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River side assault of a key Dam

OOC Date: July 25, 2020
Location: Ressl River, Carida
Participants: Vhe Tenara, Ban Iskender, Lorcan, Jessika Pava, Elrych Cometburn, Hadrix Kora, Bizz Bliptettjupp, Yuun, Ben Solo, Aryn Cole as GM

<<"This is Commander Ciena Ree of the Pathfinders. You're deploying along the Ressl River bank. There is a power structure in the water that is a part of the river's dam. Rogues have just smashed it up enough that air defenses are down, and the main structure is half submerged. A unique opportunity to wipe out the power in the region and allow the Pathfinder lines to move forward. Send word when the task is done. Ree, out.">>

Everyone finds themselves in the small flight of U-Wing transports. Side doors are open, and guns manned by Republic troopers. Hot night air rushes in, making it difficult to hear over the rush of air and engines. The flight circles slowly over a 5km wide river where a central structure that bisects the water, is on fire. White troopers dot the waters, swimming to the western bank and abandoning the structure's defenses.

The U-wings draw in their large wings just as ruby colored lances of laser light angles toward the sky, decorating their landing zone with heavily inaccurate fire. Landing skids deploy, the ships set down in a barely-touching hover fashion, and the green lights come on in the personnel holds signaling that it's time to deploy to the beach.

Offset by 100m from the bank, our heroes are able to deploy with a measure of comfort, but their objective lay ahead, marked by a horizon of flames afloat upon the river, with waterlogged stormtroopers wading to shore worn out by swimming, but encouraged by their sergeants to find some form of discipline in this imbroglio.

Vhe is amongst the assembled on the U-Wings and as the doors open she braces, her head ducking a little as the wild hair held in a tight braid from scalp to mid back sways and whips about. Her eyes narrow and lashes lower to protect her further as she grips and reaches for her stunsaber to keep the weapon at hand should it be needed. When they finally get the chance to step off she follows the others, the usual sleeveless teal tunic finally settling as they slow.

Boots hit the ground and she rolls back her shoulders as she glances to the others, a quick movement of her thumb finds the saber jumping to life in white seering life. She feels it, letting the weight settle into her hand as she lifts her attention to the wading troopers. Her expression goes a little stony before she steps forward and starts her approach.

Ban Iskender is attired in heavy, pale grey battle armor, the green bladed saber with its swept hilt is ignited as soon as he disembarks the transport. Green eyes scan the field, noting the waterlogged and exhausted swimtroopers with a flat, "I do hope those can be persuaded to surrender," with a tone far more dry than anything wearing white armor. The power station that sits central in the river pulls his eye, however. That is the objective.

Not the first time the circlet of horns atop the tanned visage that identified the male Zabrak mercenary, has sat beside the Republic trooper's helmets. Yet the strictly indifferent countenance, did bear the subtle signs of uneasiness in hostile zone of importance beyond credits. A paycheck is a paycheck for the towering, broad man however, and therefore Lorcan awaits silently, mostly ignoring chatter if any within his transport, bearing a rather bland, cheap set of S1 Cinnigar armor.

As touch-down neared, his gloved palm turned to his waist, brushing over a makeshift leather holster - instinctively checking. With momentum suddenly halted and with swift maneuvers avoiding anti-air weaponry, the Zabrak rose to his feet, as many others beside him did - disembarking the minute the shade of dark grass lit the cramped interior. Hopping off, the large, grizzled hired gun flicked his holster open, removing the firearm, all whilst maintaining professional trigger-discipline, particularly when the safety switched off with a yank of his thumb. With troops and officers flooding the beach to exploit the advantageous circumstances, Lorcan turned to regroup with his temporary comrades.

Major Jessika Pava sits on the deck of the U-Wing transport she's in, legs out the door and hovering over nothing but open air as the craft moves in towards its landing zone. Her right hand is twined about the grip of her BlasTech A280 Blaster Rifle, putting pressure on the stock of the weapon and causing a minor pull near her right shoulder where it's attached by a single-point buckle to a sling around her body. Her gloved index finger rests along the trigger guard, and her left hand has hold of one of the straps near the doorway for the added security of not slipping out to her death. There are no last minute checks from her. She squared away her equipment prior to boarding and went condition one the second they took off from their launch point.

As soon as the U-Wing sets down, Jessika disembarks in a crouch and moves rapidly a couple of dozen meters from it. Right knee down into the dirt, booted foot extended so that the tip is angled away, not tucked into the ground, and her left goes up so her left arm has a place to brace her elbow. Her gloved hand takes up a spot underneath the barrel just forward of the powercell well, allowing her to put added pressure on the stock as it's tucked into the pocket of her shoulder. She scans for targets and any immediate danger to the dust off taking place. Unlike a few of the landing troops, all she's got are her eyes and the special helmet cueing display to help her locate hostiles. "Don't count on them surrendering. I wouldn't, anyway." Jessika doesn't seem too upset at the idea that they might not.

Elrych hops off the U-Wing not long after Vhe. He had just gotten aboard the U-wing as it was taking off having been apart of the air mission previously. He likely smelled and barely had the time to strip off his flight suit ato expose the corellian Jedi robes beneath. his lightsaber was scooped up into his hand but not yet activated. "Okay... here we go... again." HSweat still hung on his brow from the previous engagment, his wits still about him.

Door open and boots on the ground, the lone mandalorian among the force was stationary long enough to examine his surroundings and then begin moving towards objective points. <<"Kora moving for position. Advise if fire support is needed.">> voice growling over comms while he walks. Movement measured - heavy strides as opposed to rapid movement. Fast movement attracts attention.

Antiquated E-11 pulled from hip holster and carried by pistol grip, the Big Man's HUD begins to bracket, identifying potential targets, feeding targeting data while also 'jump' telemetry begins scrolling whilst he focuses on the central station, where power needs to be knocked out.

<"Detaching"> smooth voiced, Gripper 'falls' out of her saddle on his back, off of his jetpack and floats on anti-gravs, legs dropping and opticals scouting the area. Keeping at his flank, just above shoulder height, trying to scout the area with him as they make their approach. <"Where are we again?"> <"Carida"> <"We should track down the old academy, see if they've anything interesting."> <"Later.">

Brother Bizz lands with the strike team, his holy robes flapping to reveal a set of specialist armor with thick duraplast plates underneath. He is following behind Ban Iskender. "Lord Bang, I feel that THE FORCE is with us!" The Jedhan monk raises his bow and nocks an energized arrow into the glowing charging string.

Yuun had been healing after the last battle on Carida, but after his bacta treatment and having honestly left the fleet to take some time to himself. Yuun finds himself disembarking off one of the U-Wings. He wasn't on any with the other Jedi, he was with some of the other troopers. The dark-skinned Jedi Initiate rolls his shoulders and scans the area as he sees the members getting into what formations they are supposed to be in.

He keeps himself towards the middle. The night air hits him and he closes his eyes and releases a breath. He then moves from where he is so that he can get a better view of the area and where they are going, not really speaking to anyone and from teh looks of things keeping his distance.

The ride had been tense for one of the passengers, a man in fairly ordinary black clothing with a pale face and a tall stature. Ben Solo had given a perfunctory explanation of "Rey sent me" to the Republic troops manning the U-wing in order to board, and evidently that had been enough, for now at least.

As the troop transport sets down, he slips out from a seat near the back where he'd been quiet and withdrawn for the flight in, hoping to escape the notice of most until the fighting was too close to begin a debate about his presence there. A hand fishes out the silver cylinder worn on his belt behind the SE-14 on his thigh.

"They're not trained for surrender. They're trained to fight to the last man." Evidently he agrees with Jessika, following along short of the lead position, boots leaving marked impressions in the sandy soil. "Whether their training is /effective/ or not has always been a subject of some debate," Ben adds with the trace of a frown, "but generally they do what you'd expect them to do."

<"HOLD THE LINE!"> One Lieutenant screams, his voice loud but hardly the battlehardened grizzled tone the Sergeants use while manhandling their troopers, shoving them into idle defense position. <"GET ON LINE!"> One Sergeant screamed, moving down the bank where fallen dead trees and drift wood creates a tangle for footwork to navigate, but provides some measure of cover.

The line opens fire just as Republic troopers break the treeline at the foot of the ridge, and blaster fire erupts from both sides. Our heroes have come in at the southern most position along the western bank, leaving 200m of waterlogged stormtrooper infested bank to cross in order to reach the dam, and the great causeway that bisects the water.

THIRTY (30) WATERLOGGED TROOPS lay ahead, still amidst of setting up their hasty defense. A green troop points toward the trees at the sudden manifestation of glowing swords. <"ENEMIES IN THE TREELINE! AMBUSH! TO ARMS! TO AR--"> The fearful trooper is struck by a tall Sergeant and tossed behind cover with a growl from the sufficiently armored trooper. <"Shut up! GET ON LINE, AND SHOOT EVERYTHING THAT MOVES!"> The Sergeant growled. <"WE HOLD THIS LINE! I'LL SHOOT ANY TROOPER WHO TRIES TO RUN AWAY. FIGHT!">

Vhe glances down the line at the others who give their view of how the troopers will react to their enemies. A nod is given as the young initiate jedi quickens her steps. She begins to run forward then, covering distance as their position is noted. She can't close that distance to use the stunsaber and thus her tanned hand is thrust forward, fingers splayed wide to draw upon the Force. She stops, skidding slowly across the ground as the wave unseen slams heavily into a group of five troopers.

White armor glints and glistens covered in water as they are flung head over heels backwards to lands and forced to slog their way back towards the group. It means the others pass her quickly enough and she is begins to lower her arm, deep amber eyes focusing on those that remain and then a quick look about their surrroundings just in case.

Ban Iskender quips evenly to Jessika's comment, "Unlike the bouyant enemy, I will not hold my breath, Major," acceding to the unliklihood of surrender. When greeted by the Ugnaut in Monk's robes, the young nobleman answers with patience and the knowledge that this is not a nickname he's going to escape, "I daresay we shall soon see proof of such, brother Bliptettjupp." Ben Solo draws a short sidelong look. "I have met enough defectors to know that there are exceptions, sir."

As the alarm is raised and blaster fire breaks out, Ban raises his sword vertically in a sharp salute and starts into a sprint, warding off fire as he charges the Stormtrooper sergeant. The three blindingly swift blows are emphatic, and the body of the swiftly slain sergeant lands four seperate times. "Surrender and be spared!" he advises any others within earshot. "You cannot win this fight."

Lorcan spares no time pushing his immense figure through the ranks of miscellaneous troops, though minding to not actually barge them - for once. His dark combat boots leave a sporadic line of tracks that takes form accordingly to rising chaos of battle; "Doubt they can even catch their breath to notice their Sarge." - the Zabrak offered in his booming, dominant tone that naturally spread through the grounds.

With a finger against the trigger, his right arm rises and guides accurately through allied obstacles that ebb and flow through his aim, finding a clearing for two crimson shots in rapid succesion that stalk past individuals faster than him, to pierce through the center of mass of one of the hopeless militarymen, the second finding way through vital organs enough to ensure his demise. Finding no pleasure nor satisfaction in this conflict, the stone-faced mercenary presses further on to close distance and keep up with the Republic troops.

Once dust off is complete, Jessika moves into a high-ready stance and proceeds forward, ensuring that each step she takes is a step where the soles of her boots are just skimming the surface of the ground. This ensures she can maintain eyes-forward and not eyes-down while moving through the dense foliage of the forest. Rather than burst out onto the open beach, Jessika is quick to take up position behind the thick trunk of one of the trees right on the edge. There's no sense in strolling out into the open so that the hostile troops can use her for target practice. The display on the visor of her helmet is lit up with the targeting information of every blaster rifle oriented in her general direction and discharging deadly beams of frozen gas into the area.

<"Strike Six to Command. We've engaged targets on the beach approximately two hundred meters from the facility."> While the rest talk among themselves, Jessika relays information to the relay that'll send up information to the cruiser in orbit. Finding a target among the numerous to pick, she ensures her is well away from the Jedi wading into the enemy. No need for blue on blue fire. Reticle inside her scope aligned with the center mass of one of the troopers preventing them from a nice stroll on the beach, Jessika exhales until she reaches that natural pause between that action and inhaling. The weight of her finger on the trigger is a squeeze, not a pull, and when the blaster rifle barks, there's almost no time at all between the discharge and the hole that's punched into the hostile on the other end of her sights.

Elrych ignights his saber as they break the treeline, it humming to life in a hungry squeel. He rushes forwards, much like Ban and lashes out with the blade. It burns and scores through white armor, putting down two of the troopers. Cold eyes glance to the others as the battle erupts. "That's funny." He mentions, "We got a few to give it up on Sullust..." A shrug is given before his defenses raise once more.

And it begins. Stormtroopers. There's a pang deep in the Mountain Mandalorian when he watches them begin to fly, get chopped aside, blasted. He wasn't near but he agreed with Solo all the same. They do what they're built to do, and most often they do it to their own destruction.

Dead men and women. Most of them not even human anymore, even if they'd be given the chance. Some though, like Ban is speaking and Hadrix cannot hear him - some might take the chance. The pang again. Guilt and something else coming forth; fury. Old friend - cutting through the fog as he hunches and begins moving at a jog - carbine lifted and the trademark SHU-CHEW! SHU-CHEW-CHEW! speaks to the destruction of the man, a bolt in the chest and through the neck,

<<"Hadrix, Strike Lead - it's a walking line defense, they'll begin firing in ranks before they fire and advance, try to gain ground and limit ours while making for cover. Like walking artillery - much smaller scale. Advise inverted chevron advance to encircle and force their fire in three directions and break concentration.">> If at least one man in the mix is listening - he'll know why the big soldier knows what he knows - still striding down the beach with cape billowing out behind him.

Brother Bizz's stumpy legs carry him behind the much taller Jedi and other troops, cresting the hill with his bow at the ready. Seeing stormtroopers on the beach, he knows what must be done. Bizz raises his bow and fires an arrow which streaks like an orange comet toward the First Order troopers. It strikes one and explodes with a fantastic THUUUUUUUUUM. "For Jedhaaaaaaaa!"

Yuun is quiet as he runs, his lightsaber hilt is in a reverse grip hold in his right hand. Running along with the others, but using cover to keep his profile from being seen so easily, his blade ignited but behind him. He hears the blaster fire raining in between their squad and the Stormtroopers. He didn't want to attack, having heard Ban give them a chance to surrender. He hoped some of them would surrender but if they didn't then this is a fight and they will be defeated. His focus is shakie again but it's better then when he was her the last time.

"Hence the debate," Ben replies to Ban. His thumb brushes over the activator of the lightsaber in his hand, eying the line of stormtroopers from his peripheral while he looks down at the unlit weapon. Eyes lift and scan the Republic forces as if he's looking for someone, but a blaster bolt sails close by his head and snaps his attention back around to the enemy, and the blade of his lightsaber along with it.

Rather than the unstable red, it's a fiery orange. Rather than fighting on that side, now he's on this one. But here alone, "It feels like nothing's changed."

A hand punches out with sudden resolve, the fingers outspread, palm facing the stormtroopers. Three are bowled over by an invisible battering ram that dashes the armored fighters back into the river, their size and abnormal shape catching on the surface tension and creating huge sprays of foam before they finally slow and sink.

<"THE SARGE IS DOWN!"> One trooper screamed before some unseen force cast him back. The line was already crumbling, and those not aware of what was happened memorialized the Sergeant's orders to hold the line. Troopers remained defiant against the New Republic forces, holding their ground as training dictated, and probably because Sarge might haunt them if they run!

Further down the line, the fight is still raging, troopers from both sides fall and it's become a bit of a chaotic melee. Troopers both Republic and First Order bash each other into the ground or fire devastating shots at point blank. The wounded and dying scream in between the blasts of discharging weapons, and distant explosions are suddenly dwarfed as the scream of a TIE/fo passes by overhead, getting chased by an A-Wing that roars after them.

<<"Command copies, Strike Six. Keep us advised.">>

The bolt that catches her more out of surprise than anything as she was in motion to move. Clipped against her left side, the robes begin to smoke and smolder, the fabric crisping back and embers flaking off as the skin beneath blisters and bubbles. Its a sickening smell that sets her off balance as she cries out in distress. Gritting her teeth as she nearly topples to a knee, she reaches out again, keeping her distance from the dancing blades of her fellow Jedi and from the range of friendly blaster fire.

The Force thrums and moves with her will to grasp at one close trooper in particular. She narrows her gaze and with a sharp turn of her fingers she spins the unsuspecting trooper backwards, easily done in the water as he fires upon his own squadmate instead of at her comrades. Hissing through her teeth yet, she sways, cheeks a bit red as she stays where she is, stunsaber pointed towards the embankment as she spreads her stance to bolster her position.

Ban Iskender answers Hadrix over comms, in the midst of a whirlwind of swordplay; a lunging thrust to one side, turning into a skinning slash to the other and recovered into another thrust that sees three troops felled. <<Noted. The enemy center is collapsing.>>

A whizz of red snakes its way through rows of men and women, slamming suddenly into the running Zabrak; turning his chest lightly and halting his momentum, nearly causing a trooper of the Republic behind him to crash into him. The sensation was far from pleasant, yet it was ever so faint with adrenaline and the spirit of the battle in his blood, lifting his firearm to fire upon the rough source, and therefore guess of the hostile that struck him. Yet his balance still recovering, the shot goes wide and into the direction of the dam, before another shot sends the First Order's trooper to recover, giving Lorcan the chance to continue advancing.

Glancing over his broad shoulder however, his dark hazel gaze peer noticed the cunning play from Vhe, recognising the marks of a blast, "You too? Nice trick." - he offered light-heartedly, despite the situation, succeeding on with his attention setting dead-pan onto the falling ranks of the opponent's side; one he truly held no genuine hatred for.

<"Strike Six to Hadrix. I have no operational control here. This strike team is made up of mercenaries and Jedi. I'm just here to report on fulfilled objectives. Line troopers have their own command structure."> She's not an infantry officer, much less an operational commander. Her experience is in the clandestine, and while she understands the tactics he's explained, it's not her jurisdiction. Jessika's not even sure there exists any legal precedent to give orders to a Jedi at the moment. She doesn't mention she has some options on hand. If the need was great enough, she could coordinate close air support or maybe even get the slick-haired flyboy up there where she can't see to put some powerful shots from that big, beautiful cruiser into a target.

What it boils down to is a conglomerate of cooperative forces heading for the facility. If anything, Jessika's relying on them to get her there so she can let command know when it's safe to send specialists in to scour the installation for any intelligence. She's also here as a volunteer. She doesn't like being left out of a fight. "THROW DOWN YOUR WEAPONS AND SURRENDER!" There's no need to go over the encrypted channel for this one. Mustering an authoritative tone for the shout at the troopers, Jessika hopes to drive the point home with another shot from her blaster rifle. It superheats the water some distance behind her target, fizzling out into nothing in the process. No one noticed she missed, probably. Probably. She's missed once or twice before. There's lots of blaster fire.

Elrych can sense the bolt slam into Vhe. He turns sharply to look towards her but that intense blue gaze turns to the trooper who had fired upon her. Eyes narrow, "Hey!" he shouts, starting towards the white clad enemy. Though, Vhe enacts her own form of justice as he's flewn about with her command over the force. He would have stopped to look back at her again except two more of the troopers were upon him. His blade moves with a swiftness that only a river through a gorge could eminate, cascading across the rocky crags and slowly erroding away deeper into the earth. His cuts were deep and precise, finely tuned lie that of a surgeon. Arms seperated from body and plasteel weapons clattered against the ground. The ffell before him as he stood on the embankment his breaths even and controlled.

A blasterbolt skims across the round of his helmet, boiling paint and leaving exposed beskar. The kinetics of the strike enough to jostle his head but when the second bolt comes his way Hadrix lurches to the side. A short hop to land him into a sideways roll before his jets flare, dragging him up and cutting to put him back on his feet.

<<"Copy, Dragoon.">> sand and burnt foliage dropping from his armor in rills of dry debris whilst he continues to assess. <<"Engaging in recon for next stage. Strike command - feeding data, stand by.">> Another reason for Gripper who begins a relay with her better communication systems.

Into the air on his jets again, night and low-light vision engaging to take in what he can see, to relay it to the others before he's killed outright by the sheer number he's about to see.

<<"Thirty units, four additional long range. Maintaining position on two klick causeway, they're lining for defensive operations. I'm spotted. Will likely need medivac.">>

Bizz advances down the beach and fires again! THUUUUUUUUUM goes the energy bow's projectile, but it lands harmlessly in the water with a mighty spume. "Just mercenaries and Jedi?! What an offensive thing to say. These Republicans," he mumbles, hearing snatches of comm chatter from a spheroid comlink on his bandolier.

Yuun had moved away from the group of mercs and Jedi keeping at a distance from the group, though it appears a few Stormtroopers spotted him and fired on him. He leaps and flips over on and as he lands he charges towards another blaster bolt that is fired at him. He drops to his knees and leans backwards sliding underneath the red energy bolt then without missing a beat hops to his feet and continues running.

As he nears the troopers, Yuun spins in towards the first trooper he sees but misses his attack. He re-adjusts his grip and slashe through the troopers partner. He feels another trooper turning to fire and he backflips over another trooper and stabs them through the chest. His movements aren't where they used to be, and he shakes his head, "Stop thinking about them." he says. Looking to teh downed troopers, "Go with the Force." he says as he quickly regains his composure and goes into a guarded stance as he begins breaking away from the melee to reposition himself.

Ben doesn't have a comm unit. Ben has a lightsaber.

He hits the line of stormtroopers at a dead run, chopping through the first one at the waist before he even starts to slow down. A blaster bolt sizzles past his ear, but he ignores it, letting the momentum of the swing carry him towards the next trooper. The saber hilt sticks at his waist and then plunges forward, skewering a combatant through the chest. The fiery blade crackles and spits on the other side of the backplate, with Ben carrying the weight of the body for a moment before dumping it off to the ground. A quick hand plucks the hilt from the corpse in a false grip and jabs it behind him to halt the trooper charging his blindspot.

Straightening up, the big man heaves a deep breath, looking around at the scene of unmitigated carnage, brushing his hair out of his eyes.

The fighting on the bank has become onesided. Green troopers begin to flee when their veteran NCOs and Officers are cut down, shot down, or beaten into the sand. Those wounded, are left there screaming for now, and those dying begin to find their peace, looking up at the sky until it washes out..

The causeway to the dam is open, and troopers from the Republic begin to amass, waiting for the spearhead of Jedi, mercenaries, and soldiers to take point. Much like Commander Hadrix had reported, 2km of narrow causeway are littered with barricades and troopers prepared for battle.

THIRTY (30) Dam Troopers wait nervously with a stick of guardian angels (4) on the higher level of the Dam overseeing them with heavy sniper rifles. Those with optics on their helm can see the IR contrails as they seek out targets from a distance.

Lorcan's vote of confidence for her choice in return fire gets a nod. "We do what we must," she remarks before she is watching Hadrix fly overhead and is drawn to watch Elrych as she begins to pick her way forward. The ease with which she moved before is not so apparent now, favoring the wound in her left side as she pulls at the tunic to try to keep it from aggravating the area. Swallowing heavily she reaches out again with the force - at a much greater distance this time and feels it come up short.

Not enough, just barely and she feels the focus wane as she sucks in a breath through her teeth. She shakes her head, trying to gather her focus once more as the stunsaber remains at her side, flickering white and unused.

Ban Iskender is the first to charge across the causeway and come to close quarters with the enemy barricade. Once again, his green sword is raised in a deft salute before turning toward defe see during his run, and just as swiftly to the offensive when near enough.

The growing pulsing, stinging sensation in Lorcan's forearm irritates his concentration as he continues to rush through with the lightly thinned flock of troops, his dark gaze noticing a trooper fall, though only by himself, rather than any fire nor strike. His minor wound causes his second blast to go wide again, even whilst the first red projectile finds way into the leg of a single rook in the formation of the dam. At one point, noting the familiar Mandalorian rising into the air, the Zabrak parts his lips to mutter, "Damned Mandalorians, always wanting to go out dramatically."

With the beach cleared, Jessika's able to move up from the treeline and onto it proper. It's a trade from one location to the next spot of cover, because while the beach is cleared, there's still a long stretch between and securing the facility. There are two immediate problems, and of those two, one is a far more imminent threat than the other. Between the data fed to her by Gripper and the Mandalorian, and the software of her visor's HUD, Jessika knows they're facing down a significant marksman presence. Lowering her rifle as she gets into cover, Jessika begins corellating all this information while assessing a datapad pulled from a pouch on her gear. Between the visual information from the sky and the information from the ground, she pieces it all together.

<"Blade Two, this is Strike Six, requesting immediate air strike. Target is located at grid one-one-five-eight-one-tree. Target position will be marked by laser designator." Stowing the datapad back into her gear, Jessika pulls a pair of what looks like macrobinoculars from another. Lifting them to in front of her visor, it integrates. Equipment indicated on, Jessika depresses a button on the top, which triggers another signal on the macrobinocular's display to indicate that the laser is active. She settles it on the location of the overwatch adopted by the snipers seeking to both cover their own troopers and to eliminate hers with extreme prejudice. One had put a solid enough shot on the advancing Hadrix already.

Elrych hops over a few obsticals, hoping from one foot to the other with no problem before landing on the causway next to Ban. his humming blade rises and there is a moment before he grits his teeth, takes a breath, and charges forward. The blade cuts deep into white armor, bringing down three of the troopers guarding the dam in quick succession.

A black and purple form streaking through the sky, illuminated in a meteor shower as plasma bolts begin to streak around him. Fortune was on his side, blaster bolts strike and are turned away or simply blacken against durasteel or beskar. Some sail past in the deluge of fire and propelled crystal fragments. Coherent light and ionized gases ignited carrying fragments to shred and rend.

Home. A terrible home. But the first and most recognized he's ever known.

<<"Hit. Still functional. Medical assistance will be required.">> The report comes after the first strike burns into the plate and disbursal weave of his chest armor - forcing him to arrest his flight, descending like a missile towards cover points. Free hand on his chest, as if rubbing it will help. Instincts

<<"That was a bad idea.">> <<"Shut up Gripper.">> <<"Going to get yourself killed.">> Gripper snorts over their private comms <"Shut. Up. Gri-HAHRGH"> Hadrix's canned response is cut off when the next blast takes him over his heart, the impact of the bolt cutting out his breath and slamming him into dirt with an impact bloom of soil erupting around him. A black and purple form streaking through the sky, illuminated in a meteor shower as plasma bolts begin to streak around him. Fortune was on his side, blaster bolts strike and are turned away or simply blacken against durasteel or beskar. Some sail past in the deluge of fire and propelled crystal fragments. Coherent light and ionized gases ignited carrying fragments to shred and rend.

Home. A terrible home. But the first and most recognized he's ever known.

<<"Hit. Still functional. Medical assistance will be required.">> The report comes after the first strike burns into the plate and disbursal weave of his chest armor - forcing him to arrest his flight, descending like a missile towards cover points. Free hand on his chest, as if rubbing it will help. Instincts

<<"That was a bad idea.">> <<"Shut up Gripper.">> <<"Going to get yourself killed.">> Gripper snorts over their private comms <"Shut. Up. Gri-HAHRGH"> Hadrix's canned response is cut off when the next blast takes him over his heart, the impact of the bolt cutting out his breath and slamming him into dirt with an impact bloom of soil erupting around him, a smoky haze of soil as Hadrix rises, a silver sphere pulled from his hip and thumb pressing the activator as he begins to move forward.

No fear. Fear was for the enemy. Fear and Detonators.

When the explosion comes it swallows sound and a sun is born, a glorious beacon making the air scream as moisture is vaporized and silhouettes are burned where the surface can handle them. The rage of a people who adopted a man who was often called a war machine. A murder machine. But only the names Kora or Mandalorian mattered to him. Destruction of the enemy, or destruction of their holdfast, or naught at all. His reply to their declaration of his death was answered.

<<"Overkill..."> <<"Shut up, Gripper.">>

Bizz presses a button on his bow and it telescopes back into a small thin baton which is inserted into his belt. He takes a small uneti-wood walking stick from his back as they approach the causeway, and the squat Ugnaught presses a hidden button, causing stun vanes to pop out and electrify. "Charge! For Jedhaaaa!" The small monk runs and barrels into one dam stormtrooper, knocking him aside with the Charging Wampa. A second trooper is blasted off the side of the causeway by the force of Bizz's electrified baton and his Teras Kasi Gundark Slap.

Yuun makes it to where the others and he sees the final trooper get taken out. He lets out a breath. As they move ahead again Yuun moves away from the group of NR forces. He switches off his lightsaber for a moment, he moves around cover and crouches looking at the onset of Stormtroopers.

Yuun bows his head and sighs a little, even though his head is bowed he is aware of his surroundings. As they moved forward, Yuun moved swiftly, his eyes adapting to the darkness and the firing of blaster fire thats going back and forth. Leaping over some debris, hand planting the debris as he swings his legs over it and landing on the balls of his feet. Then off again he's running as he engages the Stormtroopers from the angle he's coming at them. His lightsaber flashes to life one of the Troopers see the glowing blade and rolls away. But as Yuun twirls his blade to his right he swings with a powerful horizontal slash cutting down two trooper who were turning to fire but their blaster rifles don't go off due to Yuun's blue glowing blade cutting through their plastoid armor. "I'm sorry, mom and dad, I'm on my way." he says and it may have been heard over his comms. His head shakes quickly as blaster fire rains in towards him.

Yuun's blade moves quickly as he begins deflecting blaster bolts away from him, but the barrage comes in faster. He dives to his left and rolls up on his feet. Instinctively he jumps over a group of troopers landing in front of Lorcan, his blue blade intercepts the incoming blaster fire that came in towards Lorcan sending the bolts back at both the troopers who fired on him. "I'm on my way, please wait on me." he says. He rushes towards the storm troopers.

As they make their way onto the causeway and the stormtroopers there open fire once again, Ben makes his way towards the front of the pack. His clothes are soaked with riverwater and sweat, and in the heat, steam rises off of him in faint waves. Persistent fingers push the unruly hair back away from his face.

As he reaches the edge of the group, his hand shoots forward again, this time in a fist, and as if by extension of that movement, the barricade hastily constructed in the middle of the causeway bows abruptly inward before splitting apart, showering the defenders with debris that knocks a pair of them skittering over the edge of the dam.

"Tell them to run," he suggests to Jessika, pausing to gather himself, smearing the back of his hand over his forehead. "It worked before. All we need to do is disable the..." What is it again? "The thing. The thing we're here for. You know the thing." His lightsaber gestures vaguely towards the objective. "I know the thing. That thing."

A thermal detonator lands on the causeway, and a green trooper looks over, and his visor eye-ports grew larger in that moment, somehow. <"Rekking.. DREK!"> He drops his rifle, taking hold of the explosive and casts it over the edge of the dam, singlehandedly saving his comrades from a devastating instant death.

The transmissions from Blade Two go to static as the thermo-mini nuclear explosive combusts along its descent to the river far below. A blinding white light expands and all sound is erased, replaced by the sudden manifestation of massive gusts of concussive winds that sweep over the dam. The explosion expands to the sky after sweeping outward in an arc, the light so bright it can be seen from orbit.

When the blast settles, and the ground stops shaking, and sounds return, its first to the noise of siren ringing. A blast, unprotected like that, would erase the ability to hear for a few moments. The light fades, and lights on the causeway begin to flicker as the fighting, paused for a moment, resumed and fire came in heavily.

<<"Strike Six, Blade Two.. We've confirm the marked target, but we see three other contrails from sniper sources. Positive ID established, we're engaging. Over.">> Blade Two is a U-Wing, which paves low over the water, cruising in at super-sonic speeds only to whip by overhead at a roar of engines, before gliding wide above the air to circle about. Wings open and a door slides to the side where a gunner inside sallies up to the emplacement and primes the rotary cannon. Using his helmet optics, he tracks the lazed target first, aligns the turret sight, then squeezes the trigger.

Sapphire blue lances of laser fire erupts from the side of the U-Wing, casting the ominous blue hue in the direction it impacts. The person behind the gun is grinning like an idiot as the turret produces a loud:


The first sniper nest is erased, and the craft shifts, moving in tandem with the gunner's aim as he begins to light up the others. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He screams, but it isn't heard over the loud repulsor engines or the valiant roar of a burping rotary cannon that's firing between a rapid and cyclic rate.

The fight continues.

Shot once! That is all Vhe apparently needs to be ready for the next volley that is cast her way. The Ysanna twists, lifting her stunsaber as she slides to the side and comes about in time to get out of the way of several other bolts that hiss as they hit the ground and thus begin to smoke. She catches her breath and with a rattled focus and reaches out, this time not to use the Force in a physical way but to try to scare off a trooper.

The connection is made but she fumbles through the motions, fighting the troopers will to only delay his attention and take down at least one gun in the moment - though not permanently.

The faint conversation that Yuun is having with some unseen relatives is noted, barely heard though the context utterly lost on her.

Ban Iskender recoils instinctively a split second before the thermal detonation, rocked back a half step, before his sword flashes in a swift series of parries, warding off a trio of blaster bolts, and staying off channels for several seconds, anticipating the fallout of the blast to be a formidable obstacle to communications. He hadn't anticipated enough if a disruption. Seeing Bizz charging into the melee before the blast, Ban steps to the diminutive Monk's assistance once his word have sloughed enough radiation to function, again. One stormtrooper has rifle and torso cut through in the same downward slash. A second trooper dodges back out of reach of Ban's second slash, but he reaches a third with a long stepping lunge, soot darkened green half-cape flaring with the sudden movement.

"Ah sh-..." Lorcan is a split second from hopelessly dashing at the bright light of doom heading his way, only to freeze as a figure suddenly swoops in before him and his hazel pupils dilate, the crimson bolts sent whooping back at their source by a Jedi he has yet to know of personally, "Damn! Thanks-..." - his speech drifts off as his dark brows furrow and his forehead forms canyons upon the tanned flesh, shaking his head at Yuun's ramblings. He lifts his right palm and fires off two blasts again, poised for a slouched, barely fighting trooper, taking him out of misery with the second shot that pierces the armor and ensures a swift death.

The effects of their coordinated efforts lead into one glorious display. Jessika hears the U-Wing before she sees it, and that's only because it passes their location on the way to strafe the indicated target. It's a cacophony of noise cutting through the air. Within moments, the view through the macrobinoculars turns from foliage into a display of blue turret fire obliterating the area she can see through her optics. Even this far away, she can hear it. She could see it with the naked eye, too, if she'd lower the designator. She doesn't. <"Blade Two, Strike Six. Target destroyed. Request repeat of last fire mission, marked by laser designator."> Even staying calm, it's hard to keep her voice neutral. Few people could stay stoic at that display. Adjusting the designator, Jessika highlights the area last indicated by the visor of her helmet, ensuring that the U-Wing's pilot and gunner are fed with the proper information necessary to eliminate the last threat in that area. She has no clue what else is going on around her. At the moment, her only focus is this.

Elrych dances his way out of the line of a few blaster shots, making his way eventually up to Hadrix's position. just in time as his Danger sense tingles. He twists his wrist and sends a bolt aimed for the large Mandalorian back to where it came from. Without any more preamble, elrych reaches out with the force. his hand clenches into a fist and pulls back. The air pressure around him condences and becomes almost unbearable. Ears might pop. then suddenly the throws his hand forward and it opens. A THUNDEROUS CRACK echos loudly through the area and an air blast rockets forth towards the enemy!

<"Vor entye, jetii"> The bolt meant for him turned away, Hadrix's duck arrested with his hand on the ground and his t-visor pointed towards Cometburn, he'd even give the man a hand on the shoulder if it wasn't a risk to distract him.

<<"Lucky">> <<"Stop.">> <<"She's going to put you through a wall.">> <<"Stop.">> <<"But then I bet you and her'll-">> <"Shut UP!"> The Mandalorian bellows as his blaster erupts again, one blast taking a trooper in the chest and driving him back like he was struck by a speeder. Looking more maniac than monster as he seemingly shouts at no one. Who needs to shut up?!

A second blast spins a trooper when his arm is struck, tipping him off balance and sending the poor bastard over the edge in a prolonged, fading scream. Hadrix, meanwhile is swiping one big gauntlet at Gripper, while the droid keeps out of range! How comic.

The effects of their coordinated efforts lead into one glorious display. Jessika hears the U-Wing before she sees it, and that's only because it passes their location on the way to strafe the indicated target. It's a cacophony of noise cutting through the air. Within moments, the view through the macrobinoculars turns from foliage into a display of blue turret fire obliterating the area she can see through her optics. Even this far away, she can hear it. She could see it with the naked eye, too, if she'd lower the designator. She doesn't. <"Blade Two, Strike Six. Target destroyed. Request repeat of last fire mission, marked by laser designator."> Even staying calm, it's hard to keep her voice neutral. Few people could stay stoic at that display. Adjusting the designator, Jessika highlights the area last indicated by the visor of her helmet, ensuring that the U-Wing's pilot and gunner are fed with the proper information necessary to eliminate the last threat in that area. She has no clue what else is going on around her. At the moment, her only focus is this. It would be, at least, if a deep voice from her side wasn't talking to her. Frowning behind the macrobinoculars, Jessika doesn't move them so much as slightly adjusts her chin to the side so her eyes can try to look in the direction of the voice. "What thing? We disabled the thing. It can't go underwater. They can't make it not go underwater more. Is that what you mean?"

Bizz does a low roll and comes up with his stunning walking stick crackling. He does a little leap and smashes a trooper off the causeway with a crackling BZZZZZ ZZZZZZ ZZZZZT of stun energy and the grace of the Shenbit Bonecrusher. Then the explosion happens! Bizz is thrown to the duracrete as the entire superstructure vibrates and a hot wind washes over them. "By the FORCE, what was that?!"

Sliding to a halt, before he can an explosion rocks the area and Yuun braces himself as he watches. He sees the U-Wings begin their runs, he backs away and brings his blade up to defend for now. There is still quite a few stormtroopers about. He slows his breathing, but his eyes do take in his surroundings and he waits for now, keeping their team protected for now.

Ben furrows his brow at Jessika, the battle raging in front of them forgotten for a moment. There's not much battle left, to be fair, Brother Bizz's zzzzt has seen to that. "What do you mean, it's already disabled? Then why are we here for the thing?" A hand waves out plaintively towards the other side of the dam that the Republic forces seem so intent on getting to. "I don't know what thing we're here for anymore." Fuming, he stalks forward towards the remaining stormtroopers and waves a dismissive hand at them. "You want to throw your weapons down and retreat."

The stormtroopers stare at him. Several take direct aim.

"I said, /you want to throw your weapons down,/ and retreat," Ben repeats, waving his hand a second time. "You're afraid of the Ugnaught." Wave. "I am too. It's understandable." Are the guns still pointing at him?

<<"Strike Six, Blade Two copies. Engaging.">>

Meanwhile, in the back hold of the U-Wing.


The final sniper nest is obliterated, and the U-Wing whips about for a final pass over, its pilot looking over the edge of the canopy glass to see down below. <<"Uhhh, Strike Six, Blade Two here.. Good effect on target. We have no visuals on any other targets at this time.. over.">>

Troopers on the cause-way have been brought down from a grand number to just a handful, and they're left looking at the group. One stands up, then another.-- THe other still hella confused from Vhe, then the two wounded beyond them. It's a staring contest before one of them tosses their rifle down. <"Rekk it. Take the damned thing."> Weapons lower from pointing at Ben, and the others, and are cast down too.

Republic troopers rush by the team then to begin the demo operations. A transmission goes out to Commander Ree, and her voice crackles over the comms.

<<"Good work strike teams. Get the grid down. Strike Six, we've got a pair of U-Wings coming to your location. A new priority mission. Ree out.">>