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Bravo Squadron puts on an Airshow

OOC Date: November 20, 2020
Location: Kaadara, Naboo
Participants: New Republic, Nerys Greystorm, Karas Darkwing, Septima Carnine, Jessika Pava, Ambrosia Greystorm, Lahni, Elrych Cometburn, Lofty, Hadrix Kora, Xeria, Naome Naberrie

The early evening sky is well lit with the Nabuu star, its elegance transforming the sky into a canvas of golden orange, purple and even the beginnings of twilight. The festivities at the Kaadara resort were in full swing with elegant foods and drinks, fancy tables and music, and lovely people dressed in the posh fashions of the artistically inclined Nubian tradition.

The event held no secret motive: It was a charity to raise funds so that Beacon Outpost could be properly outfitted to receive hundreds, maybe thousands, of refugees displaced by the fires on Coruscant. All of the who's who were here; Lords from noble Nubian houses and Ladies too, the Governor of Kaadara and Baron of the city defense (a Gungan outfit of nobly dressed warriors!)

All manner of banner with the Queen's emblazon decorate the clearly marked pathways along the beach. Everyone is centrally located just past the levee, where tall straw rooves have been tied up to the palm-like trees and torches burn bright. A live band plays a mixture of Gungan percussion and the bells of a tropical tune while the firepits sizzle with the fresh catches of the day. There is plenty to see, and a ton of people to talk to about what difference they could make with the outpost and the refugees.

Gilded shadow among the lavish brightness of the event. Cape blowing out behind Hadrix as he strides through. Helmet sealed and only the dull glow in the branch of his visor the only feature visible behind the battle armor.

No AR for his side of the helmet - just the most basic of HUDs - so it's up to the Mark I - Opticals to track down the 'target' of his current hunt. Seeking out the facilitator of this particular event and even huffing some while his searches come up, for the moment, bunk.

Of all things to see, though, there is a papoose of sorts hanging from his chest and an eight month old child bearing heterochromic silver and gray eyes as well as silvery salt and pepper hair resting in it - happily nomming on the front paw of a nerf plush that Hadrix works to keep from falling when the boy's grip falters.

Nerys did not usually subject herself to the wearing of finery. Not since she had escaped the upper echelons of Corellian high society. But she still knew how to put it on when necessary. Tonight she wore a dress that was both simple and elegant. Green silk, twisted and tucked into a banded top and a loosely flowing skirt, the strips of fabric flowing as she walked to expose an almost scandalous amount of leg. Her hair was close and flowing, and her gentledroid rolled along beside her, his colouration a perfect compliment to her dress. It was as though they had planned it that way. Except that he was always that colour. It was Nerys who usually bucked the trend. It did not take the pair long to make their way towards the festivities, and to attempt to find the place that had been set for them, if such was on he offering, or to locate the benefactress who had organized it.

Lofty waddles in with a pair of stylish glareshades on his lower set of eyes to protect them from excessive solar radiation. He is led by an obese housecat-sized feline of the jaxcat species. The jaxcat wears a vest that declares its name is "JABBA" in obnoxious stitching. Both Lofty and his cat appear extra-puffy because of the humidity's effect on their fur.

This? This is a beach. Transported by speeder from the city to the fundraiser, Jessika Pava disembarks and joins the festivities, carrying a clutch in hand and looking almost unrecognizable in a dress. Further disguising her are the facts that her hair is down and she's wearing makeup. As the breeze comes off the ocean and ripples the fine fabric of her dress in relief against her legs, Jessika weaves through the gathered patrons to find something to occupy herself with: namely, standing near one of the bars with a drink in hand and a gaze trained on the sky as it transitions through its gorgeous oranges and towards the deep jewel of night. She's successful in the first part, quickly obtaining a fluted glass and sipping its contents.

In Mandalorian armor the color of twilight, a younger woman trots along after Hadrix, though she seems much more interested in the baby in his arms than anything else going on around her.

Elrych wasn't nearly as fancy as others. He didn't need to be, he was a Jedi. Though, he naturally oozed charisma, his patented dark green robes and blood stripped pilot trousers would do for this particular outing. He was missing his usual Ysanna partner, only his droid Eggsy twiddling along dutifully behind him. The Corellian Ace made his way along the clearly marked path, blue eyes glancing up at the sky now and again to appreciate the twilight.

Of course he happens upon Nerys and it causes him to outright pause. "N-nerys?" Blink blink. Was he stunned? very likely.

The warning lights began to flash, alerting the crowd to loud noises incoming. The music begins to grow quieter as some of the crowd shifts out to the arranged seating. Gungans, those of Naboo, and visitors alike are conferred complementary ear protection if they haven't already brought their own. It is still light outside, though it is not bright enough that the setting star is blinding those who wish to watch the aerial display of Naboo's legendary Bravo squadron.

As seating is acquired, elegantly dressed staff begin to offer chilled beverages, both adult or otherwise, and snacks for the viewing as a fire crew rushes out to one of the piers in preparation for the lightshow. The atmosphere is lighthearted, lots of joyous laughter.

Nerys, who had been in id-conversation with Belate, something along the lines of 'Don't complain. You were the one who wanted to come to a beach party', turned as she her her name, a friendly smile lightening her expression, "Elrych. Nice to see you. Did you pick the short straw to end up the Jedi representative tonight?" As Nerys turned, allowing her speak with Elrych without having to talk to him over her shoulder, she caught sight of a familiar armored figure, a hand rising to offer a hello at a distance. The papoose was new though, and that made her curious. And then, the music, and Nerys was grateful to accept the ear protection. Better to be safe than sorry.

Lovely people, lovely traditions...

And then there's Ambrosia Greystorm, stonehearted rebel fighter-turned Republic Trooper-turned mercenary-turned resistance figher-turned....well. Whatever she is now. General. Grandmother. Deep down, she's the same old salty wench who signed on to slaughter stormtroopers for credits those long decades ago. It isn't work if you love your job. Right?

At least she's dressed like she's thinking charitable thoughts. Ambrosia kicks up quiet little pluffs of sand behind her sandaled feet as she steps off the boardwalk and onto the beach. The evening breeze flutters her gauzy garments as gracefully as it does the palm fronds. And her hair - that's going to require some serious combing, later. What bits aren't gathered into little spirals at her temples and held fastly with lethally sharp pins. The graying battleaxe looks up. WAY up, paying mind to those warning lights. One hand uplifts to toggle something behind each ear - her own hearing 'protection', maybe. Called an OFF switch. So she walks, seeking out an adequate place to sit and gaze at the sunset and await the aerial acrobatics.

Lofty peruses the hors d'oeuvres after taking a seat - and hopefully it is a sturdy seat, because Lofty is a large alien Talz. He plucks a few Nyork clams from the snack tray, giving one to his jaxcat to distract him. Then Lofty takes some hearing protection from another well-dressed attendant and manages to wrangle it on the jaxcat's head. Even though Jabba survived the destruction of Beacon Outpost, he is still frightened of loud sounds (sometimes). Lofty then uses his proboscis to slurp out the delicious innards of a Nyork clam or two.

Kar'Trscyn, from his place hung at Hadrix's chest, gurgles and looks to Xeria while she is near. Arms out with his nerf in one fist and the other chubby hand waving excitedly, the little near-human child happy as ever, with his little ear-muffs on to protect his hearing. The Massive Mandalorian though is distracted by the shift in atmosphere and his personal search.

<"They're notably inhostile here, so don't be surprised by a cautious greeting just the same."> said to Xeria as the path takes him to stand near Ambrosia, a tilt of his head to her shift of attire. So what does a man who is used to a lifetime of barracks humor do when faced with such a circumstance as this?

<"Nice legs, general.">


Elrych can't help but look Nerys over as she turned, "Wow... you really are a sight. Did you just pick that out or?" He was not used to the redhead looking so well dressed. She was usually in armor and the like, and while she was pretty then, this accented her natural beauty even more. He was right, Kael was a lucky man.

As for the question posed to him, the Jedi laughs with a snort, a sly crooked grin forming on his lips. "Nah... you know. The first fighter I ever flew was an N1 with the Resistence. THey're classic's, ya know. Also, I like what the Senator is trying to do and I'm loaded." He leans in whith a whisper, "Jedi don't really have a lot of posessions." Before leaning back and continuing. "So, just here on my own accord. How about you?"

The ear protection is taken and put on. He turns and waits for the show to start.

Accepting the ear protection offered by staff at the bar, Jessika sets her clutch and drink onto the counter to take the brief moment needed to slip the protectors into her ears. She drapes an arm against the counter after, wrist hanging limp off the edge and fingers loosely curled. The other is bent at the elbow and her hand is planted on its twins forearm, sleeve fabric distorted underneath the weight of her fingers. She turns her gaze skyward, ready to watch the planned display rather than participate in it for once. Around her, people laugh and enjoy small talk, and Jessika's own expression seems pleasant, albeit quiet. She's enjoying the brevity of the party in her own quiet way.

Lahni has been 'behind the scenes' - having a few words with some of people running the lighting and sound for the evening's festivities. But with business taken care of, for the moment, the young vocalist decides to enjoy some of the fun on offer. She manages to secure a glass of her prefered bubbly wine, as she makes her way through the crowd, silks in blues and purples wafting around her on the breeze. She pauses periodically to have a word with the few people who seem to recognize her - which was a little more than she'd expected, but so soon on the heels of her last charity performance, perhaps that was a little naive of her.

At the warning lights - she quickly starts putting in the hearing protection she has with her - given how important her hearing is to her career - and begins to peer curiously up towards the sky, the irridescent colors of the plummage on her head flashing periodically as she turns her head, searching the sky above her.

Xeria reaches to take Kar'Trscyn if Hadrix will allow it. <"I think I can handle greetings,"> she replies to Hadrix. When he greets the General thus, she falls silent to observer her reaction.

"Thank you for the compliment." Nerys' smile was easily, touched with humour as she looked down at her droid, "Yes, you go off and see if you can find her. She might be in need of escort." There had been no sign of the fair Princess, but at least it gave Belate something to do that kept him from getting underfoot. "I meant to convince Kael to come with me, but he had a bit of business he just couldn't put away for long enough to make it out this way." The mention of possessions brought a curious frown to Nerys' brow, "And so who owns the freighter, and the starfighters?" It was a idle curiosity only, "I came to help support the effort to rebuild. It seemed the least I could do."

The wind competes with Ambrosia's laboring heart for her attention. Both make whooshing sounds, seeming so deep in her core. The rest of the festivities has blended into a low, muffled hum with those implants momentarily set to sleep. Thirty-some years ago a grenade detonated a bit too close for comfort and that was the end of her hearing. Mostly. Science is a phenomenal thing.

But this old Kath hound is never a sitting duck. There are suddenly a pair of armored boots pointed in her direction at close proximity and both eyes snap aside to fix a direct stare on the inbound Mando. Her already slightly lopsided mouth turns ever the more so with a little upcurl of smirk. Did she hear his comment? Unlikely. "Well I'll be..." a glance goes overhead to ensure that fighters are not about to blast her brain, then she reactivates just one of the implants, volume set to low. Just in case. "If it isn't the craftsman himself." A good-humored show of teeth is fleeting, then she pats the cooling sand beside her. Her grapple game was better than suckerpunchin these days anyway, if this was not meant to be a social call. "You should open a shop."

The sound of the radio chatter is broadcasted over the loud-speakers as a distant, thunderous noise is heard. A misty haze forms just below the horizon where the sun is sinking.

<<"This is Bravo Leader.. all fighters check in.">>

<<"Roger Bravo Leader, this is Bravo Two; standing by.">>

<<"Bravo Three; standing by.">>

<<"Bravo Four; standing by.">>

<"Bravo Five here, standing by.">>

<<"Good copy on all Bravos. callsigns. Slip into attack formation and follow my lead.">>

The misty haze the crowd sees suddenly lights up with engine blue as circular nacelles come to life. It's the N-1 starfighters! Bravo Leader takes the point of the 'spear', and their team form behind them making a wedge. All at once they rise up from the sea with sudden gusts of energy from the engines, and near simultaneously, the crafts break supersonic speeds just as the fireworks angle up behind them. Bright yellow starbursts of energy and the crafts zip by overhead! Their wake triggers the buffer shielding over the beach which protects the guests from debris that could stir from the flying fightercrafts.

Bravo Squadron begins to make another pass by angling high to show off their sleek yellow and nubian silver finish, their circular blue nacelles bright in contrast to the golden evening skies. The five craft leave contrails across the open sky.

"Hey hey... Listen, Vhe and I gota get around the Galaxy somehow..." Elrych responds to Nerys with a similiar easy smile and coy attitude. "The thundrbolts are mine yeah. Run freight with the Mynock... used to smuggle for the Resistance but now everything is all legitimate." He motions with his hands to indicate everything is above board. "I had bought the Thunderbolts for use by the Resistance... sometimes our operations required... anonimity you could say. Operations that made us look like a bunch of pirates. THey just sit around now. I'm thinking of selling at least the Kimogila. IF you know someone who's interested, let me know." He was serious on that note.

As the air around them and the ground starts to rumble, Elrych nods towards the sky, his blue eyes looking for the trademark yellow fighters as they scath the sky and rocked across. He grins wide, enoying the display.

Lahni let's out a laugh of delight as the starfighters streak overhead, backlit by the fireworks bursting across the sky. She has not yet managed to spot any of the familiar faces - she's notoriously poor at spotting people she wasn't expecting - and with her gaze fixed on the display overhead, it was even less likely now.

She seemed to be enjoying herself tremendously, regardless, taking occasional sips from the flute of wine in her hand as she takes in the spectacle.

Seeing Xeria's motion, Hadrix helps Kar'Tracyn into her arms to that the little guy can laugh and alternate between trying to bap her with his nerf to trying to get ahold of her helmet to tug on... almost as if he was trying to bonk his head against hers... Whoever could he have learned that from?

Taking the offered seat, patted to in the sand, the Big Man lowers himself with a feline fluidity to sit next to Ambrosia - a humanoid skull with... a drinking bowl sealed into the braincase drawn out and a bottle with something nearly black sloshing inside,

<"I'd get bored, and only a select clientele would take them. I only make them from those who tried to kill me, came close, but I killed instead."> simple explanation, <"You have yours? Or do I need to bring out my spare?"> externals clicked up to be heard over the roar of engines.

"I'm not the one to lecture anyone on how many ships they happen to have in their hangar. Goodness knows Kael and Ammara've been collecting them. They're useful to have, in a pinch." Nerys frowned, as the music rose, "You haven't seen the Senator, have you? I'm not looking to run, but I'd like to get the donation taken care of so I don't have to track her won later once everyone's had too much wine and spirits." You know how these rich people could be, am I right? nerys looked up, watching the flight and fireworks, "Pretty ships. Can't say I have much interest in flying a thing like that for what it's used for, but it's a nice looking ship nonetheless."

With a gentle laugh Xeria lowers her head so that Kar'Tracyn can but his head against hers. She moves to stand behind Hadrix, cooing softly to the little boy while listening on his father's conversation.

Aw hell, there they are. Greystorm Sr. just braces for the sonic concussion, eyes squinched wonkass for a moment while the flyboys do their thing. Her gut clenches, just thinking about being in one o'those N-1s. She borked a pilot. She gave birth to a pilot. She married a pilot. She'll never understand pilots.

"Course I did," comes her response somewhat belatedly, sidelined by the need to adjust her auditory settings. Half a mistrustful look still lingers on the skyline but she's reaching into her designer purse (satchel) and nudges aside some metal knuckles and something sharp to withdraw a lovely specimen of macabre ingenuity. The skull bowl, encased in crystal. "Looking a bit empty at the moment, but we will remedy that, now won't we?" A fleeting glance goes to the boy and Smaller Mando in prettily colored armor.

"Yours?" Whether she indicates the boy or woman or both, she does not say, but rather creaks to her full height. Fluidly. Just one knee vocalizing its complaints, thus far.

Senator Carnine was here, her bodyguards in tow and they look like they are enjoying the day so far. She is settled off to watch the fireworks in general peace with the two men and the big metal droid dog. Aletris is the best boi. The Senator is dressed in a plain dress in a forest green color. She seems to be pretty content to sit with her water and talk amongst the others as they watch.

As the starfighters climb high into the sky, one falls out of the formation. It's unclear if it's part of the demonstration or not, but the radio traffic picks up. <<"Bravo Two.. where are you going?!">>

<<"This is Bravo Two,">> Says the female, <<"Engine trouble.. I am going down!">>

Bravo Two plummets through a series of firework bursts of various blossom like colors, the craft spinning wildly and appearing uncontrolled. The craft issues a whining noise, indicative of losing altitude quickly and dangerously.

Following their team member, Bravo Squadron dive after the errant Bravo Two. It's unclear if Bravo Two is going to recover in time to avoid smashing into the sea.

People begin to stand up from their seats alarmed, and the frantic cries of the Bravo Squad make it seem like there's some need for urgency!

Just before all hope is lost, the engines come back to life and Bravo Two elegantly twists, correcting its path /right/ before it was going to hit the water. The squadron which had dove after the fighter matched the sudden recovery and returned to their formation in a display of showmanship.

Bravo Leader starts laughing, <<"All part of the plan, folks!">> With water kicked up in their wake, the fighters head toward the beach and begin to land.

All the fighter pilots are met with a ladder and tech-chief to help them from their crafts. The crowd begins to cheer and the pilots wave. Four of the pilots join the crowd, but one short pilot makes a climb up to the stage. Under the spotlight, the pilot pulls her helm off to reveal it's the Senator! Lady Naome Naberrie! She looks exhilarated, and preparing for a speech. The staff begin to wire her up to speak over the system.

"I'm not sure, I was hoping to see her like you." Elrych says to Nerys, scratching the back of his head. "Perhaps she is watching the show first. I'm not entirely sure." The Jedi continues to enjoy the show, watching the Yellow N1's fly along and the fireworks burst.

Though he does look down into the crowd as the show continues, noticing the General first... then Hadrix.

"There's Senator Carnine..." Offers Elrych as Septima enters, nodding her way... though the free falling N1 catches his attention. "Oh man... don't... oh wait." Then he smiles and laughs as it recoverd. "N I C E..."

His brows raise as Naome is revealed, chuckling and clapping with the crowd. "Well there you go. She wanted a grand entrance it would seem."

<"My son, yes. Kar'Tracyn. She's from Mandalore, seeking to find her new way."> head turning towards Xeria, <"This is Xeria. Xeria this is Ambrosia Greystorm. She's been fighting long enough that she could pass for Mandalorian if she could be convinced to shed her uniform and put on beskar."> the bottle is opened, and the thick black ale is poured out into Amber's mug as well as his own - though a straw is dropped into his own as well. The bottle, then lifted for Xeria to take if she wishes.

<"She's holding the head of a man who almost killed her, but she killed him back. Figured it was fitting since she let myself and some of the Mando'ade join the fun at Carida."> because of course trench-warfare and getting shot almost thirty times at that dam is fun. But Xeria has seen what the Massive Mandalorian calls R&R - and that was on Hoth.

He looks up to the aerial show, though the appearance of a crash leaves him seated - no need to get clear unless the ship was coming right for them. Skull lifted slightly, to offer to 'clink' with Ambrosia's - he stops short when the senator is revealed.


Lofty claps his large white paws together when one of the pilots is revealed to be Naome. He toots through his proboscis in a celebratory manner. TOOT TOOT. Jabba the jaxcat is at Lofty's feet, gnawing on a bivalve and distracted from all of the noise.

Xeria nods to Ambrosia when she is introduced. <"It's good to meet you then. I've heard people talk about drinking from the skulls of their enemies before, but this is the first time I've actually seen it."> There is a hint of wonder and admiration in her voice.

Lahni had not sat to watch the show - but her alarm at the apparent plight of the pilot is evident in her anxious expression, and the tightening of her hand on the glass she holds. She breathes a sigh of relief as it turns out to be part of the show (why would they //do// that to their audience, she wonders?), and turns her attention towards the stage, smiling at the Senator steps up and seems prepared to speak. She claps politely - but carefully, so as not to spill her wine - stopping as the sound of applause begins to die out once more.

Nerys, whose attention was momentarily arrested by the almost crash of the ship, had already keyed up her communicator, calling back to the droid waiting there, in case they needed to affect a rescue. When it was shown to all have been a stunt, Nerys looked, well, more than a little confused. "I'm not sure what the point of that was..." and she trailed off then, as if thinking better of the criticism. And the revealing of the Senator brought a quirk to her lips, "perhaps we had best go and catch her now before she decides to throw herself off a pier for effect."

"Xeria. Kar'Tracyn..." Ambrosia weeblewobbles the skullmug in question in her palm, causing ale to slosh precariously near to the edge. "Not my handiwork." Those jade orbs grow wide for but a moment then, seeing the fighter hurtle toward the sea, but her voices is not among those crying out. Death cares not for weeping and wailing to keep it at bay. It simply comes when it will.

Fortunately for the pilot, today is not that day, it'd seem.

She mutters something with the word "idiot" in it when it's clear that the whole thing was but an act of showmanship. There's a stiffening in her jawline as she watches those fighters coast in for a landing, then turnsa hardened eye upon the contents of her mug.

Bottoms up. If she fights and drinks like one half her age....what else might she be capable of? The night is yet young. For charity.

Yawning and the fact that he wasn't needed for the flight show, had him a bit happy. Walking to the beach in a pair of long shorts and a tunic like hoodie with his utility belt and blaster hanging at his side. His hands are in the front pockets and he makes his way through to see the turnout is pretty nice.

"Well," Naome says, laughing when she hears her voice over the loud system. With an amplified voice, her Naboo accent is accentuated! "That was quite enough excitement for one night!" The Senator laughs, turning slightly to look over everyone present. She wears the royal starfighter pilot uniform, the thick trench coat of yellow with red and orange clothing beneath, tall stylish boots, and gloves. Her hair is braided to avoid 'helmet hair'!

"Forgive the scare as it was part of the show, but it remains symbolic of the reason we are all here. Life is an unpredictable thing, with obstacles and experiences that take us on a journey. We know not what that journey may be, but it manifests in ways that require us to act. I fell from the sky just moments ago, and without hesitation my squad followed me. A show of solidarity in my apparent last moments of life."

"Our Republic has stood for thousands of generations. It is a squad of its own; people from all walks, of all backgrounds, showing solidarity and union in the spirit and power of democracy. Coruscant, and the plight of its people, stare at a horizon like this with their hope dashed, its light like our setting sun..but we will not let their light fade to darkness."

"I charge everyone tonight to take a moment to consider what impact you might make. A donation to our cause tonight ensures that.. through this apparent moment of darkness we can strike the spark that will reignite our Beacon Outpost and show our support for those who flee; to give them a home and a place to regroup while the Senate.. and the New Republic piece together their plan of action to help Coruscant in their desparate hour of need. This undertaking of ours tonight is one for hope. Our enemies operate through fear, by making us feel like we are alone. I was not alone moments ago. Let us ensure Coruscant is not alone."

Naome placed her hands together in a rehearsed yet elegant way. "Thank you all for being here tonight; for sharing our concern for Coruscant and her people. Her Royal Highness, our beloved Queen expresses her heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you. Our Donation polls are open now if in between refreshment you feel compelled, please donate for Beacon Outpost and make a difference in these troublesome times. Thank you."

Naome motions toward one side of the stage toward Lahni. "Now if you can put your hands together for a special guest, the lovely Miss Lahni has a tribute to sing. Please welcome her to the stage and open your hearts." Naome stepped toward the exit of the stage and stopped to greet Lahni briefly before stepping aside to let her by. That was about when Naome was given a flute of chilled Lake Wine, and released to the crowd to mingle!

Lofty finishes off another nyork clam and gets up, leading Jabba the jaxcat away from crowd seating. On the way he sees Hadrix drinking out of a skull or something. The large Talz ambles up to Hadrix and points at him. "Naboo planet of peace. Do no bring skull cup here." He extends a black claw from his paw and taps Hadrix Kora on the chest as he does so. DINK DINK. Then he adjusts his glareshades.

<"Civilians like their spectacle."> Hadrix remarks to Ambrosia's commentary of the aeronautic show. <"They like death. They also like their miraculous survivals too. Gets their blood rushing and they didn't have to risk a hair or spine on their heads."> one can almost hear his lips pursing after he speaks, <"It's a good show of flight control either way."> from beneath his cape Gripper emerges from her saddle socket and with her in all four tentacle limbs a heavy looking rec- no... No that's a... That's a cartridge munition case - .40 caliber by the writing in faded aurabesh.

<"Gripper, bring that up - and you know.">

The droid bobs and makes for the stage with the case in claws.

When the talz taps his chest, Hadrix's only response is, <"This one is resting in peace. Your skull is inside your fur and flesh. Don't do that again.">

Gripper meanwhile moves to light before Naome and plunk the case down, "Senator - Hadrix of Kora wishes to speak with you, and offers Naboo this to aid the re-opening of your Beacon Outpost."

Elrych smirks as Nerys voices she wasn't sure of the point. He chuckles when Naome explains it in her speech, side-eyeing the well dressed redhead. "Right... on to the donation polls..." Says the Jedi, holding out his hand towards them as if to say, 'ladies first.'

Meanwhile in Xeria's arms? Kar'Tracn gurgles happily and tries to infant hug the mandalorian woman.

Nerys made no verbal reply, but the look she gave Elrych said it all. But thankfully, she had a fixed destination in mind, and she headed off in that direction. And no need to worry about breaking an ankle. She had exchanged the usual heels that went with the dress for a pair of comfortable, if still elegant, sandals. "I vote for dropping it and running." Making nice words was sometimes as difficult as surviving a firefight. As Nerys walked up, she retrieved a small credit chit, tucking it into the receptacle for the poll for it to be added to the register of donations.

"And at what price did that peace come? Remain?" Ambrosia stands alongside Hadrix of Kora, former enemy, and stares down her former Res trooper. The spiller of fizzyglug. So much fizzy. That trooper transport deck plating was just never the same...

She sips something a little more potent than pop from a drinking bowl that's almost identicle to Hadrix's. "Surely you've not forgotten." And she's moving, lacking any little droid to do her dirty work for her this evening. The General and her private funds (secreted away on datapad alone) march-waddle through the sand toward where last she had eyes on Naboo's Senator. Right......there. Naome is in her proverbial crosshairs and she tracks like a sandpanther on the prowl.

Lahni sets her wine aside smoothly, stepping onto the stage with grace, the shimmer silk of her dress wafting behind her with her movements. She greets Naome with a warm clasp of her hands, and a grateful smile, before stepping towards the front of the stage to speak.

"Some of you may already know, that I was born and lived the first several years of my life on Coruscant, before I left to music. My family lives there still, and like so many, they've been devastated by this tragedy. They are fortune enough to have a daughter, and a sister, to help them get to safety. So many others do not have that safety net. They need all of us working together to help them reach safety.

"The song I'm singing for you tonight has been written by another Coruscanti native, Drun Kordall, who's given me permission to produce this song. All proceeds from the sale of this piece will continue to fund disaster relief for this tragedy," she explains before she begins to sing. The song has a slow tempo, and a distinct 'blues' feel to it, as Lahni performs with deep, emotive conviction, her gaze locking onto a single point in the audience for what seems like long periods of time, before shifting and repeating the process.

Can you see strength in my eyes? I used to sleep through the night Then horror came, that fiery light No sun, just flames and we had to run or die

I'm running, I'm running, I'm running, I'm running No future, I'm a ghost but not finished I will rise! Say oh, I'm all alone Say no, I'll never forget my home I'm running - from the place that I know I'm running, what direction should I go? I'm running, so tired and so worn I won't stop until I'm safe and strong

Where I'm running to is running through my mind Always on the run am I running out of time Fleeing darkness and smoke - I know the sun will shine I started at the bottom, yes that was underlined But the place where I'm from sometimes it's undivine I hear the songs of freedom that are running through my mind Close my eyes imagine a place next to me Where I can no longer be labeled refugee The flames, the pain - I left along the way But I'll fight through the night just to find a stronger day

I'm running from the place that I know I'm running, what direction should I go? I'm running, so tired and so worn I won't stop until I'm safe and strong

Say oh, had to flee the place you love Say oh, tough as nails when things got rough Say oh, many fathers told their sons Say oh, and their daughters don't stop running til you're home

Xeria shifts the baby so he can hug around her neck, gently cradling him in her arms. It is entirely possible at this rate that Hadrix might have trouble getting him back. They way she turns when the song begins, and even stops cooing to the boy, it is clear the song has her complete attention.

Walking in closer to the gathering, he hears the speech that was made by Naome, he must've missed thier flying, a frown shows on his face. Upon seeing Elrych, he walks over to the fellow Rogue Jedi, "Hey Elrych, hows it going?" he asks as he looks to him. Then seeing he may have jumped in the middle of something,he looks to Nerys recognizing her, "Hello, nice to meet you again." he says to her.

Elrych notices that the Senator is flooded by people wanting to talk and mingle. He'll catch her when he can, after it quiets down a bit. Instead, much like Nerys, he makes his way down towards the appropriate drop offs for domations. A preloaded credit chit is taken from inside the part in his vloumous dark green hooded cloak. Dropped in the slot, and then forgotten about.

On his way back, he turns his head to watch Lahni a moment, head bobbing just a bit to the beath of the music.

He turns his head just as Karas runs into him, "Hey there Grip... Come to see the show?" He asks, glancing over through the crowd to see who else he might see.

Nerys who had done all that she had come to do, was happy enough to move out of the flow of traffic for Elrych and whomever else might not be queueing up to make their donations. It gave her time to hear the song that was being performed. And to clap appropriately at its end. "Now that business is out of the way. It might be nice to actually find something to drink." That was the obvious unvoiced follow-up as Nerys looked towards the area where such refreshments had been set out. Karas approach was greeted by a friendly smile, "Good to see you again as well."

THUNK goes the ammo-can of hard currency, the top laid open for Naome to see its contents. For a moment, her eyes go large and she glances at the Seeker droid, then back down. "My word: what a generous donation. Please inform this Hadrix of Kora he may speak with me at his leisure. I will be here all night. Excuse me," Naome pardons herself to wave a pair of attendants to see to the donation. Naome didn't handle the credits first hand, she wanted to ensure that they were deposited appropriately as to avoid any sense of scandal. "Thank you, gentlemen.. and thank you.. erm.. droid." She says, addressing Gripper politely.

Naome turns from the droid and attendants collecting the funds to take a moment apart from the crowd and sip her wine. A moment of thought has her angling a look out toward the sea, the twilight sky darkening with the last hints of the sun. Lahni's lovely tune plays over the system and Naome smiles listening to it.

Lofty toots offensively through his snoot and turns, walking away from Hadrix. He waves his free paw dismissively at the Mandolorian in armor. "Very rude." He and his jaxcat go to deposit some credits into the Bacon Outpost fund.

Septima gives a look over everything. There's a smile on her face, even if it doesn't reach her eyes. When Naome is not being swamped by people, the Senator of Chandrila leaves her guards and approaches the Senator of Naboo. "Senator." she dips her head with a smile, "This is from myself and the boys. I hope that it will be enough to get some things started along with what others are donating." she tells her as she hands the package over. With that done, she gives another dip of her head and then gets out of the way of others.

Naome turns to see Senator Septima and dips her head respectfully. "Senator," She replies, then smiles a generous smile. She accepts the package with a gloved hand, passing it to an attendant nearby to add to the collection poll. "You are very generous, Senator Carnine. It is my honor to serve on the Senate by your side, madame. Please, have a wonderful evening, and tell your companions my they have my heartfelt thanks. Truly."

"Yeah, I'm here for the remainder of the show, been doing other things and missed the flying part." he says. When Nerys speaks to him, he smiles to her. "Something good to drink and eat would be good. I will try to catch up with Lahni after her set." he says as he listens to her singing. "Grip. Guess I will need a new call sign with the new squadron." he laughs. "I still can't believe Poe and Ek gave me that damn name."

After the song, Lahni bows to the audience, calling out over the crowd, "Thank you for your generous donations! The need is real - we are saving lives tonight." A second bow, and she retreats from the stage - letting out first a sigh, and then a breathy laugh. She's still not used to singing in front of crowds of quite this size.

Hopefully she gets used to it, eventually.

"Well it suits you. Nothing wrong with that, but I'm sure Rogue will give you a good one." Elrych says with a soft smile to Karas. He had given his donation, like Nerys before him. He nods towards the redhead who's off to the bar in order to find a dink. "Well I think Nerys has a similiar idea. Go join her. I'm going to..." He looks back towards Naome who is speaking with Septima before his attention returns to Karas. "Go check out Bravo flight... Shoot the breeze."

There may be something of a grin to Hadrix by his body language - seeing the young woman with his boy - and perhaps in the greatest show of his trust, he lets her stay with him if she does not make to follow when the big man leaves the big talz's departure - no attention paid to words as he works through the crowd - somehow managing not to bump or jostle people - if only barely despite the the crush of sentients.

Gripper's message had been relayed and as he comes abreast of the General, sipping black ale through the helmet straw, he comments <"Your people are jumpy. I figure there's a dozen of your snipers by the flashes I spotted coming in. At least ones who don't know how to properly hide their scopes yet or don't use bionic optics. I expect one of my kind approaching the Senator unannounced would get me shot at - and I'd hate to waste ammunition winging them for their cheek.">

A bark of sound mixed with his coruscanti lilted glass in gravel - probably a laugh as he works his way towards Naome.

"It looks as though Lahni might be free now. Best to try to catch her while she still //is// free. I have no doubt they will be requesting an encore." A burst of sound from the communicator tucked into Nerys' hair, just behind her ear brought a frown, "What do you mean? Alright, I'll come and find you." She offered an apologetic glance to Karas, "I'll have to catch up with you a bit later. Belate has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle."

"You assume you'd have time to clip their wing..." A sultry purr under breath from the aging soldier. "Do you really think I've come to this event all looks and no function?" Ambrosia bides her time, unhurried in her steps. Every sinking of toe into the stuff feels like a spa treatment, truth be told. When was the last time her feet luxuriated outside the confines of armortoed boots? She can't count that high, probably.

"Senator," Ambrosia addresses Septima in passing, nearly rubbing elbows with the woman. A sly look aside reveals just a sliver of her scarred face through the softened waves of hair. An unbound mane, weightless garb, a touch of jewelry and /some/ makeup....she appears somewhat touchable, this night. But if unwary ne'er do wells become too emboldened, they need only look to the cup held in her hand for a reminder. A warning of what lies beneath.

"Hostess." This time, her term of address is directed to Naome, whose left elbow she now haunts. "Senator." An additional formality, when that lovely Nabooian face turns her way. "On behalf of Greystorm Shipping Co...." a little dip of brow there "I've come to make a donation. Gonna take more than a sturdy perimeter fence to keep your refugee camp in business, I'll wager."

Xeria turns her head to follow Hadrix with her gaze, and something in her own stance shifts. She goes from being the child's relaxed playmate to his vigilant protector, and melts back into a wall. At least as much as someone in purple armor can at an event like this.

"Ok..." he says as he sees that Elrych wants to meet up with Naome, "Alright, well enjoy your night." he says as he looks to his fellow squadmate. Karas turns to look to Nerys and sees that she had a call and he sighs and nods his head. "Alright. Take it easy Nerys." he says to her. Shaking his head, "I will see who else is free." he smiles and he soon begins heading off to where Lahni is, maybe he is able to get ahold of her.

"They don't need snipers, I'm here." Elrych says approaching one his way past the General and Hadrix. He puts his arms inside the sleeves of his robes, cocky corellian grin on his lips. "And they're probably jumpy because an armored Mandalorian showed up as you've pointed out." The Jedi chuckled and shooke his head before nodding to Amber, "General." To Xeria, "Ma'am."

Without delay, he steps away from the two heading back down on his way towards the fighters.

Once off the stage, Lahni manages to secure herself a second glass of sparkling wine. She's taking a sip when Mandalorian armor catches her attention - and the baby in the woman's armor keeps it. She moves closer, curiosity and puzzlement mixing with a hint of concern. "Kar'Tracyn?" the Omwati woman asks, when she closer enough to Xeria to speak. She makes it a question - but she feels certain of the child's identity. "Where's Hadrix? Is he unwell?"

Naome turns to regard the old Battleaxe, General Greystorm. Her smile widens as her expression is one of familiarity. "Good evening, General. You look formidable and beautiful all at once. It warms my heart to see you again."

When Amber speaks of her donation, Naome nods. "It is true, the base is in a sorry state. After tonight, with new funding, that will change. Proper defenses, and more comfortable arrangements. Our guests are not military, and we want it to be welcoming." Naome tucks her hand to her lower back, her other gloved hand holds the flute of wine delicately, tipping it to sip.

Naome's gaze goes to the taller Mando arriving with Amber and she smiles. "May I ask who your companion is?" A subtle gesture of her glass to indicate the Mandalorian.

<"Keep that up and we're going to have to take things to a sparring circle and see if you'd have the chance. It'd be a sight to see."> Amber's brush of Septima's elbow preceding his resting of a hand on her shoulder with a murmured, <"Su cuy'gar, Septima.">. A nod to her and then to her bodyguard while he drifts like a fog bank up alongside Greystorm.

He doesn't speak to Naome yet - she's being addressed by so many. The Jedi is watched a moment, a predatory air as he studies movement. Fire first? Slugs? No need yet. But it never hurts to have a plan ahead of time.

It wouldn't be the first time he'd had to plan tactics for a space wizard, or their space hooboo-jooboo. He resists the urge to make 'Woogly fingers' to Elrych's back - partly for decorum and partly because one hand has a skull mug filled with ne'tra gal in it.

Kar absolutely ruins stealth. Too happy to giggle, laugh, and repeatedly bonk his head on Xeria's helmet and then wave his nerf plush at approaching Lahni.

Elrych looks over his shoulder back towards Hadrix, reaching out with the force to read that evident responce from him. He snorts and laughs, as if finding something rediculous, or funny, or amusing. What ever it was he saw when he glipsed just the surface thoughts of the Mandalorian vaused the responce. If he was a Ren, or a Sith, he might have dove deeper and grabbed a few fears and other things to use against the Mandalorian. Yet he didn't. His self control was strong and even he didn't think any of that was necessary -- or right for that matter.

There is a glance to Naome as she appears where he was just a moment before... a blink as he looks back to where he was heading. Yup, she's clearly not there...

Scratching the back of his head he just kind of stands alone between the fighters and the crowd.

<"Just stepped away a moment ago,"> Xeria replies to Lahni. <"I was already holding him at the time, so Hadrix let me keep him. My name is Xeria.">

"Oh," Lahni replies, understanding and a little relief showing. After all - it's been a while since she's seen Hadrix - and Mandalorians aren't known for living the safest lives. "Well. I'm glad he's doing well, then." The singer smiles at Xeria's helmeted visage, the fingers of her left hand touching her chest briefly as she remarks, "I'm Lahni." As if that weren't clear enough from the performance she just gave. "A pleasure, Xeria. You are also of Clan Kora, then?" she asks, before shifting her attention to the child. "Hello Kar'Tracyn. It's been too long. How's my favorite nephew?" she coos at him, reaching out to stroke the child's hair and cheek - assuming the Mandalorian guardian allows her to do so.

"You'd be ever so lucky..." murmurs the 'Krayt dragon' out the side of her mouth but doesn't get to elaborate because Naome's turning about with pleasentries. It's time for the General to behave. What was that thing Malik had said about her fangs?

Where have they gone?

"I'm sure your civilian guests will receive a much warmer welcome than we did." Ooooooooh, there's a pointed tip. But no more. "This here is Hadrix, of clan Kora. He moonlights as a drinkware craftsman." A lovely set of pearly whites too fresh and perfect looking to be her own biological set flashes with the briefest of grins. An expert imitation of mirth twinkles in her eyes. And suddenly, there is a datapad in her hand, preparing to make the transfer.

"In all seriousness, I hope that the refugees needn't consider the swamp home for too long. To uproot the Em--nemy Order" (totally almost called it the Empire) "is a daunting task indeed, but it is one our effort moves relentlessly toward. Exegol scattered some dark little seeds to complicate the war, but we'll peck them out. One by one." Generation after generation. It will never end. She knows this. "So! To whom do I send the funds?" A little wag of datapad. "Is there a foundation name on account?"

"It is our pleasure to serve." Septima gives a smile to Naome. Then she's heading back towards where she had left Mekil and Greeysyn. The appearance of the General gives her a moments pause though. Septima gives a quiet greeting to Ambrosia and a smile to the General. But she isn't in much of a talkative mood this evening. She does let Mekil take her elbow and lead her back towards their seat a fresh water handed over as she settles back in. Apparently the Senator was observing things from afar this evening.

Xeria does allow it, as Lahni seems familiar with a child and this place seems safe enough. <"I... have no clan,"> she replies. <"Hadrix has been helping me. He's been a very good friend, and the first I made after I left Mandalore.">

"Oh." Lahni sounds surprised, and perhaps a bit puzzled by that. But perhaps it isn't the best thing to inquire about. "Well. He must trust you implicitly, if he'd leave you with Kar," she remarks warmly, giving the boy another gentle caress, before turning her attention to the little nerf toy he's sucking on. "Did you papa get you a new toy? What a lucky little fellow you are," she practically sings in her melodic voice.

And then towards Xeria again, "It's good of you to come and support the cause tonight. It's so heartwarming to see just how many people care about the unfortunate people of the lower levels of Coruscant."

Walking over to where Lahni is, Karas sees she is talking with someone ahead of him. "Hello." he says to them both. "Sorry to intrude, just wanted to say hello to you Lahni, I enjoyed your song." he smiles. He does give a bow of his head to them both.

Naome is amused by the General's fangs, and she laughs politely. "Well, I hold out hope that none of our new guests have weapons of mass destruction that they wish to keep nearby. It would not match our tulips." Naome sips her wine, glancing at Ambrosia with dark eyes over the brim of her fancy flute glass. When she has finished, she lowers it again. Listening contentedly, Naome nods along with what the General has to say.

"It is our hope that some resolution might surface, and something can be done to help those in Coruscant. I hold out hope for diplomacy, but there are those who demand action. Should it result to violence, I hope it is brief and decisive for the sake of everyone."

Her gaze lowers to the General's datapad, and she replies. "You may send it to the: Beacon of Hope charity, General. Thank you again for your generosity."

Elrych Cometburn continues to stand where he is, arms inside his sleeves. He tried not to look awkward while watching Naome but it's kind of hard not to. Don't stare more than four seconds, check... inspect some sand near by... check... wait patiently like any Jedi would to speak with a politician.... check? Either way, he's waiting quietly, keeping an eye one things... because you know... snipers can't take care of it all.

Kar waves his nerf still at Lahni and babbles happily. Joyalorian baby begins trying to bop her and Xeria alternately now, silver and gray eyes shining. The child really is just... ridiculously good natured. Practically the opposite of his father's generally brusque and gruff manner.

Hadrix remains where he is, introduced but not addressed. A black stained statue with stripes of geometric patterned gold. Even the hand holding the skull mug is statuesque while the big man looms. Not a stripe of exposed skin and armed to the teeth - even if the safe-tie straps are snapped down over those items that can be.

He's calm though, for now. The old anger chained up tight and locked away screaming. He hasn't fired a gun or thrown a punch in -days-. He might be going for a record.

Xeria looks Karas over, keeping a firm but gentle grip on Kar out of instinct. <"Your song was beautiful,"> she agrees. <"I am no stranger to helping the people society forgets. I used to locate war orphans back home, and either return them to their clans or find new families for them.">

"Pardon me," Naome says softly to Hadrix, then smiles. "I am Naome." Her free hand rises up and offers a dainty clasp in greeting (should he take it.) "I received your generous donation earlier. Let me be the first to offer my heartfelt thanks for your generosity, sir." Naome studies the Mandalorian in his beskar'gam, but she seems to have no familiarity with it, the designs, or any of the symbols on it. Mandalorians are rarely seen in the Chommell sector it seems.

"Did you?" Lahni asks. "What a marvelously generous thing to undertake. Thank you for saving their lives." Her tone seems genuinely warm as her left hand touches her chest again, and she nods her head towards Xeria. "No wonder Hadrix trusts you with his child."

Her attention shifts to Karas next, who is greeted with a nod and a smile. "Thank you - I think a good deal of the credit goes to Mister Kordall who gave me such a lovely piece of music to work with."

"Did you?" Lahni asks. "What a marvelously generous thing to undertake. Thank you for saving their lives." Her tone seems genuinely warm as her left hand touches her chest again, and she nods her head towards Xeria. "No wonder Hadrix trusts you with his child."

Her attention shifts to Karas next, who is greeted with a nod and a smile. "Thank you - I think a good deal of the credit goes to Mister Kordall who gave me such a lovely piece of music to work with."

"There are many who share in your hopes, Senator. So hold fast." There's a subtle shift in Ambrosia's squint upon the Senator, as if the eyes mean to convey something that just....just isn't quite there. Softness, like beauty, is only skin deep. "It's done." The transfer, not the war, goddesses be damned. A few punches to the screen sends the credits off from her famililial business funds (and the kids' inheritance) to charity. "And I'll get out of your hair. You kids have fun." The lightest of touches go to Naome's sleeve and Hadrix's pauldron before she fades back into the crowd, drifting toward the water's edge.

Is it too late for a swim? He smiles and he takes a moment to look at all three people near him. "I'm sorry everyone, my name is Karas, how're you all doing?" he asks towards Xeria and Kar. He looks to Lahni and smiles and nods his head. "I heard that music, it was pretty nice and your voice adding to it, made it even better Lahni." he says to her. He looks to the otehr two, "I can go, you were here before me." he smiles.

Palm to wrist, as if preparing to pull Naome onto a drop ship or from the ground in the field. <"People need homes."> simple reasoning from the soldier and Hadrix releases the senator's hand, head turning to Greystorm when she moves off, <"Ret'urcye mhi."> Maybe we'll meet again. Plan Besh to Krayt Dragon.

But his visor is back on the Naboo after that is said, <"I'd request for free travel of the clans in Chommell sector space - specifically to Rori. Most of the civilians aren't much for self defense until you get to those who escaped the underhives and canyon slums. If they could even afford or could stow away on passage. There are creatures that hunt back - I want to take expeditions for some of the more dangerous ones, clear the colony borders of potential danger while testing mettle against the worst Rori can throw at us. The donation was a show of good faith and is not conditional - it remains for Beacon Station regardless of your decision.">

The skull is lifted and straw moved beneath his helmet for more of the black ale to be sipped down, passed the three quarter mark.

Elrych was not far away from Hadrix and Naome. Just a number of steps really. The Jedi was a good listener, adept and eavesdropping during his days as a scally wag on Corellia and traveling the Trade Routs scamming people out of hard earned sabbacc pots with his drunk of a father. He was in no way Naome's body guard but there seemed to be an air of 'protection' about the Jedi when she started to speak with the Mandalorian. What ever reason that may be. He listened in on what they were talking about, brows raising slightly. "Herm... pay for play." said softly to himself. He didn't think Mandalorians descrete enough for politics. He was proven wrong.

The reason question is, what would the Senator say in return…

"Thank you, General. Be well."

Naome pulls her hand back to rest it against her lower back once more. While wearing the colors of the Royal Starfighter Corps, Naome shows the poise of military discipline, something you might see from a commissioned officer.

She listens quietly to Hadrix's request clearly pondering it. When a moment passes, she responds. "I have no authority to stop your travel here, Hadrix of Clan Kora. So long as you, and the clans, are peaceful and follow laws; I see no reason for concern. If it is rights for hunting you seek, because I know first hand about the lizardlions of Rori, then you need only get a hunting license from the Governor's office there on Rori. For your generosity, I will send an aide to .. expedite.. this process. The fewer distractions our construction crews have, the better." Speaking of the swamp creatures and predators.

"To the other matter; of security I presume..I would ask that you coordinate with the Royal Security Forces. We have laws we must follow, and immunity is not something I can provide. That comes from our Queen."

Naome spies Elrych nearby, and she lifts her free hand to wave at the Jedi, gesturing that he come join them. She shifts, her weight going from one side to the other, and her booted feet adjust, scraping sand over the smooth pavement.

<"Nor was immunity expected. But this is New Republic space - not the rim. I appreciate the motion to have things expedited. If there are additional fees, I will cover them. None of donation is to be used for such. Refugee services only."> Honest to a fault maybe, but honest. Hadrix nods, looking to Amber and then back to Naome, a long silence while he gathers words.

<"As for security, Beacon Outpost will be notified of Mando'ade in the territory and why. We're not raiders or pirates. Just out for a challenge and a little time in the muck and mud to come back with skins and meat. Maybe even do a little trade or drop off surplus."> the grin back in his voice, <"We travel light."> if armed for Kell Dragon.

At last his gaze lands on Elrych again, turned slightly at the waist and his visor focused on the Jetii she motions to.

Elrych raises his brows at the Senator's responce. It seemed factual and about within the means of which she could actually help. A nod of approval and impressment was given, that look clear on his face with his down turned lips. Not a frown, however. He gave Jess that look a lot.

Though he did not expect her to wave him over. Blinking a couple times, he looks left, and then right, before slowly approaching her and the Mandalorian. His lightsaber was obscured by his cloak but one could be assured that no Jedi would travel without one.

"I did not expect you to come out of that cockpit. When were you planning on telling me you could give me a run for my credits behind the stick?" Asks the Jedi as he closes the distance between him and the Senator. A hand goes lightly to her back as he leand down and gives her a light freidnly peck on the cheek. That's how they did it on Naboo right? He didn't know... he forgot to ask Aryn before he left.

Just as quick as the greeting came it went, the Jedi not regarding the Mandalorian once again, though he just gives a nod to the large armored man.

Xeria shakes her head to Karas. <"You don't need to go. It's not a secret meeting,"> she tells him. <"My name is Xeria. This is Kar'Tracyn."> She indicates the 8-month-old boy in her arms with a little bounce. "It's just a friendly chat," Lahni agrees with Xeria, before adding, "Though I've only just met the woman. It's always lovely to meet new people - doubly so if they have the trust of Hadrix."

Her attention shifts to Karas as she adds, "Thank you for coming today to support this important cause. It's very moving to see how many people are willing to help with the plight of the people of the lower levels of Coruscant."

"There is no harm in training in the mud and going for a good hunt. You may encounter some Gungan warriors there. They are friendly, and eager to teach. Seek them out and they might show you the way of the swamps. You will find no finer friends." Naome shares, smiling. "I am certain that our new guests will celebrate the generosity of your surplus. Fresh catch cooks fine over fire." She gestures toward the cooking pits nearby that are doing JUST that!

Music has started back up nearby, and it's an exotic beat from a Gungan group. They begin to cha-cha a bit, kicking their big feet out at different intervals.

Elrych's approach is met with a familiar look. When he pecks a kiss to her cheek, she touches the warm spot with a gloved hand to hide a bit of red that surfaced.

"It never came up in conversation," She defended, amused. "Forgive me," She says to Hadrix, "This is Mr. Elrych Cometburn of the Jedi Order. Elrych, Hadrix of Clan Kora." She raises her wine for a sip.

"It does feel good to see so many people who want to do what they can to help us." he says as he looks to Lahni. He looks at her for a long moment then to Xeria, "Oh, oh!" he says as eh looks at the baby in her arms. He smiles. "Nice to meet you both." he says as he looks to Xeria and Kar, "How many months is he?" he asks Xeria.

<"Eight, Hadrix tells me,"> Xeria answers. <"I didn't get to see many this small before.">

<"I've seen that one at Carida, possibly elsewhere."> a slight nod to Elrych before the red glow in his visor flicks to show he's watching the gungans. <"Anyone who fights droids with atlatl and spears have to be a good mix of too brave for their own good and the right amount of crazy."> watching the floppy people galivanting.

The baby gurgles and clutches his nerf to his chest, babbling happily - as if knowing he was the center of attention there in Xeria's arms. Staring at Karas for a moment with big eyes blinking rapidly.

Meanwhile the Massive Mandalorian looms, gaze fixing between Naboo and Corellian, <"You hunt, jetii?"> his own mind going to the corridors of his ship at the starport, carpeted in furs and walls lined with skulls of various type, like some barbarian warlord's drinking hall.

"Well... we're definatly going ot have to run my nugget loop together sometime then... speaking of which I need to get the second one organized. It's almost that time of the Cycle." Elrych says smirking as she blushes ever so slightly. He looks her over, "And you look good in a uniform... who woulda thought." He laughs, giving her more of a warm and genuine smile. Not many people got that.

As she introduces Handrix, Elrych looks towards the Mandalorian... "I think we've met... or at least done operations together once or twice but... Yeah, I don't think we've ever properly been introduced." Brows raise at the question before the Jedi smirks. "Well in fact I do. Survival is a skill all JEdi are taught early on. It's a core value of an initiate. Hunting is part of that. I've trapped, hunted, gutted and prepared many large and small game. Especially on Rori and Ajara when I was with the resistance." He pauses before adding, "Occasionally I will go to the game reserve on Chandrilla if Vhe is wanting some game meet for what ever it is she's cooking."

"Time flies, and he'll grow up to a marvelous warrior - strong and proud," Lahni remarks. "When is your bedtime, young man? Not yet, hmm? One of the joys of traveling the galaxy..." You can never judge 'bedtime' by the position of the sun. There's no telling how the boy's internal clock is running, other than that he seems wide awake.

<"He sleeps when he is tired,"> Xeria says. No edge to her voice, just stating a fact. <"And when he sleeps, he sleeps well. He's a good boy. Karas, you spend much time with children?">

"If time permits," Naome answers. "I serve in the Royal Reserve; it is not a skill I often showcase. My arena is in the Senate chambers." She doesn't decline the notion of doing the nugget loop race, but she puts the disclaimer out there that she's not a full-time starpilot. "Thank you. I am rather fond of this uniform. While not my usual style, it serves." Naome touches a side of her heavy coat tenderly, clearly enjoying the color tones of it as evidenced by her subtle smile.

When their talk goes to the hunt, Naome glances up. "May I excuse myself, gentlemen? I wish to get another glass of wine. I dare not interrupt the possibility of a joint hunt!"

He smiles as Lahni speaks to the baby, "No. I don't." he says to Xeria. "I wanted a family but things haven't really bene right and honestly I've not had a date or anything in years." he says being honest.

"I don't have a family of my own - maybe some day," Lahni remarks. "For now... I have my nephew," she nods her head towards Kar'Tracyn, "And a niece. I haven't met my niece yet. But I should, soon, when they arrive from Coruscant. She's already a year and a half old, and I've missed so much."

<"Of course, Senator. Thank you for your time, I appreciate your assistance with my request as well."> bowing his head towards Naome, <"Stay alive."> more traditional farewells.

<"I have passage into the Shadowlands on Kashyyyk, I suppose you're not much a hand for else than that jetii'kad, but if you know how to use bow, spear, crossbow or long-gun, you might find an interesting challenge. Kkorrwrot are particularly challenging. Though keep your wits, if a Terentatek catches wind of you, they'll come hunting. They eat your kind first."> Hadrix's head turns again, towards Xeria and where she is attending his boy.

<"Something about your hooboo-jooboo sets them drooling... Like a Wampa when they sense warmth on the ice fields."> still grinnining in the depths of his helmet, friendly tone despite the notes <"Tyrius's swamps too. Keep you on your toes. Greystorm and The Naboo have means to contact me. If you're on for a hunt - or to fight a war. I can be reached."> another long pause, and he's focused like an akk-dog sizing up another predator in the dantooine fields. <"There's one on Dxun. Maybe you could learn some tactics for your fight with Ren and the Order. More than what you can glean with Kylo marching in your ranks now."> -that- being a name that causes the man to boil. Rage like a star being born burning at his core to such that one might feel the heat off of him.

"Ahhh there it is." Elrych says, his coy smirk returns, and a wink offered towards the Nubian. "I got ya. Well, we can at least fo for a cruise sometime." A compromise it is, Elrych could totally politic.

"You go ahead." He says to Naome, reaching a hand out to touch her wrist in a warm fashion. "I'm going to head back to my ship. I hope my donation helps. If you need anything, for /any/ project. Please let me know. There is so /so/ much more where that came from." The Jedi chuckles with another sly grin, letting her go.

"I have been to Kashyyyk many times." Elrych offers Hadrix with raised brows after watching Naome go. "Well, yes. The Terentatek use force sense to hunt their pray. It would only be natural. However, many of our order, including myself are close to masters of Force Masking. In example, we had to keep our presence scarce during the years the First Order reined over most of the Galaxy. It was imparative that no Knight of Ren discover we were force sensative. Tarentatek work much in the same fashion as that."

"I've clashed with creatures from Duxun before. Some of the creatures from that planet jumped into Onderonian lands when the atmosphers merged as they do with their orbit. It was an interesting experiance."

At the mention of Ben he chuckles and smiles, "I have my own way of Dealing is Malik. I prefer to kill him with Kindness. It's something I don't think anyone has tried really." He shrugs and starts to pass the Mandalorian on his way to his ship. "I'll let you know for sure if I feel I need a hunt. Let me know if you need any Force related services." A raised hand in good by before he turns his head to focus on where he steps.

Xeria nods her head as both of those she converses with answer. <"You have time,"> she says to Karas. For Lahni though, she has a question: <"How did you come to call this boy 'nephew'? Is it because you and Hadrix are close?">

"Yes, of course. Thank you, Elrych. I appreciate your generosity, and I know these funds will serve a lot of people in need of help." Naome grins when he squeezes her wrist, and bows her head to both. "Be well, my friends. Many moons." She says to honor her Goddess, Shiraya.

Turning from the Mando and Jedi, Naome steps across the pavement and toward the trio: Karas, Lahni, and Xeria. After pausing for a 'reload' on wine, she arrived to greet them all. "Good evening, friends."

"I know I do." he tells her. He stretches out and give a little yawn. "I'm sorry ladies and little one, I need to be going." he says to the three. "I'm about to head out, I will see you all soon. Please stay safe and just enjoy the rest of the evening." he smiles to them. He turns and begins to leave.

Xeria quietly nods to Karas as he makes to depart, then turns to the newcomer. Once more she reflexively adjusts the way she holds Kar in her arms, then looks to Lahni for introductions in addition to her answer.

Cocky, for certain. The corellian reveals too many of his ways. Further mention of Malik brings a pang of sorts, anger doused with a bucket of cold water over it. The crossing was familiar as well, on Dxun - he'd considered taking a trip over when the atmospheres joined, via jetpack. Neither here nor there now - months to wait before the next. Time enough for a high altitude insertion.

He's moving again though, to where Xeria is and his demeanor changes - body language shifting as he realizes he's now following Naome unintentionally. It's no matter as he crouches some to be 'face to face' with the child - seemingly ignorant of any space issues as he comes in to let the boy grab his helmet, touching his armored brow to the child's.

<"Ad'ika Kar... ba'vodu'laaran striilir'gar?"> the last long string of Mando'a said as he looks to Lahni while a gauntleted hand strokes hair from the child's face. <"Lahni, I see you."> using one of the nerf plush's paws to bop the boy's laughing face.

<"Xeria, I will need to go back to the ship soon - to take care of some business. But don't make me force your path - or if you wish to keep Kar with you while you enjoy the planet.">

"It was a whim on Hadrix's part, I think," Lahni answers, letting out a quiet laugh. "We hardly knew each other. I was at a particularly low point - not knowing it my family was alive or not, and every babe I saw made me think of Ameera, and the fact that I hadn't met her - and may have lost my chance. He let me hold Kar, and I sang him to sleep. And Hadrix declared me the boy's Aunt. I said he was made to declare such a thing, of someone he'd barely met, but... he said he knew he could trust me with Kar'Tracyn. And that was that."

She smiles at the boy through most of the story, then looks to Xeria as she adds, "Ameera is fine, thankfully, and coming to Chandrila soon. I can't wait to meet her. And someday I'll introduce her to Kar'Tracyn. Perhaps they'll grow to be friends."

Lahni nods to Karas as he prepares to leave, a friendly and polite smile on her features. "Thank you again for coming tonight."

As Naome approaches, her attention shifts once more, the fingers of her left hand touching her chest as she nods her head. "Good evening. Has it been a success? Or will we not know for a while yet?" Gesturing she adds, "May I introduce Xeria, and Kar'Tracyn?" indicating the mandalorian woman, and young child in turn. Xeria, this is Senator Naome Naberrie of Naboo."

"I see you as well, Hadrix. I hope you're well."

"Many, many moons, my friends and well met: Xeria and Kar'Tracyn." Naome manages a small 'finger-wave' to the lad, her glove making a soft ticking of tension that leather was notorious for. She giggles watching the interaction of the child with its father.

Lowering her hand to return it to the small of her back, Naome addressed Lahni. "I daresay your performance opened everyone's heart. I have not seen the numbers just yet, but I know we will have more than enough to serve those in need. A tremendous success!" Naome smiled enthusiastically.

Xeria nods when she was introduced. <"Xeria Ures'Aliit,"> she says. <"Well met, Senator."> Turning her head to look at Hadrix she says, <"When he gets tired or hungry I'll bring him back.">

<"Safe to assume your goal was met, Senator. There was a lot of movement to your polls."> Hadrix notes, giving one more light touch to Kar's little shoulder before he lets the child grab his hand and tug at it. <"I offer combat training as well. I expect your republic's armed services will offer the same for the colonists. Help them learn to defend themselves. No concrete jungle to be familiar with now."> a nod to Xeria and Lahni next,

<"Stay alive."> stated simply before he addresses Xeria directly, <"You carry my heart in your arms, guard him well. The ship will be open to you and ready when you are."> and then he is off, making for clearer space, with no others within an arms reach around him, jetpack igniting and casting him to the sky on wings of fire.

"That is kind of you to say," Lahni answers, looking both pleased and embarrassed. "It honestly wasn't my best performance. I was momentarily overwhelmed, thinking of what my father must have gone through." And she'd thought she'd gotten over that reaction in her rehersals. "But if I was any help, I'm glad. There are so many in need..."

She watches Hadrix move away - having never seen a jetpack in use before, then shifts her attention once more and, with the boy's father having seemingly vouched for her, finally asks the question she daren't ask to someone who she'd only just met. "Might I hold him for a while?" She holds out open hands towards the child.

Xeria considers Lahni's request for a moment, looking down at the child in her arms. <"Hadrix declared you his aunt,"> she says finally before gently passing Kar to her.

Naome watches the Mandalorian jetpack away and is temperarily taken back to another time. She watches him for a few moments, sipping the wine. When the sound of the rocketpack is gone, Naome shifts her attention to Lahni. Her expression softens. "You are too hard on yourself. You performed wonderfully, and you made a tremendous impact." Stepping back, Naome bids parting, "I hope you both enjoy your evenings. Xeria and Lahni." The Senator dipped her chin in a nod, smiled when she looked back up and stepped off to mingle with some of the other guests.