Log:No Fighting Before Lunch

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No Fighting Before Lunch

OOC Date: February 12 2018
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Dreman Bryce, Lioria Thrace, Luka Krante

The sun is out, or at least it makes its dying track behind the horizon unmolested by the rain. Adhar stands out under the last rays of it, awaiting whatever it is that men like him do. Hands on his sides, the young man witnesses the death of the day with mismatched eyes; one, dark and sparkling, if tired, and the other a cold lens of dark gray crystal that stares out from a durasteel appliance mounted into the right side of his skull. A ghost-pale pinpoint of light burns in the depths of that lens, a reversed pupil, giving him a stroke of coldness that even his youth seems to have difficulty resisting. Witnessing.

Emerging from the Blue Light cafe, the again-masked Bryce takes a moment to allow the one exposed eye to adjust in the sunlight. Then, he's tugging the robe back over his face to shield himself from it. Only a moment is taken before he's moving away from the Blue Light and whatever had happened within.

Lioria's probably not one of those people that looks like she belongs on Nar Shaddaa, but she's becoming a regular here. The white haired woman is dressed in red and black today. A bit of a stand out. She does notice Adhar and there's a wave given to the man, but her attention is quickly diverted to the man that's exited the Blue Light and she wasn't sure whether she should go see if everything was alright or not.

The sunlight in Bryce's eyes doesn't deter the partially masked man from continuing about his business. When his eyes spot the girl that had shot and stolen his ship, he pauses a moment to consider her. There would almost be a smirk, if not for the mask covering the lower portion of his face.

"You're not still mad at me for shooting you, are you?" Lioria asks Bryce when he does eventually spot her. She did make it easy with the hair. "I'm really surprised you came back to Nar Shaddaa." she adds with a smirk of her own. She's not wearing a mask, so hers can be seen.

"Now that the Resistance has fled Nar Shaddaa, why wouldn't I return? We're no enemies of the Hutts. Now, we can focus on rebuilding relationships with our allies. Nar Shaddaa is as good an ally as others," he says quietly.

Lioria's not pulled any weapons on Bryce, at least not at the moment. Though his mention of the Resistance being gone from Nar Shadda makes her look around for a moment. Then back to him, "I'm not giving you your ship back. If you managed to get off planet and back, you're perfectly fine without it." she tells him with a stiff nod of her head.

"What? Someone stealing things? Here on Nar Shadda, the honest moon?" Luka says as he moves up and butts in on the conversation with a grin to Lioria, "and people say I'm bad. Tsk."

"You'll see," Bryce says with a firm nod. "You'll answer for your slight in time. For now, I haven't had lunch yet. And I'm not looking to start a fight before lunch," he explains. The new individual Luka is given a moment's glance, as the dark, hooded figure with the partially concealed face considers him.

Lioria looks to Luka when she hears him come up into the conversation, "Don't think you're off the 'shooting' list either, Geff." she tells him in a teasing tone. "Probably safer in the Blue Light than out here right now though." she admits. For once. Then she looks back to Bryce and she nods, "Of course, wouldn't want you to upset the balance." she tells him. "I was just on my way to lunch as well." she nods to this.

"Lunch? If you're buying" Luka says to Lioria with a waggle of his brows. "Least you can do if you're going to shoot me after. Foreplay isn't free" he turns towards Bryce and flashes the man a grin, "People on Nar Shaddar tend to hold a grudge. must be something about the air. Better to just let it go and move on".

"I'll leave you to your lunch, then," Bryce says, offering a bit of a pointed stare for a moment. "Be careful you're not mistaken for sympathetic allies to the wrong friends," Bryce reminds the pair of them, before he begins to walk away.

"Gross, Luka." Lio states with a shake of her head. "That was not an invitation for anything related to foreplay." she tells him. "And is Hex going to punch you in the face if you go back in there?" she asks him. Then there's a look to Bryce as he addresses them and she gives him a dip of her head, "Have a good lunch, Mister Bryce." she tells him. Then with a huff of irritation the woman turns with a swirl of black and red skirts and heads into the Blue Light. Something about Bryce just got to her.