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Nobles with Noble Intentions

OOC Date: August 11, 2019
Location: Hapes Cluster
Participants: Eriu Jynx, Sumi Kora

GBT Kyber Heart, Hyperspace enroute to Hapes Cluster

This area is, in its standard incarnation, little more than a cargo hold. Gray durasteel plating on the floors and bulkheads. Where crew bunks and cargo storage attachments used to be, prisoner cells now reside. Six total cubicles with shielded front walls are where Bounty Hunters can store criminals that they have detained. Three on one side of the cargo hold, three on the other facing one another. Each is large enough for an adult male wookiee to sit or stand inside of.

At the aft of the cargo hold is dominated by a large ramp that lifts up and down to let crew board as well as cargo be hauled into the ship. At the fore of the hold is the durasteel hatch that leads into the Cockpit and right before reaching htis hatch is an access ladder that can be retracted into the floor/ceiling... this ladder gives access to the upper turret gun well.

The Kyber Heart had no heart to it. It was a cold ship, its design utilitarian, purposeful, and uncomfortable. Each cell, there were eight, was transparent with orange energy resistance barriers. When activated, they made a soft humming noise. Within the boundaries of each cell were basic amenities, a fresher for bio, and a cot with a pillow. The floor was warm at least, but the atmosphere was cold.

Across from Eriu's cell was a dull gray bulkhead. Upon it were some twenty-two Mandalorian helmets, each covered in dry blood and gore. Trophies? Perhaps. Eriu found herself restrained still, but her hands were oriented to her front. She wore a collar around her neck, warm now, but thick and restrictive. Her feet were bare, and she had nothing on her person that could constitute in aiding her escape. She had been searched thoroughly.

The stun had finally done its work, disoriented and out of place, EJ had passed out quickly enough upon nearing the ship. This of course made her captor's job easier. EJ finally starts to stir a bit, perhaps allowing herself to and denying the wish to see where she is. Resting on her cot in her cell, she starts to push up and finds it to be a bit trying with her hands restrained. Finally she swings her feet out and they settle bare upon the warm floor.

Slowly she pushes up and groans a bit. "Hey!" She says, but her voice croaks a moment and she swallows, fully understanding the collar about her neck. "Great. I love accessories," she says as her hands rise upwards, bound together to touch at it.

<"I can always remove more if you don't want accessories."> Spoke the Mandalorian who stepped into view. She is still in full beskar'gam, and no longer favoring her leg at all. She steps into full view and props her hands on her hips. <"How's your head? Still hurting? Your tummy?"> She gestured with one hand toward the Hapan's stomach region. <"You gave me a clean shot.">

"I said I love them, did I not? I just want to make sure the cuffs and collar match. I really hate to clash. If you are going to be captured why not do it in style?" The humor is there but its not exactly full swing confident. Honey colored eyes watch the Mandalorian for a moment. "I am fine." Nope, she's not. There are bruises and aches in places she didn't know she could bruise or ache. "Look, you obviously are listening to some house that is looking to wipe out mine. I have done nothing but exist and be born with the wrong name. Why don't we discuss how much they are paying you and I can likely pay more. Then we can end this business, get a drink and you can drop me back on Nar Shaddaa."

Eriu's attempt at fashion humor are lost on the warrior that 'seems' to stare at her. When it's apparent the warrior will not quip back, Eriu's topic changes. <"Lady Eriussa, I do not break contracts. You will be delivered to the Hapans. When that is done, my contract will be complete. Who knows, maybe they won't kill you. I could think of a few uses in keeping you alive. You Hapans are all so God damned pretty. Even your feet are pretty."> After making another gesture, she chuckles. <"I'm sure their intentions are good. They /are/ nobles.">

"Intentions? Nobles?" EJ laughs, it becomes a bit nervous at the end as she steps closer to the Mandalorian who obviously is not likely to harm her. She is likely wanted alive - likely. "Look...politics, intrigue, power of a house is what we do best. Pretty or not. They have scattered my family and those they could get their hands on likely killed. They want me to likely sign away my holdings so it looks official and be blamed for the deaths of my own family. Call me a traitor. And they will do it under torture and then end me when its all through. I will likely beg to die." There is a tremor in her voice and all the fancy talk about matching collar and cuffs is lost.

"I have done nothing but exist. Your bounty is death sentence for me. You take me back there and you are my killer."

<"Oh, it would be a shame to kill such a pretty thing."> Sumi says, her accent gruff and clearly Mando'a. <"Unfortunately, Lady Eriussa, that's the game you play when you're involved in politics. No matter how pretty or noble someone is, there's someone else out there who's tired of their drek."> Sumi laughs and pulls a chair over to sit in front of the cell. <"Well, we can discuss business if you like. I do take verbal contracts.">

"You just said that you don't break contracts. That leaves me really nothing to discuss with you if you are going to follow through. Not like once I am there that chance to escape will be had," she says and frowns as she sits. The tickle moments before the sneeze brings with it a nose wiggle and then she achoos to the side. Polite and not in her captor's direction. "What are you even going to be able to do for me?" Pause. "Maybe you could get a message to a couple of people for me. Maybe that will help," she says and then looks doubtful. "Even if they choose to come for me."

<"All looks, no brains. I suppose they couldn't alter those."> The elder said, laughing again. <"My contract ends when I hand you to them. If you want me to take you back from them, that will cost you."> Sumi talks slow out of habit, but it could've been interpreted as demeaning. <"If I complete the one contract, then I am free to take another.">

"I get what you meant but Hapan guards are going to be there. You are an outsider even if you are female. You /think/ you alone are going to be able to take them down? We may be entrenched in our sector but because of what we do, because of who we are our guards must be highly trained. They would kill you." Pause. "They will be guarded the most right at that moment, you are an unknown quantity and I am a prize. I am not daft, I just know how my people work."

<"It's not about fighting them, it's about breaking you out once they put you in holding. It's not my first time tricking Hapans, or killing them. Guards or no, I will get you out, or put together a team that will help me do it. Besides, what do you have to worry about? They'll want to torture you first, savor it all. A good distraction."> Sumi gestures again. <"Or, you know, if you're worried about me dying, then I guess I could just leave you there and go about my day. They're paying me enough that I could buy my own Hapan noble.">

Narrowing her gaze, EJ is dancing on her feet and a little nervous. She moves her weight from foot to foot and finally lets out a breath. "Look, I have a few contacts. Two to be exact. Zhu Yan and Rip Recker. If you get word to them and you want a team...I would trust my life to them..I think. At least Rip for sure," she says and even then she starts to worry some more. "Men. On Hapes to break me out." She chortles a bit and then the nervous laugh dies as the room spins a bit and she slowly lowers to sit on the edge of her cot.

<"There's the final matter to voice then."> Sumi says, her voice cold in a sense, but it could have been the emitter on her helmet conveying it that way. <"My pay. What's your life mean to you?"> The Mandalorian watches her sit down. Sumi assumed she was probably dehydrated.

"I uhhh, yeah your pay," EJ has never had to weight her life in terms of pay. Her breath catches and she doesn't have her datapad to look at her bank account but she lifts her head and remarks. "I know for certain I could spot one hundred thousand, without even looking," she offers and then winces a little. She curls her fingers, testing the cuffs.

<"I think that is an acceptable price for the risk I will undertake. Tell me, where can I find you associates? The ones whom you trust to answer your call?"> Sumi rests back against her chair, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Well Zhu Yan will be by message. And Rip? Likely the same. They tend to do a lot of moving about but Rip can sometimes be found on Corellia," she expresses. EJ lifts her head. Yantastic@holonet.net. Don't ask." She glances down at her hands and then smirks, "You know, I have always wondered what it might take for Rip to decide that too much was too much. I tend to find trouble," even when she is not trying. She gives over Rip's contact information and then goes quiet. "How much longer?" It is finally asked after a few long moments.

The field around her containment was let down at the press of a button and the Mandalorian rose to her feet. Even being short, Sumi was intimidating and looked rock solid, though her steps never sounded heavy. She crossed the expanse and prepared a glass of water. When she returned to Eriu she handed her the glass and dropped a datapad in her lap. <"Oops."> Then she left and reactivated the field. <"We should be close."> Then she walked away.

The containment is let down but what is EJ going to do? She's got no weapons and the other woman is in armor so that when that water is brought she reaches up for it and pauses when the datapad hits her lap. A brow arches but then EJ nods in understanding. She drinks the water down and then sets the glass on the floor beside her. Working the datapad with hands cuffed as they are means henpecking at the keys. She lets out a breath and sends the first message before starting on the next. That next takes her right up until they arrive and is meant for one Captain Rip Recker. She stares at it before she hits send and then smooths her fingers to that datapad.

__Hapes Cluster__

The Gambit Pursuer was escorted through the cluster and guided to a specific planet. The trip was not very eventful but it gave Eriu some quiet in the back. The ship rattled when they entered the atmosphere, then finally settled when they had landed. Sumi appeared after that, killing the field once more and snapping a leash to the noble's collar. <"Time to face the music, Lady Eriussa. Chin up. Defeat is a battle for the mind, not the body."> A soft tug of the leash, and the Bounty Hunter led her down the ramp.

The demeaning presence of the leash is something that does not help with chin up other than her dignity being hurt. She rises up slowly and steps forward, narrowing her gaze as she watches Sumi. But being a lifelong noble means that mask slips over her face, cool, composed even if the rest of her wants to run screaming. Weakness is death. She has none here as she walks towards her fate, trying to walk beside Sumi so as look as if she is not being led.

It's for appearances. Sumi wasn't into humiliation without due cause, and Eriussa had not earned it save for being a runner. When they came down the ramp, they were met by the noble entourage responsible for issuing the bounty. At the head of this small formation is Lady Anya Lasoos, the purported rival of the Jynell clan, or so Sumi had gathered. It was to this poised blonde haired woman the short Mandalorian reported.

<"I present Lady Eriussa Jynell."> Before Sumi could reach Anya, one of her 6 guards stepped out to snatch the leash out of Sumi's hand. Sumi glances toward the guard responsible, then looks ahead. There's some obvious tension for a moment until Anya steps close and speaks.

Everything about Anya is beautiful. Her hair, her gown, her frame and build, her eyes and perfect lips, even her voice was soft and pleasing. "Eriussa, dear. Welcome /home/. We have been worried about you." Anya turns from Eriu to address the Mandalorian. "Thank you for returning her, you'll find your payment from my guard." All of which snapped into a battle stance and presented their weapons at the Mandalorian.

For a moment EJ's composure falters - only a moment and it is not when the guard takes the leash, it is when Anya steps forward to speak. Sweet covered words that are not truthful at all and the edge of them like a blade caressing her senses. Her attention shifts to Sumi when the guards step forward and ready themselves. A breath is slowly drawn and she turns her head, looking at the Mandalorian as the payment could very well be her death.

"Lady Anya, it has been too long. You look as always..to perfection," she intones and then offers her a smile and tries to draw attention to herself. "Really you should not ruin our reunion with blood letting. We should talk." Pleasant smile and posture, EJ stands with a perfect posture while waiting.

<"--Laughter-- This is even better than credits."> They wanted a fight, they got one. Without hesitating, the Mandlorian draws her weapon spawning a series of events that happen in quick succession. Perhaps Anya underestimated the fight in the Bounty Hunter, or perhaps the glee found in Sumi's voice unnerved her. "Shoot that /thing/ down." Eriussa's leash is passed off to a droid the begins to lead her away. The battle begins as Sumi pounds a hammered pair of blaster bolts into the nearest guard who cries out in the throes of death and drops her weapon. The Mando catches her body and uses it as a shield as the others open fire!

The droid is not one who can be reasoned with and so EJ glances back, her hope now leaning heavily into Sumi for her rescue. This dumb ass battle crazy Mandalorian dies and she is lost. She does not say that though, i would only serve for the Hapans to make certain she never leaves the planet. "Lady Anya, you have no honor." She calls out, gritting her teeth as the droid continues to lead her away. She frowns and then struggles a moment, feeling the leash strain against her neck. "There's no honor in their line of work. Just credits, the next job. What a pointless way to live." Anya has confidence that her guard is in a position to take care of Sumi. So she walks along side Eriu, not a single worry on her face.

Sumi blasts another guard at point blank, blowing a hole through her body. She casts her shield aside with a slight toss, laughing as both bodies crumble to the ground! Charging forward, she hammers a pair of blasts into a third and shoulder charges into her gut, spilling her over when straightening to stand. Blaster bolts are going in every direction as Anya's guards try to keep up with Sumi's battle lust!

"That may be true, but I thought you had honor but now I realize, you don't. Silly me, I completely forgot who I am speaking with. Carry on," EJ remarks as she gives Anya a side look. The sounds from behind her start to draw her attention and its all she can do to keep from looking back over her shoulder. Keep walking. No weakness. "I thought we might see each other under better circumstances. A leash, Anya?" She asks and tsks below her breath. A sigh is released, "You have not aged a year, and have not changed."

Sumi levels her blaster at one of the guards rushing her, blasting them right through the facemask. Another loud laugh when the remaining three charge for close quarters. It's everything the Mando can do to keep up.

The trio leaving the starport now walks across a causeway to one of the adjacent buildings. The droid maintains its pace, a casual gait, while lady Anya struggles to keep up in heels. She halts the pair, and for Eriu's words, smacks her right across the mouth. "You stay your tongue, harlot. Don't you forget, it's /my/ family now and yours are dead. I'd tread lightly if you want to live past this moment. Shoving you off this causeway would be easy, but I can think of a hundreed different ways I'd enjoy watching you suffer." A nod given to the droid who begins again just as blasters are heard in the distance. Anya looks back, wondering how much of a fight the Bounty Hunter had put up.

The firefight behind her is lost the moment stars explode along the left side of her face when she is struck. Her hands are too slow and cuffed as she takes the blow and feels the metallic taste of blood where her lip cut against her teeth. "Yes and you took it when it was weakest like the wretch you are. My mistake for leaving." She licks the inside of her lip. "But of course, Duchess, lead and I shall follow." It said snidely and she glances back as well, trying to gauge what is going on but feeling that the further she walks from that landing pad the less likely she will see anyone again.

Sumi is surrounded by smoking corpses, the last of the warriors keeling over with a dying grunt. Sumi raises her A280 up casually and walks gracefully to the edge of the platform to look down. Enhanced optics and genome vision allow her to hone in on the trio crossing the causeway. It's a busy day here in the cluster, but Sumi has lucked out with it not being so busy on the causeway. She adjusts her A280 back to rest against her lower back suspended by a sling. From her shoulder, along a magnetic strip, the Mandalorian pulls free a Sonn-Blas F-11S sniper rifle. Its barrel has been rebored and shortened to enhance its maximum effective range.

She takes her time to prepare the weapon, extending its bi-pod to rest atop the railing. Then she plants the extended buttstock against her shoulder and aims through the silver-washed T-visor shaped helmet. Eriu may have noticed a green dot appear upon the center chassis of the droid.

As the droid falters, EJ feels the leash pull and causes her to stagger to the side but then is free. That moment when she might have a chance. She turns on Anya then, "What about the causeway, Anya?" She moves towards her with the attempt to slam her shoulder into the torso of the other woman, meaning to send her sailing over the side or if not get her down enough that she can start kicking her. EJ has had some practical experience with fighting now, Anya is likely unprepared for this side of the Hapan gone rogue. "You will die for what you have done to my family. Here and now or later..it matters not but you will die."

It was a distant sound, that shot. The result left a contrail of steaming air as it split the droid into an explosion of components and sparks. Eriu was free, and Sumi's crosshairs settle on the young noble, smirking when she sees the indignant expression she has when addressing the other. She moves her crosshairs to the other then, thinking about taking the shot. Her finger moves to rest against the trigger, but then she lifts it away.

"--Gasp-- Oh no! Did they not kill her?! It was such a simple task! How? What?!" Anya was not prepared for Eriu's sudden assault and she screamed raising her hands trying to defend her face. Her gorgeous, perfect face.

As Anya goes down the thundering of Eriu's heart fills her ears. She sees red as it were and and she descends upon the other Hapan noble with all due speed. Growling as she balls her hands into fists she uses them both to smack at her, catching the woman in the cheek and then more as she pins her down with legs and straddles her. Finally unable and frustrated with how the attack is going she unfurls her fingers and begins to scratch at her features - knowing full well what this will do. Eyes! She goes for the eyes. "You are a unholy creature. Killing off my family and setting a bounty on my head. I will end you here and now!" Her voice is deep with her anger and threats.

Anya screams out, doing her absolute best to keep the other Hapan from hitting her more, or worse yet, marring her /perfect/ features. "No, no, no!" She cries out, writhing. It isn't until Eriu begins to rake her nails across her face in an effort to get her eyes. Anya fumbles, her hands taking hold of Eriu's wrists and lifting up, but it doesn't save a portion of her face that's scratched and bloody. She kips her hips up, showing a surprising dexterity, but it isn't enough to unseat Eriu. "Get off me you TRAMP!" Frustration is heard in her voice, unfiltered or measured; things have just been made personal and if Anya escapes, Eriu will remember this through the untold amount of suffering that will befall her! YES!

Sumi has lowered her rifle, satisfied that Eriu is getting her revenge. However, Sumi's free moments suddenly change when a speeder arrives, off-loading an additional four house carls who land and activate their weapons. She tightens the sling for her rifle and adjusts it back, then draws her GLIE-44. If they wanted to die, Sumi was happy to oblige them.

"Proud to be one, you inbred piece of refuse. I have freedom while you are still tied to your title. Now you...took the chance of lives and happiness from my family. Why should I get off of you!?" Eriu grins, wrenching her wrists free to try to slam fists down into Anya's face in hopes of hearing a crunch of that perfectly genetically modified nose. She WILL end her. Or make her suffer and get her nice clothing bloody. EJ has become a scrapper since teaming up with Rip and she's not about to apologize for it. There is a slow satisfied grin that comes to her face as she nearly laughs while trying to rend Anya's appearance.

Up a level, and some 200m away, Sumi is in another heated fight as melee weapons bounce noisily off the tarmac or whistle by in rushed *WHOOSH* sounds having found no purchase but air. It's a delicate dance, but one Sumi knows well from her combat training on Arkania. The rules of battle proximity extended to 4 opponents which surrounded her. Where one attack missed, Sumi closed in on the warrior! A hammered pair ends them, both shots sinking harshly into their chest. Both body and weapon clang and clatter to the deck while Sumi tumbles over a mid-torso swing, her armor sparking against the tarmac when she came up in a kneeling stance and blasted a second warrior between her breasts, piercing her heart. Sumi laughs, and turns to face the remaining two. <"Did they skip the training day for dodging?"> The remaining two were unamused.

Anya cried out again in frustration then surprise when a fist came raining down to clobber her poor, perfect noise. Blood immediately surfaced as a result and in anguish, she struck out and tried to hit Eriu but missed. Her eyes were watering, and yes she was crying! A hand cradled the wounded region of her face, cupping the blood and crying out. She had no words, Anya just wanted this banshee off her! Meanwhile, the speeder that had dropped the guards off began to hover near the fighting pair. They notice that somehow, Eriussa has freed herself and is pummeling their boss. Two of the remaining guards leap from the back of the transport and land upon the walkway. They draw blasters and thumb them to stun.

The clatter of guards not far from her finally breaks through the delighted bloodlust at seeing Anya in misery. EJ lifts her head and notes them readying their blasters. She pushes off Anya, taking pains to slams her foot down into that soft stomach which is not expecting her to do so. She then rushes them and kicks towards one, meaning to try to slam her foot into the knee cap and jerk the guard sideways and in pain. Dislocation would be nice.

The clatter of guards not far from her finally breaks through the delighted bloodlust at seeing Anya in misery. EJ lifts her head and notes them readying their blasters. She pushes off Anya, taking pains to slams her foot down into that soft stomach which is not expecting her to do so. She then rushes them and kicks towards one, meaning to try to slam her foot into the knee cap and jerk the guard sideways and in pain. Dislocation would be nice. She growls and throws her head back, making her look like some petite feral creature ready to throw herself into the fray.

"Come for some fun, have you," her knuckles and fingers are bloody, not her own but Anya's as they lift to try to shove the other one, using the momentum between to deal some extra oomph. Her wrists being restricted really puts her at a disadvantage.

Nothing kills more than success, and thus far that's all Sumi knew. When she double-tapped another guard, and they fell to their death, she had not expected to take a polearm the moment she turned around. It struck so hard that it knocked off her feet and she landed in a clatter of armored plating against the unforgiving tarmac. The weapon was pried from her torso, where it had bitten into one of the spots the plating had not covered, then was poised to strike a finishing blow. Sumi raised her right hand, the one bearing her blaster, and sank a debilitating shot into their left arm, making them release the weapon and swing wide with a cry. Sumi groaned, rolling to her side to stand back up.

Down below, one guard cried out in total disbelief and sudden agony at the verocity of Eriu's charge. She was fearless. Even without shoes, Eriussa's barefoot caused a great deal of damage, bending her leg backward until an audible, yet muffled, pop signified her knee had dislocated and the ligaments tore. She screamed, dropping her weapon and fell off to the side to hold her oddly shapen leg. Little had she realized the distance from the edge she was, and instead of landing on the walkway, she fell off. Her scream tapered off as she fell the thousands of feet to her doom.

The other guard leveled their blaster and fired a blue ringed stun array that splashed against the walkway where Eriu had just been standing. "Blessed Hells," the guard cried out, her voice crisp and annoyed. Meanwhile, Anya was crawling.. crawling toward the discarded weapon of her perished employee.

Oh! EJ was not expecting that to happen at all but with a grin that turns toothy she slips to the side and just out of reach of that blast. She chuckles brightly and starts to rush the other guard. the movement of the figure on the ground that is Anya is missed entirely as she continues to laugh. Her bare feet slap on the concrete like walkway as she leans into her run in an attempt to bear the last guard to the ground with alacrity. "I am home," she proclaims breathily as her honey colored eyes lift a deadly gaze upwards to meet the gaze of the guard - which I is likely why the other can read her. movements like an open book.

The guard half turns and pivoted to send Eriu stumbling and skidding across the ground when she tilts her weight too far forward.

There's two fights happening on two different fronts. One is at a severe disadvantage, while the other has the advantage of more than a hundred years of combat experience. On Sumi's front, she shoots out the leg for the final House Carl left standing, and the woman falls to a knee crying out and dropping her weapon. Chuckling, Sumi walks over to her and kicks her good leg out from under her, spilling her to her back. Her helmet falls free revealing a beautiful blonde woman whose features were etched in pain. Sumi holstered her pistol in a single motion and brought the same hand up to her visor, lifting a single digit as if to signal 'shhhhh.' The woman struggled when Sumi placed the treads of one boot to her throat and shifted her weight upon it, strangling her using the weight of her own Mando armor. Sumi's gaze is oriented to the distance, where she tries to hone in on the other fight taking place. Suspecting trouble, she wrenches her rifle back up and reactivates its power charge with a seasoned chop of her hand against the side of the weapon. A dull whine emits at a high frequency in response, and the custom sight comes alive along the top rifle rail.

Down below, Eriu met her match it seemed. The guard threw the girl's momentum one way, and as she skidded along the walkway to halt herself and straighten, the seasoned guard turned her own body to face Eriussa, and raised her weapon. The aim was quick, and partly the result of luck, the stun blast catches Eriu in the head. "Shoot her again," Demands Anya, who has nearly made it to the other weapon, pathetically crawling the entire distance instead of standing up to get it like a regular person might have.

The blast slams Eriu's head into the ground just as she started to rise up, rash growing along her arm and hip from the skidding motion she had been thrown into. Groaning as the world suddenly spins around her, she winces and bites her lip. Or did she already bite it? She tastes blood as she feels her stomach start to give up whatever the contents are - water. The water Sumi gave her aboard the ship. It spills out over the causeway as she gasps. Her cheek is bleeding from the slam into the dense flooring before she finally starts to roll and push herself up. Her shackled hands lift to wipe at her mouth and glance at Anya and grins up at the guard. "You heard her," she says in a tired and pained voice. "Shoot me again." There is little chance of her doing anything now but she smirks a bit and with every willful motion she throws herself forwards and up towards the guard, meaning to rush the armed Hapan.

The guard looks to Anya, then back to Eriussa and smiles. Anya finally reaches the weapon on the ground and wrenches it up with some familiarity. She rolls to her back and aims it toward Eriu, firing instantly and missing by a lot. Her eyes are watering still, so the glare from the sun was enough to cast a glare and effect her aim. The blast was ear-ringing loud, and the guard turns to raise their arm to take aim. "As you wish." The guard says laughing just as a loud distant shot is heard.

Sumi stands partly upon the House Carl, her leg bent at the knee, her foot over the woman's throat as she claws pointlessly at the protective shin guards that wrap the Mandalorian's leg. She mouths quietly as Sumi is in a firing stance, looking else where, content to pay the choking woman no attention as she enters the final stages of her body shutting down. Her face is red, veins showing, eyes cast in a red glow. She knows she's going to die, yet she would do anything in this moment to live. Anything. The shot Sumi takes is unheard over ears that are already filled with the thumping of her heart.

The guard goes to pull the trigger, but is struck by the sudden appearance of a red lance that takes her arm off. Takes. Her. Arm. Off. She doesn't know what happened, and a dismayed look angles toward Eriu, her eyes wide with shock, then she looks at her arm before her eyes finally roll back and she stumbles backward. Off the causeway she falls, lifeless.

The shot from Anya stops her. Stops EJ cold as she is MISSED. There is something like a maniacal laugh at first as she now faces down the guard who is about to shoot her point blank and likely going to hit. Likely. But then she is missing an arm and the surprise is just as much Eriussa's as the guard herself. She watches her stumble back and that leaves EJ with Anya. A long breath is taken and she starts stalking Anya but it turns into a quick run as she means to slam a kick into her as she lays still on the ground in some fashion.

Growling, she glares down at her. "Death to you and yours. I hope your scar if I don't kill you but trust me, it will be my joy to watch you stop breathing." But she misses, her foot scuffing air.

Sumi releases the guard just as her hands start to fall. She sucks in breath pathetically and grasps around Sumi's ankle. "Please.. " she wheezes. "Don't kill me. I want to liive." Sumi doesn't answer, she's watching the interaction down below.

Anya rolls out of the way Eriu's attack and blasts her weight bearing leg at point blank, the concussion from which probably fractured it. Needless to say, it was all she wrote. Anya finally stands back up and corrects her clothing. "Collect her at once." She demands of the driver on the speeder. Anya is so pulled apart at the hems, that her hair is frazzled and she looks like she'd just survived a mob trampling her. Glaring down at Eriu, she smiles and /evil/ smile. "The things I'm going to have done to you. Oh, you're not dying. Not today, tomorrow, maybe even years from now. You'll beg me for it. Grovel, and whine like the gutter-trash you are. Oh, I'm going to enjoy this."

The driver picks Eriu up and tosses her into the speeder. Her ankles are bound then to keep her from doing anything more than hopping.

<"If you wish to live, then you will remain where you are until I return. Is that understood?"> -- "Yes--" <"Yes, /what/?"> Demands the Mandalorian. "Yes, ma'am!" Sumi pulled her leg away and mantled over the edge of the railing falling the some odd 30ft to the cause way below. She lands firmly with a loud and defining thunk, her legs bending from the impact until she's kneeling. There was damage, she felt it in her ankles and legs, but by the time she's limping forward, her healing capabilities begin to kick in. What began as a limp changed to a walk, then an injured run; after a moment her stride corrects itself and Sumi is full throttle sprinting down the causeway with a purpose.

Lady Anya sees the approaching Mandalorian and she takes aim at the warrior as she begins to run. Awestruck but the sudden recovery of the warrior, she does not take advantage of the open distance to shoot as many times as she could have. She fires once, and Sumi instinctively dips her head as the bolt hisses by. The speeder pulls away, jostling Anya to one side and off her feet. She loses sight of Sumi, who comes to a hop-skip-stop to hurl a tracking device onto the speeder with an easy cast from her arm. It activates, and Anya rises up. She sees Sumi's waiting form get further away and she begins to smile. Even the hunter could not stop them now.

"FRAK!" Eriu screams. It may have been a stun shot but the distance, the focus, her leg is in pain as she collapses and lays there a moment as the world spins again. Her stomach twists in the center of her and starts to gurgle with what is left. The guard picks her up and receives another heave that is not all dry. Revenge is sweet - even if short lived. She groans when she is tossed in and lands partially on her leg. The pain is starting to eat her consciousness.

"I wish you luck," Eriu remarks, looking ill as sweat starts to pour down her face, making her brow glisten. The world spins, it spins so out of control that she begins to pass out with her sight slowly fading to black as she feels them lurch forward. For a moment, she can fear beyond the pain. Fear what is going to come for her handling of Anya. Its going to be painful but soon her mind is gone, awash in unconsciousness or near enough that the sounds and presence of others is distant and empty.