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Battle Plans

OOC Date: April 3, 2021
Location: CRS Pantheon
Participants: Ambrosia Greystorm, Tallissan Lintra, Lofty, Septima Carnine, Callax Dalso, New Republic

On board the CRS PANTHEON: 

This room serves as both a briefing room for the dedicated army units of the cruiser as well as an additional training annex. The room is a dwarf compared to the shared gymnasium, but that does not at all disrupt its usefulness.

The foreward wall houses the faux rockface used for climbing exercises and conditioning. The flooring beneath the 'rocks' is padded for safety. Opposite of this wall is a line of lockers meant to be used casually by the army. Between these two structures is a large square of mats used for hand-to-hand sparring. Safety equipment is kept on hand for the heavier contact. At the back of the room is a large ovaline table surrounded by cushioned chairs.

The tabletop is transparent, assumably unbreakable plexi. At the center of the table is a small projection device used to create holoimages pertaining to the briefing at hand. There is a large viewport to accent the room, giving a gorgeous view of space.

[ Ambrosia Greystorm (Amber)]

Munto Codru has been won, though the cost was substantial, and none felt that cost moreso than the local Codru-Ji. Players are in motion to pick up the pieces left by the marauding armies and restore some sense of order to Codru Capital. The wilderness will heal its own scars and in time, the ruins of old castles will be once again buried beneath healthy vegetation. The bulk of the Republic Army has withdrawn from Codru, leaving only a skeletal public relations crew and handful of handy fixers to assist with initial rebuild. It might seem like a cold turning of shoulder, but there is a larger problem growing on the horizon that requires their full attention.


Tonight's small assembly of commanders and squad leaders, senior officers and operations chiefs has been summoned to one of the Pantheon's conference rooms. It just so happens to be a dual-purpose space, as is made evident by the plethora of training gear, lockers, and a rock wall, of all things. The General has sequestered to the opposing side, pacing idly between the viewport and her chair - one of many at the oval table. In the center of this transparent table, a holo communication is already underway. Either that, or a small, ghostly Senator is haunting the room.

[ Lofty (L)]

Former MCPO Lofty, the big white Talz, is now lending his talents to civilian militias that augment the Republic's fledgling forces. His white wool is extra puffy in the excessive humidity of the Mon Calamari cruiser. He jumped to Naboo before the meeting, obtaining boxes of donuts and pastries from his favorite Adegan-style bakery. The boxes are on the side table and include Trammistan chocolate, muja fruit-filled, Yowvetch custard-filled, Dynamo pink lemonade glaze with a candied Roonan lemon quarter on top, cake iced with dark matter sprinkles, fluffy Christophsian powdered sugar, and glazed oi-oi berry-filled donuts; and pastries such as flaky fried cronuts with Corellian apple compôte filling, Seaflower petal purée viennoiseries, Rainbow berry puff pastries, and a Rylothian chou à la crème pastry ball stuffed with purple whipped cream. Lofty takes the pastry ball and starts slurping out the purple whipped cream with his proboscis as he sits.

[ Tallie Lintra (tal)]

Before entering the room Tallissan Lintra tugs at the hem of her dark grey dress uniform; it fits but had taken an extra twenty minutes getting the fold creases out from it having lain in her locker for so long. In one pocket, she carries a data stick loaded with her research on the upcoming mission - Rogue Squadron's first significant entry into the Corellian System for years. After finger pressing a wisp of blonde hair escaped from the braids that wrap her head, she takes a deep breath and enters the room to take her place at the oval table.

With a nod to each of the participants, she pulls out a chair and settles into place. A faint smile tugs one corner of her mouth at the rich display of pastries. Not waiting on an invitation, she grabs a cronut filled with Corellian apple - a fitting dessert considering their objective and slides it onto a plate.

[ Septima Carnine (Sep)]

Septima might have been a ghost either way. She's been very quiet with things as of late and helping where she could. She is flickering on the holo-screen and seems to be content to just be quiet and listen while she does paperwork. Aletris is seated off to the side in the holo and looks to be as bored as a robot guardian dog can be when not in things.

[ Ambrosia Greystorm (Amber)]

"My thanks, Senator Carnine, for your attendance, I promise I won't keep you long." Ambrosia turns back from the viewport to witness those arriving and paying /double/ glance to Lofty's special delivery. Eyelids drop to half mast, chin lowered to fix a stare over the Talz that says she isn't surprised, nor impressed, but...her hawkish eyes do pass a reconnassaince sweep over the pastries, fleeting as it is. Might be she's marking one for her own consumption. Later.

"Among your peers, you are one of the few who don't shy away from grunt labor and appear to have capable enough hands. Would you consider lending your experience and sympathetic ear to the reconstruction committee? Codru Capital and its people face a daunting task for many months to come."

Greystorm offers a nod to Tallie and others as they come and bows just a bit lower to take her own seat.

[ Lofty (L)]

Lofty slurps more purple cream through his snoot. Though he does chortle at the suggestion of Septima, a sitting Senator, doing backbreaking construction work. But maybe the hologram won't notice it.

[ Tallie Lintra (tal)]

The pastry Tallie had laid claim to sits in sticky resplendence on her plate. General Greystorm might be eyeing the assortment brought by the Talz but she had thought to claim hers before making the presentation of Rogue's proposed entry into the Corellian system. The cronut glistens with sugar, calling to her which she studiously ignores.

[ Septima Carnine (Sep)]

Septima gives a smile to Ambrosia, "I don't mind sitting in at all. And if we can help more senate wise just let us know, General." the brunette says from the holo-com. She doesn't look miffed to be here and she's generally quiet as they talk on their plans. She's just waiting if people need to ask her anything.

[ Callax Dalso (Cax)]

Quietly, smalling of the void and ozone and flowers, Callax slips into the briefing room without a word - well, not without being addressed, at least. A brief smile for the assembly, they walk past the table, picking up a pair of pastries from Lofty's usual truckload, and approach the pacing general to wordlessly offer her them, held up as if offering her some great cosmic choice. Only one, mortal, from the smiling spirit of blood and screaming engines: Trammistan chocolate or Yowvetch custard. Quirks one brow at her as if daring her to refuse. Because Callax so very rarely knows their place, save for to be...insistent. Like a cat, or a pushy aunt. But usuall - usually - only when they know they can get away with it.


[ Septima Carnine (Sep)]

Septima also adds, "I'd be happy to help with a reconstruction committee." she states.

[ Ambrosia Greystorm (Amber)]

"Our rangers have been spending a great deal of time planetside and should be able to provide an estimate of damages for the Republic to...mull over." Maybe not pay out a credit, who knows, it's not /really/ General Greystorm's area of expertise. Which is why she's pawned it off on Septima. See!? She can take care of things.

"I uh.." A glance up at the approaching sugar overload. Also pastries. Her brow furrows just a touch. Then back at the table itself with a deep breath like she's resetting her focus at the comm station and projector's controls. "I'm going to attempt to adjust your eh...your 'seat' assignment here, Senator, bear with me.." *cough* This could go poorly. Trammistan chocolate, or Yowvetch custard!?

Yowvetch custard, of course.

After a bit of second guessing the dials and buttons, she succeeds in redirecting the beam and shifts Septima off to the side AND plucks some Yowvetch from Callax's grasp. "Now that that's sorted..." She finishes her sit at last and nods to the whole of those gathered. "Let us move on to the main event. I understand Rogue Squadron has flown some reconnaissance. What've you got, Commander Lintra?"

[ Tallie Lintra (tal)]

Tallie slides the data stick out of her pocket then rises to slot it into the projector socket in the center of the table next to the criminally sweet pastries.

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice. Rogue has sent in pilots to scan the system several times with a priority on FO ships in orbit and FO patrol routines around the potential targets." An enlarged image of the Corellian system in 3D appears with ships and major stations marked in orange.

"The FO, as most of you know, wants Corellia for keeps. Four RSDs are in system: Watchman, Striker, Sunspear, and Subjugation. They rotate between the most valuable assets: Center Point station, the CEC Shipyard, and the Selonian Shipyard." With a flick of her hand, Tallie highlights the CEC Shipyard. The image enlarges, showing them the elegant structure, a multi-storied tower surrounded by multiple storied pie-shaped wedges capable of docking or building RSD-sized craft as well as smaller craft. ada14f4346dbd5589f45f88d18a266df.jpg "Our target. The image doesn't do justice to its scale. But, just because it is large doesn't mean that it doesn't have its weaknesses."

"As you can see, the complex is shielded. We propose doing a pinpoint hyperjump that will bring us into ion torpedo range too short for them to respond and take the torpedoes out. At the same time, we will torp the RSD that is on watch duty, slowing their response time while Black Squadron does its magic." Tallie nods in Poe's direction.

[ Lofty (L)]

Lofty slurps the purple cream out of his overly large doughy puff ball and leaves the ball to eat for later. That's how he eats cream puffs. When Tallie is called on, the alien Talz turns his four pairs of eyes on her, and then her three-dimensional briefing construct. "That very big," he toots through his snoot at the shielded complex in space.

[ Septima Carnine (Sep)]

Septima pays attention to what happens, her eyes going over the information that Tallie and Ambrosia gives on the situation. She remains quiet in the moment, absorbing everything that she can as it comes across. She's also just here to observe and offer guidance where she can with diplomatic matters.

[ Callax Dalso (Cax)]

Having thus dispensed nutrition to Dear Leader, Callax takes a seat at the table - crossing their legs and settling back, taking a bite from the pastry and chewing as Tallie lays out her plan. "Sounds fun," they say in their musical contralto, lips tugged slightly into a smirk. "Who'll be doing what?"

[ Ambrosia Greystorm (Amber)]

Ambrosia sinks her teeth into that custard while staring down the image of formidable station security. It is as Tallissan says - the key to entry is to take down the shield. And to do that, they've got to get in close and not be blown up. Easy, no?

No, but they need that shipyard, dammit.

"A dual strike - CEC and Station - will scramble their defenses but with the element of surprise...we'll have the window of opportunity." Ambrosia nods and puts the pastry down. Leans back in her chair to look at the assembled pilots. "If we can tie up their fighters, the Army can make a push for orbit, tuck into atmo and out of the immediate fray. We won't have long, so it'll have to be a substantial force. Enough to hold our own on ground until reinforcements can be escorted through. But. I'll get to that in a minute. Circling back to the shipyard..."

Ambrosia stands and leans forward, pivoting the image for a different perspective. "Special Forces will hit the decks, make initial breach. They'll be followed in by a sweeper squad to assist with subduing any resistance on board."

[ Lofty (L)]

Lofty blinks his four eyes, first the upper two, then the lower pair. "Many Empire troops on station. We have to take fast. Many Empire troops on Corellia. But Empire send reinforcement from Coruscant fast. Very hard fight." He wipes some of the whipped cream from his proboscis with a paw, but now his white paw is stained purple.

[ Tallie Lintra (tal)]

"I leave the station sweep in the Special Forces capable hands."

A ghost of a smile sparkles in Tallie's eyes as she dips her head to Callax.

"As the General says, we will be taking maximum advantage of the pandemonium we hope to sow. Rogue is taking in three squadrons, B-Wings and X-Wings, which will be divided between the CEC Yard, the RSD in residence, and any TIE fighters that are scrambled. We are planning the strike on the RSD as patrols arrive and the next shift is leaving." She turns toward the image, makes a gesture to enlarge the image to include an RSD floating to one side of the station. "If our timing is right, we will shut down the majority of TIEs catching them in the hangar." She adds, grimly, eyes narrowing, "Shades of the Raddus."

[ Ambrosia Greystorm (Amber)]

A faint smile touches grumpy Greystorm's lips as she listens from atop a fingersteeple propping her chin. "Shades of the Raddus..." she echoes quietly, staring at the RSD. "It buys us time before the inevitable reinforcement that Lofty speaks of." A hand angles in the Talz's direction. "Our fleet will have much to contend with - ground forces, too, once they realized we've sunk our claws in and the orbital bombardments won't be far behind."

[ Tallie Lintra (tal)]

"All the gods of the underworld will be unloosed when we hit the system," Tallie, rocking in place with her hands behind her back, agrees solemnly, with an undernote of glee. "Once the General's forces are down, and Special Forces are into the Shipyard, we hyper out. Another Squadron will be flying cover for the General. The point is to make ourselves elusive. Of course," she looks at each of the participants around the table, "we will be on maximum alert at all New Republic strongpoints for retaliatory strikes."

The young commander falls silent for a moment contemplating the holo image, "May the Force be with us."

[ Ambrosia Greystorm (Amber)]

"It's stuck around these forty-some years..." The old rebel at table pushes up from her seat and contemplates another bite of the Yowvetch custard. The urge has passed, evidently. She waggles her own datachit at the table and bobs a nod at Commander Lintra. "If I may?"

Ambrosia makes the swap and once more, the glowing orb of Corellia is rotating on display, awaiting adjustment. "This will not be a battle shortly won. It will be /many/ battles, /hard/ won, if we are to do so at all. Our newly minted Caridan troops will be reinforcing our existing regiments, but the most favorable card in our deck is, quite simply, the Corellian."

A rarely seen glint of something is a'twinkle in the General's eye. Anyone who knows her knows that they /don't/ know where it is in the vast Universe she claims origins. If she herself knows, she's never said. When she fell into cahoots with rebel pilot Kort Garret 30 years ago, she had plenty of that Corellian pride pushed upon her, so maybe some leached through, these past few decades. Osmosis.

"I know my cautionary tale to young troops is to leave their heart behind. Think with their brain. Forget emotion, just focus on /sense/...but I know that for as many of us who once called Corellia home, I'd just be wasting my breath and Force knows what breath I've got left in me has been on borrowed time." Silvery wisps dance in the stillness of the air, softer, lighter than the golden locks they infiltrate around her bowing head. Her hands work in unison to zoom in on the Northern continent and display a topographical map, set with a multitude of markers and names.

"Suffice to say, it's our /passion/ that's seen us this far through the last few years and I /know/ that the same holds true now. We haven't got overwhelming numbers, but /dammit/ we've got a planet full of the most bull-headed people you will ever meet." A pause and look up with a tiny smirk upon her lips. "Present company notwithstanding."

[ Tallie Lintra (tal)]

Tallie raises her cronut like a drink to salute the General. "To all bullheaded people of the New Republic everywhere!"

[ Septima Carnine (Sep)]

Septima gives a soft smile to things and there's a nod, "It seems like a very solid plan. I hope that things will go smoothly." she comments. "And I will reach out to those I need to for rebuilding." she states after things have been said.

[ Ambrosia Greystorm (Amber)]

Ambrosia lifts a hand, pastry-less and is about to quip a little something in return but a little voice and blue shimmer nearby catch her seemingly off guard. A half turn sends a peer in the hologram's direction like she'd forgotten it was there, so intent was her focus on Corellia. Her hand lowers, gestures aside to Septima's phantom form. "Many thanks, Senator. I know the citizens of Munto Codru are appreciative of any help we can offer."

And Ambrosia is appreciative that she no longer has to read their memos.

"As I was um...this." A redirecting point to the oscillating continent. "There are several military bases, bunkers, factories, and other key infrastructure in need of securing. Possibly REsecuring, if the Order has already made themselves at home. After a great deal of deliberation, I'm keen to strike here, first," her fingers manipulate the visual to zoom in on "Bindreg Hills, more specifically the 'Rhaler Bastion' range that they...foothill for." Is foothill a verb? It is now. "There is an old Rebel Alliance base, hidden within the mountain, and not far from that are not one, but two droid factories." 'Not far' being a relative term, when looking at the vastness of the continent, of course. "We secure this base, we get the shields online, and all our assets are protected. Only way for the Order to penetrate then is to come up the same steep slopes, more or less on foot. From this point, we'll have easy access to the grav-train - southward - toward the cities of Tyrena and Coronet. The push for Coronet likely will not occur until we've substantially more territories secured under our control to the north."

She swipes a hand across the control screen and the image of the mountainous range spins out, replaced by a westward panning of terrain. "From Rhaler we'd have an easy push west across Denendre Valley to the Nomad Mountains and within that, Doaba Guerfel. A few lesser desireable locations lie further north from there, also south, near Malal, Bela Vistal, Vreni Island...."

There are so many.

"First things first, of course. If we can capture one. This one, for instance," back to Bindreg Hills, "we will have a safe launch point for future campaigns. All of these cities, these resort towns have sympathizing cells more than ready to fight and die to kick the unwelcomed authorities off their backs. Also, there are the Corellian Rangers, still clinging to existance underground. Essie Lyle, if any of you /would/ remember her, has reached out. Just yesterday, in fact. She will remain our contact to access the Corellian Ranger hideouts. Subterranean, the lot of them. The Selonian tunnels may prove to be a boon or a death trap, unsure as of now but there's time yet to probe the waters. SO."

Ambrosia straightens out and folds her arms over chest. "More details to come on that, for concerning parties. For now, I suggest we adjourn, brief your corresponding departments and crew, and get this war machine moving to Corellia soon as she's ready." One hand snakes downward and out to retrieve her half eaten pastry. "Unless there are further questions at this time, I will thank you all for attending and Commander Lintra for her presentation. And I...." she eyes a glob of custard oozing forth, onto palm. Damn Lofty. "Need to send a transmission. There's a certain old rebel I feel may want to dust off his wings."