Log:Natural Disaster: Volcanic Mayhem

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Sullust is hot..too hot.

OOC Date: April 3, 2021
Location: Sullust
Participants: Vhe Tenara as GM, Ariel Teral, Hahtavi, Lahni, Qadira Suuryet, Tamsin Cas, Zelo Parrai, Mandl, Qutha Buvu Pah, Aryn Cortess, Chani Tahn

Vhe Tenara

Sullust is a world that thrives off its lava flows and the luxury it can provide. But that same luxury often can come at a price as is being felt today. One of the more dormant peaks had been showing minor activity but in the past week it had become suddenly violent. The impending explosion is resulting in the populace in the effected range being evactuated.

Most of the efforts have already been underway and most of the natives are extracted save for the last essential personnel like the rescue workers and paramedics. They are closing up camp presently with the aid of offworld resources and volunteers when the ground lurches beneath them with a loud rumble. Smoke starts to thicken as it fills the air above and there are several cries of surprise and worry.

There is a definite panic strickened mayhem that ensues as instincts override common sense and the crews start to flee for the remaining ships. The sudden sound is horrendous as the volcano lets loose and sends debris outwards from its molten peak as the lava begins to spill over the edges.

That is not the current worry but rather the large molten rocks and ash that are suddenly raining down and peppering the workers.

A large piece slams into one of the ships and sends it sideways with a complaining screech, several workers having been slammed into on the way, the ship out of commission with the smoldering earth in its backend.

Vhe watches this and then begins to step off the nomad. "HERE!!! Get that crew assigned that ship over here now. We need to get everyone out."

Thalia Vasano

Thalia's not usually one to do heroics, but this was one of those life and death situations for a lot of people in the moment. Bastion has been brought and offered for getting people evacuated. The petite redhead is having her Baragwin ship hand steer people in as they come to the ship though. "I'm going to go see if I can help crowd control or point people here if they are panicking...because I'm guessing a LOT of people are going to be doing that." she tells him before she heads off. "This looks like it's going to get bad fast...or well more than it already has." she frowns.


Among the many ships that have recently landed to aid in the evacuation is one that may be unexpected. A Bounter Hunter's Guild ship. Not only that, but one that disgorages a Mandalorian in classic armor that few could miss. Hahtavi has brought the larger of his two ships that can fit a number of people inside of the prisoner cells. If they dare and aren't spooked off by the idea. Between the cells on the cargo level is additional space rigged with webbing for people to strap in on the floor or stand in harness.

With the ramp left down, the well armed figure unslings his Galaar rifle and snaps it to the tactical strap on the front of his armor. The device is toggled to stun should people get out of hand trying to board his ship in disorderly fashion. It leaves his gloved hands free when he needs them but keeps the rifle right in front easy to grab.

They'd have to be pretty paniced to try to run over the Mando.


Lahni had been enroute to Naboo when the request for immediate, emergency assistance came through on her comms. It didn't take long to drop out of hyperspace, and calculate a new course. Setting down amid the shower of molten rocks, though, she's starting to doubt her life choices. She could be landing at a private pad right now - beside a beautiful waterfall, and a pristine lake. ...instead she's here.

Setting down in the a clear space, she sends out a silent hope that her ship's name will, in fact, convey some small amount of protection on it - and on her as she prays for the Fates to guide her. As soon as the ship sets down she can feel the ground rumbling beneath her - and she lets her ramp down, touching the intercom. "Any and all welcome aboard the Fortune's Favor," she announces, leaving the engines at idle as she runs down the ramp to see if she can be of any help - grabbing a rebreather out of a cupboard as she goes. Who knows what fumes are out there.

"Hurry. Get on board," she urges a Sullustan - was it a male or female? - as she hurries down the ramp. She is //not// dressed for this sort of thing. Krif.

Qadira Suuryet

Kadi has made her way here to help out, bringing along her little ID10 droid Button, who is cute as a - . Button sits on Kadi's shoulder to start, the two stopping to take a look. "The Heart has an empty cargo hold, we can carry quite a few," Kadi calls out. The engineer scowls at the poor ship getting hurt, but people are definitely more important to her. "Let's get everyone moving." A glance at Vhe and Kadi smiles. "Like she said!"

Kadi looks through the chaos and the smoke, ash and dust in the air that there is something - "Oh! There's another vehicle coming! They're still a ways off, but coming quick." She's got a helmet on, but is making sure her voice can be heard. Button beepbloops, and Kadi glances over that way again, frowning. "I don't like the debris falling everywhere," she mutters. "I think it might hit something." A glance over to that ship, and Kadi adds, "Something else."

Tamsin Cas

Tamsin, who had come down to the planet to provide what medical aid she could, was in the midst of breaking down the triage center when the sound of a ship straining and buckling under the impact brought her head up. A quick scan of the area around the ship revealed a few bodies moving but not enough. One was on the ground and Tamsin took off that way, dodging and avoiding the people trying to rush for any and all transports off of the planet. "I could use some help over here! We've got at least one down!" The man Tamsin was heading towards had been clipped by the rock that had impacted the ship, this fellow rising where he didn't. The rock itself had come to rest blocking the exit ramp from the ship. The closer anyone came to the ship, the more likely to hear the pounding of fists as people tried to let the rescuers know they were trapped inside.

Zelo Parrai

Zelo Parrai still has his guns, despite this being a mission of support and rescue. The lanky Nautolan in the gleaming blue Skyripper armor is prepared for everything - they hadn't expected a giant snake last time this sort of corps had activated either, but he'd seen one when he came back from the jungle. His frame is thin, but beneath the body glove and plated beskar, all his muscles tense until Vhe calls for action, and he leaps to it, sprinting down the ramp of the Razorcrest ship dubbed Projor Haal - Next Breath. <"Sir,"> he calls to one of the side-swiped crew who is struggling to move. <"Stay still. We're not sure the extent of your injuries. Don't move on your own."> He triggers his comms. <<"One crew moving over here, others less lucky. I don't know much about medical, but I can try to check them out. Still crew inside, but there's a whole mess of rock in the back of that ship if someone can get that out!">>

Zelo kneels beside the man to give him the visual once-over. <"I'm Zelo. What hurts?"> Probably a lot, when you get HIT by a SHIP. But, you have to start somewhere.


Mandl notices 'droids! Yes! They murmur into their wrist-com: "Atebee, broadcast Mandl's instructions through the _Diet's_ loudspeaker in Sullustese. Please." Dr. B'rot, resident geologist, patiently lays out which stage the eruption is in, and preventative measures against toxic gasses and falling debris. J9-8B, aboard the _Diet,_ explains in calm Sullustese which lanes-of-evacuation lead to which ships, and the times at which they are scheduled to depart.

Qutha Buvu Pah

A late arrival to the alerts, with only a Jedi fighter at his command, good intentions and concern for both those in danger and the darkness of the world's skies. Hey may not be apt for pulling people out of the area... but perhaps there are other areas that he can serve. And the will of The Force having him in the Sullust system to begin with.

Ship put into the control of Red as he approaches - cockpit opened and his 'skirt' of glow lamps engaging, Qutha climbs out onto the TIE like wing of the fighter, and further to hop down as the R5 unit keeps the craft from touching own. If only he could see more besides the stark reliefs in blazing gold and fiery orange against areas too dim to be more than pools of black for his eyes.

"Well then..." letting his hood fall back as he rushes in, "I suppose it's the best time to be foolishly brave?" talking to himself as he pushes back his sleeves, futile, they're too wide, they just fall back down. "Bother."

Aryn Cortess

Aryn comes down the ramp of one of the shuttles being loaded up with people. Not in charge of any process yet, Aryn has been focused on their surroundings and the signatures of incoming and outgoing vessels. Holistically, they needed to be sure everyone was getting out of here, and that meant being aware of distress calls as they were coming in. By some chance, Aryn confirms the approach of another vehicle which Dr. Suuryet has called out, and looking upward, Aryn makes out the shape of something falling from higher up in the atmosphere. It seemed as if they might hit the oncoming vehicle. Aryn turns with a soft swish of her cape and points to a crew working on some radio equipment. "Get comms with that vehicle and inform them of debris falling from the skies. They may be in peril!"

Chani Tahn

Sullust is a world almost like none she's ever seen, but this kind of volcanic activity isn't entirely new to Chani Tahn. What's new is the untold destruction that's being caused by the eruption of the volcano and the sheer power of nature in its most violent state. "This isn't like anything I've ever seen." Her voice is muffled through the rebreather she's adorned to keep her lungs protected from the various caustic compounds being spewed out by the volcano and to protect her from the smoke as much as those besides. "Where do you want me?" This she asks to Vhe Tanara, gaze settled on the older woman and face set in a look of determination. She's ready to help out however is necessary.

Vhe Tenara

Chaos is raining down quite literally as the evactuation area, a central location in the town is a little too close to the ravaging volcano. Vhe is helping to usher people along as smaller pieces begin to patter against the ground here and there, nothing but reminders of the terrible awful that is headed their way.

That is save for one large piece of rock, smoking and looking hellishly molten that is whistling through the air to announce its impending connection with the ground and subsequently the figure of Lahni who is directly in its path.

The wounded respond, even the one unmoving groans finally as Tamsin and Zelo tend to them in reaction. The call from Aryn is noted and one of the volunteers tosses up their radio towards Kadi for her to call it in.

Chani's question to Vhe gets a sudden unsure look before her gaze sweeps over the grounds in a hurry. "Injured, over there! We need to help." Off to the side some stragglers are helping a few hobbled figures towards the ships. "We have only minutes....we can not wait any longer. The ash will do us in even before the lava gets to us."

Thalia Vasano

Thalia's chucked off the helm that came with the pilot uniform and left it on the ship, faces that can be seen are less threatening most times. The ginger hopes up onto a stone barrier, giving a shout to the people around her to stay calm and proceed towards the ships in a quick, yet orderly fashion and everything will be alright. And they listen to her. That's a good sign, no one is going to be trampling each other on her watch!


People are rushing up. Hahtavi reaches out and GRABS some big fella who starts up his ramp, <" YOU! "> The voice booms through his helmet's vocoder, <" Help others get on board. Keep them organized and strap them in. If you don't, I'll throw you off my ship. Got it? "> The Death Toll's controls are locked down and the foreward section is sealed so nobody's getting off this rock with his ship without him. Not fast anyway.

Instructions passed on, the big guy nods. Hahtavi lets go of him then starts down the ramp at a run, heading towards where he saw a vehicle coming that looked to be about to get into trouble...

The big Mandalorian's durasteel boots are pounding down the concrete path, T-visor of his armor turned to track on a vehicle coming towards them. But just up ahead of him is a woman trying to help others. Hahtavi catches sight of a rock falling through the air, like a half molten meteor and suddenly his plans change.

Lahni may or may not even notice the rock about to hit her but surely she misses the Mandalorian who nails her from behind like a charging bantha! He knocks her arse over tea-kettle right off of the path and shields her slim body with his armored one to protect her from the molten stone that barely misses them both!


It's hard to see anything in the chaos - between the fumes, and falling rocks - but Lahni's ears are well trained, and Tamsin's cry for help gets her attention. As she gets closer, she also noticed the sounds of people inside the ship, pounding and screaming for help. Oh... no. She looks around desperately, and latches her hand onto the arm of a passing Sullustan. "They're trapped. We need cutting equipment to open a hole in the hull of that ship - immediately," she commands in a firm, calm voice. "Do you know where to find some?" The Sullustan nods, hurrying off to acquire the correct equipment, which luckily gets him out of the way of the falling rock - leaving Lahni directly in its path.

That is, of course, until she's hit from behind, a startled gasp, and a pained squeak both escaping her lungs as she falls - a moment before the thundering sound and searing heat of the stone falling nearby makes its presence known. Her eyes widen in sudden comprehension. "Th-thank you," she manages to stammer out.

Qadira Suuryet

Kadi amazingly enough catches the radio thrown her way. Ax would be proud. A nod to Aryn at her words, as Kadi catches them, but she doesn't stop to chat. She fiddles with it, but it doesn't take her long to get it working. "Attention to the vehicle incoming towards the port. This is Kadi of the Wayward Heart, and there is a big air born stone or something headed right at you. Please take action." There is earnest urgency in her voice, as she speaks.

There's a moment, and then, "What do you mean, who am I? I told you I'm Kadi - and I'm here to help. But never mind that! There is a big boulder aiming itself at your vehicle! You have to do something!" She's an engineer, not a diplomat!

Tamsin Cas

Tamsin, coming up on the downed man just a few seconds after Zelo, took a knee, already withdrawing her scanner to try to get a handle on what the level of injury was and what would be needed to get him moving. "Always a pleasure to see you, Zelo," the good doctor offered the mandalorian. Just another day in the park. They might have to do some rough field medicine, but they would not, however, have to carry him, as a pair of natives ran over, taking over once Tamsin gave them the okay to get him to safety. As soon as he was gone, Tamsin was off, moving to the next injury and the next, calling out who needed what so that they could be sent to the right ship. A trio of others came as well, to aid in moving the injured to the safety, relative safety, of the ships which would take them from the blast radius. And then Tamsin was off again, moving through the crowd, seeking for any who needed help to get to safety.

Zelo Parrai

Zelo, seeing much more capable hands dealing with the injured, he gives up the attempt at trying to triage. He looks to the slag-sealed back of the damaged ship and briefly to the Razorcrest, but this particular bad idea has no fruit as there's no way really to tether his own ship to the other one.... Would have been someone cool though. Instead, he sees cutting crews approaching the ship to begin making a new hatchway for folks to exit through. He spies one member of the crew who looks like his hand may drop the cutter from the nervous shaking and he relieves him of the implement. <"Trust me... Precision is what I do. Just... Turn it on, and then get to cover. Okay?"> The tenor voice in the vocoder is not unpleasant, merely firm and efficient. Timre is of the essence.

Zelo begins cutting along one of the plating seams, and manages to take one of the plates off, but so far, the hole is only big enough for a trickle of the crew inside to exit. He keeps cutting as best he can.


Mandl's coordination with their onboard 'droid results in J9-8B's soothing, dulcet tones broadcasting in Sullustese and Basic: "Everyone who can hear this missive must take shelter in a doorframe or basement area-- there will be a secondary eruption in approximately t-minus four Standard minutes. The cloud of fast-moving superheated ash and gas could cause permanent injury or death-- seek shelter or board your transports now. This warning will repeat as long as we are able to broadcast..." as Atebee repeats themselves, Mandl begins to move toward the loading-ramp of the _Diet_ themselves, seeking shelter...

Qutha Buvu Pah

People trapped in ships, people running for their lives...

People in the streets! Fleeing in the streets! It's the terror of knowing that that there's lava all about! Watching some Omwati scream, 'Help me out!' Sulphur fumes get me higher! Higher! HII-OW OW OW!!

Qutha's movement forward, trying to picture bands like duratanium over the paths of fleeing people... willing himself to become part of the vision and attempting to see himself within the force is stopped when he is hit square in the face with a hunk of burning rock.

Pressure on the Qutha! People in the street! Thump thump thud thump! Qutha is laying on the ground face up, blinking rapidly before his arms form a protective X over his face.

Aryn Cortess

Aryn stood by Kadi, listening to the one side of the conversation. Her brow dips a bit and she offers a gloved hand to take the transmitter to try to speak to the group. "May I?" Manners seems so out of place in a calamity, but Aryn stands poised and ready to act.

<<"Good people, we need you to alter your course immediately. You are in immense danger. Drastically change your course at once, or you may perish!">>

Chani Tahn

Chani's gaze fixates in the direction that Vhe indicates and without another word, the brown-robed young woman takes off towards those who are struggling to make it to the ships to take off. She very quickly begins to assist the medics and the other personnel in helping evacuate those who are not ambulatory. She wants to make sure that as many people make it to the ships as possible. There's nothing fancy about it. She simply shirks her sleeves up and sets to grabbing litter handles to help carry with the other individuals. The heavy heat of the air is already making her sweat. She can feel the sweltering waves that radiate over her causing thick beads of it to form around the nape of her exposed neck and around her temples where her hair is slicked back.

Vhe Tenara

Vhe is leaving another volunteer to usher people onto her ship as she moves to help Chani with the injured, taking one at her shoulder and helping them move more quickly towards the evacuation ships. The torrent of ash is beginning to thicken the air and descend, light, it remains suspended above the heavier debris that is raining down like droplets. The massive piece of rock careens through the air further away and it is with Kadi and now Aryn's help that the driver manages to swerve just in time, going up and over the curb of the streeth before he squeals around the rock and out of harms way - luckily.

The ship being torn open with the help of Lahni's direction and Zelo's handiwork is open enough for a few to slip through but it still needs a larger gap as those who can get out do and start for the still standing ships.

The ground begins to shake a little, as if pressure beyond measure is building up just as Mandl gave warning about. The injured are many after the initial blast and Tamsin is doing all she can to see to them as the rest are attempting to be heros. Qutha not so lucky and Hahtavi taking some painful bruising from his saving of Lahni.

It is Thalia's calm voice that keeps most of the chaos at bay even while smaller but still sizeable rock is landing here and there, some dangerously close to the volunteers.

Thalia Vasano

Thalia's looking over the crowd with a bit of a awed look, they listened?! This is fantastic news! But there's also other things that the red head sees. Like that poor guy that just looked like he was having a seizure and was now on his back. There is a big chunk of debris that lands near her and leaves a little crater, so she decides that it's time to relocate. And to go help said man get off the ground. The woman embarks on a string of near misses with rock and molten debris as she makes her way over to the downed Qutha. Finally she reaches him, bending to offer her hand, "You'll do better on your feet." she tells him with a bright smile.

The rock sailing over her head is probably something that is worrisome...


Hahtavi did NOT come here to save Lahni. No. He gets up, glances at her, then grabs her arm and hauls her back up to her feet when he judges she doesn't seem to be overly harmed. Something about her face makes him do a double take. Yes, he's seen /her/ somewhere before, but there's no time for that. She won't recognize him in any event.

Hearing Mandl's warning passed on, the Mandalorian glances up, seeing the cloud of ashe spreading. Just then he also notices the vehicle he'd seen coming earlier is full of wounded. Hahtavi starts running that way without sparing a word for Lahni. Instead he toggles the volume full up as loud as it will go on his helmet, <" Move it people! We don't have much time! Get the wounded loaded fast as you can! ">

No sooner than he's shouted that than the Mandalorian points at two others who are dithering in confusion, <" COME! Help me with these people, NOW! "> He motions for them to assist with unloading the wounded from the back of the vehicle. Hahtavi himself goes for the largest man, taking care to heft the fellow up with as much care as he can muster to put him over an armored shoulder to carry towards his own ship. As he starts moving back, he tries to direct others where they might do the best good - unless they are obviously already usefully occupied. Maybe it'll help organize some of the chaos.


Lahni's rebreather has tumbled from her mouth in the fall - and unaware of this fact, she takes a breath in, and begins coughing from the fumes. She struggles to hold her breath as she fumbles for the device, finds it, and then shoves it back into her mouth, sucking desperately at purified air, as she coughs out the last of the fumes. This is //not// a good place for Omwati with their hollow bones and sensitive lungs. What had she been thinking?

She is hauled back to her feet, offering a brief nod to her rescuer before she takes a moment to stare dazedly as the rock that has driven itself into the ground where she had been standing a moment before. Somehow, though, manages to center herself, and turn to the people squeezing out of the stricken vessel. "This way," she directs them. "Come this way - my Gambit freighter is just along this path - hurry. Here, help this man along - wonderful. Everyone, this way!" She urges them - eager to fill her ship - and get out of this deathzone.

Qadira Suuryet

Kadi hands the radio to Aryn so she can talk to the folks in the truck as requested. Because she's still trying to work out what else to tell them about who she is and failing to come up with anything. "Do you think there's anyone else out there?" she says to Aryn, worriedly. "Because if there is, we might need a ship to go get them." She takes a breath, listening to the radio for any calls of help. "hello, is there anyone else out here?" she calls. Then listens quietly. "Wait, did you hear that?" she says to Aryn.

Tamsin Cas

Do the work until you couldn't. That was the job. That was the oath. And Tamsin, moving as safely, but as quickly as she could managed to void the falling debris, the churning people, and the sheer chaos of speeders and trucks trying to bring people from far afield all before the end came. It was rough and dirty work, running triage more than actual medical care, as she could do only the bare minimum, just enough to ensure they would make it off of the ground. She sent them off when she could, corralled others into helping when she couldn't. She could feel the heat, she could smell the smoke, though her eyes were not bothered by the ash or fumes, as she made her way through the crowd, moving towards where she could see a cluster of injured who needed assistance, a hand checking the contents of her bag without needing to look at it. "Thank you," she offered to the two who were assisting the wounded, though they were already on their way carrying one of the natives awat=y. "Let's see what we can do to get them patched up and moving."

Zelo Parrai

Zelo thinks about the people he has seen, in the midst of this chaos. Trying to rescue those who came here themselves to protect others, and he stands, holding this laser cutter to make a bigger hole in a ship, while Doctor Cas is tending to the wounded, Hahtavi is saving the Omwati woman who sang a song in the Meltdown, Vhe is directing the efforts and carrying everyone out, and the man he met once - known to him as Qutha - just... got hit in the face. The Nautolan is about to call out when he sees Thalia - unknown though she may be - already heading in that direction. Zelo stays with the ship rather than also going to check on the man because he is one, and the crew still stuck in this inoperable ship are many.

Zelo follows another seam and narrowly dodges as the hull plating falls out. Then the underseams beneath take the torch's aim as he weakens more to fold the metal back on itself to open a larger hold to support an exodus of three or even four abreast. All the while the torch hisses its angry burning hiss and Zelo has to throw himself against the ship once or twice to dodge falling debris certain to offer a concussion. The seam actually peels easier than before, vastly widening the hole. As Zelo is handwaving the crew to carefully and expeditiously climb out, he casts the black pools that are Nautolan eyes into the inside of the ship, looking for any fallen or injured crew who may not be able to move on their own or haven't been picked up already by their fellows.

Mandl Mandl shoves their throttles and turns their dials, the _Liquid Diet_ rumbling steadily to life, J9-8B tasked with reassuring the passengers in the hold that yes, everything will turn out alright, in fluent Sullustan. Landing-lights aglow, the vessel rises steadily from the bedrock-- really it only has to get "higher than the incoming superheated cloud," so that's the goal!

Qutha Buvu Pah

Peppered by smaller stones, it was Thalia's aid that pulled him just barely out of the way of a sizable hunk of stone shedding sparks and even bearing small flames still from the heat of it, so much so that his robes are singed from the nearness of the hit. Green is running down his cheek from a shallow, but lengthy, cut along one temple and there is another dribble from his lower lip where it had been bitten, the thin sap-like fluid mixing into his short beard. "Bother! Miss! My thanks, but you should be taking this time to get clear and not worry about this foolish fern playing with fire!"

A polite pat to the woman's shoulder is given by Qutha, "Please run miss - guide the others and I shall try to aid you and they in your flight!" turning back towards all of this chaos - watching the Mandalorians open the ship and the streams of sentience moving to escape the disaster unfolding. None to great a talent with the abilities gifted to him. But there is tenacity there. "Run miss! Now!" not looking, not knowing if Thalia is still there as he reaches out and feels not only himself but a small section of the very air around him, a sensation of it hardening like water under a blast of liquid nitrogen, forming a narrow corridor where stone falls to either side like striking an angled roof.

Sometimes, it seems, the Force rewards tenacity in some, as much as it responds to talent in others.

Aryn Cortess

"I heard it, yes," Aryn comments to Kadi, and as the garbled message comes across again, Aryn begins to toy with the transmission feed to correct the incoming message. It is so clear that they garner coordinates from it and relay that 'help is on the way.' "We must take a shuttle to them and see about collecting their number, other wise, they could be lost to this madness." Aryn says to Kadi. "Will you help me with this?"

The shuttle for addressing this matter remains in a standby mode without a pilot. At least without a pilot until Aryn plops down in the seat and begins to expertly bring the controls online. The final bit is pulling the lever to initiate the repulsorlifts to adopt a slight hover. The engines sputter, maintaining the idle hover whilst any who wish to join their number to help are permitted entry in the personnel hold accessible by way of a sliding door.

Aryn fits restraining straps over her shoulders and places gloved hands over the flight stick to begin to plot a course through the user interface to their targeted citizens in need of help!

Chani Tahn

Chani Tahn focuses only on one thing: the injured. While the tectonic plates beneath their feet destabilize and the volcano continues to spew toxic fumes and deadly debris into the air are a spectacle few could compel themselves to look away from, Chani places her attention to those that need it most: the people who can't walk themselves onto a ship. She says nothing during the task. When one litter is set down, she helps maneuver another. It doesn't take long for her arms to start burning from the effort, but nothing slows her down. Despite her meager size, she seems to be lifting with the taller, bulkier individuals of the medical personnel. There is a sense of purpose and hurried necessity about everything she does. She knows they're in danger.

Vhe Tenara

Mandl is not wrong and with the shuddering of the ground beneath their feet as what everyone thinks is the last group to arrive is loaded into the ship and those injured on the wrecked vessel are being led out or carried, there is a rumbling that heralds what is to come as some of the ships button up and begin their pre flight procedures. Its amping up and the ash is thick now in the sky as it begins to dust everything and makes breathing all the more difficult.

Vhe glances up at the others as she reaches her ship. "Time to go!" She declares, peering back out as she helps usher the last of those getting on the Nomad before the ramp begins to close. She clamors to her seat as pings of debris can be heard all over the hull and in each ship there are murmurs of panic and fear that accent the strange orchestra of rythmn.

There are still others somewhere out there, so Aryn and Kadi have figured out and the two get into their own ship with anyone else that wants to get closer to the center of hell to save the trapped natives. Vhe's viewport along with many of the others is hard to see out of but the ship knows what it is doing.

Thalia Vasano

Thalia's a bit fascinated by the fact that Qutha doesn't have red blood, but she shakes it off once she realizes that there is danger is incoming she gives a nod to the man, "Did healed up!" she tells him as she turns to run back towards Bastion. She's going to wreck the ship, or it's going to get mangled. Small price to pay though. She lets her deck hand handle the shutting of things and strapping people in as she takes to the pilots chair. "Alright! It's going to be bumpy, lets brace ourselves!" she shouts as she starts flipping switches to get to taking off.


Hahtavi himself can probably survive a super heated cloud of poisonous ash considering the armor he's wearing. However, his /ship/ and passengers might not. So he runs as best he may while carrying an injured fellow. The shaking ground makes that a lot harder to do! His T-visor of his helmet reflects the evacuation as it occurs, light bent and distorted along the curve of the dark transparent material.

Breathing hard, the tal'at'cuyir to clan Kora hits the ramp, his boots thudding on the durasteel as he ascends it and goes into Death Toll. Inside of the cargo area frightened people are strapped in, or have taken up positions inside of the bounty hunter's six cells. Cells big enough to hold a Wookie in confinement currently hold up to two or three people crammed into each. There's barely any room.

Hahtavi lays the injured man down, <" Medic! Somebody strap him in. MAKE A HOLE! PILOT COMING THROUGH! "> Anybody who doesn't get the frak out of his way is getting shoved out of the way. Mandalorian love is brutal. He's heading fore, one gloved hand reaching out to punch in the keycode to let him access the cockpit. Time to get this bird off the ground and Get the Frak Out!

A moment later the Death Toll is firing up. The ramp begins to retract and any last moment hitchhikers better hustle on board in a hurry. As soon as the ramp seals, the ship's repulsors come on line, lifting the nose and ready for launch. Molten stones ping and CRACK loudly against the haul as Hahtavi calmly but efficiently flips controls and blasts into lift off, aiming for the sky.

Will they be in time? They say Mandalorians do not fear death. They merely go to march far away... it's going to be a bumpy ride! Wait, what just got knocked off by that last rock? Did they need that?


With all hell coming down on them, Lahni bolts for her ship with the last of the people freed from the destroyed ship. "This way!" she cries. "Who's your pilot? Into the cockpit! Quickly! I left the engines running, get us into the air!" As she runs up the ramp onto her ship she calls, "Everyone, strap in and hold on! We're going up!" One last glances out onto the landing field reveals no stragglers - not that she spots, anyways - and the Omwati woman slams the control to seal the ship up, before she pulls herself into the last seat available, strapping herself in with a quick motion.

Qadira Suuryet

Kadi doesn't hesitate, following Aryn into that shuttle and settling down. "of course I will," is her simple reply to Aryn. They may be an odd pair of doctors, working to help people, but stranger things have been known to happen. Kadi waits until the shuttle gets to where they're going, which doesn't take long. As all heck and tarnation is bolting every which way, they find the three folks that are stuck, thanks to Aryn's quick thinking! Kadi slides down the ramp to help untrap folks. They are stuck under some debris, and Kadi promptly moves to start trying to lift it. It's heavy and it's dirty, and she gets some glitter on it. Yes, Glitter. Since she's never quite managed to get all the glitter out of her void armour. Still and all, the engineer manages with some strain to get the first bit of debris off. And then with help the next. And then it's getting the poor trio of refugees back to the shuttle and aboard as fast as they can. "Come on, we got to move fast!" she calls urgently.

Tamsin Cas

Tamsin, having done all that she could safely, relatively, do, was soon on her way to the shuttle she had come in on, the Svelte already prepped for takeoff by the R2 unit in the cockpit. She only just managed to get one last body onto the shuttle before the ramp rose and it was time to go, "EiGee, you're going to have to get to safety. I have injured." And then Tamsin left the droid to do its work, and she went to hers. She retrieved the extra medical supplies she had stored on the shuttle and settled in for the ride, though for the first little while, it was more holding on and holding patients down as debris rocked and pummeled the shuttle. If nothing else, the plush leather seats were easy to hang on to. And once they were clear, there might be a run on the minibar.

Zelo Parrai

His job done, Zelo kills the plasma cutter and heads towards the Projor Haal to get it airborne, along with any who may have entered its hold while the ramp was open. The crew of the injured ship had all managed to evacuate the ship thanks to the new and luxurious Mando-made exit he had installed, and now it was time to leave. <"Projor Haal, the Razorcrest ship that looks like a jagged pill. We are lifts-up any moment now, anyone who needs to get on board, do it now. I won't leave someone behind, but every second we pause may cost us all. Help those around you!"> There is no time to dawdle as he climbs the ramp. He points to the nearest 'passenger.' <"You stay by this panel. Hit the red button when there's no one coming. If there's still someone coming and you hit that button without my say-so..."> The Nautolan doesn't finish the thought. It will mean whatever the man thinks it will mean to him. That's the compelling force - what the man will live with.

<<"Rescue crafts, Projor Haal preparing to takeoff. I'll keep my path low so we aren't bumping each other, but make sure you mark your destinations quick-like.">> Everything but the engines are at full preparation by the time Zelo turns off his fleet-wide comms. He stares at the Cargo Ramp light, waiting for it to turn off so he can ignite the thrusters. Some people will likely get jostled and thrown around. But that's better than... Whatever happens during a full volcanic eruption.


Mandl just cranks the yoke, nose pointed at "outer space" until, say, a set of coordinates for a rendezvous point(?) are provided. Up, up, uuu-uuup! J9-8B has their role cut out for them, explaining in an alien tongue that the turbulence is temporary and no engines have yet failed!

Qutha Buvu Pah

Time to go indeed with people making their exits under the aegis of his will and the will of the Force working in conjunction with one another. Back pedaling towards his craft and trying to give further aid to the last stragglers while Red slips his fighter close enough for his back to thump against the wing.

"Red, we're going to need to be quick!"

"Thweeep! Biddlebweep!"

He really needed to learn binary sometime. But that's a matter for later when he isn't trying to keep himself and others from being destroyed by the the gooey hot lava and red hot stones. There's a spa on this planet. That's absolutely insane. But he clambers up and drags himself into the cockpit before the canopy snaps shut while he rights himself.

"Up and away, Red!" finally able to see the translation of binary on his readout screen. "You were fine old can." TWEEP.

That's not being translated. Very rude.

Aryn Cortess

Aryn makes the shuttle begin to lift up, repulsors firing off in hot sputters of ion blue kicking up dirt and dust from each direction before the engines transition from hovering to rocketing. "Brace yourself," Comes the posh tone of the noble doctor operating the controls of the shuttle. From those who watch from the ground, or other rising shuttles, they see the one Kadi and Aryn are in disappear into the blackened ash and cloudy chaos enroute to the coordinates provided by the stranded people.

The viewport and instruments provide no immediate guidance whilst flying through, making it possible for an inexperienced pilot to suddenly lose bearing and plummet into the ground. Aryn is neither inexperienced or blind. She did not need the instruments because her perception stretched beyond the common senses many were relegated to use. She used the Force, its influence dictating her flight movements through the blind dark smoke, avoiding debris and moving along a path that seemed wholly impossible until the craft burst from the wall of black already in the process of landing.

Wings folded up and the ramp extended well before the weight of the craft settled upon its skids, rocking from the momentum and even sliding slightly across the loose ground until it was at a stop. Shields shimmered and faded, opening the way for those stranded to board, and Kadi was well ahead of Aryn, who still had to unfasten herself from her seat. She joined the fearless Engineer in aid, though, the hellish winds casting back her cape and staining her color to take on the shade of ash and burned rock. When they have helped them board, Aryn pauses to peer back into the chaos, then looks back to Kadi. "I SENSE NO OTHERS. WE MUST DEPART! SECURE THE DOOR BEHIND US, DOCTOR." It wasn't a screamed command, just spoken at a higher volume to be heard over the chaos. Aryn strode back into their vessel, finding her seat once more and lifting her goggles up so she could see the instruments in front of her. "Mother, guide my hand.." She uttered, bringing the ship back to lift and going through the ritual, a second time, to take off.

Chani Tahn

In all the chaos, it's most simple just to follow the medical personnel onto their ship as Chani helps loading the last of the casualties. She'll be able to meet up with the others when they get where they're going. Even being on the ship isn't a time to rest, though. After helping to make sure that the last of the litters is strapped down to the deck, Chani goes around and helps take supplies to the various individuals rendering treatment and aid. It's a frazzled fray of groaning injured and sentients calling out for the necessary instruments that will help them help others. Chani tries not to think about the tons of rock being spewed into the air and the fact that a ship is no real match for such flying chunks of debris.

Vhe Tenara

The secondary explosion shakes the immediate area just as the last of Aryn and Kadi's added passengers board the shuttle. Immediately there are heavy pings on their ship, some can not be avoided as the volcano releases its full wrath as lava, debris and rock are spewed forth out in a radius from the volcano.

Its a horrendously violent episode and even those already in the air find that the heavy missiles naturally sent forth are hard to avoid. A few of the ships get hit hard, heavy dents and sounds echoing through the ship as the passengers cry out in worry.

But the atmosphere is moving in quick and they are leaving the trouble behind. They clear and into space so that the worry of speed is not so great while taking those on board to another portion of Sullust to be seen to.

The efforts are successful and very few casualties have resulted due to the volcano. There is relief that washes through Vhe and she glances back at her passengers, watching the radar to finally catch sight of Aryn's shuttle as she finally sags back into her pilot seat as the convoy continues on.