gaze adjusts up to his, marked by slightly lifted eyebrows expressing inquisition and amusement all in one. "It's no bother. I don't understand binary, though, so I'm not sure what your droid is saying."

It's late morning, people are bustling here and there. Chani is sitting on a park bench just outside of fountain park. Exine is currently trying to give her Jax's sack meal. Jax for his part had just arrived.

"He's saying you look like you could use this more than me and one jedi is as good as another." The Corellian looks at the droid and shakes his head. Who gives out a mournful beep before switching over to give the meal to Jax. "Thank you Exine. Did the caf survive the trip?" The droid beeps a negitive. Then Jax shakes his head, "Mores the pitty."

Jax then looks back to Chani, "Where are my manners, I am Jax Greystrom, and this is my R2 unit, Exine. I ha

Zandra is out for a walk, heading to the park. She's also wearing similar robes, with the hood down so her violet hair is probably fairly easily visible. As she nears it's the tones of the familiar voice that catch her attention first, and so she looks around a bit, brow furrowing slightly. Then Jax is spotted, and that frown turns to a smile, as Zan heads that way. "Jax, hello," she says first. "Exine." The droid gets just a simple acknowledgement. And then Zan's attention goes to the bench, and she pauses with a blink. "Oh. Hello. I'm sorry - I'm not interrupting, am I?"

Chani's lips peel apart from one another to let in a shallow breath when Jax mentions the word Jedi. Her gaze flicks from the man who introduces himself as Jax to the droid called Exine. There's a rapid movement back, with no response forthcoming. Hands settled on the edge of the bench to either side of her knee, her fingers visibly curl underneath it's edge and her shoulders elevated just enough to be a notable point of tension underneath the robes draped across them. Rising slowly from her seat, her gaze takes on a discerning edge in her further survey of Jax. Her movements are cautious, but she inclines forward slightly at the waist and dips her chin in a subtle bow that's as much a galactic sign of respectable greeting as any other gesture might be.

"I am Chani Tahn. It's nice to meet you both." No sooner has she imparted her own introduction than another voice joins in, calling to the man and his droid companion with familiarity. Chani's gaze drifts aside, finding the new source of the voice as the woman approaches. "Hello."

"Hi, Zandra. It was Exine and I that was interrupting. This is Chani Tahn. Ms. Tahn this is Ms. Zandra naMuriel. She's a friend and an assoicate of mine It's also nice to meet you." Jax hadn't missed the reaction of Chani when the word 'jedi' was used. He stares into the sack of food for a moment. "Ms. Tahn, do you mind if we join you? Exine and me? I am not responsible for the comings and goings of Zandra. Thankfully." He says giving the purple haired woman a smile and there's a slight wince in pain. "I'm also willing to share my breakfast. It's Kashyyyk meat pies. Yes there's three of them Zan."

Zandra eyes Jax for a moment. "How did you know to get three of them?" she wonders idly. There's amusement in her eyes though. "As it happens, I have already broken my fast, so no need to separate your breakfast quite so many ways. That way if your wife shows up, you're able to share with her." She turns to Chani, giving her a quick once over, and smiles in a friendly fashion. "Nice to meet you, Ms. Tahn. Please call me Zandra or Zan. If you use Ms. naMuriel, I'll be very confused." She stays for now, curious and relaxed, though she's not settling in for a long visit.

"Please, just Chani." She's quick to detach formality with her name as Jax makes the cross introductions, and like she'd done with the man and his droid, Chani offers another bow to the woman named Zandra. "It's nice to meet you." Her attention stays moving, gaze and body posture aligning towards Jax when he poses his question. Rather than speak, her sleeved arm gestures towards the open bench, intimating he's welcome to do as he wishes. She's quiet up until the mention of food, which earns a gentle shake of her chin from one side to the next, dark, loose hair tickling against her cheeks and shoulders in the process. "Thank you for the offer, but I ate not too long ago." She doesn't return to a seat on the bench, instead studying the three gathered.

"I am hungery. I have a small child, a wife, and various other friends that often like to make off with my food. I've learned to order extra." He reterives a pastery from the breakfast. These things were lucky not wookiee potions but well the portions more suited to a human. He turns and scans the crowd. "Please forgive me one moment. I'll return." Then seeing some one down on their luck several park bench down. Jax takes off with his sack as he folds it over to keep the warm in. He approaches the homeless looking human and extends the bag to him before returning. He sits down on the park bench, "And if no else to make off with my breakfast. There are always others in more need than me."

Zan watches thoughtfully, and then she nods. "That makes sense. It also makes you seem very mysterious, should you end up meeting with two friends unexpectedly," she teases her friend. "Chani then, it is very nice to meet you. Have you been here on Chandrila long?" Zan asks. There's a quiet calmness about her and a gentle confidence that Jax will perhaps recognize hasn't been there too long.

Chani observes the casual familiarity between the two individuals in silence, and takes a quick glance over Zandra's attire before affixing her gaze on the other woman's while Jax leaves on his task of charity. "I haven't. This is my second time visiting the capital of the New Republic. Do you both live here?" Her arms adjust near her sides, removing, with momentum and gravity, the wrinkles that have come to plague the sleeves during the moments they've been pinched by the gestures she's made. Loose silicate and sediment scrape almost imperceptibly beneath her boots as she adjusts her stance, the lateral part of her knee hovering just a hair's breadth shy of touching against the edge of the bench that she's been seated on. Her eyes track between the two, ready to alight on whoever is speaking among the group at the time.

"For the most part, I live here." Jax says as he says in between bites of his pie. "My wife is a Sentorial Represenative. I have a cell at Devaron. Before that we lived on Naboo for a while in a lake town. Though I spend most of my time it seems going other places. So I guess it hadn't settled in that I live here, yet completely." He takes another bite looking at Zandra and raises an eyebrow, "Seeming mysterious and knowing more than I do is mostly a front. It has its uses but one should never believe their own press."

Zandra tilts her head, and she says, "Honestly this place feels like home." She gestures to the bench, for Chani, but doesn't push it. She's not stealing Chani's seat. But she does settle on the ground cross legged, without any issue or trouble. Her hands don't touch the ground as she does so. "I've a room several other places and a space ship to call my own, but here certainly seems to feel like home." She nods her head once, gently. "It - have you been to the lighthouse yet?" Curious there, yes, indeed, but Zan's expression shows only a gentle curiosity.

As Jax answers her posited question, Chani gives the occasional nod, chin dropping a hair from its usual position before lifting back up again. Zandra speaking receives the same attentative nodding, but a lifted hand once Zandra gestures at the bench signals her declination of the expressed intent. It's not an exaggerated motion. More an extension of her wrist until her open palm is shown, flashing a hint of her skin from beneath the sleeve of her outer shell before it vanishes again under the weight of the fabric and gravity's call. "The lighthouse?" She answers Zandra's question with one of her own, and her brows raise a hair from their neutral resting position to emphasize it. She glances to Jax, then to Zandra, silent after her question.

"There is a lighthouse just outside of Hanna City. It's a working lighthouse that provides a beacon to keep ships from crashing upon the rocks there. The Order purchased it and uses it as a... well as a refuge and an embassy of sorts here on Chandrila. It's opened to all especially members of the order. It's a good place to go rest or meditate." Jax says as he finishs his breakfast.

Zandra smiles a bit, inclining her head to Chani's response. As Jax explains about the lighthouse, it means Zan doesn't have to, so the initiate simply relaxes and listens. Even so, she is keeping a watch on things, like she's gotten some experience - military or otherwise - that has taught her the value of keeping a good watch on one's surroundings. It's subtle, but there. "It is a very beautiful and peaceful place to meditate," she agrees with Jax. "Except when the droids get somewhat carried away."

"I have not been to it. Is it the one near the Silver Sea?" Chani gestures with her arm lifting, wrist and hand exposing so that her fingers can casually flick in an easterly direction. It's not an exaggerated movement, or one that goes far from her side. In short order, her hand vanishes again, and Chani's hair spills forward when her head turns farther down to orient her face with Zandra. "The ocean near the city is beautiful. I ate breakfast at the underwater restaurant on the beach. Watching the sea life was relaxing." Her head lifts and her chin turns towards her shoulder, creasing the fabric of her attire near her waist as her body barely twists to follow in the motion. Her gaze elevates, searchingat an angular angle upwards.

Jax smiles, "Yes that would be it." Jax looks at Exine who had wondered up to a small squirrel like creature and was trying to stalk it along the road. "Which I'll be honest, my droid stays on my ship most of the time that he's not with me. So hopefully he doesn't ccause too much trouble." If Jax's movent or gestures betray that he's watching others or has anything else going on it doesn't show. Though he does move a bit slowly and there's an ocassional wince to his features ever now and then.

Zandra nods as the lighthouse is identified, though there's then a blink from the violet haired woman. "Wait, there are /more/ lighthouses here?" she offers, her shipborn heritage showing itself. "Like space beacons, I see." And then she looks keenly at Jax for a moment, a brow arching, but she stays silent. Zan is seated crosslegged on the ground, her hands folded in her lap. Jax is seated on a bench, and Chani is standing there, the three having a very up and down discussion. "I suppose there are also the classes that are taught, those can get a bit rowdy time to time," she adds with a hint of mischief crossing her face.

"I haven't seen any others," Chani says without adjusting where her gaze is. Her eyes flick, searching from one place to the next. Whenever their search finishes, her gaze returns to both Jax and Zandra, flicking subtly between the two and changing elevation each subsequent look. "They teach classes at the lighthouse?" Chani's hands shift until they're braced against the natural slope of her hips somewhere beneath all the fabric, elbows bent and slightly angled outward in her new pose. She shifts, weight changing from one foot to the other, and movement in her peripheral vision leads to a brief look in Exine's direction. The droid, moving along the hedge separating the walkway from the park, gets no more than a passing moment of her attention.

"Most of the classes are at the temple but Rey has done a few at the lighthouse. She mostly is mostly meeting with people and telling people and children stories. She's trying to change the hearts and minds of people. The Empire had done a number on the order's reputation." Jax says as he watches the people go past. "That being said, if you're looking to learn something while away from the Temple. One of the knights will probably be happy to instruct you in a techinque if it's approparate. Elrych is a fine swordsman and Ayrn is a fine healer. They are both quite knowledgable about many topics."

Zandra arches a brow, and then she adds, "And those of us who are still students also help teach where we can," she admits. "Sir Jax here is also a very good teacher. He's helped me a lot." Hey, He's a knight, right, thus an honorific, why not? Zan is relaxed, at ease, as the conversation continues. "There are more of us here on Chandrila, though we do go between places. And there are a lot of people here. It's very easy to miss us."

"You're very trusting," Chani says to Jax following his lengthy explanation regarding Rey, the lighthouse, and names of individuals she might learn from. Zandra's comment that it's easy to miss a collective 'us' earns a hum from Chani, quiet as the noise is rising from her chest and vibrating into her throat before it dies against the back of her teeth and closed lips. "I remember a holovid of people on Coruscant, entering burning buildings. I've also seen holovids from Naboo. The Core Worlds to the Mid Rim is quite an expansive footprint." Chani divorces her attention from the pair to glance at a particularly noisy group passing on the walkway. Two children shout with some sort of glee, triggering laughter from their parents.

"Perhaps or perhaps I have said nothing that agents of the darkside do not already know or could easily learn." Jax says after a moment. Jax says after a moment closing his eyes and nods, "As I thought." He smiles, "Yes the jedi have been quite busy as have those that serve the New Republic. If I can ask Chani, where are you from? How did you come here?" He looks to Zandra, "It is still quite questionable what I do know. I am still a hot headed flyboy from Corellia after all."

Zan regards Jax for a long moment as he speaks of himself in interesting terms. She glances over to Chani, smiling briefly. She leaves Jax to talk to the obviously newly minted student (of some sort or other) in robes, getting to her feet, again without her hands touching the ground. A pause to dust her robes off, and she says, "You were once, probably. I can't say you never were, but if so? You've come a long way, my friend. Your knighthood is entirely deserved." She nods her head, and then adds, "I was heading to the park to get some exercise and so I think I shall continue on my way."

Aryn crosses the bridge from the park at a mild pace, more jogging than running. She is wearing athletic clothes and running shoes, making her footfalls light and rhythmic. She spots the trio nearby just as Zandra is rising and closes the distance with quick steps, slowing when she's closer and can be seen. A thin sheen of sweat decorates her brow. "Good day," Aryn offers.

Jax's response to her sentiment provokes a raise of her brows again, though she says nothing of his aloud musings. "I am from Naboo. I traveled here yesterday with a friend." Chani looks to Zandra as she rises and inclines her head in another respectul gesture. "May Shiraya guide you." Her attention is about to set on Jax when a familiar voice coming from nearby triggers enough of a resposne from her that the force of it is enough to flick her hair over her shoulders. Her eyes light on Aryn and a more audible exhale passes through her parted lips. The tension that's been visible in her shoulders eases some, and turning towards the blonde, Chani's hands brace forward against her thighs to proffer the noble woman a bow. "Your Highness."

"Take care, Zandra. I should be around for patrol tomorrow. May the Force be with you." Jax says to Zandra. Then turns back to Chani and anything he goes to say is momentarily interrupted by the arrival of Aryn. Jax offers his fellow jedi knight a smile, "Aryn. How are you?" The way Jax moves slightly and gently probably betray to Aryn's trained medical professional eyes that he's not at best. Though he does not make any show of admitting it. "A good morning's training?"

Zandra smiles and bows slightly to Jax. "Should be good then," she says in reply to his comment. "Again, very nice to meet you, Chani. Take care." She turns, and then smiles, obviously happy to see the newest arrival. "Aryn!" Yes, this is the Aryn they were speaking of, and they're not fakes. "I hate to see you just arrive and be leaving, but we can catch up soon, yes? I was hoping to learn a bit more about healing from you, when there's time." That said, she takes a step back, her departure definitely under way.

"Miss Chani," Aryn responds, returning the respectful bow though hers is not as deep. Aryn's attention sweeps then to Jax and Zandra respectively as they each address her in turn. She responds in the same order:

"I am well, enjoying a break from work. It was a long night." Without delving into the details of it, Aryn's tone conveyed a sense of weight to it, like it had been trying in some way. "It was. I have come to enjoy my runs." Aryn studies Jax a moment and makes no comment to his state, be it injured or otherwise. It was not Aryn's place to impose her medical opinion unsolicited, so she kept her observations silent.

Zandra's greeting is met with a kind smile, and she nods in response. "Of course. It would be my pleasure to share what I know. Be safe in your travels." Aryn's gaze follows Zandra briefly until she looks back to Chani and Jax.

After greeting the Princess, Chani lapses into silence, allowing the noblewoman an uninterrupted chance to exchange words with those who have greeted her. She watches from the side, dark gaze flitting between the gathered. They eventually settle between two as Zandra departs, though her eyes rest more on Aryn than the other party present. Only once the noble's blue eyes meet hers for a second time does she bother to interecde. "You know Mister Greystorm and Miss naMuriel?" Her head inclines so slight to the side that it's almost unnoticeable, but the movement itself is telltale and makes it impossible to miss. She gestures with her arm, offering the open space of the bench next to her as somewhere to sit if the Princess wishes a reprieve from her run.

Jax watches Zandra go. He moves to reach into his robes. It's at the quiet moment that old habits sneak back in but remember what he's wearing. He quietly removes his right hand from the inside of his hooded cloak. Then turns to look for Exine. He lets out a whistle and it's not long before his droid, who had drifted further away than Jax probably should have left him starts to return.

THe Corellian turns to look at Aryn, "Nothing like some good old repeative physical activity to help put thing into place." He then studies the blonde princess' face for a moment. "Is it anything I can help with or is in the world of medicine?"

Aryn answers Chani first by nodding before speaking. "Yes, we all share a common purpose; we want to help people." Aryn's focus shifted back to Jax then as he commented on the run and how it helps, in theory. Aryn nods again, then shakes her head no after he asks if it was something he could help with. "Just some troubling cases in the hospital. I have seen a number of refugees from Coruscant arrive seeking medical care. Their injuries and overall state break my heart. Witnessing such an event of this magnitude and the impact it has on lives weighs heavy on me. I needed to find my center."

Chani's offer of a spot on the bench does not go unnoticed, and Aryn finds reprieve in the simple act of sitting down. A sigh escapes as the muscles in her legs relax and her hands come together over her lap, clasping in a practiced action. She glances to Chani to speak softly her, "Thank you."

"Ah." Short, and to the point, Chani's expressed noise indicates nothing beyond acknowledging Aryn's answer to her question. As the blonde approaches the bench, she moves aside, ensuring she's no longer blocking, in any fashion, the length of wooden seat availble to the Princess for relaxing on. She nods to Aryn's expression of gratitude, though offers nothing more. As the Princess and Jax speak, Chani glances outwards, again, at the various members of the crowd passing by. Although it is a busy city, it seems a controlled sort of chaos. The landspeeders give way to others, operate at reasonable speeds, and the walkway traffic consists of sentients who adjust around one another rather than shoving through each other. Chani's attention rests on them.

"Ah.. Yes, I have little in the way of healing talents either in the force or mundane." Jax says and slides down to give Aryn plenty of room. Exine arrives. He looks at his droid, "Hey you got that canteen still?" The droid opens it's door and extends it out to Jax. The Corellian reaching out for it. The droid's claw retracting quickly. There's a bit of a chuckle from the droid. "Please Exine. This is not the time." The droid makes sorrowful sound then extends the canteen. Jax takes it. "Thank you." Then takes a sip. "Well I'm sure there is nothing in meditation techinque that I could offer. Though if you want an ear to listen, I can do that. That and I'm sure the Represenative would happily listen too." He nods, "So you know Chani? She was telling Zandra a bit but not too much about herself."

"I appreciate your offering, Jax," Aryn responds kindly, turning to regard him with a thankful smile. When he mentions Chani, Aryn nods her head, "Yes, we know each other. Miss Chani helped me on New Alderaan. We traveled the Droalder mountain pass together; no easy feat." Aryn says, speaking it more in the direction of Chani instead of speaking like she was not there. "She has been kind to me, and I am glad to know her." She smiles regarding the Naboo native.

Lahni was just leaving the hospital after visiting her father, and the Omwati woman moved with a relaxed ease, a smile on her features. It had only been a week since his arrival, and seeing him in such dire condition had been hard for her, but the improvements since then - especially in the last day - were hopeful. She sings softly to herself as she walks, her eyes passing over the bench by the bridge - and then panning back again as her smile widens. "Aryn!" she calls brightly. "And Jax, hello." The unfamiliar Chani gets a nod of greeting. She moves towards the group, remarking when she's closer, "He's off the ventilator now. I still- I can never thank you enough," she remarks, the fingers of her left hand going to her chest - and her right hand closing loosely over it, for a moment.

The mention of the Droalder mountain pass is enough to distract Chani from her people watching. It's more than just a sidelong glance, her shift of attention, and Chani studies Aryn for a long, silent second. Adjusting her gaze to Jax, she makes a vague, non-committal gesture with her right hand. A sweeping motion, if such a thing could be discerned. Something inconsequential and nothing more than an impulsive representation of her speech. "I hope I did not appear rude earlier. I value discretion.. and caution. I didn't think you are a liar, but I also did not want to say anything telling. This is a public place." Another gesture, broader, indicating the area around them. "Privacy is something I tend to favor, and it may make me overly cautious."

Another new voice calls out in recognition to the man and the woman on the bench, earning Chani's attention. The nod is returned in a more formal bow. Nothing for the high courts, but a gesture of respect nonetheless. Whatever topic this woman raises seems a serious one, and having no place in it, she once again remains silent.

Jax smiles to Lahni, "I'm glad to hear your father is doing better. HOw is that younger brother and nephew?" He takes a drink of his water. Then returns the canteen to his droid. "Thank you, Exine."

Jax turns toward Aryn and Chani and he leans back to catch just a bit of sun on his face. "Anytime Aryn. I really do believe we have to support each other." Then to Chani, "The first thing I learned was to hide in plain site. So I understand to be secret. Though if you wish to remain unknown in public, you might not want to wear your robes. They do stand out a bit." He smiles. "But don't worry I am not upset. I didn't mean to offend myself."

Aryn's attention is called to Lahni who calls it, and she rises up to speak with Lahni, politely. "Oh, what wonderful news! Mother's mercy!" Aryn's own hands cup over her heart in an endearing and compassionate way. "How fairs your mother? Is she still with the gentleman?"

"One younger brother, two younger sisters, and a niece," Lahni supplies for Jax. "They're all well. Though Maleeha is overwhelmed by all this space," she gestures around them, before looking to Chani and explaining. "My family is from Coruscant - and not from the upper levels. You can easily live your whole life there, enclosed. Especially if you're young." She turns her attention back to Aryn at the woman's question, answering, "We spend time with him in turns - through most of the day. Ikra's with him now - my older brother. Mother will visit him again this evening."

Chani glances down towards the completely non-descript articles of clothing as if to study their plain tones of brown and cream. She looks up to the crowd and watches many sentients pass by in similar neutral tones and loose, comfortable garments. "I see.." There's hesitation at the end, as if she means to express more. No further words come. Instead, her lips press together, indicative of her intended silence. She glances to Aryn, and then to the woman they both know, who speaks of Coruscant. "I've heard much of Coruscant." Inevitably, her gaze ends up on the crowd again. Her left hand exposes its presence as her arm stretches slightly up and to the side, allowing her fingers to brace around the corner edge of the bench as the top presses into the pocket created by her bent palm. The smooth grain of the wood seems flawless to the touch.

"I had missunderstood. I thought there was a nephew." Then it dawns on Jax, "It is my newphew." He shakes his head. "Though Princess and Ladies. I think I'm going to leave this watch with you. I am going to retire to my home and spend time with my family." Jax says rising and dipping his head. "It's a pleasure. If I can do anything let me know." Then Jax pulls his hood up and goes to depart.

"Well, my heart is warmed from this great news. Truly." Aryn steps to one side and bows her head to Jax's departure. "Be well, Jax." A moment is spared to follow his departure before she looks to Chani. "Miss Chani, I would like you to meet a friend of mine. This is Miss Lahni, a singer and performer who lives here in Hanna City. She has done many wonderful charity events on behalf of Coruscant's situation, raising money for refugee relief."

Lahni nods a farewell to Jax, then turns her attention Chani at Aryn's introduction - and the woman's comment on Coruscant. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Chani," she offers, her left hand lightly touching her chest again as she adds a nod of greeting. "Coruscant is troubled - but I hope there's a time where my family can be free to choose to return safely. If they wish." Though she hopes they'll remain here. "And it's been my pleasure and honor to do whatever I can to help people escape unfortunate circumstances."

As the man in the black and blue clothing rises to depart, Chani offers him another respectful bow, though his attention is on the direction he wishes to head in and the raising of his hood likely means he doesn't see it. Chani instead turns her attention to Lahni as Aryn introduces her, and rather than give a gesture she's already expressed, Chani offers the woman a smile. "A pleasure to meet you, too. I'm sure your music brings comfort to many. You may enjoy a trip to Naboo, sometime. Our culture greatly appreciates music." Like she had with the Princess, Chani gestures towards the bench. "Please, sit if you would like." She, herself, seems content to stand where she is, not quite an arm's length from Aryn's side as the doctor rests.

"Comfort and healing is what all the galaxy needs now; especially Coruscant," Aryn adds before sitting back down on the bench. She grew quiet while the two interacted though. Music was a passion for many. Aryn often recalled her own father's summation of music to him, that it (music) 'opens a window to the past.' When Chani offers a seat, Aryn adjusts to make even more room, not that she was occupying a lot of the space!

Lahni is happy to join them, sitting gracefully on the bench, and smoothing out her clothing in a practiced motion as she does so. "I've been to Naboo," she confides. "I'm quite fond of it, to be honest. It was actually on Naboo that we had the fundraiser for relief fund, for the Coruscanti fire." As explination she adds, "I was born on Coruscant, and my family lived there until recently - but I've been away from home for many years, studying under a mentor. To be honest, it's been a long time since Coruscant felt like my home, though it's always remained important to me."

"I remember seeing about that fundraiser in the news. It was held in the city of Kaadara, wasn't it? Or was that for the raising funds to renovate some land on Rori? Senator Naberrie has done a lot of work to help guide Naboo resources where they should go." Chani's presentation of the details show her memory to be no idle attempt at ruminating with the singer, indicating she keeps a close track of events taking place on her homeworld. "I wish I could have visited Coruscant prior to its current situation. I hear it is a world of beautiful lights, among other things. A cultural center, too." Her words come quick and comfortable, demonstrating a measure of engagement in the conversation that is unbound by her earlier cautious attitude.

"Coruscant has many beautiful sights that I have seen. My favorite is of the city at night. I once stayed a grand hotel with a high rise that I felt provided an unparalleled vantage of a grand portion of that region. It is daunting to think the entire planet is one big city. Layers upon layers upon layers; the very thought is too much for me to comprehend." Aryn knew first hand the galaxy's greatest architectural engineers emerged from Coruscant. The world valued engineering science because it literally kept it alive.

"We were raising funds to rebuild a military facility on Rori, and transform it into a refugee center for people fleeing the fires," Lahni clarifies. "And the event exceeded its goals." By quite a lot. "Coruscant offers a lot of beauty," she agrees. "And I hope that events there become such that it's safer to enjoy it once more. But... there is also a lot of pain, and suffering, and degredation. There's a good deal of inequality. Though, given its very nature - it'd be impossible to erase that entirely. They can't all live in the upper levels."

Wrrlryyhn landed back on Chandrila a day or so ago, spending much of her time around the hangar, in studies. Such literary pursuits didn't come easily to the Wookiee. It wasn't that she lacked the intelligence, just the familiarity with these forms of study. Needing at least a break in her surroundings, she headed toward the fountain pack, leathery nose buried in her datapad. She walked the route path more out memory, though she did manage not to run anyone over, or step out into the path of oncoming speeders.

"My mistake. We're speaking of the same event, I just misunderstood what you meant. I saw some holovid coverage of your performance. It was well done, though I'm sure you don't need me to say so. I'm glad that Rori's open space can serve to provide a safe place for refugees to go. I hope that we continue to use it for such noble pursuits." Chani's attention adjusts to Aryn. "I can't imagine all those lights. Naboo's cities are nothing like what I've seen in images of Coruscant, either in its past or likely its present. I've always thought of it as the center of the galaxy.." Chani's words taper off near the end, trailing off as if there might be more to the end of it, but providing nothing but what she expresses.

A paging sound begins beeping from Aryn's chrono just as she was going to respond to Chani. A look down and Aryn nods, and rises. "I apologize, my friends, but I am being called away. Miss Lahni, please let me know if more develops with your father. I am eager to hear of his recovery." Aryn shares a brief look with Chani and smiles. "I must ready myself for a departure. I am returning to my hangar should you wish to find me," this is addressed to Chani, whom Aryn gestures to.

"I will," Lahni promises, smiling and rising at Aryn does. "But please know you are most welcome to visit anytime that you like." As her attention shifts back to Chani, she'll sit again, a look almost akin to embarrassment on her features. "I'm glad you enjoyed the performance. I'm a little critical of my own work, I suppose. I always sees the little mistakes, and all the places where I could have done better. I'm still not used to performing in front of such large crowds... and I get nervous," she admits.

"We are all our own worst critics, I believe. I recall my own criticisms of myself. You do not show your nervousness when you perform, which is a special talent. Forgive me, but it was wonderful to meet you, Miss Lahni. May Shiraya guide you." Parting with a traditional religious sentiment, Chani bows to the Omwati woman before looking to Aryn. "I will accompany you, Your Highness. To the hangar, at least." Dropping her hand from the back of the bench, Chani waits for the Alderaanian woman to depart, then follows behind her, joining the numerous sentients using the walkway for foot traffic as speeders pass by at a pace quick enough to trigger a subtle rustling of the garments she wears. There's a subtle movement of speeding up, placing her more near Aryn's side than trailing along behind the blonde.